“Take a look, many netizens are very dissatisfied with you.” The Secretary turned the computer to Daxi, “See you, all netizens point to a little: Why do you not act in the first two ordinary women? The female police of the fork were killed, and there were not many people to solve the case. “The Secretary referred to the recent beauty police Wang Hao’s case.

“Some netizens have been very difficult.” The Secretary went to say, “they even said that Wang Hao is because of the city, when the small three can afford this fork. What may I say, Wang Hao, Wang Hao, and him Go to the hotel together. And one-in-one-in-house tricks, the red strip of the mayor jumped naked, and then went to bed with the mayor and went to the room. Some people even said that Wang Hao is a police, according to the mayor The will to provide sex services in the provincial leadership, regardless of which leaders in the province will take advantage of the housing, for our city leaders, so that the Municipal Party requires you to quickly propose a convincing case report, put this Press down to listen to it. The only way to break the rumor is that the information is open, you will start this business immediately. “The director said seriously.

“Which case is”, we are actively looking for clues. “Daxie police officer said. “I will bring back to the summary, submit the report as soon as possible.” Then he saluted and left the director’s office.

“What should we do? Kill Wang Hao’s murderer caught it and also dragged it. It is full of eating a third bowl of rice. I know that the third bowl of rice can be eaten, don’t eat the first two bowls, eat the third bowl directly Well. “After returning to the Criminal Investigation, the Dafang Captain returned to the Criminal Investigation. It seems that everyone has known very well.

“Don’t say,” Great Kang stopped Cheng Gang, “pay attention to respect the masses, listen to the opinions of the people.” “Which people they are?” Love the child will drink milk first. “Chenggang said next to it,” Net adjustment: Anyone is big in the Internet, playing the east, the society is all courage, the work ability is very weak; others don’t teach, don’t know how to do it, the boss makes it dare to west. ” Daxie did not retreate Cheng Gong, and the idea returned to the course of this bank.

At 1 o’clock in the morning of October 8, 2010, a police station received a case of residential Wu reported: 7 pm on the 7th, Wu’s nephew Wang Hao, driving a newly purchased white BMW X1 off-road vehicle out of the door. But until the daughter who won’t see the person in the evening, Wang Hao still did not return. And her mobile phone is always turned off. Relatives and friends don’t have her news.

After the local police station reported the situation, the municipal investigation team immediately launched the previous survey.

According to the regulations, the residents have been missing 24 hours. Because most of the “missing” cases are temporarily lost due to personal reasons, it is not really missing. If there is no abnormality, missing people will appear again. The premature position is just a contradiction between useless work, waste social resources, and aggravating lack of police force. This missing was only investigated for a few hours, and it was to deal with the first special place in this case. But this is not rare, because many of the relatives of missing people have received similar assistance from the police.

The Daxang captain immediately sent people to the communication company to see the mobile phone call record of the female business, no exception. Several people who contact the final call have not been proven; So Great Kang arranges people along Wang Hao’s possible travel route to see the camera records along the way.

Since the monitoring of the camera is different units: Some are a transportation, some are all major banks, shopping malls, hotels and stations; in addition to the transportation bureau, the video of other units is to be adjusted after work in the morning. However, the city’s white fork is not much, and the target is conspicuous. Only an hour after work, the criminal police team will find Wang Hao’s whereabouts.

The video of the city’s supermarket parking lot monitor showed that when the incident, Wang Hao was controlled by three waves when they opened the door on the parking lot. At that time, a gangster got a car in the side of the car and controlled the steering wheel; another gangster opened the driver’s door to control Wang Hao. Then they used the gun to force Wang Hao to sit down to the back row. One person drives, and the other two people clip from Wang Hao in the middle of the rear seat.

The missing case became a kidnapping case.

Dakang immediately reported to the bureau and requested a task force. The kidnapping belongs to a serious case, a case; the bureau immediately approved this requirement, and he lived on the team leader and promoted team members; request first to rescue hostages. And indicate a case where the statistics are previously similar, see if there is a string to handle it. At this time, I was missing for less than 12 hours.

