“Tianna, is it busy?”

I looked up, it turned out to be Xiaolian. She is a private secretary of our company, is also the beauty of our company, although the one is not high, but the body is very well, heights are 1 meter, 50 kg, three rounds 32C2633, I have listened to the company’s male colleague The fascination called her “little beauty.”

I put down my mouth. “Yeah, Liu always urges me to drive the company this year this year. Is there something?”

“Liu always let you go to his office.”

“I know!” I was busy with a mess, I took out the performance in the afternoon, and then quickly printed it and walked to Liu.

In front of the door, I will take the skirt of me and my knee. “, 咚”, I knocked on the door, came back, “Please come!” I went in, put the door, I saw there in a middle-aged man is sitting behind the desk.

“Liu Qi, I have made this year’s performance, Xiaolian said that you still have something to find me?”

“Ah, it is Tian Na, yes, there is something to find you, you will take the performance of the performance.” I went to the desk, just have to deliver the performance, the manager wants me to go to him. Around it.

I hesitated, biting his teeth, got near him, and put the performance on the table in front of him.

Liu Yi looked at the head and saw: “Tian Na, let me talk about it in detail the above information.”

I low below, said: “Okay, Liu Zheng.”

“This year, our company’s total performance is not bad, rose six percentage points over last year, but the performance of the first half of the year is not ideal …” I have no gods.

At this time, I felt that the manager was separated on my hip isolated, gently kneaded. “Ah …” I sent a humiliation, the muscles of the legs could not be rigorous. This is no longer the first time, the last time I was even by the manager, I was struggling at the time, I didn’t know what happened. I also thought about resignation, but my husband’s company began to start in the last year. Not only did the salary now pitiful, but also the possibility of laid-off at any time, and we have a house in the past few years, there is still ten Millions of yuan have not yet, how can I … 唉 …

I have no more time. Liu Yi’s hand is not awkward. He saw that I didn’t resist, so I moved down, from my skirt, I slipped in my legs.

Today I just didn’t wear a long slider, I had to force myself not to break away from this awful. At this time, Liu Yi’s hand has been put onto my thigh, and the thick fingers touched in my lower yin from time to time. A faint pleasure couldn’t help but produce my own brain. It’s coming again, I think about it, how can I have this kind of human infringement? My heart is dramatically beat, I don’t think about the hateful performance, I only hope that Liu is a little stopped for my violation. However, the manager’s hand does not have some signs of stop.

I suddenly thought of the last time Liu Yi pulled out my underwear, I couldn’t help but worry. What should I do if he is today? And here is the office, if someone knocks in … I thought here, I had to pray to the old days, I hope nothing. The thrill has not stopped, I feel that my lower body is not allowed to get out of liquid, and I am ashamed. “Hey, Tian Na, your body is still so sensitive, only will start water, this is really exciting!” Liu Yi smiled.

I started to have a fever on my face, I’m red, this hateful old ghost. This kind of insult can be a body that is more sensitive, which damages the dead body. The same is true for the last time, under the language and laughter of Liu, my body betrayed my will, and I have to succumb to the provokes of Liu Shao, and I will be a little … At this time, manager The fingers touch my lower body in panties. I can feel my underwear is wet on my labi, and the manager’s finger is gently swayed between my two labips. He once more hard than once, and his finger is planned every time. It’s more in my laborary when it is moving, and it is more intense. The manager suddenly took his fingers back, I have never returned God, and even a little lost.

At this time, Yi Ji pulled me between his legs, still in his back, said to me: “The upper body is on the table!”

“Don’t, Liu Zheng.”

“Don’t be afraid, Tian Na, I just want to see what you are below, hehe!” Ah, the most terrible thing is coming. I want to resist, but I think there are reasons, I have no strength. Finally, I have to comfort myself, as long as he doesn’t make him break through the last level. I don’t know, I think every time I think, my psychological resistance is weak. I slowly squatted on the table, and my face couldn’t help but tears. The lower body is cold, my skirt is hit. Then, a pair of hands pulled my panties down, my legs reflected, didn’t let him take off my underwear, but finally by Liu Yi’s clever faded. At this time, I have no inherent, the whole exposure is in the eyes of Liu. Although I was pulled out by Liu by Liu, I didn’t see my lower body because of my struggle. However, I was still seen by him. In addition to her husband, Yi Yi is the second man who sees my privacy.

Although I am squatting on the table, I still feel that his sight is staring tightly, I am nervous, but my vagina has started twitching, each twitch, I can feel the lower body. The non-stop drainage, after a while, the oozing water self-legacy is down, and finally flow into my shoes.

“Ah, Tian Na, you are really beautiful! The butt is tightened, the legs are thin and long, it is the most beautiful woman in our company, 咦? How do you flow in the lower mouth? I am helpless You rub. “I am ashamed to do it.”

At this time, his hand took my underwear to help me clean the water in the water, and there were less, my lower body gradually returned to normal, no longer twitching. Soon, his hands put on my hips again. A shaft of hot sprayed my back, itchy, very comfortable, he must look at me close to me, but there is a place where husband has not read it. I want to earn it, but my hip is fixed firmly in his hand, it can’t move. The heart is not a more intense humiliating sense. However, the water does not live up again.

At this time, I have an absolute imagination that I have happened.

Suddenly, I was attached to the next thing, followed by a hot, soft things creep on my labi, very fast, I drilled into my lower body, keep moving. “Ah …” It’s so comfortable. I have been temporarily in my brain, but I woke up soon. He shouldn’t let the one come in, but not like, I am below the following things. The shape is not the same, and it is soft, it will not be … His tongue! I have been married to my husband for more than three years, but even my husband has never used my tongue. Today, Liu Jie him actually … “Liu, ah …” This When I was comfortable, I didn’t even say a word, if someone took off my shoes, I found that my foot finger was comfortable.

Manager Liu is really a devil. He pulled my laborary with his hands, then his tongue was like a snake drill into my vagina, remove my reason, and the desired flame gradually burned me. “Harmony, your love is really sweet.” Yu Shao Li swallowed all the liquids from my lower body into your stomach, as if my love is from the gum honey liquid. His words stimulated my senses, the body’s feelings were more violently impacted my mind. I thought about it: Since the lower body has been seen by him, and he is using his mouth, I don’t enjoy it. As long as you don’t let him enter my lower body. Thinking of this, I combined with the hips to make the hips, so that the tongue of the manager is active under me, even, I quietly, slowly put my legs.

“Hey, this is my baby.” Liu Yi smiled, he seems to find my attempt, the tongue is more expensive.

A burst of faint feelings came to me. “Ah … I … can’t …” I made it breath, then my throat seems to have lost my effect, I know this is what I am going to reach the climax. Suddenly, a finger was lightly swayed in my anus; and two fingers will pinch the clitoris of the excitement. My breathing is almost stopped. The huge thrill is constantly coming to me, and it is not comed from autonomous spasivers in the vagina. “Oh …” I was so comfortable that I can’t even make a sound.

