For a holiday, I drove my wife, my daughter, and a female classmate to play. I can’t think of my daughter’s classmates are very mature, high, and good.

It is very attractive to wear a swimwear, and I will stand up. My daughter’s classmates are Xiaoli.

It looks good, it is a bit more eye, so the body is very good. She has been playing my family and my daughter, but she is still good now.

She is more developed earlier than my daughter, and now I can have a slim, and people have impulse to go to her.

Xiaoli is very lively, and it is also very good to play in the sea. As a result, I will inevitably have physical contact with her.

When a wave came, I was very close to Xiaoli. I touched Xiaoli’s buttocks under my lower. The chicken couldn’t help but hard.

Under the waves, the cock took a few times in Xiaoli. Xiaoli and daughter are still playing haha, it seems that I have not paying attention to me.

I am afraid that my wife finds it, I have never touching Xiaoli.

When I was prepared backhaul in the afternoon, I was rinsed into the car, and I went back to the car of the car waiting for them.

Because the woman taking a shower and changing clothes is very slow, I said to them in the car. Not a few, Xiaoli alone came to the parking lot.

Xiaoli wearing a t 裇, a short shorts and flip shoe, so it seems that her lower body is not wearing a pants, showing a pair of legs, and white.

She said that my daughter and wife are still changing clothes, she first carries into the car and cool.

She sat in front of it, her legs made up, then look at the mobile phone short message.

Her hair is still a little wet, and the legs to the buttock are seen by me. She pays attention to my leg, she is a bit embarrassed.

I talked to her a few words, she turned to me, I saw me in the middle of the legs.

The shorts is a little loose, but it is easy to take light, and the flower of the flower can be seen.

She chats with me, but my eyes are still inadvertently and unconventional to see her down.

I said that she is not good, she will introduce a color wolf. She countered said that I am old to see her leg, it is a color wolf.

But she seems not angry, it is a look of playing.

Then she deliberately stretched his legs, deliberately tempting me, ask me. We have handed over the same time, she put it in my thigh with my leg.

My mouth told her to sit down, but I also touched her calf and slowly swept to her thigh.

At this time, I saw no one in the parking lot, I kept sitting, and the hand walked up in Xiaoli’s thigh.

Xiaoli didn’t resist, and there was no sound, but her hand also touched me.

I asked her to have a boyfriend. She said that she was boyfriend from her boyfriend a year ago, but she was hurt at that time.

I was gentle to turn into a small panty with my fingers.

She ticked, told me not to touch, but I felt that her underwear had exorganized the slip liquid.

At this time, there is no way to place if there is anything, she can’t help but show the expression of the fairy.

I wet my finger, I am afraid that my wife and daughter will come back. Sure enough, I saw my wife and my daughter.

I immediately shrub down, and Xiaoli also knows that someone is coming, and she will go to them.

I am in a hurry to remove the paper, because the fingers and sitting position have left the loving liquid of Xiaoli.

Later, I didn’t have anything and the Xiaoli didn’t have anything.

After a week, when I went home, I came to the home to hear a group of girls. Open the door, the sound is from the daughter’s room.

My wife said that her daughter brought a few students going home to play, Xiao Li also came.

At home, I suddenly had a group of live and lovely girls, I was really surprised.

After this group of girls greeted me, her daughter said that they were the homework between group activities.

This group of girls, tall fat, and the most eye-catching girls are Xiao Li.

Xiaoli is not bad, it is high, so the school uniform is tight, and the body is emitted with a different temperament different from the general girl. At this time, I first see Xiaoli wear the school uniform.

Look at her two feet wearing white socks, I can’t help but attract me.

After he said, I will go to the casual service. When I change my trousers in the room, I thought about those girls, I can’t help but want to shoot.

I think about it, my little brother can’t help but get it.

Just then, the door was opened, it turned out that Xiaoli was stealing. I just didn’t have a good door. After Xiaoli went to the toilet, I took the opportunity to see the room peeking me.

At this time, my trousers have not been connected, and the dicks are awake, so my yam is seen by this girl.

I saw that she opened his mouth, very surprised, then immediately turned back. I will also pull a good pants immediately.

Fortunately, Xiaoli did not work, the wife did not pay attention to in the kitchen.

And the daughter’s room is also closed.

She is red, looking back and saying that I am laughing back to my daughter room, I didn’t dare to say anything, I was afraid that I was found.

Later, when this group of girls had to go home, Xiaoli did not have embarrassing expressions, but she is like thinking about my eyes.

After a few days, Xiaoli came to my house.

The daughter said that the group homework has a little bit to complete, so there is only Xiaoli to do my homework.

When they write homework in the dining room, I pay attention to Xiaoli’s sitting.

Her legs were separated, which made me couldn’t help but peek. Xiaoli only wore a white underwear in the school uniform skirt.

She is sitting so open, I certainly see it clearly.

My daughter is sitting on me, so I am more bold. Xiao Li looked at me and found that after I peeked about her, she immediately wrote her homework.

But her legs are not closed at a little, and the legs are still open.

After the meeting, my daughter went to the toilet. Xiaoli handed over with me.

She looked at it, with both hands extended into the school uniform skirt, two hands were connected, and the underwear was taken to the calf.

She took off his underwear before me, and she guess her panties.

Go to your bag. At this time, she turned into a vacuum.

I saw that she smiled at me, just like I am playing me, tempting me.

I want to talk to her, but I came back from the toilet at this time. Now Xiaoli didn’t wear underwear, but I would like to peek at her.

But she closed my legs at this time, I didn’t show me.

Xiaoli is really a degradation.

I was not early, I called Xiaoli to go home.

But the wife and daughter said that he would leave Xiaoli to eat at home. The daughter went to the kitchen to help my wife went. Living room leaving only me and Xiao Li.

I asked Xiaoli to play something.

She said that I have to be responsible, because I touched her.

After finishing, she opened the thigh in front of me. I saw that her phenoli sparkling, it seems to have a lot of prostitution and sweat.

Now she is hot and wet, it is really a kind of hazy.

But my wife and daughter are, I still endured, not for your way. Wife told me to wash your hands in the kitchen, ready to eat.

I went to the toilet to wash your hands, Xiao Li also followed.

She reached out in the toilet to my trousers, grabbed my cock. I should pay attention to my wife and daughter will not come out of the kitchen.

Xiaoli helped me shout. It’s too stimulated, and I will shoot it, shoot it in a small jade hand.

Xiaoli felt a burst and warmth, after she returned back, full of white liquor.

She was stinkled with his nose and took a bite with the tongue.

Then Incered into from my ear: “Next,, shoot here.

She took my hand to her down with another hand.

At this time, the wife was out of the kitchen, and I immediately left the toilet pretend to just wash my hands.

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