Gansu City, July, Huangsha Wanli.

Yuanjiabao, half of the city, was baked by the sunset, and gathered in the panorama, camel, and horses gathered on weekdays.

Say quietly.

Fort-top Gangtou, at this time, standing two green women, focused on the distance.

“You will be able to break out this time?” Beautiful woman wearing a dark green dress, a young woman in a light green dress, “Yafang, what do you think?”

The young woman in the light green skirt is also beautiful, and there is two points of demon and 姣: “Mei Shan, as long as you find the brother, the people surrounded by the fortress will be gone …”

She said that the sound is a bit whim: “Otherwise, the fort can only rely on the second uncle and our four women!”

Just then, a little black spot appeared in the distance.

That is a horse, and I am a person, a dead person with a buttock.

Ma knows the old road, running back to the past!

“It is Yuan Fu!” The young woman called Yafang lost his voice.

“Openburge!” Mi Shan also a little treasure.

The horse ran into the fort, Mei Shan jumped from the court, and he was half-footed in the half-air, and he hit a stable and steady.

Several of the gustwear, the family, the family, the dead body, the dead body, is binding in the saddles. He is Yuan Fu. He is in the middle of the arrow, and after death, give people a pants, write on the ass ‘Escape the dead’ four black words.

Meishan is facing face, lests to see male’s moat: “Help Yuan Fu wear back pants, prepare for coffin!”

The corner of the fort, has stopped ten places, that said that ten people have been dead!

Yaxfang also came down from the job at this time, she took a happily.

“Iron Second Uncle!” Mei Shan called: “Forty-eighth mouth, there are ten sacrifices, called three girls and your wife!”

“Mei Shan Dado, these mysterious people come? We also have their faces to see so many people, I can’t die, I am, Yuan Tie, take people tonight, Soso this hidden!”

“No, no male in the second uncle, if the other party is in the dark,” Mei Shan bite a small mouth, “Master and Justang Gang have darts from Beijing, this group of people touch Yuan Home fort, this … must have a conspiracy! “

“Don’t be a way to stay!” There was a girl in the distance. She is Yuan Gang’s sister Yuan Ling, accompanying her, Yuan Tie’s wife Lin Keer.

Yuan Jigang has a wife and one, the wife is the big daughter of the golden knife door, and the is the nine palace sent the sigma.

However, the two women did not have a born.

Yuanjiabao is eaten in the black and white road in Hebei, so I have a bodyguard for people, earn a few hundred and two silver every trip, and arrange the road and commerce to arrange the water and accommodation. As a result, the family is getting worse.

The sky begins to secretly, and the fort is hanging on the lantern.

“Improve the enemy night attack, all people in the fort is divided into two classes, one-on-day defense, one class is patrolling!” Meishan commanded: “Tonight, it will be taken by me and the three girls and second uncle first. Value!”

Ten people cruise nearly 10,000 feet of fortress, since it is not enough, fortunately, there are ten high walls around, and it can be dealt with.

Soon, it is already more.

Outside the fort, there is a black man plus close, his lightness is very high, and the black towel is on the face, only two eyeballs.

“Yuan Fu, if he didn’t say big words, it was …” The black man climbed to the wall of the fortress, he looked up, this is the back of Yuanjiabao, which seems to be the weak.

The black man is pushing, the loess wall is concave and has a deep-in-depression, he is on this lapse, and the phone will be on the wall.

There are two Forts, there are two forts in the dozing, the black man quietly squatted, he looked around, to a loess house, it is Liang Yafang’s room!

The black man gently pushed the wooden window and jumped!

“Who?” Although Avon is tired, but the people who are martial arts, the reaction is particularly agile, she pulled out from the bottom of the pillow, the long sword took out, followed by a trick ‘Liuhe eight-party’, sword light, the solar pit cover her sleep .

If the black man is in a house, it will pounce toward the earth. Some places in the north are not sleeping on the wooden bed, the beds caused by sleeping soaks.

But after the black man pops into the room, it is a jump, stuck and stands, and the breathing is placed.

Yafang has always waving the sword, followed by the left hand to take a fire to light the candle.

The black man sees her swords and slows. After their eyes are used to the dark environment, they are sinking, and they will pounce towards the pot.

He left the palm of the eye, a trick ‘Xi Shi yak’, hit the Avon’s hands of the sword!

Yafang raised his hand, the chest is open, the black man is right, a grip, just pinching the Avian a flexible breast!

“You …” She only wore a thin underwear, although his rough big hand could not hold her tits, but a twisted, still twisted her grandmother!

“You … 噢 …” Yafang counter a sword, I want to cut the right hand of the black dress, although she knows the bed, but the people who have been non-husband twist the tits or the first time, this trick ‘jade woman wearing a needle “is a nine palace school The most poisonous sword trick, it seems that Yafon wants to be desperate!

However, there is a ‘破 绽’, which is an armpit, and the acupoint road under the opposite of the enemy will be counternormally!

Yafang thought that this trick can kill the enemy, but I can’t think of the black man, but I know the weakness of this sword!

He left his hand and double finger, on the fall of her armpit, Yaxiang’s right hand and a mang, ‘When’, the long sword dropped, the black man left hand, put her dumb and the pockets!

Yaxf thought about three tricks and was subject to people, she was soft, and the black man hugged her! Yafang is shameful and angry, tears will come out.

“Yuan Gang is waiting for you, it is a waste. Now, people will come to the whole big fort, how can I have to give you this little beauty!” The black man put her onto the pit, followed her. clothing!

Yafon is like a white lamb, she can’t undetect, and I can’t make it, only tears DC!

Black people, masked black towels take off, show full of mouth, he looks not enough, but the appearance is embarrassed, old!

Although Avon blurred, but the moonlight entered the house, her face exposed a look!

The big man shot on her body, first is the flat belly, and then the wool is sparse.

“Such a beautiful hole, just gave Yuan just opened!” His middle finger stretched, inserted into the meat hole! “

Yafang exposed a painful look, she was dry, although it is a root finger, but the rudeness, but she felt pain!

“You have an obscene stream for Yuan Gang, and it will not be?” The big man rudely opened her thigh: “I use the beard to hit you!”

He lowered his head, his mouth touched the pink, fresh 牝户, he looked with his mouth, bearded, and the body of Yafang bombed.

She has stopped tears, at this moment, it is fear of face!

The black man pulls the trousers, revealing a purple meat stick, that thing is half-hard, but there is more than 5 inch!

“This stick can make you die!”

He deliberately squatted onto the pit, put the thing on her powder face!

Yafang is eyebrow, closed his eyes, her face is twitching!

The black man has two rips, and the stick head has touched her mouth, nose, eyes, amount …

He suddenly pressed up in Ya Fang!

She prepares to endure the pain of ‘torn lung’! But the black man is just open, biting her fine grain and slightly touched! His bite, not really hard, just taste with his mouth and teeth, and use his tongue to 舐, go …

When the black man was stirred like this, the teat quickly raised hard, and Yafang is cold sweat, which seems to be very hard.

His meat stick is in her belly, it has become hard.

However, he has not yet there is a meaning of Taoyuan.

He loves to play two bans with her boy!

Avon’s milk is not big, this may be the original reason for her self-caravan, but the elasticity is full.

When she thought he was just milk, the black man underwent, the meat stick was inserted into the 牝 牝 起 牝!

However, can’t call, the black man has been withstanded quickly …

Yaxi only tears!

Just then, the window of the room jumped into a black man!

虬髯 虬髯 想 回, but it is already a step later, the blackman’s martial arts is very high, and he will hold him in one hand, and the Han is inserted from Yafang.

“Big Brother …” 虬髯 touches the cheek.

“You stay this, let people see your bottom!” Black people right palm, just to shoot Yafang head!

“Big Brother, do you want me to plan?” 虬髯 虬髯 回 回.

“It is rolled with her rolls!” The black man pulled it, the cover is in the naked in Avon.

虬髯 虬髯 快 手 将 被 被 被 被 被 被 被 被 被 被 被 被 被 被 一 一 一 一 一 一

“Who?” Yuantan’s snoring, followed by her, with seven, eight fortfly.

“The other party touchs the fort!” Mei Shan’s eye, she passed: “Monolling!”

‘When you. ‘锣 响, only people in the fort is awake.

Yuan Tie, Yuan Ling brothers sisters, the sword is so fast: “Is Yaxian’s scorpion?”

Meishan chased the wall, but the black man is in the Han Han holding Yaxi, and the foot is not slow, and several landing has jumped out of the past.

Branty wants to put the arrow “Don’t! Yafang gave people!” Musashi drunk.

In Yuanjia, in addition to Yuan Gang and his heart Yuan Tian Zheng, the daughter of the golden knife door is the highest!

She launched a light power and turned over the margin!

However, the blackman and the kung fu were obviously more on the Musashi. After hundreds of steps, the Musashi has been thrown, and it is not in the dark.

Meishan saw that he left Benbao has been half a long, and he dare not chase again.

At this time, Yuan Tie, Yuan Ling, etc. have been arrived: “Daxie!”

“Don’t chase it!” Mei Shan cried out: “This sacrifice, … Yafang … not I don’t want to save you, but …”

Yuan Tie, Yuan Ling, etc. also tears.

Dawn is outward after four.

Yuan Jiashu is sitting in the Yaxian, seeing her clothes on the pit!

“This group seems to be insulted us, Yuan Fuguang is on the butt, and Yafang is taking off the clothes …”

Although Yuan Ling only had a seventeenth year, but he has already understood a person. She hit a cold: “I … just die … don’t give them stripping …”

“There are a few pigeons in the fort, gave the Gang’s brothers, hope … He is coming to the letter, there is a pigeon at least to find him!”

Meishan muttered.

Among the Fort, there are several obvious afraid, they are hiding in the dark.

Yuan Ling is tired in the middle of the night, and it can’t support it.

“How many people on the wall?” Meishan looked at Yuan Tie.

“Come around, more than ten people go to sleep!” Yuan Tie’s wife Lin Keer sent breakfast at this time: “The big, cake’s wheat is only ten days, if you don’t break around, you will be broken!”

Breakfast is wheat porridge, steamed bread and sauce.

Meishan took a little, and rushed to the head of the Gangdang Building, the sun, the beginning of Huangsha, the enemy came.

Meishan is four years old this year, she is a distortion of everyone, but she has experienced her father, and this wealthy experience is the first time. “How many people are surrounded by Yuanjiabao?”

“What method they use, drive away all the merchants?”

At this time, there is a bit of wind blowing, and the beautiful swear is on the wall. I don’t know if I fall asleep …

“Someone! Someone!” I don’t know how long it took, Mei Shan woke up.

There is a black shadow climbing, climbing to Yuanjiabao.

The black tone climbs extremely slow, half of the fort!

“Give me a horse!” Meishan woke up: “I am going to see!”

“Daxie, I will accompany you!” Yuan I called.

Two horses rushed out of Yuanjiabao.

In a moment, the horse has run!

“That is a woman!” Yuan Tiera hung horses: “Is it Yafang?”