I am weak in the table. At this time, the long rhyme of the climax has not disappeared from my body, but he passed the motility of “Sephing”.

My heart is shocked, this is clearly the sound of getting off the object, Liu Yi, what he wants to do, is he wants … No, I can’t let him get inch, otherwise, how do I face me in the future? What about my husband? I am so anxious to cry, I want to struggle, but my body is soft, but I can’t get it. “Tianna, comfortable? Hey, there is more comfortable in the back!” Liu Yi smiled more Obscene. Yi’s hand stretched over from my waist, forced to turn my body over, so I became I lying on the table.

I worked hard to support my upper body, weak: “Don’t … Liu Qi, I am a husband, and … here someone will come, you will let me, otherwise … I Will alarm. “

“Hey, I have already told Xiaolian, no one can come here. As for the alarm … If you have tasted my big meat stick … Hey, you will be relieved, but you are already cool, but you look Look at me, what should I do? “I looked down, I couldn’t help but suck a breath. He is naked, there will be straight together, it is rough and long, and it is also covered with thick green gluten. It seems to be, there is his glans, and there is a half of my half fists. . My God, if this is really letting him insert me, can I get it?

If there is a mirror here, I think my face must be pale. At this point I feel like a bunny that falls into the tiger, the body is helpless. Liu Yi smiled and separated my two legs, my pussy was once again exposed to him. “Ah …” I couldn’t help but screamed, hurriedly sat up, cover my pussy with hands. I want to club my legs, but Liu Ju is standing in the middle of my legs, can’t help. The manager smiled and stood, it was very interesting to look at my performance, suddenly said: “Tian Na, don’t you like this, we will play a bet, if you win, I will put you today, if you lose it , You will let me do it, how? “He deliberately bisted” dry “, listening to my lower body vagina. This is evil color.

But I still hurry up, as long as I can’t let him not, I can promise anything.

He laughed again, did not panic, using my vagina: “Let’s gamble. Let me pick you, if you can let you not flow out, even if you win, Otherwise, I lose. “What, this is clearly awkward, how can I control the one, my body is so sensitive, and I must be me.

I am red, saying: “This is not, let it go.”

“Hey, this is not ok, you said the reason.”

“Well … because … because … is …” I can’t say it.

“Because, don’t talk about the reason, I will do it.”

“Don’t,” I am anxious, my face is more red, low, whispering: “Because … you can’t help but ……”

“Hahaha,” Liu Yi smiled, “Okay, good, then let’s change a gaming, haha!”

I looked at the manager to think about it. He suddenly said: “I have a fair gaming, you see, I here, I will, as long as you can use any means within half an hour, let me shoot here, Even if you win, how do you see? “

I stared at his red and purple, big scared things, biting his teeth, going down, said: “Well!”

Manager Liu started to look at me again, said: “Then you put the hair first, I like to see you like hair.”

I looked up, solved the hair on the plate and shake it, let the hair slip down, and ask Mr. Liu: “Is this?”

At this time, the manager stared at me, but only did not flow out of the water. He said again: “I will tell the tip!” I hesitated, thinking that anyway, the most important part of the body, I didn’t care about my chest, as long as I let him shoot, everything Row. So I put the buckle of my woman’s suit, I was unwilling, revealing the white flower bra inside.

Since my breast is relatively full, it is quite quite, so I usually pick the bra is a soft and relatively thin fabric. Today, this bra is very thin, plus it is a flower, from outside See the probabilistic look of my breast. Originally, this is what I secretly bought it for my husband tonight. I am still preparing to and her husband … but now, I am already killed by this big wolf … I think this, I can’t help but sad … I am red, reach out Behind the buckle of the bra, but I saw Liu’s face, and suddenly, I suddenly had a restless feeling. “Liu Zheng, you talk about?” “Tian Na, I lie to you, or I have already put it in.” Yes, he doesn’t seem to lie to me now, but I saw the corner of Liu. A silk smile, I always feel wrong, forget it, I am recognized, I must let him shoot.

Hands, bra’s button unsaled, my breasts played out. I will put the bra on the table, and the low-headed whisper is the manager of Liu: “Okay.”

At this time, the buckle of my top opened, revealing the entire chest, and the two legs were forced to separate, and the skirt was also pulled on the abdomen and exposed the whole vulva. I think, if my husband knows that I am in front of the man, what will he do? I have an angry and sad face in front of my eyes.

Husband, forgive me. I am silent in my heart. “Wow, it’s really beautiful, the nipple is brown, Tian Na, I didn’t expect you to be the same as the same outside! Oh!” Liu Yu’s words interrupted my thinking, he sat in the chair in front of me, said: “Come, sitting on my legs, then look at you.” He looked at the table in his hand, “Now, I started a long time!” I hurriedly stood up, sitting on his legs.

Mao’s hairy on Liu, made me itchy, I am strive, I am going to reach out his penis. I didn’t expect him to lift his legs. I lost my heart, I naturally The front, my hands were in his neck. “Oh, huh, go forward.” Liu Yi worked on my waist and smiled.

At this time, the lips were just posted on the roots of his penis, hot, and a big feeling came up. This may be because the climax just has passed, and the lips become more sensitive because of congestion. I hate him with red. But the lower body is a bit awkward to leave his feelings. Forget it, this may make him get a little more, I have an idea. I released my hands, and my left hand was gently took on Liu Yi’s shoulder, and his right hand held his penis.

I started to make the penis. My hand is too small, I can only hold half of his penis, it is now gently pulled in my hand. I can’t help but secretly compare him with my husband in my heart. Calculating the husband’s size is more than him, his penis is not only thick, but also hard and hot, thinks here, my lower body can’t help but have more compact, and the labians and The places of the penis have become wet due to my death. I am embarrassed to steal Liu Yiyi, I saw him, this will be comfortable, did not look at me at all, probably very comfortable. I am relieved, seeing such a half an hour can be shot.

In a short while, my right hand began to get numb, the speed slowed down.

When I came to a holiday at home, sometimes I will masturbate for her husband, so I know that once the speed is slow, the man’s pleasure will decrease, usually I will continue with my mouth, but I really don’t want this here, and Liu Yi’s The penis is too huge, I can’t hold it in my mouth, what can I do? Yes, I gently moved the waist, stuck his penis with your own lips, started to move up and down, and my hand gently stroked on his glans. This is really good, Liu Yi is cool, and it has closed his eyes. I suddenly thought of trying to give my husband in the future, but I thought that my husband’s penis was so thick. This trick didn’t use it. I couldn’t help but disappointment.

It is also a big bigger, but the consequence of my movement is that the pleasure of myself has become strong, there is not a few times, the water flowing out of the vagina brings out Liu Yi’s big penis Get all wet. I simply sipped the love liquid on the penis in the penis, and the lubrication of love, my hands and the lower body are more labor-saving.

