Briefly introduce my family. A family of three, I work in a large company’s warehousing system, and my wife is a hospital nurse. A daughter is reading high school this year. I have already went more than forty people this year, and a life is still stable and happy. The condition is also possible. Wife’s work leads her to often night shifts, and has been like this from getting married. And my nature is relatively loose, manage several warehouses.

There are several people under the hand, there are not many times when you are busy. On the contrary, there are many times. From marriage until now, from the initial warehouse administrator to manage several large warehouses. It is also an end.

It will not be able to have a promotion. There is a lot of salary, enough for family spending. Wife is a nurse earning a lot. It should be said that the life of marriage is still quite free, and occasionally speaking, the holiday is often a three-port travel. Playing a five or seven days of scattering, open your eyes.

Life is still a small way. The days are also in the past, of course, the various episodes in life will happen as usual people, and occasionally fight for anger is very natural. Because the wife’s work is, there are more people. . Nature is more close to me than her mother, of course, these are accumulated from a small little bit. And my daughter also took my strengths and my wife. Although it has been 18, there is 170 cents.

Big eyes, white skin. Especially the lips are very sexy, when the slightly smiled, the red lip of the white teeth is better. I stick to me because I took her more. And my city is close to the sea. This also leads to summer, occasionally swimming.

A three swimming can be said very much. A little swimming of my daughter is my church. Daughter in my father is the best. So some reasonable unreasonable requirements from the little daughter, I have almost agreeable.

So this is also the reason why my daughter is particularly sticky. Everything in my wife’s night shift is me to take care, like a small waiting bath, wait …

I have been going to teens and sometimes I will help her take the underwear into the bathroom. The daughter does not carry me, and it is nothing to prepare for me. Even if you are eighteen, only when her mother is at home, it will pretend.

And her mother is at night, she is very open …

Wearing pajamas is also a buckle, and half a breast is also coming. Although it is not very big, the kind of pure breath is full of temptation. Although I am her father, I also have a feeling of kindness. Occasionally, her mother is not at home, raining and thundering, the daughter must run my bed, I slept. Sometimes I only run the small panties, then I will run it, and I will drill into my woven. Life is so too.

The daughter’s learning is very nervous, there is no free time. It’s hard to have a holiday. When I take a break, I try to make my daughter. It’s not eating, just play, or you have something to buy.

I meet my daughter. And I usually browse the porn website often. There are all kinds of pornography, because in the unit management of the warehouse, the warehouse administrator can be a woman, naturally, I will seduce. Sleep a few warehouse people. With the transfer or replacement, there is almost no beautiful administrator in my hand.

Those who have sex with me can only take the stealing feelings. Because of the reason for the body, it is very high. Wife’s work leads that I can’t have sex in time, and natural sometimes I have to play a pistol to solve my own physiological problems. And I am sometimes pursing, not paying too much attention. I have seen the daughter, of course I don’t know this. Later, my daughter came with me. The pure pureness of her daughter will make me have sex, but the word of the incest is stimulating, but I still don’t dare to cross the boundaries.

Daughter rests, it is a summer, the daughter proposes to let me go to the sea to swim. As a father, it will not refuse, an afternoon, the sun is not very sufficient, I will drive the daughter to the beach. Although it is fast, there are still many people in the sea. Looking for a place to stop, I said that I have to go to swims, my daughter is sitting while saying, I also find a dressing room to change clothes, change it in the car, no one is nearby.

I am not good to promise her. After all, it is my own daughter, and it is still not possible to face each other. My daughter saw that I didn’t want to promise, I was whispering, saying that it was a small voice, because the car was very quiet, I listened clearly.

