Yang Huayai: _____ play

Yang Yizhen: _____

Yuan Yi: _____ play

Yuan Jiangzhen: _____ play

Zhao Zhizheng: _____ play

Li Renxi: _____ play

Director: Avengers

Screenwriter: Doggone

Part 1

November’s new bamboo, although it has entered the fall, but the sun is still hung, with savory sea breeze, people feel the summer atmosphere.

A red sports car is parked on the sea with a small roadside of a wooden numbness.

It should have been walked for a long time, and the wild grass on the roadside has been full of whole track.

The owner of the car was this year, Yang Huayai, who has just been promoted to the second grade, has a good home, a family of huge land, and is a single child at home, so it is still driving on the high school era.

Holding a mixed article, although the homework is barely in the edge of the lattice, the head is very healthy, the birch, has always been a place where the girls’ eyes are gathered in various activities.

Yuan Yi, who is sitting around is a friendly friendship in Hu Qing, and the petite body has not taken off the child. It has a simple, just in the southern country girl, just a private women’s university in Taiwan. Staples the excitement of fresh people.

[Flying youth. . . ]

I saw a prey next to it. . . .

The friendship has left a good impression. After the resounding after the activity, Hu Qing put forward a request for further interaction.

“Okay, a good friend is also good.”

Although I tell myself like this, I am looking forward to it.

On October, there are a lot of holidays, sometimes you can see the days outside the holiday, two people take the hand walking in the campus.

Under the enthusiastic pursuit of birch, the relationship between the two people is very fast.

The fire is turned off, and Huqing holds the hand of the instrument.

Curled brunette on the shoulders, the cute girl in a blue white striped short shirt is hard to make people feel that people don’t feel their hearts.

The hands on jeans don’t know how to be good, feel a little nervous, but I am very happy.

Just upstairs, youthful girls, can’t wait to taste the taste of love.

“靓 …”

Birch flutches the head.

“what’s up?”

Turning your head, with a doubtful cute look. Anti-birch, panicked.

Hui Youth left hand holding the hands of the instrument, holding her shoulder right hand, no resistance.

Pull the instrument to the side of your own, although the petite figure can obviously feel the pretty development of breasts.

Low head, showing a healthy pink lip, birch is going up.

“Do not….”

The shy girl took the face over, and the birch was bite the ear of the instrument.

“I like you…”

It is like being demoniced, and the whole body feels soft and slowly lost the power.

I feel gently hot in the ear, and it is birch.


Birch green side, gently touch the soft lips.

It feels red hot, and the instrument is closed.

The hot double-lip is stunned together, although the birch is no longer fresh, but the lower abdomen changes make him clearly feel your desire.

Stroke the back ridge of the instrument, gently massage.


The back ridge is like a current, and the instrument is full of fat.

The tongue of the birch has stretched the past and chased the tip of the tongue that has been escaping.

The feeling of the body is invaded, and it is not compromised by the autonomous, and indulging in the man’s breath.

The birch hood in the breast, slowly depicts the shape of the breast in the blouse.

Stretch it from the clothes.

〔what. . . do not want. . . . . ]

Twisted a liprocked lipstick, but the wet lip is tight.

Look at the bra, it can be obviously the heart of the heartbeat.

Pull up a bra and enjoy the wonderful touch of the soft skin.

A bit hard breast, and the soft big breasts, feel a sense of sharpness.

When the finger touches the nipple, the instrument reflects a sound.

Birch kisses the white neck.

[Ceiling Wolf bites deadly throat]


The finger is left and so hard, and the left hand is moved down, and Birch is pulling down the zipper of the instrument.

“do not want!…”

Like suddenly awake, the instrument is forced to break away from the embrace of the birch, and self-esteem does not allow her to do this.

“We can’t …” like cheating, it is arrested, and Hu Qing is awkward.

Air is slowly agglomerated.

The instrument is low-headed and organized, and the light blue jeans printed a little tear.

Birch is unfair, launching engine, dazzling red sports car is fast Mercedes on East Road.

Before the red light, the sound of the low-speed operation caused a slight tinnitus.

“You’re angry?….”

Yiguan asked with an uneasy mood.

Birch did not answer.

