At night, the cold breeble of the late spring and the hustle is drifting from the balcony, and the flying flying is blowing. I (Jian Ge) stretched a lazy waist, standing from the chair, the shoulders and necks of the event, but the thoughts floated to the window. I have been fighting for more than 10 years in this city. I have a sales small staff after graduating from college, and I have a company that has more than 100 million companies.

I am 35 years old and started to be a company five years ago. Despite the hardships of hardship, I saw a spacious and bright office in the commercial area of ​​Wuhan, hundreds of employees under the end of the mouth, my mouth smiled slightly. Ben years, after the company’s development enters the right track, I continued the physical exercise of the university, and the 1 meter 8 smelly figure, the resolute smile often let the following young female employee blush. As usual, I am always waiting to relax when I am with my customers, but the company’s clerk Li Yue’s smile has nearest to float my heart.

That is still last year, one day I saw a beautiful body in the company. She is wearing a set, not high, about 1 meter, 6 or so, but the legs are very good, wearing a pair of white high-heeled sandals, the kind of sexy, very sexy with two straps Sandals, toe slim. She is sitting on the side of my office, the broken hair, sweet smile, is the first impression of her. I thought which customer was, asked the Human Resources Department to know, it turned out to be the company’s new office clerk, called Li Yue.

26 years old this year, have been married, the husband is called Zhang Tian, ​​and it is a financial finance for foreign companies.

My usual work is very busy, and it is very trivial. Before Li Yue came before, my secretary always made me a mess, but the secretary was introduced by an old friend, nor cited. There have been several secretaries, I will explain that Li Yu has taken a few things, and who knows the well-known well. After this, I found a reason to transfer the original secretary to the back and diligent procurement, and it is also a fat, there is an account of the old friend.

Slowly, I started to give the job and the customer’s approach to the matter to do it. During her work, she also gave her two-level salary. She became a secretary but won the secretary office clerk.

Li Yuejia is better, every day, it is very nature, and treats people, and soon become a flower of the company. Although Li Yue is very beautiful and charming, I have always been working relationship with her. I have never been thinking about it. I haven’t had a day … I remember one day, she wore a white half-transparent shirt, hidden A pair of plump jade milk, under a black mini short dress, short skirt is a pair of slender and white jade legs, the jade leg is smooth and tender, wrapped in a thin crystal crystal transparent flesh colored long tube, under the foot Wearing a pair of light blue laces with sandals, more attractive legs! They are so perfect in front of my eyes, and the thighs under the miniskirt are similar to those who are not afraid, and people can’t help but don’t.

I hope that I hope to put down the carpet at this time, but the smooth marble, so I can see her tempting thigh root from marble, know what color of her color. What’s more, in her, the layer wrapped in the thin-eyed crystal, the crystal, transparent flesh-colored stockings, the thin, the stockings, so the stockings can be very clear. I saw the blood vessels of the strip on her thigh, and the jade legs wrapped in crystal transparent meat sleeve stockings under the illumination of the lights, appeared crystal clear.

Because of her short skirt side, there is a fork, you can see the crystal transparent meat-colored long tube of the wings, until her thigh roots, the fork moves with her You can see the socks with lace thin pattern, tightly wrapped her soft thighs, the skin of the lace, the skin, the skin of the socks, is thin, such as a crystal, transparent meat, sleeve, slightly sagged Go in, oh!

It turns out that she is wearing two cuts of long stockings, she can clearly see the skin of her thigh roots.

Look down, her feet wear is a pair of light blue lace sandals, shoes and high and thin, the upper is a few soft thin strips, tied to the feet, the feet is soft, and the long Her ten toes toe the armor is very neat, from the shoe, the white toe painted pink nail polish, shiny, like ten small petals, very sexy. Her feet were thin and tender, faintly reflected in a few green gluten, the foot followed by the ruddy clean, I really want to reach out a few times.

At noon, colleagues were in lunch break. The opposite Li Yue was climbed at the table, slept, I saw the post alone, I recently liked the experience of the butterfly network. Experience. Experience. I took a pencil to play in my hand, I accidentally, fell to the ground, I greeted. Wow! Inadvertently, I saw the opposite Li Yue’s feet from the pale blue lace, with the left foot on the right foot. Highly transparent thin crystal transparent fleshy tumored stockings make her foot heart skin looks particularly white and delicate, through the crystal transparent fleshy stockings, can see the slim veins below the skin, smooth ankles, 洁 白, 趾Very well, let people hate it right away. I looked at her smooth calf, and the slender calf was evenly called, and the seductive gloss was sent through the crystal transparent flesh tube stockings. Look up with her thigh, full, tender and long, then her thigh is slightly separated, God! I actually saw her wearing a white lace half transparent triangular panties, the central black underwear, the white lace translucent triangle underwear, under the transparent meat crystal long tube stockings, long tube stockings with lace thin pattern of socks The mouth is rolled up, revealing the roots of the white skin. My heart is jumping, the big cock is actually hard, and the top of the top of the trousers. I miss the mysterious black forest, my stockings slid in my dick, I am more excited.

