I am in love with Yeyuan for 2 years, she is my girlfriend at home. We graduated from college last year. We are very simple, because each other is a good student in middle school, learn, so we are in the first love. Until graduation, even if I live together, I really just saw Ye Yuan’s breasts, there is no further action. So she saved so far. After graduation, I went to work because I went to a 3-year-old master. I have also been a physics teacher who has recently come to the school. It can be said that these children who are in adolescence and psychological rebellion are very difficult, especially boys, always like to mess with the classroom.

Ye Yuan is another girl in the outside of the show, so there is not much bullied by those students when they go. Ye Yuan is always the gas crying, saying that there is a student today in her back, and there is a student to go to the principal, tell her about the penalty, and even more, some boy see English teacher It is beautiful and easy to close, and it is often not possible to say the stunned office. Once I went to get off work in work, I saw a boy who didn’t pay attention to her butt. Of course, there is no way, and now the Ministry of Education is strictly prohibiting corporal punishment. If you dare to play the students, you don’t have to mix in the school. So we can only be angry and there is no way.

On the other hand, I have passed the class of Ying Yuan, and I saw that Yingyuan is patiently to give a boy. I just observed the work state of the beautiful girlfriend before the window, and the Ye Yuan was clustered with the eyebrows. In a homework, he finished his point, and the boy knew the shaking head. I thought, my girlfriend was miserable, and there is a famous saying in the circle of our teacher: I am afraid that I am afraid I am afraid to encounter idiot. At this time, I used the little boys as the latter.

How can I take a closer look, the boy is not studying at all, his eyes have not seen anything else, but always staring at Ye Yuan’s neckline, I see, but Ying Yuan is wearing a pale yellow Wide-collar T-shirt, from this angle, I can see the small half of the breast, I think the boy must be a lot of breasts of Ye Yuan, too much, and the Ye Yuan stopped in front of Ye Yuan. Boys, Ye Yuan’s breasts I have seen, although it is not big, but in the middle of her so thin girls, it is a good development, it is a standard bamboo shoots.

Fortunately, it’s worthy of being a brass, or you have to be seen by these boy kids.

At this time, Ying Yuan is like finding his own embarrassment from the students’ eyes. I saw her brows and said: “What is it, Well? You help the little babard, how do you don’t know how to put your mind in your study?”

The students were found, and they quickly made a bird and beast. This is Ying Yuan called the students who have just given the speaking. Students have to go down to perform the task. After a while, the seven or eight boys came in low. Yiluan called them to do it on the seat, put the teacher’s door, because it has been elected, at this time, the school has basically no one, it seems extra cold.

At this time, I heard the Yuan Yuan said: “Let’s say anyone who has been bringing, who is thinking about? I said that today, how do you help the child? It turned out to be … “said that this art is like it is a bit embarrassed, and his blush is red. At this time, there was a boy to steal voice: “It is not that you collect my book.” Yiluan heard: “Book? You are so embarrassed, you talk about it, what book you want to say? What is your book?” The boy listened later. , “That’s what, they have seen it. They have been passing to me.” Said that the eyes are aiming to other boys: “To say, what we see is about female physiology development Book, bookstore bought, no matter what, let alone learn learning, we are just reviewing your homework, the teacher, you have left our book, we can’t review it, just. “” I am teaching the aid ?? You can really have a courage? If you make a mistake, your name is a voyeur? Stolen the girl is a wrong behavior. “Yite said. At this time, I don’t know which boys and thieves say: “Who is a teacher, you are so good, it is better than other teachers.”