“When leaving the driving position is the opportunity of Wang Hao’s most likely self-rescue, but she has not been able to use.” Daxi looked at the video information and looked at it. “She can use only one gangster when she gets off the bus.” The elbow hits the gangster, then use this time that it is too much time to save, run away. Because there are many people on the road, the gangster should not bother. Moreover, the gun is not necessarily true. Even the real gun, if it is Homemade steel ball guns will not be very big. If you run out of 20 meters, if you want to make a bag on your body, it is not easy. “” And, the purpose of gangs is to grab money, not retaliation. As long as you run a little, They will escape themselves. It is not necessary to catch up with you can’t kill you. Otherwise they will be grabbed by the police. “” She still has another way to get into the way, “Daxie police continued to think,” she ” It can be stalemated, get off, directly warning the gangster “There is real-time monitoring, the police immediately arrived.” After this warning, the gangster will have a scruple. Because no one knows whether the other is monitoring the other person is being monitored. Similar to this kind of hijacking, the possibility of robbery, the possibility of hatching is very small, they are generally only for the robbery, no intention to die immediately. Wang Hao just said that there is no money, give the car gangster, gangster dare not delay It will generally choose to give up. If you still don’t give up, you can throw all the money to him. “” But she didn’t do this, “Daxie is thinking,” No choice best time with the best way to get out The reason is that I have never thought of or have encountered a similar problem; panic, it is very inconsistent with her old police officers. “

Daxie’s eyes have appeared Wang Hao’s shadow. When he was in the bureau, he met Wang Hao, her chest is full, the body is slim, the face is beautiful, and the female characteristics are full. It seems that I can’t look 30 years old, it is not like 37 years old.

The archive also said that Wang Hao joined the Police after graduating from a political and legal school. Although she is constantly rising in the post office, she “as a numerous female investigator, she has run a lot of cases. Colleagues have therefore called her “the most beautiful police flow”; also said Wang Hao is the police of the Economic Investigation Brigade. The total amount of “山 连 会” in the total amount of more than 200 million yuan in 2008 is her hand. “

But the so-called “hand” is nothing more than a copy of the copy of the file, and it is impossible to do the truth. Beautiful woman is more sensible, she may really be used up. Otherwise, the information revealed must say that she has played a key role in these cases. This is not a “hand, participate” this type of vocabulary. To be honest, the wind, the city, the wind, you said that he is lying, there is no such thing as a sentence, but the CCTV network is in the same way, it will not explain any problems.

“Several of you immediately opened our new Great Wall immediately along the route of the gangsters, continue to look at the information of each camera point, biting him!” Great Kang arranged Cheng Gang said. The only good car on his team is also batch. Of course, this is also a small trick who seizes the resources. Other Santana in the team, what kind of broken car is abuts, and it is independent.

Dakikang also immediately asked the armed police, played the plan, and prepared three snipers. According to past experience, this case is likely to end with sniper action, not preparing in advance, temporarily holding Buddha’s foot is to come.

Sure enough, the Kung Fu did not have a lot of information feedback. In the ATM machine in a bank, I found someone to take 2,700 yuan with Wang Hao’s card, and left an image of the camouflage. With the payee is not Wang Hao, then he must be one of the robbers.

Three gangsters who participated in the hijacking activities were Shi Zhengzan, Ye Feng and Wu Zhengcha. When they came into the city, they couldn’t eat it again, and they didn’t work hard. They have made a case; this time you have prepared a pseudonym, rope, gloves, tape paper, hammer, flashlight, hat, etc., ready to kidnapped again. On this day, they selected the goal one from the parking lot, and I would definitely not be a poor. Another reason is that their goals are young women.

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, Wang Hao bought something from the mall, three gangsters immediately hijed her. The BMW sedan carried out by Shi Juzi fled the scene.

On the car, the gangster searched the cash of 1870 yuan from Wang Hao, “Is there a money here?” The leader of the leader inserting a finger in panty into the anal position of Wang Yizhen. This is a kind of testing of gangsters, see if they can easily succeed.

Wang Wei did not dare, just a strong shock.

Wang Hao has no fierce resistance to make them feel very relieved; if they resist too fierce, they will choose to give up.

“I am talking about it!” “Shi Zheng praised this plus, exclusively picking soft persimmons,” there is no one inside! “Wang Hao’s patient explanation says” You don’t believe it, you take it out. “” “Didn’t I take it?” Get it? Don’t believe you. “Wang Hao is very angry with this rogue attitude,” No! How can I get it? “

“You let the belt are released, I touched. See if it is true?” Shi Zheng praise.

When he was in a hurry to prove that his innocent belt was in a hurry to release the belt of his trousers, he stretched away from the buttocks behind Wang Hao to her crotch.

Wang Hao discovered the mission of the gangster, and slammed his ass, but still could not get rid of being awkward.