My daughter said whispered, I am a daughter, I have seen it, I have seen it. I have heard it, I’m not good, I turned my head and said. I am helping someone. The daughter said, Dad, the car, the car, it is an opaque glass, look at the people? Hurry and change, I’ve went to swim. I have only started to take off the vest and go to the belt of the trousers. My daughter will have taken the top, only wearing a breast, because the summer is getting off. When I was taking your pants, my daughter had taken off the skirt, and a small trip is exposed to my eyes. I have to say that I have no idea, it is impossible, I am my own daughter, but still a woman what.

My penis has been uncontrolled, I blocked my own crotch.

The daughter has turned over the body to pick up the bag of swimsuits on the back. I obviously saw the daughter’s eyes stealing my crotch. I have to slow down the movement, my daughter has taken the swimsuit, put it on the legs, turn it back to me, my father helped me unlock the brass. I had to help her untied her, and my daughter has been holding the breasts.

Throw the bra on the back seat, a pair of unclear breasts in front of my chest, I had to turn over the body, facing the window of the window, but the reflection of the window is clearer. The small wind red nipple has been slightly raised, and the eyes of the daughter are secretly embarrassed. Then the daughter began to take off his underwear, the finger picked up in the back seat on the side of my head.

I can’t control it in the reflection of the window, and I can’t see anything, only some black appearances. Then the daughter began to wear swimsuit, while said, Dad didn’t swim swimming pants. I had to turn over and took my pants and started to take off my inhand. This cock has been sailed.

I had to take swimming trunks to change, I saw my daughter’s eyes stared at my penis. Change the swimsuit, but I can’t go down, because the cock is half hard, how can I go, I have to say to my daughter, go to swim, I will go. The daughter looked at my crotch and said, my father, I went to the car in the water.

When the daughter came down, I was slightly calm. The cock was not hard, and I packed up the car inside, took out a big bag to put clothes and water bath towels. I raised the bag and lock the key into the bag. A hand is holding a bag to the sea. Find a good location, there are very few people, and it is a little more than a little, put the bag, I looked at the daughter in the sea, like a small dolphin.

I also entered the sea and swim to my daughter. Although it is not very deep, I am also worried about my daughter.

I swim to protect her around my daughter. The daughter swims to me for a while, and it will be far away again. I have to follow my daughter too far.

I still told her not to swim too far. Slowly, I am far from the shore and my daughter, I have seen the face of people in the shore. Subsequently, my daughter diving, I am anxious to swim, and I feel that my legs have been hugged by a pair, I know that this is a daughter who is moving with me, it is not nervous. Slowly step on the water, then the daughter exposed her head, smiled.

I followed her tightly, because I have been offshore, and the water is already very deep. Although the technique of swimming is very good, it can’t be too far away. My daughter sneaked into the water, I felt my daughter’s hand, my ass. Subsequently, I feel that the cock has hit it.

I already know that it is definitely a daughter deliberately. I am not good to say. Waiting for the daughter to go to the water, I found that the daughter smiled, but the face was red. I don’t know what daughter uses me, I don’t know if she is intentionally or unintentionally. I have some doubts to watch my daughter.

Although I didn’t speak, my daughter also felt. The father’s face was red, and then he said, my father was tired, swim. I have to swim to my daughter, my love and angry look on my face. The daughter looked at me and followed my arm.

I had to swipe the sea, and I feel the full chest tightly on my arm.

I then said, who made you travel so far if I don’t follow more. My daughter pretended to watch me saying that my father is not followed, if I don’t swim out so far? I had to drive my daughter while marking the sea. In fact, you will swim, do so, don’t feel tired and dangerous.

Tour a few times, I found that my daughter was closer. Almost moved, kissed my face, I turned to see my daughter, my daughter is watching me, and then my daughter is sorry, I suddenly close my face, I said, my father is really handsome. I have no way, my daughter spoiled, what can I say. I have only don’t look at her. I am taking care of the water, my leg occasionally touches my daughter’s body in the sea. The daughter also draws the water, and my arm is holding my arm. The breast keeps rubbing my arms. I am in a mess, with my heart, the following dicks are slowly hard. The daughter is like a friction that is deliberately non-stop, and the abdomen below does not stop my thigh. When you swim to the place where you are shallow, I have no way to go up. I have to stand there with my daughter, here to travel here. My daughter looked at me surprised that I didn’t go to the shore?