“Yafang!” Mushan rushed to the horse.

Yafang is naked, the snowy body is purple and red, and the lower body is squatting, and the two milk will be turned.

She is chaos, covering half of the face.

Meishan raised her, and made her hair for her.

Yaxian double eyelid, no answer, the corner of the eye has tears.

Yuan I didn’t dare to see it.

Meishan took off the coat, and put on Yafang: “Sister, you have worked hard, you answer me!”

Yaff is just crying.

“Daxie, Xiaoyu Jing, go back to the past!” Yuan Ing twisted.

Two rides, three people returned to the fort!

Yax is still refused to open, just a person hiding in the room.

“Xiao Yan humiliates, broken brains, refuses to talk!” Yuan Ling tells the news of the news: “Cook some good things to her!”

The upper and lower moods are very heavy.


Yafaw is still in the room.

Mei Shan called Yuan Tie, Yuan Ling and Lin Keer.

“Staying in the past, not a way!” Meishan calmly said: “The enemy is dark, we are in the might, they have a goal, they are very easy to consume us!”

“I think … It’s better to give up the fortress, separate three roads, walk to Beijing, I hope I can catch up with Jogong.”

“Fort is a dead, even if it is destroyed to the enemy, we can also rebuild, but people give it, yin, they can not add!”

Yuan Tie lost his voice: “The base of the decades will give up this way? Is there a crazy little squat?”

“I thought, we have nearly 50 people, divided into three shares, one full of Fa Bao, a family, one by you and three girls, etc., I will bring Yafang!”

Meishan is very determined: “I ignored what the base industry, in case the enemy comes in tonight, what should I do if I raped three girls?”

Yuan Tie is: “Okay, big!”

“Tonight, we don’t keep the outside, gather everyone to the big house, and you will go!” Meishan seems to have a bamboo!

When Yuan Tie arranged a car horse, Meishan came to Yaxian’s room.

Yafang is still lying on the pit and facing the inner wall.

“Sister, tomorrow afternoon, we decided to break through, I took you to the south, back to Sichuan Jiuguan.”

Meishan is gentle: “The enemy thought that we walked in Beijing, I will not be in the east, go south!”

“Sister, you sleep, I will call you!” Meishan finished, touch her shoulder, and smashed her breast …

When I walked in Meis, Avon bounced from the bed, she found a paper pen, wrote some words, followed by the window.

People in the fort is busy cleaning, no one cares her, Yaxiu is very agile, she found the bow and arrow, flashing to the fort, she tied paper on the arrow, and dig out a capped bean object in the yin Also tied to the arrow.

The bean object made a ‘呜呜’ insect called, there are other insects on the desert, she is full of jumps, no one around!

She looked at the distant, tied to Tianli bow, and the arrow shot into the dark afar.

Yafang laughed, throwing a bow and arrow, I want to go to the house.

“You have no problem with your spirit?” A cold voice sounded, followed, more than a dozen guns, the knife approached.

“Putting the Internet!” Mei Shanjiao: “Sheng this mother!”

Yaxfang wants to escape, but a big rope net cover, “Oh!” She was covered with her ear, and she called out!

“Who are you?” Mei Shan’s sword shook, pointing her online!

“I won’t say, anyway, you will die, there are people who have revenge for me!” Yafang opened, but the accent was not like Yafang, she suddenly bite gum!

“Not good, her mouth contains toxic medicine!” Mei Shan hurried out two fingers, I want to dig her throat, but it is slow!

‘Yaxian’s mouth flows out of purple black blood, immerses!

“Daxie, her …” Yuan Tiehe Yuan Ling was scared!

“She is not your Yaxian Xiaowei!” Meishan dials: “When I saved her, seeing her nipples was bigger than Yafang, the color is a deep-painted, there is already suspicious, she is the enemy of the fort. Message! “

Meishan explored on the dead corpse, followed by a pull, a person skin mask was pulled down, and it was another side hole!

That is a fourth, five-year-old young woman, looks quite clear.

“Who recognizes her?” Mercanthus licked his body!

No one answered.

“Her body is similar to Yaxiang, but also wearing a human skin mask, but … Yadon, she … did not raise, the nipple is bright red, but she …” Musashi picks the female corpse Corsage with sword: “Look , It has changed color, it is a birth year! “

“I just have a flaw, I know that she is stun!”

“This woman is very hard, but the news sent out … is fake, this is beneficial us!”

“Daxie, we burn the body of this mother, and the brothers who die in the home are not good.” Yuan Tie was big. “No!” Mei Shan played the mask: “Do this, first make a gypsum mode on the true people, then stickers to the plaster mold … This woman is a personal, we dig deep hole, take her Buried, people outside the Bapto, can never find her! “

She also looked at the twitch of dead corpse faces: “This is wrapped in the wax in the teeth, bites the wax pill while accidentally, swallow the frost is dead …”

“She is decentralized … I will rely on this … Obviously and Yuanjiabao have a very deep hatred … but … why didn’t Brother I mentioned with me?”

Inserted on the sand,, 呜 ‘is ringing, after a while, a gray big man crawling near, pulling the arrows in one hand.

After a sand dune, there is a horse, a horse, a horse?

Outside Yuanjiabao, there is seven, eight sheepskin books.

The gray clothes took out the arrow, put into the account, three big men in the account, one of them, one is thin, and one is to stay with the mountain sheep.

“The sister has news!” The big man is very excited.

The thin man spreads the paper on the arrow, and looked at it again: “Qian Meishan wants to break around in the South!”

“Big Brother!” Goat’s middle-aged Han took later: “There are not many people in the fort, why don’t we touch it in this time, kill them?”

“No! We played with Qian Mushan, maybe it’s flat, but other feet will have death!”

Dirty Han is sinking: “Our purpose is to surround them, see one, eat one. Catch one, rape, this is a 10-year hate!”

“They have to live in the South …” The thin man went to the side, there was a sheepskin map: “We just intercepted when they went to the middle of the desert!”

“Big Brother!” Goat must be a bit uncomfortable: “Before playing, it is going to fight, why do we have more than 100 people not attacked Yuanjiabao?”

“Old second, in addition to us, there are three people, and the old three sisters can jump outside the ten feet high, other brothers can’t! There are bows in the fort, to attack, at least four, 50 people casualties In this way, the power of my Ma Gui will weaken! In flat, one, one, twenty casualties, this is! “

虬髯 大汉 插: “The sorghum Yafang gives me medicine, I am going to be happy this moment! The Yuanjia’s virgin is ready to give the big brother to the big brother, it is good! Second brother … can rape Yuan Tie’s wife Child, this is called everyone! Ha … “

The sorghum is all inherent, like a ‘big’ shaped, tied to Zhangkutai, her mouth plugs, I am afraid that she bite suicide!

Wooden table and people are placed in the tabllet of the Han Dynasty.

Sorghum Yafang is angry, his face is red.

“Tang Tang Tie Palace, I can’t think of being planted in my hand?” 乩髯 乩髯 took a small porcelain bottle from his arms.

“Last night, I made your face, didn’t have you …” He pinched his tits in one hand: “Now, I want you to make a slutty baby!”

The look of panic fear on his face, she hit her head.

Yan Han poured out several small pellets from the bottle: “This” sounds “, the woman eats the prostitute, I will give you a double!”

He opened the bottle plug, poured a few capsules, followed the mouth of the mouth that flying, pinch her nose.

“Hey … wow …” Yaxou breathed a bitter, the pill was falling!

“Ha …” 虬髯 虬髯 狂: “Liang Yafang, after a time, if I don’t give you medicine, you will not survive, you can’t die!”

Yadon tears like spring: “Dog thief … Dog …” She wants to chew suicide, only feel that the gum is numb, she wants to be, but the tongue is a bit unclear.

“The monk!” 虬髯 虬髯 虬髯 摸 白 白 白 白 白: “Yuanjiabao earned silver, which is buried in the fort!”

“I … don’t … know … traitor …” Avon touched.

“You don’t say it? When you are itchy, you will talk, ha … ha …”

His hand continued to touch, the fingers finally met the 牝 牝 起 起!

“Oh … you … Yeah …” Yafang sore, the fingers of the Han Han reached into the ‘crack’, he was laughing.

“Xiao Shi, when you don’t put me in the eyes, greed Yuan Gang, I would rather do it?”

乩髯 乩髯 狞 laugh: “Although I will give you a nine palace, today … ha … still can occupy you!”

He said that it was like mad, pulling it down, revealing the strong muscles, and the purple meat stick!

“Little teacher, is Yuan Gang, is there any strength? He wins in white and no need!” He strongly twisted her breast.

“I want to share you forever!”

“My husld … must kill … kill you this thief …” Yafang can’t struggle!

“Ha … ha … Yuan Gang? He?”

Yaxou lost voice: “You … you … even he harm?”

“Yes! This time we use the horizontal hand, Too Yuan Tian Zhengsheng, the dart, the end of the gunpowder, the iron beads!”

“In the halfway, I sent people in the narrow valley robbery, with sand, the wooden pillar blocked the mouth, Yuan Jiabao, must be surrounded by the dart, our people shot the rocket, point the dart car, trigger The gunpowder in the car, the iron beads fried … Ha … Yuan Tianzheng father and son, must be fried into a meat sauce! “

Yafang almost fainted: “Yuan … Camel … Do you have you?”

“Ten years ago, Yuan Tian is walking, helping the golden knife door, repelting my big brother of Ma Guoji. At that time, Yuan Tianzheng was only playing the Horses, this ten years of hatred, Ma Laoda left to Today, To annihilate Yuan Jiajia! “

He is a low head in Han Han, and it is pressed with Liang Yafang, and he can’t live to her powder face, and kiss his mouth. Liang Yafang only felt that the pinear itchy, she opened his mouth, let the desert tongue reached into her oral agitation.

“You, you will become a doll! Ha … ha …” The Beard of the Han Han scraped her powder, followed him, and the head was in her breast, he opened again Biting and sipping, making her nipple red and hard!

“Hey … … ah … ah …”

Yaxou Tiblus: “You … ah … ah …”

“You have changed the eater, isn’t it?” Han Han attacked her hair.

Yafang double-eyed cheeks are red, she is reluctant to nod!

“You don’t want to say ‘I am a kinky, I will break your hand and the beef tendon, say?” The Beard of the Han also stabbed her chest.

Yafang seems to have not controlled himself: “Ah … I can’t stand … I … I am a kinky!”

“Ha … ha …” 虬髯 虬髯: “You want my meat stick, you waves, you are … Ha …”

When his hand came to the wood platform, he had a dagger. He took a knife and tie the rope of Jahifang’s foot. She grabbed his back ridge with her hands: “Ah … good people … come … I Yes…”

乩髯 乩髯 throws the dagger to the ground: “Ha … Jiurong sent a woman, come, taste my meat stick!”

Yafang kinened him, two people rolled up from the stage, the ground was soft sand, she wrapped him like a snake, and she couldn’t hold his back ridge.

“Come, kneel down, give me!” Han Han stood up, he has been half hard! “

Yafang seems to be gods, she is very fast, she is in his feet, holding his own things in his mouth.