It is estimated that the girls like others. Yiteng is no exception. The wind suddenly turned into the rain as if the smoke was disappeared. The face was blocked. Some things to girls are somewhat curious. This blames your creator. These things don’t tell you clearly. You may have been in a curious state, you must know that you will kill a cat, go back to go Say this thing with your creator, so today, the teacher is not pursued. But you can make it again later ~ “say this will go. At the time, a bold male boy is called: “Teacher, we only like the class of you.” Other boys also stood up and said: “Teacher, you will tell us, then the old lady said we I can’t hear it. “” I beg you, I will do your class, no more trouble. ” Yiluan listened to Min and smiled: “You are a little bad guy, the meaning of drunkenness is not in the bar? Is it still thinking about it? Ok, if you can bring it over again yesterday, I will tell you.” At this time, I saw the expression of a few boys and a deceived expression, and struggled to raise their hands: “Teacher, I will” first “then is a group of people who are ignorant. I think, huh, huh, people are all ready, this looks at how you are going. Ye Yuan can panic, say: “Amount ~ You will be back, how do you take you no one in the morning, then, the teacher is not a book, wait for the day to go to your creature to borrow a teaching tool? Give you more. “

Since this, those boys can not do it, they all: “Teacher talks not to argue”

“Don’t don’t say it, now,” Teacher us only want to listen to girls, we all know, do you know what you are teaching? Or give us paintings, “Teacher We have seen your tits.” Let us learn again. “I can listen to the heads, how can this. I just saw it. I didn’t touch it. At this time, Yite said: “Hey, how is it not civilized, the girl is called the breast.” Said the face and red. I want to say “That … well, you are sitting on the seat, the teacher can think of the paintings you can think of on the blackboard. You can’t say it ~” After you finish, turn it on the platform, red face gives students. Get up, students are also quiet in their seats.

“… girls began to develop at the age of 11, the second sexy is gradually obvious, the amount … is the breast and butt will slowly roll up.”

There are students raise their hands: “Teacher, what is the same as we are with us? The tip will be bigger? How is your butt?”

Ye Yuan’s red face explained: “It is the breast will grow up, milk … The tap will grow up. But the butt, oh, anyway, you know it.”

“No, the teacher, you are not intuitive, you can’t cover up with the biological teacher, so we can’t learn anything, or curious, maybe I am going to pull a female student study tonight.” A student It is a busy way to say that it is a crime, and it is not a crime.

“The teacher can let us see you, we don’t want to see it.” There is a student suggesting that Ye Yuan said: “No, you have these little bad guys, isn’t you have seen? Enough? “

The boy said: “I only saw half, even the tap didn’t see, the teacher, you have a breast cover, ask for a teacher, you are best, let us see”

At this time, I saw Ye Yuan hesitated, I thought, it was broken, I must be said by those students. No, how can I be so easy to be as soon? Or she believes that the other party is a child, and it is not called?

Ye Yuan said: “In order to make you no longer curious, you can let you see, but you can’t say it with others, and you will not make mistakes in this, you have to study.”

“Oh ~ Teacher is really good” “There must be a certain” “Teacher will let us see it”, a group of students surrounded by Yeyuan.

Yite said: “Go to the teacher to pull the curtains” student door to divide the work, lock the door to the window, so in the last window and leave a small seam, so that I can observe the situation inside.

At this time, Ye Yuan set off a pale yellow T-shirt, slowly snowing white belly, which provokes the students’ horrific, and the small waist of the Sina also revealed. At this time, the hand stopped, as if Considering yourself is wrong. The students have anxious, “Teacher, let us see. Just look”

“Yeah is, the teacher begged you”

Ying Yuan couldn’t stand the pleadings of the students, and the heart was gently, and the clothes were blinded. I saw Ying Yuan’s enchanting half-body suddenly revealed that the perfect body made God will be amazed. The shading of a pink cream is even more than thinking.

“Teacher is too beautiful” “Ye Yuan teacher, I love you” “Teacher will take the cream to make the cream” “I want to see” Ye Yuan put his hand behind, gently unlock the bra back, maybe the classroom is a bit Cool, perhaps the first time in the face of strange men, showing the fear of their proud bodies, I saw that Ying Yuan’s body tremble, closed his eyes, the teeth were bitten with the lips, slowly put their hands from Before getting it, there is a student courage to have a big big, reach a hand to the pink breasts hanging on the body, but also suck a tone in front of his nose, a face satisfied expression. This is the scenery of the students being deeply attracted by the beautiful scenes.