I said, I will go up. I look at the tour. My daughter watched me for a while, I had to play again. Time is very fast, there are some dark days, let those who may have played a long time slowly scattered.

I have no few people on the shore. I shouted my daughter and said, almost, I also went home. My mother has already made a good job. The daughter swims to me, holding me, saying that she will play for a while, I have to promise her. The daughter put the legs on my waist in the water, holding my neck, got on my face, smiling, watching me said, Dad, I am willing to play with you.

While talking, while the butt is shaken up and down on my waist, with the rocking my cock hard. Top of the daughter’s butt, the daughter stopped shaking, and her eyes looked at my back.

Subsequently, it seems to try the same top and down, the first shocking, sitting directly in my dick, my daughter has a little panicked, and then sit down and sit down, I slowly touched my dick, I don’t know what to do. As the daughter is moving up and down, the daughter’s butt is sitting on my dick, getting down. It is very uncomfortable to get me. And my daughter also took the head on my shoulder, I couldn’t see her face, but her daughter’s back is already red.

I can’t help it, I have to hold my daughter’s waist in the water, I want to control her shake, but my daughter seems to rub my dick with me, more force to rub my dick. And this is not as simple as shaking, and I have no way to say daughters. I don’t want my daughter to make a lot of courage.

Although it is in the sea, I can feel the dry heat of my daughter’s body. I and my daughter are so stimulated in the sea, and the warm sea is more stimulating the body. My hands don’t naturally touch my daughter’s chest, my daughter is on my shoulder, I can hear the daughter’s low snoring, and the daughter’s body seems to have the same hanging on me.

The daughter is already parked in my cock, my hard cock is on the top of the daughter’s vagina.

Only one or two layers, I can feel the hot. And at this time, I was a little lost, and I pushed some daughters a little, and we both face each other. The daughter’s eyes are blurred, and the squat is.

I took my daughter’s lips, my daughter immediately embarrassed my kiss. It has taken care of people who have passed over the shore. Because I can’t see the face, I didn’t have a scruple. Kiss with her daughter. My hand also extended to her daughter’s swimwear to caress the delicate breasts, and the little nipple has been hard to stand hard under my fingertips.

After all, it is in the sea, I feel almost, I will attach it to my daughter’s ear, let’s go back to go back?

The daughter immediately agglomerate immediately. I and my daughter took my hand on the water and walked on the shore. There are no a few people on the shore, I found a big bag, take the car key from inside. Let’s go to the car with your daughter.

The daughter is just behind me, and my dick is still very hard, I have to block my front with the bag, and come to the car with my daughter. Open the door and didn’t go up, because the sun was irradiated, the car was very hot, the car was started, opened the air conditioner, and released the hot air in the car. After a while, I went to the car with my daughter, and my daughter wiped the water bead on the bathrobe.

I also took off swimming trunks in the car, and the dick is still a little hard. The daughter of this will have not started to change clothes, but embarrassed to dodge. I didn’t say anything. Also waiting, my daughter has not changed clothes, I have to say, my daughter is not ready to change clothes?

At this time, the daughter twisted and started to take off the swimsuit. I looked at the daughter’s full breast, the nipples were still standing upright, I know why didn’t go wrong. I watched my daughter’s yin, where didn’t be too many people. Although her daughter is very sticky with me, I didn’t see where my daughter’s yin is. Daughter quickly changing clothes. I also drove to the home, because there were three missed calls on the phone left in the car, that is my wife and wait for us to eat. I didn’t want my daughter to do anything because I know what daughter knows. Just a little dull, my daughter looked outside the window, did not dare to see me, I opened the car and opened music. There is a lot of an awkward atmosphere in the car. I quickly returned home, my wife gave a few words, I quickly rinsed out, I have eaten dinner.

