Zhaoyang Interesting History Volume 3

It is said that after Emperor Cheng was lucky enough to have Feiyan, he would only have fun with Feiyan in the Xuhou Palace.

One day, a foreign country came in for the Five Aggregate and Seven Fragrant Decoction, the incense and submerged water, and the purpose of descending the gods and one hundred aggregates. The Emperor Cheng bestows Feiyan. Feiyan showered him with lavender all day long, and it penetrated into his skin, smelling scent.

Another day, when Emperor Cheng and Feiyan were idle in the Baihua Pavilion, Feiyan became unhappy in a pretended manner.

Cheng Didao: “Ai Qing has a worried face, but what’s the matter?”

Feiyan said: “My concubine has been favored by your majesty, and it is really out of sight, but the concubine cannot be kept, and it will last forever. Compared with this, the flowers bloom and thank you not often. If the queen is unhappy, you will denounce it once, and you don’t know where to die. land?”

Chengdi said: “It turned out to be for this. When I abolish my promise in the future, how about Li Aiqing as a queen?”

Feiyan immediately got up and bowed his gratitude: “Your Majesty’s love is so long, I’m afraid that the concubine will not be able to bear it.”

Unexpectedly, the palace lady reported this sentence to the queen of Xu. Xu Hou was disturbed and thought: “This woman will definitely win the favor after a long time in the palace. On the contrary, if you want to be angry with him, it is better to think of a plan to harm him, and then you will be fine.”

The maid took half of the bird’s blood, prepared a table of food, put the blood in the cup, and another maid sent it.

Feiyan asked, “Why did the queen suddenly give me wine and food?”

The maid said: “The queen said: “The lady who entered the palace has never told her, she will be sent here as a tribute to a meal.””

Feiyan was finally suspicious, so she poured a glass of wine and gave it to the maid to eat. Where did the maid know the sake of the wine, she drank it in one breath and fainted on the ground. Feiyan panicked and reported to Chengdi.

Emperor Cheng furiously said, “This is nasty, so nasty, it almost harmed me, this living treasure.”

So he issued an edict to the Hundred Palace Road: “Xu Hou was evil in the palace. It was related to weathering, harmful to human relations, not to death, and blinking as a common man.”

Then he made Feiyan the queen and named Zhaolin the Hou of Xianyang.

Since then, the pampering has become deeper. The momentum is getting worse. One day, when Emperor Cheng had a banquet in the toilet of Yuanyang Hall, Fan was by his side, because he said to Emperor Cheng: “The day before yesterday, His Majesty said that it is enough to have the life of Empress Zhao. The minister knew that Empress Zhao had a sister, whose name was He De, Beautiful. It’s incomparable. Empress Zhao wants to give him a point. In fact, he is unparalleled in the world, why didn’t your Majesty come in and take a look?”

Chengdi said: “Hearing that makes him feel unconscious, his back is itchy and I can’t wait to be right in front of him.”

Even if the decree was delivered, Lv Yanfu, the sender, brought Baibaofeng to Zhao Lin’s house to welcome Hede.

Lv Yanfu took the order and brought hundreds of people to Zhao Lin’s mansion. Zhao Lin hurriedly came to take the order, arranged the incense case, and finished hearing and reading. Offering Lu Yanfu’s tea, he went in and urged Hede to get up.

Hede came out and said to Lu Yanfu: “The concubine has the decree, and I dare not violate it. But if the Fei noble sister is called, she will not dare to do it, or she would rather beheaded in return.”

Seeing his passionate words in the palace, Lv Yanfu had no choice but to return to the imperial commander Hede and play Wen Chengdi.

Chengdi said: “Where is this? If you want to tell Feiyan, but if you don’t allow it, it’s not beautiful; if you don’t tell, how can you get him into the palace?”

Then discussed with Fan.

Fan Dao: “The minister has a plan, it must be so, so.”

Emperor Dao: “Wonderful plan, wonderful plan.” Just ask for it.

Fan quietly sneaked into Feiyan Palace, just when Feiyan fell asleep. Fan opened the box and took out the colorful collection of manuscripts to present to Emperor Cheng.

Emperor Cheng put the five sets of literary manuscripts to Lu Yanfu and said: “This is the talisman of Zhao Zhao’s summoning of virtue. Hold it quickly, come quickly and get a reward? Don’t be delayed.”

