27-year-old brother, Jiaoa Jun, I was an only child.

As the mother died young, his father remarried, so the age of 10 he sent for me to Beijing from Sichuan to take care of by my aunt, my meticulous care, treated like her own son.

My aunt was a celebrity, speaking everyone knows, she called Liu Xiaojing.

That year, her movie grass and famous ya Seoul, she was beautiful and dignified appearance in the play, demure elegance and graceful figure and beautiful conquests, later in dozens of motion picture, she is acting increasingly mature, smash hit, has not changed.

When I went to Beijing, aunt annual party 35 years old. At that time she was not married, though already famous, but because of the young, coupled with a large pool of Beijing Film celebrity, her natural position is very low, only a small room, I’m with her sleep in a bed. She is very fond of me, and I always let her sleep in a bed in.

In this way, I quickly did give parents the pain of losing freed, restored to its original innocence and lively.

The next year I started school, every night, she patiently for my lessons. Two years later, my aunt got married, I used to live in the house and I was the only one to live, I live alone in a room. And after three years, I do not know why, she and her husband divorced her husband to give her a house. I had time to find her, looked at her sullen look, she was very painful, I feel with her tears, I looked at his face tears my heart really very pity her.

One day she said to me: “Arjuna, before that house I want to sell it, Arjun, you still moved here to live with me, aunt so lonely.” The last really sell the house, and I she moved to a house to live together.

That night I slept with her. At this point, I’m 20 years old, I had grown a head taller than she, and her aunt to let me sleep in a bed, but each with a quilt.

Since then, both of us had each other, and I slowly admitted to junior, finished junior high school admitted to universities.

That year, I’m 22 years old, I was already a freshman, and the aunt also thirty-two. As a movie star, she remained dignified and beautiful, gentle and demure, it is also well-maintained, although slightly fatter than the young, but more plump ripe. Xiaojing aunt is a real woman, in addition to the movies, but also operates several companies, foreign affairs and more, very busy.

I often common she sounded sad, moan and groan, a few times I found her crying quietly shut in the house. I do not know why, always thought it was caused by working too hard. I am very distressed aunt, so do everything possible to care for her, trying to make her happy, but does not see the effect.

The past two years, I had the novelty of the opposite sex of the body, from time to time peeping aunt’s body. Especially in the summer, she was at home, wear very little, just a vest pants, but caught my curiosity. I live with my aunt in one room, sometimes when she was asleep, I quietly stand by her bed, long time to admire her beautiful sleeping position and beautiful face. During this period, I came into contact with a number of books.

Late one night, I saw she had fallen asleep, he opened a quilt, masturbation in bed together. Unexpectedly, when I let them go, she was up and urinate, and I did not know it. She walked past me, I found a bad action, but did not scold me, but stroked my face passed. I was scared to stop quickly, covered with blankets pretended to be asleep, until her back into the house, he opened a quilt to start again. After excretion, actually unconsciously because they are tired and fell asleep, nor even the quilt cover.

Straight sleep the next morning, I was in the twilight there was a warm hand caressing my Yuzhu, rubbing, pinching, very comfortable. I woke up with slightly opened his eyes, I was really surprised, turned out to be the aunt, her hands touching not only, but also with the tongue lick and suck, annexed to the mouth, into one of the.

I thought, Oh! After masturbation too tired last night, actually there is no effort to clean up the stains did not tuck;

May be found in the morning aunt, she helped me clean up. I do not understand is, why not take a towel and wipe her, and to the mouth of it? Aunt so good to me, my heart is very grateful and guilty. I think it will suffer after a scolding. So motionless continue to fake sleep, but my eyes can see, because she was obsessed with me in the middle, I can not see my eyes.

My aunt continued to clean up, she moves faster and faster, I seem to feel Yuzhu top of the head to keep her throat. I heard her breathing grew heavier, accompanied by bursts of groans. After a while, she stopped, and as I gently wiping with a towel, and then covered with blankets as I departed.

I continue to fake sleep. Until aunt called me up and eat.

When I sat next to the table, Xiaoyu smiled and asked me: “A Jun, seeing your red light, I must have a good dream last night!” I am embarrassed to look at her, her beautiful bright In the big eyes, it reveals the look of pity, joy and tide, but there is no blame. I am relieved, I am sorry to laugh, hurry to eat. Later, I found that Xiao Jing, who had fell asleep, put his hand into my quilt to calm my jade column.

