The younger brother, I just got a new company for a few months, because it was a small foundry, so almost all old employees, I am the company’s youngest fresh meat, the company plus the boss and the boss 10 people 5 male 5 Female, the most beautiful in colleagues, the Magnoli and Pei Jie (Boss Niang), I didn’t have to comment, I can’t comment on it, Yulan 26 years old, height 170 and beautiful face model The hot body, 34D, 24, 32, just graduated from the college, take her a job, the work is good, the year is good, and the year is sometimes equivalent to the year salary (why you can ask why you can so much ?

Small companies should not give so unique! ), But Magnolia always returned to me: “Do it! Do you know the tail?”

Such a riddle. (Later)

At first glance, I thought I thought I was only 30 first! After a while, I took a little bit, and I called me the younger brother. I asked if I was 41 years old. It is really maintenance, talk about Pei Jie, although it is two The mother’s mother, visually have C cups or more, 167 high-picking body with melon face, big eyes, white skin plus pretty short hair, really does not lose female artist Guo Xuefu, wearing the Human OL in the company corridor I always can’t help but look at both eyes, but the most expectation is the company’s wear day, because Pei Jie is not worn every time, it is relaxed to bend the waist. The business line, see these dressed hot Pei Jie, I want the male colleague in the company full of inextriques, everywhere, everywhere, Sister is coming to the outside, to find a help hand to help When each male colleague is extremely enthusiastic, it is necessary to help, until a day in the morning, Pei Jie: The younger brother helps to learn some goods, only by Pei Jie, the third floor, no one, the warehouse room, Today, it is just a suggestion day, and the sister is wearing a white silent, a white sigh. Do you think in your heart? I heard that wearing a black lingerie is actually very inner!

In the middle of the warehouse, I just started to be usually usually, but because the warehouse air conditioner is broken, no one has been repaired. After a while, I will start sweating, just think that I will leave this, pick it up. Down to point the goods on the shelf, Peiji sister will stand on the ladder, call me to help the ladder will so unstable, some of the futures Peiji sisters will give me a few times, take a few times I have stepped on a few steps. I will see what I don’t worry in Pei Sister shorts. I don’t pay attention to it. I really don’t worry. Woolen cloth! Looking at my old two, I got up my tale. Pei Jie may find that she is wearing a short skirt in such a high ladder, isn’t I looked?

Just say that the goods below let me learn something, Pei Jie’s ladder is very narrow because the shelf corridor is very narrow, we can only close the interchange position, the process of interchangeing, the old two of the tale is still accidentally Top to Pei Jie’s ass, I think Peiji sister also has the feeling of being able to get to the old second, avoiding embarrassing me quickly climbing the ladder, just ask Peiji sister, but bowing down, just Seeing the chest of the Peijie’s loose word, seeing this picture of the old two unconsciously hard, my position is just in front of Pei Jie, Pei Jie is not difficult. Pay attention to the absence of my pants, I can only put the attention on the point, I am embarrassed, I will ask, I can’t think that Pei Jie suddenly squatted with the pants. I said: Just I should look at it above, is it not going to change the ladder?

When I didn’t respond to Payi’s questions, Peiji sister has pulled my pants and pulled down my pants. I took into my pants. The whole meat stick was compared by her soft handbag. I said: Wow! The younger brother is not small! It’s rough and hard, I have to change my brother in the future!

I am standing on the ladder, I don’t dare to mess. Pei Jie starts to keep the stalks, and the deduction of my pants, the pants will return to the knee, the whole thigh is completely exposed, before Pei’s eyes, Pei The sister used the tongue to licked my horses and asked me: I don’t want me to help you with?

I don’t think about it. I just came to the company to know that Pei Jie thought she had long, I said excited: Oh? good? Good? If you have an experienced mature woman, slowly suck my meat stick, from time to time, I have stimulated my horse’s eyes from time to time, and I blew the serving my meat stick, I couldn’t help but I can’t help but I can’t help but I can’t help but I can’t help but I can’t help but I can’t help but I can’t help but I can’t help but I can’t help it. Said: Peiji sister? I can’t stand it, I feel shot?

When Pei Jie heard did not spit out of the meat, it was accelerated to suck the speed, and finally did not stand the sister’s mouth, standing on the ladder, put the thick semen completely in the mouth, Pei Jie also served thoughtful When the semen in the urethrics also sucked clean, when the meat stick leaves the small mouth of Pei Iizi, the thick semen flows out from the mouth, and it has flowed into the collar and the collar? Pei Jie hurriedly added and sucking the semen in the mouth.

However, the semen flowing into the collar is not good. Pei Jie will take the upper clothes, see that there is only one black bra in Pei Jie’s half-length, and my meat stick is higher, and the sister is I said: It is a young man who is good, and I have just stand up again. But seeing the clock hanging on the wall, it is already fast to rest at noon, and we will flustered and leave the warehouse to rest, avoid colleagues can’t see people, causing attention.