“Hey … 噢 …” Han Han vigorously pressed her head, excited to extreme!

“Hey, oh!” Yafang blows hard, and the saliva flows from her mouth.

“Ha … Jiushan woman …” He smiled: “You learn the mother’s dog on the ground, let’s take a brutal to learn dogs, fast!” Followed by Avon.

She obediently squatted on the ground, tall raised his white and round little butt.

乩髯 乩髯 跪 behind her, hard work.

“Hey … …” Yafang crawled up, but his ass will go back, and he smoked hundreds of times.

“Ha … ha … bitch, just a little!” He took the palm of her butt: “Climb!”

“Hey … …” Yafang was awkward, she climbed half of the circle: “Good brother, are you on the side?”

“Remember to cover the sky? Ha … ha …”

He pushed her, and Yafang lied down his day, he went up.

She raised his ass, and his hands were arbitrarily grabbed his back.

“Call, call it big!” After he took a few hundred, it seems that Yafang called the bed sound too low: “Surprise, let the turtles hear the interest of my Liang Guang, you have made a turtle Husband is far from me! “

“Yeah … Yeah … Dead … … …” Avon hair is stunned, the amount of sweat, she is trembled, “too big … …”

乩髯 乩髯 has inserted four or five hundred: “Xiaoyudu, eat this spring medicine, a man, a man is not enough, wait for a while, I will be lost, then call me to comfort you!” “

He seems to have been alive, the sound is rushing! Yaxiu eyebrows, just a gasping.

Men’s weakness is the moment before ejaculation, and the Han Diangong, that is, it is already strong!

He is in hot, ‘melee’, is already a rain, at this time, it is more like crazy!

At this time, Avon’s hand touched the Dagger near the Han!

“Yeah … I have to be lost!” The 乩髯 乩髯 起, then, at this time, Yaxou’s right hand holds a dagger, and he is stabbed to him!

“Yeah … Yeah …” Han Han’s blood column shot, he can’t think of dreaming, Yaxiu is going to welcome it, it is to give him a fatal blow!

The dagger only has the handle to reveal, and Ya Ava took the knife and then took the knife.

“光 … you … was deceived … Pharmacuation … I haven’t sent it … I … I have been humiliated … I don’t want to live!”

She rolls!

The eyes of the Han Dynasty were wide, and he was overflow on the ground, and it was twitching a few times!

At this time, Yafang hit the dagger: “Fu Jun, I am coming!” Followed by one, the knife tip is inserted into the heart from the octave! “

After half an hour, Ma Gui knew that Avon and the embarrassment of the pairs!

“It’s a woman’s misunderstanding, now, there is no place for the forced exit! Mom!” He shouted his hands, and the wooden table of the account was twice!

“Now, only the three sisters who have been mixed into Yuanjiabao, we must plan to intercept the money to break around!”

He is rushing: “Two dogs men and women are buryed!”

On the other hand, the atmosphere in Yuanjiabao is also very dignified.

“They catch Yafang, must use the down-to-flow resort, want to forced the branger in the past years!” Meishan and Yuan Tie, Yuan Lingshi.

“There are thousands of gold in the fort in the past years, more than 5,000 silver, we can’t bring breakout!”

Meishan is very serious: “It is not easy to walk with gold and silver, easy to catch enemies!”

“Daxie, what do you do?” Yuan Tiene: “Stay in the fort, must be giving the enemy!”

“There is no gold and silver, it is difficult to revive Yuanjiabao!” Yuan Lingjun.

“This I also thought!” Meishan stood up: “I want to dig gold and silver from the buried place, buried into a place that is not paying attention, and burn Yuanjiabao before, let the enemy can’t touch the enemy The mind! “” Dad! “

“There is gold and silver, it is not difficult to rebuild, even silver is lost, and it is difficult to revitalize Yuanjiabao!”

“That, gold and silver is buried there!” Yuan Ling asked.

“This … buried it in the big pool of the toilet!” Qian Meishan said whisper: “No one will be in the abuse!”

“Good!” Yuan Die nodded.

“We take the gold and silver, partially divided into all people, and throw it in the septic tank!”

Mei Shan resolutely said: “I don’t know if the enemy will hit the night. Before the black, we must complete it. When we are Xiaoming, we break around!”

Seven, five in August, five.

Everyone in Yuanjiabao has been packed.

“The enemy is currently, we decided to take two ways!” Meishan said to everyone in the fort.

“Everyone is dressed as a man, and most of the Fort Ding is led by the housekeeper, go to the South Road, to the Jiucong Mountain.”

“And I and Yuan Tie, Yuan Ling, Lin Keer followed behind …” Mei Shan’s eyes is slightly wet: “In short, it is … Come back to kill the enemy! “

Only just horses in the fort, camels are equipped with saddle.

When the sun did not rise, the two batch of people were separated from the castle, and there were several gods in the fort, and they were ready to set fire at the sun!

“Let’s take a burn, you don’t have to go south, go north to the West!” Meishan handed over the instructions.

“Yuan Ling, this is the enemy’s imitation of the people’s face, you wear her or can kill the enemy!” Mei Shan has only 10 people, and I will go to the east.

Sun rise!

Burning in the fort, the black smoke smoke.

“The owner, Yuanjiabao’s people breakout!”

Ma Guoji’s hand report: “To the south of our party, it has already gone more than ten miles, it is close to our ambush, but there is a small, go east, this group of people is faster, have already left廿 里, 起 内! “

Ma Guoji stayed: “There are two people who break around?”

“Does the three sisters in the mixed castle have any messages?”


“Do you have information on time and place?” Ma Guoi Shen Yao: “When she departs, she is hidden in the yin, she only uses a piece of shell.” If there is a honeybee insect, it will be mating after the eggs, injecting this result, the larvae eats the flesh to give birth, after generating the worms, after ten days, shells, this kind of insects in the shell Before, it is very interestful, and the sound is very special.

Ma Guoi roar: “There may be something changing!” His cyan faces were more blue, he looked at the goat beard: “Hu San Province, we use the best horse, the best brothers in the village, the best brothers to flee the east Some!”

This group of people turned out, soon ended.

“I and Hu 2nd, Yuanjiabao’s death!” Ma Gui, told him: “The remaining thirty brothers opened Yuanjiabao to search for gold and silver, and they came back to Jin Ji!”

“Yuanjiabao fled to the south escape. When we were exported to the desert, we met our ambush, forgive them to escape a few, and many bow arrows, we chase the part of the land!”

Dozens riding a fast horse ‘Boom’ to chase.

There is a chasing troops in the desert. It is easy to find that Qianmeishan will quickly see the yellow dust behind it.

“Heaven, hope to chase some other freighters.” She secretly prayed, as long as they kill them, people who chasing Yumen can take insidious people!

She pulled the horse head. “Catch the at least five, sixty people, more we are several times, go!”

The horse rushed to half, suddenly there was a horse, and rolling it!

“Too hot, this horse heatstroke!”

Meishan went to the high-rise Dunes to see: “While we lead to a time, the horse is weak … Their horses are fast, but after the sun comes out, I will not eat.”

The castry of the dead horse was amazed: “What do we do?”

Yuan Tie has also stopped: “Dad, I intercepted them here, you took my wife, my sister first!”

“No!” Qian Yishan is very calm: “On the martial arts, I am the highest, in order to save Yuanjia, Second Uncle is walking, I am ambush here with other Forts!”

She pointed to her finger: “There is a hill here, arrange the arrow after the sand, at least more than ten people, you bring four horses, turn around, ride, the sky can rush to Yumen, there is Yuanjiabao Open shop, some people care … he saw your big brother … just asked him … Do not read me! “

Qian Meishan said that the nose is sour!

“Well!” Yuan Die nodded: “Come, sister, let us go!”

Three people have seven horses, and I want to cross the desert.

Qian Meishan is in the sand dunes, the commandburg is in the bow, and her sweat has wets the clothes. She is sitting in the dark, the past is like smoke …

“Meishan, Yuan Lao Hero saved our golden knife door, I decided to make you a big master, Yuan Gang,” “

“Auntie, I even have never seen anything!”

“Marriage is the life of parents, the media of the media …”

Just as Qian Meishan wanted to enter the gods, suddenly there was a fortress called her: “Big milk, the enemy is coming!”

Ma Guoji is less than half of the nun.

“Zhaizhu, in front of a mound!” A strong man, pointing: “! Just now, Yuan Jiabao to escape, seem here Chu interest” Ma Guoji looked at the sky: “afternoon licensing hours, the sun is the most poisonous, continue to chase horses will hurt, to walk an hour will consume energy all day … “he pointed to the mound:”? Shozo, guess Yuan Jiabao will ambush us on the mound. “

“Ma Brother, if by the art of war, in a mound to wait at Plaza, ambush the most advantageous, however, they had about ten people, moreover, Baoding is not slain, this may not eat out of us!”

“If we come out to bypass the mound, to lure them, you see how?” Ma Guoji looked Hu in Three.

“Horse Thief do, of course, insist forcing, we separate two-way, roundabout past, but the front also can make them by surprise!” Hu Province, three goats to be touched.

“Well, you enter from the west, I’ll detour to the back.” Makou group looked at the mound: “I believe the ambush to stay, very much have three or five!”

Two points about men spread out!

“Great Shaonai, look like the enemy, all the way toward the mound, the other way want to bypass the mound east chase!” Volts in Baoding height told Meishan.

“Why chase hot weather, they catch up a half hour, did not ease the willing.” Meishan thought: “This group of people is not outflank wily … from the mound after it?”

She stood up, the enemy has a few inches outside the ruler.

“We climbed the mound with me behind the high point, not an ambush, ready with an arrow and hidden weapon!”

Meishan decided to sprinkle consumer lineup, she instead focused on the highest point, about the same time broke into enemies within range!

Six or seven Baoding the crossbow, pulled up at the mound, tight fitted arrowheads.

Meishan hand skim some mud, painted face, it looks more like a man!

Whinny from Na, led by Hu three provinces were the first burst into the mound.

“! Do not throw the” Meishan whispered: “When they enter dismounted within the whole mound, only to throw the first round is to shoot people, the second round shoot horses, arrows are shot after the horse!

She thought, as long as the horses are hurt, no one can catch iron and Yuan Yuan Ling of!

Hu Shozo very careful, he just sent five or six into the ride!

Rushed to the people holding a shield: “! Zhaizhu two, inside the mound no way” they roll off the horse quickly looked at the four corners!

Hu province three dozen rides then stormed.

“Yuan Jiabao could stay in this moment, when the hard drive into the Pass!”

“Ha … ha … after our ambush in the valley before the Pass of people, pick up the Tengen Yuan and his son, coincided with the lack of people tired horse Yuanjiazao wife, Now, something they laughed!”

“Listen Zhaizhu said Yuan Yuan Ling Tengen’s daughter was a virgin too, which might benefit Xu three of them, can Kaibao Yeah! Ha … ha …”

Horse Thief speak as top Anchorage, Meishan money spent to stay, she secretly looked out, rolling down the rustlers are horses, there are lying there lying at rest, drink plenty of water.