I am just from the perspective of the elders, I want to think more to her.

I finally had a big event, which made me have a subtle change between the relationship between my little sister, and even say that it affects my life and affects the life of Xiaoyan.

Things happened to one night before six months.

This night, my aunt took me to drink a friend’s banquet. She is particularly happy this day, drinking a few cups, when I go home, walking is a little odor, and I sway.

I helped her on the car, in the car, she couldn’t stand, snuggle in my arms, soon fell asleep. I took the handkerchief to wipe her sweat on his face. Borrowing a weak light on the car, I suddenly found her red solo cheeks, the powder neck is low, the show is slightly closed, and it seems very moving. I can’t help but shake, I kiss it on the red cherry.

She has no reflection, I boldly kissed a while, and put the tongue into her mouth. For a long time, I put her in his arms and launched a car. This Mercedes-Benz is a little, and it is usually driving her own, and I have to come by me today. One year ago, Xiaoyan taught me to drive. I grasp the steering wheel, one hand, live her waist. Because she is unclear, if she doesn’t hug her, it will be fallen.

After getting off the bus, she is still coma, I sent her to the bedroom, let her take her bed. Who knows that she is still in a coma, and the body is on the sofa. I took her bed and let her lie down and lid her quilt for her.

Suddenly, she vomited, vomiting, even my body is also vomit. She is already drunk, and she is very deep. I had to take it on her dirty clothes for her, and use a hot towel to apply her forehead.

I didn’t pay attention to my aunt’s body, but when I helped her to remove the shirt, only three-point bikini bust and underwear, I found that she had a snow whitening, a slim and full body, skin and white, bead Yurun More charming.

I have a heartbeat, at the same time, because I also alcoholic anesthesia is reasonable, I can’t help but kiss her, kiss her pretty face, and kiss her, and then, I still haven’t woke up, I will take it off again. Her bust and trip. Looking at this horizontal, a hint of snow, I can’t slam a shining, lie down with her and lie on her. Warm and warm jade is full, smelling is a buzzard, frankincense, feeling full of elastic skin, I have a sense of impulse. Then I got up, continue to appreciate her body, leaned over, lick her breast with my tongue, and slowly move down until the yin.

When I lick her clitoris with my tongue, I entered her vagina and her mouth, her body was trembling, and my throat also made a burst. I am afraid that she woke up and stops the action.

But seeing her show is still closed, but it is muttered in the mouth: “Amu … I want … Don’t stop …, I need …” Amu is a famous director Zhang Wood, she is her The nearest lover. Once I got home, I found that she sat on his leg and hugs her kiss with him. Another time, I woke up in the middle of the night, heard her violent breath and snoring, I also made a few shouts from time to time, I started to make a disgusted dream; I got up the next morning, I saw Zhang Mu from her room. It came to the bathroom to wash your face, this only swayed: It turns out that two people live together last night.

Her two hands blindly grabbed in the air, as if I want to hug. I analyzed that her godiness is still in a coma, but the needs of physiology in the subconscious, but there is no disappearance because of drunkenness, my touch and lick have sent her sexual desire. It seems that she will not wake up.

After the aunt divorced, I didn’t get married again. She is just a young year, Qi Zi Yan Qi’s water, although there are several lovers, but they are secretly touched, after all, not their husband. So I think she is pitiful. I boldly continued to bother with her, and there were many secretions in her vagina. They were like spring water. I am excited to drop, I have been licking from the labipings, I feel that it is so good. My tongue stretched into her vagina and agitated there.

Her snoring is getting bigger and bigger, called: “Ah! I … I want! Amu … I will give it to me … Quick come in …”

I was encouraged, immediately turned over to her body, inserted the jade column into her vagina, she called: “Ah! Pain … good pain …! Amu … You are … so big …” Mandarin with her. She is tight and narrow, warm and moist, and like a suction tube, sucking her jade column.

Although I read a lot of relevant books, today is the first time I saw a woman’s naked, of course, I was inserted for the first time. I am chapped.