Lv Yanfu hurriedly went to Hehede Road: “This is the Talisman Festival issued by the Queen of Zhao, thinking that the goddess is called the talisman, and the goddess enters the palace as a speed.”

When Hede saw this thing, Fang Xin was called by Feiyan to leave Zhao Lin and his wife. They got up and took a ride to the palace.

After seeing Emperor Cheng, he bowed his head and asked Cheng Emperor: “Where is the noble sister?”

Chengdidao: “In the main palace.”

He Dedao: “The concubine wants to see him.”

Chengdidao: “The emperor’s family is in style. If you don’t have a court at night, the queen will not be visible until tomorrow morning.”

That is to say, Fan rowed a banquet in Yunguang Hall. Chengdi took Hede’s hand along with him.

I saw the light in the Yunguang Hall, the silver candles were burning high and the fragrance was scented, and the name was full of fragrant flavors. The Emperor Cheng was even more happy when he saw it, and he had a drink with Hede, and he had a few rounds of wine. Hede toasted Chengdi several cups in succession, feeling a little drunk. Hede also ate two or three cups. Emperor Cheng immediately withdrew the seats and returned to the room. We must cooperate with De Yunyu.

He Dedao: “For fear that the sisters of the nobles will be jealous and humiliate the concubine. If the matter today is not the sister’s teaching, the concubine would not dare to make an order.”

Fan Dao: “Why bother, wait for your Highness to set up a new house. Live with the Queen. On the one hand, the ministers use tricks to lure the Queen, then the two will undoubtedly be taboo, wouldn’t it be good?”

He Deyi Yan, that is, together with Chengdi to form a joy of Luan and Feng. At the time of friendship, try your best to make the emperor’s spirit drift. Can not be self-sustaining.

Chengdi said: “I read a lot of people, such as the latter, but there are too few people, but the queen can’t reach it today.”

After doing it for a while, I got a sweet spot, and it was even more interesting. After a short while, both soldiers were defeated and each fell asleep. There are words to prove:

Crimson lips

The powder falls off and the makeup is light, and the fragrant muscles are shrunk and thin. Slowly join hands, and have a glass of wine.

We met this evening, and the Meique Bridge was first established. After the peony blooms, Fengyue always stays with each other.

The next morning, Emperor Cheng said to Fan: “Although there is a strange fragrance in the later period, it is not natural for the body. A kind of fragrance is so cute, and I will be elders today. But I can’t ask Baiyunqing like Emperor Cheng.”

Fan Hu Long live congratulated: “Your Majesty is really a fairy.”

Chengdi Joy. He was given a twenty-four brocade with a dragon pattern, and he was asked to build a courtyard named Yuantiaoguan, and he lived alone with him. He also gave Zirong Yunqi Tent, Wen Yuer, Golden Nine-layer Love Mountain and Feiyan, and taught Fan Te to serve her.

Fan received it and came to Feiyan Palace, where it was time for Feiyan to fill the garden. Fan quietly put the Wucai group essay handbook in the box before he went to see him in the garden. Send the things bestowed by the holy to Feiyan. Feiyan Wangque thanks.

Fan Dao: “The empress is good for life. Now that there is no child, why not think about thousands of years, and the god wants to have a son. If others are lucky, the empress is really inconvenient. If the empress has a sister, he is in the palace with virtue. If you can have children, don’t your mothers always enjoy glory and honor.”

Feiyan said: “Believe that your words are reasonable.”

That is, Fan Zou Wen Chengdi.

Fan Dao: “On the one hand, the minister went to play, on the other hand, the empress gave the minister the rune festival, and went to Xuanlai.”

Feiyan went to the box and took the colorful composition handbook and handed it to Fan. Fan placed the handbook of Wucai Group Zhang in Hede Palace.

Zou Chengdi said: “The matter is settled, just go see you tomorrow morning.”

The next morning, Emperor Cheng led Hede to Feiyan Palace, and Feiyan was very diligent when he saw Hede.

He Dedao: “The concubine is loved by the noble sister, and the concubine is summoned into the palace.

Feiyan received it and ordered a banquet. The three of them started eating in the afternoon and drank until the weather became clearer. Blowing, singing and dancing, casting is a ceremonial order, everything is possible. After drinking, Feiyan sends Hede and Chengdi out of the palace to sleep.