At this time, my nose and the horns were tired of sweating, and the face was blushing. But the penis of Liu was not seen, but it became more and more rough. It’s over, what can I do? At this time, Liu was opened his eyes, and his mouth revealed the look. One of his hands left my slight waist, but held my breast, another hand slightly, put my upper body near his body, his mouth kissed on my ear. My labi is in front of his penis. “Well … What do you want to do …” I feel that the water of the lower body is like a flood of the mouth. Liu Yi’s nipple with his fingers, while licking my earlobe, the other hand also reached into my back, my back, my back, my back, gently said to me: “I am helping you, you Yeah, it is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and I have ever seen the most beautiful woman. Do you know? “Although I am disgusted, he has a good story to jump in my heart. The woman is the most sensible animal. He is simply fatal for me that this will not be defended at all. And the most sensitive roles in my body is simultaneously attacked, I can’t say it.

“Ah … you … let go … I … I … still … let you … shoot … …” The reason why I closed my mouth is that Liu Jumei’s mouth suddenly sealed on my mouth. .

I closed my mouth and didn’t let his tongue reached. However, the nipple suddenly hurts, it is he uses me, “Hey”, I can’t help but open his mouth, he took the tongue. His tongue rolled my tongue, I was passive and he picked up, but after a while, I was immersed in his hot kiss, he did not touch my tongue from time to time, and gently licked my tonta, I also put it slightly under my tongue root, this is still in my life in this life, I put it into a hot kiss. I also held his neck in his hands, and the lower body was unconsciously rubbed on his penis, and I forgot what I should do.

For a long time, his mouth left my lips, I still relieved the reluctance to disappoint the pleasure. Liu Yi smiled again, he pointed to my hips: “You look …” I look down, not only on my face, but even the neck is also red. It turned out that the love that I exited, not only got all the managers’ thighs, but even the homework under the manager ass, it also got a big piece of wet print.

“Tian Na, your husband generally loves a few times a week?”

I am red and said: “It is about two or three times a week.”

“What, the people who put you so beautiful, no matter whether it takes two or three times a week, but unfortunately, if I must do two or three times a day, huh, huh!”

“No … just because he is very busy, so we …” I am shy to defend the husband.

At this time, Liu was raised his hand and looked at the table: “Time is still five minutes, it seems that I can do it well!”

I am anxiously: “Don’t, Liu Zong, there is still five minutes, I must make you shot!”

“Just now, don’t tried it, how can you come out five minutes!” Tears began to swim in my eyes, what to do, I really don’t want to pay this color. Although he just brought me more pleasure than her husband, although the part of my body privacy has given him a touch, I have seen it, but the reason tells me that my husband is my favorite person, I It should be that the husband is alone.

“However, I have a good idea of ​​co-existence can solve this problem.”

“What it is, tell me!”

I took Liu’s hand quickly asked. “Ah, so, you know where the most sensitive man is here.” Liu shook my hand on his huge penis on the road. “Ah, yes ……” I nodded road, I think I heard my husband say this.

“I’ll give you five minutes, I just wait a minute part of the penis is inserted in your vagina inside, as the exposed portions can move with both hands to me. You look a little more rock, I’m sure will soon shot out . “What, how this can be, this is not the same and insert it?

“Tina, think better, and you agree that either had to wait time is up. I have to at the right time can all be inserted into the go, it would certainly very interesting. And I just put it glans into them, as long as you light light Move, would not stuck too, and that did not go into what is different. “I looked up and began to pale, my heart doing intense struggle, finally, I decided to choose to insert the glans. This is better than the whole insert better than, say, the tongue is not just Liu also move inside my vagina for a long time yet? Let me also reached a climax.

I have hesitated, said: “Well, but … I am afraid … You are too big, I am afraid …” The manager laughed: “Hahaha, don’t be afraid, wait for the will be happy, You think that when a woman has a child, how big is it, and the woman’s vagina is very stronger, what are you afraid? Come on. “But I am still tense. But didn’t think if the manager put the glans in the future.

At this time, Liu Yi has stood up. I quickly smashed his neck with my hands, and the legs clamped his waist. He held my butt close to the table, put me on the top: ” The posture of just now is not convenient, wait for me to stand, you can use one hand to hold my neck, another manual me, until it comes out, know, time will give you twenty minutes. ,How about it?”

I was nervous and shy nodded. I think that I am going to be in the body, although it is just a glans, but he is so huge, thinking that this is still a touch of exciting. Just reformed that my husband, I was full of crime in my heart, but I didn’t expect this kind of sin, but I stimulated me, so that I have become more wet. The lower body has become more trail. “I look at the shoes and the skirt, I’m going to have a good time.” Liu Yi said his words.

After a moment, my feet shoe was taken away, throwing it on the side, showing my two snow whitening pins. He held my two sorrows in his hand, whispered again: “The skirt is yourself or I am coming …”

I strongly believe in the feeling of itch from the foot, the small channel: “The skirt should not take off …”

“Haha, good, then listen to you, don’t take it off, but you have to put the skirt, so you can’t help it, come.” I had to smash the skirt to the waist, put the whole outside.

I am closer by Liu, I have grown my waist.

I finally came, I thought about it. I closed my eyes and I got his neck with hand. I feel a hot, huge thing touches on my labi. This is the glans of Liu, it is not anxious, but it slides in my labi. So comfortable.

My heart is in dramally, nervous and uneasiness, humiliation and sin, there are shames and pain, and all kinds of different feelings are porn with my heart, and I have flowed up with my Yinshi and my will. More Love liquid, this is enough to fully lubricate the penis that is about to insert into my body.

“I want to come in …”

“Well …” I felt that the penis of Liu was no longer sliding, holding my vaginal mouth, slowly plugged in.

“Ah … don’t move … ah … it … it’s too big … Liu Tong … beg … You ……” The front end of the vagina seems to be calendered, and the entry part is hot and hard This feeling I don’t know how to describe it, it is a feeling that is comfortable to suffocate and even feel a terrible feeling. This feels that I feel like I feel in heaven and hell. I can’t stand this feeling, I want to stop Liu. This is really terrible.

By Liu was stopped, I took a breath, he suddenly took the penis. When I just felt emptiness, he came in again. He didn’t stop this time, and retired, followed by it, just every time it was more deeper than the previous. “Ah … stop … ah … I … can’t … stop …” The thrill is constantly attacked me, my legs are not more open, unconsciously.

Finally, when I feel that I can’t support it, Liu was stopped. I am weak, but suddenly thinking that this is not as pain in I imagined, it doesn’t help it.

However, immediately, I feel that my lower body is tight, I don’t know if I wrapped my shame, I wrapped my penis inside, and did not stop. Moreover … and the penis of Liu seems to have entered a one-third of the place in my vagina. Is it not to comply with the promise? Does all insert it?

I watched and see it in a hurry, “call”, okay, the thick penis below just put it in a glans. His penis is too big, but a glans also account for so much, if all words … then I will not be worn by it. But … I have been smirking and thinking about it, what is the difference between it? I just blame this, I haven’t thought of this, it is now late. What should I do? I am a stupid, obscenity woman, how should I face my husband!

