I am in Hong Kong Airlines as a waiter in the air, last year, several female colleagues and I participated in the company’s Wing Chun, who was opened for employees at the time, and Wing Chun was one of the basic training for empty service. The company said that Hunchun can strengthen the capacity of airmarkets to deal with various accidents, improve cabin service levels, and increase passengers’ confidence and security.

Awei is a male colleague in our company. He is a little bit a little bit of me, and the Sswen, usual and a group of female colleagues are picked up. It is Saturday, soon to the local hotel, colleagues will leave the pastime, I I have also begun to clean up everything ready to go out.

Suddenly I remembered the company to learn the purpose of Wing Chun class: When the passengers in the plane, they can also use the Wing Chun.

But I never know if it is useful in actual life. Only I have only me and Awei, I said to Awei, my doubts; Awei said: “The male power is always larger than women.”

So he said very nailed to say that it should be useless. I don’t accept the gas, I am worthy of Awei, and his arms belongs to a thin shape.

“If the color wolf like you, I believe I can cope with it.” I thought about it, say to Awei: “It’s better to pretend to infringe on me, see if I can go payable!”

Awei said a bit hesitated: “This … I am afraid …”

“Don’t tighten, I am confident.”

Said Awei and I stood up and prepared, I violated me in this direction from behind, Alqi followed my instructions, soon, I took the Awei’s hand, then I was in accordance with me. I have learned the method, I will block a giant attack one by one.

At the end of my heart, I was very self-satisfied, and Awei said: “This is all in accordance with the movements learned by Wing Chun class. Of course, there is no problem, but if you encounter a true color wolf, they will not tell you how he will attack.”

I am very uncomfortable after I hear it, “So as a real situation, see if I can resist it!”

Awei said a bit hesitated: “I am afraid I will encounter my body!”

“You don’t do this, how do I know if my Wing Chun is useful? When you help me!”

After the arrival, only the speech of my speech, I was carrying the Awei fashion to the front, and Awei did not act.

“How to stir it?”

“Because you are ready to be infringed, this is not true. You should come back and forth, and the violer will be surprised to act, so it is true.”

I also feel very reasonable, follow me, come back and forth, just as I still complained that Awei has not yet shot, Awei suddenly hugged me, one hand swept in my chest, the other I have been extended to me, I can’t react, Awei has already released me.

My heartbeat is very powerful, I stayed, I haven’t played at this moment, and Awei apologized to me, saying that I didn’t have a heartfriend. Is learning really useless?

I set a certain god, say to Awei to come again, I don’t believe it, I will not be able to return to the ground, I will return to the place, I will pay attention to the Awest after the body, think about cracking what he just attacks my method. .

Suddenly, Awei picked up the whole body from another angle, followed by Awei to the ground, I tried to resist, and the Awei took me one hand, and I extended into my skirt.

Awei’s hand really touched my legs, I tried to push his hand, but his strength is really big. At this time, I really have a feeling of violation. Awei let go, I am sitting on the ground.

Awe is sorry to say to me: “Don’t be afraid, it’s okay, this is not true!”

We both sat on the ground silently, I rely on Awei, thinking about the situation just gave Awe.

Somehow, my heartbeat has accelerated, I was a little afraid when I was touched by Awei, but I was a little exciting. Seriously, when I chatted with some female friends, the original woman has also fantasy to give people a rape, think of here, I don’t know how to a little wet.

Sitting for a while, I still don’t accept the gas, I said to Awei: “This time I have to violate me, I don’t want to stop you continue to attack, I really want to know if I have this situation really avoid Can’t. “

Awei said that I am serious? I put a little one, and we stood up again.

I came back and forth again, but this time is different, I really want to feel the feeling of being uniform.

After a while, Awei began to start attacks, and the Awei took me on the ground. I tried to get rid of him, but he pressed the whole person on me, I strived, he worked hard, and used it. The towel is binding to my hands, my hands can’t be moved, I tried to roll to the other side to stand up and escape, but he has already tightened me, so I can’t stand up. At this time, my uniform skirt has already set off, and all the stockings in my stockpipe have been exposed to the Awu eye, I am ashamed to close the thigh.

I look at Awei, he seems to be really raped, I am like, I will rely into my skirt, stroking my standard flight attendant black stockings smooth, the head twisted, I am eager to break away from his hug, two People are entangled on the carpet of the living room.

He has been out of control. I really have the feeling of being infringed at this moment. Suddenly I have a certain regret.

I do this because I think that the Awei body is only a little higher than me. I have to cope with him should have no problem. However, I have no fighting ability. When he is close to my butt, excited Feel my trembling, the hand is smooth, and the white neck slipped to the chest of the drums, my whole body suddenly collapsed tightly, and he hopped behind him.

