I am now working in a municipal people’s hospital, and is the expert-level director of the department. Every day, you have a colorful patient, of course, a beautiful female patient. You can often see how the male doctor is how to make a doctor, some even anesthesia, and the like.

After reading it, I am very funny. I am very unhappy. These can’t happen in reality. It can only be said to be obscenity. However, it is not possible to say that the male doctor feels in a little bit of female patient, completely as an organ, for a male doctor with blood, it is not likely, at least for medical students who have just graduated from college, basically It is impossible because it is a curiosity, and it is a time to run.

As a male doctor, I will tell you about my own growth experience to tell everyone every day.

My doctor’s career is the internship stage. Although in the university, I have been in contact with the human body every day, and the teaching video also looks at the fast, but I really can’t be practical in the day, my heart is always very fast. It is not the cost of seeing the opposite sex body but worried that the five-year study is not enough, the basic operation is not proficient, and is guided by the teacher. In this stage, it can be said that even if you really have a colored heart, there is no time to go, especially the guidance of the teacher’s picky vision, and it is enough for you to be embarrassed.

After the intense internship, I started my real physician career. I first entered a small hospital in one county. Although the small but the department is also quite, the whole body anesthesia can be carried out? I am first assigned to the hand. The room works, due to the particularity and seriousness of the environment, the people who work inside are very responsible. But things are divided into two, because of the particularity of their environment, at some time, some natural desires can be hooked.

Once a night on duty, the emergency room pushed a little girl in a car accident. She was hit by a car, the body rushed, along with the head, and the abdomen met his own rider and injured. I saw blood on her head, and my hand can be painted in the lower abdomen, as if it is very painful. I didn’t dare to talk immediately, I found that the blood on my head was blotted from the ear. After CT examination confirmed that there was no harm to the brain, and the abdominal examination had no major bleeding symptoms, but the symptoms of abdominal pain were unknown. . Since the emergency room equipment in the small hospital is not very full, the personnel are not enough at night, so push it to the hand? Of course, the clinical cleansing work will be completed by the hand. The duty nurses are busy, she immediately treated clothing for the little girl, and the small girls in a while will be taken off, and the naked lie on the hand. Only a thin layer of light blue cloth. I have seen the medical record half of the medical record. I know that the little girl is 21 years old, unmarried, there is a different feeling of my heart, that is, I want to practice unusually skilled in the internship. Aspects of knowledge. The duty nurses began to connect various test instruments to the little girl and clean up the blood stains on the body.

After a long time, the clerification work was completed, she began to monitor various instrument parameters and infusion, my job started, I have to do a routine medical examination for the little girl. It is necessary to swear on the ear, I can only see the beautiful half of the little girl, tender seems to squeeze out the water, it is completely awkward, too beautiful, I The hand is a bit shivering. First of all, I checked her head, and the face length is unacceptable, and I can’t find a slight trace, and specially well. My professional asked her some simple questions. It may be that the head is impacted. Her answer is not so refreshing, but the provision is clear, I judge that she is now in full awake, just being scared Not adjusted. Then I set off a light blue cloth covering her body, I have been in the navel, the little girl is presented in front of my eyes. Her breasts have been monitored with the wires of life indicators. The pink small nipple has been more prominent. I first use the handset to listen to her chest, there is no difference. Then I touched her with her hand, I feel very soft, it can be seen very well, when I finally pinched the nipple, I also started to react. I accidentally looked at the little girl and found that her show is flush on the face, but what is her now?

After the end of the upper body examination, I then turned over the light blue cloth, and covered her breast. The whole upper abdomen and the lower body were fully exposed. At a glance, I saw that moisturizing and not lush yin first. My eyes. The mysterious big label is overflowing because of the over-legged strike, and my heartbeat begins to accelerate. I first held her left leg and flexed twice by hand, and then made the same inspection in another leg. My conclusion is completely normal. Then I asked her to flex the legs all, and I checked her abdominal organ, she crouched her position. I have been skilled in the kidney, liver, gallbladder, spleen area, no tenderness and anti-jump, feel soft, it is normal. Then my hand began to oppress her bladder area, my professional feeling that her bladder is in the middle of the high-level full-length full state, suddenly I found a white hand to bother the bladder area, I can reach out. In the direction, I found that the face just wrapped in the shame was hidden by a painful expression that I can’t say, and I wanted to turn over. I immediately released the oppressed fingers, and I looked at the duty nurses at the same time, she immediately realized. It turned out that she only fixed the hand of the infusion, so that the hand was naturally put, at this time, she immediately took the handheranship, quickly fixed the other hand of the little girl, and holding the girl’s head with hands. Explain the necessity and the risk of the head charm of the inspection. Looking at the little girl taking the hands, combining the current position, I feel that I am really an arrest. But all the ideas passed, I immediately continued my job. I judge that the driver has encountered the bladder that has been mildly filling at the time, and after the hospital and emergency room need to check the time spent, plus continuous infusion from the emergency room, so that the bladder appears now in this medium and highly fill status. I immediately asked the little girl, proved the correctness of my judgment.

I took it up in the pot, mention the girl’s legs, and put the pots to the little girl’s butt, then use the tone of the command to urinate immediately. At this time, her leg knees were tightly coupled, and the feet were separated. I looked at her eyes, it was completely helpless. Perhaps, a physiological reason, such as the bladder is hit, the bladder muscles are highly filled and the strength is weak, or the psychological reasons are not used to it or even the male physician looks extremely shy, never cares for her. How to work hard, I have never been urinary. At this time, she was anxious, and she started to take a small sweat, and she said that she couldn’t control the urine, but they were very urgent. It was very uncomfortable. It can also take other ways to induce her urination, such as acupuncture, hot compress, and so on, but at this time, the best way is still induced. I let the nurse explain to her to explain the reasons and attention of catheterization, I hope she can cooperate, in fact, what she can say, she can only hit her nod.

