When I said that we were moving at home, I wrote a desk with her. She was very small, she accidentally turned his waist. I didn’t think anything. I was hidden in the evening. I helped her massage half, still bad, I want to go to the hospital next day to see if there is anything.

The next day, I just had something, let her go to see a doctor, Xiao Min came to the hospital to see himself, Xiao Min took a class, and rushed to the hospital.

There are not many hospitals. It is a small hospital. She watched the doctor and hurriedly came to get off work. I quickly rushed to the B-ultrasound. It was a middle-aged middle-aged man in the age of 40. It looked very kind. I asked the condition, let She is lying on the stage to prepare for her.

Xiaomin wearing a jeans, the above shirt is lying on the B-head, the doctor looked at Xiaominfeng thighs and breasts, got a sternity, he looked at get off work, it is estimated that no one will come, Just plug in the door, Xiao Min did not know.

He pushed B superior, and the mold was taken as a pass. Others think, take the jeans to the knee, she is wearing a lace underwear, take off the jeans, through the lace, can see her hammer, the snow white thigh is full of meat, the doctor’s cock is hard. .

He took the Xiaomin’s shirt and went to the breast, revealing her white belly, he used a hand to spend the instrument, and another hand put it on the Xiaomin’s stomach, slowly I will press the small mission of the navel, and when I am so mad, I am sensitive to itching, very comfortable. Xia Min’s underwear has a metal butterfly decoration. The doctor saw it, and it is intentionally: “Oh, your metal’s things gear the sound wave, see unclear, it is best to take off the underwear, see Something. “Is Xiao Min said:” Do you need it? “The doctor said:” Of course, we have to be responsible for the patient, if there is anything wrong, then it is very serious. “Xiao Min listened his words, The underwear also took off the knee, so that her lower body is naked to expose naked exposure to the doctor’s eyes, Xiao Min also feel embarrassed, blocking his face with his hand.

The doctor looked at the triangle hairy in the middle of the small thighs. The cock was even more hard. He slowly put his hand in half of the hairy, and did not go to the place where the flesh was noted. : “Is it hurt here?” Xiao Min shook his head, he moved his hand to the middle of the thighs of the happiness, pressing it, afraid that Xiaomin will resent, do not arbitrarily stretch the hand to the middle of the hairy.

The doctor said again: “You turn your body, I will see your back.” So Xia Min turned over and lie down, his back and butthalla were exposed outside. The doctor looked at her snow whitening butt and thigh, swallowed a spit, put her hand to her waist, basking on the side, “Is there pain here? It hurts there?” Hands have touched her whole waist In the future, I came to the butt, he touched the place in the middle of the mids of Xiaomin, the thumb was pressed by the bones, and the other four fingers put them on her butt, deliberately pressed while asking, finger taking the opportunity in her The ass touched on the butt, but also cut her butt and saw her chrysanthemum bud.

Xiao Min was touched by him, and Xiao Min was very comfortable, and he didn’t have him. In this way, he touched ten minutes later, to Xiaomin: “Your lower abdomen has a shadow, you need a comprehensive examination?” Xia Min heard that there is shadow, frightened, fear of cancer, I quickly said: “Of course, how do you check it?” I still have a call, and I am scared.

The doctor said: “You will take the pants all down, you may need to look at the gynecology, and the bra is also removed, I will show it to you.” Xia Min is very nervous, put the trousers. The shirt is went to the neck, and the cream is also open to one side, so she is a naked lying in front of the doctor. The doctor pushed the instrument to her lower abdomen. The hand placed on her incapacity, pinch her labip with his fingers, and put it on her lower belly. I intentionally. Speaking: “Is there a painful feeling?” Xiao Min said no, he also put this hand on the scrim.

Xia Min is very nervous, put the thigh clamping and says: “Do you have to check there?” Doctor saw it, afraid to cause Xiaomin’s alert, that is: “It is necessary to check, first wait for it.” He The instrument pushed the instrument to her chest, saying that now check the chest, small sensitivity to the eyes, he greedily looked at Xiao Min Xuebai Feng’s breast, put one hand on the left breast, with a finger Live her nipple, palm in the breast, push the breast to the side, Xiao Min’s nipples are very sensitive, the nipple is hard.

