The first time in life often occurs in the most unexpected opportunities.

Time is the last class at the end of the semester of the third year. I will choose the course in the big new class. Oh, no way, usually don’t work, I almost have been in the first year, now I have the same group of school girls. The result is also the thick face and the school girl quarrel …

“Study, yesterday we didn’t have to say to the report first? This weeks went to the yeah”, the school sister Yun Jun was full of angry, and the eyes were looking at me.

She is about my little bit, but she is a small pepper, and the personality is straight;

Sometimes too much, I really want to let me face her one.

Yun Jun stayed with a short hair, the whole person is the big tone of the big tone is also high, the yellow short t and Danning shorts, a pair of shoes, the whole is the simple style, the whole is a little girl. However, the sound of my face is not easy at all.

“What is it! Last week I made this week to do this week, I have said it! The result is oh?” She held the small chest, and “Teacher just met the whole class. It is ugly, The expression that is not a matter next to it! Harm I stood in the middle of the middle as a flyer! “

I didn’t want to be a bird. Now I am more close to the voice, the more the sound is followed by the more harsh: “I thought that my face was like a temperament. As a result, what? What is it? How is it now? Ah! “

I also finally followed it back: “What? What? Is it a big reverse than the sound?”

For her face, it is a bleak. “I accidentally slept my head yesterday, and I didn’t but I deliberately became a teacher!”

After I finished, I got my hair and my hair continued. “” Anyway, I will definitely, what is the fierce? Can you learn this attitude?

I just came in a year, I didn’t come, I am three, respect, respect the two words, will not write? “

Yun Jun first was shocked by my back, and then sent it: “Sister ~~~ Do you have a school sister to have a school sister!? Digging hole and Jessica jumped, we two Have you hatred?

It is obviously a problem, and the face is that kind? “

Bihumi turned: “Jessica talks!”

Compared to the birth of Jun, Jessica is almost entirely the opposite mold.

There is a long-haired long hair with a photo, from time to time, I rarely hear her, but does not represent her good bully; relative, her pair of frosty eyes, and indifferent expressions often let Others in the class is far from her. There is such an indifferent personality.

Her dressing looks with her people who don’t take it: often the exterior wind to school, don’t say, today wear two sides of the straps, low-cut rice, waist, tie, big bow waist, lace side thigh socks And black high heels, a mysterious feeling of sputum. From the side of just she stood, keep consistent silent style, but both eyes did not leave me from the end, this is actually a little scared.

“Everything happened,” finally, crisp, “That’s it.”

After that, she turned and walked out of the classroom, leaving the small-hearted man’s hit, standing here.

She ran out and returned to me with a cut throat. I didn’t give it to my weak return.

The last class ended, the men and women of this class packed up and slowly walked out of the classroom.

I am sitting on the chair and brushing the phone, I don’t hurry. Just quarreled, let me consume my strength, I have to take a break. Today, I only wear the weather, I only wear a white small coat, which is a little cute in the neck strap, (anyway, there should be no people to see), a leopard mini skirt, white nude long leg cover Double-toe is high.

The gradually classroom is empty, and the original embarrassment in the whole building also tends to be flat.

“I didn’t expect it so late.”

The belly feels that it is hit by one of them, and it is shocked by “Torked Tour”!

I am “呜!”, Black, fainting in the past.

It is slow to turn around, I found yourself in the classroom, different, I was tied to the desk chair in the rope, both hands were tied to the back of the chair, and the height is still tied to the feet, but the two legs are each tied Open in the legs. The underwear did not know when it had been faded, lost on one side, white small coats were gone, leaving only striped little cute and leopard mini skirt still.

“She woke up” came to Yunjun’s voice, turned her head, she and Jessica were standing next to me, ready for something.

I am angry with panicked: “Jessica! School girl! What are you doing? How can I take electric battalion? I tied me on a chair?”

“Hey this little girl, today you have to teach, or you will learn forever.”

“Hey … What is it?”

Yun Jun took the kinky smile and I was tied to the chair. I slowly went close, I was inexplicably afraid.

“No, don’t ………….

“Hey! Hey, hey ~~!”

It seems that this kind of damp heat in my mouth is, she smashed out, and the eyes of the fire stared at me. I had a few laps, and I took out her wet. Refers to rude and inserted in my mouth.

“咕呜! 呜呜! ~~ ~~ 吮 … 吮 …”

“Women, give me a good!”

“Hey! Hey … Hey … Hey … Hey! ….

But she just laughed two, and slapped “Hey!” Greet my face.