I withdraw the potty, in order to prevent her instinctive mess, I adjusted her legs. The legs on the stage put her legs on the leg bracket, firmly fixed, put her into a standard bladder The stone seat position, adjust the field of light, unfold the non-diaper bag, wear the rubber gloves to start for her. The mysterious genus of the little girl is extraordinarily clear. I used a pliers to cut a disinfection cotton ball started to disinfect the light black big ladle, then I broke her little labie with her hand, changed the cotton ball to disinfect her on the inside of the light red small labia, then disinfected her with new cotton ball The urinary tract and the vaginal mouth, finally changed a cotton ball in the urethral mouth, disinfected twice. After I watched her urethral mouth carefully, I picked up a size and moderate airbag catheter and then coated with lubricating oil evenly on the urete.

I told her to start catching the urine. If you don’t feel uncomfortable, you should take a deep breath. She nodded, and the faceless face was red, the expression was a bit fear. I opened it out with my fingers, then put it in the urethra and gently plug in her urethra, it feels smaller. When she didn’t move, when I plugged to probably When I was 4cm, I found that her pine and the anus began to zoom in. This is a reflection that I feel unexpected after the urethral mouth, I let her have a deep breath to disperse her attention, and the hand is gently use, and the feeling is suddenly disappearing, I know that the catheter has entered the bladder. . I continued to insert the urete in the bladder, and did not stop about 10 cm, and there was a little urine in the curvature, and the urine with a dark red blood, I realized that the bladder has already There is a little bleeding. I quickly clam the urine, injecting the airbag of the catheter with physiological saline, after pulling out the syringe, gently returning the urete, confirming that the opening of the opening, the diaper, can make the bladder suddenly Drop, causing a large bleeding of the injured, so told the nurse to take some dripping tube. After taking a drop tube, I hang the collar bag on the bed.

It’s also smart, the urine bag is facing the eyes of the little girl, she finds a quite nervous when there is blood in urine, keeps talking about it is not serious, and the crystal tears have flowed out in their eyes. I saw a girl crying, comforting her said not to be tight, and I finished my check, she nodded helplessly. I fixed the catheter with my thigh root with a tube, and I appreciate her genitals. Since plugged into the catheter, it was a bladder stone with a breeze, and it was simply a super super-hyperkinct SM picture. I have already saluted her. Because the drainage takes a little time, take into account the lower abdomen, maybe I am skilled, the little girl is shaved and the hair on the abdomen and the thigh, of course, the beautiful yin is not exception. Then, my name is a nurse to take an anal temperature meter, and after lubrication, I deeply insert the little girl’s anus. The anal measu is very excited to the little girl, her butt is twisted, don’t move, I ordered her, the anorectal temperature is the most accurate, the correct body temperature is very important to your body, I said loudly. Hand in pinching anal table feels slowly, I will warn her to solve the anus table, pat, so good. After a few minutes, I took anal mens from her anus and read 37.5 degrees, and it was still normal.

I saw a collection of urine bags and touched the girl’s lower abdomen, and the bladder had been drained. Because of the hurt injury, the possibility of damage to the uterus and accessories, I have to make a detailed gynecological examination.

I put on the rubber glove. I opened her little labip in one hand. I carefully observed her vulva. Because the catheter blocked some sights, I moved the fixed point slightly, so that the vaginal mouth is not The retained exposure is in front of my eyes. I clearly saw the female film on the vaginal mouth, and the hymen can’t be said to be ideal, but it can also be relatively complete, obviously has not had sex life. If the regulations are not particularly important, unmarried women are not allowed to do internal diagnosis. If there is an internal need to be recognized by the family or I agree to sign. The current situation has not been that time, so I have changed an anal. The little girl can realize what kind of inspection is going to do next, actually asking me if I will hurt, I tell her that I will not hurt, she wants her to cooperate. The little girl’s face brush is like a cooked red apple, silent.

I applied a lubricating oil on my gloves and her anus, because of sensitive, the anus didn’t shrink in the sky. I let her relax, then the index finger slowly reached into her rectum, maybe the first time, the little girl could not help but squeak, my younger brother immediately went to her …… finger into place After that, my other hand began to compress the touch in her uterus and accessories, and the whole examination is a little bit of pain. At this time, I found that the vaginal mouth is a bit dark red blood to seep it out, will it be broken?

I am a little nervous, I shouted to ask her to ask her to notify the patient’s family, clearly telling the hand? The possibility, want them to sign the hand? Agreement and ask them to agree to be vaginal examination.

Because it is possible to have a hand right? I plan to give her enema immediately. This kind of thing is done by the nurse, but I can only do it myself. After the nurse mentioned a bucket to adjust the enecus of the temperature, start preparing your hand. I made my face and ask the little girl to solve the stool, she told me very shy, I just explained before the family came out, I am very happy because her excrement will not be much more odor. I adjusted her hand. I still allowed her to keep the bladder stone bodies, because inserted the urete, the urine won’t come out, so I only put it on her butt below. I first poured two bottles in the first special syringe, then slowly inserted the long injection mouth into her anus. After in position, the opening of the Sauro quickly injected, then the syringe Smoked it out. I will touch her belly. She said that she should be stool. I let her endure, she finally couldn’t help but finally pulled it, and a smell. It hides from the bucket. I quickly made the nurse handled it, changed a bucket, I wipe her anus and the genitals with paper, and then gave her to the intestine. I put the anal tube deeply into her rectum, opened the outlet valve, so that the sausage slowly flowed into her intestines, wait until she has? When she has a sense of enthusiasm, take anal tube, endure for a while, row To a bucket. After repeating a few times, there is no such thing in the intestine, and the discharge is the cleaning liquid, and I immediately disinfected the genitals and anus.