The doctor felt, deliberately read the instrument, and the other hand also put on the breast on the right, push the breast to one side, saying that it is pushing, in fact, I want to take the opportunity to touch her breast, see Xiao Min did not move, it is bold Push the breast into the middle with both hands, let her breasts tall, hard, nipples, very obscene. He pulled her two nipples with his fingers, raised, and Xiao Min snorted, but did not open his eyes, and gasping was rough, and the chest was greatly lost.

The doctor saw it, put down the nipple, grabbed her breast with two hands, and spin her, and immediately took her nipple, Xia Min has forgotten it to check the body, the genitals flow out of obscene, breathing It’s fast. In the case of the doctor, I wanted to touch other places, I stopped his hand and said. “It seems that there is no problem with the chest, you turn around and look back.” Listening to what he said, turn over the bed.

The doctor took her shirt to her head and covered her head. Xiao Min did not see things, and I also felt that there was a sense of security, and the body also relaxed. The doctor has already taken care of the instrument in the mold, directly put it on her back, and touchs her butt, Xiaomin’s butt is the best, and the white, Soft, it is my favorite, I am actually enjoyed by the doctor today.

The doctor used two hands on her ass to the highest place, and the thicker meat. The five fingers were gently pressed, and the meat on the butt was deeply trapped. It looks very kind. The doctor also became crazy. I used two hands to squat on her ass, put her butt meat up and down, turned into a variety of shapes. Xia Min also forgot that in the hospital, the chest and the doctor’s hand, the nipple is still itchy, the kinky water in the genus is still flowing, the hand on the butt is also touched, her mind is completely chaotic, I thought it was in my home, my hand is taking her.

The doctor’s hand has not yet in the yin, and Xiao Min’s permanent part is more and more itchy. I urgently need his hand to touch, go to blink, she can’t help but move the butt, move forward, let his hand down Go to the meat hole.

The doctor saw Xiao Min’s performance, knowing she has hooked, her hand touched, touch her in the middle of her thighs, the doctor’s finger skid over her wet meat and slid to the front end of the genitals, use The finger moves up and down in her flesh, then stretching only the finger into, two fingers separate her two-petal labipings, his fingers bring a lot of prostitution from the meat hole, put the whole piece of meat of.

Xia Min’s desire has been fully mobilized. She started in bed at the beginning, the doctor’s hand slipped down, she took the thigh, but she can’t open it in the bed, when the doctor stretched When she kneaded her finger, she touched the ass to the bed. It didn’t say that the two snow-filled thighs opened, and she revealed her. Genuine flesh.

In order to see more clearly, the doctor stretched the past, the eyes were only 10 cm from her flesh, and only the separated pink flesh was everywhere, the granulation was also revealed, the flesh is black and black. Then it is a meat hole and has been opened.

He continued to knead the flesh, and the other hand moved to her meat hole. He turned a few circles in the door of the slippery meat. Xia Min finally felt a little fulfilled, and there was a sound in the throat.

His hand continued to stir in Xiaomin’s meat, Xiao Min also swallied around the butt, greeted his fingers, the other hand of the doctor moved to the meat hole, plugged a finger into it, small sensitive When it is more excited, the buttocks are slid. If you don’t pay attention, you will fall into the bed, become a posture that is sleeping in bed, and his fingers slipped out. When she, I will open my thighs immediately, gently sway, call his fingers and then plug in, the doctor is also inserted with one hand, and the other hand pinned. Her breasts, vigorously rub.

Xiao Min’s snoring is even bigger, can not help but pull it out, I have touched the doctor on pants that rose drums, she opened his zipper, took out his dick, and saw the doctor’s cock black, the glans is very large The front end flows out of the liquid, Xiao Min also does not care, and use his hand.

The doctor saw it, moved forward, put the dick on her face, Xiao Min knows what he meant, but he smells that his dick is a bit flavored, not very willing to contain it in the mouth, remove the mouth away. The doctor saw it, put it on the hand in the meat hole, I immediately smoked, and the little sensitivity came to the extreme emptiness, but the butt touched, tightly rushed his hand, but his hand only placed on her I don’t touch her, then put the dick toward Xiaomin’s mouth, Xiao Min has no way, the mouth contains his dick in it, but the butt is also rushing, and the doctor wants to put it in, her wish I got the satisfaction, the doctor’s fingers quickly plugged into her wet meat. Xiaomin used his tongue to lick his doctor’s dick in his mouth. The faster, the little sensitivity is excited, but the ass is so hard.

