Lowering, I have to take the classmates to take the time to see the time, the book test is too much to be repaired. “

OMG! ! After the teacher said, I was finished with my boyfriend, and I didn’t look at my boyfriend. Although I had a good result in the class, I have been in this time. Several ropes have a good K book.

So I started to step up the class, I won’t ask professors, teachers, classmates, friends, etc., I will stay at school every day. Of course, the subject is really ugly, it is really ugly, it is 6 o’clock in the evening. , I am gentle, I’m going to clean up.

This is when I am tired in the corridor, I found it after the chemistry laboratory?

“Strange this time, the professor should go back.” I stopped and muttered.

I thought about how the laboratory’s light was on, and I walked into the voice of some men and women talking, and I sounded weird, but ……… I found that this is a squid of men and women, a while A game of metamorphic sounds, a wave of shots in my ear.

“Professor! Good news … Ena !! Enad !!” The woman’s swinging snoring is the same, the sky is the same, the sky …? I close the glass window of the door … It’s Xiaoxiang! ! It turned out that he is doing love at Professor Wang and Chemistry.

Xiaoxiang is very well-behaved, cute, the body is also very good, but … I just want to think about how Xiao Xiang will follow this skin bag, the old professor who is full of old people, is it being threatened? Still being raped? .

Just when I want to rescue, I will listen to the explosive words. Please listen to Xiao Xiang’s voice. “Professor … Enad … You have to pass chemistry department … Ena !! Good news …” It is said to the professor.

“嘿 … this … this is certain … you give me cool … I can of course let you pass away …” The professor is breathed with the beef side.

It turned out that Xiao Xiang was doing with the professor to achieve a score … selling his body exchanged, in fact, in the average person, it may be very shameless, but I feel so excited, an inexplicable pleasure is full, I slowly Small leaves leaving school.

I can’t sleep this evening, I am full of brains is a professor! I suddenly had a thoughtfulness, or I would like to come with the professor to make my department.

One day, the exam is close to me, I have a lot of chemistry, this time when I think, I saw Xiao Xiang Yu Xin into the classroom, but she appeared to be tired, did it, I called it.

So I decided to let this department pass, let myself tempted professor. After the class, I stopped the professor before the get out of class, I started to ask some questions, professor, I deliberately disserted the shirt, let My deep clever ditch makes him full of eyes.

Sure enough, when I was looking for a problem, I kept watching my breasts and didn’t turn my eyes, and I deliberately slowed down, let him look enough, I also deliberately close him, such a temptation to make a professor of dicks, huh, huh I really want to play.

After asked, I looked at the professor’s eyes and gods. When I gave me, I quickly said that I left, my heart jumped, so I was successful, so I was relieved, I’ve been relieved with my boyfriend. The professor took me under get out of class, I want to go to the laboratory to find him, I think he must be my body.

I will take care of him to see him with a nervous heart. I saw the professor to get the experiment.

He is serious about his appearance. In fact, the inner heart is hoping to use this method to take my flesh.

And I also pretend to worry, I am tense: “Sorry …” I will use my best to use the poor look to get his sympathy.

The professor said to me and laughed: “As long as you perform well, I will naturally give you a difference ~”

And I stupid: “My performance? I have to listen to the class!” I contracted my husband and hugged my waist: “But it is useless, I need you. The present performance “A pair of coarse hands slowly cares for my body.

“Professor … can’t do this.” Gu doing this, pushed him, he began to threaten, if you don’t listen, when you don’t care, he doesn’t matter.

And I also listened to him, let him insult, his pair of handsome hands caress in my uniform, a burst of pleasure quickly introduced into my body, I will take a low breath The soft sound is called.

The professor took me with a buckle, until I took off my uniform, my hands were smashed with my big tits. The professor is excited: “” This death, such a big talent is used to seduce Ah, it’s the biggest tits, it is different, and Xiao Xiang is much better. “

“Professor … you are bad, you don’t even have Xiaoxiang ……… Enad !!” I breathe.

“Haha !! You have this group of small sagments, it is to come to school !! Do not obey, when you have a good result, you are not good.”

The professor finally exposed the true face, I can’t think of the outer appearance of a kind old man. In fact, it is a color old man. There is no way to make this.

He twisted my nipple with his fingers, pulled up and pulled up, letting my nipples and hurt, he stretched another hand and retreated my skirt, extends my little pantry Petals, not long after my body is hot and hot, I have already flowed into the disaster.

The professor puts me on the laboratory table and opened my feet. I was close to my little hole. I used the tongue to lick, and it was very powerful, and the prostitute was spurt, and his face is all my prostitute. .

“Professor … Enad … … …………………… I am … I can’t stand it … I have to vent it !!!” The body tremble.

Surviving on the face of professors, he smiled and smiled. He took off his pants and took out the old stick. He didn’t expect my expectations. It was more coarse than I imagined. The door is small, did not see clearly, it looks very huge, and his body is inversely compared, and looks at it, I naturally licked.

“True is awkward !! It is a good student, hurry, etc., let me cool” in his masturbation, it is like a well-behaved kitten.

I licked the technology very good, and I didn’t have a professor to shoot a lot of semen.

“Ah !!!” A lot of …

The professor did not say, put me, directly inserted! Tian A … he is too hard, it is never, the whole is the same, I can’t think of him, but I can show a big breeze. I shouted.

“Hey !!! It !! Ah is oh !!!! Teaching !! Good news …” He topped to my heart, start a burst of draw.

“Call ~~ call ~~ finally dried to you, dead big milk sister, usually see what you have 妳 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 想 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃 晃

In fact, professor is the most ha, just look at me very pure and dares to violate, but I saw that I sent the door and plus inner swing, his portrait is not.

“Ah !! A oh ~~ Oh!!! Good news ~~ Good comfort !!! Dear En, !!”

My snoring does not lose Xiao Xiang, and the professor breathes praise me.

“The big milk sister is very called ~~ Waves this sound is so wave ~ Calling Dad listening !!” He commanded me, regard me as his daughter, and my heart is satisfied in the heart, and the inner dignity is put down NS.

“Dad !! Daddy hard to do it ~ Use your big chicken to daughter, dry the daughter’s small hole !! Oh” My obscene word, let the professor listen quickly.

“En, ………. A 喔 喔 ……………………………………………………………………….. … you have to die, oh ……… Can’t do it?

The professor is accelerated in my body, and the violent delivery, his low sorrow.

“Ah! Shoot ……… Shoot you … A !!” Let’s pull out the meat stick, the most accurate my tits, one wave of semen … After a lot of shots, he breathed like a cow Lying down, and I have a lot of semen with my fingers, look at the professor, say: “Professor ~ The score of others rely on you ~~” Captured a naughty Leave.

The results came out, and I didn’t have the score, and I can play it with confidence ~ until the next exam.

“It’s over!! I haven’t prepared it yet.” Professor “.

So I like a small devil to the laboratory, I saw the old professor and said: “Professor ~~ Help people’s grades!”

Just in the dusk of school, the laboratory came to a burst of screaming until the night.

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