Ouoman Ling is sitting in front of her dressing table, looking carefully for her own makeup, seeing her wearing a bright red sexy pajamas, full body spraying the charming fruity perfume, laud rustling can’t hold a sexy milk Peak, short clothes are completely revealing her snow-white biste and slender legs. When I look at the front, I will see that her sparse curl and shame, Oomuming, this dress is because the atmosphere tonight is very good. From the beginning of dinner, she can feel the husband’s burning eyes and thoughtful. She knows this evening, her husband will ask for love with her. If you think about it, your face is unwropped with a little beauty … what is it? … you are so beautiful tonight … After her husband, she took her back, she gently kiss on the white thin neck, and the gentle patted her her husband. Hold me … Hug me … Oman Ling spoiled into her husband’s arms, let him hug in bed Go to Omanling … I … I … I am very worried … I don’t know if it is ok. Husband … you are the best … Must do it … Let your wife help you …. Ouoman Ling leaning on the bed with her husband, immediately drilling into the husband’s cross, gently hold the man’s baby husband … Today’s younger brother is very spiritual …. Ouoman Ling finished, immediately put her husband’s penis into his mouth and sucking under Okang’s smart tongue sucking, her husband’s penis began to have some angry, wilring, stood up a small beauty … fast … just now … . The husband is eager to shout. He quickly pushed Omanling in the big bed. … small beauty … Sorry … Husband disappointed in bed, annoyed, husband … you must do it … Let’s try again …. Oman Ling abandoned the past, the past is shy, take the initiative to climb to the husband’s lower body, open a small mouth to swallow the whole penis, and smashed it and want to let it stand, Oman Ling has a big penis, small When the mouth moves to the husband’s folk egg, put the second grain pill into the mouth and squat … So cool … Ah … to … Ah … another pro … ah … small beauty will be 宝贝 … 喔 … 喔 … what. . Down by Omanling’s smart, the penis twitching, finally got a spirit to stand up, a little beauty … fast … next to the point …. Um…. I heard the husband’s so on, Ouoman will hurt the lower body across his face, belong to the mother’s secretar, so that in front of her husband, Oeming has been stimulating the husband’s mouth, yin is mooring Holding a transparent hydraulic liquid, the thigh is so open, the big labello is separated, revealing the pink tender meat, even the yukotin hidden in the upper edge of the flower, there is a spring hard to convex … small beauty … Your Yinshi Sister is really beautiful …. Two people use the female 69-style posture, which helped the husband’s blowjob, and the profit of Xikai is faster. The husband smells the female yin smell of Oomuming’s lower body, and the mouth tastes delicious prostitution, eyes look When the bloom is beautiful, the pink chrysanthemum anus, the body is moving out of a fireball, the blood quickly rushed to the lower body, the penis turns bigger, the glans also won the black light husband … Come on . The husband uses the fastest speed to the top of the tumbling vaginal mouth … ah … 喔 … The two have a happiness of the cheers, and the stems of the swing of the sorrow, with him, the erection of the penis, and insert the vaginal tender meat of Oman Ling, just like a woman’s tightening, tightly smashed The cock, the beautiful face of Oomuming like a flower like jade, the exquisite skin, there is also a beautiful young woman in the human being, all of which makes the Kay as a happiness of the paradise … I am happy …. Omang wrinkled with eyebrows, couldn’t help but spit out her joy … Ji Kai suddenly stopped swinging, climbed up from Ongang, Junxiu’s face slowly wrinkled into a husband … don’t be discouraged … um … all I am not good ….啪 ~~ Xikai suddenly licked a slap in Oman Ling, and then slammed the cock of the Kaikai, soften the Sakai in the body of Oeming … Sorry … Crying the hot cheeks, Oeming cried against the husband’s back, but Ji Kai is still leaving, leaving Okang, whiteling, whitelo, how to do it half a year ago, when you happen?欧 曼 玲 Beginning to the beginning of this, the two of them happened when they were traveling at Honeymoon half a year ago.

