My girlfriend is a little school girl I know in the university era, called poetry. Although the name is very like a literary novel, it is actually, but it is a girl who is a lively and extroverted, and it is very featful. Although the appearance is white and thin, the full body is not hidden.

The smile and appearance of angels are equipped with the devil’s hot body. Sometimes, men see her, always do not have a stock, want to rush to conquer her urge, because of this, I My girlfriend poetry is still harassed by the colorful wolf, which is not here.

My girlfriend is not the same department, but she is thinking about her, but I have been admitted to the same school. My girlfriend is living in the dormitory, but often travels in the house near the school. Overnight. , But occasionally when you are busy, your girlfriend will also stay in the school dormitory a night.

Once, my girlfriend came to my residence overnight, as usual in bed, I found that my girlfriend felt that the lust is high, and many of us often feel shy. Today, the girlfriend is not difficult to love, but feel very enjoyable, Called up to the top of usually put, and even took the initiative to sit on me. That night I was stimulated by my girlfriend, and I was shot four or five, and I can say that it is exhausted.

Afterwards, we lay on the bed, my girlfriend seems to be a little bit of heavy look. I feel uncomfortable, I feel that her attitude is different from usually different, so I started to ask her. At first she was refused, she was still in my question, she swallowed and spit it.

It turned out that she took the plan today, and she was reported to her report. She took the note computer and ran to her guidance professor’s research room to find the teacher report. The graduate students of the poetry boss currently have only three, one student still has her and A male classmate in the same grade, just in the other two.

My girlfriend knocked on the door, and the professor came to the sound: “Please come.” The professor saw the recent girlfriend, the eyes were bright, today because of the weather, her girlfriend worn a pink belly without a shoulder strap, with a strap A white skirt with a thigh knee, his girlfriend backhand, and started to sit on the professor to open the computer in the heart of the company. At first, Professor will refer to the screen asked by the finger, and then pretend to have problems, deliberately The big hand palm was put on the hand of the girlfriend, but also stroked his girlfriend from time to time, his girlfriend did not think of it, and later, the professor used another hand on the shoulders of my girlfriend. I found it very uncomfortable, the professor’s attitude is a bit weird, but my girlfriend is still slightly twisted, not dare to say, continue to report her progress.

How can the professor get more and more bold, the hand that hooks the girlfriend should have come to the back of his girlfriend, and still keep stroking, and finally come back to his girlfriend’s slim waist and hips, because his girlfriend’s hand shoulder The belt is just right and waist, and when sitting down will reveal the skin of the waist, the professor’s hand stays in that belt.

The girlfriend can no longer be able to make it unknown. It is gently twisting the body, and the polite is said to the professor: “Teacher Liu, you … Your hand is like this …” Professor Liu was originally held in his girlfriend. The upper right hand, gently slide over the thigh under the exposure of your girlfriend’s short skirt, said: “Little Fay! Teacher has a few things to ask you, I hope you will answer your life !!” Just explore the bottom of my girlfriend’s skirt, and the hand of my girlfriend is blocked before the panties.

My girlfriend trembled: “Do you have any questions?” Professor whose professor is lightly asked: “Xiaofan! Teacher knows that you want to fight for this plan, you also know The status of the teacher, you can easily help you, do you know, you are really a very attractive girl. Teacher wants you, do you have a boyfriend! “My girlfriend reluctantly resists the professor to go deep into her. The hand under the skirt said: “I already have a boyfriend! Teacher, don’t like this …” Teacher is smiling and said: “Otherwise, you will break up with your boyfriend, the teacher rented a house outside, You will move with the teacher, this kind, your plan is this. How? “After saying, put my girlfriend’s hand, gently, black tulle underwear Touching the clitoris of your girlfriend.

The girlfriend was picked up and said: “Teacher … don’t like this … I have a boyfriend …” I have a hard to stand up.