“I don’t check it! Let you go out.” Shi Zheng praised the threat. Then he inserted Wang Hao’s anus with a finger. After the mob moved, he said “No. Maybe in front of the cave.” Wang Hao resolutely refused. “No. Your hand.”

Shi Zi praised the hand from Wang Hao’s trousers, sniffing the fingers who smelled the beauty of the beauty, he said, “I am afraid that you ask me to check it!” “To give me your package.” Just praise. He temporarily stopped the sexual harassment of Wang Hao, but he was more cruel and worse after you were ready to find the right environment.

Wang Hao handed his hand into a gangster.

Search from your handbags, you can take 2,700 yuan on the ATM machine after you ask for a password. This is the scene seen from the ATM machine monitoring lens video information.

When the case searched, the robbers took the king’s mobile phone battery to throw the car. Then they have interested in Wang Hao’s body. In order to achieve their ugly purpose, they brought Wang Hao’s hand to the back, and they touched their touches in Wang Hao in the process of binding. At this time, Wang Hao fled from the palm of his own strength.

“You have already got it. You will take it with me, let me go.” Wang Hao said with a gangster.

“Yes.” Said. But this is just to stabilize Wang Hao, don’t let her save. Due to the obvious characteristics of the robbers, one person is a busement, one person has a disability, afraid of Wang Hao to remember their characteristics.

Therefore, before robbery, they didn’t think about going back. “But we now put you now, what do you want to go to the alarm?”

“I guarantee that I don’t want to go to the police.” Wang Hao, who has been very cooperative, is a desperate shocking saying.

“How do we believe it?” Is still the first to say, “You go out with us, and you will go to the place where people get off, you will go home. How?” Because the gangster said Wang Hao, the default, the arrangement of gangsters.

Wang Hao’s patience and the public security department have a big relationship. The Ministry of Public Security has repeatedly announced that “there is no need to do unnecessary resistance, keeping life is the most important.” Some media also followed, saying “Don’t worry with the robbery,” the meaning of their words: If you encounter rape You will make him raped. Rape is not a life; throwing away, the gods are more than anger, gangster, is it okay?

I don’t know, the timely call for people in people is the best self-help. There is no principle, it can only be a gangster. If you are hijacked, you must first guarantee the calm and then find an opportunity to escape. The means of escape can be called for help, or it can be escaping. No chances can be flipped with the robbery. It is also afraid that the robbers who have not only victims are also afraid to die, but the opportunity may appear at any time.

Those uncomfortable propaganda undoubtedly became the first tightening of Wang Hao.

“Don’t make unnecessary resistance.” It was established many times, but there were more time to be established.

Taking the hijacking aircraft as an example, the previous propaganda is “Do not do unnecessary resistance. If there is unconditional listening to the arrangement of hijackers.” The prerequisite for this approach is that the purpose of the hijacker at the time is to hijack, or Personally pay attention to their own political purposes, do not prepare to kill; obey they can survive, resistance may stimulate hijacking croscope and destroy people.

This situation has been completely changed after 911. The purpose of the hijack after 911 is completely to retaliate the aircraft as a bomb. At this time, if you listen to the robbers, you meet the requirements of the robbery. They will hit the building, and the whole machine is going to die. So now I have no choice to hijack, I can only fight with him, and hundreds of people play a few gangsters, although some people may be injured, but most people can save.

And the current security equipment is much better than before, and the gangsters cannot brought dangerous goods such as explosives. As long as they do not control the cab, it is difficult to really threaten the safety of passengers. So now the plane is completely reason to hopes the emergence of hijacking. At that time, don’t hesitate to pounce on the first time, you won’t live, but there is 600,000! A aircraft is a few billions, the value is equivalent to a large and medium-sized enterprise, keeping a plane can’t count a few hundred thousand prizes.

As for the dangerous situation of hijacking hostages, the situation is very complicated. It is generally thought that the first thing should be done should be a search for rescue, or directly escape; even if it is obedient, you can’t make him very easy to achieve the purpose. For example, if there is not much many people or a police officer (with the standard that can hear the criteria to judge); if no one can call for help, it will irritate, causing unnecessary harm. In the process of calling, even if it is injured, because the situation is confusing, the robbers must find the machine to escape, so they will generally be fatal.

Wang Hao’s understanding of the Ministry of Public Security because of the mechanical understanding. One way to cater to the robbers, and finally live Huangquan.