At this time, the nurse responsible for contact with the family is coming back, telling me that there is no other straight relative outside the patient’s sister, her sister is signed in hand, and the word to sign the word to the vaginal examination. We should directly solicit her sister. I went to the head of the little girl, telling her about the condition, explaining the necessity of the vaginal examination, maybe it passed through the urine and enema? She hesitated and agreed, I immediately let her on the list. Signed the child. I saw that she helped me, because she understood that when she signed a word, her body was completely handed over, including the most important virginity of 21 years of girls. Considering that the little girl is not married, I can’t bear to use the class of the laparotomy to leave a lifetime trace. If it is necessary, it will use more conservative cavens. I took out the vaginal spherish, she saw it, and I made her strong. I put my hand? After the glove, I went to her apart legs. At this time, my color is coming, I am going to give her back with my fingers, so that some pain can be reduced when the vaginal speculum is inserted. So I put the spheric to the side, one hand opened her little ladle, and the other handed it in the catheter in her urethra, she got. I didn’t pay attention to her, I went to soft and her clitoris, see her reaction, worthy of virgin, she famed, I immediately let go, followed by her vagina. I used the index finger into her unpacular vagina. I feel so tight, my fingers were wrapped closely with her vaginal wall, I used the fingers to push up, then Stretching in the second finger, she is shouting on her head, but she doesn’t have a certain way. At this time, the duty nurses told me that the patient’s body temperature may rise, is it full of naked her? My name is a duty nurses and handed over an anus. After lubricating, I inserted it in her anus again, this time she didn’t respond. I am very hi, I want to touch the catheter and anus in the urinary tract in the urethra, because the vaginal and the urethra and the anus are only thinner, which is very easy to touch the objects inside. This is a rare opportunity, and the guiding significance for my anatomical structure in gynecology is large. So I used the index finger in the vagina along the outer diaper wall of the urinary tract, and I have been exploring the urethral catheter into the bladder, and there is no restraint in the vagina. Explore, the taste is really no. I am still not satisfied, the hand in the vagina does not move, the other hand pinned the catheter gently into the bladder, and the hand in the vaginal feels unlimited pleasure when the urete is inserted. Then I finger down the anus meter in the rectum, because I just washed the intestines, the anal meter was very obvious, and I didn’t excera way to add an anus, and the feel is very beautiful. When I took out an anus, I found that the little girl’s body temperature has 38.2 degrees. It is no wonder that it is more confused, I have a little confused, I quickly ordered the duty nurses to do skin test, and mixed the drug.

My two fingers slowly smoked from the vagina that dark red uterine blood staned her hand? Gloves, when I took it to the vagina, I hesitated. I got an eye on duty nurses, and her own lives were not busy, and I didn’t look at me. I think the opportunity is rare. I decided to put the little girl’s conflict of women’s film down and stayed for commemoration. Said late, that is fast, I quickly replaced new hand? Glove, less than five minutes, the little girl’s vast film, Yin Hong’s virgin is penetrated through delicate vaginal mucosa, it has been flowing The anus.

At this point, I took the vaginal spokes and lubricated, I was inserted into the vagina’s vagina. After all, she was still a woman. She called again. Although her feet are fixed after being fixed, but the butt begins to twisted, because the painful duty nurses do not use it. I strictly say that if the ass is twisted, I can only give you a half-length anesthetic. Maybe it is afraid, her butt is no longer twisted, I also toughly insert the vagina, and the little girl is so good, in fact, this is the first step. I slowly spin the regulation of the mother, and the spheric gradually expanded her vagina. Ah, hurt, she finally called out, I was afraid of grown her vagina wall, swiring to stop, she slowly recovered calm. Through the spherish, I found that blood was out of the palace, in order to verify that there is no blood in the abdominal cavity, I plan to give her a vaginal poor puncture check, she saw I took a syringe to the piercing And crying again. I didn’t pay attention to her, I used her uterus with the cervix pliers, and then pierced the syringe into her and poor, starting the draw, but fortunately I didn’t take the blood, this shows that she is very likely to be hands-free • I will tell her about the latest outcome, and her face finally revealed a rare smile.

At this time, the little girl in the ear stopped, she asked the nurse to raise a little hand, so that she can clearly see how I checked her. After exiting the splitter, I immediately made a gynecological trial examination, that is, the index finger inserted into the vagina, refers to the insertion of the anus, and the other hand presses the inspection of the uterus and accessories. This is an extremely shameful thing to do with a little girl. She looked helplessly, I said that such inspections were ashable. I told her gynecological examination, then I have to clean the bladder for you. At this time, cover it on her breasts. The on-duty nurses will take it, and now the little girl is lying on the hand. What kind of posture is that? The hands are fixed on the hand frame, and the flexion of the legs is flexed to open on both sides, and the knee is old and fixed on the leg bracket. From the pine, the size of the size is slightly opened, and the urinary tract is inserted into the catheter. The pubic bone is slightly toned, then the wide pelvis, the fine waist is a couple of white breasts, and the pink nipple Especially the sexy. I found a three-cavity catheter, painted with lubricating oil, went to her two legs, extracts the physiological saline in the airbag double cavity in the syringe, then uncove the tape, separate her Little labiaries, pulling the double lumen tube from her urethra. Then I immediately disinfected her urethra, this time I plan to give her a urete tube directly, I separate her little labiarh, one hand pinching the catheter, insert her urethra, maybe it is too thick The reason, one inserted into the outside, she screams, I said that this pain is to make a hand than the bladder? Well. She still said, I ignored that she continued to be soft and inserted. At this time, the resistance was small, and finally entered the bladder. I started to lavish her, and I finally didn’t have blood stains after several times.

