The girlfriend is 23 years old, has a beautiful face and slender body, and the breast is full, which was previously a recognized class flower. She is bubble in the university. For her, I used a whole half a year, and I met a lot of classmates, and finally she chose me. She is introverted, not talking, there is a class of entertainment (at that time, I haven’t booked her), everyone must perform a show, when she is coming, she is very shy, full face, no face Dare to face us, she sang a song for everyone with a small voice, so there is a microphone at that time, so everyone can hear her singing, her voice is very angry, plus her red face Everyone looked at her and saw a fascination. Of course, I am no exception, it is so beautiful, too cute, my eyes are straight, and later, I swear to she, and finally, I will finally let me go to her.

After graduation, she is very paying attention to the appearance of the appearance, she is very fashionable, avant-garde, of course because of the reason, she does not wear too exposed clothes. So her beautiful body has only only I can enjoy it. But once, many people have opened their eyes. That was in June last year, my girlfriend was uncomfortable, I want to accompany her to the hospital to check (later did not check out, it is too sensitive), there is an electrocardiogram in the inspection project. Before I accompany your girlfriend, I didn’t know how the ECG was checked. After I got my girlfriend to the examination room, I noticed that there were two doctors in the inspection room, a man and a woman, the woman’s age was around 30 years old, and her badge was written on her badge, male age in 20 years old. There is no badge, it looks like the physician’s assistant or intern. That female doctor saw us, and asked us who checked, I answered my girlfriend, and then she let my girlfriend lying on a bed, I stand at the side, then the man’s doctor took a pair of connected wires The clip, the feet of my girlfriend, let my girlfriend let my girlfriend unwind the shirt, my girlfriend hesitated, the face was difficult, and immediately closed his eyes, unlock the upper clothes, so , My girlfriend’s light pink bra is revealed, and there is still a clever ditch on the shell. Because of the hospital, my girlfriend has not worn, and the shackage is slightly down, showed it. A little red coffee color, my little brother is not inappropriate. I looked at the male doctor, this kid was staring at the chest and the latch of my girlfriend and the eyes of the eyes fell. Looking at other men looking at my friend, I feel an inexplicable excitement, but I feel awkward, but there is no way, who makes people a doctor, let him see it. But this is not required by the female physician. The female doctor continued, and the lingerie was also taken away. My girlfriend’s face was very embarrassed. I didn’t move, I think she may be too shy, I don’t want to take off, female physician Seeing that my girlfriend is not moving, I personally, I will push my girlfriend, and the two breasts of my girlfriend are completely revealed, and the two pink nipples sway with the breast. At this time, her face has been red, cute, just like that time she performs the show, the difference is that she is wearing a beautiful dress, this time is light, light pink bra in the breast The full and beautiful breasts and pink nipples are exposed. And that male doctor has already seen a daze, and the saliva is almost flowing.

My little brother is also hard, I really want to do my girlfriend once.

Later, the female physician took two moving west (I don’t know why) put on my girlfriend’s breast. Looking at the act of a female doctor, I went back to God, and I noticed that the bed of the check room was facing the door, and the door is a corridor, and there is a row of chairs on the corridor. Many people, and are male, because I have been talking, and I have always stared at my girlfriend’s chest, I have not taken so many people, and the two doctors are also opposite, male The doctor has already seen everything around, and the female doctor concentrates on the examination, so I haven’t noticed the outside. My girlfriend is lying, and the head is rushing at the door, but it is impossible to see the happiness outside the door. Looking at the breasts of my girlfriend, I really want to close, but my younger brother has risen more powerful, and I am more excited. So I pretend that I don’t know, let the body more, let them enjoy the breasts of my girlfriend.