“Big, big sister,” a voice of 巴 徒 徒 王 王 王 王 王 「茜 茜 茜,, 咱 咱 咱 咱 让 咱 让 让 让 咱 咱 咱 咱 让 让 咱;;;;;;;;;

In the whole hijacking process, Wang Hao always fully meets all the requirements of the robbers. When the robbers raise their requirements, she also bowed their heads, with the default, and actively cooperated with the sexual activity of the robbers, with their own body to maximize the wholeness of the three robbers.

After taking the money, the robbers stopped Wang Hao’s fork, and stopped in the unmanned bush who left the road. Three people opened the car and tied Wang Hao.

“Take the pants.”

Wang Hao hesitated, “Faster. If Laozi people are very unfavorable to you.” Wang Hao helplessly unwinds his belt. She knows that there is no need to use it at this time, and even bring more harm to yourself. She took off her trousers to ask for gangsters, “I let you do. After doing this, you let me go, the child is still waiting for me.”

“You have served our brothers, let us go home. We speak counts.” Shi Zheng praised.

However, their heart has long been a determination to kill the exit, and they are not intended to be fulfilled. When they turned, they have discovered Wang Hao’s police officer, and all the conversations between the two sides were face-to-face. They firmly believe that the police can remember their faces and various signs, which has determined their determination. .

The ignorance of these robbers is really unable to describe it. Grab the same money, do the same bad things; if they don’t kill, I can come out for a few years; once I killed people, I can’t help but I can’t help but I can’t help.

The biggest misunderstanding of robbers lies in that they actually think they can escape the police arrest! In fact, in today’s reconnaissance means so advanced, even if there is no one, it is basically can’t run three times. Unless the police benzene.

To say that these robbers don’t want to live. It is a lie. In the later court trial, they have been in the family, “I have the old, there is a small”, trying to escape the death penalty. The 25-year-old Ye Feng even in the descendants of the martyrs, demanded from light punishment. It’s really ignorant.

Before they kill Wang Wei, Wang Hao also pleaded with them again: “I beg you to let me let me, the child does not have a mother.” But these funeral devils don’t enter half of the word, indifferent. Now there is still a face request to reduce punishment! Even Nanjing judges are impossible to forgive them!

“Going to the seat of the car to drive the seat.” Shi Zheng praised Wang Hao, who had already taken off his pants.

Wang Hao’s upper body is on the seat, almost naked lower body stands on the grass outside the car. Wild grass is 踝. But the chassis of the fork is not very high, Wang Hao wants to punch my legs. Just in this way, men can hardly insert women’s body smoothly. Originally she can straighten her legs, using the upper arm to leave the seat, so it can be subjected to post-entering sexual intercourse. But Wang Hao deliberately puts out a very difficult posture, fantasy can be hoped.

“No way to do it.” Shi Zheng praised Wang Hao’s hips, squatted next to her two big white legs, using an eye to say, “Do you want you to go to the seat.” He deliberately with a palm Between the two legs before, the palm is facing her pussy. His palm felt a slenderness.

In order to avoid the man’s hand to play with the genitals. Wang Hao is coming from the bus, I am so embarrassed, I finally sat on the seat of the car. Although it is your own car, this location is still her first contact, I have always driven by her. She brought to this car almost in their own property. Before Wang Hao turned down, she was full of her hips, and her face was stretched. A female body natural aroma stimulates the people in their hearts, and urgent.

“You don’t think about it here, see if you go, pay attention to anyone coming.” Shi Zhengzan found that Wang Hao’s hesitation was because two colors of the criminal eyeburdened eyes were watched.

“You,” Shi Zi praised Wang Hao, “Take the pants too.” The woman got his ass, took off his underwear on the seat. Shi Ju prays praise the privacy of this unpleasant beautiful girl with dimly roof light. Such a chance has never been there. When he saw two deep hips that were out of the woman’s full hips, he couldn’t help but wilve in his heart.

Wang Hao squids this opportunity to quietly use his underwear to the bottom of the car. The gangster did not find it.

Any traces left by the hostages may have a small role in the process of solving the case.

Shi Juzi is still greedy to enjoy the woman in front of him. Her lower abdomen has already had a little fat, but this has added a woman’s charming, and their mature beauty. Shi Juzhao pushed a small belly of a woman, soft soft. Then he touched the woman’s naked inclusion with his hands, Wang Hao went to brush his own hamma every day, so they looked at the oil and black and glare.

The gangs were once hijacked and raped a few women, but because they were strongly resistant, although they barely completed their sexual movements, they finally shot, but they did not play so carefully. Wang Hao is one of them.

