The first chapter, my first love

Chapter II Casting Night

Chapter 3 Sexual Torture

Chapter 4 Newly Market Night

Chapter 5 Paragraph Bad “

Chapter VI Sisters

Chapter 7 Father and Legal Women

Chapter 8, Father and Little Female

Once the time, I didn’t intend to discover the bump in the country. I watched the Chinese characters and familiar language full of eyes. I feel very kind. I have come to the unevenness has been nearly three months, but the time is not long, but breeze to me The biggest feeling is that the human condition, the uneven thing is really strong, every time I come up, I saw the familiar names, and the new published articles, there is always a feeling of repeating. Unfortunately, the uneven lock code is here. This feeling is probably no longer, although I really want to pay a registration, just in an off-site, oh ….., everything goes!

Before the embossed lock code, I came to put some, I hope I have time to pass.

The following this is a very early mainland popularity, named <>, also called “Manna memoirs >>, the author is unknown.


Now I will tell you a personal experience. My name is Manna, I am very interesting about the past, my experience is probably the same as each girl, I hope that readers can have fun from my experience.

That’s more than a dozen years, and the past of my girl’s era, so far, I can still reileebreate the moment, and even have some nostalgia to my girl, so that I have a boom in my body. , Set off the impulse of humanity, fever, and blood flow accelerate.

I don’t say that when I am afraid that each of us will know, how romantic, how bold, how lively, the girl is usually the same, the idea in their heart is no one. knew. They can start love, contacting the opposite sex, they will start to pursue the fun between men and women regardless of everything. It is even more than 100 times more than the other party.

My youth has gradually disappeared with the ruthless years, and the age is a big day. I am already the mother of two children. Two twelve daughters, the big daughter is Ai Hua, the little daughter is love cloud.

When I was in pregnancy, my husband was too late. I have gone through these two children, borrowed from the years, two years later, and reported to marriage.

Although my current life is very happy, my husband and my two love women often have something that makes me unhappy, so I feel a taste. Don’t mention these, or talk about my personal thing.

I often remember the life of the girlhood to enrich my inner life. Memories are sweet. Whenever I feel a warmth impact on my body, especially our woman’s mystery, so that I love my girl’s era of the first love life. Life is like a dream, turning into a hundred years.

The young friend cherish his youth, making the sweet first love life more interesting, more fulfilling.

The first chapter, my first love

At the age of 18, I was still studying in a middle school. At that time, because of my discipline, I didn’t pay attention to learning, so I gave up academics, I used a sports school. I used to think before. When a fan of a routine, the dream of stars is like a bubble, but with my beautiful and healthy posture and sports skills, there is no effort to test the Chinese Academy.

Time is three months, the college will go to the holiday immediately. After a holiday, I returned to my hometown – the Pearl River Triangle Liulin Town. This is a beautiful small town, and there is a white sail on the river. The sky is floating, it is really a good place to pass.

The girl is 18 years old. I am 18 years old is a charming, and the old-fashioned years old. I will take my posture, not boasting, and there is no time than movie stars. I am a high, a black shawl hair, a duck egg face, two fine Liuye eyebrows under the big eyes, and a feng and full milk is tight, and the road is slightly shake, high The high nose is equipped with a cherry red little lips, and the whole body shows the unique tempting and powerful.

My character is also very lively. Some young people love to close me and tease me. At that time, I always ignored them, they were often talking about me. At that time, our girls talking together is the same as the young people, I want to get in touch with the opposite sex, what kiss, hug, I also want to personally understand the taste of men and women.

During this time, I created love with my cousin. He is coming back from Fuzhou, twenty-two years old this year. He always took a smile, chic high, with a black beard on his mouth, showing the mature symbol of male, his developed mind gives people a wit.

To be honest, all these is not so attracting me, and that is really attracting me that he is the lower body of his drums, clamping between the legs, and can see the majestic penis.