She started chapting, weeping, the body was trembled, and as my sports bumped up, I murmured what I murmured. Dreams like a snoring, screaming, hand dance, twisted waist arms, emotions Extremely excited. Maybe she is hard, full of sweat. Seeing her, I suddenly remembered that aunt was playing in the movie in Wu Zi Tian, ​​is such a look and action.

When I am getting faster, she is slightly closed, holding me tightly.

In less than three minutes, I felt a soft and vented. At the moment I am ejaculation, her body is also convulsted, and I hold me more vigorous. This is probably her climax arrival.

I still climbed her, and the jade column is still in her body, holding her kiss. After less than ten minutes, I found that my baby was hard, and the plum opened. Her body was originally soft in bed. At this time, it also beaten to twist, up and down, and cooperated with my action. This time I was maintained until twenty minutes.

After two climax, she fell asleep, and her face showed a happy smile.

I gently stroked her body and found her lower body and sheet of containers on the sheet. I took her to the sofa, changed a sheet, rubbing her body with warm water, and hugged her back. I want to hold her for a while, then go back to my bed to sleep. But because I am also very tired, I don’t know if she fell asleep.

two. After the embracing, I woke up the second day, I found that she was still in his arms, sleeping so sweet.

It seems that alcohol’s role is so big, she didn’t wake up overnight.

I gently on her face, kiss on the powder neck, two hands in the soft and smooth body of the tenderness.

My penis is very hard, and the desire is strong. So I opened the sheets on us, got up to flatten her body, separated the two legs, and separated her arms, the whole body became “big” font.

I put in the penis inserted in, first pumping, and then sprinting more and more.

She began to be embarrassed in my sleep, breathing urgently, and then opened my eyes.

I am shocked, I am afraid that she blame.

When she found that it was me, the eyes were flashing in a surprised color, gently greeted: “A Jun, how can you be you!”

Then, she gently brought my body with her hand, and the trembling said: “Don’t … Ajun … You can’t do this to me … don’t like this … …”

I just want to stop, although I am afraid of my aunt blame, but there is no stop.

“Hey … stop … don’t …” Her mouth continued to shout, but both hands gradually stopped, their eyes were slightly closed, and breathing became more rising. She stretched out the arms and clicked with the pillow, and the first left and right swings.

I saw her no longer opposed, and I was more vigorous.

She smashed, biting his lips, nobbed, and squatted on a layer of fine sweat, as if it was very painful. I thought she was hurting her, very guilty, stopped the action, and looked at her expression.

Who knows that she tightened my waist, still closed his eyes, yelling in his mouth: “Hey! Don’t stop … hurry … Fast … Ah … ask you to strive!”

I am confused at a time: I just didn’t let me do this, now I stopped, and she doesn’t let me stop. What is this? I analyze, I understand: At this time, she is got to be burnt and unclear, only to meet the sudden rise in sexual desire as soon as possible. She is unable to have any conscience. She only went bigger enjoyment at this time, I don’t know anything else.

I am encouraged, increase your strength, violently. Her shouts have been big. Finally, we also reached a climax.

Her body trembled, and slowly calmed down.

I gently touch her body and kissed her.

She pillow on my arm, the show is closed, and I still don’t move, like falling asleep. I took her in his arms and gently touched her hand on her back and buttocks.

She still doesn’t move, let me go up and down.

After a while, my Yupu became very hard, and she saved her body, separated her two legs, and climbed up, and continued to be happy with her. She opened her eyes, still did not blame me, no push Refused, use a strange eyes to look at me, full of shame and joy, smile, gently shake his head, gently whispered: “Naughty ghost … You … really … naughty!”

I am more exciting to sprint, the speed is getting faster and faster …

She is loud, and the abdomen is twisted with me. Soon, she came again with a climax, yelled, the body trembled. I stopped the action, hug your petiles, kiss with her. I saw it from the book. After the woman’s climax, the man can’t move again, and caress her.

Until the climax, she slowly opened the show, reach out of the tender jade arm, holding my neck, kissed on my face, whispered: “A Jun, you really have this! I originally I have always used you as a child, I didn’t expect you to be adults! “

“Aunt, are you not angry?” I am really afraid that she is angry.