Wang Hao’s haired curved curvature is growing, very full of yin. As the breeze black, the breeze, the bronchies in the car are slightly trembled. Like the mood of the robbers, I want to touch it, but I have returned to my hand after touching it. “Is this a police? The police actually show me?

Can police, can I also? H? He almost did not believe this is true.

Three robbers have no wife, and they have great demand. The local government often sweeps the yellow or dares that they have brought them to robbery and gang rape. Before they have started to start with single women, they have not succeeded 4 times, and 3 women have been robbed and 2 people. But because it is too nervous, they didn’t pay attention to their external genitalia before, and now I can’t recall what the woman is like.

I only remember that I met a woman’s resistance, and they grabbed their own paters and didn’t let them hit. The gangsters can only hold two people to hold the woman’s head and a feet, and the third person rides to her, so that she can open her other legs, can force the penis into her body and raped them. Just every time they are all nervous, even the two pieces of meat that people often say “black fungus” do not pay attention.

Out of the city, there is no monitor, and the police confront the one’s tracking is forced to interrupt. However, after the last surveillance of finding a fork, there are several roads, and the police cannot continue to track the various provinces and autonomous regions nearby.

Daxie knows the most precious time, it will be ended soon, after this time, the gangsters will hide.

“The Notice Bureau is preparing the police dog, and strives to find a gangster to escape as soon as possible. Other people use the monitoring of the parking lot to see who is the gangster is something wrong; where the crime is coming. When they commit crimes, they have camouflage. However, the camouflage time cannot be long, otherwise abnormal dressing will cause people to pay attention; so they will expose a lot of information before they commit crimes. And they will find a few days or even a few weeks ago, they must have prior prior. Stepping. “

Sure enough, how long, I found a gangster from the same camera from the parking lot to take a rental car to the scene. Shuiyou fruited gangshen hotels in the hotel. Did they register their ID card number. Although the ID card is fake, because they are likely to use this ID again, this discovery is precious.

Those who have a duty personnel through the small hotel are all three people who hijack hostages in the parking lot. The police immediately collected a lot of traces from the room living from the small hotel’s gangster. At this point, these three gangsters have been inserted, and the crime is conclusive.

At the same time, Shi Juzi stationed in the door, put the left hand four fingers and inserted between the two legs of Wang Hao, with the thumb of the show, dial the woman’s clitoris. Seeing that dirty hands flicted with the female genitals that they did not allow for their usual, they would like to have a woman genital that they were in the usual hygiene, and the part of careful care was so embarrassed; Wang Hao’s consciousness dodge.

“Don’t cooperate? Then let’s do it. Try to throw it into the cellar. Every day? H three times.” The gangsters threatened.

“I cooperate, I cooperate. You are not to check if you have to check it? Then I also deliberately put the Yin to the front of it, so that the robbers were pleased.

Seeing the beautiful flowers, the prestige of the wind is so low as a low-rise, she is so low, she doesn’t even look at her sacred female sexual organs, and the robbers have got a great satisfaction, they will no longer continue to be unreasonable. .

Wang Hao suddenly said that the robbers were “the younger brother” because the current man’s trend is to find those young women. She is like this to pay attention to the attention of the robbery: I am not young; in addition, she still wants to use such a tone to represent the robbers, trying to deform them. Wang Hao’s heart is very thin. This method is not a means of self-rescue; but the gangster is too ferocious, stupid, she fails to achieve the purpose.

This group of hunger and thirst has not cared for Wang Hao’s impression. They need to be sex, and the age is not within their considerations. Shi Zheng praised his trousers, climbed to Wang Hao. But the car is small, and it is not open. “Lying to the driver,” he ordered Wang Hao.

Wang Hao is lying down in accordance with the requirements of the robbers, but the honestone operating rod between the two seats is very embarrassed.

“The younger brother, the backrest of this seat can be put down, do I help you put it flat?” She tried to use this move to deliver the robbers and delayed time.

“How to put it? You tell me, I put it myself.” Shi Zheng praised uncomfortable, and afraid that this policeman touched the gun from which place in the back chair, I made such a arrangement.

The back of the car is placed in a back seat. Shi Juzi also put on the back of the rear of the gourd painting, and there was a big bed when the rider was. This feature Wang Hao understands very well.

“Let’s go comfortably.”

Wang Hao is helpless to lying on “big bed”; white little foot refers to the direction of the vice car door. After the two legs are separated, she is naked, the darkness of the genus is open to the gangsters. The robbers can clearly see the pussy of her black haired and olive shape.