Thinking here, my pussy is fierce fever, itching seems to have something in the vagina that is going out soon. After we arrived, I feel that he is a courteous and very cheerful male. His mouth can say that I often sit by him and let him talk about some interesting stories. Recalled that there was one time, I was shot, near his body and sat down, I saw that he was very emotional for me, but I still didn’t dare to let me go. I understand him deeply. Since I fell in love with him, my heart was all suffering. As soon as I close him, there is a feeling that I can’t say anything – I want his penis to insert my itchy vagina. One time I felt unintentionally, put it in his thigh roots, slowly approached his drum, he took me into his arms and used the trembled lips. I lived in my mouth, I madly kissed my face and my neck. I kissed it. I couldn’t stand the hot spicy kiss. I got a place where it was too high and especially hard. – Really hard? .

At this time, someone came over from the distance. I hurriedly opened the hand. He also saw someone. I immediately stood up and said to me: “Manna, let’s go.” I nodded, I still stand up, two people And walking, I don’t know if I have a deep tree, and I have heard his heartbeat.

The night came, the lake outside the forest is like the sky, and the sound of the son frog is like the sky.

– How quiet night, how many young couples are enjoying a good happiness at this time!

He stretched a fever hand held on my shoulder: “Are you cold?” I said: “It is a bit cold.”

In fact, I am not cold, I only feel that there is a hard to describe the taste. I tightly leaned in his arms. He gently touched my hair with a slight hand, I went back. In his eyes, I flash my strength. I put my head softly on his strong chest, heard his heart ‘咚咚’ jump very fast. He made a slim waist, I felt that there was something that had a sudden jump in my waist, gradually hard. Suddenly, he slammed my body, and a hand began to solve my upper button. The other hand stretched into it, pulling my white breasts, holding my soft and elasticity Milk.

A uncomfortable spread spread all over the body, suddenly feel soft, fever. I can’t help but say weakly: “Come, what do you want to do? Oh? … 唷.”

“Let me touch” “he said

He said that it is touched back and forth.

One of my hand stood his neck, and another hand stretched into his very hard place to hold the “咚咚 ‘jumped things, really happy.

His hand came back and forth in my body, gradually touched, unconsciously touched my waist, gently unlocked my belt, my heart is very chaos, busy with hand His handy hands up and down, so he slammed my mouth and face, and suddenly took my teap and desperately sucked with her lips.

“Oh … really comfortable … um … Hey.”

“Ah … oh … I can’t stand it … oh.”

A happiness, I am inadvertently squatting. He said: “Don’t be tight, don’t be afraid, comfort it.”

“It’s so comfortable, you are so good.” I nodded. It is weak to let him be in his body.

He quickly unopened my belt, put his hand into my long black haired woman.

That rich and full of fat, there was a lips, he stroked my white thigh with hand, touch it back and forth, and I took my own wet labie again. After a while, I immediately slammed back, and I grabbed my hammer, and I used my finger to pinch my clitoris.

My heart fiercely jumped with the hands of my genital, excited to breathe. The blood flow of the whole body seems to be concentrated on the shady wall. It will be like to flock it. I am unable to raise my head and say: “I am not dreaming?” He smiled at me: “Good sister, Not dreaming, I love you, I love you. “Then his hand is in my breast, waist, thigh and genitals, I really have a lot of strength, he saw me, I helped me and took a break.

Unconsciously, I was asleep, I didn’t know how long, I gradually woke up, I feel that I have something in the vagina that has risen, I look at it, he is I laughed in me, inserted into my fingers into my moist vagina, suddenly my face fever, I am embarrassed to pull his hand from the vagina, I feel that the pine is wet, and the lips. I was full of prostitution, and my hand was wetted with her hand, I said: I am surprised:

“Table brother, what do you see, so much.”

“Nothing, that is prostitute.” Xiaohua smiled.

Said, wipe off the prostitute flowing out, when you rub, my congestive clitoris’ suddenly jumped more enjoyable, so I am more excited.

The vulnerable and a vaginal flow came out.

At this time, he let me lying on the ground, explain my body clothes, I am still sorry, but my heart and my delicate flesh are really Pakistan, he smiled and said to me: “Good Sister, don’t be afraid. “

In this way, I am not hung in his arms, let him appreciate. At night, I was full of full and elastic breasts and the soft and full of black hair, and the plump thighs, and she was happy, suddenly, he hugged me tightly. The lower body is coming, and I took my nipple with my mouth.