After the lunch break, Peijia will change the short-sleeved black shirt (the clothes wearing in the morning are afraid to be smelling the smell), I will come to complain about the air conditioner between the warehouse room. I have time to find someone. ! After I finished, I took the goods to go to the market, and I immediately grabbed my hand to her chest. I sent it to my hand. I didn’t wear underwear. I was separated.搓 揉 揉Under your own denim skirt, the lower body is only the black thong, and the Sister said: I will help you in the morning. I will change your brother!

I will unnip the sister’s thong, from the sparse gimmick, I can see a gap. Pei Jie will cross the right foot on the ladder. I clearly saw the little hole of Pei Jie, I put my finger. In the small hole, although Peijie is already a mother of two children, the small hole is still quite a firm, I just started only in the middle of the hole, and I have a lubrication of obscene, I used two times. The finger is quickly smashed, and there is no long-awaited water in the climax, and the floor is wet, then pull me to the lounge next door, let me sit on the sofa chair, Peijia is like a female dog When I climbed to my crush, I sent my meat stick to my mouth. I blow a few minutes my meat stick, and Pei Jie said: I will use your big meat stick! I picked up the upper clothes, and I didn’t hang it on me. I took the meat stick with her slender little hand and sat slowly on my thigh. I went to the close together of our personnel. We also forgot my kiss. After I felt that I was adapted to the small hole, I started to do it. I kissed the chest of Peijie sister. From time to time I contained the teat sucking, I didn’t think it’s not good. I will do it. The two legs of the nister used the left and right hand, and the Sister Pei Jie also hugged in my neck. I started to use the train’s convenient posture, and I took a few minutes and changed a posture. The sister lying on the sofa and I will put the meat stick again. I will add hundreds of times. I feel that the old two is fast and expanded. It will soon support the entire vagina of Pei Jie, not for a long time. One drum is hot, I caught the permanent semen unreserved in the uterus of Peiji sister?

Since then, I often take the warehouse between the warehouse, and try to find a stimulus in the conference hall, company toilet, corporate car. There is a trip to take a break. Everyone is going to have lunch. When you have a lunch, you will get it directly in the open office. The whole building is all of our guns?

The most special time is in Peijia’s home, because sometimes I visited Peiji sister, so I greet her husband a few times, I was so familiar, and the year, I didn’t have a place, and my husband was about me to go home. Drinking chat (in fact, he loves to drink people can’t find people), I only drink a few cups, but my husband is not a milesty, drinking more than one in the morning, sleeping, sleeping on the sofa, I also closed my eyes, Peijie sister heard the living room in the room, I didn’t move. I should be drunk, come out to clean up the residue, Peijia sister wear long sleeve shirt and only put hot pants from the room, bending the waist At the end, the ass is facing me, and when I am, I will come from the back of the bear, and I rubbed her ditch with a strong old two, and the Sister is just a little bit, I will set it out, I ㄧㄧ ㄧ 着 另 手 手 隔 子 私 着 着 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 着 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 吟 姐 公 呻 吟 吟 呻 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 呻 呻 吟

Um? Look at the time, I will take your pants to the sofa. I am sitting on the sofa. I call Pei Jie to help me serve my second. I looked at Peiji sister’s squeezing with another man in her husband. It is more exciting. I used my hands to press the head of Pei Keji, accelerate the speed of the pumping of the small mouth, sometimes the pressure deep, the old second to the throat, the kind of pleasure, I can’t help but shoot, I will take a while I will Calling the hot pants of Pei Jie, Pei Jie is still shy, I said: The whole body looks smooth, what is it? Pei Jie slowly faded hot pants (only, I found that Pei Jie was not used to wearing underwear at home), I sat on the sofa called Peiji sister, I took the old second, I was slow, I was Jisher listened to my instruction to sit on my thigh, I didn’t do it on the sofa, because her husband drank a lot of wine, I was not afraid that he would wake up during the time, vigorously dried Pei Jie, from The living room sofa is on the dinner table, and I will get the master bedroom. I shot three times during the period. Every time I shot into the womb, Pei Jie is also a long time, we still have a shower, but I am afraid of Pei Jie After the child returned to the year, I left Peijie’s family. I also left my husband’s family. I said that I have just apologized, I have been saying that I am drunk, I don’t want to say it, I will come to him again. ? I don’t know that his wife has entertaining him several times, still dried his wife in his bed! Sit down, Pei Jie listens to my instruction to sit on my thigh, I will do it on the sofa, because her husband has drank a lot of wine, I am not afraid that he will wake up during the period, vigorously Pei Jie, from the living room on the dinner table, in the master bedroom, I shoot three times during the period, every time I just shot into the womb, Pei Jie is also a climax, we also have a shower, But I am afraid that the child is coming back through the year. I will leave the Sister’s family. I have left my sister’s family. I have just apologized, I have been apologizing, saying that I don’t say anything I am drunk. Is it coming to his house? I don’t know that his wife has entertaining him several times, still dried his wife in his bed!

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