After the meal, the daughter was well-behaved returned to their room to learn, I was sitting on the couch and looking at TV. After going to bed that night, I jealousy my wife once, my wife is somewhat surprised to say so fierce. I don’t talk, just use a variety of postures to play my wife, my wife also enjoys me. Finally, I am tired, that night’s sleep is very good. The next day, my wife was at home during the day, my daughter got school. Night, wife night shift. When I was waiting for ten o’clock, my daughter I took back school gave my daughter. After eating, the daughter has a little panic, hurried back to their own room. I packed everything. Sitting on the sofa and looking at TV, it will have been twelve in midnight.

I had to go to the daughter’s room, knocked into the door, my daughter agreed, after pushing the door, found that the daughter wearing pajamas and packed the book appliance. I have packed my daughter in the past, and I quickly packed up, I turned away. But my daughter hit my waist behind, her face was on my back. I feel hot in my face. I am not moved, just standing there, let the daughter hug.

Waiting for one, I saw her daughter and I couldn’t help. I had to turn my body and looked at my daughter’s face. How did you? The daughter didn’t dare to look up at me, but I came over and kneelted in my arms. I also have lost, I don’t know what to do.

I said whispered with my daughter, I went to turn the light. My daughter listened to me, and it was obedient that I was in my arms.

I went out to turn all the lights, returned to the daughter’s room, my daughter sat on the bed, and also closed the indoor lamp, leaving only a study of the table lamp. I walked over the end of my daughter, I looked at my daughter’s shoulder, asked whispered, what happened to her daughter? Do you have anything to say to Dad? The daughter did not speak with her head, and both hands were stirred together.

Half leaning on my arms. I have to say that myself said, is it adolescent, is very curious?

I really want to know what is going on between men and women? My daughter nodded, I asked again, then did you have a boy who chased you in school? The daughter looked up at me to say, some, I just felt that they didn’t understand it, and I cried them.

I asked them? How many boys are chasing? My daughter nodded said that the daughter is so good, how can people chase less? I immediately said, I don’t want to talk to love, I am still small, learn is important. The daughter looked at me said, I know, just …

Said that he was stopped here. I watched her daughter waited for her to continue, but her daughter was not saying, and she kept him again in my chest. I asked again, didn’t you say it? When I continued to ask, my daughter turned her body, pushed me into her bed, and my daughter squatted on me, said in my ear, I said, Dad is not a joke, I certainly promised Tao, 妳 is my daughter, from small to big, my father does not answer? Let’s talk.

Daughter he hesitated and said, I also want to try the feeling between men and women, but those students I hate them. There is no interest in them, and I really want to try it again. When the daughter said, when I dreamed, my dreams were actually Dad. So I know that I like Dad. So I am only that day …

It is what happened to the sea that day. I looked at the daughter’s body and feel the pureness. While asked with the back of the daughter, then asked, what did the daughter want to make Dad do? The daughter shy in my ear, I said, I still want to do the same day.

I know that this is a daughter’s youth. If you still do that day, you feel sorry to your daughter, but think about this beautiful daughter is touched by other men, my heart is full of unwillingness and unwilling.

I hesitated in my heart, but my hand didn’t stop, I have been trying to take my daughter’s back, and even I have already touched it on my daughter’s little butler.

The daughter has already made a slight embarrassment, although not sustainable, but that occasionally can’t hold it is still very tempting. I am a heart, thinking that as long as the bottom line is nothing. And my daughter has this need, then I will do bad people. It is better than those bones to understand. In case, it is not more than the daughter. So I turned to put my daughter down, my daughter was also well-behaved, I leaned over, starting with my daughter, kissing, kissing, my hand also extended to my daughter’s pajamas to caress Full breast. The finger is slightly twisted with her daughter’s nipple, with my twisting, my daughter’s nipple has been hard.