Really addictive! One warm flow spreads all over the body.

I can’t help but hug his head and put it on the peak, rub it, and he kicked my face, and smashed my hammer, and put it open with the tongue. Black hair. Make the teeth lightly bite me that morning has already happened the clitoris of ‘hinders’ jumping.

At this moment, I can’t grasp it. The eagerness of sexual intercourse is echoating in my body. It is more intense in the vagina, and I have been shaking, and the prostitute has a shares of a shares from the vagina. It is in his mouth. On the top and beard, I saw that his mouth was able to eat the vagina that came out of the vagina, and it felt that the whole body was like electric shock.

I hope that he immediately inserts the hard thing into my vaginal plugging a few times.

He didn’t do this, just desperately kissed and kissed it, lick, suck it again.

After a while, he looked up and asked:

“Good sister, do you taste the taste of sexual intercourse? That is really aesthetic, it is very enjoyable, so intoxicating, too late today, let’s play again tomorrow.”

I really screamed, I used my hand to rub the breast, and wipe the prostitute in the genitals in the triangle, “said that so many white pulp.” I am busy wearing clothes:

“Table brother, let’s go, tomorrow we will come again.”

He looked up and took my waist. We walked out of the dark woods.

He looked at the table, it was two o’clock in midnight, he sent me to the door, and tightly kissed a while, this said goodbye.

Chapter II Casting Night

The next day, I received a note from the cousin, about me to the grass, but he is his residence, and said to send me a precious gift.

My heartbeat is accelerating, I only hope that night is coming early, so hard to wait until the sun is falling, and the grass has a few dinner, I will go to me.

After that, I saw that Shahua wearing a beautiful pen, I have already waited here, see me, hurriedly say hello, pull my hand, we will pull it to him.

The house is his father who has lived before, and now I gave less China.

The arrangement in the room was very particular, it was very quiet, a bunch of flowers on the wall made a intoxicating fragrance.

We were sitting on the sofa, and his hand touched me on my breast. The other hand poured me with a cup of coffee. I said:

“Mana, you are doing it today.”

I am embarrassed to laugh, and the lower head is close to the floor.

Today, I am still very beautiful.

Slim body, the upper body wears a water-red mesh top, a plump double milk put the clothes, white cres looks extraordinary, wearing a black meat skirt, revealing half a snowy thigh A pair of rice high-heeled shoes, through the yarn skirt, clearly see the pink small triangle underwear inside, tighten the fat and big pussy, just like a small hoe in the middle of the legs.

At this time, he always laughed, and he asked me:

“Coffee drink?”

I nodded.

So we chatted, and finally he said:

“let’s go.”

I think, his attack is to start, I have already prepared for his ideas, just plug it here.

I can’t hold it.

But he actually invited me into a bathroom and said:

“Please go in! I am waiting for you outside.”

At this time, I understand his intentions, let me clean my body, no way, I have to take off my clothes.

Looking at my snow white and tender thigh, and the pink flesh, the two fertilizers on the lip of the lack of lames covered with the congestive hidden clitoris, couldn’t help but think of the scene of the scene last night. The lips covering the clouds are itchy, and the lips are open, it seems to be eaten, then flowing out a white mucus from the vagina, I will take my consciousness.

Good guy, so much. Just touched the Breast’s breasts, and I feel more plus a lot than before, and it is more elastic.

I am thinking that there is someone walking next door, I hurriedly opened the door to look out,

“Oh, Shaohua is too beautiful today.” I can’t help but call it.

I saw that he didn’t hang it up and down. Half lying on the sofa is waiting, the black-brightly haired hair has a large piece, much more than me, and very long, the most attention is the strong penis, foot Half of a half-foot, rough is like a baby’s arm, tall the middle of the two legs, and the rhythm is hopped, and then the big glans is like a egg, it is particularly high.

At this time, my strong sexual sex is like current spread throughout the body.

Sexy shocks my body, my miles, the fierce Zhang Heiye is flustered.