A boys wake up, I can’t help but touch my hand on the left side of Ying Yuan, ask: “Teacher is this milk? It’s so good, how is you is pink, than the movie? Beautiful and more.

Being touched by him, Ying Yuan’s body is like electricity, and it sounds. Say: “Okay, you have seen it, go, don’t touch! ~

This is a cleavage between the two breasts, how is it, look good? Small bad egg door? “Wow” “Ye Yuan teacher is simply a fairy.” “Too beautiful”

A boy’s thief question: “Do you want to touch it? Just ask you.”

Although the brain of Yite is still in an excited state, I also hope that someone can touch themselves, but only a little reason is to resolutely reject the students’ request.

It is not enough, and students have to think about other people who are cheap. A student said: “Teacher, breast courses we have learned, can we teach us the reproductive organs of our students?” “Yes,”

※ JKForum.net | JKF Czech Forum Other students suck “Teacher Teaches us, can not learn half, we still don’t know what the girl is growing, is it just like us?”

Ye Yuan woke up, I had to continue half-naked to the students: “Of course, the lower body of the girl is called the vagina, that is, this look, talking about the podium on the blackboard to draw the student.”

“Teacher, give us a teaching triumley like just now, you don’t understand it, we can’t understand.”

“Well, teacher, anyway, we have seen it, we are all attached to learning.”

The students say this, how can Ying Yuan still, helpless, I have to unlock my jeans and slowly get off the ankle. Only the pink small panties, a few yin fur, dew, from the edge of the underwear.

I saw my girlfriend’s legs, and I also had a pleasure.

At this time, a bold student’s hand touched Ye Yuan’s thigh, said: “Teacher, I will help you.”

I feel that the stranger’s hand is on the inside of my thigh, and Ye Yuan is trembled. “Don’t move, the teacher comes, the girl’s thigh is also sensitive, others can’t touch.”

At this time, a boys pointed at Ye Yuan’s underwear and said: “Teacher, how is your trousers wet, is it a menstruation you gave us, but are you not a menstruation? Isn’t it red?”

Ye Yuan listened, his face was red: “That … that is … secretion. Girls are stimulated to secrete some liquids.”

“What kind of stimulus will secrete?”

Ye Yuan said: “If you touch your body, you will see something that makes you excited.”

“But there is no teacher, there is nothing to make things excited to be excited? Teacher, is a girl who is walking on the road, it is wet, it is so uncomfortable.

Ye Yuan said: “No, just teacher … is … it is in front of you … will be excited.”

“Oh, it is what we let the teacher excited, the teacher is generally excited to be a symphony, that is, it feels good, is it what we let the teacher feel good?”

“Teacher, take off the pants, we have to see you below”

“Yeah, teacher, get rid of it”

Ye Yuan slowly took off his underwear, hung the underwear to the knee. Now, don’t mention more sensuality, it is simply like a fence. A student? Come on the desk, the cushion of writing the chair is said: “Teacher, you lay this, so we learned more intuitive”

Ye Yuan is now disordered, and he is lying on the desk. Let the students take her sandals and take off. A student also smelled the underwear of Ye Yuan, put it in his pocket. The two students opened the legs of the Yuan Yuan, and the vagina’s vagina glanced to see the situation inside. I saw that the hairy of Art Yuan is like a trimming, and the black-black cloudless can’t stop the scenery inside, and the pink vagina is present in front of everyone. The obscene is outward.

Several students came up, carefully observed this rare beauty. A boys reached out and touched a meat of the vaginal mouth: “What is the teacher?”

Ye Yuan is treated: “Well … ah … don’t touch, the teacher is uncomfortable, that … that is the big labie.”