“It’s arrogant!” I finished her “啪!” And two slaps, I played my eyes Venus.

“It’s not usually very loved to fit temperament. Mom took it to this like this is just as good as the slave!” Jessica looked at Junjun to me. Jun Jun grabbed my hair to pull up, I hired again, pulling the hair, squatting on my face, putting her usual anger in my little face: ” By! Dead goods! Fucking mother! The old lady does not kill, kill you! Hey! “

Jessica came over, holding my straps, generous, gently throwing, my 30E big milk is revealed. She held my left milk right hand, playing up and down.

I have never been sent to the chest by a woman, and the chicken skin is all coming.

She pinching my nipple in her face, hard to pull! I suddenly hurt myself: “Hey !! Well 呜哼! ….”

Seeing me so much, Jessica las more vigorous, grabbing my nipple, keeps left, right, left, left, left, squatting.

“Call! Cell! Is there a quasi-called ?!”

Jun Jun grabbed my head, spitting the water on my face, I was miserable, Jessica became controversial, took out the iron ruler to start shooting my E milk, “batch! Batch! ! “The iron ruler hit the hot pain on the tits, but she repeated ruthless pat, ignoring me crying and sultry, as if I am not a personal, just a tool that let her vent.

In this way, I was stronger by the two legs on the chair. I was turned into a chaos by their two. I didn’t have a black and numb. I have already gone. I haven’t perplemeated. Jun Jun began to move bad brains. I am below the skirt, it is stretching, pinching my yin nuclei, harming me “哼 哼! 咕呜 咕! ….”

“The original school sister is only such a sensitive sow.”

Junjun despised the next sentence, let go of his shorts – I saw it: I was a pseudo-mother!

Bring a big one below! It’s straight to the two round and full of pills, shaking, it is ready to go in front of me.

I am really afraid of this. Who knows the short-term primary school girl who sees in class every day, it is actually a male pseudonym! ?

I have never touched this kind of thing! If I have been tied to the chair, I have already escaped, but now I am not tightly tiered, but I still have a pseudonym that is opened by the pseudonym. I don’t seem to be like this. Come to save me!

At the same time, when the fake girl is holding her meat, the cold-blooded Jessica walked to my back, and I was hard to pull me. “Hey! Do you!?” I ignored my crying, she grabs my head, coveted with saliva in the mouth, dripping the dripping, I am a metamorphosis.

I am now alive, I can only be forced to drink her fine saliva in the small mouth, unwilling to write on my face.

Then she sticked to kiss me, launched a female tongue, and the slippery tongue is a flexible loach, there is everywhere, no hole is entangled, and I will take my little tongue, and I am sucking and licking. Oh, 咕呜! Um huh “sullen.

Really, my wife is unexpected, the appearance of the beautiful girl in the iceberg, is actually a unclosed metamorphic lesbian, using this near-rape, is hard to live, let me only succumb to her. Her wild tongue puts the hot desire to my mouth.

“Did you use the sow that useless,”

Fighting, the pseudo-mother is finished, the pseudoline glans will stand straight straight to the soft labie, and go back to look back, “Let’s see if you are not used as yours.”

It’s quite a tall, I’m too dry! “

My God, how do you suffer this! In an instant, the pupil is extremely large, the body bow is up and down, and the mouth is constantly “呜 」呜” in the mouth, even the toes are tightly clamped, they must die!

The pseudo-mother who is compacted by the appearance is straight to the big chicken. How is it? ? Hey ~ “… 喔 … 喔恩恩 ….”

Pseudo-Niang Jun seems quite satisfied with my tightness, closing your eyes and enjoying her pleasure, the thrill inside me, the low sounds, the severity of the breath: “Still full, … 喔 … 喔 this mother Not bad, hey! “

Only, the waist began to push me, a slow, one after, one after, in this way, she is welcome to use the meat stick to smell the honey honey. I didn’t pull out again. It’s really better!

“滋 滋 ~~ 滋 滋 ~~”

“Hey! ~~ … … 咕! 咕呜 ~~” The big chickens hit my butt madly drums.

“Just say that you are a lazy sow, smashing my lazy sorrow,” I feel that I can’t stop people, I feel that she vents every other angry in me, it seems to give me Danasonic will not leave my body today.

Poor me, I can ban this size of the meat with this wild anger, in a few minutes, the small hole is wet and open.

“滋 滋 … 趴 … 滋 滋 … 趴 趴 …”

“咕 咕! ~ 呜! ~ 哼哼 ~~ .. …”

“Dry this garbage mother pig, call again, pigs call!”