It has been in the middle of this night, and all other life indicators are normal. I solve her legs from the leg bracket. In addition to the urinary tract, the genus has returned to normal. When she closed his legs, she said that she took the pain. She said that she couldn’t know, I told her that it would be good for a few days. I let the duty nurses use the quilt to help her, and send her to the ward of our jurisdiction.

On the day of the hospital, I saw that she changed the sickness, put on a bright clothes. Because of the recovery of spirit, the face is very ruddy, it is a beautiful day, and it seems to be in general, and it is very high to go to the street. I thought that she was lying in her hand a week, helpless separated legs were broken by my finger, but she was helplessly pushed by me and wash the intestines. Finally, I peeled the most valuable female film, and Save, and suddenly have never met my heart.

Because I have a high understanding, self-study ability? I will soon become the first knife in the county hospital. The leaders of the hospital began to cultivate me, let me go to the provincial hospital to advance the advanced cavity mirror medicine and gynecologists. I was very hard in the past year, and I also made a deep research on the anorectal department. I published two discovery papers on anorectal surgery? The new method of the new method was recognized, and it was not small in the industry. Learning? The leaders of the provincial court appreciate my hand? The ability, I want to stay in the provincial hospital. However, the county hospital signed the agreement with me, and I didn’t have enough economic capabilities to bear the resulted in default. Putting the leadership of the county courtyard is very good, it can be said that they cultivate me. Finally, after a painful consideration, I decided to return to the county hospital. After coming back, with a first-class hand? Technology? I have gone to the first red man in the hospital, the daily hand is very tight, and there is little free time during the day. At this time, I was 29 years old. My colleague touted me to say the future, but I know the harmfulness of the teenager. It is very modest and cautious in the various interactions between colleagues, and there is no proud of the thoughts in the heart.

That year, nextunkue County recruited 2 female TV programs, in order to reflect fairness, justice, public principles, radio leaders announced recruitment information to the whole society. Although the requirements are very high, the admission rate is extremely low, but great temptation, but also attracts a lot of female student registration, some even know the information, it is specially coming from school. According to the predetermined recruitment procedure, after the screening of the layers, 7 remaining in the last stage scene. At that time, in their county will organize a special host to select the party, invite social name and county leaders to score and count the masses on site. And according to the pre-announced integral rules, 2 of the two pre-selected women’s TV programs were directly elected to the county. During that time, the masses in the neighboring counties were paying attention to this selection party. The on-site tickets were sold immediately. Of course, they have become the focus of the public after the public. Through the relationship, I wished to a VIP ticket from the scene, I was very happy.

At the opening of the party, the leader called me to the office, saying that I have a very important medical re-examination work tomorrow, and ask me to explain the next day before work. Immediately, he handed me a detailed medical information and told me very seriously. The superior leaders attached great importance to this retrieval mission. I have to do confidential work. If any relevant news is revealed, it will be serious discipline Punish. From the serious face of leaders, my faint approach feels that the tasks you have to face may be significant and sensitive. I didn’t dare to ask, carefully put the information, returned to my own office. In the afternoon, I re-arranged the job according to the instructions of the leadership. After get off work, I didn’t dare to stay. I returned to the hospital for the single apartment for me. I lay it down early and read the medical examination information that the leadership was given to me. At this time, I found that this medical examination retrieval is very small, but it is very high, some simply differ from the recruitment standard. I even doubt whether it is an air-inspiration, but I think it is impossible.

I was appointed a chief examinee, responsible for the final overall review, signing the acceptance work. In the review, I was responsible for the most good surgical, reproductive organ, urinary, anorectal project, from the information I couldn’t see other particular places, of course, any relevant information on the medical examination did not reveal.

The next day I came to the hospital on time, the medical examination is carried out in the top five buildings. After I entered the nurse, I told me that the leaders of the first school immediately decided. This time the medical nurses and the medical examination should be accompanied by the whole process. suject. At the same time, immediately locked the five-floor door, prohibited all people from going, and set a thick screen behind the door, I feel that I seem to be the most late. I am going to walk in. I saw a 7-bit appearance, my body and temperament. I am sitting in the middle of the newspaper, I am ~~~, my heart is dramatically jumped. I will continue to go forward, I found that all the windows of all physical examination rooms have been strictly obscured. I walked to my work area, wash my hands, and made a related preparation work.

After half an hour, the medical examination was officially started. The nurse brought the first girl. I accidentally read her, suddenly the eyes immediately felt a little unheiler: the ruddy face, a plump chest, fine Yangliu waist, full of buttocks, a well-known limbs, especially the unique temperament revealed on the face and the long eyelash seems to be deeply unbearable, deeply reflected in my heart. Yes, she is a red-purple seven female TV show that the reddish saga of the local media is hosted by a candidate.

