I face significant pressure coming junior in high school studies, there is a simulated test results managed to get extremely unsatisfactory.

Since I am deeply regret, to atone, my energies to study, and even community activities do not go.

Anyway, dance club a few antique third grade did not have much impact, I think.

But one day, a cute school girl worried rushed to my classroom came to me, this book is called Rong school girl, a Qiaolian looks sweet and beautiful, dewy eyes, slightly dark complexion, about 155 cm petite body types Xiangbao people at any time up to play the urge to insist pick her shortcomings, it is probably flat chest.

Book Rong Qi asked: “seniors, how recently you did not come to the community ah?” She asked leaning against the window.

“Hard to describe, u leave me!” I said, although she is very cute, but I do not dare speak to her, because I do not know her boyfriend had to pursue her case was also rejected last year.

“Roar, Come on, tell me hear it!” A lovely school girl hanging in the windows like a baby, so my class bored by her classmates were instantly Jiao lazy attitude to buy, they have urged me to hurry up to leave class this out without my Mokenaihe, had out of the classroom, with school girl walking on the corridor line.

“In the end how?” Watery eyes wide open book Rong asked, from this height I can in the scenery from above the neckline of her glance, though empty inside rather sad.

“You examination seniors burst rotten life is now the bottom, you felt a lot of seniors seniors pressure you, you seniors will soon bleed to death a seven-hole!” I scream with anger.

“Clams, oh so poor,” said Rong book, we two silent child, she suddenly hehe smile, mysterious and playful, said: “? Seniors, or else …… I can help you with one hand that way.”

I heart a loud bang, beginning violent jump, flattered, it is not clear that she is not mean it, or I got it wrong.

Fa Zheng Rong book to see me, raised her slender dark but delicate little hands in front of me shake, playful said: “? It is not enough that two hands?” Then again with the other hand in front of my swing a swing .

I swallowed, morality drove me ask this sentence: “? But u not have a boyfriend.”

“But it does not matter, but not a big deal, even if you do not.” Duzui book Rong said.

“I do not, but ……” I’m thirsty, he scratched his head I do not know what to say, I want to say out loud, carrying her boyfriend who think we are too lacking in conscience.

Rong book staring me deep head and said softly: “two hands is not enough, plus the tongue it?” My heart racing, could not resist this deadly temptation, grinning nodded.

Book Rong sweet smile, said: “Well, you optimistic about Hello tongue plus hands Oh!!” Then, she grabbed his hands under the eyelids, tongue and spit it out and made a face.

Cold, slowly blowing.

“Not funny?” School girl asked a little embarrassed laugh.

I kept shaking, could no longer bear while barking while foot bolted and disappeared into the corridor.

The next few lessons, school girl made a total of thirteen through SMS to apologize to me, even after school time I stopped at the classroom door stop me home.

“I’m not angry friends.” I am unable to say that this is indeed the truth, but I like being the last hope of burn matches as dry and shriveled.

“But you look very hurt.” Said Rong book guilt.

“Of course I would be very hurt, u idiot …… Ni You do not know me …… not a word u seduce me out of the dark side of human nature, made me realize how much he is a bad person should not exist on this world.”

As we walk and talk, and gradually we strolled the deserted school art room, my evil thoughts began to take up, I continued to educate the book I feel Rong produce evil is a kind of very wrong idea, and hinted that she really was consensual if I’ll be a little better.

Book Rong gradually understand my hint, she was funny and good gas, but finally throw in the towel, bow their heads and whispered: “Well …… …… I know it will help you to … Well ……”

I was overjoyed, Fucking, but still cautiously asked: “?? Really will not pulling my leg, right.”

Book Rong embarrassed nodded and whispered: “Why did you want to compelling me so.”

I gently labeled the school sister and sweet body, and I hugged, and her whole man turned in my chest. My chin just pillow my head was smelling the aroma. A pink aroma that is difficult to say, such as flower bloom. I heard the heartbeat of the schoolmates, and her arms were closely stuck in their body. I took her arms and traged to the crotch of my bulge. Book Rong did not push it, and the well-behaved squatted.

“Really … no problem?”

“Who told you to force me …” Book Rong’s voice is light smaller than flies.

I took her light white uniform, touched her trembled body, she said, “Don’t mess … I don’t … don’t help you ….”

I quickly recovered her, and the hand was returned.

I think it should be almost, slowly pull the trousers, pull out my weapon, holding her sister’s hand to hold her, I feel that the school girl’s slender fingertips first is timid, followed by Hold it on shallow, and start the weak and slow.