Shi Ju praised her back to her behind Wang Hao. Wang Hao is painful to turn his face aside.

“Turning your face. Laozi still has no pro.” The gangster fried a thunderous shout, and the two collections were shocked. Unfortunately, this time is no one.

Wang Hao helplessly turned his face again to the gangster. But she closed the beautiful eyes.

Wang Hao is doing this. After being kidnapped, we should try to avoid the opposite side of the opponent in contact with criminals. This will make the other party think that you are trying to remember them and prepare for the future. In this stimulus, some robbers will kill people.

Just smoke, the smell of the smell is attached to the smart face of Wang Hao. Wang Hao is a resolute smokeyer. After the unit, he did not dare to close her after the leaders took a smoke. But now she can only be uncomfortable.

“The little mouth is good.” The robbery said. He put his tongue to Wang Hao’s mouth. This bastard actually has a tongue! Wang Hao, biting his teeth, closing his lips. Two people pulling fists – sharpness.

“You don’t want to go home.” The unbeatable Shi Zi praised the half-length in the body of Wang Siqi, “You fucking like this, Laozi is not? H! Let you掰 老子 老子? H! “

Wang Hao hurriedly released his lips, and he went to the mouth of “um, um,” to constantly strive to the gangster, attracting the vicious believers into his mouth. She only feels that a smell of smoke and odor mix is ​​mixed together.

“Your tongue is also moving. Take the initiative. How do you do it now? Don’t worry about it. Don’t say that you have a little one. Satisfied, he continued to drink it, let Wang Hao do this. In the past, he could only listen to those police, the lady was drinking himself, but the fart did not dare to put one; and they didn’t even want to see him. “Refers to the taste of people,” looked at Wang Hao, in accordance with his password, he is even more proud, “there is such a time, it is worth it.” He thought. What he didn’t know is that Wang Hao’s husband is just a grassroots cadre. At home, he must ask Wang Hao many times before, there is a possibility of going to bed. Two stretched tongues were dial in the mouth of Wang Hao’s mouth.

Like the farm animals being breached, the sourdous water of the praise is constantly dripping. With the smell of saliva, there was a cheeks of Wang Hao, and some directly fell into her mouth.

Wang Hao strongly hurts disgusting, swallowing the saliva of the gangsters, but insisted that he did not wipe the dirty saliva on his face, she must leave these crimes, using the case.

“Give me a set,” Shi Zheng praised his hand afterwards. When he raised in the upper body, Wang Hao’s top was repeatedly turned up. Her chest is not big but very strong.

Shi Juzi noted this detail. He inserted his hand into the top of Wang Hao. “You sit up and take off the clothes.”

Wang Hao had to get up and undress. She took off her top and stacked it, she was ready to wear again.

“I put it on the sleeve. This is a good time for you. Do you understand?” Shi Zheng praised the face of Wang Hao’s face. He is venting.

The gangsters are not for Wang Hao’s health, but a question that rapists must pay attention to.

The intramine is just enjoyed, but it leaves his own DNA in the opponent. This is the iron certificate! They don’t know that DNA can also be measured in their mouthwater, and as long as trace is sufficient.

After the praise of the condom, I returned to Wang Hao. He leaned down and put the glans to the vaginal mouth of Wang Hao, and put it in it.

The robbers bought the cheapest condom. In order to reduce costs, the manufacturer even the oil coating is free; plus Wang Hao is scared, and normal secretions cannot be discharged, and it is very dry in the vagina. The gangster actually made Wang Hao’s hurting “ah” called it, almost fainting.

Shi Zheng praised all this, just crazy on a woman. He pleaded, forgotten, exhausted, struggling, until the sperm of the stock was sprayed into an inferior rubber pocket from his small hole.

“You come. Who is the next one?” He said while using his hand and pinching Wang Hao’s nipple. Then it took off the bus.

“Hammer, scissors, cloth.” The junction won.

The dark night will sprinkle black toward the earth, surrounded by black. Wang Hao still lying in the car is not moving. The slight compartment light is just above the navel of Wang Shizi, and she shakes her eyes in front of everyone. Shame, exhaustion, nervous, and afraid to make her difficult to take any action. Even if she thought of running.

Now Wang Hao has not been tied. If she suddenly opened the door of the gangsters, she suddenly opened the opposite side of the gangsters, and they ran for more than ten meters. They would be in the dark. Because she is barefoot, there is no sound, and it is difficult to find it in the dark.