A boys did not listen to her and put their fingers and touched the small protrusions in the lower. “What is this? Teacher”

Ye Yuan seems to have been strongly stimulated, forgetting: “Well … ah … ah … Oh … Ena should be, it should be … The clitoris, ah don’t move … it is very … it is very difficult ……Oh”

The boy is still not satisfied, two hands with the two big lips of Ye Yuan, seeing the trickle in the inside, slowly squeezing from a white small hole, and the small cave is a layer of meat flour. Thin film, then ask: “Teacher, don’t you say that the vagina is very deep? Why did I see a knuckle is so deep, it is blocked, there is only one small small hole.

Ye Yuan said: “Ah … oh … … that is … Teacher … Virgin”

Students have already launched a while: “Hirming women ~ Teacher is still a woman, my brother said that our school is very small, I didn’t expect Ye Yuan teacher, so beautiful is still a virgin, I want to see what I want to see.”

So a group of students came to open artist’s laboray to see the women’s film, and the laborary is so strong, and Yite is naturally apronless. “Oh … oh … kind … ah … ah … ……, don’t move … don’t touch it … ah … ah … Wes “

There is a student who found that as long as the clitoris that Yite said, Ying Yuan will tremble. So I used it to my finger. Two students grabbed Ye Yuan’s breasts, and Ye Yuan was more excited. The sound of the name made me worry that I can alarmed the gate of the school gate.

“Oh … oh … ah … can’t … I am … I can’t … don’t … don’t … oh …”

A boys gave a parent of Art Yuan. The tongue entered the mouth of Ye Yuan, Yiteng did not help but be entangled with him, because other boys were playing with the breasts and the lower body, he sounded from time to time.

At this time, a boys took off his pants, revealing his little but hard-red-red weapon, slowly climbed to Yingyuan’s body, and Ying Yuan, this time, it is not aware of danger because of strong stimulation. Near. Still embarrassing.

I saw that the boys helped the small weapon, and got to the vaginal mouth of Ye Yuan, and slowly went in.

Just listening to the Yuan Yuan: “Well … Well … ah … ah … hurt, hurt … can’t, … can’t … ah …”

As a scream, between the boy has deeply entered the body of Yite, it is moving in one place. The voice of Ying Yuan’s shouting has gradually weakened, slowly turning into delicate. After all, it is a person, although the penis of the junior high school students is small, and the Ying Yuan’s feelings are the feeling of women. It may be that Yingyuan’s vagina is too tight, it may be that the boy is also the first time, less than 2 minutes, the boys shot inside. Unplug. At this time, the second boys had taken off their pants. I also asked before I went in: “Can I be like this? Can you insert you below?” Ying Yuan estimated that the pleasure has been in love with the pleasure: “Close your eyes. . So it is a cloud of rain and asthma. When the 5th boys were shot inside, I saw Ying Yuan’s body has been “ah”, the lower body flows out a lot of liquid. It should be a climax.

At this time, Ye Yuan said: “Teacher … Teacher is really no … The teacher has gone … It hurts below, can you come again, do you come again tomorrow again?” I haven’t done a classmate. I saw that the two students have taken off their pants, and the younger brother is tall. One of them said: “Teacher, but it is very uncomfortable ~”

Ye Yuan took a look at it, and the desk came to a boys and followed the little brother who took a boy with his mouth. “Oh … oh” this round of the boy is cool. After a while, the boys shot Ye Yuanyi. Other boys also surrounded up, called: “Teacher, I have to do this.”

So the Ye Yuan had to blow for each person. I went home that night, I saw Ying Yuan’s walking posture is not right. I really don’t know how to find home from the northwest of southeast.

Since then, Ye Yuan returned home almost every night, excused to learn the student door, gave them at night. Occasionally I also go to school to watch their “game” at night. To the current location I know that Yingyuan has become a sexy slave of 12 boys.

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