I have begun to think of my boyfriend. I hurried to the Awei to stop, but the scene of the girl who just banned the girlfriend has lost his normality, I twisted the constant struggle, the previous limb friction, more Awei is more excited. At this time, I know that I have tried the disaster, and the Awei is really going to rape me.

At the right hand, I stretched into my uniform’s chest, I shouted “Don’t”, the first time I was stroked by my men, kissed, I was shocked and afraid, I wanted to open the Awei. hand.

Awei smiled two-sound, the zipper behind my uniform, pulled it to the bottom, the flight attendant uniform reveals the blue chest back buckle.

“Stop, stop! What do you want to do!”

I swelled to pull back the zipper, but the giwei’s hand has reached into the uniform, and the hand moved to my waist, slowly touched, and said. “Your skin is so tender!”

His finger has touched my thin sputum lace bust, my nipple is already very shy forward, and he can feel it in a bust.

I turned to the side, the whole face was flush, he simply reached the hand to my bust to directly touch my breast, pinch my nipple with your fingers, I closed my eyes tightly, breathe.

“Hey … don’t … you are calm … can’t make trouble …”

I hurriedly pushed away, but he did not push it open. As a result, I pushed him, but let him approach me again.

“You are quiet, I really like the lively look of the flight attendant, I will make you cool.”

He first solved my flight attendant, and moved to my ear, neck, this is my sensitive place, he kisses me, I will tell me! I didn’t resist my neck, and his hand stealing the back buckle on the bust, a pair of bamboo shoots played out.

Awei turned to front, burying his head to sucking my nipple, I was tightly sweating, panting, and there was a weak embarrassment. My nipple was smashed by Awei. He also biting my tender nipple with teeth. This kind of itching and pain is uncomfortable. I feel uncomfortable for myself.

“Oops! How can you come like this … Let’s let go … ah … don’t bite the nipple! … itchy!”

Awei two hands set off my uniform skirt, followed by the bumps, referring to pantyhose and thin underwear, and arrived in my laborarism.

“I will take it out quickly! …… Oh … Oh, I am going to be angry!”

I want to push the hand that he invaded the ban, and his empty hand holds me tightly, let me unable to force, I desperately twisted, I want to break free, but he hit my thigh, If you use it, you can’t move.

I pushed him, she was desperately clamped, and hurriedly took her hand to hold him in the production of the hand, I called: “I beg you to take it out? Listen to me! Ok?”

“Who is called a long time to love, I want to think about it for a long time, I haven’t stopped me, let me enjoy it.”

He roughly pulled the socks, and his hands pulled my underwear. Five fingers had already touched my yellowish, and he thought …!

“Don’t do this, we can’t do this … Hey!”

Awei will be deeply inserted into my mouth. “Ah … good news … so comfortable … Oh you really have a set … Oh …”

He may be a taste at a time. It’s happy to be called. His big talents become slid in my mouth, and they also seep it out of some secretions. I still be forced to come out. Encourse, a swallowing of his mask.

He pantied my underwear from me, tears didn’t come out in my eyes, and Awei had taken off his trousers. He pressed on me in front of him, and the lower body has been forced to separate my legs.

“It’s really good posture, take the hand, don’t block, let me see it!”

My secret place has been exposed to Awei’s eyes, I feel ashamed, my flight attendant uniform and the bust have been turned up by him, he madly kisses me, and the hands are in the hands of my strength, and Find the on-site towel to bundle my hands.

Going to his mouth in my yin, I immediately arouse the fierce reaction, my stockings thigh couldn’t help but clam his head, but he immediately saved my legs immediately.

“You are honest … Hey … a good taste … really can’t stand …”

Awei sucks the pussy with his mouth, then reach out to peel off the lips to find the top of the pearls above, with your mouth to contain the yuki, I will twist the lower body, but I will not just.

“Don’t … let me go … Don’t …”

“How is it? Is it better than your boyfriend? Does your boyfriend will help you? This is cool? Well?”

“Oh … can’t … don’t … I ask you …”

The terrible moment is here, I feel that the burning hard object he is in the body is colliding with me.

I can’t help but slam your head, I’m going to say that Awei stopped, but it seems to be more excited, the tongue is licking my pair, and the mouth is constantly saying: “It’s really beautiful, I have long been eager to do this, I dreamed in my sleep and wore flight sister uniform to make love. Every night, I thought about shooting my semen into the body, I was not estimated that I would like today. “

I was very disgusting after I heard, my mind has always thought about giving him the first time. My body is constantly trembling, I am trying to struggle, I hope to make the final effort will have a miracle.