“Fight!” She made a sword.

“Speed! Speed!” A dozen sound, Yuan Jiabao Baoding stood up, Horse Thief shot towards the dozen arrows.

“Ouch!” In the screams, five, six arrows, but also three horses, four arrows.

“There ambush!” Hu Province three shouted: “Yuan Jiabao mound in the top of people, give me careful!”

He single-handedly pulled out, flashed down the mound.

At this point, Meishan feet a little, and from the mound jump, her sword piercing the head of Juan Province, three in the air!

Juan Province, three skill is not slow, a move he ‘lazy Lvda Gun’, quickly roll up a visit.

Bandit does have to finish the long march, to Meishan among his sword cut open.

Meishan deliberately hard, also can not escape Hu three provinces, her second measure ‘cross pick Yuhe’, which is Jindao Men’s desperate play, it could have been a knife, but only Meishan perform this trick with a sword, the power also ninety percent!

Juan Province, three roll again, he raised dust on.

Meishan not allow him to bounce, third measure ‘flexor foot hit the snake’, long sword watery splash down.

Hu martial arts in this province less than three Meishan, he was there rolling, it seemed to be naked.

Just then, they heard screams kept on sand dunes, it is routed to the rear from Ma Guoji people, Yuan Jiabao Baoding and brigands of engagement, a moment casualties have been exhausted.

Ma Guoji dog eat dog, with his palm on the sand dunes of meat, we have killed the three Baoding.

The rest, gave Bandit long looting, stabbed to death by the ax!

In the dunes, now only one person Meishan money!

She wants confrontation, is more than thirty brigands.

Her ambush, although more than a dozen enemy killed, seven injured, eighty-four Ma, but Ma Guoji aspects, could have been fifty people!

“I want to kill this, then won the horse out of the heavy storm!” Money Meishan standing idea, then hit a trick ‘Chuang Tzu split coffin’.

“Brother save me!” On Hu Province, three are sandy beard, his screaming …

Ma Guoji jump from the mound of soil, shot three handle knife in the air!

Money Meishan hear the wind behind her body Yi Deng, Hu kick province will be three, and then he hug, followed by a rapid back side of the block!

“Wave, wave!” Three knife handle, two handle did not have the spine Hu Shozo.

Juan Province, three screams twice, the first one down, immediately gave up the ghost!

However, some money sealed in Meishan edged knife grazed his left arm, to draw a blood mouth!

“Are you Yuan iron? Kung fu is pretty good?” Ma Guoji a bar, stopped in front of men wearing money Meishan!

“Unfortunately, today was going to die in here, your wife and sister, and that sister do?”

Meishan money is men’s dress, the surface is sand and dirt, so Ma Guoji could not recognize her!

Meishan could not answer, for fear of a loud, it was the other recognized identity!

Ma Guoji did not answer, under the anger, took three palms, hike, neck, and abdomen.

Qian Meishi saw him without having to be a panan, dare to use the meat to his long sword, martial arts is very high!

“You can’t make the knife method of the golden knife door, otherwise the other party will recognize himself …”

She is thinking: “I can grind it here for a while, second uncle and Yuan Ling can go far!”

She danced a sword to protect the whole body.

Ma Guiji is also in the heart: “This kid may be Yuan Tie. He wants to be wrapped with me, so waiting for several women!”

He is fighting.

“Hey, Yuan Tie, sweat, you will not be strong!” Ma Guiji Shen Sheng: “Every brother is on the horse, there are several women in front, and they are chasing it is yours!”

“The owner, what about you?” The horses were on a disappearance.

“Leave four people and five horses, other, chase!” Ma Gui went around Qian Yishan.

“To kill a few hover, otherwise the pressure of the second uncle is bigger!” Meishan suddenly jumped, swaying the ‘Changhong Ji’hi in half air, straight to watching the lively thief!

“唷!” Standing in the front row, there are three, four abdomen swords, intestines flow, and dead.

Standing later, hurriedly lifting a knife, gun, thorn, and smashing.

Ma Guoi saw the big dew behind Meishan, pushing twilight, ‘Hey! ‘Hit the beautiful Sishan!

“Wow”, Meishan spit out a blood!

“This is hurt!” Ma Guoji drink: “Tang Yuan, the tribute people chase, here is given to me!”

The horses were surnamed Tang name, hurried to the horse, and left Xiaoqiu.

Qian Mei Shan has flowed too much sweat, and he took a palm, and it was more than half in the body.

“It is necessary to win the horse to break … Into the head … Second, uncle will be able to live …” Although she has a palm, immediately stabbed four strokes, afraid of Ma Guoi to approach.

The four thieves left out of the hidden, and the bow is bows.

“No! Yuan’s person, leave me to deal with it!” Ma Guoi drunk.

He saw the hand of Mei Shan, began to shake, knowing that the opponent’s breath, suddenly the palm is grabbing, directly grab the beautiful watch!

Meishan moved the sword, and I wanted to grab the horse in the feet.

Ma Guoi stood in the body, hit the beautiful chest of Meishan before I felt Mei Shan.

Mei Shan’s hands grabbed the horse, the door opened.

“Sand!”, Ma Gui’s right hand like a hook, tearing her chest clothes!

“Hey!” Meishan is delicious, showing a white big talent!

“Is a woman?” The horse’s extensive hand is soft, so that he stays, Mei Shan is injured on the left breast, but she still can jump to the horse, my legs!

That horse is painful, go straight.

The bow and arrows of those thieves, and they have gone to the back of Misi.

She avoided a few arrows, but the lap was flying in the knife.

“Oh!” She was helped, but did not fall.

The horse quickly rushed out! “Go to Yuanjiabao … Turn them …

On the side of Suts, Ma Guoji is a half-rang: “Such a good thing … she … is a daughter of the golden knife door?”

“Boss, do you want to chase?” The four thieves have horses.

Ma Guoji brids: “She rushed to the horse without a water bottle, and I got me, she went to Yuanjiabao, it is a dead road, we chase Yuan Jia’s people, go!”

A few riding towards the east.

Qian Mei Shan thought that the Ma Guo Shui came, so even the horse had a few times, the horse was hunted to Yuan Jiabao, and she was also holding a horse.

Ma Guoji chased half an hour, a few thieves in front of the front.

“Tang Yuan.” He booked: “Do you see Yuan’s people?”

“There is five rides in front!” Tang Yuan pointed to the distance: “We have a lot of time!”

Ma Guoji looks at the sky: “The noon is coming, open the book cover, they can’t escape, give water horses, dusk again!”

In the ten miles, Yuan Iron collar his wife and girl, frequently.

“Daxie did not come … Meng …” Yuan Lingxun tears: “Mus … she …”

Lin Keer also waved: “This group of thieves, I will fight with them!”

Yuan Tie is cold: “Fast, it is best to find big brother.”

They walked half a time, suddenly a horse, Lin Keer’s seat was dead.

“At noon, the sun is too hot, the horse will be exhausted!” Yuan Ling is shocked: “What should I do?”

“This is a desert, how to rest?” Yuan Tiron is full: “After entering the night, rest!”

He jumped down: “Take the horse!”

Three people are more sweating, so it’s hard to get in the evening.

The desert has become extremely cold, Yuan Tieping is used to be a young master, the hand is busy, and there are two horses to go.

“So cold, what should I do?” Yuan Li was trembled.

“Every gang is approaching, hugging each other …”

Yuan Ling is standing hard: “You can’t live, otherwise people know our position!”

Three people are tired and soon will soon be sleepy.

Dawn is coming again.

Yuan Tie pinching his wife’s breasts, the lower body is in her fat, it is gone, and there is hard!

Just then, the thunderous horseshon sounded in the distance.

“The enemy chased it!” Yuan Lingxin woke up.

Ma Guoji dozens of people chasing, and Yuan I will wait for two miles.

Yuan Rie is shocked to faceless: “Only a horse, dead … death!”

Yuan Ling, Lin Keer is blind: “The most war is dead!” They put the sword in hand.

“Sister! There is another horse, there is a person can break around!” Yuan Tie thought half a ring: “You will go!”

He took Yuan Ling, she was forced to sit on the saddle, along with horse ass beat, the horse bolted a pain! Iron Yuan took his wife: “Imagine that we want to be buried here!”

He single-handedly pull out, looking at the distance.

Ma Guoji a ride at the head, he ordered Swagger: “! Not much around two horses, they came up the challenge, they used arrows, grinding to noon, the sun can be scorched them, you do not have to force the enemy.”

“Thirty people left surround, the rest of my chase!” He clip clip girth.

Yuan iron saw more than thirty years riding in the first half of the body to fall, around the set yourself, another four or five ride is far too ran, he Anjiao loudly: “! Oh, sister … want to go a little faster.”

Lim child also Red Eye: “A spirit of martial arts, you might not rival gang, do not give them to catch up!”

Yuan Iron worried: “Their horses faster, Alling horse shortage and lack of food … Well, not half an hour, will catch up!”

He Lala Lin to children: “We are out to kill, hoping to grab two horses …”

He jumped, went on to beat the northeast corner.

“Yang, Yang,” on more than a dozen arrows shot in the past.

Yuan took his wife Wangdishangyi iron roll, avoid arrows, and into the sky, toward the enemy.

Horse Thief is led by a great leader Tang Yuan, Yuan iron he saw approaching, I thought: “We have dozens of people, you do not beat you two?”

While the hero arises spontaneously, Tang Yuan picked up a saber out of a visit: “! Everyone their random knife drawn and quartered.”

Other rustlers also sent out a sword dance.

Yuan iron deliberately hard, avoid him two guns, a move ‘Chuang Tzu split the coffin’ on the two rustlers Kandao.

Lim children martial arts is weak, on the two rustlers tie.

Tang Yuan roared saber dancing, again and again Pichu three or four strokes.

Yuan iron bang, killing three people, but Tang Yuan, adding he would account for less than the upper hand.

“Ouch!” Screams in the distance can children suddenly, that she was shot in the leg, followed by, sword in hand also to Zhenfei.

“Wow, disguised as a man still young!”

Six or seven rustlers surrounded them, the forest will be children’s hands and feet raised up.

“Tetsuro!” Lim child mournful sound whine.

Yuan iron a radical, tactics chaos, Tang Yuan Shen body, saber strokes, “Ouch!” Yuan iron Tongjiao,

His right foot was cut knee! Marked blood column, a broken foot fall.

Yuan Iron pain dizzy, a spear through his body.

Iron Yuan died with his eyes open, before his death, he was also stabbed to death by a horse thieves.

“This woman enjoy your meal!” Horse Thief even a child who can point the forest seven acupuncture points.

Lim child was wrestled in the sand.

“Brother, how wheel method?” If Wang Han can more than twenty children, saliva flow out!

Tang Yuan mouth to swallow Xianmo: “You draw, I … I’ll go first.”

On his big hands on the child’s chest may fall: “You are not called pain, we still do not know you are a woman, Oh, you’re here is not quite small wow!”