“Are you really angry? …”

The instrument is anxious to go into the eye box.


Cold tones, wooden expressions, complex guess.

Plus the throttle, the car flew out like the arrow, the roadside locomotive knight hated the calamant. Stop the car near the station and found a dinner at home.

“You go back first.”


“I will go to the ceremony, you will go back.”

With a unfortunate heart, the instrument was sitting on the train.

Looking at the girl leaving, the birch turned to the original direction, and her face with a different smile.

Part 2

On Friday, I felt a little tired, I didn’t come back to the bedroom to rest, and the instrument was directly from the stage to the new bamboo.

In the car, there was a week of inner heart, and I thought about the words when I wanted to meet.

I have played a few times, but Hu Yanyong always did not reveal the meaning, touched a few soft nails, and let the instrument feel worried.

Even if you don’t say your handsome, there are more than a seven points or more, and the rich family background, Hu Qing is the ideal white horse in many girls. Sitting into the eye of the red sports car admire.

[I can’t give up on him. . . ]

Press a doorbell, and the sound of the birch in the walkie-talkie.

“it’s me.”

Kales the door, and the instrument will take the courage to go in.

“Birch …”

Ready to say that the word is stopped here, look at the eyes of Birch, and the yellow film is playing in the TV. The blonde woman in the screen is sitting on a huge meat stick, and the upper and lower fierce swings.

The situation is expected, the instrument is not known how it is good, the red face is there.

〔how could this be. . . ]

Birch turned the head, wearing a loose dress, it seems that today did not go to class.

When I retired, I turned back and turned and wanted to leave, and the arm was pulled back by the birch.

“What do you want to do? …” The tone of the instrument is sight.

I didn’t answer her, and the birch is hard to hold the instrument and pull down her light green top.

I deliberately dressed up before, apply a light pink lipstick, and the neck also sprinkles the perfume, and there is a fatal temptation to the man.

The lower part of the birch’s nightgown has changed significantly.

[Today, you must get her. . . ]

This thought has been turned into a week in the mind of Hu Qing.

Pull the bra, birch looks on the snow white breast.

“do not want!”

The palm is gently pressed on the breast, finger 揉 nipple.

Chasing the lips, the instrument is desperate, revealing the white throat.

Holding the birch, he smells a strong male breath, and the instrument is fainted.

“Oh … don’t …..”

Although it is a dedicated mood to Hanzhu, but it is treated with such a rough, and only the next consciousness will resist.

In the case where the waist is hugged, it is desperately escaping the lips of the birch, and the instrument is formed to fall.

The handsome hands only want to grasp what you can rely on, and I don’t realize that the man’s meat stick is. This situation is more stimulating birch.

The right hand holds the waist of the instrument, opens the legs with the knee, moves down to the left hand, deep into the inside of the thigh root.

At this time, I remembered the legs of the legs, but I haven’t come, form a shame of the horizontal man’s thigh.

The fingers clamped on the legs are in the thighs, and they are moved back to the rigid tribes.


The finger is switched along the pants of the trippers and gently rub the meat.


As is electric shock, the instrument is full of shaking.

Dip the petals, and the middle finger slow into the meat.

“do not want!….”

The instrument is surprised to twist the body to escape.

It is still a virgin meat hole, it feels very keen, even if it is a finger, it will feel some pain.

Skillful teasing, fingers slowly rub the edge of the meat, but also stimulating the meat core from time to time.

“You are very sensitive, it is already wet …”

The middle finger of the supper is shaking in front of the instrument, and the instrument is turned on.

It is difficult to imagine that the Birch will say such obscenity, and the face is revealed.

Seeing the expression of a woman’s reluctance, aroused the desire of birch conquest.


A bite, take the skirt together with a triply.

The lower body is cool, when the birch is bent down, the body is hard to open, running toward the door. But the hand just caught the door, the arm has been held by a man.


The birch hit the birch of the cabinet, and picked up the instrument.


Use it to fell in bed, take off your pajamas, and don’t wear it.

Birch Chunza is a fierce beast that is injured and disappoints the poor lamb under the body.

“I want you.”

