It is a thing ten years ago … I have been now, I know that I thought it was a doctor who saved my life, in fact, played my body.

——– “Do you want the chest to become small? The gynecologist asked me with a suspicion.

“right. My boy in my class laughs. I am a cow. “

The physician worn the black glasses, and she looked at the age column on my case table and said, “You are now the first grade of China? “

“right. “

“Is your parents accompany you?” “

“I don’t have parents, I am orphan. “

“What about your guardian? “

“I don’t want to let her know. She always said that I will celebrate that I have such a size for a few years. “

The doctor looked quietly after ten seconds and said: “How much is it now? “

“I wore 34E bra, I know this very shame. “

“Share? Why? “

“My girls in my class only wear sports underwear, only I need to wear adult bra. If I wear a sports underwear, when the sports class jumps, the chest will bounce, the boys like to laugh around, saying that the breast jump rope will drop. “

The doctor did not speak, so I continue to say: “There are many boys who have been sneaked to me, unlocking my bra butt … they like to see the picture of the chest flee … I ran, they will take a vote I ran behind me, and I also shouted “The milk cream of the milk” … “said, I swallowed the tears. “I … I don’t want … when the cow … 呜 …”

“Okay, good … don’t cry, I want to help you ..” Doctor handed me a paper.

“Really? I like to look at the gynecologist in the field, at that moment, I think he is my hope.

“But I have to think about how the course of treatment. Physician meditated for a while. “But this course cannot use health insurance, if you don’t want your guardian to know. “

“good! I don’t want anyone in the world to know! “

——– After a week, I started a secret agreement with the physician. We have a contract at 6 o’clock every Friday, I came to the back door of the clinic. This time is the time of the clinic. After waiting until the patient left the nurse, the physician will open the door to let me enter the visit.

“Liu Yufu sister, come in.” The physician opened, took me into the diagnosis, indicating that I sat down, saying that I have to conduct some basic interviews.

“You are now 13 years old, bust 34E, I hope I can help you reduce the chest, is it? “

“Yes. “

“Is it coming to menstruation? “

“not yet. “

“Is there a sexual experience? “

“No. “

“Do you know what is sex? “

“… I heard that the next grade of health education curriculum teaches. “

“Is there a boyfriend? “

“No, I hate boys. “

After doing some records on a medical record without signature, “” This treatment of the chest, you need to massage every week, daily diet control, body temperature measurement, and periodic medication. The course of treatment is not waiting for three months to a year. How quickly, I will see more. “

“I will definitely cooperate! Please cure me! I said firmly.

The doctor looked at me and said: “Very good, then we will make a thorough medical examination today, this is to ensure that the body state can load this long-term course. “

“good. I didn’t hesitate to promise.

“Recruitment table is ready. The physician indicates that I entered a small room and pointed to a light green bed.

“Please take off all clothes, including underwear underwear, then lying on this clinic. The physician went to the side of the diagnosis, and pointed to the white shelf on the bed tailed. . “

“Prepare it first, I came in five minutes. “

“Ok …” Although I am a determination, it is a very shy thing to take off your clothes.

“It doesn’t matter, he is a doctor, I have to believe in physicians.” I convinced myself, quickly undergoing clothes, climbed up the clinic, and the feet across the two shelf. I am not hung in bed, holding hands with hands, the calf is on the trip, and the legs open is a bit like a M-shaped M-bit, waiting for a physician. I think that the physician is willing to help me no longer become a laughter of boys, I sincerely be grateful to him.

“Can I come in?” The physician asked outside the room.

“Please come …”

The physician went to naked. “Will it be cold? “

“will not. I tried to answer.

“Very good, then we start to do systemic health check. “


“Please put your hands on the top. Relax, you can look at the picture transfer attention on the ceiling. “

I put her hands over the head and put it on the bed above the head. At this time, I noticed that the ceiling of the diagnatled the ocean, in the deep sea, there are all kinds of fish shuttle in green water, so beautiful.

“I have to have a diagnosis now, there will be a little ice. Physician sticked the stethoscope in the middle of my chest, said: “Now check your lung capacity, inhalation, vomit, breathable, exhale. Very good, now check the heart, inhalation. Vent. There is no problem with the heart, and now you have to check the breast and breathe the natural rhythm. The physician sticked the stethoscope to my left breast, and went over and changed to the breast on the right. “The right milk is a little noise, I have to check it carefully. The physician grabbed my right milk with another hand, and then put the stethoscope on my nipple.