He was a tear, she will be torn chest! Two white breast exposed.

His rough hands rough feet twisted a nose to sniff down the cleavage, you can also sticking out his tongue to lick the sweat from his children: “Wow, not salty sweat, incense …”

He suddenly come back: “You stand far, not allowed to peek, or else … cut your ‘bird’, and so all you turtle grandson become a eunuch, look not move!”

Those brigands uproar of laughter, retreated outside of feet.

Lim child’s face has been red to the neck, and her husband is dead, she did not move, naked in front of strangers, she was sad to death!

Tang Yuan hand pull, also even her pants pulled down!

“Oh, do not!” Lim child did not even tears, she looked at the blue sky Zhaoyan: “Oh … do not …”

She begged has reinvigorated Tang Yuan beast, he leans over the head before she played Ben looked at female users: “! So little hair, or pink, smell the smell of urine does not smell of urine.”

He will stick to the surface of the vulva.

Those beard pierce the meat tenderizer on it, as there are within one thousand children may headlong into the female households: “Oh … oh …” She choked back the moans.

“Wow, not impatient, but did point!”

Tang Yuan elongated tongue, pull a stitch on a piece of pink gap: “… but here a little salty beauty Yeah, I’ll go first, otherwise the horse boss come back, we will go no chance of fun!”

He dropped the hand guns and knives, unzips his pants wanted to press down!

“! Good brother” to children suddenly become pleasant, she cast a flirtatious: “Here are the sand, you do not Nunu butt pad under the cloth, if we bring in the sand, put me inside scratched, you brother going to do? “

“Ha … ha …” Tang Yuan nodded his head, stripped off her clothes padded screen share, followed want to spit down on her female households, such as where a little wet, easy to insert themselves!

“! Good brother,” Lim has spoiled child: “Do not hurry, it will be very easy to lose as good as it is, you unlock Nunu acupuncture points, so I have a good time with you … a little …!” She ogle!

“Damn, I was not fooled!” Tang Yuan grinning, he spit saliva, followed on one!

“Oh!” Lim child screams.

His cock into dry place, in-line in the end.

Nor can he manage the forest child’s life and death, hastily pulling up, while pulling, twisting while on her breast.

Lim child pain almost fainted!

At first the number of under ten, the pain she can sing, but later, she did not even moan, only Zhangkaixiaozui gasp!

“Tart, really tight, I clip was so comfortable …” Tang Yuan rattling chaos top: “Your husband’s something I have no strength … hey … too tight?

“Oh … oh … you twisted ass ah … hey … hey … well … no!”

He shriek or two, a surge of heat shot!

Lin Keer immediately resumed awareness, she was trembled: “Is it … I don’t listen to the slave slaves, I didn’t have more than 100 times, I didn’t have a hundred days!” Tang Yuanluo She is tits: “Good beauty, wait for a while, I will feed you again!”

“Hey, wait for a while?” The could be faint: “I have finished the two big men, I will be smashed with you below, can you accompany you … Play?”

Tang Yuan’s eye is turned: “Yes, there are many big people in the past, you must die, good, I don’t allow them to touch you!”

“You can?” The eyeball is turned: “They looked over!”

In the distance, there is someone called: “Dangdao, is there? I am the second sign!”

The Tang Yuan is still immersed in the embarrassment, but it has become soft, he roar: “Mom, what, what, Laozi plug in, at least half of the time, do not steal, go back, etc.! “

He still squats: “Wait, I … I can!”

During the speech, she still pinch her little teap.

Lin Keer’s mouth is one: “Good brother, your fineness is shot into the belly of the slave, and finally the husband, you … Can you solve my cavity?”

Her eyes turned: “I will rely on you later, you explain me, I … can make you hurry to revitalize the sky!”

Tang Yuan, the old, ‘I’m addicted, I wanted to occupy the cockroaccom, he immediately took her back, took it, and unlocked the cave road of Lin Keer.

I have a stretch, she kneelted, and her hands were holding his thigh, looking at him.

The far thief should be peeking, some people scream: “Tang Bao is not used, you have to be a little lady ‘blowing, haha ​​…”

Tang Yuan face is not red, he holds the head: “Well, the original show, I know this set, come!”

I can smell it is a smell, and her eyes turn around, and finally open the small mouth …

“Oh, oh, great!” Tang Yuan vigorously pressed her head and floating.

Her mouth is full, almost his two small eggs are stuffed into the mouth. “Oh …” Her head is more and more.

“Oh … ok … good …” Tang Yuan has forgotten the warning.

Just then, Lin Keer suddenly vigorously vigorously!

“Hey … you … ah … Help … broken … bite …” Tang Yuan woout the lower body, the bloody wine is lost.

Lin Keer bites a little bit, biting his two eggs!

After she hit her hand, I didn’t know if I cried or laughed: “Yuan Tielang Jun, I reported a hatred for you!”

She also guarded her own, with a feet, picking up the horse knife threw in the sand in the sand, followed by a copy, calling: “Go to death!”

She fell by her hand and went to Tang Yuan as two broken.

The nearby horses scared, there are ten ‘rinsing’ people, have been knife, grabbing: “This mother is so worried, it can’t touch!”

“No! Let’s catch her, one person will come once!”

Lin Keer’s mouth is full of blood. She raised her horse knife and wanted to knot her life.

There is a bad horse thief probably wearing her mind, he has a long whip, a volume, others in Wuzhang, whip is just entangled her right hand wrist.

“Take off”, he is drinking, the horse knife on the hand flew out!

Lin Keer’s calf is a shot. It is not necessary to stand firm. She just fights, she is ruthless, killing Tang Yuan. At this time, I really use it, she still stands hard, the body is soft, Inverted in the face.

“Catching her, let’s come!” The horse thief didn’t care about the dead companion, but struggled to peel the pants.

“Circle, everyone …”

Lin Keer’s sorrow is full of half a time, talent corpses, sand dunes.

She gave more than a dozen big man, not as the image of the past, but it is like a river paste!

Yuan Ling played again and kicked, the horse flew in the sand. But the horse is at the same weakness, running halfway, and the footsteps are automatically slowed.

Yuan Lingwang, four, five black points are getting bigger and bigger, see the front side, not far from there is an oasis, there is a team of merchants.

“Help!” Yuan Lingde called, she looked at Oasis: “Where is the thief killed!”

Her name is also broken, but the people in the oasis of the oasis have seem to be indifferent.

“It’s a woman!” A thief laughed next to the Ma Guo base.

“This may be Yuan Tie’s little girl!”

The horse base is sinking: “She seems to see the sea of ​​marks, this woman is not hurt!”

He clipped a horse belly, Ma Fei quickly.

The thief’s horse has been resting overnight, and there is grass to eat, naturally running faster than Yuan Ling’s horse.

Yuan Ling only praised the ‘Oasis’, and he didn’t pay close to the horse county.

Ma Gui suddenly left the horse, the body was in the saddle, and the body was like a big bird.

Yuan Ling is happiness, there is a rose behind, she can pull out the Polytel, and thoroughly!

However, Martial Arts in Ma Guoi also had Yuan Ling, although Yuan Ling has been in Wu for many years, after all, the internal strength is not currently ‘deep.

The Ma Guoji used to refer to the air, a strong wind, straight, Yuan Ling, right arm, this kind of work, Yuan Ling, did not see, she only felt that the right arm was numb, long The sword is off.

Ma Gui played a fight in half air, he pushed his palm and played Yuan Ling’s horse.

This palm made horses straight down, Yuan Ling also fell to the sand.

She was scared to cry.

Ma Guoshi fell, standing in front of her. “Who are you? Why is it to be Yuanjiabao?”

Yuan Ling cried and cried: “You are a bad guy, my brother, my father must not let you, what do you want to do?” Masterki got up and down her eyes: “You are Yuan Tianzheng daughter? Ha …” The fort is a good person, I am a bad person! Good … “

He grabbed his hands, he would lift Yuan Ling, and his finger is connected to her seven, eight acupoints.

“You kill me!” Yuan Ling only had a small mouth or moved, she cried: “Some people have given me a revenge!”

“No!” Ma Guoi laughed: “I want to marry you to be my little wife, I want you to live for four or five children. At that time, how can you revenge?”

Yuan Leadei: “You … you …”

“I am not old, this year, forty, you are just seventeen, eight, marry me, I like Huahua!”

The horse of the horse is a squat, and she picked her back: “You are very light, very fragrant!”

At this time, his hand has already taken the horse to arrive: “Ma big brother, this woman’s baby?”

“She tonight and my cave room, I just thought about it, I have to be addicted by Yuanjia’s people. You see, my bride is beautiful?”

Yuan Ling’s men’s hat is turned off, and a show has been driving, she is ashamed to be red, and the body is not shaking!

“You have been thinking!” She cried again.

Suddenly, the horseshoe sounds in the distance.

It turns out that the oasis is not a sea building, it is true, there are ten rides to rush over there!

Those people quickly arrived.

A leading ride is a hard-working youth.

The face of Ma Guoi has changed.

“Who are you?” Ma twisted.

“I am Wudang disciple Lu Zhong’an!” The youth pulled the horse: “You let’s let this girl, otherwise …”

He raised his hands, and the number of rides came out of the knife sword: “Squeezing Wu Dang disciples are welcome!”

Ma Guoi saw many people, his eyes turned: “Well, give you!”

He will push Yuan Lingqi, followed by Magou: “Let’s go!”

Yuan Ling fell on the sand, full of sand, and Lu Zhongan jumped down at this time, giving her a hole.

Yuan Ling ‘Wow’ cried.

“Girl, I will take you to the oasis to rest for a while, will you tell me?”

Lu Zhong’an glared at Yuan Lingshui.

She is so big, there has never been a boy, Yuan Lingben can earn: “The group is robbed, surrounding me Yuanjiabao Grab …”

“They have been far away!” The surname of Wusang pointed out the pole: “It has always been Yuanjiabao, they are not far away!”

He opened a horse: “You follow me back to the oasis.”

Although Yuan Ling is full of dust, it is difficult to cover her.

Next to the oasis, in the book, Yuan Ling drank some water and talked about the presence of Yuanjiabao was surrounded.

“The rumors in the rivers and lakes, Yuanjiabao has been very much in the past few years, may cause the thief coveted!”

Lu Zhong looked at Yuan Ling: “You escape this, the golden and silver is there? How much is it?”

“No, gold and silver stay in the fort!” Yuan Ling once again avoided his eyes: “It is a big name to collect!”

“Is it there?” Lu Zhong’an seems to be very interested.

“Do you ask?” Yuan Lingmong a policeman.

“Oh!” The surname youth laughed: “Do you want to revenge for your family? Tell me, I use it to hire the rivers and lake experts, kill the surname horse!”

“But when this wicked, when I caught me, I didn’t ask how many gold and silver in my family.” Yuan Ling lied down, and the chest was up and dodge.

“Yuan Girl.” Lu Zhongan also snuggled around her: “I first saw you … I like you … It’s better, I have become a pro, I will revenge you!”