I am busy clean your body, I hope I can do it so much like a wonderful thing – sexual intercourse.

I also washed my Yin, I washed again, and I was squatting, and my hand was grinded in the genitals. The demand for sex is stronger. I hurriedly wiped my body naked out of the bathroom and sat next to his naked body.

He burned a cigarette. It seems that there is no such thing as this, just two eyes staring at me not hanging. When I saw his firm penis, sexual desire is more embarrassed, and the heartbeat has accelerated. It is so excited that it is not easy to say, “time is not too early, you are still unbeasy.” Come, it itch is dead, come and come. “

I am anxious to urge him.

He reached out and touched my full breast. I went down in his arms, and the meat was smashed.

He touched, kissed, grabbed my waist, put it on the bed, I am embarrassed to play him, he then hugged me tightly, with his mouth and bare my breast, Yin and the whole body, carefully appreciate my full Yina and the secretly numb net, see him with a finger to enter my vagina, one, I feel very comfortable. Itch, rising, I am really hard to control.

He used his hand to wipe it with his hand.

It’s really happiness!

He was free to tall my body, he might be tired, lying on my side, two carcass tangled.

This is nothing, and more exciting is still behind.

We took a little a while, he suddenly climbed up, pressed in my body, his hands took my two breasts, and pinned the pair of nipples at the top of the breast, squatted a few times, due to sex Role, I can’t control this strong sexual stimulus, I keep swinging my ass, he is in my tender butt, I just felt his hand to my pussy, finger separated two labipings, Two fingers inserted into the vagina.

so comfortable!

His another hand is constantly squatting on the breast, pinching, smiling.

My nature needs to rise sharply, and the heat of fever in the vagina is uncomfortable, and the yumping is a shares of the flow;

He got up in the middle of my two thighs, hand holding the penis like iron rods, separating the lips with another hand, using the penis’s big talents in my vaginal mouth to rub the rubbing.

Then, I saw that he had a very fierce’s voice, and the glans filled with obscenity squeezed into my vagina. Because I was a power of the real guy, I called me: “Oh, I can’t stand it!” He didn’t hear my call, followed by it, I can’t stand this big penis.

“Oh, I am hurting me … I am dead … 喔 … small power … 哼 …… Itch … Brake. “

I am constantly being embarrassed.

But he ignored these, just inserted into the miles.

I don’t know if it hurts, it is still adapted, and I have some beautiful feelings. It is very comfortable.

The penis began to have rhythmic flips in my vagina.

The dream of dreams also grows more and more comfortable with the grinding of the round.

It’s beautiful! Too much.

My soft body can’t support it. I used my hand to hit his rough and somewhat hot meat stick. But he hugged my ass to plug in, no way, no way, Only with his sex of the child.

He turned back and forth in the top, ‘哧’ gasp.

“Don’t be too fierce, then I can’t stand it.”

He breathed me and said:

“Don’t tighten, start some pain, this is the penis to open your vast film, now it is better now.”

I have a ‘um’ from the nose.

The penis is casually inserted in my vision, and sometimes it is inserted.

The deepening the insert, the more comfortable, the better, the more beautiful.

Time has passed one minute, I am so comfortable:

“Oh … I really didn’t do it … 唷 … … …… light … “

I can’t stand in my vagina, but he is more like this, the more you add, quickly smoke.

This is my first pleasure to enjoy the thrill of sexual intercourse.

Suddenly, he hugged me more tightly. It was a big breath, and I felt that the penis came back and rubbed and rough, and it was much harder than the beginning. The speed of the thrust is also accelerated.

It is getting more and more, getting more and more hard.

The strong strength of the penis is getting bigger and bigger.

“Oh … I can’t stand it …. Comfort … Oh, you are … 喔.”

I can’t stand crazy.

At this time, his penis was rapidly puffed in my vagina, then, he felt a few times, he felt that there was a hot liquid in the vagina shot from the meat stick, shot on the blem, so uncomfortable, I asked he:

“It’s too comfortable, what is this going?”

He said: “That is my semen, after the friction of your flesh, shot into your vagina, comfortable?”