I heard the instrument of this sentence, gradually gave up the resistance of resisting. In order to protect him, she is willing to dedicate everything, but it is not willing to in this case. . .

Birch’s solid lower body, between the legs of the instrument.

“Don’t … I have never …..”

Wearing the man with a man with his hand and rub his face.

Suddenly understood the meaning of a woman.

Pull open your hands and see the tears on your face.

〔why? . . . . ]

Although the sexual experience is not the first time, Hu Qing still can’t understand this subtle emotional change in women.

The meat stick to explode will never relieve it, move from black fluff, find the wet hot mining entrance, the glans fry outside the petals. “Well…”

Never touched the man’s lips, now there is an ugly meat stick to fight outside, and it is also idea that the blush scene. It is necessary to resist intrusion, and the muscles of the body are tense.

Part 3

The birch butt is sinking.


The huge meat stick can’t enter only a narrow pork hole with two fingers wide, and Birch will feel some pain.

Low head, seeing the location is not wrong.

〔what happened? ]

Dip the petals and give the glans to the meat.

〔do not care. . . ]

A bit bite, the lower body is tall forward, support the petals, the meat stick breaks through the obstacles, and deep into the body of the instrument.


The tight throat has been discharged to struggle before dying.

Tightly grab the fingers of the birch, like a force, you can think of the impact.

Looking at the lower body slightly, I saw the pink mucosa over, the spilled honey seems to have a little red blood, like a proven of a virgin. The petals of violent abuse, with a vulcanous scene.

[Finally. . . . . ]

The hard meat stick is surrounded by a hot meat, a narrow meat hole, so that the glans is more congested.

The hand pulled up the instrument and wanted to let her know the extent of the two.

Like suddenly discovered that birch, the instrument shy and retracted.

“It’s already complete …”

Birch blue, like a declaration of a conqueror.

Slowly pulling out the meat stick, and the face has been watching the expression on the face.

“Ah … please don’t move …”

The meat can’t be adapted to the urgency of foreign matter invading, and slightly move will feel the pain like cutting the fire.

Stroke hard, bite with teeth, slowly tend to tease the lust of the instrument.

Slowly extract the meat stick, the closely combined meat hole is like being sucked.

“It seems … I don’t want to be better? …”

Shhable, it is difficult to say.

“Come, this … When I get up, you will be later …”

Birch Chunza is an experienced teacher, guiding the motion of the body.


Like unplug the cork bottle, the two people have successfully separated.

The whole body is shrouded in the man’s body, and suddenly I feel a sense of security.

A man who is like this. . . ]

Although some pain, the instrument started to meet the flipping of birch with stiff movements.

“Ah good….”

When the glans rubbed the inner wall of the meat, the thrill came from the lower abdomen, and the air was filled with a breath, which made people feel lost.

The instrument is unconsciously holds a man, his legs hook the back of the man.

[What is this? ]

I feel confused by the first experience of sexual love.

If the meat stick is fierce, the petals takes out and spit with the meat stick, like the mitting of the mandrel, with a violent impact.

Birchy kisses the lips of congestion and red and bright, the tongue passed into the mouth.

The instrument finally took out the tongue and the birch tongue wrapped together, swallow the saliva transferred by Birch.

“Hey … ah …”

A strong pleasure makes the instrument into the state of forget, the meat is tightly wound on the meat stick, and the wrinkles fluctuating like a sponge seems to be inhaled inhaled.

The pink lips flow out of saliva, sparkling.

“bring it on!”

It is stimulated by a meat hole, and the exciting man is more tightly thrust.


Tightly grabbed the hands of the birch, grabbed a detachate blood mark on the strong muscles.

I know that the woman reaches the climax from the trembling tightening meat, with my best to put the meat stick deeply, even the last dripper is not shot to the deepest part of the instrument.

I have given him everything. . . ]

Looking at the man who is squatting in his chest with a complex expression, his face still has a halo that has just been climax. There are still some painful people aware that their virgin is dedicated to the facts of this man.

The cute girl inserted in a sweet pleasure, exudes the sexy atmosphere that has not been seen.

The meat sticks that have been ejected have not shrunk, which is buried in the body of the instrument, and enjoy the long rhyme after the climax.