Suddenly, the little sensitive to the doctor’s dick shot the semen, sprayed inside her mouth, Xiao Min also excited to go to the climax, she was desperately absorbing his dick, took out his semen, and put it on the doctor’s hand Press and hold, desperately, doctors also add a finger into it, use three fingers to quickly agitation, Xia Min shakes with his fingers, the climax is coming.

The doctor looked at the mouth full of semen, soft, Xia Min, and saw such a crazy woman in a first time, I was very excited, and I used my hands on her breast.

Xiao Min made his eyes and saw the soft cock in front of him. I saw the doctor’s hand and I still blind in her chest. I still have the semen in my mouth. Suddenly awake, she pushed the doctor’s hand, running Go to the side of the pool, spit out the full of semen, let go of the water, wash the semen on the face.

The doctor looks at the back of the naked woman in the pool, but also a plump butt and thigh, also caught the two breasts, the left hand hugged her two breasts, plugged in the middle of her ass, hand touched on the ass The fingers have reached into her meat hole.

Xia Min was completely cleared, and it was completely awake. She saw the doctor still touched her, saying waiting, and separated the legs, picking some water with his hand, and wash it or wet. The doctor’s hand moved to her two breasts. She hugged her and continued to touch her breast. Xiao Min was already awake, I wouldn’t let him get it again, push him, put on clothes.

Since the doctor has not been inserted with the cock with a cock, he said. There is only no matter what you do. Very comfortable? “Xiao Min blush, although she likes to expose, and many people have done, but they are still embarrassed, her heart is still a good woman’s heart, that is, every time I can’t control myself. Who doesn’t know how to desire? This is also where I like her.

Xiaomin hurriedly warned, the doctor also wants her address and rejected her. ※ JKForum.net | JKF Czech Forum returned home, Xiao Min said: “Today I am bullied again.” I asked: “What is going on? Who is bullying?” She will tell me today. I listened to her yin, she only said half, the water in the genitals did not make a look, I put the dick into her, while listening to her, she was very excited, soon At a climax.

The next day, Xiaomin got a waist or faint pain. It seems that I have to give her a look. We discuss it, decide or go to a Chinese doctor to massage, how is it? At noon, we went to the street to find it. After a small alley, there was a small shop at the door of the “old military doctor, Chinese medicine push, despite the waist leg pain”, let’s take a look.

This is a very small clinic. It is a small hall to see a doctor. After the back is separated by the curtain, there is two massage beds, and some strange instruments, I don’t know what, things, behind the table. An old doctor looks more than seventy, but the physique is still very strong to make a very spiritual feeling, the positive value is noon, no one is ill.

We explained the intention, told the condition, TCM said: “This is a small problem, no thing. So, I will give you physiotherapy first, usually a good day, if I don’t do it, I will give you some more Working, I am old, and I don’t do it in general patients. How? “It seems that it is still in line. But I want him to make a mass, maybe you can let Xiao Min have a special experience, I believe in Xiaomin’s charm, no men can not move, but since he did not take the initiative, I had to choose.

We came into bed with him, and the doctor let the little-sensitive head in bed, and then he took out what treatment instrument, opened the clothes behind Xiaomin, have been to the place behind the bra, he looked at Xiaomin High waist skirt. By the way, Xiao Min wears a shirt today, the following is the ordinary skirt that is from the knee, and wearing a small high waist panties in a small strip. She has always wearing the two underwear, today because Said to massage, so I specially found a lot of transparent wearing. This is that she is only a sexy underwear, but it is also very small, wearing it on the body, but the ass is slightly active, and then zoom it, it will show a lot of butt, but it is better than those transparent. I said that Xiao Min is not a very sensual woman, means this, although she likes and other men, but never deliberately pursue, her adventure is in my intentional arrangement, some is She happened like a doctor, she usually followed. Oh, she is cute?