I nodded.

Here, the wonderful sex is over.

I took my hand, I was still in my vagina, ‘喔’ thought, so soft, more than just a lot.

He slowly lifted his mouth and smoked soft meat stick;

The yumping water in my body flows out with the penis, and there is a half-tea cup, plus the semen of his shot can be less.

I am tired after this fierce sex, I am lying in bed and resting for a while.

I lied back and rejuvenated the fierce scenes of the meeting. One hand stretched over and touched his soft meat stick, playing the soft glans. After a while, I felt that his meat was gradually hard, Long, fever, ‘咚咚’ jumped, I started looking away, ‘Yeh’ is really scary, more powerful than just, the surface of the meat stick is around, the glans rise big, and the light of the purple red. My hands can’t live with this sudden guy, this is a bit fear. Suddenly, he raised me again, raised my two legs, behind my butt, hands holding her meat, punching my vagina.

‘Oh,’ painful, I actually shouted, he didn’t pierce, and he didn’t listen to my scream.

Another sprint, inserted it.

This is not, hurting my vagina like a fire, the eyes have tears, I rushed to support his ankle with both hands, so that he couldn’t stay in the depths, he saw that I booked a quilted. Just squeeze my towering breasts with the strong chest.

I feel a little dizzy.

He slowly dialing the penis, and separated my legs, separated the coated, smashed my vaginal mouth, the tongue came back in the vagina, gave a vagina and sucking my teap.

After a while, it was placed, and my desire gradually increased, and the pussy was tense.

He let me climb on him, I will put my butt, and the vagina is in the vagina, I’m hitting the vagina, I have a hand, I have a hand, I have a hand, I have a hand. Help him squeeze the meat stick.

Somehow, not just like it, there is a pleasure, I am excited to kiss his mouth, he uses his mouth to use his mouth to take the tongue I extended out, suck my saliva.

His penis started to be twisted, but the ass is rhythmic to the top, and the thrill of sexual intercourse spreads to my whole body. I can’t help but save my butt, a kind of taste that makes me enter the wonderful wonderful.

Now, I really feel that happiness is that anything can be enjoyed.

The penis is getting faster and faster, and we use two flesh to rub, soothing a comfortable feeling.

I am very happy at this moment, I don’t know how to describe and confess this happy excitement.

In this way, we hug, each ventilate sex.

My yew water is constantly flowing out, the yumping water puts our two people’s hairs, black and a roll of rolls, and the black hair is smashed with him or mine.

The mixture of semen and yumping is dipped on our belly, and the labello will continue to move with his penis.

Suddenly, he was like a wild horse, with the whole body strength, taking the top of the top, and the thrill of sexual intercourse reached a climax, and we both breathed, a little, two times …

We have a tight, and his movement tells me that he is ejaculation.

I am waiting to enjoy this ejaculation. At this time, his penis quickly hardened, becomes thick and growing. I think a semen of the shot is sprayed on my shadow. Hot and comfortable!

At this point, we are tired and immersed in a happiness.

Our two this sex time is not short, and there is an unsuitable feeling in the vagina.

too tired.

He dragged the tired body put the soft penis, dialing from me, with the penis of the penis, a white pulp came out from the vagina, the bed is wet a large piece.

What happened just like a dream, my pineard is covered with many semen and prostitute. He put his body with his tongue and squatted his penis. We sat up. ,

I am particularly met. I have flowed a lot of prostitution, and he also shot many semen.

We hugged a big dawn this night.

Since our sex, my demand is even more eager, and the impulse is also bigger. This time is the highest peak of sex and pleasure in my life. This kind of happy life, I will never Forget.

Chapter 3 Sexual Torture

When it passed in the past few months, Shaohua received a university notice, and quickly returned to the Soviet Union to learn, we hurriedly farewell, I went to the school, I returned to the Physical Education, he went to myself a few times and want to be relieved. He came back, his letter can only comfort my heart, and can satisfy my flesh. And the requirements of my sexual desire, my genitals are not thinking about his letter, but his tough and big penis.