She smiled and smiled, and stroked my hair, then put her pretty face gently and gently, whispered: “Hey! What is it, what is it used! However, little kiss, I really like you! “

I am excited: “Little 姨, I also like you, you are so beautiful!” After I moved her pretty face, gently kissed her, she also grabbed my neck, kissing with me. Slowly, we hug together to enter the dreams. Up to noon, we got up.

In the afternoon, my aunt met with me, my face was red, I didn’t dare to look at me. The shy look is very fascinating. I can’t help but hug her kiss several times. She is always struggling, wants to meet, seems to be afraid again. I took her to sit on the sofa, put her in his arms, and put it into her clothes in her clothes.

Her hand is gently caressing my face, and the soft question: “A Jun, do you like Xiao Yan?”

I got on her face and said, “Of course like it, I like it!”

“Do you like it today?”

“of course!”

“Do you think what is our relationship? I am your aunt! How can you happen to me … so how I will explain the sister of death!”

I can’t say it clearly: “Little, I said it, but I always feel very different. I thought it was very respectful to Xiaoyu, which is just the love of the elderly. And today, my eyes change I also regard Xiao Yan as a beautiful woman. I will always be together with you in the past, then I will generate a small bird to snuggle under the mother’s wings; now I want to touch you, kiss you. I am eager to make love with you, which will have a warm feeling with lingering. In the past, I was not interested in your body, but today, I see that every part of your body feels so beautiful. Although you are wearing clothes, I always think of the naked naked in it. “

She laughed after listening, putting me in his arms, and said a little trembling: “Wow! Ajun is really a man Han! You start to use the men’s Han’s eyes to see women! This shows that you really grow up. Before yesterday, I always always take you as a child. If a man does not want to go to bed, it is not a real man. However, you have to compare: I You can’t tell anyone, you can’t tell anyone. Because our two is a group, according to our Chinese rules, if you have sex, you will be incest. If you let others know, you can not Be a person in the world. “

I asked: “Can we do anything else in the future?”

“Why can not! I actually do not care about these stereotypes moments! I do not know why the ancients made up of many rules and prohibitions to restrain themselves, torture yourself, Why bother! I think, life is still alive, is to to what they do, which is to be desired, as long as they happy, needs can be met, on the line, no matter what they say, what to think. relationships with women, opposites attract, soon fell in love, Everlasting and hugging, kissing and even go to bed to make love, this is the person’s physical and psychological needs. I though you different seniority, age gap, but now live in one room, love each other, have sexual needs, why not continue to go on it! I did not let other people tell you, because after all, we live in China, environment, and public opinion can not scruple to do so is to deceive the public, so that we can rejoice, you say it, “I am in favor of a large table, he said:”.?. I will remember the words aunt “

After dinner, we sat in the hall sofa watching TV. The positive performance is a foreign film. Which occurs when a pair of young lovers embrace kissing shot, I was not looked at the aunt, when she was watching me.

Binocular intersection, she blushed and stood up, body twist sideways sitting on my lap, arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips, then went back to watching TV.

I saw her from time to time by hand trouserleg touching genitals and asked her how she was?

She Jiao Chen said: “It’s your last night I do not know of violence several times, that thing you thick and long, and so strong, I am following up to now still hurts!”

I feel very sorry, he let her take off pants concern to me.

She was a little coy Tuiju, but I insisted to see, he reluctantly stood up, took off his pants, climbed on the arm of the sofa, let me see. I saw there really red, then distressed with your fingers gently stroked.

Her body spasm, and said: “!.? I am sore Arjun, you play a little hot water, I have to wash all right.”

I then brought a pot of hot water, said: “! Aunt, I’ll wash it for you.”

She did not object, then climb on the couch, let me wash her vagina.

Finished, she bare lower body lying on the sofa, eyes closed. I saw this white skin, impulsively sat beside her, put her coat turned up, exposing the breast, stroked his hands up and down.

She opened the zipper of my pants, pulled out my Yuzhu be stroked, put it down. Suddenly she asked: “Arjuna, you this thing is so big, you find a soft feet me take you?”

I will stand up to her to find a soft foot.

She made me take off pants on the couch, she was kneeling in front of me for my measurements. After the amount Jiaohu surprised: “! Wow really scary yo!”