Yuan Lingno’s face is red, her heartbeat is jumped, and she said: “Wudang sent a famous door brother, even this kind of lack of happiness,” “”

Lu Zhong looked at her laugh, his hand tied to her shoulder.

“You … no …” Yuan Ling wants to struggle, but suddenly feel dizzy, I want to climb up!

“You … give me … what?”

“Nothing, maybe you are sick!” Lu Zhong’an’s hand touched her mouth, followed her hook …

Yuan Ling is a woman, and the body is in a man, and she is panicked to cold sweat.

That Lu Zhong An is a low head, and his mouth kisses her cherry, and the tongue is elongated.

“Oh … ah … no …” Yuan Ling only feels mixed!

“Hey!” He pulled her clothes, then she pulled her luncy, two small, round, and firm breasts!

That is a pink small capsule, next to the emblem, and a few stems.

He holds one, with the enthusiasm of the palm to grind the millet, and it is low to hold one.

He first is awkward, then use the tongue to go.

“Ah … …” Yuan Ling has never tried this excitement, she unconsciously, like giving birth to a big illness: “… …”

She gasped, her lips did not stop.

Lu Zhong’an gave a meeting, her milk slowly brought hard in his palm, raised!

“Is it very sad?” His hand moved down …

Yuan Ling closed his eyes, frowned, and his head was shaken again, but he didn’t say it for a long time.

Lu Zhongan’s hand refers to her belt.

“Oh … can’t! No …” Yuan Ling is like a laime to be slaughtered, and it is mixed, and the thigh can not convulsive.

“Fear? What is it!” He pulled, put her pants on the knee and showed white trousers.

“Hey, the woman is fragrant!” He lowered, his nose was pressed against the trousers: “Really fragrant!” He biting her trousers with his teeth.

“You … ah … 铙 铙 我 …” Yuan Ling is as for mercy.

He also faded her trousers on the knee.

Yuan Ling’s secret place presented in front of a strange man, she closed their eyes: “Do you do … this …

She is pink, the hair is not much, but it is very soft.

Although the gap is tight, but only the shallow first line, the midwuce of the unknown.

He drilled with his nose into the gap.

“Ah … I am dying … don’t … let me …” Yuan Lingyou fell a teardrop.

Lu Zhong’an, smirking: “Little beauty, today I have set you, come, don’t be afraid, this thing is given sooner or later!” He unlocked his trousers … “

Yuan Linghua is out of color, she is mixed.

Lu Zhong’an reveals a five-inch long: “Little kiss, this thing will make you want to die, look!”

Yuan Ling bite the lips and close the eyes.

“Ha … ha …” He tell in her pants, then kneeling down, holding high her waist!

“… ah … Yeah …”

Yuan Ling only felt a burning of the body, the ‘meat bones’ totally plugged in.

“Oh, the virgin is really very, you are a woman, it seems to have a lot of obscene juice!” Lu Zhong Anju, holding her butt, pull up …

“Well … Oh …” She was at first, but he pulled out of the pull, the burn pain has been reduced, but it is a bit pleasure, she doesn’t dare to be, I don’t dare to move, from Lu Zhong’an plugged her!

“Hey, you are so good … too tight … Laozi … Laozi wants to lose!” After inserted more than 100 times, sweating, his hands vigorously grabbed her ass: “Hey … 噢 … … lost … Lost ! “

Yuan Ling only feels a burst of ‘hotstream’, shooting into his stomach!

He relaxed his hand and was pressed on her carcass.

Yuan Ling cried out, her chastity lost, after this moment, she became a woman!

“Wudang Heroes, actually passession of the passengers … Hey … How do you place me?”

Lu Zhongan’s sleeve sleeves, she was a teardrop on her cheeks: “I love you in my first eyes, you can rest assured, I will take people to catch up, I will capture the bad guilty of Yuanjiabao to kill, then … take you Huishuan Mountain, the campering master! “

Yuan Ling took a sweaty, the body is moving, she is not used to bare in front of the man, just pick back clothes, but see the trousers under the butt, there is a piece of blood!

“Oh …” She cried again: “I am not a woman again!”

Lu Zhong’an stationed up, taking back to the trousers: “Silly woman, rice has become a meal, what is it crying? The sun is still very fierce, you will sleep for a while, I call you at dusk!”

He unveiled the book: “I called someone to cook, let’s take a break!”

Yuan Ling slowly wore shirts, lying on the blanket on the sand, soon entered the countryside.

“This girl is good!” Lu Zhong’an patrol twice, seeing her asleep: “Small Sweater, I stole your red pill, ha …”

He inspired the people in the oasis: “Look at the tabernacle, I will go to the Aunt!”

Yuan Ling also didn’t know how long slept, the cool breeze in the evening was blowing her.

She stood up, bouquet of clothes, gently unveiled the book, climbed out.

Lu Zhong’an’s hand is grilled in the far away, no one pays attention to her.

Yuan Ling wants to take a circle around the oasis.

She was a thirty step, suddenly heard the horses, it was a horse’s scream.

“Who is putting horses here?” Yuan Ling saw two black shadows in the grass, she took the body, slowly climbed over, because there was a voice very familiar!

“Good children, how do you pass the situation?” The sound is very low, Yuan Ling is expected from the gap, the whole person is staying!

That is Ma Gui and Lu Zhong’an! The two people sit together!

“Hey, this time is successful!” The speech is Lu Zhong’an.

“My brother is there in ‘first-line days, with the rocket, Yuan Tianzheng father, the dart team, the dart car’s gunpowder explosion, they died Many people!”

“Yuan just wanted to protect his father, although he fried his left hand, still after destructive!”

“The eighty functions of me, there are nearby people who hurt in Yuangang!”

“Yuan Tianzheng also killed us, until the end, only he and his son can kill our surroundings!”

“We chased more than ten miles, finally put Yuan Tianzheng father and son in a valley, there are more than forty experts!”

“Their father and son are desperate, and I will die again, just cut the head of Yuan Gang!”

Yuan Ling heard here, hurry to hold his hand in the mouth, then never cry, her tears like spring, biting her own hand!

“Yuan Tianzheng was also injured more than ten knives. I only had a lot of people at the time, and I would have to tell me, I can be sang Yuan Tianzheng!”

“But there is a buddy, falling from the sky, and he uses a sword, and he has opened our blade. He looked out the name, saying that Wudang disciples Lu Zhongan!”

“This surname is said: ‘His road is not flat, he is bullied by the old man, no matter who is not, give Wu Dang pie!'”

“I see him to make our ‘two instrumental swords”, you can force us, so I don’t want to put on Liang Zi, so I retreated! “

“When I came here, I saw that Aunt chased this Yuanjia leaking net fish. I think, let’s kill the surname Yuan, although I can revenge, but Yuan’s finished gold and silver, I don’t know if I have received it!”

“My heart is a moving, I will pretend to be the Lu Zhong’an, and the hero will save the United States!”

“You can make a police officer, with the child’s plan!”

“That Yuan Ling’s first night has got me, I got a short medicine in the water, I wanted her three moments!” “Hey,” The ‘Lu Zhong’an’ seems very happy: “I also did it on the road.” A few big cases are all in the name of the next, it seems that someone will touch the martial arts mountain to find this kid! “

“This Yuan Ling is still still in the mouth, waiting for me to play ten days and a half months, I will kill her for more than ten times!”

Ma Guoi has been condensed, and I am sighing: “Liang children, I don’t think so, Yuan Jiabao, in addition to Yuan Gang’s wife Qian Meishan left, his 妾 雅芳 died, Yuan Tie And his wife is also dead! Yuanjia has already been finally! “

Ma Guoi excitedly laughed: “Ten years of hatred, almost reported! Ha … ha …”

“Liang children, I want you to marry Yuan Ling, let’s take a few grandson for us, this is the highest realm of revenge!”

Put as Ma Liang, who is Lu Zhong’an.

“This revenge, we also have a heavy casualty, your Yi Shu Liang, Hu San Province is dead! I just walked back, I realized that Tang Yuan also sent one, and hundreds of brothers in the village, there are only dozens of people! “

“We deceive Yuan Ling said that the place of Tibetan is, and the Yuan’s money will be made to the hand.

Yuan Lingri is on the sand, biting is full of blood, she has forgotten pain, tears have also been drove!

“What is the festival of my father and this surname, he wants to deal with us like this!”

She thought of death: “Okay, I killed this good hypothesis, and waited for him to die!”

At this time, Ma Guoi also said: “I have searched for the net money in Yuanjiabao, and she is in my arrest, and the internal injuries are not light, will not run very far!”

“The girls in the account, good children enjoy a night, I will put her back to Yuanjiabao tomorrow, and then she said that she said the golden place!”

“We casually killed so many people, if you can’t find gold and silver, I am afraid the brothers can’t do bad!” Ma Guoi also told Ma Liang’s details, but Yuan Ling did not dare to listen again, her snake is like slowly climbed back to the book.

She lay returned to the blanket on the sand, and the trend of the trend: “What method can kill the father and son of the surname?”

“On the martial arts, I am not his opponent. At this moment, I have been insulting him again … I … Yeah, they want to go back, then I can …” Yuan Ling Eye is turned, it seems to have a bamboo.

“This kinematic is not very good to have a medication …”

Yuan Ling went again: “After the soul of the soul, if he sent a sweat, the toxicity was separated, just insulted me, he was sweating, he didn’t know this detoxification, ha … Yes!”

At this time, there is a footsteps outside the account, she quickly puts the face, does not make him see his red swollen eyes.

It is naturally a Ma La, who is presupposing Zhong’an.

“Little lady, wake up, eat!” The tabernacle opened, came from the flavor of the grilled sheep!

Yuan Ling took him with him, she cried, she couldn’t get anyone!

“Ha … ha … Woman This thing will give people sooner or later, what is it?” Ma Liang smiled and touched her back: “Tomorrow morning, I will kill Yuanjiabao, do a horse thief!”

Yuan Ling took a cold and cold, she got a small mouth: “People … there … I stick it … I am your own … I … I have to take a shower in the pool!”

“Okay, good!” Ma Liang Douched the Hall Mo: “You go, I will guard you!”

Yuan Ling took grief and came to the pool: “Do not peek, you give me a little far away!”

“Well …” “Magrant is still a hippie.

Yuan Ling once again bare.

She is white-white skin, the fleshy ass, the slender jade legs are naturally reflected in Malaysia.

He looked at her back: “Sure enough, I have opened a bud, my ass fell, good, I also came to the water!”

Ma Liang also quietly solved the children!

Yuan Ling did not understand the water, fortunately, the pool is not big [Most of the oasis is the groundwater], she slowly walks into the water, and the eyes are pending a few white flowers in the pool.

“通!” Suddenly aqueous sound, the original Ma Liangxiao strip also jumped into the pool.

“You … what do you do?” Yuan Ling is shocked.

“We are husband and wife, what is it afraid?” Ma Liang pulled her, she wanted to sway him, and she was very waterful. He sank, sink into the bottom of the pool, followed by a pull, pull Yuan Lingjing’s auka.