Since our sex, my vagina is often itchy, and the need for sex is more strong. At the time, I was in the age of 18, and I was a strong era, how much I hope I will give me another time. Sexual satisfaction.

Whenever I think of this, my pussy is fierce itching, fever. It’s hard to endure this time.

Maybe I feel this is also the normal performance of each girl’s adolescence, this endurance is really not a taste.

I really want to see my brother, I will see it on the side, and use his healthy body to warm me. Use the thick arms to embrace me. Next, I also want to use my tongue to taste his unique saliva, let him kiss enough on my delicate milk.

In these days, I am uncomfortable every night, so that I want to endure the hunger, due to sexual stimuli, gradually feel that I have to do it in my vagina, sometimes I want to have a young man to come to attack me. This unmanned ‘absurd grass’, let me taste a few drops of milk semen. I have a strip of clothes that I have been in the bed, I will admire the snow whitening body, and the rich pussy.

I lay in bed, separated two thighs, touched the fat and full of pussy, when I was impulsive, I used two fingers into the vagina, pick and forth, and rub the itchy vaginal. In a short while, many white water will flow out, so that we will relieve the needs.

Sometimes the sexy desire is very strong, the clitoris is full of drums, I will eat the yin water flowing, and I taste what he loves, it is not bad, but the beauty is not as good as the penis. Plug, there is no way, you can only use this way to meet me.

Nothing is not happy, the sexual desire does not reach the peak.

At this time, how much I hope that I will come back soon, I can’t stand the impact of this matter.

Sometimes the bed is monolored into a volume. Make the energetic, rubbing itchy, stimulating the lips, can’t stand, so that the clitoris in the middle of the vagina, then let the yumping are discharged.

At that time, if there is a young man to understand me, there will be more beautiful, sometimes my sexual intends to make me uncomfortable, and put my badminton’s grip inserted into it.

I think of these things, I also laugh, can have a similar experience in almost every girl?

In short, this is also the history of my teenagers! It is also a stage that a girl has passed by satisfaction requirements.

Chapter 4 Newly Market Night

I haven’t come back, but my cousin hasn’t come back, I may also have a woman in love outside. I am now a third-grade student in the sports college. In this long years, I love it again. A classmate of our department, a person with beautiful gesture and quite good gymnastics skills, his name is Lintao.

Due to the growth of age, my sexual needs are gradually increased, and some endure can’t stand, and I have sex with him in the dormitory, but I haven’t made it.

Finally, I was married to Lin Tao at the age of 22.

He is an overseas Chinese, no matter which aspect, it is more superior to the cousin.

Now let me talk to you about our new marriage!

Because I have fun, I have long-term hunger, so, in the newly married night, I will want to be happy with him.

It is difficult to wait until the guests are went, because I didn’t tell him because I didn’t tell him, so I didn’t dare to attract and tomb my sex, I have to endure the pain of the yin, wait for him to kiss me. , Hug me, I have to use chat to tune him. I didn’t think that he was only saying something and nothing. He didn’t come to tease me.

After a while, it may be his sex, turn over, hold me, hold me tightly.

I am waiting for him to play, but he is holding me, just kissing, no hand, don’t use his hand to tighten my genitals.

I think it may be testing me.

How can he know that the previous thing, I am thinking, he reached out and pinned my breast, but I still don’t move my yell.

I didn’t dare to look at him in my eyes, just wait for him.

He is getting more and more heavy, knowing that the woman’s breast is sexually sensitive. He continues to force it, I can’t live, and I squeeze the fat in the past. I am holding his glans, I feel its hardness, jumping in the rhythm, and rough, it seems to pick the fertilizer pussy.

At this time, my vagina started a loose Zhang, the clitoris jumped, and the two labipings were uncomfortable. The yin water flowed over the vagina, and there was a uncomfortable uncomfortable.

I use your hard to squeeze his penis, but he doesn’t have to squeeze me a little.

I can’t stand it, I slowly insert the vagina with a hand, and I turned back in it.

My actions are quite careful, afraid that he feels.

At me, the yin water came out of my hiking, streaming on my thigh. I am eager to wait for his next step, say:

“Little baby, why don’t you come in, come on!”