The professor pressed his girlfriend back to the chair, said to the girlfriend: “Other, do you have this good, you go back and think about it, after all, your research plan is like this, hey, if there is no me If the help, I am afraid … “My girlfriend heard the professor, his psychology hesitated, and the professor took the opportunity to kissed his girlfriend. The girlfriend was afraid to struggle. The professor took the tongue deep into the mouth, my girlfriend did not resist. It is exempt from being entangled with a tongue and professor, and a tongue kissed a while. Finally, the professor has gone in the chest of his girlfriend. The girlfriend is shy to the professor, pick up the computer, said to the professor: “Teacher … I am going to think about it … You … Goodby …” Professor Old God is on the chair: “You go back and want to clear! Xiaofan.” The meaning of the words is that if my girlfriend does not agree, the research plan will fail this time.

I heard my girlfriend to me, anger, I would like to go to the police immediately, but my girlfriend hurriedly pulled me and said, “Don’t do this, Ajie. I don’t want to talk to the professor!” I am so happy, I have to hate it. ” Said: “Then you don’t have anything else, you don’t believe it, you don’t believe that he can help you.” The girlfriend said that “Not the case.” The girlfriend will then say a story.

Once I originally, my girlfriend had something to find a professor. Seeing the professor’s door is not closed, leaving a door, there is a strange voice. The girlfriend probe has been stealing, and the situation inside will surprise her.

It turned out to be a student who was about to graduate, and the whole body naked squatted on the teaching table, the professor slammed the student from the back, and the mutual screams of Yizha, only heard the professor: “Xiao Hui! You are well-behaved, so I really can’t let you go. But please feel free, the teacher promised you, you can graduate after you have done you! Otherwise, how is it so simple? Hahaha … … “My girlfriend looked at it, and later his girlfriend quietly hid the toilet. After calculating the time, then to find a professor, only to see the professor and the students wear clothes and sister, but they are full. The face is ruddy, but the teacher has a shameful, my girlfriend poetry is not known, I will leave after entering the report, and the professor has also blinked his eyes on his girlfriend. The girlfriend was shocked. The door is then deliberately called this time later, it is to see how the girlfriend will see the student, so knowing how to please professor can graduate smoothly.

Listening to your girlfriend, looked at the poor girlfriend, and suddenly emerged with his girlfriend, it was pushed on the table, suddenly the body was bleeding, I can’t think of my girlfriend’s stress. It will be excited! ? I quickly disabled my thoughts, and I asked questions about my girlfriend: “You don’t tell professors, do you want to agree with him?” His girlfriend explained: “Not this. I plan to be perfunctory He, nor to reject him, and did not agree him. After two days, the professor would take me to Japan to participate in the International Seminar. I have to report this plan, if the news is good, this case is successfully passed. I will turn to him. At this time, I can’t think of the face. I can’t stand it. “I will be miserable.” I listened to my girlfriend, and I couldn’t lose. Also agree with my girlfriend’s opinion. But I hope that she can be cautious in Japan.

This day, girlfriend went to Japan. It is expected to come back after five days. Before the girlfriend is deputched, I agree with me time, waiting for her to come back to pick her up five days.

Calculated the time, but at the time a night, I suddenly received my girlfriend’s phone. She said that she told me: “Ajie, sorry, temporary, there will be a delay, I will go back a few days. Tour. Inform you … “After that, he hangs.

“Hello? How many days are it late? Where are you ??” But the phone has hanged it, and it will return to return. I really worry what happened.

After another five days, my girlfriend called me again, I was looking for me to go to the airport, I hurriedly took the car to the airport to pick her.

On the way back, I hurriedly asked: “Xiaofan! What happened? Why did you get back so far? Where did you go?” My girlfriend heads and silently, then I squeeze out a smile. : “It is a bit uncomfortable, I have added some reports, I have been delayed for a few days, I have a bit tired, I want to go home to rest.” Although I am worried, my girlfriend is guaranteed with me. I have already solved, I am sorry that I haven’t mentioned the extension of me early. I think about my girlfriend is hard, just send her home to rest. But later, I found that it is not a matter.

After a lot of days, there is a girlfriend photo of the practice to come to my room, my girlfriend will take a shower first. I will not talk to TV. Suddenly, my brother mobile phone came to the news, I curiously took it, but it was shocked. Written: Hey, my sexy little tetanic poetry, in accordance with our contract, do you have to come to me tomorrow? ? Remember! Not only coming on time, but also, this time is not allowed to wear underwear, but also, remember to eat contraceptive medicine in advance, this time I want to play intenses.