Said the heart, for young male doctors who have not married to me, doing hands to the heterosexual patients? In particular, the young girl in the young girl, the psychological performance is completely different. Today, I will accept my physical examination, whether it is from an appearance, body, temperament, and cultural level, or from a lively extent, it is difficult to pick one. And other projects I have examined today, other projects are all concentrated in the most mysterious and sensitive genitals of the girls. My brain rapidly, I gave me the medical examination information from the leadership, the information was very detailed. The inspection methods and precautions were touched, including some inspection techniques and test methods for any normal women, very shameful Today, I have to accept these inspections and tests, the TV women who are known as people in the people, thinking that there is no exception to pass my final acceptance inspection for a while. My heart is so excited that I can’t live in natural desires. The blood suddenly came up, and my heart was simply jumped from the chest.

※ JKForum.net | JKF Czech Forum But I quickly adjusted my mind, but fortunately I haven’t lost their post. At the same time, she also looked at me, I couldn’t try to figure out her mentality at the time. She has passed an initial inspection, and the door is hanging at the door of my work area. She is clearly knows the inspection items and inspection methods here. I think that if she is initially inspected, she is very likely to give up, but she is now riding a tiger, which is probably in a variety of pressures, can only be hard to accept my young male doctor. She first asked a mentally issue problem, she asked: Do you have a medical physician? Halo, I think there is only the nurse in addition to me. Is there a medical examination for you? I am smiling: Yes, I am one, now let the nurse prepare for you. After I finished, the nurse gave me the form of the medical information sheet, and I went behind the screen, and she was very uncomfortable. I started reviewing the information she attached to the physical examination form. There is no name above, only representing her a string of meaningless number code, the other information is very full: ethnic Han, age 24 years old, university undergraduate degree, vice chairman of the Student Union, hobby, sing, travel, special writing, calligraphy , Painting, I read secretly, if she is not extremely exaggerated, it is a full talent.

After five minutes, the nurse came out and was ready. I followed the nurse to the back of the screen, then the nurse opened the screen, closed the channel we turned into. Inside the most advanced multi-functional woman checkup, all the inspection instruments and tools are neatly arranged on both sides of the inspection bed, so that I can easily get it easily. At this time, she took the red strip of her own to accept my inspection. Because the first is the whole body surveillance, so the leg bracket of the checked bed did not put it up, this means she is now like lying in peace is the same as ordinary Bed, just this bed narrows. I went to her head, presented in front of my eyes, it is a white and tender and white. I raised her head with one hand and asked her to lift the chest, and the other hand moved her sleep to her shoulder back, then put her head lightly in bed. At this time, she was originally full of chest, more convex, and the whole breast became the highest point of her body. Her heartbeat must have accelerated, and the red face can not say. I first touched her face skin, I felt her face hot hot, then the neck and armpit lymph nodes. When I touched the armpit, her hand can clamp my hand, I let her hand, I deliberately, I will feel the armpit of her two sides, she is not autonomous, my younger brother The response will salute her. I told the nurse that the nurse immediately made a record. Here is the breast examination, I first knead her right breast, then knead her left breast, then knead the two sides of the breast, and she looked at it. I like to listen to this. Sound, continue to take a while. After that, the hands gently rubbed the light red nipple, and then gently played a few times with his fingers. Her light red nipples immediately filled, and the pink isola followed, tightly contracted with nipples. Get up, I will then say it normally to the nurse.

The next waist belly touched inspected her fine willow waist straight to twisted, perhaps in the absence of her future husband, only I have this honor to appreciate her naked bed dance, but it is more likely to even The future husband has no honor! I then said to the nurse. Touching the abdomen is her belly grooved nodes. For an unmarried girl, here is because of the genitals, sensitivity can be imagined.

While using the index finger along the groin, I touched the genitals, but the eyes stared at her towering pubic bones in the upper part of the nourishing oil black, and the roots were white and clear. One of my hands couldn’t help but touched the skin of the cola area. He felt beautifully can’t say. Then I quickly checked her skin skin, and let her turn over and knead the white skin and the full hip muscle, and the nurse started the next project, the comprehensive urinary and reproductive system examination.

I let the nurse take the leg rack, and then ask her to put the knee to the leg bracket. After she rack, the nurse fixed her legs firmly. I turned the women’s inspection bed, the woman checkup just started from her hips to the two sides, I transferred the biggest, and I opened the bilateral spotlights on the pine, her mysterious genitals were there? The show is in front of my eyes. I looked up and saw her head, and my face was just like it. The eyes were close, because of the extreme shame, she didn’t even blink of my courage. I put on a thin hand? Gloves, I went to her legs, after passing the vulva, I found that her genitals were very humid, and the body fluid in the vagina had a little actually flowing into the anus. Obviously I just bleed the breast , Play the nipple, touch the waist and abdomen, make her have sexual excitement. I used the sterilized cotton ball to help her gently, she was shocked, I explained that there is too much body fluid below, affecting the examination, I will help you wipe it, she doesn’t know how to answer, with the mouth Inexplicably speaking, thank you.

I continued my job, I separated her fresh red little labie in one hand and started examining her urethra and vaginal port. First of all, I used the non-smashing cotton to sign the tender meat under her urethra, and her urethra immediately showed an irregular elliptical shape, and the films in a fresh and tender urinary tract revealed. Then I changed the root cotton swab, checking her vaginal mouth, the first observed is her incomplete female film, but I judge that she is definitely a woman with experience. I carefully put the cotton swab into her vagina through her vane, and put the left and right big angle of the vaginal wall. She began to say softly in the bed, I didn’t pay attention to her, changed the root cotton sign into the vagina Continue to borrow her bright vaginal walls, I have been hurting on her head, I will stop my head, saying it normally for the nurse.