My expression was seen from the manager, and he laughed: “Beauty, now you serve me.” This damn devil, at this time, I can’t hate his broken dog. My chastity is destroyed in his hand, but what is the case, what can I still have? I have to go wrong with it, anyway, I didn’t let him insert it, and I can’t get my husband. The feel of the lower body is still clearly put into my body. I hate Liu Yiyi, and I took back the right hand from his neck. Holded him the penis, the penis outside, and rushed. This time, I have to let him shoot, I have no chance.

Oh, yes, he just said, but also I will move it gently, then cooperate with my hand, he can come out. No, I can’t do this. And the husband outside the husband, make this basic and sexual intercourse. However, if you don’t do it, you will add more … Oh, no matter what it is, I have this. However, when I tried to sway myself, I found out that this moment was great because of my legs, and the hips were sitting on the table, and I didn’t borrow a place. Instead, because of the actions of me, the penis in the lower body is deeply in.

Manager Liu saw my embarrassment, and he didn’t make sense to say: “Tian Na, why don’t you move?”

After finishing, he also pumped his penis, and then “咕唧” and plugged in.

“Ah … Liu Zhong … you are bad …” When I was inserted, I made me shameless, I was shy, I was shy: “Still … or you can move.”

“Oh, good, since the baby talks, then I respect the life, just don’t regret!” .

At this time, my below, itchy, huge stimuli let the fountain in my vagina uncomfortable, this is really annoying, how can I be so much, ashamed. “咕唧, 咕唧, 咕 … …” The water is constantly incorporated into my ear. “Hey … um …” I carefully feel the pleasure from the following, I will not be controlled in the mouth. Fortunately, Shandu is still a letter, his penis has not been moved again.

Gradually, I put down my heart, my hands just fell in the neck of the manager, and I was in my heart to go to this happy and indulgent game.


“Tianna, is it comfortable?”


“Is there anything like this later?”


“咕唧, 咕唧, 咕 … …”

“Ah … you … good … big 喔 … good … comfortable …”

“I am also comfortable, you are tight and hot, will you move, hey … You are a natural esteem, today I finally active you … You lift your legs.” I lifted up. The leg is lying on the table.

Manager Liu put my legs on his shoulder.

At this point, I don’t realize that my danger is coming.

In the confused, I felt that he took the penis to my vagina, and he pressed his upper body in me, my legs were forced to put on both sides of my body, became a “V” Glyph.

“Well … Why don’t you move … shoot …?”

“No, it’s still early.” I came only to hear the “Guji” I heard the following, Liu big penis and broke in at the top of my bother. I tremble comfortable, blurred eyes just to see my toes, another stud’s sprang up.

Groan similar cry from my mouth. “Woo … ah … not so comfortable …… ah …… Liu …… you … how do you put all come ……” huge psychological gap, let me sharp contraction up inside the vagina, tightly wound live Managers thick, hard cock, even my efforts to reach a also a suck suck suck the manager of a huge penis. “Woo ……” moment, I seem to float up.

At the same time, I began to spasm of the vagina, heat waves of uncontrolled ejection, Liu poured on the glans penis, instant squeeze my vaginal walls, streaming on the table.

Finally, I was faintly, I heard the manager of Liu: “Time is here, my beauty.” For a long time, my sense of mind gradually recovered, looked at Liu Yi, the sorrow and anger in my heart, I couldn’t help but cry Get up. Hard work for so long, and finally gave this big wolf. Husband, how should I face you. “Don’t cry, Xiaomeian Tian Na, what should I do when I cry? I will make people see it.” Liu Yi is comfortable to comfort me. Yes, my eyes are crying, I will see people. I looked at the manager in my eyes, hated it: “You have a big wolf, I will never let you go …” The funny is when I say these words, the lower body is also inserted into a huge penis.

Manager Liu did not agreeively: “Hey, why don’t you say this when you are comfortable? You look at you, you will spurt the water under the bottom, harm that I just take a little bit.” My face is red, I think of just a climax I don’t know what to spray out, is urine, or love liquid, I can’t figure it out, I have the first time in my body.

I jealously: “Now you should meet, let me go.”

“No, I am still uncomfortable, you let me shoot.” Sure enough, I feel his penis in my body is unrestful, and more and more strong. ” I have just got a feeling of tactile, I even even had a hard prize in his glans, and every green whisper on his penis clearly felt. These are captured by my congestion, transferred to my brain.

I just started shake again, anyway, I have left the big wolf, nor did it care for a while. I thought that the taste of the desire to die, my lower body began to be stupid. I don’t know, I am really impressive to my husband.

I don’t dare to see Liu’s eyes, and only my head is only I will listen to the voice: “Well … You are almost, don’t let others know our business.”

Yu Shao said: “There is no problem, my beauty is careful.” In an instant, my lower body was passed out, huge, thick, hard penis began to teach in my lower body.

I bite my lips, I don’t want to make myself, I can’t help but call it after being plugged by Liu, I don’t, it should be crying, because the pleasure is really too strong. If I don’t do this, I may suffocate the past. “Hey … plug … Dead … I ……”

In a short while, Yu Shaoli pressed my calf to my face, so that my hips are very up, so his penis is deeper, he will pull the penis to my vaginal mouth every time, then insert it again Come.

At this time, I also felt that his scrott was hit on my ass, and the glans came into my uterus inside. “Hey … Rao … … I … let …… … …”

“Hey … Liu … always … I … really … … is … No … …”

“咕唧, 咕唧, 咕,, 咕 … …”

“, 啪,, 啪 …” The entire office is full of snoring, water, and my hip meat and Liu Shao’s thighs. “Hey … Mom … Mom … Yeah …” I really can’t stand it, even my mother also called it, the manager is too powerful.

At this time, my mind has no time concept, I don’t know how long it has, I don’t know how many climax I have reached, how much water has flowed out. “Xiaosheng woman, call my brother!”

“Hey … brother … brother …”

“It’s good husband!”

“No … … no … Want … ah … I … want to die …” Manager is more vigorous, every time I am inserted into my heart.

“Call, you, your little song, dare to obey, I killed you!”

“… …………………………………………………………………………………..

“good husband……”

“Hahahaha, this is awkward, and you will call me a few times.”

“Ok … good … old … public … good … public … Rao … …” I couldn’t say it at this time, but he didn’t let me let me let me. More exciting pump.

This is really a singer that makes me happy to die and suffer. “Your little man, small wave, usually pretending, haha, now why not install, how can I be so sensual.”

“You … I … no … have … … …” Liu Yi’s words made me feel more exciting and more exciting. Liu Yi suddenly hurriedly breathed the gas, said: “Hey … give me the legs, I … I’m shot!”

I suddenly woke up in my mind, I slammed my body, I want to let his penis out of it, today is my dangerous period, I am eager: “No … don’t shoot it …”

The penis of Liu suddenly rose much, he pressed me, and more stabbed below. “Hey … hey … ah …” I screamed. The big penis in the vagina begins to have a powerful pulse, the lower body feels a hot liquid, spraying in my heart.

I also take care of a lot, look up, half mouth, the body does not help but bend into a beautiful arc, the vaginal is also returned to a burst of hot flow. I am a sad woman.