What should I say that her technology is undoubtedly a pole, but I still have only one word, cool! I can feel that this life is not awkward in the palm of this cute little girl.

“Some, I asked 喔.” I said that she “um”, it seems to be immersed in the stimulus brought by the hot meat stick.

“Have you love with my boyfriend?” I asked boldly and spicy.

She is probably hot, not hesitate to answer: “Um …”

My vinegar is angry and said, “” “Who is more big with his meat, whose big?”

Book Rong “”, haha ​​smiled, do not answer my question, which makes my uncomfortableness more expanded.

I deliberately, put the meat stick into her uniform, hot meat stick to her belly, she is shocked, but the butt is on the table, I hold her waist with her hands, the Zhongguan direct, she is not I have opened my legs, my legs under her skirt, wrapped a cute black over the baby socks, tightly packaged her leg, looks unusually sexy, I bite the teeth: “School girl, let me Insert it. “

Book Rong flower is out of color, crying, shaking his head, her look is a desperate look, but her body is weak and does not resist.

“Hey.” I retired from her, and I looked at the classroom. “I am more than my boyfriend.”

Going back, I don’t know when I started, Book Rong has smiled like a spring flower, she is sweet: “I now know where you are better than him, you will not force me.”

“I will force it, I will pay for it, I am not worthy of debts, don’t think that it is fine!” I didn’t have a good gas pointed to my hard meat stick.

Book Rong smiled, and felt my meat stick, this time she is in her mood, takes out the truth, my meat stick is held by her small hand, like the macquering, Book Rong The ordinary elegant, the sold force is set with my meat stick. She looked up with my face. Suddenly used her eyes, and the mouth did his face again. This time I really Laughing, her wet lips are moved, holding the right hand on my meat stick, the lips are launched on my wet glans, like honey, the lips, slowly swallow my meat stick, Her soft mouth and wet, I couldn’t help but make a heavy breathing. Book Rong smashed and stared at me. She was soft and soft, and her body was slowly retired. The meat stick is swallowed by her.

“How is it so skilled, wouldn’t you help others?” I traveled with excitement, deliberately speaking to insult her, but she didn’t care, spit out the meat stick, smile: “Thank you, you are my 53th A guest, thank you at 500 yuan. “

“Do you collect money to help people? Really fake?” I am, excited and painful, have a similar pleasure with “insult girlfriends”, although I have never had a girlfriend to give me insults.

“Intercourage, of course, fake! Hahaha!” Book Rong smiled, “Why are you so cheating, I really have never seen you such a interesting person!”

I am so angry and laugh, and I feel relieved. After all, the school girl still maintains a pure image in my mind. I am angry: “I can evil, I lie to me, see that I don’t insert this love. Little mouth.”

I have a bad end of the meat stick to the lips of Book Rong, she does not resist, let me press her head, and take the meat stick into her mouth and start dry her mouth.

“… …” meat sticks with the water to enter and leave her mouth, send a loud voice, my hands are pressed on her head, with my indulgence, thrilling, rapid increase, I looked like her The child is tender and delicate, sweet, and the excitement is extremely soaring. I urgently trembled: “Learn, I am running fast, what should I do?” Book Rong looked at me, closed my eyes didn’t answer, Instead, she took the right hand to hold my meat stick, the mouth is just shallow, her mad and passionate set of my meat stick, I am already a strong, I have been stimulating, big yelling. It is not from the autonomous body convulsions, and the great pleasure came from the lower body, a large number of strong ejaculation a wave of injection into Book Rong’s mouth, she blocked the smell with the tongue, but the amount is too much or let her eat I frown, I took the brush, I took the meat stick away from her palm, and it was eager to soften.

Book Rong smiled, licking the cherry little mouth, white thick semen rushed down along her bright lips, more along the chin to her hand.

“Wei ~ born ~ paper ~” She said vague, I am surprised, laughing: “I am swallowed.” Book Rong gave a mouth, pretty face was stunned, but hang on the lips Holding a strong semen, this picture is quite attractive.

Finally, I still gave her toilet paper, although most she had swallowed her belly.

I looked at Bi Rong wiped the stream to my hand, dipped on the clothes, dripping the semen on my socks, satisfied: “Too comfortable.”

Book Rong’s mouth hook, 嘻 smile, said, “Cheng Meng Hui, 500 yuan Thank you!”

I again, suddenly doubt, asked her: “The last move is too simple, I won’t really pick it up?”

Book Rong haha ​​laughed and said: “You ~ said ~ ~?”

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