Since then, the Kai has become a sharp, even if there is a shortness of hard, as long as the Ongang’s happiness expression is appearance, the penis will not be poured down, why Jun Shuai and the wind of the sacred sacred, will have such a embarrassing problem, From a few years ago, Opens will be 21 years old. With the 37-year-old husband and new marriage for half a year, you may be strange, how two people will be 16 years old, originally, her husband Kaiyuan is a shiny idol name star. When I was 23 years old, I made an idol group —- Asskisser Choir, Sakai is the main sings and guitarists, the most admiring idol at the time, after a few years, Asskisser Choir Disbanding, the record is still selling after the book. Later, the grades were also very loud, and the grades of idol drama were also very loud. In the Omanling high school era, he was very fascinated by him, and the room was filled with his stills, and the classmates chased the Sky, and discussed the Kaikai. With its affairs of her female star, every holiday will also go to the Sakai’s signature meeting, a look at the idol style, Oman Ling tries to write the idol in her mind, but after a few letters contact, often like a stone sink The sea is completely unresponsive, you can send your own photos to him … A Mei is the school flower of our school … Send a photo to him, you will let him remember you … he will also … he will also Looking for the door to marry our family Oman Ling … Haha … The classmate is only a joke, but Oman Ling is very serious, she chose to send a card on the eve of the Sakheng Day, and there is a few most satisfactory photo photos and send him, this time, effect, After a few days, Oeming received a reply from Xikai. Although there were only a few short blessings, although there were enough Oman Ling. Although Omanling, Although Oeming, although the lessons were heavy and there was a pressure of university. But Omanling still does not forget to write greetings letter to the Kaikai, and at any time, it is always so embarrassing, but let the Euangling in the beginning of love, there is lessure The spirit of the spirit, and the singing cause of Jikai gradually went to the downhill, the competition in the idol market was very intense, and the age of the singer is getting more and more young. Under this wave, the record is not as good as the past, the big screen can only On the second line, otherwise it can only be played with a big contrast, but it will not prevent Omanling from worshiping his worship, the so-called women’s 18th change, and Oomuming, which is high as high, becomes more beautiful. A pair of lotus hills in the chest, developing into a proud hill, although the worship of the filling is still full, but the pink lips in the fur, also from the little girl single thin seam The accumulated fat gradually became a rose, and the pink big lips were hidden in the human trend. Sometimes Oman Ling will unconsciously swipe the women in sleep, she uses her finger to clam my private The lower edge of the lower body, the mind calls the prince of the Baikai, soon getting the joy and sexual sense, afterwards, the lower body is printed, it is necessary to change from the new underwear. Sward, later she listened to the students to say. It turned out that she is a surrounded by masturbation, such as a flourish. It is often harassing by boring men. She is very confused to be stroked to be stroked, on the bus on the bus or visit movie It will have a disgusting man to take the opportunity to close her, trying to touch her chest or thigh hip meat, even the old teacher who is full of white hair will not be good to watch her body, let the teenage She has a troublesome, this time, he invited Ondaling to participate in his signature meal, Oman Ling is so happy, she deliberately dress up, the temperament, she put on the small dress, put her down her The proud girl’s body, the shiny big eyes have been quietly watching her idol in the venue, of course, will not pay attention to Jikai. After the spread, Oman Ling received a small note from Xikai, invited her to go upstairs to the hotel. Good and simple Omanling was blindly blindly of the idol, regardless of all the ran to go to the hotel, see it. To the god of the idol like God, Omanling has a little dilute in the courtyard, and the hot tongue of the Kaikai is so drilled into her mouth, and the young girl who has opened the first girl will be given to the idol. The electric shock-like pleasure hit, let Oman Ling and the hemp inverted in his big bed, Kaiguo is really a girl killer, his skills are in Omanling’s chest, and she is gently scratching her. The small clever breasts, also blows at the ear of Ongang, and immediately merges her heart.