I didn’t have a mood office throughout the afternoon. I have been emerging in my mind, and the white stockings of Li Yue, a translucent lace triangle underwear, and there is a mysterious small forest in the middle of the underwear. Such a pure little flowers actually wear so sexy, is it dissatisfied with the desire, or a mature woman with pure and extensive? I suddenly wanted to take this little flower, and I was embarrassed in my arms and shame.

Before working, I took a call and then called Li Yue to say that there was an urgent gentleman to catch out, and she left together to work together. Li Yue knows that we have recently prepared a large bidding project, and the business unit has overtime for many days. She said that I have no problem, I gave my husband to make a phone call overtime, go back late. I learned afterwards. Today is Li Yue’s old birthday, Li Yue is so sexy, I want to go back to my husband in a “surprise” at night.

At night, the wet weather in Wuhan looks blind, and there is a raining sign. I looked up and found that Li Yu was still drafting in the god of the god. The fair face was a little fainted, the big eyes watered, and the long eyelashes were blinked when they were too focused. one time. Perhaps it is a long time, Li Moon has stretched a lazy waist, putting a pair of fruitful breasts more towed more.

At this time, the phone rang, Li Yue stood in the phone, the curve formed on the side made me more excited. White stockings make the slender legs look more beautiful, but the hips are a perfect arc, the short skirt includes a small butt roll round. Visiting the stockings of the curve, you can clearly see the charm of Li Yue’s charming underwear, let me be more difficult. My dick has risen, I solved the trousers, swelling, sang, I can’t wait to play out, watching Li Yue’s charming hip, and started to start my own cock.

I saw Li Yue’s charming body. I stroked her snow-white tight hips, slowly inserted her tempting body … struggling to draw …, still open Li Monthly little butt, see that tempting little ass.

Li Yue completed the phone, suddenly felt that the office is so quiet, come over and ask me, Jian Jing, what is it?

(I have a health in my name, I am very healthy, the age is not big, so the company’s employees usually like to call me Jianjiao. After a month, I also started slowly shouting my Jianjiao) my hand. The following is pinched with a painful cock, watching the small mouth of the desk with a small mouth of the desk, thinking, Li Yue, open his mouth, Jian Ge is going to insert your mouth, to shoot in your mouth.

Ah …, Li Yue asked again, I came back to God, saying that there is nothing, you go upstairs to take a document. After Li Yue gone, my dick is still hard, what should I do? I suddenly noticed that the cool boiling water she just poured on the table has not been able to drink. I got four no one, and I will continue to set the chicken to the Li Yue office desk.

After that, I can’t help but I can’t help but I can’t help it, I can’t help but I can’t help it, I,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Some of them in the table. I used my fingers to apply some of the semen on the table in Li Yue photo, said, hey, Li Yu, I am shooting in your mouth. Then, the mixed water cup was swayed a few times, and wipe the edge of the cup and the semen on the table, and quickly went to the office to clean.

After coming out of the bathroom, I saw that Li Yuzheng took a cup and drinked water, but also frowned, probably I feel that this water tastes a bit blame, but it is still a big one. Seeing this scene, I think that Li Yue is now in my mouth. It is always my semen, which is equal to it. I have a burst with my mouth, I have a hard dump. Hey, a loud sound, shocked me and Li Yue, turned to the eye, the sky outside the window became a silver line, the rainstorm in the late spring is so secretly falling. Li Yue turned and pick up the phone, I heard the charming voice in Li Yue’s little mouth: husband, raining, I will add the class, come and pick me up. “What time?”

Li Yue, who finished the phone, licked the lips with a little tongue, and licking the little white thing remaining in the corner of his mouth. “Strange, what is this?” Li Yue took the white thing with his fingers and looked at the white things and looked at it. I can’t stand it, watching Li Yue’s pink flexible tongue is like a dick, just like me. The cock once shot is hard, the glans is pulling, the cock is posted on the edge of trousers.

There is another hour, I decided to play this in this hour to look at the office clerk of the pure and actually mature woman. I shouted Li Yue to the office and let her discuss problems in my chair. Li Yue came in half-in-half of the body and I discussed things, white stockings closed against the chair armrest, the round little butt was back, tentacles.