“Hey … Hey …” Yuan Lingnan sank, drinking a lot of water.

Ma Liang took the opportunity to touch, and touched her ‘wow’ called.

His hand is loose, Yuan Ling wants to go back to the pool, but he is behind her waist, followed by it.

“Hey, 唷 … 唷 … ah …” Yuan Lingtui called, it turned out to him, it has been hard, this is very hard, it is rushing into her other point!

“Hey … you … 呜 …” Yuan Ling struggled, but every earned, his body will calm down.

Ma Liang is in the water, and it does not need to force it, and it is also enjoying that fast, his hand can’t touch her riot, and scratch her armpit.

“Ah … 呜 …” Yuan Ling struggled the time division of a tea, finally tired.

Ma Liang held her to the shallow water, could not hit!

Yuan Ling once again tasted the pain! At the distance, seven, eight big people peeking in the grass.

“This pool, I don’t dare to eat anymore, all of them!”

“You are worried, I fill it in the water bag!”

“This is a good thing, that tits are quite round, but unfortunately, we will have to see, not do it!”

“Look, she gave him a white eye!”

Yuan Lingpei is fainted.

“Ah … Yeah … I can’t make it! … lost! … lost! …” Ma Liang also became the end of the strong. ” He pulled her back to the pool, and Yuan Ling was lying on the sand.

Ma Liang’s self-studying clothes: “After watching it, don’t prepare for meals?”

He rushed, and the big man stoleously walked.

Yuan Ling returns a few water, wakes up: “You … you have this animal … you … livestock!”

She is big: “You count the Wudang disciple there!”

良 良 了 了: “You are my own, what is the relationship between play, wear back clothes to eat!”

His head does not return to the fire.

“I swear, I will not allow this kinky to touch me!” Yuan Linger, her walk painfully, wore clothes, she pulled more than a dozen white flowers in the pool, put it in his arms.

Ma Liang and so on eating roast lamb.

He left a small half of the leg meat, giving it to the Yuan Ling: “Eat!”

She is born, she is sitting down, and the small mouth is eating …

The oasis is cool and cold.

Ma Liang reached a few times and got it, and he gave Yuan Ling.

“I don’t know what happened?” She couldn’t sleep.

Yuanjiabao is far from the smoke column, and the fire has burn the building.

“Hey!” Meishan touched his own tits, there were five green black, blood staps!

She uses the cloth to cover the naked tits: “I have this two group soft meat before my chest. Otherwise, the thief has gripped my heart.”

She touched her, with Jin Chuang medicine bottle, Meishan ate a little, and it was a little on the breast.

The sky turns black, and the evening wind is blowing.

The horse suddenly called, the front legs were standing, and the Mount Mount will take the horse back, followed!

Meishan wants to move the horse, but the body will fall. “Slot! The true gas is scattered, I am not hurt!”

She pitched his mouth, a few blood spit out.

“Okay in the fort, I … I have to support it!” She meditated on the ground and succeeded for a while.

After a meal, Meishan can stand up, she took the wind, torn the face, and went back to Yuanjiabao step by step.

“What is the fort in the fort? How many caminelings are there?” She thought while she was. “

“Ordinary 喽, I believe in three, five I can also cope, but there is a master, I can’t let go …”

Meishan thought: “The gardgy behind the fort can hide, I will go there!”

This way, she took half an hour.

Yuanjiabao has changed the ruins, and there is no thief!

“Do they not find gold and silver, retreat?” Meishan took the high place of his fort, and he watched again.

It is dark, it is unclear.

She is shrunk, sleeping!

Mei Shan is too tired, but didn’t eat drinking, she slept very familiar, there is no need!

She can’t see the morning light, and I can’t see the rest of the ride.

“The owner, we have been looking for three times, even the walls have dug a blocked, that is, there is no golden silver!” A big man watched the Ma Guoji: “I will wait in the evening to send you to your elderly!”

“Hey!” Ma Guoi but nothing.

He opened his eyes, suddenly he was full, and his body was pulled away from the saddle!

Ma Guoi squandered in the air, two pauses went to the top.

Mei Shan opened his eyes, he saw the Ma Guoji who smiled in the body!

“It is you!” She fell.

Meishan double palm is pushed, uses all of the real powers, and shoots the “open window to the moon ‘this trick,” straight to Ma Guoi’s abdomen.

“Ha …” The horse of the Ma Guo jumped two feet, following it.

Mei Shan is a roll, followed by bounce, two people fight seven, eight strokes.

She has been hurt after all, and she is hungry and thirsty overnight. After she is over, she has been slow.

Ma Guoi saw her strength and weakness, and slowed down: “Your Yuanjia’s wife, if the golden silver of Yuanjia is hidden there, I … I promise you safely from this!”

“Hey!” Mei Shanjiao, the body followed up, rolling at the foot of Ma Guoi, she followed from the boots drum, pulling out the handles, and squatting to his lower abdomen!

This trick is very fast, both sides have handed over in a narrow citychair top channel, and Ma Guoi seems difficult to donate!

“Good mother!” He didn’t avoid it, and the right hand explored, he played the beauty of Shanlu, and the top is full of breasts!

The dagger of Mercishan plugged into his lower abdomen, but there is no blood! And the blade is stuck!

“Good mother, I wear gold bronze silence soft armor, can you nail me?” The right hand held her breast right at the right hand, and his left hand twisted her wrist!

“Hey!” Mei Shan screamed, she was held by strangers before so many people, the right wrist was deducted, which was not as good as death, she wants to die from the meridians!

Ma Gui seems to see her heart, he buckled her right wrist’s hand suddenly loose, grabbed him, and even got some of her, eight big points! The Mei Shan’s air transport is scattered, she is mixed with mypass! He followed his dagger!

Ma Guoji smiled, wrapped in a waist, picked up and soft Mei Shan, leaing from the city wall!

“This baby is beautiful!”

“The owner is blessed!”

“Give me a time, the short life is half a year!” The thief on the ground seven tongues.

Ma Guoji rose to the ground, he said coldly: “You don’t recruit, I have a way to have you to die!”

“Nail four wooden piles, take sorghum wine!”

Ma Guoji drinking.

He Meishan belt said something, then throw her floor!

“Ah!” She can’t move, but she still can be tested, she is so thick, she is not hurtful, but her top is thased, revealing white upper body, and a full of scratches, another One is a smooth breast! “Hey!” Some thieves flowed down.

Meishan is round, firm, even the blue intravenous tits, it is dumb!

Ma Guoi laughed, and he gave a head!

“Don’t say it?” Ma Guohi scent, he took off her boots and exposed a slim.

Mei Shan closed his eyes: “I will kill me!”

“Sand” is screaming, and Ma Guoi pulled down her outer pants!

The snow-wide jade leg showed it, and the Meishan was wrapped in the triangle in the only trousers!

There are a few thieves to see light, not alone, but also hold their own pants!

“You must not die … 呜 …” Although Meishan is a female middle and female, I can’t help but cry at this moment.

“Sand” is ringing again, Ma Guoi tears the film, the black mouldned 牝 牝 出!

“Oh! Ama”, dozens of thieves are going to take off their pants: “Big Brother, I will come first, Google is annoyed, no way!”

“Hey!” Mountain Shame, and angered to faint!

“Nettle!” Ma Guohi: “Ask for a finishing color!” He hit a sand in front of the mountain thief, hit the dust!

The mountain thieves have retired.

“Take the beef tendon, tie this bilder’s big shape to the ground!” Ma Gui also drank!

Several till thieves take out the beef tendon, just put the beautiful sand, the ankle, tied to four wooden piles.

“A thief, what do you want?” Mei Shan lost his voice.

“Take the Gigashi!” Ma Gui said again.

There is a courier, respectful handbag, and inner wine! Ma Guoi walked before, unplug the plug, ‘喇 … 喇’ will drain the wine in Misan!

“Hey! Hey …” The spirits flow into the pussy, and the beauty burns and wakes up!

“唷 … 唷 …” She can’t move, just embarrassing.

Ma Guoi poured the whole skinny wine to her lower body, and the sand is fine!

Meishan seems to think of a thing, the face suddenly becomes gray, the muscles are twitched on the face: “You … you are so jealous!”

“Ha … ha … Do you know?” He smiled: “Winexiang will recruit the scorpion, the little thing is poisonous, they thorns you, you can never have children, the meat will be rotten, even women can do it, you Do not say it? “

Meishan is angry and urgent, she is a hanging, and it has dizzy!

At this time, the thief of the watches in the fortress is called: “There are more than ten rides to here!”

The rockets like firecrackers are coming away!

Ma Guo’s foundation: “What?”

His body is pulled, jumps five feet, and supports the soil wall in the doubles, and the two is up, and go to the wall.

Outside two miles, there are more than ten rides, a little far, there is two rides seem to be chasing.

“Hey, Hey.” Walking the knight in front and burning two three rockets.

“Is good children, they have something, fast opening!”

Ma Guoji drink. He jumps down the wall while drinking.

The two miles are not far away, for a moment, more than ten rides have been rushed into the castle.

The first thing is that Ma Liang, who is losing Lu, his face is a little pale, turned over the horse, and constantly gasping.

Follow, it is two thieves with Yuan Ling’s horse, Yuan Ling’s face is not very good!

“Liang children, what happened?” Ma Guoi did not avoid it, he looked at his son.

Ma Liangpisted a few mouthfuls: “Rear, really Lu Zhong’an, with … With the rest of Yuan Tianzheng!”

Ma Guoji is laughing: “It is also a big break today!” He followed: “Are you uncomfortable?”

“I … my heart is very powerful … … I …” Ma Liang’s face suddenly turned blue green, the body was soft!

Mastershi, I took out a small porcelain bottle, poured out of the medicine, and stuffed into Ma Yilong: “The young master is hurt?”

“No, he sleeps with the girl all night … we don’t know!” The thief pulled Yuan Ling Ma’s thief.

“It’s what I did … Ha … your son can’t live!” Yuan Lingji shakes, and she also started to be blue.

“Spirit!” Naked the Misan who tied to the ground.

“Daxie!” Yuan Ling also screamed.

Ma Guoi’s nose of Ma Liang, it is already an angry, he screamed, put Ma Liang to a waste house, gently put it.

“Little girl, get medicine to give medicine!” Ma Gui greeted, put Yuan Ling down the Malay.

Yuan Ling Eye Retriever: “You put me first!”

On the sand, four, five red scorpions have appeared.

“Good!” Ma Guoi is anxious: “Put the brother’s mother!” He looked up on the high wall: “Two rides chasing it?”

A thief decided to: “They didn’t see it! It didn’t seem to catch up!”

“Hey!” Ma Gui copied from the sleeve, copying a sentence.

Misan’s hand and foot beef tendon was picked, but she rolled down to her clothes, she picked up the clothes.

Ma Guoji Judiegue Hand Ruo Yuan Ling’s Death: “What do you use to hurt my son?”