The female physician put the two things in the two breasts of your girlfriend. To operate the instrument, let the doctor came over to help, this can be cheap that the doctor, watch his two hands. Two things were pressed on the bare breasts of my girlfriend, and he used two points to hold the two things, and the palm was fully pressed on two pink nipples, and my girlfriend’s breast was He pressed, I thought he would definitely feel the feeling of my girlfriend’s pink and elastic breasts and nipples. At this time, the female physician seems to feel that the signal is not too strong, it is called the male doctor to wipe some of the plaster, so the male doctor took it, she wipes the breasts of my girlfriend, he first in me first. The girlfriend’s left breasts, and the wipes from the outside to a circle, the most wiped into the nipple, and wiped it on the nipple, and my girlfriend is still red, the eyes are closed, but it looks But very comfortable, I only smashed this little prostitute. But there is no way. I can only look at the male doctor to continue to touch my girlfriend’s breasts and nipples. The most doctors use the same method to put the breasts on the right of my girlfriend, but I take two things to press the two things in my girlfriend. The people on the corridor also witnessed the doctor’s breast whole process of doctors. At this time, the female doctor started to play with the instrument, slowly rotating the knob, and asked my girlfriend: “Is there a hemp feel?”, My girlfriend replied: “No”, the female doctor continues to rotate. With the midth of the female physician, I saw my girlfriend began to bite the lips, and then said: “Yes, there is a hempia.” After the finish biting the lips, both hands also grabbed the bed. The female physician is slowly reading the data on the instrument. I didn’t hide the knock in half a day. I saw my girlfriend began to slowly twisted the shoulder. I thought that the two in my girlfriend’s breasts were definitely connected. I didn’t expect my girlfriend to be used here to use electricity to “abuse”, but also to watch it for free, really cool! My girlfriend’s breast is the most fear, I usually use her tongue to add her breast, she will laugh, at this time, she is weakly powered by the breast, and it is definitely it is difficult to resist, and they are not laughing. It will not bite your lips with your mouth, and the shoulder is twisted. After a while, her legs also began to move, crossed together, I *, this is simply cool, good, hook people, even I can’t help but want to bear I went to the spot to rape her. After about 5 minutes, the female doctor told the male doctor to take the two things from my girlfriend’s breasts, my girlfriend finally took a breath, and left a row of places on the lower lips.

At this time, I suddenly thought of it. The female physician took the phone and sounded very anxious, then said: “I will pass it immediately.”, Then said to the male doctor: “There is an emergency, I have a first pass. This patient is not What seriously, you will check the liver and spleen, there is no problem with it. “Said that he hurriedd. That male doctor moved his hand, first touched it under my girlfriend’s breasts, press and hold, my girlfriend’s face is not too red, this is touched again, his face is red . I didn’t think that he would not touch my girlfriend’s breast. Who knows and touch it again, I have started to have a soft little brother to harder. In order to facilitate him to touch my girlfriend, I will borrow my stomach pain. I have to go to the toilet, and then I will go out.