After a long time, Liu Yi pulled out his own penis that has begun. I silently sit up, wear a bra and put the undergarment into my legs.

Liu Yi, I waited for all the buckles of the upper, then barely, I would like to help me take the shoes, said: “Tianna …” I didn’t care about him, watching him slightly, the lower abdomen, and there is the moment I felt a burst of nausea. Standing on the ground, I made the wrinkles on the skirt, just, the dress behind the dress was very fast. I think of ridiculous move, my face is red.

I thought about it, I wanted down to Liu Yi, “Liu Qi, I haven’t happened today, just after you will dare … I really will call.” After that, I will never go back. Manager Liu’s office. Just, I didn’t see the smile that Liu’s mouth slowly exposed, otherwise I will regret that I have a smart decision.

Outside the door, standing alone, Xiaolian, she looked at me smiling.

Worse, just now, the voice sent by Liu was so big, she must all hear all, what should I do? My heart is like a mess. “Tian Na, you are really a beautiful person in the company, even the bed sound is so beautiful.” The beautiful face of Little Lotus also revealed a hint of red halo, eye wave.

“I …” I want to say.

“Hey, you can rest assured, it is a woman, I will not talk, and then say that there is a woman who will see Liu Yi will be unhappy!” I face a red, this is really a mess, Xiaolian she I still saw it … Oh, forget it, I still go.

Distinguished this is not far away, and there is no one to see my wolf.

Suddenly a hot stream passed through my boat tube, I took my thigh rooted, I hurriedly grabbed my own patent, and ran into the toilet. I picked the skirt and put the pants tube to the legs and sat quietly on the toilet. The semen of Liu, who did not be controlled at this time, at this moment, I was in the moment, I couldn’t help but cry. But tears can’t wash away my feelings in my heart, my body is no longer clean, it is tarnished by the devil.

Think of that I have been inserted into the lower body just now, I can’t help but fear. So thick, so long guys … just turned out completely by my lower body, are these true? But I know that all this happens.

I picked the skirt and saw that I was red and swollen, still flowing out of white liquid, that is the semen of Liu … I can’t help but go.

It’s all the red, the coarse penis … It makes me mad, suffocated, pleading … Let me lose all the shame … But I returned to the reality, I must be too deep. So the semen is still not finished yet, this is nothing in us, but it is just my ovulation period these days. If I am pregnant, what can I do?

I hate the Liu Shao. But the old sitting on the toilet is not the solution, who knows when that thing Liu drip over yet. Whether it up, I choked back the outflow of foreign body sensation below, blushing out of the toilet. Just no one in the vicinity. I hurried back to my desk, taking a piece of sanitary napkins in the bag, then walked back to the toilet. Suddenly I under another surge of heat flowing out, I quickly took off his skirt, sitting on the toilet. Damn semen, I must be due to just walk around because of it. Finally I wait until semen drip almost ready when the sanitary napkin pad, suddenly found that I have some strange body.

I usually hide the clitoris in the foreskin. At this time, I became a red flower peanut, and it was still hard, the fingers touched, and the feeling of electric shock was passed, and I also came to my vagina in my vagina. stand up. “Well …” I don’t have snorted in my nose. I curiously put it on my two legs. It is now slippery and greasy, most of which is Liu Ji’s semen, which makes a taste of a tertiary. I crumpled my nose and opened my legs again. The red labello opened a small mouth at this time. I put my finger a little bit to my vagina, but fortunate, the lubrication of the semen makes my fingers easy to explore it. I closed my eyes and felt my feelings below. At this time, I started to creeze in my vague, and I wrapped the invasive finger. It’s so comfortable, I have a mouthful, but the other hand has unconsciously reached into the shirt, gently pinched his breast … I was awkwardly started the first masturbation in my life.

My mind reflected a picture that I have just raped by Liu. Liu was laughed, I was forced to separate my legs, and the lower body was inserted into a huge penis. It was dramatically and quickly. I reached the happiness of the happiness again and again … Not only that, I even imagined Liu Shaozuo forced I use a variety of postures to meet him, sitting, standing, and inserting from behind … Soon my climax is coming … I am sitting on the toilet, love liquid is like flowing down, I dripping down .

I panting, fatigue with my fingers. The original woman can also reach the climax, just … I always feel a bit empty.

At night, I returned home. My husband hasn’t come back yet. When I turned, I was relieved, I was really thankful. I hurriedly eliminated evidence, throwing down the dirty underwear, rushing into the bathroom and taking a shower, changing a white clean short dress. Then I tried my best to make a look, wash, cooking, and wait for my husband’s return. However, the dishes placed on the table are cold, and the husband has not returned home. He must be on the unit, listening to her husband, he will be very busy in the recent unit, maybe overtime, oh … I am bored to sit on the couch, a person looks at TV, but how is it is a boring show today? , I have a hand on the chin, and I will slowly think of this afternoon.

In the afternoon, I was raped by Liu, how can you flow so much water? And when I got below the climax, I still spurtmed the water, it is really incredible. Then I cried, I want him to spare me, but the bad guy didn’t distract me, let me almost be died in the office by him. His penis is too big. In the afternoon, I just put it in a glans, which accounted for some of my vagina, thinking about it is terrible, I don’t know how he is long, but it is really let it I’m very comfortable.

Thinking of this, my vagina is itchy, just washed in the cleanliness. I can’t help but hold the legs tightly, gently rub, but this is not used, but it is more uncomfortable. can not be like this. I have answered my desire to go into the lower body, leaving the soft sofa. I shake my head, try to make myself awake some, now I should take a break.

I came softly to the bedroom and opened the light.

The mirror in the bedroom reflected a beautiful pink face, just in her eyebrows, there was a spring love and desire to cover up. Is there a slutty woman in the mirror? I touched my face ashamed. What is this today, I have never been like this before.

Replace the pajamas, I took a condom from the drawer of the bed and pressed it under my pillow. I am waiting for it in bed. Husband, you will come back soon, the wife is so good to think about you. However, until I fuzzy before going to sleep, my husband didn’t come back.

The next morning, I woke up and found that my husband was lying on me. I didn’t know if he came back last night, and I was asleep asleep like a child. I love to look at my husband and have some thin faces, and I have a jealous jealous. He is for this home, then the time is so tired, but … he should be some late today, or let him sleep more.

I quietly got up and made a rich breakfast for my husband, and I hurried to dress up. What is wearing today? I can’t help but flashed the face of Liu. What kind of clothes I would like to wear? What happened, I was shocked, but I thought that this was just to work better, and I was relieved in my heart. Finally, I picked a set of light gray suit skirts, white shirts, and put the hair on the hair, revealing the neck of their own snow. So the mirror reflected a beautiful and solemn professional woman. But only I know, I wore a white lant underwear under my skirt. This is my underwear for my husband, and my husband said that I was very sexy.

I suddenly thought that if Liu Yi’s seeing my underwear wouldn’t help but then I can’t help it, then what should I do? I am hesitating, do you want to take off again? There is a sense of crime in the heart, but this feeling makes me excitement.