When the “A …” stethoscope pressed into my nipple, I accidentally called the sound.

“not comfortable? “

“No … No …” Actually, I am just a bit surprised. After all, it is the first time in life, there is a person who has touched this place …

“Can I continue to check the breast? “


The doctor’s cold stethoscope returned to my nipple, first lighter, then start turning. “The nipple color is very beautiful, pink, like small cherry blossom. Physician rubbed my nipple with a stethoscope.

“The right nurture is hard. “

“Yep? Why? How to do? I looked at my right milk in my neck.

“It doesn’t matter, it is because your chest is too big, so the reaction is so fast. As long as you remember, if you are hard, you have to hard to hard and balance the other side. “Said, the physician immediately used the index finger of his other hand and the thumbs of my left nipple.

“I feel so strange, I don’t know if I should say the doctor.” Now the physician’s two hands grabbed my two nipples, squatting.

“Okay, both sides are hard. It seems to be a doctor’s meaning.

“Next, make breast pressure checks to determine that there is no hard block. The doctor took off his stethoscope and put on the table, and then grabbed my two breasts with his hands.

“There will be something uncomfortable. If you can’t help but tell me. The physician started kneading my big breasts, pressing it, shake, and crowded. “The chest is very soft. “

“Is this a bad thing? I asked nervous.

“There is no good or bad, each woman is different. “

The doctor grabbed my breasts while dialing my nipple with his thumb. “What feeling? “

“Well … grace … you can …” I tried to answer.

“Very good, after the massage like this must make me every week. “

“Observe the body temperature. The physician lets go of my double milk, go to the end of the diagnosis and treatment bed, stand in the middle of my open feet. “Now the amount of body temperature, with an anal temperature meter. “

“Anal temperature …? I don’t remember how much the anal temperature is in the last amount, I am a little scared.

The physician may notice my nervous, so he said: “Don’t be afraid, will not hurt, I will lubricate first. “

The physician walked to the side of the equipment, extends to a white container with the index finger, digging a small piece of transparent, then took a thermometer, returned to my legs, pulled a wooden wooden Sit down the stool.

“Lubrication. The doctor is open to my feet, reached out and returned to my anus and wipes the transparent object that has just been digging in the white container. “Ice Ice.” My ass reflectively twisted.

The physician did not pay attention to my reaction and continued to knead my anus. “The anus is tight. The doctor’s finger is moved upstream of my anus, and suddenly he pushed his finger into my anus.

“Ah …” The first time was inserted by foreign objects, let my body reflect the action, and the ass. I didn’t expect my movement, accidentally let the doctor’s fingers in my anus, so I called out: “Ah …”

The physician looked down on my lower abdomen, indicating that my ass relaxed on the diagnosis and treatment. “Can plug it. The physician took out his finger, just as I thought it could breathe, a cold thermometer was deeply inserted into my anus.

“Oh …” I obviously felt the cold in the anus, this foreign body feeling, let me not drive.

“It’s already inserted, there is nothing to worry. We wait a little two minutes to wait for the temperature report. “

After the doctor retired a few steps, he crossed his hands and looked at me quietly. I am not hung in the clinic, my legs into M-shaped open, breathing, waiting for this feeling like two hours, two minutes. I know that the physician is standing there, my feet are still so open … I clearly hear the urgency of my breathing, and the heart quickly jumped.

I don’t know how long it took, the physician said: “It’s almost. Before the doctor went back, sit back in front of my butt, pulled out the thermometer from my anus, but did not pull out, the mercury part of the thermometer is also inserted in my ass. “36.1 degrees, normal. After the end, the doctor put the thermometer back into my anus.

“恩 ….” I didn’t expect the thermometer to be inserted back to my anus.

“Do you still have a body temperature? I asked a doctor.

“It’s going to plug, you can observe the body temperature. “

Although I don’t understand, I believe in the professionalism of the physician, so I let the doctor’s thermometer stay in the ass.

“Next, check the female film. The physician looked at me and asked: “Where do you know your vagina? “

“Know … in the following …”

“Can you use your hand to see the exact location than? “

“In this …” I used my finger to me, tell the doctor: “this …”

“This is not your vagina, this is your labie. Doctors pull my hand down and say: “” This place is the entrance of your vagina. Do you understand? “

“OK, got it…”

“It seems that you still don’t understand it, I explain to you, please put your hands back. “

When I listened to a physician, put my hands flat over the top.