Let the man’s hands drilled in her clothes, Oeming knows that she has saved 18 years of virgin, which will automatically dedicate to her goddess to look at the girl’s megadious woman in front of him, and I have been secretly awesome in my heart. There will be a plaything to fall into his hand. In the past few years, I don’t know how many girls fall into his hand, become a sexual play with his leisure time, and then lose them after playing. On the other side, if the girl is crying, it is true that the people of the firm are sending, and this kind of romantic personality is really a lot of troubles, and suddenly reach her underwear for a record company. In front of her shame cracks, it is rubbed on the surface of the head, and the prostitution is pressed in the yukucleotous force. Under the teasing of Ji Kai, Opens, the lower body lifted an enthusiasm. Half of the cheeks of red, half is because of the shy, half of the sexual impulse, let Oman Link seem to be ashamedy, Said Holding a smooth and incomparable snow, can’t suppress the fire in the body, a black giant stick, immediately want to break your trousers, please … don’t … Ah … I will be afraid … Xiaofei … isn’t you still a woman? …………………………………………….. After the beauty of the eyes … I will love you … I will love you … 美 人 … Although I can’t figure out the name of the other party, I use the low sinking voice of him with him, sweet words in Oeming’s ear Some, thoroughly tiles the girl’s heart housing, the lower body erect a thick big penis, the glans out of the transparent obscenity, he put the glans to rub the glazed, until the love liquid is flourishing, hard Top ahead, ~~~~ A sound, the glans immediately broke the female film, the vagina that did not explore, so that she was so hard to enter the big penis, the narrow and delicate vagina is strongly worn, after several times The huge penis, the huge penis is finally included in the vaginal cavity … ah … God … pain … Ouoman Ling body torn painted pain makes her danger, fainting, she keeps breathing and crying, desperately wanting Pushing down the Sky, but she is weak, how can she break away from the man’s mock, only to write a pretty face, tolerance to the suffocation of the lower body, etc. He is trying to taste the beauty of the beautiful girl in the eyes of the temple. He sometimes succeeds in the 津 液 液 in Oman Ling, sometimes sucking fresh strawberry-like girl nipples, and the lower body feels the feelings of the virgin and firming, holding his chicken. Calling, although the piston movement to Omanling vagina is not very smooth, but every flesh sprint is a new feeling, the girl is hot and tight, tightly caught the penis friction, a smooth meal, let him I can’t help but speed up the swing, and use a more fierce rhythm in a fresh and tender vagina … 喔 喔 … ah …. Ji Kai came to the peak of the gods, the semen in the body sprayed out, and the two men made a cockroach child … still hurt … Just end a beautiful and happy sexual intercourse, Kaikai can’t help but get the girl in front of you The heart of pity, especially when I saw the eye on the corner of Omang, there is a bloody blood of the bed, and then I will touch the people … Oman Ling is heading and swaying again … Let’s take a shower … Schille body stickers her lower body Pain, gentle put her into the bathroom, help Oman Ling to clean the job, use the shower breast to help her, especially her mammented breasts, love is not suitable for washing, and smashed like a skin The colored nipples, but also the whole mouth, sucking, Oeming is treated by princess, danger, I have forgotten the pain of Yinfu, Onganting … Come … Let me see how your wound is … Ouoman Ling just took a shower, suddenly heard that Kai made another person’s shy request, Omanling was very embarrassed to make him open the thigh, open her beautiful Yinshan in front of the lover, the lower body is unknowingly automatically wet Wow … So beautiful … The eyes of Xikai are almost attached to the Yinfu. He pushed the big lips with your fingers. When you can’t help but you can’t help but go to the tongue, you can’t help but you, you can’t … don’t … Hey … Ah … ah … … 喔Oh. . . Oman Ling bounced under his tongue, got the first time with the opposite sex gangliu … Holding my dick … Try it … He catchs Ongang’s pair of hands to touch the negative stem, and touched the mashed mask in the first time. The burns of Omanling whole people are there, and the Peniles who have become rough and the penis will come in again. I have to go in … No matter Ou Man Ling’s death struggle, Ji Kai uses his male violence to conquer her, the penis is rude into the vagina, Taking advantage of the moisture of obscene, the god dance into her lower body … small beauty … I love you … .

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