Hey, it’s a loud noise, I put the dick in the panties and get up to pull the box. After Li Yue’s ass, a group of trousers slipped in Li Yuefeng. “Well …”, Li Yue’s body is stiff, and the little ass is more round. I pulled the curtain. I saw that Li Yu didn’t respond, just enjoys the round little butt and white stockings. Her jade feet seems to be very slender under the light blue laminate, the toes are very round, the nails of the thumbs are somewhat long, and it seems to be in the silk socks. I watched my dick, I quickly took the dick out, took out the shirt in the trousers, cover the cock, from Li Yu, after sitting back, I deliberately with a hard cock in Li Yue’s thigh The root slipped. “Well …” This effect is more obvious, and thin stockings are more obvious in the hardness and heat of the cock. Li Yu is clearly tightened, and the little butt tower. After I sat back the seat, I moved the chair and hit the hidden cock under the desk.

After I saw two times, she didn’t oppose it, and she didn’t have it to open, and she continued to bend her body and discussing things. But her face was present, and the voice of speaking was a bit trembled. It’s even more stiff, and I don’t dare to move. I feel that there is a play tonight, I can really play with this rich wife.

After the discussion, Li Yue returned to the seat. I used Yu Guang to give her to sit on there, holding a cup in his hand, and his eyes are a bit blur. I don’t know what to think. After a while, her little hand was touched by my big cock, but I didn’t dare. After a few times, I finally stayed in the thigh root that was touched by my big chicken, then slide a few After a few times, the butt was tightened, and the pressing chair made a sound.

Li Yue’s panicked, I looked at me and found that I didn’t pay attention to her low, and I was relieved.

The calm tone said to me, Jian Ge, I will go to the toilet, one will come back. I am, look up, I saw Li Yuezheng ran away to the toilet, and when I ran, I was unnatural, but I drove the little butt twisted. I moved out, I also ran out, I heard the sound of closing, and I definitely be Li Yu to go in toilet. I took off the shoes, and I went to Li Yujin to the toilet. My voice is very light, Li Yue is estimated that this will panic, and I have not heard it.

Suddenly, I heard Li Yue: I have to die, what happened today, so sensitive, I have been a bitterness of my body, the foot is can’t move, and the lower body is even more humid, there is a liquid flowing out. After I heard the sound pulled to the toilet paper and the Sso.

Ah … a low call, but Li Yue has encountered a sensitive part when I rubbed myself. I can’t help it. Then he heard a few slight snoring and a “touching” sound, but Li Yue’s small clitoris was stimulated by himself, standing unstable, standing unstable, one handhered voice.

“You can’t do this, the husband will come over, today is my husband’s birthday, I want to be with my husband, give my husband a surprise.” I heard Li Yue whispered. “However, the one of Jianjiao really is so hard, it is hot, I don’t think it is my ass, but when I encounter my thigh root, I will be hot under the hardness and heat of the big cock. A hot stream was out of. “Jian Ge is worthy of an auditory word, the body is strengthened, I can’t even even” health “. “No, I can’t think about it, Jianjia may be unintentional, then I said that my body belongs to my husband, I can’t let others infringe.” Li Yue whispered a few words and prepared, but couldn’t help but stimulate Have a few small clitores. “Oh …”, so comfortable. I really want to know what the little honey points are the taste of my little honey. But Jianjiao seems to be so thick, my little honey is so small, then it’s tight, can you go in? The fingers of Jianco are also very big. Do you want to let the fingers of Jianco’s fingers?

I think of this, Li Yue feels more obscenity, there is a small ass, itchy, so strange feel. Li Yue put a fart with his finger. It’s so strange, my husband said it seems that the asshole can also be plugged.

But I think of the big cock of Jiando’s big, if it is a Jian Ge’s finger inserting your own ass, it should not hurt. Li Yue, I thought this side tried to touch the ass to touch the fidel with your fingers. If the Jianjiao fingers in the eyes, a finger is smashed, will it feel more strange?

Li Yue got up in creative, I immediately went out, I went out and put on the shoes and entered the men’s toilet. After coming out, I saw that Li Yue was just out of it. When I saw me, Li Yu’s face was red, and I intermittently said that Jianjiao, you … you … how are you here? . I smiled: “What’s wrong, allow you to go to the toilet, will not allow your Jianjia to go to the toilet?”

Li Yue heard the audit word, immediately thought that Jianjiao was very healthy, his face was red, whispered: I … I … I will go back overtime.

I have never seen Li Yue’s shame, the psychology is really good to look forward to when she will play and humiliate her, what is her expression? Is it resistant to the honey, but it is mad. I thought about it, I went back to the office. But did not pay attention to Li Yue on the seat to peek out the ridge below, his face is red, and the two hands are burned with hair, but the buttock twist.

After a while, Li Yue’s look gradually returned to normal, started to process files, and talking to me is a sacred inviolability expression. During the period, she also took her husband’s phone, let’s talk about heavy rain, and the road is more blocked, it is a little later. My heart is ideal, I can’t wait any longer, I have to take the initiative, and now take this little flower.