Smart little, it is best not to say, otherwise those movies in Japan flow out, see how you are people in the future! !

I saw this newsletter content, scared a jump, a look, it turned out to be a professor, Tian, ​​what is the Japanese film, what contract, there is a refreshing and contraceptive, play fierce, what does it mean? ? What happened to my girlfriend poetry in Japan? ? These have made me a very surprised.

So I decided not to move, I must personally go to secretly see what happened.

After the girlfriend washed out, I didn’t know this matter. I just said that there was a message to my girlfriend, my girlfriend took the mobile phone to see the newsletter, my face changed a little ruddy, I pretend to ask Who? My girlfriend only pushed her friend to go out to go shopping. Buying something. This attitude of my girlfriend makes me more doubts.

Tomorrow, when I went out of my girlfriend, pretend to tell her to the experiment today, please go to school, go home at night. This way, it is convenient to explore the joy of your girlfriend.

I secretly changed it and started to track my girlfriend actions. Every morning, my girlfriend is normal, go to class, stay in the research room. In the afternoon, my girlfriend hurriedly rushed to the professor’s research room, my girlfriend handed up to knock on the door, suddenly opened, reach out, put his girlfriend, and explored it. People, the obese ugly face is the guidance of girlfriend.

After the girlfriend was pulled in, the professor’s door was locked. In order to explore what happened in order to explore his girlfriend, so I secretly climbed to the air window near the door, and then jumped on the ventilation window of the tipping window of the tipping room. At first glance, I almost sprayed out.

The girlfriend poetry is essential, and the hands are helmed in the place behind the waist, and the handcuffs have a collar on the neck of my girlfriend, which makes my girlfriend’s perfect upper halfness completely exposed to the professor. I can’t resist it, my girlfriend’s lower body is still in a low-end, but the low waist does not have a shirt, the sexy black thread side line is revealed along the waist, putting on the white skin of my girlfriend, full of chest , More obvious.

The professor took off the light and disgusting a big belly, but there was a giant, but also a black people, it seems to be in Yaowu Yangwei.

The girlfriend is covered with long hair, and the head is not dare to see the professor. After the professor went to the girlfriend, a double breast that put his girlfriend was constantly smashed in the palm, but his girlfriend continued to struggle twisted, but it could not resist.

Because I climbed in the place where the air is exported, plus the studio seems to have a sound insulation device, so I can only see any sound inside.

Just see the professor said a few words in my girlfriend’s ear, my girlfriend slowly nodded, and the professor gently pressed his wife’s side shoulders, his girlfriend slowly squatted, and the professor grabbed his girlfriend. Under your strength, your girlfriend will open the lip, bring the professor’s giant to the forehead of a front.

I saw this scene, my heart is broken, when I am love for love, my girlfriend will not help me with my mouth, and I am very silent, I have a clean, now I am helping the professor, but the mentality is vague The unique feeling, the lower body gradually rushed to the blood, I sure it out, and the end of the scene, helpless set.

When the girlfriend was in front of the professor, his hands were smashed behind him, fixed in the neck, this picture looked so obscenity, the professor used the girl’s blowjob, while playing with his hands and girlfriend, after a long time The professor suddenly pushed the girlfriend, grabbed the mask, shot the white sword against the girlfriend, and many concentrated semen slowly flowed along the girlfriend.

The girlfriend gasped, but the professor did not let her, grabbed her girlfriend helped her, walked over to the table. First of all my girlfriend squatted on the desk, the low waist jeans, was taken away by the professor, The black thong inside, puts the girlfriend’s white-eyed legs, but the professor has no time to enjoy such a beautiful scenery, and torn her thong and tall her thong, and I put it hard.

I looked like this, my psychology was sad, my beloved girlfriend was finally conquered by this animal. At the beginning, my girlfriend was only by the top of the top, and the long hair four was elegant. It seems that the professor is also exciting. Finally, the professor suddenly put his girlfriend on the floor. He suddenly dried a few times. He suddenly screamed. It looks in the inside of my girlfriend. Time lasted for more than ten seconds. At this time, the girlfriend was marked out, and she shook her head, it appeared to protest.