The instrument is gently biting a man’s ear.

“I love you…”

Part 4

“elder brother?”

Hu Qing has not yet entered the door and he heard the voice of the mysterious sister.

“How did you run?”

“Today’s holiday is cheering for your brother.”

On the third day of December 3, the No. 4 is the school’s sports meeting, and the good birch in sports cells is the main player attended by the school.

“Waiting for it, you have to open the ceremony, I will go to the clothes first.”

With your sister, I attracted many enviable eyes along the road.

The dark hair is scattered on the shoulder, and the two deep wine vortexes with sweet smiles are very cute.

Unlike the brother’s exterior, Wen Jing Yizhen is very useful, and the results in the female middle school have been highlighted.

Due to the obligation to serve the military service, I plan to go to the United States to read the book.

“Yang Huai!”

The tongue that came around and greeted.

“Good cute girl, is a true sister or a girlfriend?” With half-joke, the tangue got up and down to the girl.

“She is my sister, but you are not allowed to chase her.”

Although it is also a smile, it is a bit strange.

Very protecting your sister’s birch refusal to let any man approach her, I don’t know why there will be such a psychology.

“Hey, the fierce brother, hurry, I have to name it.”

Try to do some preparations before the game.

After the opening ceremony, the big school of the participation was forced to participate in the big school, and the audience did not have much due to the cancellation of the dance group.

The fierce competitive scene on track and field field and the pilot that falls in the campus form an interesting contrast.

Two days in the competition, no expectant, and this time, there are many championships, and the final spiritual champion is obtained by the Department of Chemistry.

Some people questioned that the judgment is not judged, and many people are talking about.

Huqing does not care about these things, anyway, such competitions often cause disputes.

The sister who took the medals who won himself in his hand and walked back to the car in front of the gym.

Using the passage of the relationship, Hu Qing took the car into the school every time, no one was found.

“Brother is great!”

Yi He looked at the medals of birch with worship.

I am booked to the girlfriend’s appreciation of the sister or not to show smile.

Engine, although the speed of the school cannot exceed twenty, after the handsome pass, the red sports car is still growing.

Birch lives in a student-intensive community, most of the apartments for renting to students. I don’t want to be interfere with others, I live alone with one floor.

Complete electrochemical equipment, very comfortable.

Just entered the door, the phone rang.

Yi Wei picks up the phone, and Huqing just took the decoder.

The birch in the eyes of the family has always been a good kid.

[Can’t let your sister see. . . ]

I am also strange to have such an idea, but I still don’t want to let my sister know.

“Brother, your phone.”

As soon as I heard the phone, it was a girl’s voice, and I was a naughty face.

“Oh, it is a girl.”

The whisper is taied in the birch’s ear, and the handset is handed over to my brother.


[Yes Yiguan! ]

‘Hu Qing, can I see you now? ‘

“Oh … what happened?”

I feel that the atmosphere of the phone is somewhat is not right, and I looked at the sister who was turning on the TV.

‘I want to see you, very important things. ‘The sound is somewhat nervous.

“What is this important?”

‘It is really important. . . ‘

“Well … Ok, call me again when you arrive.”

I don’t want to say too much next to my sister, and I will hang up the phone after I promise.

What is the matter? . . . ]

From the occurrence of relationships, it has been more than a month, and it has been bored with the groomed adherence.

“Brother, is it your girlfriend?”

Yizhen’s round eyes flanets with the curious light of the explorer.

Pensive birch did not pay attention to my sister.

“Brother! Wait a minute, is your girlfriend want? Yes, I am not a light bulb.”

“Hey, she is just a general friend … Nothing … But you should go home so late.”

Iwu exposed a weird smile and nodded.

Send your sister to the Qing Dynasty, I didn’t worry again.

“Don’t mention this at home.”

“What?” The naughty blinked.

“Good wow, so naughty.”

Izu sent a sexy laughter, long dark hair, with fluttering, seeing sister’s lovely look, Hu Qing felt a little worried.

Net over a headlight that flashes.

“The car is coming.”

Looking at the sister’s car, Hu Qing hangs a call home.

Recalling that the sister is coming to the weird smile, Hu Qing suddenly felt some uneasy.

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