But he still only holds me until the dawn doesn’t act.

Friends, you can imagine that what is it uncomfortable.

I painted in a night, just like a hurrising, I met the hoe, I didn’t let it eat.

The next day we got a bed, he saw me very unhappy, said:

“Dear, don’t be angry, good things are still behind, see it tonight.”

I have finished shaking, people who are looking for him have come. Everyone has eaten, he will go out with colleagues.

My heart is uneasy, I can’t immediately blank.

At night, he didn’t come back. I took it on the bed and waited for him. He didn’t come back in a while. He saw that I was waiting in bed and hurriedly took off her clothes.

Suddenly, he slammed my waist with his thigh, and took me in his arms. He called me to lie flat, and I slammed me. He used his chest to squeeze my breast, then It took again with your mouth.

In this way, I made a scum, can’t control it.

This is the second male to play with me. At this time, he talked out and put his head into my two thighs. Crazy, sucked two fatty labians, and used the tongue to follow the clitoris. As far as my personal experience, our woman’s clitoris is sexually sensitive part, much more sensitive than breasts.

He continued to lick, straightforward, my heart was panicked, the vaginal itching, fever, my ass couldn’t help but go back and forth, I couldn’t breathe, I got up the urine to go out, I am eager to urinate, but he see I am so shaking, I will hold me hard, he is unintentionally separated, just separated, I am urinating.

He saw that the urine was out, and he was busy stretching his mouth with his mouth to use his mouth to use his mouth to use his mouth to use his mouth.

He also points out my two legs, ready to attack, my mood at this time is excited and excited, I can get the fairy pleasure.

My vagina is more itchy, and there is some red swelling in the clitoris.

I saw him looked down at my pussy:

“Tian, ​​this is so fat!”

Because sexual effects are very powerful, the lips are significant.

Yongshui is flowing out of the vagina. My sexual desire has reached the peak, I saw him holding a strong penis, I am surprised, yeah! It’s too strong than the cousin, but I am not afraid of this time, and willing to have a big better, I have tasted the thick taste, and I still haven’t satisfied my needs!

Thinking, his glans have been grinded back from my flow of yumping.

I have already made my ideological preparation, I want it – the penis, immediately sprint comes in, and solve me, I have endured a few years.

He is also true, not inserted into it, just holding his penis, and carefully staring at my vaginality and depth.

Suddenly, my whole body is like an electric shower.

I haven’t waited for me to react, and the glans fiercely inserted into my vagina. He asked me whisper: “Manna, hurt?”

At this moment, my heart is fiercely, I can’t say it, I think: “You are trying to play me, see if I have been playing with a man, it is really awkward.”

I am a little calm, say:

“It hurts, you are slow.”

In this way, he took the half-cut penis left in the left.

When I was inserting, I was just a slap inserted, and I didn’t consider the skills of sex. This time and Lin Tao’s sexual intercourse, it is very slow, and people have a relief.

The penis is constantly plugging in the vagina, and there is a rhythmically active.

I will slowly smoke, and fierce inserted. The hands have not stopped touching my shake. I will tighten my thighs again. I will open my thighs again, my body Like eating anesthetic, the limbs are weak, soft.

Suddenly, he used the thick penis that fierce it, it was too comfortable, so we played more than a hour, I felt a hot semen into the vagina, he cumsted, but I pretended I don’t know.

You think that his guys are more than rare, can I don’t feel his ejaculation process? “

Just now, when he wants to ejaculate, the penis has risen like a tea cup. Like a tea cup, the vagina is like cracking the same comfort, or if it is not the growth of the years, I really can’t stand these.

I looked at him with affectionate eyes, and he slowly took the penis half a cut, I reached out, holding his half a meat stick, he stopped going out.

I don’t want to keep it close. His meat stick has been launched again, and then slammed into it, and fiercely pose a few times, another semen shot into the vagina, this refined semen seems to have a little hot, Let me feel very comfortable.

I really hurt, I really admire him, can be happy to find such a husband.