Yuan Ling breathed the breath: “Your son has taken my body, I am inadvertently in the oasis, I found ‘Crusstones’, I picked 10 pieces, chewing, flowers in the mouth, dissolved into my spit Inside!”

“After entering the night, your son will use strong …” Yuan Ling is laughing: “I can’t help him with him, will spit into his mouth!”

“He thought that I was emotional, pulled me even again … I ate a lot of mouths … Ha …” “The old thief, this ‘crushed flowers’ poisonous, eat into the belly, after a few hours, Paralyzed, heart, start jump very fast, and finally stopped … “

“What about the dehydration?” Ma Gui took a cold sweat.

“No … I have no anticipation at all … I die … Your son also accompany … I will accompany … I am going to the road …” Yuan Ling face is getting more and more blue, finally the head is awped, broken!

“You …” Ma Guoi explored her thoughts, really stopped breathing: “You … so embarrassment …”

“Liang children!” He took back Ma Liang, and he saw his pants wet a large piece. It was the muscles out of control, and even the urine was broken. He touched Ma Liang breathing is also dead!

“Yuan family is going to die!” Ma Guoji glauly.

Mei Shan retired to the corner side, she was unarmed, but she was ready!

At this time, suddenly a long halkest, two gray shadows suddenly appeared in the fort, followed by Dapeng birds.

How do these two dozen wall? How come in? The thief guards it is obviously nothing.

“Master!” Qian Meishan cried.

A gray robber, and a young Taoist, stable standing in the crowds.

“Yuan Tianzheng, you are here, good, this ten years of hatred today!” Ma Guoji cold, to the young Taoist Taoist: “You want to be the martial arts, whether there is this mixed water?”

Yuan Tianzheng, tears, horizontal: “Ma … Ma Guoi, you kill me two children … you … you are so jealous!”

The young Taoist is also far from Ma Guoji: “This hero, I just traced someone to rape stagger, do you have any kind of enmity with Yuan’s family?

Yuan Tianzheng, Yuan Ling: “Linger … Even you are dead … Who is with me in the future?” He couldn’t cry.

Ma Guoji cleared the throat: “Well, in front of Wudang Heroes, I may wish to tell a story out …”

“Ten years ago, I made a mall thief in Shanxi Fu Ni Mountain. I was a wife and two!”

“I have no sale, but it is just to take the road to sell the road, but I have to do Dazhai, but I have no ability!”

“But there is a day …” 国基 Suddenly commented: “A name called Yuan Tianzheng, touched the same as the golden knife goddess to touch the vocena!”

“I have no complaints and golden knife don’t blame, and there is no prevention!”

“This surname Yuan’s illusion, I robbed the golden knife door ‘rented silver’, and I killed it.”

“My wife and my son, he only had 14 years old, happened to be in front of the front, and the surname Yuan’s confrontation, just gave him a hacked!”

“The surname Yuan claims to be the heaven, let the shot of the village, kill, I am carrying the ten-year-old second, in the back mountain resistance, the last hand is injured, I was hit by the surname, fell A hundred feet! “

“The surname Yuan thought that I killed, but I took the son’s strap, just hookped the bottom of the pine tree, saved life!”

“The surname Yuan’s Bar knot the gold knife door. Later, he also replaced the son Yuan just discussed the daughter of the golden knife door!”

“I exercised in the past eight years of martial arts, then bringing back to my son Ma Liang to go to the valley, I have to identify the day!”

“I suspect that Yuan Tianzheng grabbed the rents of the golden knife door on the same day, but I cited it as my Ma Guiji, because a little thief, no one is sympathy, and can threaten, Harm, hello! “

“Heaven helps me Ma, first of all, I found the Liang Guang of the nine palace sent. He is dissatisfied with your son. Yuan Gang grabs his beloved sister Liang Yafang, willing to help me!”

“Moreover, Hu Shi Province also brought two hundred people to return. The Hu brother is the death of the day of the day. He also hates Yuan Tianzheng, this hyphen is a false meaning! Unfortunately, Liang Guang and the three province brothers will die first. This feat is picked up by my Ma Guoji! “

“Yuan Tian is not going to step on the vacaine, just a loving dart, but after destroying my horse, Jianyuan Fort, Jianyuan, and launched a talent!”

“I kill you, Yuan Jiazi, all for you Yuan Tianzi old thief!” Ma Guoji Blood: “Wudang’s children, it is best to generously leisure, otherwise it is not afraid!” He judged a pen, pointed to Yuan Tianzheng.

Yuan Tian is putting down the daughter’s body, he is hoarse: “I step on your stockade, all your fish meat!”

“Yuan Mou, is a person, it is not a person, it is not flat, so that it is because of the death of the Lang and Mrs., it is just the fight, that is not you die, it is me!”

“But Ma Gui, you … In addition to killing my children, a certain wife …” Yuan Tianzheng, tears: “When I rushed back to Yuanjiabao, I found her body in the desert …”

“She … her martial arts is very bad … but … but … but there is no color … lower body … The lower body is full of male semen … soak it … that … that … that … that … that … that …”

“Ma Guoji, you are coming!” Yuan Tian is talking about it, the long sword out of the sheath, a trick ‘Changhong Guan Ji’ piercing Ma Mou.

This is not a play!

Ma Guoi, one trick, ‘Night, Spring and Autumn, who sentenced the official pen, followed by a leg, kicking Yuan Tianzheng, the two people were nearly 50 years old, and there were some white, but they were killing, but it was tricky.

Between the moment, the two had a hundred strokes, Yuan Tianzheng’s sword wounds Ma Guiki’s wounds, and Ma Guoji’s sentence pen has also stabbed several times.

Both parties are bleeding.

The weather is hot, and the two have been fighting for half an hour, and the action has slowed down.

Lu Zhong’an is standing in a corner, and the eyebrows are puzzled, and Qianmeishan hides the clothes, and the face is painful.

Tens of tens of thieves, the main knife gun is far surrounded by Meishan and Lu Zhong’an. Martial arts of Ma Guoi, I was slightly better than Yuan Tianzheng, he suddenly defeated, and the official pen dragged down.

Yuan Tianzheng wins, I don’t know, he is a long sword to make a knife, a remember ‘Wu Gang Valley’, I want to open the other side!

“Be careful!” The bystanders clear, Qian Meishan Jiaojiao.

But it is late, Yuan Tianzheng, revealing the abdomen!

“Town!” Ma Gui suddenly threw the judge!

“Wave!”, The pen direct into Yuan Tianzheng!

“唷!” Yuan Tianzhi screamed, but he was seriously injured, but he did not lose the potential! ‘Take’ shot ‘, his long sword also went into the left arm of Ma Gui, all the swords were deeply embedded!

After Mastergie thought that the other side was injured, the body didn’t fall, but the drum was the last breath, fighting forward!

“Ah!” He was also painful in a sword!

The two are seriously injured, and the blood is as straight.

They all fell on the Yellow Sand.

In the thief group, I jumped out of several main knife and ax, I had to take Yuan Tianzheng’s life!

At this time, the gray shadow was flashing. He said that the long sword flew out of the 18th sword, rushed out of the thief, everything is a sword, not the hurt is the foot injury.

“Retreating …” “Horse Guiji is seriously injured, but still speak!

In the middle of the horse, Yuan two old, a gray robe taoist, is the disciple of Wudang, Lu Zhong’an!

“Wudang Tai Jian tricks!” A few thieves were injured, hurriedly returned. Dozens of people are contacted to the gate, ready to run.

“Two,” Lu Zhong’an is holding the sword: “You are all seriously injured, there is a little white medicine here, or can cure pain, hope … don’t fight again!”

Qian Meishan also rushed to pick up Yuan Tianzheng: “Master …”

These two deadly enemies have rustled their hands and don’t seem to be. Lu Zhong was sighed and took the medicine to the medicine.

“Mr. Yuan, there is a problem that there is a problem, I hope you can tell you, or you can solve the death of these ten years!”

Yuan Tianzheng face, he nodded.

“Who told you to step on the Pacifician base?”

Yuan Tianzheng slowly: “Originally, this secret I don’t tell people … I am Yuanjia today … …”

He used his hand to cover the big hole in the abdomen, and the judged man inserted it. As long as I pull out, Yuan Tian will immediately kill!

“That … that is gold … knife … door … money …!”

“Ah! Is it me?” Qian Meishan lost his voice: “What is the cause?”

Yuan Tianzheng began to breathe: “The so-called … people will die … Phone … Say there is a girl … 带 私 … … Escape … Shangfu … Mountain … Follow this surname … Horse … …” He wants to say There is no gas.

“Auntie fled for spring, even finished the old man … go to the shadow of the horses?” Qian Mei Shan lost his voice.

“I can’t do it …” Yuan Tianzheng spells the last momentum: “I died … use … my home’s family! Into my wife … Yuan Jiabao … finished … …

“Golden knife door … help … I am hunting … also … make me … destroy home …” Yuan Tianzigou, broken gas.

Ma Guiji is also aunt.

“Your father … 人 … Spring incense is no fixed … Congfeit … she … in front of … Fu Niu Mountain … self … it happens … I have saved it … I have two sons … I learned martial arts … but ……………………………………

“Who will take my name?” Lu Zhongan wanted to help him stop bleeding.

“It is a dog … he … he … there is …” Ma Guiji smile: “Lu Daxia … please … he has a full body … I reported the hatred … but … Yuan fierce … no … full home … Ruth … Huangsha … One hang, it is also dead.

The squander saw the head and died, and the shouts were sent to the horse back, escaped.

Between the moment, Yuan Jiabao except for the dead corpse, only Lu Zhong’an and Qian Shan.

“Mrs. Yuan Jia!” Lu Zhong’an Hehe: “The poor road thought of the Fort …” Let the deceased come back, buried them together, lady … can also dress! “

He is from beginning to end, there is no more naked money.

Qian Meishong is staying there.

“Aunt gave me a big dowry, it turned out to be …” She drinked: “He is in order to escape the privacy of a woman, and the two are killed each other, and I …”

Meishan only felt a graphic.

At noon on the same day, Lu Zhong’an had transported Yuan Tie and Lin Keer’s body.

Meishan also found a black cloth.

“Those thieves, the deceased is very, the poor road is there, dig a big pit, buried them!”

Lu Zhong An Hehe.

“The little woman also digs two deep caves there.” Mei Shan’s face has no blood: “A martial house father and son, one …”

Lu Zhong’an buried a dead person, asked: “Qian Girl, isn’t it back to the golden knife in the future?”

Meishan shook his head.

“Here is the ruins, you have to stay?”

“No! The dead people who are buried here, the gold and silver hidden is a lesson!” Mei Shan is very flat: “Taoist, I am going to find an ancient temple, cut off is Ni, for my father to atone!”

“Qian Girl, or I will send you a way?” Lu Zhong installed the saddle of the horse.

“No!” Meishan looked up: “Ruthless water is a square plum, do not have a shot to follow the wind, I will keep your filial piety, send it to the famous mountain!”

She sent Lu Zhongan to the gate: “Thank you!”

At the beginning of the sunset, Lu Zhong’an single ride disappeared …

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