After the professor sent it, the satisfaction stood up and looked at the girlfriend on the floor. The vagina slowed out of the semen. The professor took the girlfriend of the servant, and his girlfriend couldn’t resist. I had a mouthful. ate. I saw this scene, I couldn’t help but shot.

The people who are in the inside are still breathing, I quietly slipped down, my mind is really nothing, why is my girlfriend be gave it to the professor? What happened in Japan? And what kind of movie taken is threatened?

These things, if I asked directly, the girlfriend held by the professor must not say, I think it must be sneached in the laboratory of professor in the evening, one explore. I didn’t expect to be more amazing by me … Chapter II Japan Seminar is located under the department of girlfriend poetry, according to the habit of my observation, in the evening department, only the department Pipe postgraduate or doctoral students have pass. After I stole your girlfriend, I quietly returned to school at one or two in the middle of the night.

After brushing the gate, I sneaked into the professor’s research room. Of course, the door is locked. I took the tools used by the locks, quietly put the door of the study room, entered the professor’s research room, reversed the door.

Now I have sufficient time to explore the secret of professor and my girlfriend poetry. First, turned over in the professor’s drawer, only turned to some normal ordinary paper or refer to books, Chinese and foreign paper journals, etc.

I have to open a professor’s computer and see if there is any secret.

The computer desktop is placed on some programs and information files. Everything looks so normal, I have to open a piece of information to see if there is any absence. Suddenly, I wrote a professor with a profile of “Guiding Students’ Personal Information” and found a lot of files.

I used a trembling hand to open a name called Poetry. There are many files inside, and there is an image file.

I saw the picture files, and I was a girlfriend wearing a white shirt and a black skirt in a vendial photo. Seeing that it is in Japan to speaking a speech. Next is the second third day, it is a photo of your girlfriend’s meeting or report. At the fourth day, the seminar ended the evening photo, grace? ?

It looks very smooth, the four seminars are over, why did she say that she is not going to extend?

? Next is the photo of your girlfriend at the dinner, a black low chest is from the evening dress, and it is the focus of the audience. A lot of foreigners rely on root girlfriend photo, and finally the professor of the beast also took a few photos, but it is not shoulder, it is very close, it is very strong!

The next photo, made me very surprising, the date is the day after the end of the seminar, my girlfriend said to be returned to me later this day.

The photo is a girlfriend poetry in the side of the hotel, wearing hot pink bikini, lazy lying lazy lying on the lounge chair, looking at the camera with the hook, I guess the photo is a teaching. After receiving a few, it is in the pool, my girlfriend is wet, the crisp chest, white skin. I looked at it and didn’t stay. The photo is not.

I took the film file, the opening of the film is based on a hotel room, and it feels out that the camera frame is located on the bed, and you can take all room corners. What is more nervous is that the corner of the bed actually has an eight-claw chair. Although Japan is the faucet in the erotic world, the first-class hotel should not have this equipment. Is it a professor to take the girlfriend to find this type? What is the motel?

My doubts did not last long, soon, I saw a girl with long hair, wearing a long-sleeved white shirt of a white boys who didn’t fit, and did not buckle, did not wear a bra half naked. Half body, The length of the waist is faintly covered with the black pole sexy tribe, the good body and the face are indeed poetry.

Next, a bloated middle-aged man, only wearing short pants, gently walked around the girlfriend, holding her shoulders, said: “Come! Xiaofan! Face looked at the camera, this is this angle!” The brick friend is shy and said: “Can you not take it! Also, I have to go to your class in the class, so much. “Professor said:” No, after going back, I will not leak out, only you I know, well, we are fast Come here !! “After the professor, the professor is sitting on a sofa chair, lifting the Erlang legs, and enjoying the girlfriend. The girlfriend licks the lips in the camera, slowly peeled out the shirt, so that the shirt slipped along the shoulders. Her perfect song is present in front of her professor, as a boyfriend, I have never seen such a sight.

The professor gently hit a gesture, and the poetry slowly put his hand on the head, let the professor can enjoy the girlfriend of her girlfriend with her girlfriend, with only one sexy black tulle panty girlfriend, In this way, the professor is gratified for a while.