Yes, Yi Yi should no longer dare to, I will call the police. In case, I put a double-length stockings on my own legs. Although I don’t like to wear this, I will make me a sense of security. If I think I think, I have hesitated, finally I still reach my hand into my pillow, took out the useless condom last night, put it into the bag. Time is here, my guilt looks at the husband who is sleeping, starting a new day.

The busy day has started until the afternoon, and the Liu Yi did not harass me again. I couldn’t help but breathe.

However, at the time before get off work, Xiaolian came over. She wore a pale pink professional suit today and looked very pure. Her apricots laughed and said to me: “Tian Na, Liu always let you go to his office!”

I couldn’t help but be a tight, said: “Liu is looking for what I have, I am going to get off work!”

“How do I know, you will go!” My heart jumped up, what he had to do, did he forget that I said yesterday? Shouldn’t you go? If he is like yesterday, what should I do?

By the way, hui crisses Xiaolian to accompany me, anyway, I should get off work, if someone should not be like that! “Little lotus, do you accompany me?” Xiaolian’s face exposed a difficult expression.

I grab the hand of Xiaolian: “I beg you, otherwise …”

Xiaolian smiled: “Well, I will try my best to accompany you, so Liu always eats you.”

Standing at the door of Liu Yi, I looked at Xiaolian, suppressed my nervous mood and started knocking. “Please come!” I went in with Xiaolian. Manager Liu is still the kind of bad look, seeing two people coming in, showing doubts.

“Liu, do you have anything?” I asked whispered “Well, there is something, Xiaolian, how did you come in?”

Xiaolian smiled and said: “Oh, Liu, I and Tian Na will wait for a piece to buy something, you have something to say!”

I gratefully looked at Xiaolian. “Oh, this …”

Manager Liu looked up and saw the watch: “Just get off work, then just …”

I said that he pressed a thing on the table, I saw the bookcase slowly removed by the Liuyi room wall, revealing a door. “You come with me …” The manager went in. I am a little scared and look at Li Li. “Don’t be afraid, we have two people, what is the matter of Liu, the secret of God!” Xiaolian pulled my hand, and I went in with me. The door slowly took up behind us.

I caught the hand of Xiaolian, I didn’t dare to let go, what should I do?

At this time, a row of soft orange lights on the roof, the first is a huge bed, and some strange things. When Liu Yi’s hand, I walked over, “Don’t be afraid, Xiao Yu.” I haven’t respond yet, I only feel that the neck is cold, a metal seems to be a dog, I have already already set it in me. On the neck, one end of the collar connects a fine rope. “

Liu, what do you want to do? “I tremble.

“Haha, of course, you want you to be happy, Xiao Yu.” Manager Liu ignored my pleasure, turned and turned to Li Li.

“What do you want to do, we will call the police.” Li Li did not help but retreat a few steps.

“Hahaha, I just want to be with Tian Na, I didn’t expect you to come over, well, you will replace Tianna, maybe you meet me, I will put you two.” Said, Manager Liu A small lotus was hugged.

“Ah … don’t …” Xiaolian called, I saw a big hand of the manager, I have already pinched on the chest of Xiaolian.

“Let her go.” I was rushing to rush forward, but the neck was tight. It turned out that the rope on my collar was too short. At this time, I was anxious, my tears flowed out, “You this big rogue , You can’t die. “” Tian Na, don’t happiness, I will turn you in a while, my house is soundproof, you are shouting the scorpion will not hear. “” You … ” “I am an urgency, I can’t say it for a while, only the tears will continue to stop, it is the little lotus.

Xiaolian struggled in the arms of Liu Shao, and the two legs kicked in the air, but she was so petty, and she earned the high Liu Yi. In a short while, Xiaolian’s top has been pulled out, showing a large half of the white crisp, and only the nipple of her brown is now the thistle. “Don’t … Let me go …” Xiaolian was struggling with Shandu Yuli.

“Haha, the same as Tian Na’s nipple color, it is brown, a fullness, a petite, hahaha.” Liu Yi’s hand, put Xiaolian’s bra pulled down.

Xiaolian is sorrowful, two white and small breasts are completely revealed, and slightly vibrate in the air. Manager Liu’s hand is placed on the breasts of Xiaolian, blinking. Xiaolian’s body trembled. Suddenly, Liu was lowered, and a breast of Xiaolian was sucking in his mouth, and he likes to suck it. In a short while, he used his tongue in the breasts of Xiaolian, and gently bite her nipple. Xiaolian’s nipple became congestive, big. My face is full of tears. Manager Liu and Xiaolian are now standing in my eyes, but I can’t do anything.

Now even my lower body is also wet. Xiaolian is weak in the arms of Liu. The hand of Liu slid into the skirt of Xiaolian at this time. “Oh, let me go!” Xiaolian suddenly struggled, Liu Yi’s fingers must have reached into the vagina of Xiaolian, but not for a while, the struggle of Xiaolian is weak, just The body trembling is even more powerful.

I can’t see her bottom, I only saw the skirt drums in Xiaolian’s small abdomen, and I didn’t stop moving. Manager Liu must now blame. The two legs of Xiaolian will clamp one will be clamped, and it will be separated again, and the slim waist has been twisted, but it will not earn the hand of Liu Manager. I don’t know if she refuses or catering, I saw her whole body rely on Liu Yi’s arms.

At this time, Liu was pulled out a pink underwear from the white legs of the small lotus.

I clearly saw the panties in the middle of the panties, there was a damp compound, and the face of Xiaolian had a pink. Xiaolian’s encounter is the same as I am. My legs are not stopped from influence, flowing down in my stockings. I also disturbed the waist. Yu Shao Li, at this time, put Xiaoline in bed, his mouth is not kissing in the neck of Xiaolian, and the two hands start taking her clothes. After a while, Xiaolian is naked in front of me. Xiaolian’s nude is uniform, and compared with the high body of Liu, it is like an unstopped little girl.

However, there is a large fat hairy under her flat belly, which is huge to be a body-mature woman. At this time, the pink little mouth of her legs, is a one-in-one gentleness, every one, exudes some transparent liquid from her mouth. Xiaolian is thinking, is it like a contradiction and desire? Will Xiaolian think of her husband? By Liu Yi quickly faded his clothes, revealing his long penis, it was erected, and the blue-capped drums were drumped. They two at this time like a huge beast and a petite white sheep. “Don’t, Liu Chuan …” Xiaolian shakes and pleaded with the manager, but it is no good.

By Liu is standing under the bed, with a hand to separate the legs of Xiaolian, and the huge glans is topped in the vagina of Xiaolian. He held his penis in his hand, put the glans on the Little Lotus Lips, and took a short while his glans was covered with Lijin liquid. At this time he began to put the glans into the Little Lotto vagina. Xiaolian is so small, can her have the penis of Liu Manager? I looked nervously. Liu Yi’s hands helped on the hips of Xiaolian, the following penis received a time, I received it back. Every time I received it, I saw Xiaolian’s labipings to rise, and didn’t wait for it. The big penis is topped again. In this way, it has been repeated, and the sound of “咕唧” is gradually issued at the Little Lotus Channel. At this time, Liu Ju’s glans has joined in a short. From a distance, a thick penis is topped in the vagina of Xiaolian, and the labia is rising outward, and a large piece is swollen in the front end of the vaginal. It is lined with a small lotus hip to look into a cruel.

