Chen Fanyou, the first grade of the university, to the 18-year-old birthday, it is guaranteed to be original! But in the end of the joint test … The same class boyfriend Zhou Jianze entered. Then, my boyfriend began to find a delicious “dish” with her pork dog friends to come home with her. Just starting Xiao You very resistant, think that he is not awkward, will fall into this kind of end, the end of the joint entrance examination, the university, the university, but also to make love outside the boyfriend! And his friends are very metamorphosis, like to make love in the strange place, often feed some online shopping aphrodisiac or massage stick to torture her, but gradually, Xiaowei also slowly accepts this strange treatment. At the Apris Rental, a large double bed is placed in the room, and all kinds of sex and lubricants are scattered in bed. The little two delicate nipples are jumped on the egg, and the boyfriend Aze has worked hard, and the little beautiful and beautiful, and the two hands did not stop helpless the two friends who had just found. grab. The mouth also contains the snoring semen, which is just shot, he can’t spit it with himself, and can only be included in the small hole of him. “By! It is shot … Xiaofei … Do you want me to shoot?! Is it in your mouth?” Aze is taking advantage of it, asking, from time to time, I still stop observing Xiaoyou. However, the little oyster is not allowed to talk, and it can only be called. “Don’t talk, don’t do it! Then I have to pick it up.” Xiao You can’t speak, and it is afraid that Az is really not dry, the feet is eliminated, seeing Apris or not moving, small Excellent waist actually moved up. I saw Xiao You ‘s motion, and the three laughed. “Small good lascivious! I am really afraid of Azu, you can’t help but come.” Azu Hua Youke’s upper body began to save, everything is like Xiaofei tender pockets are made as bad. After plugging in 100, the hot semen will be taken into a small honey point. Xiao Yue also pulped with the semen in the mouth, and his mouth was still aqueous and cool. At first, Azu took out, another friend quickly filld the air, holding a hot meat stick to be full of semen honey points. The climax is not retreating honey and is inserted. Xiao You can only sorrow, and immediately make up a meat stick again. It turned out that another one did not grab a good seat, I had to take a small mouth to vent. “Well … ah … is there …. Re-insert a little more ……」 插 小 ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… In the chest, a man is constantly playing with her hg, and the boyfriend has just been injected.

“Small good, good, suck! More more … is … Aze’s high school classmates, long-awaited appearance, but the bones advocated SM’s sex, those sex supplies were all here. Although different universities in Aprice, they still have a new company! It is also the second rape little superior after Aze. “It’s too cool … I have to shoot, I have to come out … Ah … full shot in …” In the following man is a friend of Ayou, called Afu, because it is often drinking together, so I know that Aprice and Xiao excellent.

“Don’t … no climax … still don’t … ah … ah … another plug in …” No matter how small shouting I pulled out the meat stick. Because Xiaowei who did not meet the body, I also spit it out, and the fingers began to help myself, and I have been making a happiness in my mouth. Hmartion, with the arrival of the climax, the finger The faster you move.

“I go, ah ah …… …… …… small advantage going away,” but in the climax to the occasion, the finger was abruptly arrested Ayou open, pleasure once again to be interrupted, small excellent unbearable pain seek interference. “Please …… give me a good hard …… Here I really want ……” A You sneer, one-handed small excellent hands over their heads. “Little excellent where you want, do not make it clear how we hemp help u?” “Here …… small excellent Yin Xue wants to climax …… want a big cock hard to do, give me ……” “You really naughty little I have not root cock to cool, to continue with me, if I shoot, I’ll consider putting you hand. “a new stand aside and Azeri have also joined the fray, only a small insert a small stick excellent Mixue, she will have to contain all three cock had to get her to climax. Three men stood tall in front of a small excellent, a small advantage can only help them squat on the bed in his mouth cock. And not when they went to fiddle with the toes Flanagan thin rods, so that small advantage can not seriously help them suck! Small excellent really can not stand, regardless of whether the three shot, turned himself wore thin rod friction beds orgasm. Three are dumbfounded seeing, especially Eyou more accurate, he has not cool to this woman than he dared earlier, bones that SM’s blood began to boil. “Well, it appears that more excellent hope to be treated endure miserable Oh!” A new capital and Azeri A You understand the meaning of the mouth, smiled and went to the next to be spectacular! A picked up a stick, there is a top projection of capsules, more length of 25 cm, preferably smaller inner see feared and itch! I thought if the root of so much engaged, pussy will not be broken. A You will be small excellent hands tied up with a rope, attached to the nipple Tiaodan torn Afghanistan will stick to the new, new to the Arab-Israeli forcefully inserted engage in small-optimal Nenxue, A new course, duty-bound, to break apart small excellent Mixue insert vigorously. Excellent small massager has never been so much engaged, swing the body in pain, semen still inside okay before, or else will be cracked. But still small excellent constantly complains of pain, tears rolled down! A hold her around behind her, with a lubricating fluid put on cock back and forth rub against another hole. The place has never been developed back and forth friction, small excellent instinctively tightening to come, is because the head is stuck in a huge stick and relax. “Hurts ah …… …… …… ah …… do a pussy plug and then forced a little bad …… …… insert the Nenxue ruined it! Too cool ah …… …… …… is there to climax …… …… hard …… pussy insertion force to Shuangsi …… “

Small but excellent side while catering to resist A new action, casually Yinjiao the mouth, culminated in pain. Body constantly trembling, even the climax, A new action did not stop, just kept depth of insertion.

“Little excellent lust, so can climax, then we see if the hole would play with the same cool fart? Remember Oh! I helped a small hole Kaibao of excellent fart.”, Then just finished, A You plug on the force excellent fart into a small hole, without prior lubrication and caressed the place was forced to play small words are hard to explain to excellent pain for words export voices are too weak. “Ah …… pain hurts …… …… …… do not put a …… die …… pain ……” A You whine excellent small matter, continue to advance as a piston movement. His mouth and remembered ︰ “Damn, there is tight enough, cool.” And frantically worked up, just not cool to report to hatred. “What is called, wait a minute there u cool, please help me with it! Dare bite, would u look good!” A Zeti the cock into the small excellent mouth to contain her, but she did not pain to effort, Chapman had a direct holding her head up dry. A new plug too we have seen, it will be pussy massage stick pull out, pull out the issue Puchi Shihai, also before the semen flow out, dig out after most of the semen A new hand will already erect cock quickly inserted.

This excellent little under three holes are inserted cock, cock two lower body is also constantly echoes out of her sexual secretion DC. Soaked sheets. “You look at this little whore, just whooped pain, now we have done to their own back straight.” A You dry while he spoke, his hands still firmly pinched excellent small nipples. “For ah, my cock were her sexual secretion to wet, Yin Xue also kept sucking my cock.” “Little whore, and we do so cool you unhappy? Point with deep, fast …… shot! Full eat. “Chapman continued deep into the throat of small excellent, also fired into the semen, his excellent small drop left the semen swallow. He also spotless cock licking. A You then also ejaculation, but he did not want to shoot at moving in, he grabbed a small but excellent head, cock inserted through the anus into his mouth, while the stench coming from small excellent forced vomiting, but Yina you cram a cock can not spit it out, fired into the a you so small excellent mouth, also deliberately do not put meat stick it out, insisted that small excellent semen swallowed.

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