Just arrived, in the evening, Yu Guang Wang, who once observed, even more observed than gangsters. But she was intimidated by the difficulties they imagined. “Running the foot? I am just a warrior, I have not received physical exercise, can you run a gangster? Is the gravel on the ground?” “I don’t even hang in this way. Back to the unit People know how to happen? “She finally gave up the thoughts of escaping.

Of course, preventing the biggest obstacles from Wang Hao from escaping is that Wang Hao still has hopes to the kidnappers, thinking that they will take them like they guarantee, they will be put away from themselves. She underestimates the ignorance of gangsters and overestimate their intelligence and humanity.

The sake of the bonus and climbed to Wang Hao’s body. He is still forty years old, still no money to marry his wife.

The intelligence of hormonal hormonal hormon is now lacking now. At present, the proportion of male and women in rural areas, many young men can’t find their spouses, causing social turmoil. In the face of this problem, some people complain, guilty in reform and opening up or family planning policies. But this is not a current embarrassment.

The real reason for the proportion of Chinese population men and women is that the traditional thinking is the successor law of the last name. Because China’s name is the “father’s surname for the last name” of the last name “of the last name” of the last name of the child. According to this rule inherited by Chinese surname, if you want to inherit, there must be male children. This is the source of the current problem.

In the long run, there are many solutions to this problem. For example, you can have a wife, and the boy will follow the father.

But these are far water. In the current situation, if you want social stability, it is not affected by the discontinuation of women’s proportion, sex workers are legalized, allowing the wife to release their sexual pressure through the legitimate path is the best way to find now.

The buba has already insert your penis into the body of Wang Hao. The movement of the arrogant, his two colors came to him in the distance, while monitoring the surroundings, while starting to dig. In addition to this male and a hurranty, the silent night is a voice of Tie.

“Why don’t you call your bed?” The junction suddenly thought of.

According to statistics, more than 80% of Chinese women are reluctant to call them. This is because their traditional ritual thinking is afraid that the bed sound is heard by others, and therefore blames them.

“Ah, ah,” Wang Hao called two times. The gangsters were afraid to expose and did not continue to entangle. “What are they doing?” Wang Hao suddenly watched the voice of the land. “Nothing.”

“No, let me see.” Attree, Wang Wei, I would like to happen to happen, desperately think of watching the outside. The son of the bonus compressed her, and the lower body stepped up with a woman’s lower body.

“Ask you,” Wang Hao’s madness, asked the robbers that were vented in himself.

There is a material that is most comfortable when women in despair. There will be a lot of liquids in their vague.

“You, come over, I, press, don’t live her.” The sibluto saved.

Two robbers who dug their pits have been on the bus, and one hand grabbed Wang Hao; the other is holding her feet. In the strong twist of Wang Hao’s body, the bonus finally ejaculate.

“This me,” the last robbers ride to the soft one, while crazy movements, covering her mouth. I am afraid that she is desperate, the shout is too far, awaken the villagers in the dream.

When the last gangster climbed from Wang Hao’s body. Wang Hao suddenly made a gangster uniform struggling to sit up. The ambassador of the strength is shocked. When the hand is nothing, the king of the red strip is on the seat of the car, and the tears are stringing down, “Dado, I beg you.

There is also a child at my family, she can’t have no mother, “

“I beg you. As long as you put me, I guarantee that you don’t say anything. I have money in my family. I have come out to give you.” Wang Hao’s voice is pleading. A slashing squatting is desperately giving him a head. She suddenly climbed up, hugged the praise, the extremely elasticity, tightly sticked on his naked chest, petite, comparable to tears and mouthfuls of the face on the face of Shi Zizi, ” I beg you, I want to see my child. She can’t do not have my mother. You must have children … I don’t say anything, I really don’t say, “

The smallest gangster looked at the praise, meaning that “Let’s not put it?” “This is your mother’s letter.” Shi Zheng praised his head and slap.

For smelling source for a while, the gangster did not leave a clear source. Daxie demanded the use of Wang Hao’s underwear. But Wang Hao is very loved, all underwear is washed clean. Finally, a shoe of Wang Hao is selected as an olfactory source. At this time, I was kidnapped away from Wang Hao for more than 40 hours.

When Wang Hao turned to the junction, she turned to the praise. Plenty of white body, the wrong, the colorful texture, the fine chrysanthemums are once again stimulated, “There is no set.” He asked “There is still one left.”

“Give me.”

Shi Zheng praised the pinch-rich female hips, and separated Wang Hao’s thigh. He scratched Wang Hao’s will be covered with his palm, with the thumb pointed to dig her anus. A strong impulse once again, he is hesitant to rape again, this colorful woman.