“Don’t … you don’t want this, let’s let go … um … you can’t … um …”

His finger has been bullied by the small cavity in my ankh, flexible on the labipings, I also wipe my hard and slightly shaking, I started to be big, thinking that Awei will have to further, and think I am not his girlfriend, how can he do this?

At this time, Awei took me closely, and he looked down in my eyes. He pulled up my thigh rack on the shoulder, the top of the hard object grinded behind my labiary, followed him .

“Hey … don’t … hurt …” I painfully lied up, I sent a grief, and the hard meat rod continued to invade deep.

“Just ask you … don’t … ah! Good pain!”

I called, tears continued from the eyes. He had put hard to rudely inserted into my narrow vagina, and the masher directly reached the roots. I was really raped by him.

“Hey … Is it still a woman … Wow … too good …”

Awei pulled my legs to the bedside, slightly took out a little penis, saw that the blood was touched, and it was a surprised, but then quickly took it, it seems to be enjoyed.

He continued to kiss me, and his hands were in my body. Pain, shame, uncomfortable feelings, and the feeling of rape in the fantasy is completely two things.

My mind is a chaotic. I only know that I have a pain, I will continue to come from the lower body. “Ah … ah … I can’t stand it … Awei you have already got you want, hurry out! Colleagues come back to see … “

“I want to touch you, enjoy you …”

Awei took me on the edge of the bed, then went to me, pulled up my uniform skirt to the waist, I hurriedly turned into my body and pleading him: “Awei … spare me … don’t do this … If your colleague is coming back … 呜 …..

“Slowly cool, anyway they haven’t come back, you are also very cool, don’t make unnecessary struggles!”

As a result, he took me on the bed, and then I didn’t care about the pleasure of rape, and the mask was pierced from behind. “Don’t get again! I am hurt, don’t bully me! Hey …”

Then, Awei didn’t pay attention to me, and his hood was very difficult to completely in my vagina, and then stronger and powerful.

“Ah, ah … good pain … I can’t stand … Don’t you! Let me let me … don’t want it! …” My hands forcefully grabbed the sheets, becomes black high heels. Posture, endure A Weidi hit my body.

Everyone of the weight is straight into my vagina, and the glans hit the girder to my uterine nectic, and let the room sounded “Hey! Hey!”. The Awei hands took the arm of the uniform from the undress of the uniform, pinching my trembling chest, my sorrow is getting bigger.

“It’s really very comfortable, especially if you still wear the company’s flight attendant uniforms. That’s very good, just move your waist, come back, come!”

Awei picked me the whole person, and the mashed jewel was rushing. In the open uniform, there was a double breast on the bust, and I got up again, my body is sinking, the clitoris Heavy hits with the roots of the mask, the glans is on the depths of the uterus, and I will take the head behind, and I will continue to issue the sound of “um hu”.

After a few more times, I can’t stand the sore pain from the uterus. In the flight sister skirt, the silk socks and the water blue underwear on the right legs are refreshing together, and the front hand is holding his neck. In order to reduce the strong impact.

“Is it very feeling? Your expression is sold!”

But there are not a few coming back, I am fragrant, I closed my eyes, bite your lips, and I want him to stop using it.

“Your vagina puts me very comfortable, and the virgin is different. Now it is all of me, I want to pay my semen full of your uterus!”

I spalled his intention, played with his feet, “Hey … don’t move again, I don’t want to be pregnant!”

Ah Weiji, I was afraid that I was too loud to be discovered, I had to reach my lips and put me crying my cry.

The rhythm of Awe will start to speed up, I grabbed my stockings in my bed, and I used it to open it away. So his penis is deeper, ruthlessly licking my vagina, I have a painful tears and sweat. The continuous flow along the milk ditch, the fear of the inner shot is spreading a little bit.

“Do you want me to go? Then I will shoot it well.”

Suddenly, his hard objects were constantly trembling, and he had a warm flow to my body. I already know what is going on, and tears moved again from the corner.

“Because it is too cool to tears? Do you like my 屌?”

Awe is exhausted to play with my breasts in me. I have a blank body in my mind, and my heart is finally ended.

For a long time, Awei took out what he had succumbed. After he stood up and put it on clothes, he kissed it on my face and said in my ear: “Next we can practice Wing Chun together!”

The right hand reached into my lower body, with the index finger with my blood and his semen mixture, then painted my lips, then left.

I slowly sat up, slowly broke with the hands of the towel, and Awei’s dirt flows from the red and swollen caves. I can’t help but cry after I saw the black silk legs. This is my stupid. And the price of the victory.

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