Xiaolian hosted his head, slightly mouth, and made a weak snoring. Her legs are open, and when the Liu was firmly fixed in bed. The waist of Liu suddenly sinks. “Ah …” Xiaolian screamed, the upper body suddenly curled up, the chin raised, the whole body was only in the bed.

“… … …” I watched the huge glans in Liu, I watched the huge glans in Xiaolian into the vagina. At this time, I was hot. I couldn’t help but think of the taste of the fairy when I was raped by Liu. I don’t know if Xiaolian feels like I am like me yesterday. My legs are soft, kneeling on the ground.

“Hey …” Xiao Lian cried. Manager Liu began to pump. Gradually, Liu Yi’s penis has a large half of the body of Xiaolian, no more advanced, I think this is probably the end of Xiaolian vagina. Xiaolian’s lower abdomen whole drums a big piece, with the plug of Liu Yi, a terrible penis … Hey … … … “

“Hey … … … …”

“Hey …” Xiaolian caught it. Liu Yi’s big penis issued a wet ray, which is covered with Xiaolian’s love liquid. He has a “”, and I think that Xiaolian will be very comfortable. Hundreds of … thousands of … Liu Yi did not know how long it took, until the end, I saw Liu Yi’s penis into the vagina of Xiaolian, smoked crazy. Xiaolian is soft in bed, and I don’t know how many times have been reached. I started to laugh in the legs, and I have already filled my love on the ground under the skirt.

“Ah … I … I … No … line … … Liu … always … ask … ask … you … ……………………” More great, suddenly, he and crazy, every time, it is heavy in small lotus, and then stiff, the body shakes. Man is ejaculation. Xiaolian screamed and welcomed her the most enthusiastic climax today. After a while, Liu Yi’s self-lame is withdrawn a penis, and I came to me. I didn’t say anything in the past. “Tian Nan Baba, you are waiting, haha!” Liu Yi saw that I was arbitrary, and I smiled.

I shy low. “Say, small salary goods, you don’t want my big penis to do you!” No head didn’t do it.

Suddenly, the hand of Liu’s hand pinned my chin and lifted my head. “Yeah”, I am hurting, and tears have flowed out. I am reluctant to look at Liu’s eyes. When Liu Yi’s soft penis is hanging in front of me, I saw that the penis was wet, and a semen was passed into my nose. I want to vomit. Yi Yi pulled me from the ground, I was in the manager because I was too long, I was in the manager.

“Well, wearing stockings today, true sexy.”

Manager Liu put his hand into my legs. “Don’t touch me!” I struggled. I felt that Liu Yi’s finger was drained in my pants, I couldn’t help but have a soft body. Manager Liu’s manual will move to my little belly. From my crotch, he first covered my entire pussy with her palm, then his middle finger explored into my vagina. I am sensitive to the location, clitoris, labia, vagina being smart, and I am still struggling.

“Haha, it is already so wet, what is it? Yes, your little horizontal woman!” Liu Ju’s palm of the palm of my husband and touched a few times, stretch it out, let me see.

Sure enough, the hand of Liu was a water in the palm of the hand. My face is red and red. Liu Yi began to peeze my clothes, I didn’t resist this time, I know that all this is futile. “Haha, Tian Na, you wear this in this today, I want to die in bed!” Liu Yi loves to touch my underwear and stockings.

His hand pulled my white flower pants, and he smelled in the nose. thread.

“You this big metamorphosis …” I shy with one hand, and the other hand protects the chest and hate. Manager Liu “嘿” smiled and unlocked the collar on my neck.

I hate Liu Yiyi, and he smiled even more. “Ah …” I screamed, the manager suddenly took me up and walked to the bed. I contradictory, my body is extremely eager to invade the invasion of Liu, but I know that I can’t be wrong again. When I was naked at this time, I was close to his chest, and the direct contact between the meat and the meat made me start again.

At this time, there was a hard-moving thing topped in the hip groove under my bottom. No, how can Liu Yi’s big penis so quickly, I can’t suppress my desire, I have to bury my head on his shoulder. Manager Liu puts me in bed, ordered: “Tian Na, squat in Xiaolian!” Why? I can’t think about it, and I obey my past. I saw the little pink on the little lotus face. At this time, I was watching me with a pair of water spirits. And her below is a wolf, with a white liquid, and the hairy is sticking into a cluster, and the red gates have opened a big mouth at this time, it seems to be sent by Liu. Support.

I smiled shy. At this time, Xiaolian was lying under me, and I broke the two legs in the top of Little Lotus, which seems to be the same as a woman’s love posture. Manager Liu stroked behind me, my body is a bit stiff, after all, I am still not used to other men touch me. He seems to be very interested in the legs and hips we wear in stockings. “Beautiful hips.” Said that Liu Ji suddenly pinched it on my hips … pain … You this big wolf, big metamorphosis … “I only got it in my mouth. Suddenly, My back is hot, but it is not a penis. Like yesterday, his mouth is falling on my yin, and I have been stimulated by my tongue. The lower body is stimulated, the water flows out. “

“Hey, really drink, Tian Na’s love is really exciting, … … …” Liu Ju gensk, excited, suddenly, his tongue moved up, lick My anus. “Yeah … don’t, there … don’t …” I trembled, the anus didn’t contraction, and I launched a burst of chicken skin. Liu Yi is really a metamorphosis, even the dirty place does not let go. However, this feeling is really strange, it is the strange comfort. My lower body contracted, starting spraying, at this time, I can’t have around my body.

Manager Liu left my anus, a hard thing touched my labip. “Ah …” It’s time to come, I thought about my heart. This time, there is not much prelude, a huge hot thing is directly. “Oh …” I feel like it is like being torn, and it is hard again. This is another terrible feeling yesterday, some pain, but more is full of huge pleasure.

I quickly secrete a lot of love, wet the penis of Liu. This makes me a lot of pain in my lower body, but it is more versatile. “咕唧, 咕 … …” Liu Ju’s glans pushed up on the front of my vague. “Don’t …” My vagina was touched at this time, I didn’t want to pay it, I didn’t want to feel the manager, I feel that the manager’s slight movement in my body, and the glans, that The shape, size of the penis.

I trembled, my mind is somewhat unclear. “Tian Nanjie …” Xiaolian called my name under me.

“Well … Xiaolian … What happened …” I asked for a try. Xiaolian suddenly handed over my neck, followed by another hand on my breast, gently blunt, my nipple expanded quickly. “Small … lotus … you …” Didn’t finish it, my upper body was hit by Little Lotus in her arms. The breasts we have been squeezed together, this feeling is strange, and it is different from the man, I feel very soft and warm.