“Big Brother, you again? H it once. As long as you put me. How do you? Hone doesn’t matter. How to play me can.” Wang Hao passed down and cried. She has been crying, can’t be ashamed, forgetting the shame; at this time, she can only rely on her heart to hope. Naked the upper body, opened the zipper of the trousers, re-pulling out from the underwear, “Waiting for the Laozi, letting you.” After wearing a sleeve, his fingers began to explore the vagina in the ditch in Wang Hao. The position of the mouth.

Wang Hao immediately took a hand, separated his own half ass, helping the gangsters to align the place, so more convenient to smash themselves; or even – final ending their lives.

The huge penis is once again stuffed into the woman’s lower body, and squeezes a vaginal secretion with blood. The second sex time is very long, and the body of Shi Zizhi black brown is exhausted in front, but the butt is a huge response to the movement of Shi Zi, and she has understood her destiny. In the most dangerous juncture, she did not escape the ability, only to hysterically pleaded these ruins, and cruel her enemies.

Women are extremely sensitive to madness, so soon they have reached a climax, and it is the extremely powerful climax. Her body is in sharp shake, the vagina is tightly contracted, the throat has issued a non-inhibitory snoring; the short urethra has been paralyzed, and the clear urine has been The vaginal port of H is sprayed out, rushing into her thigh, and slowly flowing down.

“Seeing no!” Shi Zhengzhao excited shouts “I took her 阴 精. H out.” In the 48th hours after the case, when the gangster left for ten minutes, under the leader of the police dog, A great Kang, which has not been held three days and two nights, led the police to find a scene. There is a diaper and body smell, scattered with her underwear.

The police dog called “Deep Blue” abnormally excited, when the police prepare to drive to continue to track, but the dark blue insisted that they would not be willing to get on the bus. The dog policeman is sinking, I have to pull it on the bus. But Daxi finally stopped the dog. Under the leadership of the dark blue, the police discovered the corpse of Wang Hao, which was buried by herbs in a near place. Her body is still hot, in a moment after the application praise, he suddenly died, killing the head of the red, the throat, the throat of being shouting. It is still still waiting for it.

Why did Wang Hao can’t think of this at this moment, her beautiful big eyes suddenly came out, and they were surprised to stand.

She won’t be suffocating immediately, and the death process will last for a while. During this time, what will this beautiful woman think of? Think of your family? Those colleagues and leaders who care for themselves? Do you have any mistakes in this event?

We will never know what she thinks at this time. The body is so exciting, the body is so soft, the remaining urine lost the control of the woman’s snow, and a stool flows out from her exquisite beautiful anus, and there is a short, ugly penis. And fell to her beloved fork.

Perhaps, the feeling of her last moment is extremely desperate, but there is unlimited feelings but can’t help yourself.

Previously, no matter who got sex, there would be rewards, but this law is now failing.

“You use rope to hold her neck.” Shi Zheng praised two accomplices. This is the psychology of gangsters, and there is a copy of people. If you are caught by the police, you must die together. No one wants to get rid of them alone, shirk the responsibility to others.

Daxie pushed the case to the side. As a policeman’s own responsibility has ended. But the heart is still calm for a long time. Wang Hao, no matter whether the rumors of the catching shadows about her are actually true, she is unfounded. She is completely her personal relationship with who is completely her personal, and others have no reason to accuse her.

Daxie wrote in the summary: After the case, there were many online comments. However, as long as it is the freedom of the people, it is basically attacking Wang Hao, saying that her BMW car is unknown; the meaning of the words is not to sleep with the leader, and there will be such a good car. But where can a 400,000 cars go?

Civil servants in the year are completely affordable. Return 10,000 steps, even if she is sleeping, it is also a personal thing, others have no right to interfere.

A weak woman has been unfortunate, and others have to take a knife. Macholds; this is not the sorrow of the whole nation.

Online or even people shouted, put them more than the hero that was removed as the people. There is no doubt that these people have never experienced the life and death history of Wang Hao, if they encountered, how will they think, how to say? As for the few cases, they were ferocious, poisonous; but did they become such that society is not responsible? From a certain extent they are those who are talking to the online nonsense. Those people have made a rumor for her in Wang Hao; when there is an accident, they attack the society, deliberately divorce the society, it is afraid that the world is not chaotic. Three gangsters only killed Wang Hao, will be afflicted; and those rows destroyed generations, and they have not retired, still happy.

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