I kissed, while the daughter’s pajamas buckle was unlocked. I also started to get the daughter’s breasts, the tip of the tongue is gently squat around the daughter’s nipple, and the daughter’s snoring has been big.

And the legs have begun to twist, occasionally get to my dick, my dick is also hard. Every time I encounter it, I will hesitate, I will eat my daughter’s nipple, my daughter suddenly sent a snoring …

I shake it. I know this is the daughter first being caressing and eating nipples. I slowly caress your daughter, and I will not be able to do this.

Just let the daughter enjoy this feeling. The daughter’s little hand has tried to touch my dick, although clothing, but I can feel clear. One of my hands also stretched into my daughter’s underwear, touched her daughter’s cashmere, a circle, a circle, pressed his daughter’s hairy. The daughter is shaking …

I asked my daughter and comfortable? The daughter screamed very comfortable with trembling voice, very strange. I said this is the caress for sexual love between men and women. To come slowly. Can’t be impatient. The daughter said, as if there is some things that come out. I told the daughter to say that it is a love liquid. Before making love, this love solution is needed. Only enough love, the man’s penis will not hurt when entering the vision. It is lubricating. Saying my hand to my daughter, where is the little, feels slipping in the outside.

My finger is slightly dying, my daughter’s clitoris, my daughter is more trembled, I will caress, tell my daughter saying, this is the daughter’s clitoris, touching the clitoris, you will be like this, shaking, Is it very comfortable? My daughter responded. My finger touched her daughter’s lips, and I feel that my daughter’s labia is not a big kind, but it has become very thick.

I know this is because the congestion caused will be like this. Looking at the daughter comfortable, my daughter is also on the daughter’s hut bone, each time moving the arm will slight over my dick, I know that the daughter wants to touch my cock, just may be afraid or Shy, it will touch this. I am still struggling in my heart, I don’t know if it is a daughter, I have to let my daughter enjoy caress.

My finger is in the clitoris of my daughter, so that my daughter has a more accomplished. Continuous stimulation also makes daughters a climax at a time. I feel almost the same, I took the hand out. Take it with a tongue to add a nipple, of course, I don’t dare to be too hard, I am afraid that my daughter can’t stand it, but it hurts her daughter.

I have kissed my daughter again, these just let my daughter sang from the climax. Because I still have a reason, let me not do it. I am not kissing my daughter, just saying that my daughter is comfortable, it’s too late, it will sleep.

I have to go to school early, my daughter stared at my neck, kissed my lips, spoiled, tonight, I slept with my father, my father said, I slept. I certainly can’t agree, because I will go to my own pistols for a while. I am also uncomfortable, but I am embarrassed to talk to my daughter. I have to tell my daughter, if I don’t agree, I will not help her in the future. Daughter had to give up.

I told my daughter to get some paper towel to wipe it, or if you have secreted prostitutes, the daughter is well-behaved. I then got a daughter’s room.

Hurry up in your own room. The daughter also got up and took the bathroom to clean himself. After the daughter returned to her room, I went to the bathroom. I recall my daughter’s body, my daughter’s hair, the cock has been hard. I quickly play a pistol. I was relieved after I was awkward.

Natural things I don’t have to tell my daughter not to tell her mother. Because the daughter is not a child. Nature knows what should I don’t say.

This is also a small secret between my daughter. Life is so flat. After half a month, when a wife was a night shift, I was caressing again with my daughter again. At the end of the daughter satisfied. Of course, I have always controlled my last defense line. If you don’t go to your child, you will not be something big, this is the reason I have been comforting yourself. More tacit understanding between my daughter, even when my wife is at home, my daughter will occasionally find a chance to kiss me. Although I tell her not to do this, but my daughter in Spirit I can’t resist. Every time you have to make your daughter.