The professor took off his pants, standing back, said to poetry: “Climbing over!” I heard this sentence, girlfriend climbed on the ground, climbed like a dog, the full chest Because the relationship between the posture is more right. The girlfriend climbed over, holding his hand on the thighs of professor sitting on the chair, starting with the same suction like a sweetener. The professor enjoyed this beautiful female student to help himself, but also the hair of the girlfriend from time to time, it seems to see the expression of the poetry.

Finally, the professor helped his girlfriend, his girlfriend stood in front of the professor, and the professor didn’t help but torn it, and his girlfriend was trembled by this sudden move. At the time, the professor honestly won the girlfriend to help the broth next to the eight-claw chair, so that the girlfriend’s back-on the chair, it was very tall, and the brush was inserted. A girlfriend is called out, and the voice is mixed with an uneasiness and a little joy.

The professor is also gently entering and out, but doing dry, the rhythm is slow, and the force is slowly increased. The response to my girlfriend is also, the body is honest and the physiological desire, it is just that hendo’s nose is ventilated, and it is already a lament of loud.

The professor is ashamed by the words: “货! See you is usually pure and well-behaved, but I see you is an index of the goods, I don’t have me! Today, I will die today …” girlfriend shook his head Packed: “I … I am not a boutique … A … all the teacher, you have a hand …” “” Mom … also said that you are not a good goods, how can you give me here now? When I guidilizes the professor, I just saw your rush … I always want to get you, you see, isn’t it gave me now ?? Hey … “The original professor received my girlfriend as a guide When the students are not well, I saw that the professor is, the more excited, and the girlfriend juice is dripping.

“Teacher … You are bad … I originally … 喔 … A … I have been thinking about getting people … I just received me as a student … you … I killed me … A. I want to die …” girlfriend The professor was taken from the back to the next, and the hair was flying.

“Come, squat, call my husband …” “” I don’t … I don’t … I have a boyfriend … A. I am … stop … Don’t … Don’t … “” 人 … … have a man, I will give it to me … Are you a prostitute? Saima, see my interest “, the professor suddenly turned his girlfriend, let her lying on the chair, taught the tutorial to push down, the sprint The force makes me a little worried that my girlfriend will be killed by her.

My girlfriend crazy crying: “Aa A … I want to die … Teacher … No … husband … Rao … I have to die … Please let me … Uu … A … … “After the last sprint, the professor yelled, and used force to shoot out in his girlfriend, and put it while shooting, I began to worry about my girlfriend will be pregnant.

After the post, the professor took the girlfriend to take a bath, the lens did not shoot, but after a long time, two have not come yet, I can imagine what the girlfriend is inside, I don’t know how to get it.

After a while, the female friend was wet, and the upper body was only around a towel. After the professor, she didn’t wear the underwear to go out, sitting on the bed, and put his girlfriend in his arms. The girlfriend did not resist the professor hugged in his arms.

The professor asked his girlfriend to say: “Just getting you uncomfortable?” The girlfriend shy low, nodded.

Professor then asked: “Is that promised my request? I will help you escort the pass, you will break up with your boyfriend, how to do my mistress?” Girlfriend said: “But … My boyfriend is very good, This is better, I don’t break up with him, but I can promise you, I can go to you after I am returning to the country, but I still have to go to my boyfriend a few times. What can I! ” ? Since returning to China, my girlfriend is not living in a v. Then I am not blunder! ! The girlfriend is not a stress, and she actually agreed to the professor shameless exchange.

Professor: “Okay! I have to spend it. But I hope that I am your first priority, know? Ok, that two years, I hope you abide by the Note !!” I took out a piece of paper, and I want my girlfriend to sign the word on this similar contract.

After the girlfriend’s signed word, I couldn’t help but kissed my girlfriend. At this time, my girlfriend also wrapped together with the tongue of the professor, and the professor slowly pulled down his girlfriend’s towel … I stayed in computer Before, I think I should give up the poetry, but I really love her too much. I know that there is this thing. If you break it with your girlfriend, I should break up. I have only helpless installed installation, then I have to close the girlfriend and the professor’s metamorphosis for two years? ? I have been caught in a long consideration. Decide or first observe it! Just burn this film and take it away, I left the school and returned to the residence. Beautiful girlfriend is sweet in my bed.

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