“Hey! ~~ 呜 ~~ fizz ~ fizz ~ 咕 ~ ~~”

“In addition to the age of two, when I was two years old, I was only a prostitute sow that I didn’t use from the top, I didn’t hear it? The garbage pig, the garbage chicken on the mother of her mother. Hey! “

Just when I was dried and crying, Jessica finally left me the wet and hot breath of the wet and hot water. From her, she took out a feet behind him. It turned out to be a fox tail, I saw it. I quickly ask for mercy: “Don’t! Please! Don’t take it next! Jessica sister! Just ask you, don’t use the stuff me!”

She is cold as glacial eyes swept away, “Now I will call my sister?” Disddika, “I have a long time with Yunjun already hit, I finally arrested the opportunity to get rid of us, I feel, seek I am useful? “

“Hey! Hey! Jessica sister! I know is wrong, I should not put the shelf for the school girl …”

Haven’t finished it, I have been interrupted by her: “Close you of the sow! Every day, we will wear such a moon school. If you want to seduce the man? You don’t only owe the man, and I owe my woman!”

Said, she spitted the water in the hand, rubbed my ass, a damp heat, the feeling made me uncontrolled chrysanthemums. I’m finished! The portal is open, what should I do! ?

“Hey! I admit that I am a mother pig! I am a little sow! Please! If you are in your hand, don’t go to me, there is something! 呜」

After being sent before and after the fake girl, I made the effort to breathe her. What kind of school sister, what is high and picked up, and it has been completely waters here, only a poorly decorated expression in front of her. However, her eyes have always been cold, and the side of my eyes, the tail of the hand pushed it in this soft chrysanthemum.

“Please don’t say anything else.

My tragic screaming became a series of intermittent, soft inductors, so that the chrysanthemum was, I could only feel that the things that didn’t pity and pitted jade stuffed.

Sensitive chrysanthemums are suddenly inserted by foreign objects, and I am in the body like electric shock, and the two legs actually go to clamping the waist of Yunjun. This will let her have fun, hold my legs around me. Unscrupulous makes the big 屌 啪 我.

“Don’t face the sow,”

The pseudo-mother is on the long legs, the meat is full, the juice is free, the use of the juice, “Dry death! Hey! Uh! Uh, 哼!” Her angry does not seem to reduce her anger Increase, with the original sexual desire, to explode in my sister.

The anal plug in the asshole was dried up, up and down, slenty, I have not had any resistance ability, and I can’t miss it. I am raped or started. I only know that the hole is getting sneakers, the anus is fast Pooled, the peristaltic sound in the intestines made me surprising, so that I was going to go, it was likely to get the analus, how can I happen! ?

I do not want! But what can I do? The two legs are nearing soft, both hands are still tied to the back of the chair, only the mouth can move, I have to try again to let Jessica let me go.

“J … Jessica,” with the eye makeup that has already been crying early, I am pitiful: “people … people’s chrysanthemums can’t help, ask for help, I am so cool. Can you be good? “

After she heard it, she used her eyes to show that she was going to make my meat, let me. Touting me, she knew that I didn’t fagate it at this time, so I put the soft, I lie on the table, so I lay down in the sky now, and the two legs hung along the table. .

She came over, put the underwear from her short skirt, faded on the next desk, and the cold eyes were exposed directly to my face: “Sil’s sow, you can figure it out,”

On the side of the side of my cheeks, I was squeezed into the middle, “I am already so cool today, but since this mouth can also use …”

Brigade, she actually rogue, the whole person sat up to my face, a butt buried my petite face, this bad, I can’t talk, even the breathing can only be small mouth!

“Serve me, please woman with this mulberry.”

Jessica is welcome to sit down to my face, until the finish face is buried in her ass, my nose is dying is going to her ass, the little lips are tight. Tight on her labi.

“Still not start !?”

She grabbed my hanging hair hard, I didn’t choose, I didn’t have a choice, my mouth opened his tongue to top her little lips, come back and fell to her.

“Hey, this is right, the scorpion, give the old lady,” riding the buttocks on my face, the front and rear grinding my face, the more the arc, the bigger, I was buried almost no Breathing. I had to cater to her ass, the tongue is full of full stickers, and I will lick.

“Fizzing … .. … 呜 … …”

“The smelled sorrow, hey, very good, right, all the tongues are drilled in, grace, 喔 … 喔 … 嗄, cool, …”

She directed that she was serving her under the pussy. “Oh ~~ God ~~ Very good ~~ 妳 This is still quite skillful, grace ~ don’t stop ~ 舔 ~ Continue ~ eat My chicken, give me a clean ~~ “

The lascivious water of a wave begins to flow full of face, oh, hate, how can I use people as a mouthful of dolls, but also get messy, mad!