I asked: “how!”

She said: “a maximum of twenty three centimeters, four five centimeters in diameter No wonder I swelling up!!” Then, impulsively open Yingkou, red tongue out, licking and sucking, handling more than.

I was teasing her too Yinxing big hair, lifted her on the sofa, holding her kiss, Kiss the body in turn, only made waves of her body shaking, moaning reverberates.

“! Arjun, I want,” she whispered shy to tell me: “Come on!”

I said: “aunt, you there very red, then I’m afraid you hurt ……”

“Ah ……” she drawled prettily snorted, Diasheng said: “It does not hurt anymore already Well, people still want it!”

I then also eager to make love with her, he helped her to sit up, her undress. She made me obediently as she took off her shirt and bra.

I said: “We play it back to the room.”

She was holding my neck like a baby, said:. “…… not …… Well, I can not wait, here dry”

Then, she put my pants zipper pull, hand scouring out my already stiff baby, climb up and look down on the arm of the sofa, said: “From back into it.” This is the way I’ve never tried. From the back you can clearly see that an inflamed among the hidden crystal bright red.

I once again advance, but this time into very deep. She screamed exciting, but also increased my energy. Soon, she screamed to a climax, soft body on the ground.

I picked up her naked body, and walked to the bedroom. Her body is not heavy, so she does not feel heavy to hold.

Going back to the room, I can’t wait to take off my clothes and rush to her. Because I have not yet met. I looked at her legs and put on my own side shoulders. I started a violent delivery, and the climax stacked … It’s already two in the middle of the night. I still want to continue. But Xiao said: “Hey, I hurt you.” “She kissed on my face and said:” Doing love is a deep art. If you do it perfect, you will be happy. Otherwise, you will have a pain. I have many new fairy methods, I Will teach you slowly. However, don’t over, good things will hurt your body. “

I listened to her, and closed my eyes, but one hand stretched into her crisp. On the soft and firm Yufeng, it moved slowly, so that her nose made a happy call. Sound, close to the double-eyed enjoyment.

I used my mouth to gently bite the two red plums on the peak. She went to hook.

I climbed her body again. She gently pushed me. I immediately felt empty virtual, attempted to take her again.

She said: “You are not obedient, I will be angry.”

I said: “You have to listen to me, let me kiss you again.” In fact, I want to wait for her to be teased, and then continue to pay. She said: “Okay, you kiss, it is Don’t go in again! “

So, I kissed her cheeks, cherry, pink, earlobe, and moved to the towering crisp.

She breathed, but she hurriedly took my cheek and kissed my forehead: “I tried, I am really care about your health, I don’t allow you to continue, you must obey.”

“Little, don’t you want it?”

“No. You have to know that the woman’s desire is a bottomless hole. You are the people I love, even if you don’t stop with me 24 hours a day, I will not be tired. However, that is like your body damage Too big! “

I asked: “Is a little, do you have damage to the woman’s body?”

She smiled and said, “Of course, there is also. When I am happy, the woman’s body and mind are in a highly nervous state, which will be very tired. If the rest is not good, it will hurt the body. However, after all, the woman is different from the man, man When you are alive, the semen is the essence in the body, there are too many lost, naturally hurt the body. Do you understand, my careful liver baby! “

I nodded and said. I took out soft paper to wipe the stain for Xiao Yan, I want to go back to the house. Although she closed her eyes, she found me, opened the show, pulled me to the arms, said: “Don’t go, dear, don’t leave me! Start today, you still live with me Together, ok, just like a child.

Only in your arms, I slept! “

I am excited to kiss on the pretty, ruddy powder face.

I slept next to her, put her arm into her neck, holding her, face, shares. She suddenly said: “Your little thing is still so hard, I am so uncomfortable!” I extended the little hand, gently grabbed my jade column, and put into her hot spring hole. After her “”, she smiled and smiled at me: “Just put it in sleep, do not move!”

We kiss. Kiss, is a silent language, also represents the love of each other. Deep kisses, enthusiastic kiss, better than thousands of words. In the mouth, Jinlu fluid mutualstream, the streams and fountains in the warm caves are also mixed with each other!

I took her tightly. After kicking, I buried my face on her, and smelled her fragrance.