The doctor looked at the small waist skirt, the skirt was high, covering the waist, he said: “No, this skirt is going to take off.” Xiao Min remembered yesterday yesterday The experience, can’t help but sorry, she pulled down the zipper in the waist, let the skirt send it, said: “You look at it, you will help me take off.” Doctor a pair of expressions Two hands put her skirt slightly down in her waist, have been pulling it on the buttock, but saw the underwear inside, he pulled his underwear to pull down, and then down one centimeter You can see the butt ditch, so Xiaomi is naked from the part to the buttise. Her beautiful curve is like a violin, shrinking from the back line, suddenly getting bigger in the fine waist, is her ankle, the snow is white, it is really beautiful.

I looked at the doctor, he looked at the soleness of the beautiful back, or a sideless appearance. It’s a man who is a heart, is he not a heart? I feel very strange.

I saw him took out the patch of the instrument. Two things like a iron piece, there is also a wire, attached to the place in her waist, open the power, said: “If it is too hot, give it I said. “Xiao Mi nodded, he said to me:” Half an hour, you are waiting. “I said:” Ok, I am here. “He nodded. , Sitting outside, waiting for others to see a doctor.

I saw no one, I walked to her bed, sitting on her legs, saw her underwear because of the reason why it was very, the underwear became very loose, and loosened on her ass. Then, it is a bit exciting, I feel a bit exciting, extended to her underwear, I have touched her two pets, and the loose underwear could not block my hand at all, and touched it and touched it. Didn’t wear it.

Xia Min took my hand and said: “Someone outside, don’t do this.” I said: “Oh, don’t you like it?” She said: “Who said I like it! You said, I will go to the street. Sell, let you look at my charm. ” Hand came out, the underwear did not take it down, formed a hollow state, watching the thigh, can easily see the entire snow white butt, I deeply took a deep breath, patted her back and said: “You Take a break, I am sitting outside. “When I came out, I pulled the curtain next to it, letting the curtain opened a short half, the open part is just a rest chair outside, Xiao Min still don’t know, you silently In bed. I am sitting in the chair, I can clearly see Xiaomin on the bed, a half-naked beauty, clothes in the middle, the skirt is on the place where the underwear is pulled on the butt, the underwear is made up. Pine, from the open place, you can clearly see her whole snow white butt, and the buttocks are very clear. I looked at her, I can’t help but hard. If someone is watching, I hope someone will sit here.

Not for less than 3 minutes, my hope is coming, I came in the old man, but he came in to sit on the doctor to say the condition, didn’t come here. After waiting for less than 2 minutes, I came in a middle-aged man who licked the waist. I saw someone who was seeing a doctor. She sat next to me. When he was watching, he saw Xiao Min in it, and his eyes stayed in her. I saw that he opened his mouth. He looked at me again. I didn’t see it. He immediately transferred his eyes, stared at Xiaomin’s butt and thighs, he did not expect him. You can see such a spring light in the morning, you can see a woman’s snow white thighs and ass.

He watched less than two points, and came in a fat old old, sat next to him, the same, his eyes quickly stayed in Xiaomin’s butt, then like a nail, I I looked at their pants, I brought a small tent, but I deliberately blocked it, nor did it, it seems to have forgotten pain.

Xiaomin is still unaware, his ass and thighs are being seen by us six eyes, beautiful and snowy buttocks are particularly attractive under loose underwear. At this time, Xiao Min was tired, and the legs here moved it, the calf is bent, this is not allowed, her calf is bent, and she sees her over the mid of her. The meat hole and the anus under the bottom can also see a little, my dick is very hard. They are even more eye-catching, all forgotten that they are going to see a doctor. At this time, the doctor shouted the middle-aged person to see the doctor, he reluctantly walked away, the fat old man was staring at Xiaomin’s body.

I heard that middle-aged person said that his waist was painful. He said nothing, he didn’t want, strong demands to engage in physiotherapy, the old doctor couldn’t let him go, the doctor will follow.