I can’t think about it, Xiao Lian’s small sweet tongue has already reached into my mouth, and under my bottom, the huge penis of Liu was suddenly used, and all of them came in. “Ah …” “Boom”, I only have a blank in my brain, and my whole body is not from autonomous investment to this. In the blurred, my body was put on the body of Xiaolian, and the two legs opened, and Liu was smashed in my back.

My toe is excited, and the love is constantly poured. I was clipped between two people and arrived again and again. “Hey …” Before I seemed to suffocate, Liu was pulled out his penis. I breathe, I am weak, I feel the feeling of climax.

Little lotus under my body looked at me, suddenly, her eyes were fascinated, and the neck came up, opened a small mouth.

I feel that I have a hard thing in my lower abdomen.

The original Liu was inserted into the vagina of Little Lotus. “, 啪,”, Liu Yi moved, he has to hit in my hips every little lower abdomen.

“… …” The water rang again. I am squatting in Xiaolian, listening to the weak snoring of the little lotus mouth, I can’t help but God. Thinking of Xiaolian just a movement of my, I took my mouth on the small mouth of Xiaolian. Xiaolian unconsciously opened his mouth. I put the tongue tentatively in, Xiaolian’s little mouth suddenly hungry and smoked my tongue, and the thrill came to me.

I also gasped, sucking the sweet saliva of Little lotus. One of my hands also touched her breasts. Her breasts were firm, soft, my fingers scored her nipple, turned a few turns, and the breath of Xiaolian was big. I enjoyed the thrill of chaos, suddenly, below, hot, huge penis inserted into my body, one plugged into the end. “Ah …” I squatted on Xiaolian. “Rao … … I … Let …” I pleaded, but Liu Yi did not care about me, and more vigorously inserted his big penis.

“咕唧 … … …”

“Hey … …” Yi’s penis kept inserted in the vagina, the vagina, the vagina, and the house sent out of time and Xiao Lian’s delicacy, and the muscles shot. There is a dense water … and we arrived again and again. This is really the most beautiful one in my life, my heart is secret, this is a sexual intercourse is not making love, because I was forced, and I didn’t love him. Finally, the penis of Liu was sprayed in my body. I felt the violent sputum in my vagina, and another water sprayed out, the vaginal muscles kept creep. I called a lot, haloged.

Just before I faint, I suddenly thought: Next time … If there is a next time … Be sure to let Liu Ji put the condom to wear it … I have no longer in the long run, I woke up . Man is lying in me and Xiaolian, holding our body, and his hand still can’t walk in our body.

I rely on Liu Yi, I smell him, suddenly I feel very ridiculous today, I originally wanted to forget the unhappy yesterday, but I lie on the bed of Liu, a deep guilt in my heart. .

Xiao Lian is not talking to the other side of the manager. What is she thinking, is it the same as I think? At this time, the two hands of Liu Yiyi, I and Xiaolian became the side of Liu Manager.

“Hey, put your hand here!” Liu Yi smiled and holding our arms, indicating that we will put your hand on his penis. I buried my head under his shoulders and holding his penis. This is not my lascivious, but my heart suddenly rushed, I want to reverse the bad things of Liu by Liu, call him not to be harmful.

The penis of Liu is now soft, stick to stick, which makes people feel very difficult. I feel that Xiaolian’s hand has also stretched over. Her hand moves down, move down, and touch Liu. The manager’s pill. “Head …” Liu was comfortable, suddenly turned his head and kissed on my face, said: “Tian Na’s hand is comfortable, hey, continue …” My heart sighs, I will take it. Use the hand to make Liu Manager. Manager Liu’s penis slowly a little hard at all of our two. My heart is surprised, this is the third time, how is his sexual function so strong, I can’t stand it, then I will not be bad.

At this time, my mobile phone suddenly rang.

I am tense in my heart.

Manager Liu jumped out of bed and delivered my packs, I panicked out of my mobile phone, I finished, it is my husband. This is how to do? How can I tell my husband? Manager Liu and Xiaolian looked at me. I bite my teeth and connect my mobile phone. “Hey, husband!”

“Wife, I have to work overtime this evening, I can’t get back home, you don’t want to be angry, I will always accompany you for two days!”

“Husband … I …” I heard the voice of my husband, my tears couldn’t help but fall, I thought about my current look, my heart was more guilty.

Suddenly, I felt that a pair of hands separated my legs, looked at it, and Liu was standing in my legs between the big penis. What he wants to do, I earn it. “Tianna, what happened?” He asked.

“No … Nothing, I am exercising, jumping health.” I hurried a lie.

At this time, Liu Yi grabbed my two feet when I speaking, push my leg up, my body lost the balance, lying on the bed. “Haha, Tian Na, when did you exercise your body, why haven’t I have seen it!” Husband smiled. I am trying to put legs, but I am so unfailed by Liu by Liu, and his body is compressed. I saw his face is full of obscene smile.

I am breaking up, and my tears fall back, but I don’t dare to make a sound, I am afraid that my husband is heard. Manager Liu, your devil, beg you, let me go this time, I looked at the manager with tears, but I didn’t help. “Because you are not at home, I have this time when I am bored.” I fell to my husband.

Husband, you will hang it, I don’t want to be insulted in front of you. A burst of hot, a hard thing is on my labip.

“Oh, I know, my wife is not good, wait for me to have a good accompany you.” My husband thought that I was angry, and I hurried me.

The feeling of the lower body is suddenly strong, and the vagina is full, and the pleasure suddenly passes into my mind.

It is a reason to be in the face of husband, this is more than a few times more than just now.

“Hey …” I have been tolerated, but still make a sound.

“Wife, what happened?” Liu was vigorously moved, and even in my flowers, my love liquid came out, and the little leg stretched straight, the two feet of the foot finger a root. stand up. (Readers don’t worry, Tian Na’s toes is a feature that I have designed for her. In my setting, Tinna’s physique is sensitive, love liquid is particularly rich, and there will be sprinkled water, suffocation, and arms in the climax. The performance of the head, so sometimes it will be repeated, I think everyone will love such a hostess, hehe.) “咕唧 … 咕 … …”

I am flustered to cover my microphone. “Husband … Nothing … my feet smashed … Hey … After you have two days … I must accompany me …”

“Well, ok, wife, then I hang, don’t go out at night, worship! … … …” I am relieved, it seems that the feelings are more intense.

“You … you have a meal … you are not … people …” I still want to be jealous, but I’ve been inserted by Liu Yi’s vigorously. “Hey … …” I fate on my face, I don’t know if I can’t cry or cry.

“… … …” Liu Shao laughed with me, said: “Tianna, great, you don’t have to go home today, accompany me here, haha! “

“You … take … I want …”

“咕唧 … 咕 … …” Manager Liu still vigorously moved. “Ah …” There is no husband’s phone, I am very shouting, I am going to a climax.

Manager Liu pulled out his penis, and inserted in the vagina of Xiaolian. Finally, shot delicacy in the uterus of Xiaolian in the pleading voice of Xiaolian.

At this time, I finally couldn’t help but sleep in the past.

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