I took a document, and I discussed with her before Li Yue. He hit it. I can see the deep cleavage of Li Yue’s full breast extruded. Her hair has a beautiful shape. Exposed a long white neck! A pair of big eyes, sexy and small noses, tempting small mouth, pink shirt can’t stop her proud curve. Tired breasts, rushing butt, slender thighs, a pair of milky white suede brings her feet to make me dick.

I got up and put it on the side of Li Yue. She didn’t find it when she started, she didn’t find things, only to discuss things, then I was close, and I felt that my ridge met her. Arms. “Well.” Li Yue paused, continued to talk to me like nothing. I reached out and took Li Yue’s cup to say, you are too hard, Jian Ge will give you a cup of water. I finished the water and then I found that Li Yue took care of clothes. The short skirt was straight down, covering more thighs, but after all, the short skirt is still short, the rich thighs are more dazzling under the white stockings.

I got over, this time I passed the body, and the ridged part took Li Yue’s elbow. Li Yue is hard, but it is not used to open me. I didn’t put it directly on the table, but consciously in the railing part. Li Yuezheng is strange how I don’t put the cup on the table, but I saw the monster of the glass that she had drinking. I didn’t think of it because I didn’t think about it. Nowaday, now, is it … Is it … Is it … Is it a whitewater of the glass of water? The white thing in the mouth is actually a man … Li Yueyi thinks that it may be the semen of Jianjiao, and then think that he actually Mixed the water of Jianxi semen to drink, and use a little tongue to pick up the sperm of the mouth, just like a man ejaculate in her mouth and then put the semen after her mouth and suddenly shy his face. Go down. The heart is like a fire, it is hot, I only feel that the just clean little honey poured a hot flow, more than just now, I feel that I have to flow along the stockings to the thigh.

When I got a look, I took the body with force, and the ridge is tightly attached to Li Yue’s upper arm, I have already hit my hand. Li Yue was excited to say: Jian Ge, can’t do this, you will get up and resist me. “Hey, just drink it just now.” I can’t stop the body of Li Yuezu in a word. “I really drank, I really eat the semen of Jian Ge, I still use a little tongue to lick, I have not given the old public mouth, but I actually give the goddess, put the small mouth of the people. Jianjiao. “Li Yueyu said that two sentences woke up and stood up. I will take Li Yue from behind, relative to my 180 cm, Li Yue 160cm’s body is delicate. It’s easy, I will hold Li Yue, two hands pressed in Li Yuefeng’s breasts, tightly hoop, don’t let her struggle, but the firm big cock is straight in the top of Li Yueyuan. .

Li Yu was frightened by my unexpected move, she struggled and wanted to escape my hug. My hands pressed on a warm crisp, isolated on a shirt, I felt her body temperature and lace pattern of underwear. I am excited that I can’t breathe, just the gasping of the big mouth. I sniffed the fragrance of Li Yue, I was drunk. With her dramatic struggle, her round butt is violently rubs my dick with two people. feels so good.

“Let me do it, what do you want to do … Let me go … rogue, metamorphosis … Help …” Li Yushen no loudly shouting, now it is 9 o’clock, no one will hear her call. .

Her voice is so fascinating, let me more excitement, struggling, she turned over. Just lost was scared by me, almost a crying chamber in the voice. She started brutal resistance, bitten in my shoulder, so painful; I didn’t have time to push it, her hand has already sorely grasped my upright, slammed, don’t watch a weak woman, nervous It’s not small, this grabbed a giant pain, I passed to the whole body. I almost let go of her. I know that it is definitely can’t let go, quickly grab her hand, and put it into my own crotch, so She can’t make strength, the semen in my underwear has not been completely dry, her hand is cool, the finger slammed the glans, cock.

Li Yue’s situation took my chicken in her slender hands, and it was a grab. This time is not pain, it is a kind of cup. My right hand has already reached into her pants in the case of unknown, holding a round ass every day. Li Yue’s skin is so smooth, so delicate. Gradually, her scream, the look is blurred, and the strength of the hand grabbed the hand is gradually being smaller, slowly. So cool! Her body is still struggling, but more feelings like the twisting of cooperation, making me more comfortable. The first time I looked at her face at a close time, so charming. Li Yue’s scorpion is already a kind of style, Sao.

Her little face is nice red, pink small mouth dry mouth, showing snow white neat. I kissed it deeply. The tongue reached into her mouth, and the agitation and wrapped. The right hand is still self-cultivation of the slim hips, and the left hand reached into the short skirt of Li Yue, and the hand is gently pressing the honey in Li Yue.

Li Yue was awakened by the movement of my honey point. Although the thrill of the body is a wave of waves, her psychology still holds the loyalty to her husband. Your own body can only be a husband, only can touch and caress, others can’t do it.

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