When the doctor went, also saw Xiao Min’s entire buttocks, but immediately moved away; the middle-aged person went in, lying in the opposite direction, just able to see Xiaomin’s thighs and ass, If it is in a direction, it is not too convenient to see it. I saw him lie down, and I went to Xia Min’s thigh. In his place, Xiao Min’s buttocks and thighs were too clear, and they didn’t even have one meter. The root of the root can be seen clearly, and the meat hole under the labia, you should also see it.

The doctor also put the physiotherapy to the middle-aged person, turned it, but did not come out, to the smile bed, to Xiaomin: “Is there any reaction?” Xiao Min: “It’s a bit hot.” The doctor said: “Is there a feeling of full body Ma Ma?” Xiao Min said: “No!” ° doctor said: “It seems that there is no place to put the place, come to you to adjust it.” I saw it, Go in, see how he adjusts.

Xiao Min stretched his legs, and the underwear was tied to the butt, but the butt was also invisible. I saw that the fat old eyes showed a regret, but she kept the eyes and continued to look at her thigh.

At this time, what happened to me, I saw that the doctor turned the small iron piece sticker on Xiaomigi, and said, “I have to post a little.” He put the two A small iron piece is more than, but the iron sheet is blocked by Xiaomin’s underwear. He moved down the iron side. He pulled Xiaomin’s underwear. Once again, the ass is revealed.

The doctor must fix the small iron piece, but the tension belt of the underwear is always promoted, how can I fix it, my heart is moving, says: “Do you want to pull the underwear to pull down?” Said: “That’s best.” Then I took the iron piece and waited for me to open Xiao Min’s underwear.

Xiao Min also knew that the buttocks were all revealed, and the ass said to me: “Don’t, don’t.” I said: “This is a doctor, you have to cooperate with the doctor, don’t make anything.” Take Xiao Min’s underwear to the thigh below the butt, so that Xiaomin’s snow whitening butt is exposed to us three people. She is still embarrassed, simply putting her face, nor to see us.

I finally saw the old doctor’s eyes widened. Looking at Xiaomin’s ass, the look is not natural, it seems that the old doctor is still a heart, the middle-aged and fat old, still widened, watching her butt and thighs .

The old doctor’s wrist put it on Xia Min’s butt, and the finger fixed the iron piece in her butt, the wrist was gently rubbed on Xiaomin’s butt, the meat on Xiaomin ass The shake of trembling, it seems simply a heartbeat, can’t hate it right away, touch her soft butt.

After the doctor passed, I was adjusted left and right. I also deliberately put it as a look, and I touched it on her butt, but I intentionally opened her thigh, and she didn’t move again. In this way, after her thigh is open, we can see from her buttocks, you can clearly see her meat hole.

If the doctor is finished, I also put it out if I haven’t worry, I will sit down outside, Xiaomin head, just like this, so that her snow white beautiful thighs and butt are exposed to two strangers. There is also a meat hole under the lace, you can see it, that kind of fragrant scene is simply better than yourself.

Such conditions have maintained four or five minutes, I suddenly saw the deep place in Xiaomin’s thighs, that is, the meat hole, actually got out of obscene, it seems that she is excited. Xiaomin lying on the bed, it is uneasy, clamping the thigh, release again, but there is a bigger, if there is any underwear to block, you can see the meat hole, now you can see a half You can also see some labians, as well as the hairy, the meat hole under the two-petal labi is also slightly split, and there is a small amount of water to see in the middle.

The middle-aged man in the bed is also close to the bed. The eyes look at Xiaomin’s ass, probably get a little pleasure in bed with cocks; fat old proxisiase does not look, sitting in the chair but not comfortable, I can’t hate it right away; I also look at her, think about waiting for it to go home and have a big one. After a while, the doctor arrived inside, I said, I started to take the iron slices on her body, and my hands and unintentionally touched it on Xiaomin’s butt, I touched it, her ass The meat is also tremble with his hand. The two people desperately looked at Xiao Min, looked at this last spring, but I was sitting outside if I didn’t have anything.

Xia Min saw the doctor took the iron piece, quickly pulled the undergarment, and pulled the skirt, the face was red, the clothes were not sorted out, so quickly, pulled me, The two people looked at her with regrets, and she can’t take her clothes and let them take a look.