She hugged me to sleep, as the mother cares for the child, gently stroking my back muscles; when touching the ass, she pulled a single, covering my two bodies. We must not leave, almost hurt every part of the body, every inch place, just because this rubber is close to it is too comfortable!

It is because it is too comfortable.

This is a dream! Too beautiful dreams are because both parties have been satisfied, even in sweet sleep, there is still a taste of the fruit. Especially when the climax is, the moment, the moment, floating, and it is like floating in the cloud! I seem to be lying on the cloud, the hand is in contact with the body, is the skin like a skin, the smell is the fragrance of fragrance and fragrance!

I don’t know how long I have slept, I am in the harassment, I seem to have a kiss me, as if there is a soft little hand holding my jade column. I am very tireless, but I am very excited by the other party. I can’t help my handle in my dreams. First, I first touched a hot soft meat, and moved down and touched a wet. My jade pillar was joined a few more, and it has been “awkward”. “Is it comfortable?” Is a little voice.

I am like a dream, I want to refuse. In the dark, I reached everywhere, I found a naked piety lying on my body. I woke up, I know that is a little, my heart is not a move! I put my hand to a place, wet slippery, the fingers slipped in, and couldn’t help but sprint a few times, ask: “Do you feel comfortable?”

“Wonderful!” She scared and replied with his nose. She took my hand to the chest. The hand still covered with the slided water. I didn’t erase it, touch her breast, gently pinched.

I don’t have to distract into the following things, because she is more tense than me. I only concentrate on her chest, this side is pinching with her hand, there is a mouthful of squatting, making Xiao Jingyi a burst of urgency, the bed has flowed a big beach.

Xiao Jing is holding my jade column with both hands and put into his mouth.

Suddenly, I found that my jade pillar is a snake, the snake keeps sliding in the hands of Xiao Jing. Her only put the snake, and then played the snake head, and then stuffed into her mouth.

That snake is impulsive, and I have grind it in her mouth, and the sound of the water is issued.

Xiaoyan seems to appreciate it. It also loves this snake. History is not too deep, sometimes only allows the snake head to act on his mouth, sometimes only pulping it a few times. Then she will catch the wet slippery head to another place, where there are two towering hills, there is a hill ditch. Xiao Jingxi let the snake activities between this hill, a slippery, and dozens of journey. She finally became the “snake,”, sat in my lower abdomen, put the snake into a small hole. The snake was placed by Xiaobi, friction in the hole, and turned out a lot of water. I am very excited and very happy, and I also see that Xiao Yu is happy to bite the teeth. I can’t help but hold her up and down the strong double milk, and the waist is working with her, and I can’t get it. Suddenly, she screamed, the body seems to have lost their support, I went to my chest, holding me tightly, petistive.

When the waves of the climax, her body twisted, from me, lying next to me, head pillows on my arm, holding me with one hand, still tall.

I can’t help but ask her: “Xiaoyu, do you like to play a snake?”

“Of course, there is nothing more fun than the snake.” She broke the snake head of the snake, “I feel annoying any animals, only this thing is great!” Said two words, snakes To the small hole, the small hole is like a fountain, and the water is sound, I can’t help but touch it. She said: “I like it, it is because it is very obedient, touch the soft slippery, I seem to have bone, but when I go in, it is very hard, more hard than the bone, and more. What is even more is that it can be extended from a short foot or a zoom insert. “

Since then, we have a bed with a bed every day, and you will love twice every morning and evening. Xiao Jingyi is 32 years old, is a righteous tiger, the youth is strong, the demand is very large, I try to satisfy her.

I found that since we started to have a happy face, Xiao Jingyi had a smile, so sweet, like a sunny spring, and always squints. Whenever she returns home, the first thing is to hug me kiss. Sometimes, she is very tired outside, I don’t dare to disturb her, I want to let her take a break.

Because I found that she is also very hard. But she told me that the more I want to play with me, because this can make her relax, actually a positive rest.

We do that kind of thought, did not expect my aunt to pregnant, my aunt is very happy to say that I will give birth to this child, I have not married my aunt.

Later, my aunt resigned, concentrate on her own business, my college graduated, I followed her company, my daughter was also in the middle, and my aunt killed, leaving our father and daughter …

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