“I have to show you the genital construct with you now, listen, be sure to remember. The physician put his hand to me, grabbed the two pieces of meat below. “These two are your big labians. The big labia is used to protect your vagina and clitoris. After the doctor said, the physician pulled my laborary, and I felt that I had a cold wind blowing, it was a feeling that I have never had a secret place was opened.

“The big lips are very weak. The physician paused, “” “It is a bit dense. “

The physician once again pulled my sequins. “There is a small ladle inside the big labia, that is, this is this. The physician touches a place I never know with your hand, then use your fingers to fill it until you stop in a hole. “This, the small labello is the vagina, where you want to have a child. “

The physician took a silver flashlight from his pocket and turned on my vagina after turning on the light. “I saw … 妳 ‘s female film. The female film hole is the moon bending. “

I didn’t have a reply because I don’t know that the female film has a fractal.

“The hymen is complete. The physician turned off his flashlight and put back his chest.

“Next check the clitoris. The physician once again dialped my big labiarian, then touched my clitoris.

“Well …” is so strange, but I have never responding.

“Is it feeling? This peas is the clitoris, the most sensitive place for girls. Doctors gently bounce my peas. “Wonderful … I feel … I don’t know …”

“Don’t resist this feeling, because now you have to check, you have to determine whether the clitoris is normal. The physician began to move on my clitoris.

Under the finger of the physician, my ass reflective twitch.

“Relay, close your eyes and feel. “

I closed my eyes, I felt my breathing acceleration, and the legs of the legs were slightly shaken, and the peas touched by the physician felt well, never knew that the body would give this reaction.

“Tell me the feeling.” “

“It’s so strange … Ma Ma ischy, hot …”

The physician accelerates his speed, and slides from the top to the above winding ring. “The peas of the peas is tall, come on. “

“Physician … I … so strange … physician …” My butt didn’t listen to the sky.

The physician did not pay attention to me, the finger is not stopped with my clitoris, not only that, he also started to rotate the thermometer in my ass.

“Physician … too strange … I feel abnormal … ah … physician … there …”

“What is it now? Physician pumped on the thermometer in my ass.

“It’s so strange … ah … no way ….”.

I started in my ass, as my physician dials my clitoris.

At this time, the physician suddenly stopped.

“Physician … I … I …” I breathe, I can’t say it, I only looked at the physician, I hope he will continue to check my clitoris.

“Wet. Physician said.

“Well … physician … what happened? “

“The vagina is out of water. The physician reached out gently slid in my vagina, I can feel that there is a wet. “This represents the 妳 ‘s clitoris function is normal. “

The physician slowly pulled out the thermometer in my anus. When the thermometer is completely taking out my anus, I have a strange illusion.

“The body temperature increased by 0.5 degrees, and the reaction was good. “

I didn’t respond to the doctor, because I was still breathing.

“The medical examination is over, and formal courses can be started next week. I am lying, I will take the oral medicine. “

The doctor leaving the intermediary, leaving me, I was slightly trembled on the clinic. I was frightened by my own body, I don’t know how it is good.

The doctor passed nearly ten minutes to return to the clinic, and he was still lying on the clinic. I took a transparent cup in my hand. There was a white concentrated liquid. “Open mouth, this is the oral medicine, drink at least a cup every week, can not be paid when drinking. “

I open it.

“The tongue stretched out and swallowed directly. “

I spit out the tongue.

“Re-expanding more. “

The physician put the oral medicine on my tip of my tongue. The medicine was very turbid, it was warm, the smell is like bleaching water, the medicine has slipped into my throat from my tongue.

“how is the taste? “

“Cough … medicine … “

“Is it willing to continue to eat in the future? “

“willing! I have to eat more, I will eat more. “

“Very good, very embarrassed. You are a good patient, which will be treated. Doctors put the bottle of white slurry on one side, back to me: “Can you only eat vegetarian today, do it? “

“Do it. “

“Very good, eat more fruits and vegetables, don’t touch, especially the thick things, there are fat. The same time is the same next week. This course of treatment is my guardian to help you, so you can’t let anyone know. “

“I won’t say it. “

“You can’t repeat my things for you at home. If your way is wrong, you will lose a loss, do you know? “

“understood. “

“Very good, today’s check is over, you can leave. Next week’s premises. ” “Yes. Thank you a doctor. “

——– Now I have grown up, I know that the white medicine I drink every week is the semen of the physician.

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