The doctor said: “This way, today’s effect will not be too good, come back at night, I personally give you a lot, will soon.” I said: “Well, do we come? It’s time when you are idle, you don’t have time. “Doctor said:” You come later, at 10:30 in the evening, there is no one, how do you say good? “We promised him, saying it later.

When I got home, I opened her skirt, and my hands were all in my panties. I all were wet, I asked: “They see you are very excited?” Xiao Min spurredly said: “Hello Bad! Deliberately let others look at me. “I said:” Then you are very excited? If you are not wet! “Xiao Min did not speak, it is the default. She fiercely reached into my pants, took out my dick, I went to my mouth, I am not welcome, I am going to her or the wet meat, then we are a crazy love .

Every time, Xiao Min will crazy to the extreme, I like her so happy, if the husband and wife are always constant, it may feel boring, as long as the couple are willing, everyone can enjoy sex outside, in fact, can also promote husband and wife Feelings, our two feelings are very good.

After crazy, Xiao Min lying in my arms said: “If you go in the evening, what do the doctor take off my clothes?” I smiled and asked. “What do you say?” Xiaomi stunned me : “You are bad!” But he red face. She is like this, although it is not the first time with others, but it is still embarrassed.

After dinner, we took a shower, Xia Min put on a T-T-T-Type, put on a very tight dress, and the cream inside did not worn, and sexy and charming.

It’s hard to wait for ten o’clock, we went to the doctor there.

I feel a little accident, because we see the two people in the morning are still sitting inside, let’s go in, fat old old say: “We are coming to learn to mass, do you want to mind?” Doctor sitting? ” I didn’t talk on the side. It seems that they didn’t look enough in the morning, I still want to see, I didn’t have opinion, I saw Xiao Min, she didn’t speak low.

The doctor said: “I’m here, I will start.” After I finished, I went to the door. We also walked to the room inside. The doctor made Xiao Min lying on the bed, they were sitting in another bed, I station On the side.

Xiaomin squatted on the bed, the dress was tightly attached to the body, showing the curve on her body, the doctor took out a very wide strap: “This is a physiotherapy belt, it is necessary to stick to the skin in the waist.” After watching me, I mean me to take back her clothes.

I certainly seek to ask, say: “Good, I will help you pick your clothes.” After the end, I walked over, put her dress from below until the middle of the back, this, Xia Min’s lower body is exposed to us . T-type underwear will not stop a little butt, but the butt is full of black straps in the middle of the T-type underwear form a contrast in the middle of the buttise and the snow white skin, which appears that the skin on the skin is extra white.

Xiao Min took the head again, and held his face with both hands. The two people’s trousers have left a small tent. The doctor’s eyes changed, staring at Xiaomin ass, I can’t think of this woman will wear such sexy underwear. It is simply to seduce. He took the strap to her waist, but it was very surrounded, and the elastic belt of Xiao Min’s panties was blocked. He was still like the morning, and pulled her underwear and pulled it. Half of your ass in the middle of the ass, this is good.

Such Xiaomin is the same with the morning, and the key part of the back is all exposed to our four people’s eyes. Different, the morning will also see Xiaomin’s ass, now not, but the ass is completely The buttocks blocked the front of the haired tape because it was pulled down, and it was completely released. Too high, the two petals under the bottom of the clouds were also clear, and the sexy people had a sharp blow. The doctor said: “Let’s start massage from your shoulders.” After going back and down, I started right, because Xiaomin’s skirt all rolled over the waist, a lot thick, every time his hand is going to, it is very inconvenient, I think, I think, It is better to take the opportunity to take her clothes, just to the doctor: “Is your hand is not very inconvenient? Do you want me to take off her clothes, is it a good massage?” Doctican stopped: “The best I’m talking to Xiaomin: “Come on, put the skirt down, or it is very inconvenient.” Editing, while putting her skirt up, rolled into her neck, small mating I took out the hand from inside, I took her skirt. Nowadays, in addition to a T-type underwear, Xiao Min is exposed to us.

The doctor’s hand started to massage, from the back until the ass, after two or three minutes, the hand was completely knead on the butt, and his hand was pinched on the butt, and her underwear was all in the thigh. I didn’t say anything, and took her underwear and let Xiaomin become naked, exposed to our people’s eyes.