In fact, I just went to a circle and came back to sit outside in the chair. That doctor has not touched my girlfriend’s breasts, but started to press my girlfriend’s belly. He pressed for a while, pressed my girlfriend’s belly, and said to my girlfriend: “You put your pants down Fading, I checked the lower abdomen. “My girlfriend unwilling to solve her trousers and moved her trousers. That doctor said, with a very impurcatic tone to my girlfriend: “You still check it? Can I pressed?” I will move it, this is already able to see my girlfriend flat white belly. And that doctor is still not satisfied, continue to say that my girlfriend is impatient: “Take another thing!” I can see her part of the hairy in this angle. My girlfriend is so shame, and I close my eyes tightly. That doctor took the tongue and touched the lips, and then touched my big hand to my girlfriend’s white calm belly. I touched my girlfriend, and I took it on my girlfriend. I played up. Seeing that my girlfriend has not responded, then I will see him to squeeze my girlfriend’s trousers, I *, I am coming, this is slightly touched, I don’t touch my girlfriend’s ladle? And my girlfriend is closable, and I don’t have it. I know that she is small, plus I am not here, she doesn’t dare to speak, and people are doctors who are giving her a doctor, they are in the upper body, and they will only attract others, so that they are embarrassed, so She didn’t dare to speak out. Then I saw the doctor’s half-hand stretched into my girlfriend’s trousers, I learned that he was sure to touch my girlfriend’s labie, in that, I feel that my girlfriend is like. After a while, his hand started to move, he kept in my girlfriend’s trousers, he was definitely lip where my girlfriend is licking. At this time, my girlfriend’s hand suddenly stretched into the doctor’s hand. I want to stop his attack, and that doctor thinks that my girlfriend is a good bully, then I will have a great opportunity to let this oil, so I have used my girlfriend, my girlfriend is a girl, how can he have Big, I saw my girlfriend hand slippery, the doctor’s hand got down, my girlfriend’s pants also followed, I *, this time I girlfriend is more than that of the girlfriend. Even two white jade legs have exposed a piece. I only look at my blood spur, the little brother has risen and uncomfortable. My girlfriend stunned. She never thought about itself to give a strange man to a strange man, and that doctor moved very fast, and immediately pressed his hand on the small hole of my girlfriend, knead. My girlfriend also went back God, reach out again, I want to stop his attack again. The doctor has prepared this time, see my girlfriend’s hands, immediately grabbed my girlfriend’s hand, my girlfriend He was caught by him, can’t move, but he didn’t dare to call for help. She bit his lips with his teeth, closed his eyes. The doctor saw that my girlfriend did not resist, and continued to use his hand to blink on the small hole of my girlfriend, I took a while, he took the hand, looked at it, look at it, he took a few fingers Brightening, then it is definitely my girlfriend. Then I saw him rolling a few fingers, leaving two fingers straight, put on my girlfriend’s hole, I know he wants to use his finger to insert my girlfriend. I saw that two fingers were in the hole in my girlfriend, and then inserted, the two and thick fingers did not enter the small hole of my girlfriend, my girlfriend also snorted, she surely felt it. The thick fingers of a strange man in the vagina, bitten the teeth biting the lips. The doctor’s hand is constantly twitching in the legs of my girlfriend, and I can hear one or two sides outside. At this time, suddenly got a little wind and put the door. Fuck, the good play is going to stage, but I can’t see it. I am in my heart. I am going to knock in, I suddenly remembered that there should be a window behind the medical room. Why not continue to watch? So I went around, it was very secluded here, there is a thick layer of leaves on the ground. It seems that there are very few people come here. It is good to see it. I quietly touched the medical window, and I still hung on the window. I found a tree, quietly open the curtains, I *, this time I see it clearly, the doctor’s finger is quickly thriving in my girlfriend’s small hole, and the obscenity is still tight, and my girlfriend is still tight. Double eyes, face the flush, the teeth are also biting their lips, hand being caught by the doctor, I see that she definitely has a pleasure, just to bear.

At this time, the doctor couldn’t help it. He got up and closed the door, took off the white trousers, showing white trousers, his huge dicks have taken the little white trousers, I think if it is not a pants If the quality is good, you have long broken the pants. He came to my girlfriend, seeing my girlfriend closed his eyes, immediately opened his trousers, popping up his thick and black big cock, then rode to my girlfriend, holding big cock Outside my girlfriend, I went outside, until I made the big cock with my girlfriend’s obscenity, then put the glans on the small hole of my girlfriend, my girlfriend was opened, two tender and tender lips. Wrapped his glans. Seeing his dick, you have to insert my girlfriend’s small hole, I want to let him insert, because my girlfriend I have not plunged. My girlfriend has been very stunned, I have never let me plug in, and the top is smashing in the outside of the small point, and then shot. This time, I have to first step in my girlfriend, I definitely can’t let him succeed. But I saw the blood of the blood, this scene is too exciting, I hesitated, I saw his butt, and my girlfriend had already opened, his glans had entered my girlfriend. Small hole. At this time, my girlfriend also supported his front chest with his hand, and didn’t let him pressed. I saw that his big chicken is a little bit of the labips of my girlfriend. I entered my girlfriend’s little hole. My girlfriend’s cavity was squeezed out, and she was all on her ass. At this time, my girlfriend said whispered “pain … don’t … light … hurt …”, now she is afraid that people outside are heard. Finally, I saw that the doctor’s thick chicken was completely inserted into the vocal pocket of my girlfriend. Only two scrotches outside my girlfriend should, even the chickens did not see. Then he slowly smoked the dick, and inserted it, I saw his dick with my girlfriend and virgin blood, I looked at this scene, I couldn’t help but put the dick. Get up. The doctor’s big chicken is constantly inserting in my girlfriend’s small hole. I will send out the water, my girlfriend is constantly “嘤” “嘤”. The doctor did a dozen minutes. Suddenly accelerated the speed and depth of the thrust, it would like to cut my girlfriend’s hoarship, I also accelerated the speed of the cock, and then he made a few Next, the top is not moving in my girlfriend. I looked at his scrott to shrink a few times. My girlfriend also grabbed his arm and bucking him. I know that he has shocked the deep semen into the small hole of my girlfriend. At this time, I also reached the climax, and the walls of the milky white semen were …

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