At this time, Yunjun returned to me, grabbed my two legs, and I broke it again, and the cock once again entered the soft lips I exposed outside. Jessica is sitting on my face, pinching my nipple, two of them face-to-face, a ride on my face, I have a tongue.

“JESS ~ 咕 咕 ~~ 咕 咕 ~~ 喔 ~~ ~~ ~~ 吸 ~ ~~” “Wonderful ~~ Jun ~~ Love ~~ Uh, ~~ Cool ~~ It’s so cool to be Eat 舔 舔 ~~ “

“La ~ 吮 ~ ~ 吮 吮 ~ 舔 吃 ~~ I didn’t expect students to use it ~~ Kiss ~ kiss kiss

“Well ~~ Well ~~ 咿 咿 喔 ~~ She is not a sister ~ she is just only a sow ~ Well ~ kiss ~”

“To 喔 ~ Kai Ting Sister This death does not have a broken broken child ~~ Jun Jun ~ I will die, she wants to vent it in her mouth ~ kiss ~”

The two metamorphosis, such a doing a small mouth, a rape, and faced to face the salty damp dialogue with a salivate dialogue, it seems that these tricks and moves they have already made tens of thousands of times, and then naturally.

After a long time, the pseudo-naughter Yangjun has been in front of it, pinching my nipple, the meat is in my body with a slutty gesture rapidly and manifest: “Oh ~ 唔 ~ JESS … I am shot in the sow! Can’t work NS!”

I hurriedly squeezing the mouth, how can I shoot me! ? I want my pregnant pseudo-mother! ?

“Don’t! …

“Shut up, scorpion!” The two slaps is in my shake tits.

“No! Please don’t help ….” The words have not come, and Jessica sat more tightly in the whole butt. “Jun Jun, come,” she used the hot tone, “all shot this not faceless sow.”

Only just finished, I felt that the pseudo-mother wet heat was saved. I know she is shot.

Sure enough, she was closed by her eyes, whispered: “Go … Go!”

Big cock began to scrate with me, the glans contracted, shake, a burst of hot rinning is like a flood, and I am like a broken dam, I can only let her ruthless Perfusion, collapse.

Jessica holds the face of Junjun, and the appearance of the inxication of her closed eyes is shaking in her hand, just like the wonderful artwork in the ornamental pieces, but did not pay attention to being buried under her labipings. Poor I am helpless.

After a long time, Junjun finally vented it, withdraws out my body, sitting next to the chair to rest.

“The woman, now I have to change me.” Jessica grabbed my double breast pain, I am screaming, “Give me the power! The old mother … the old lady is going! Ah ~ Cool ~ Ah 喔 …”

In the metamorphosis, she threatened me, I had to speed up the tongue, using the technology I usually help the men in her, deep, shallow, deep, shallow, mouth, tongue, come, come Back back and repeatedly woing her wet unlocked herklips.

Finally, “sows, give me a mouth, oh, 喔 喔 喔 ~~~ !!!

She is domineering, the legs are called, the legs are in my face, the salty destiny begins to blow in my mouth, like a barrel of salt, fell to the throat, but I don’t escape the space, I can only be 咕咕The whole belly is full.

“Very good, ah, ah ~ great … don’t stop, give me a good suck! Ah ~ Oh!”

She is happy while enjoying the climax, grabbing my tits, the strength of my milk is getting bigger and bigger, the outbreak of the prostitute did not stop, and touched my throat.

I am pitiful, I can’t swallow, I have to spit it, I can’t help it.

Finally, after a few minutes of my face, she slowly climbed the desk, looked at my eyes on the eye, the whole body had a miserable misery, after a few seconds, “咕呜 !!” start mad The hair and faces of vomiting, spit are, no longer respond.

The false mother next to it is enough, standing up and takes my stripes little cute, short skirt, small coat, leaving only underwear and high heels: “I wore this home like this today, let the passersby near all schools know You are actually just a sow that is not as good as a prostitute.

After laughing, laughing, picking up the phone, opening the hand, I am lying on the table, I took a few photos, handed it to Jessica. She took the screen to me: “Kai Ting, from now, I will need to be a slave with Jun Jun, let us use it. Until we use it for tired, otherwise these The photo was uploaded to the school website, heard? “

I nodded, I looked at them, and I went to the clothes.

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