There are eight eyes, there are two hands to scan on her. I stand behind her. I saw the middle of the thighs and started to flow out of the prostitute. The two thighs were not awkward twisted, the doctor’s hand on her calf, The thigh, butt and waist repeated massage, Xiaomin thighs and buttons on her hand jighten with her hand, when the meat is robbed, the meat on the butt is pressed again, and people are very fast. Can’t.

This has been about five minutes, I see that they have not further stated that I want to see them to do the dry, Xiaomin, and if they may be, I may be here, I think here, I Dedicated: “Oh, I’m so tired, I went to the outside chair for a while, you continue to press it! I am sleeping, I am called not to wake up.” Finished, I will go outside the chair. Lower, but the eyes look inside.

I just came out, the two men came down from the bed, standing on the side of Xiaomin’s bed, watched her snow-white thighs and ass, I saw the three people’s trousers, small tents are high. It is really interesting.

That middle-aged man said: “Doctor, you have pressed it for a long time, let us intercare, let us press.” The doctor looked at him, hesitated. “Well, you come to her.” According to the body, I will give her a head. “Let’s talk, let the open, stand to Xiaomin’s head.

The middle-aged people can’t wait to go to the bedside, both hands are put on her thigh, not massage, complete strokes, just touch it on her thigh, then move to Xiaomin’s butt, in her The buttocks are touched; the fat old is standing on the other side of the bed, and it doesn’t matter what it is, and the hand is put on her thigh.

The doctor came to the place where Xiaomin’s head is: “I will give you a header, you put your face.” Xia Min put his face, just right to do a tent of the doctor, doctor’s hand Put it on her head, the hard dicks arrogant in the Xiaomin’s face, and Xiao Min did not oppose it.

At this time, the fat old hand finally tagged from Xiaomin’s butt, touched Xia Min’s meat hole, her meat hole is already wet, so that his fingers are very easy to slip into the hole, Xiao Min Zhang The mouth sent a rumor, the middle-aged people saw it, unlocked the belts on Xiaomin waist, moved her ankle with hand, turned her back, let Xiao Min lay down.

After Xia Min turned over, cover his eyes with his hand, his face was like an apple, but could not help but open the thigh, the breast breast was jitter with her breathing.

Middle-aged and fat old, no concern, one person moved her thigh, spreading her thigh, let the flesh of her hamos are fully separated, the middle-aged people preemptively The finger extends into her meat, and the fat old man also strokes on her laborar.

Xiaomin’s sexual desire has been mobilized, and a sound of snoring is made. The doctor took out her breasts in front of her breasts and took the dick from the trousers. On her face, some mucus secreted in front of the glans made a small-minded face, and then he shifted the glans toward her lips and rubbed it on her lips. Xia Min also can’t control it, put his dick with his mouth, lick with his tongue.

When I was fat, I took out the cock, put it in her hand, Xiao Min also grabbed his cockline to make it; middle-aged people are more welcome, dragging Xiao Min’s butt to bed, put his dick Go in, quickly draw up. Xiao Min felt, the movements in your hand were accelerated, and the mouth was also more soldier. The middle-aged man raised the legs of Xiaomin, vigorously inserting Xiao Min’s meat hole, the lower abdomen hit the “啪” on Xiaomin’s butt, Xiao Min’s buttise is desperate, and there is still a pleasure in his mouth The snoring.

The fat old body is the worst, the fastest shot semen, full shot on the Xiaomin’s breast; then the doctor starts ejaculation in Xiaomin’s mouth, he also smokes the dick, full of semen in her face; The middle-aged people also emitted the semen in the small meat hole.

After the middle-aged people came out of the cock, Xiao Min’s meat has also begun to flow out of the semen. She lies out for a while, and climb naked, goes to the pool and wipe the face, they are still following the past, six Hands on her or fine breasts, butts, on the lane, Xia Min pushed their hands, while the horse and tiger wiped the body, it was necessary to start wearing clothes, the six hands still don’t let her, It’s still in her body, and Xiaomin’s clothes are not worn, she scares: “Be careful that my husband woke up, it will be very troublesome.” They remembered that I was still outside, this is still there.

Xia Min woke me, we went home and didn’t go there, and then didn’t go there.

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