After the vulvar examination, I applied a paraffin oil on my right handicon and her anus, then I put the right hand referral through the anus into her rectum. Her anus immediately clamped my index finger, while soft waist and self-twisted, I immediately pressed another hand on the lower abdomen above her uterus, making her hard to twist the waist. Then, then the index finger in the anus starts to top the top cervix, and the other hand is fitted with a touch inspection in the abdomen. Since I was very clear about the anatomy of female pelvic cavity, the basic skills were very solid, and she quickly checked her uterus and accessories. Subsequently pulled out the fingers in her closed anus, and said normal for nurse. But as a 24-year-old virgin, it is definitely a champion of the opposite sex, and she has never been frustrated. Today, I have to accept this open genital organ check for myself to think about it. Her heart must be very wronged and uncomfortable, but now she knows, she can do only obedience, There is no right to refuse. Because that means abandoning, all the previous efforts are in white, and it is unwilling to she.

The next project is a dynamic examination of the urinary system. I changed my two gloves, opened the three-cavity catcade, took out a three-cavity catheter, and painted heri oil at the head of the catheter. Then one hand separate her small labia, completely disinfected the outer mouth of the urethra, the outside of her urethra, the direct inserted the catheter into it, the urete is inserted, the feeling is uncomfortable, she is uncomfortable. moan. I stopped, told her to do deep breathing, then continued to insert it into the bladder. After the urine flows out, after inserting 5cm in the bladder, the urete is clamped with the pliers. Then I called the nurse to take the urine culture bottle, release the urine, and rushed out of the front stage, only the middle stage urine culture specimen, and leave the bladder completely emptied after the specimen.

Below I once again clamped the urine, connect the perfusion tube and clean the air, release the perfusion tube to put the colored perfusion liquid into her bladder, then put it in her small abdomen in the girlfriend area. The perfusion liquid gradually fails to fill the bladder. She began to red face to tell me that I really want to urinate, and I will ask me to check it immediately, so I will loosen urine to urine. I think that I will be a female TV show host, she will be sought after by the opposite sex. At this time, when I didn’t even have my urinates, I couldn’t be autonomous, and I still have to be as shameful for my young male doctor. , One? Strong satisfied, my chest. I thought that after she was really fortunate after being elected, I would like to be tired. I will feel tired. I don’t feel soft.

I continued to give her a lot of money until she was highly fill in her bladder, and I was softly pulled out for her three-cavity catheter in the urethra. Then both hands pinch her two sides of the small labia, the maximum one is divided into two sides, I ordered her loudly coughed three times, staring at her urethra, observing the colored perfusion liquid Brought out with a cough. Subsequently, I solved her feet, ordered her unhappy, asked her to do three squats in the check bed, because she was very unfailed because the bladder was highly filled. After completing, I let her kneel on the bed of the bed, separated the feet, the upper body, I will go back, I will pinch your two hands from my butt, and maximize it. Different from both sides. Ordered to cough again again, the eyes are still staring at her urethral mouth, observing the colored perfusion fluid is brought out. See all normal, I ordered her in this very immersive posture, raising the perfusion liquid to the foot-tained pots. My voice just fell, a colorful liquid splattered from her urethra, this bubble is very big, my fingers splash a lot, she is unable to sit down after Sad On the bed, I went to the nurses normally. At this point, I estimate that she has forgotten what is shame, completely let go, and generous to nurse have some paper, if there is anything to wipe the genitals.

It is precisely because of her indisputation, making my natural desire suddenly decrease. The next anorectal examination subject, I only let her put a few symbolic examination of the body of the grass, and finally, after the rough inspection of the anal mirror, the nurses said normal. Subsequently, I signed my name on the medical examination record of my nurses, ending the inspection of her, and the nurse helped her to organize the clothes, took her to other departments.

After a while, another nurse could come in a girl in a dark brown hair, and I looked up very natural observation of her appearance. Her appearance, body and temperament are not compared with a girl in front. She is wearing a relatively trendy, which works with her looks again and shows that there is a unique mature beauty. I am thinking about opening, she first opened, with her sweet voice, quite self-self: Hello doctor, I am very happy to see you, today I have to take care of it. I suddenly felt an inexplicable embarrassment, but I immediately called her: Oh, ok, I will definitely, please go to the inside, then the nurse handed me her medical information table, bring her to the screen It is ready to go. At this time, my heart is very unhappy: Hey, your arrogant girl, what is this? Is it a threat? Is it buying? I have rushed out of her information on the physical examination form. Wow, actually started studying abroad, a master’s degree. Others, such as special and winning records, is 25 years old, married. It’s amazing, actually married, I keen aware of her mother’s family in her county, the family background must not be simple, can get her, her husband will not be simple. I finally understood that she had just been confident from the overbearing of her inner world! I am in my heart: I don’t believe that I can’t affiliated you, wait for you to put it. And let you know how you are in any other aspect?, It is irrelevant to me. Today, I have to do it is the most mysterious, most sensitive, most precious, and also the weak and genitals, etc. Will let you be ashamed of a whispering woman in a blind man inspection bed, in order to change my sexuality.

I was thinking about God, and suddenly I felt that there was a white shadow to shook it. I am shocked. Looking up, the original nurse took the speckle holder used next to me, because I just went to God, I didn’t even notice that the nurses came out from the screen. At this time, the nurses have come to me, tell me, I have been ready, I will handle the medical examination information to her, get up to the screen. Similarly, when I went in, the nurse immediately opened the screen, closed the channel we turned into.