Looking at him, I still don’t want to give it. He pulled a pillow, put it in my ass under the bottom of my ass, I don’t know what he wants to do. He let me raise the two legs, and he uses the hand. The chaotic hairy, separated the two fatty labians, and climbed to my belly, the penis was accurately inserted, inserted to the bottom of the deepest bottom, opposite the uterus, a strong up and down. Really comfortable! More than the previous two times.

I feel that the glans in the vagina are bigger, I asked him what is going on, he said to me: “

“This is the role of the pillow.”

My labell is accelerated.

I haven’t been like this, I am really interesting in my life.

I suddenly smeared, I haven’t come, I haven’t had time to think, I have a big generic semen in the vagina that has been filled with semen. This time is really can’t stand it.

With the pleasure, he pulled the penis, ‘Zo’ skew, because the injection of the semen is too much, my vaginal can not have so many semen, so, with the extension of the penis, I have been spraying a large piece of bed, and interesting sexual intercourse is over.

He slowly climbed up from me, and a handful of the penis that had been discovered or that was so big, he would like to use his mouth to use his mouth to use his mouth to use his mouth to use his mouth to use his mouth to use his mouth to use his mouth to use his mouth to use his mouth to use his mouth to use his mouth to use his mouth to use his mouth to use his mouth to use his mouth to use his mouth to take the thick penis glans. I can’t help but look at him. Seeing that he is staring at me, I stretched the head to Zhangkou with a mushroom-shaped glans, support my mouth is really uncomfortable, a hot brought some sweetness feels in the mouth, I gently use tooth After biting, I was shocked, I was busy smoking the penis. I watched my head like a crazy. He let go of my head. Hold me tightly, touch my body white tender The body, his hand touched my round and full ass, the hand touched the ass, put a finger into my tightened ass. “You hurt, I can’t stand it.” I said, I took his fingers and took a smell, I was busy with the paper to wipe him.

“Is it comfortable? Come, let’s play again.” He asked me whispered, I didn’t answer.

Looking down, his meat stick is hard and hard.

I thought, how did he be so big?

At this time, he asked me to think, he made me all kinds of my breasts and then used the penis to grind it on my ass.

He seems to have seen my sexual desire, I didn’t say it. I suddenly entered the vagina from the middle of my ass, this is deeper. I have a bit of my uterus. I am also the first time. Sitting in his legs, although there is a little pain, this pain is wonderful.

My sex suddenly reached the peak, it’s so great, his 胯 撅 撅 撅 使 使 使 达 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高

I am shaking, but my ass sitting on his legs, I have never been so screaming in the vagina, and the burden of the meat is plucked by the meat stick.

“You make it hard, put it hard! The bigger is big and better! Oh … I really hurt …” I’m so happy … “I really don’t know what to say, I can’t help but call it. stand up.

Suddenly, he hugged me, kissed my neck, shoulder, hit my rose breast, at this time, I feel that his meat stick is in the vagina, there is a few times, ah! It’s just that it is a good thing.

He lames me with his hands. I got up and looked at him. He lied like a beach, full of sweat, eyes closed.

I am distressed, I have a pro, and I can’t tell him that it is yummy water or the semen has a bloody white water. I am too tired.

When we slept, he was bright. How many yews were flowing out at this evening, how many semen were shot again for me, and then look at his penis softly bend, and looked at my pussy. Some have a bit swollen, leave a wet yew in the bed, and my breast is more full than before.

A bunch of brilliant sun came in from outside, I quickly got up to make breakfast, and called the sleeping Lin Tao. He smiled and said:

“How is your feelings? Please understand a lot of understanding.”

Said to have a bite, I am busy:

“There, I saw hope and happiness from you, you make me very satisfied, after we will always fall in love, spend a wonderful life.”

He also said: “I hope that you can become a child’s mother soon.”

I listened to my face, I can’t say that I can’t say it.

Chapter 5 Paragraph Bad “

I have been pregnant for more than three months. In this time, Lin Tao got a strange disease. After seeking medical treatment, it couldn’t force – he went away.

After seven months, I gave birth to a pair of two cars. Two daughters gradually grew up. Two years later, I made a man who fedly with me. Later, we became a new life.

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