The rape and female classmates rain and Week 6 have been completed, and everyone will go home. There is only a long Lin Yujing in the classroom. I am ambush behind the podium, knowing that she is responsible for locking the door, always leaving. I have hidden the door, she is looking for, and the people in the corridor go out, and I will follow her in the school. It is time. This long-awaited glamorous squad leader, I can finally get it, I am a classmate with him, and I have been admitted to the same high school, I’m still in the same class, and I will be my first time … I touched the door, from the inside, she left the door to the door. It’s approaching, she is about 2 meters away from me, I will hold it out to put her, put her mouth with her mouth, she struggled, I pressed her, she was full of horror , I was still so close to her, her eyes were not big, very embarrassing, not very fascinating, but TK, I kissed her, she was shocked, I started to touch her clothes. Her grandmother is too soft. The original woman’s breast is such a feeling, she cries even more. I am so good to take the cloth in her mouth, but she shook it. I said: You call, all schools will be two, I have to settle you today. She is desperately resisting, but I always grab her breasts, which makes she don’t have to come, I just want to rape you, watching her resistance to more excited, I said: I like you like you, Although you struggle, hahaha. You are called: the beast, let go … she is a sentence I touched her, half an hour passed, she was no longer. I said: Squarth, I am, today you will sacrifice for classmates, I think you have been a long time. I torn open her school uniform, a pair of jade milk said that the sling of her is high, the 16-year-old rain is still complete, the breast is not very round but quite straight, it is the type of love. I dragged down my top, tied the rain with the sleeves, saving her to stop me to touch his beauty. I pushed her pants, it was a pink small autumn library. Two long legs kicked. I smiled and said, kicking me, you can apologize. Said that I torn opened his lovely small autumn library, and the green trousers appeared in front of him. I concentrated on the upper part of Jingjing, the jade milk tapped, and the sling was up and breathed, I took myself, chicken The chicken has been quite a 180 degree, and the bright big talents swayed. The first time, the first time I saw the man’s body scared. I said: Don’t be afraid, you will be happy, haha. I put the big chicken into the sling, picking up sexy sling at a little bit! The rain is still wearing a milk cover, it is a conservative girl. Unfortunately, I have to be smashed by me, the milk cover is falling off and the tender white grandmother suddenly exposes. I quickly grabbed it, I grabbed it. It’s too cool, and the soft milk of the rain is stiff, and the little pointers are also bright. I buried my face between two crispies, smelling the woman’s filming, comfortable. I grabbed her inner treasure and asked her: 雨 Jing, you have a small hole in this. She is confracted by her legs, and she shouted for what I arrested. God real girl, I will do it on the day, you caught me in the sky. She still tightened his legs, not letting me get my hand, but my chicken can’t stand it, I decided to take her jade milk, I ride on her small waist, put the big chicken bus into the rain. Double breasts, then force her grandmother, chicken, she closes her eyes, don’t want to look at the moment of obscene, there is not a few, I can’t stand it, I am a charming in front of her. Double eyes, hey! I have been playing in her eyebrows in a row, but she closed her eyes, or she was blinded. It turns out that rape is so exciting, and the rain is so fascinated. I used my inner library to help her, my face, I also helped her to add a surprised tits, I would like to start raping, I said softly. I open the rain in the thigh, put her green small bed, haha! I looked at a small bb, I was so big, I didn’t make a big hair, I didn’t have any hairy, I saw her mouth, I didn’t have hair, ha! Is a small woman, love me. While boating her BB, she was ashamedless, but she rebelled. It’s really sufficient, I smelled the small BB of the long-term squad, there is a kind of faint savory, this taste is more stimulating my chicken, I don’t care so much, I will take the seeds, I will take the chicken. I sent it, the big talent was clamped, and the woman was really enough. Half chicken is already going in. I immediately felt the rainy meat film. I said to the rain and said: I love you. So I took the hymen, she “oh” a little, “Oh ~~ Comfortable” I can’t help but call it, I didn’t hurry, but I didn’t have an urgent thrush, but stretch all body, Completely pressing the little things under the body, put my body with her body, just high-standing crispy chest is tight by my body, I am crazy kissing her, still use “Oh oh oh oh oh The scream stimulating the virgin, about 2 minutes, I can’t stand it, I started to save. I actually want to see if I stress with the rain, who is more powerful, or I lost, with the thrust Sudden blood is slowly flowing, and my fur is dyed, and she is also struggling in pain. I said: Don’t resist it, inserted in, it is what I have been caught here now, you are not a woman.

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