At this time, the proud girl had already taken away the woman’s inspection bed, the body of the young woman didn’t have a flavor than the girl who did not have a person, my light car cooked the pillow to her shoulder back, her chest immediately Too high. I found her full breast, white tender and the girl who checked the front, but her more significant moisturizing, the nipple retained the woman’s light red, and did not discolish it because of marriage. Looking down from the towering breasts, the pubicia tops above the genitals are in the bottom of the lower abdomen, and the skin is white and delicate. At this time, I felt the faint fragrance of her body, and I could breathe a few mouthfuls, and I immediately breathed a satisfied toxicheng from my heart. I came up, my little two followed my heart, my ability was active.

Since the nurse and the medical examination are the whole process, even the ordinary physical examination institute is clearly stipulated: unless the physician asks or requests, the nurse can only follow the medical and operating procedures in the entire medical examination process, unconditional Do the work. It is not allowed to talk to the physician to talk about any problem, and never allow the third party to disclose relevant medical examination information. If there is a violation of discipline to the hospital, it will be severely disciplined, and even expelled. For the high-standard re-examination of this now, the nurse is not only once to her undergrass nurses. It can be said that it can be treated by the nurses in the hospital for their trust, and the glory of the nurse.

Further review information about inspection techniques and test methods in this review, because the nurse wants to arrange all the instruments and equipment that may be used, and arranged in the room, you must know the details.

The second is that I know all the review details, and the individual doctors who participate in retrievacies also know all the information in the undergraduate, and other books have also been asked, as nurses are fundamental. It is impossible to know. The reason why the hospital stipulates that its starting point is entirely in order to protect the individual privacy of the medical examination and respect the subject. However, from this special review, these strict constraints and restrictions have been given me to transcend the right power. Maybe it also verifies the correctness of the dialectics from this side, and the object is extremely reversed!

Because I have an absolute interpretation of this retrieval, I don’t worry that any of my own operations will cause an indebrity. I plan to disrupt the regular medical examination order, starting to check her for her from her feet. I first use the tweezers to cut a wet disinfection cotton group, and gently brush on her foot plate, observe her natural reaction, she responded very quickly, immediately contractions, then slowly stretched out, so After repeated a few times, see the reflection is normal, and there is no footposition, and the nurses say it is normal. Then I put down the tweezers to knead her leg skin, I knead very well, gently, I didn’t let it, slowly I kneaded her thigh, I obviously felt her thigh The muscles are tight. After I let the nurse put the leg bracket, she ordered her knees to the leg bracket, and she was very uncomfortable to put a pose in my request. The nurse immediately fixed her legs on the leg bracket, I was skilled to turn the woman inspection bed, the woman checkp was separated from her hips, and I adjusted the biggest, and I was open to the patent. Side spotlights, her genitals are in front of my eyes in front of me. I lived in the middle finger and index finger, and the momentum slipped through her big labiaries, and the exact point was on the femoral pulse inside her thigh. Her heartbeat was very fast, and she had turned up in her thoughts. Then I hold her thigh roots with my hands. The skin is gently squatting her thigh skin. The skin on the inside of the thigh is very sensitive to the girl. Even if the woman who is married is no exception, and she seems to be particularly Sensitive. I was so like this, and her buttocks have twisted it. I am in my heart: I dare not dare to arrogate in front of me, so you can’t stand it, wait for you to see you. I crossed her left and right thighs, and finally her sexual desire came. The genitals slowly wet, the small labello is like a jade, and it is also slightly open. I immediately stopped, my hands pinned her close to the big lips of the anus, very slowly kneading, turning, her body fluid accompanied the rhythm of I kneaded from the vagina.

After a while, my hands were in her clitoris, I didn’t want to easily let this girl’s sexual desire nerve center. But I didn’t dare to knead the clitoris with my hand, so I was softly separated by her clitoris, and the other hand used the tweezers to disinfect the cotton ball, and glabrly on her clitoris. She finally couldn’t help it, whispered, I didn’t pay attention to her to start disinfected her size from her clitoris, and have been disinfected three times for her. Of course, her lascivious snoring is always accompanied by the entire disinfection process.

At this time, I thought about what kind of uglial, I saw her facial expression at this time, I found that the proud and confident that had just been faded, and the generation is a sensuality and shame, and the flaming face is championship. Hold me.

It’s really clever, at this time, her eyes are intertwined with my eyes, I am in a shock, but I immediately explained that now I have made your vulva, so I will give you a urinary system. Dynamic examination and gynecological examination, please cooperate. She hooked helplessly. In order to further weaken her self-confidence, I deliberately tell the nurse, change a clean pad, which is contaminated by the secretory of the vaginal. The nurse immediately changed the new pad, and the pad was under her hips. She turned her head to the side, did not catch up and looked at me. I put it up with my hand. After the glove, I separate her small labia, first use the special examination stick with the stone oil, picking her urethral mucosa, then put the examination rod slowly into the urethra, her When the entire pineard suddenly became nervous, I let her have a deep breathing. At this time, the obvious feelings have been uncomfortable and painful, but I didn’t pay attention to her, continue to check until the check is completed, and then pumped the check rod from the urethra.

Then I opened the three-cavity catcade, picked a small and medium-sized urinary tube, after painting the stone oil, put the catheter gently insert the catheter. Inserting the swellable feeling, she is uncomfortable. I continued to intubation into her bladder. After the urine flows out, after inserting 5cm in the bladder, the middle section of urine culture specimens were retained according to the operation procedure, and then completely emptied her bladder.