When I was caressing, my daughter was not so nervous, occasionally isolated my panties to touch my dick, which is also what I didn’t blind her. When I was over, my daughter stared at my neck, the small son said, my ear said, my father I want to touch it …

I don’t want to agree, but my daughter is holding my neck. Finally, I had to surrender, my daughter stretched into my underwear, very careful to touch my cock, I feel a lot of fur, it may make her small hand itchy, say whisper, Dad is there. a lot.

I don’t know how to tell my daughter. I don’t talk, the last daughter got up and took my underwear, under the light of the lamp, carefully got my dick. This will be a little sorry. After all, it is your own daughter, not a big age. I reached out to block my daughter’s little hand, but my daughter stubbornly moved my hand and started to gently. While clumsy, the little dad is so big here. I don’t talk, my daughter is also talking, while carefully fighting my dick.

I also flipped my testicles and looked carefully. Finally, I can’t stand it, I am so busy, saying almost, I should sleep. I quickly returned to my house. When the daughter cleaned up her body, I came in to come in the bathroom and I could not vent some fire.

Occasionally, such a love, I am talking about it, I have control yourself not to do a daughter, I know if I want to do it, my daughter will not be opposed. Because the daughter also occasionally, I asked me when I didn’t have anyone. What really did you like? I can’t say that daughter can’t be like this, because my daughter is still studying, I don’t want to be because of this in the future. Because more and more times, let the daughter dare to say anything.

And often, let me have more than more bottom lines with my daughter. Among you caress, I use the tip of the tongue to teach the daughter’s clitoris, use the tongue to pick it up from the vagina, let the daughter more experience another taste. And I also let my daughter began to get my dick. In the initial blowjob, I was very painful to be daughter.

And my daughter is also more and more, I have learned how to eat my dick, I also shot a semen in my daughter’s mouth. The daughter did not disappear, but all eat it.

Of course, those who have flowed out in the daughter’s vagina are also eaten every time I have been eaten. Because of the virgin, each prostitute does not have the taste of the prostitutes that have flowed out such a wife’s vagina, the opposite is not, only some faint savory. It took more than three months from the initial caress to the mouth.

In winter, in a caress, my daughter let me rub the daughter outside her yin, let me shoot delicate to the daughter’s vaginal door, I know there is nothing, I will not pregnant, because my daughter’s virgin, I did not destroy . Once an caress, finally in the past year, my daughter had a day before the next day, my wife was still unfamed at home.

In the caress of daughters, I didn’t control myself. In fact, I have a good impression in my heart, I know that I often do this, I will take my daughter one day later. The love of that night, picking each other. Finally, when the daughter made me friction in her vagina, my daughter was deliberately moved, my daughter took it in, and my daughter had twitched it, but did not avoid it. Just because you hurt, you dare not move.

I know that I broke my daughter’s wit, and I know that my daughter deliberately made me fuck in. I can’t blame my daughter. I thought that it was already done, then I took the daughter that night, my daughter also couldn’t comfort it.

Waiting for the daughter’s vagina, not because the hymen is broken. Almost a time, a daughter is not going to talk to me. And the daughter’s breasts also become more in my long-standing caress. Even when she is resting, I will go to my unit to find me. And I have my own office location in the unit.

There is no leisurely person, because it is the place where the warehouse is, very few people. This is also the reason for my daughter to find me, and occasionally make love with me in my office. I don’t know what to do for my attachment, I will tell my daughter when I don’t have anyone, don’t do too much. Don’t delay your boyfriend. Otherwise, others will definitely suspect. Although I often love, I didn’t let my daughter pregnant. Until my daughter came to a good university, it was only to break this relationship with her daughter. After four years, the daughter did not go home immediately, and the city was studying in the city. Occasionally, always find a chance, let me make love with her.

I know that this is not good, but I will fail every time my daughter spoiled.

I don’t regret it for something to do with my daughter. Already done, then say something regret, it is a matter. I did it, it was my daughter, I don’t want her to be hurt by others, then hurt her, let me do it.


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