Then I lived in the index finger and middle finger, and the other hand separate her little labie, dialing the vaginal port slowly and compact vaginal, her breathing is obviously very urgent. Maybe it’s just that I have never been married, I have never accepted the vaginal intercourse, her yin, buttocks and thigh muscles suddenly tightened, and I stretched into the fingers of the vagina squeezed, my hands felt a phenolic muscle Infinite pleasure after oppression, the reaction of Xiao Second is also! But in your mouth, I said to her: Relax, relax! Another hand is placed in her incapacity area to touch her.

Gradually pussy tight muscle relaxation down, my hands continue in-depth, has been out of her cervical posterior fornix at the bottom, I feel fingers tightly wrapped up the vaginal wall. Then at the other hand with skilled, I gently plucked the bottom of her cervix, crisp completed the examination of the uterus and accessories. I instinctively glance to the side, this time, she had no pride and confidence when came in, some just blushing shame, Dala his head, looking at the screen side, chest towering, tall naked legs apart , lying in bed gynecological examination. It is entirely a helpless look, almost like a lamb despite playing with me!

I was thinking to myself: demo, I managed to give you uniforms, as long as my hand was still stuck in your vagina, now I am your master.

After internal consultation, I drew inserted in her vagina fingers, followed by the disposable vaginal speculum is inserted into it. Because Shortly after their marriage, has not yet given birth, vaginal capacity is limited, and when I open mechanical support speculum, she finally to me for mercy, and he kept saying hurt, begged me not to expanded. At this point my heart is very proud and satisfied: Ao because I finally made her high bow for mercy, so that other men want to do and can not do things, including even her current husband. Inner satisfaction to make my soft down, I stopped the expansion, bowed his head to observe her vaginal speculum internal structure by mouth. First thing that catches my eye is that she was being round, pink, standard without the mother’s cervix, followed by a whole was the same color of the cervix.

Then my hands holding a speculum, let speculum in the vagina gently turn 360 degrees to observe her vaginal wall, the color is very fresh, my conclusion is typical of a healthy and mature. After the inspection I put the speculum closed, taken out from her vagina. Her pussy advantage of the opportunity to shrink in shrink, with me, and look out as withdrawn speculum, she was a lot easier.

Then I take a good three-chamber perfusion catheter tube, closed the urine tube, began her bladder for low perfusion, while once again put your finger in the vagina, from time to time through the vaginal wall to the gradual filling of the bladder plucked. At first, she did not feel any discomfort when the bladder filling to a certain extent, my fingers plucked at the time obviously felt a sense of falling up when the bladder filling. She could not, kept telling me uncomfortable need to urinate. I seriously told her it was a very important test items, ask her to cooperate. She heard me say this, Mozhe, while in an eager eyes firmly fixed on me, I obviously felt from showing the kind of eyes looking forward.

Then perfusate is still low perfusion, when I plucked it through the vaginal wall filling the bladder, she was extremely uncomfortable groans issued immediately. So I plucked up the continuity of times, she accompanied the rhythm I plucked accordingly moan, my heart is with her moaning rhythm rippling up. A few minutes later, the bladder has been filling in the height of the state, and I immediately closed the perfusion tube switch, the three-cavity catheter pulled out of her urethra. Then I separated her labia minora, staring at the urethra, respectively, so she did after squatting and supine cough squat exercise test, were normal. Finally, I let her squatting on the foot of the bed examining table, her shame in this very state of the perfusion liquid droppings to the foot of the bed in the potty.

At this point I have not feel what she was thinking, and I saw her face was burning reddened kind of hard to express in words, all arrogance gone. I spoke to her, somehow felt her mind seemed to suddenly slow a lot, just come with time seems like a changed compared to the individual. The next colonoscopies, she is very submissive kneeling dropped to the examining table, my fingers were used in the diagnosis and anal speculum made a careful examination for her, everything is normal results. Finally, I let her sit on the examining table, chest and back checked her skin and that the unique charm of the plump young woman MOISTURE breasts, the taste is really the United States can not tell! After all the checks, the nurse handed me my medical record signed my name. After the nurse to help her tidy clothes, take her out, I returned to the bench outside the screen, silly Leng Leng just think back to the inspection process, waiting for the arrival of the next candidate.

On that day, the seven candidates for this is perhaps the first time to accept the genitals of young male doctor checking so open, all exceptions showed their shy and uncomfortable. But for me, perhaps the male common inertia of thinking, checking on the back of a young woman and four girls, although the two did not like checking in on ways and means, but that at the beginning of inspection with passion and desire has been to increase the number of checks and gradually faded. Check the last time, although the girl is very pure, nice and plump, and the still untouched virgin, I can not afford to have much desire to hook up. Perhaps it bears out such a sentence: only organ in the eyes of the doctor, but nothing other things!

Taking this, I will explain the prerequisites of this, because it is there is a prerequisite, this is a complete and no convincing: That is, the doctor has taken various opportunities to treat the opposite sex body. Idy! After 6 days, I participated in the special selection party of the TV show female host, because it was a VIP ticket, my position was in front of the front. I saw someone next to it, gently referring to those people at the right side, and said that they were the husband or boyfriend of the female candidate on the stage, and said they were so blessing, words It is a kind of envy and embarrassment! I can stand up and look at it, and it is true that it is the style, the instrumentation, it can be a talented person!

But while watching them, my heart is another kind of saying that I can’t say it, whims it! The candidates on the stage are wearing gorgeous costumes, and they are dancing and dancing. In my opinion, they seem to be jumped on the stage. When my mind, I have a shame and helplessness that they showed them in their physical examination. The more I thought I didn’t think it. At this time, when they set the protagonist, and I? I have already sang my protagonist before 6 days!

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