He Dedao: “You should still rest in the sister palace.”

Feiyan said: “My sister came here early today. Is there any reason for a vacancy?”

Chengdidao: “What the Empress Zhao said is extremely true.”

That is to say, Feiyan went back to the palace with Hede to sleep.

When I got up the next day, I moved Feiyan to the Yuantiao Hall to live, and Juhede was in Zhaoyang Palace. The jacaranda windows and columns of Zhaoyang Palace are all decorated with gold, jade, pearls and emeralds, which is very splendid. The title of “Cihede” is Yanyu. Ascended to the temple early, and the pilgrimage to the Hundred Palaces is over.

Emperor Cheng asked, “Why didn’t Zhao Lin meet?”

The prelude to the prosecution of the younger brother Zhao Qin said: “Brother Chen, Zhao Linou is sick, and cannot stand up. There is a loss of court. The sin deserves ten thousand deaths. I hope the emperor will pardon it.”

Chengdi said: “Yesterday, I entered Hede Zhizhong. Today, Zhao Qin is named Xincheng Hou, Zhao Xin is Chengyang Hou, and Zhao Linjiajue is National Duke.”

Zhao Qin and Zhao Xin kowtowed their heads to thank you. The Emperor Cheng dynasty stopped Jia Gong. After that, he only had fun with Hede in Zhaoyang Hall, but rarely came to Feiyan Palace.

But it is said that Feiyan sat alone in Yuantiao Hall for three or four months, living alone and lonely, tasting self-resentment, and composing the song of Lonely Luan Lifeng. One day, Emperor Cheng went to Yuantiao Pavilion to visit Feiyan.

Feiyan hurriedly came to pick him up and said, “The holy driver hasn’t been in the concubine’s palace for a long time, so how deep is the concubine.”

Chengdi said: “The government is annoying, so I don’t have time to spare. I have less time today. I’m here to look at you.”

Feiyan immediately ordered to set up Yan, and the maid asked Hede to have a meal and drink. Emperor Cheng sat in the upper seat, with Feiyan and Hede on both sides. Three people drink all night.

He Dedao: “Your Majesty should stay here, and your concubine should leave first.”

Emperor Cheng ordered the maid to send Hede back to the palace, and Emperor Cheng made pleasure with Feiyan. Even though the Chengdi body and Feiyan Yunyu, he just thought of Hede in his heart. In the official season, you can’t have fun in the end.

Why did you come here because Emperor Daocheng wanted to be together? It’s just that I’m afraid that Feiyan’s hatred has been provoked again. Feiyan became more unhappy in her heart, and fell asleep helplessly.

The next morning, after Emperor Cheng left early, he felt as if he had lost his heart. He walked in the imperial garden, leaned on the curved railings of Chenxiang Pavilion, put his cheeks in his hands, and watched the pair of mandarin ducks playing in the water in Yu Hanoi without blinking. After getting a little taste, I chanted a poem saying:

Yichun You hate frowning eyebrows, and I hate blooming flowers and simple curtains;

Seeing the mandarin ducks playing in the water ashamedly, I can’t bear to sleep alone.

Feiyan’s poem has been finished, and Fan has read it familiarly by the side, and he has already figured out the meaning.

The prelude said: “The minister is now observing the sacred love of the empress, and I feel bad. Is it because the saint is not in the palace of the empress for a long time.”

Feiyan sighed, “What a pity for this lover! I am deliberately attracted to people’s ears.”

Fan Dao: “Since Niang Niang is interested in someone, why not tell her minister and ask him to come to the palace for fun.”

Feiyan said: “It’s just hard to say.”

Fan Dao: “I have served my maiden for a long time, don’t I know that the minister’s confidant? Besides, the maiden and the minister are relatives. If the maiden is in the palace, the minister is also honored. Is there any other intention?”

Just bow forward: “Could it be shooting birds?”

Feiyan nodded and said, “It’s because I have a strong affection with Shooting Birds. Once I enter the palace, I will be separated forever, and my thoughts are disturbing.”

Fan Dao: “The minister has a plan. As long as the empress writes a note and the minister will go, she can come immediately.

Why worry?

Feiyan said, “When this is done, it will be difficult to make up for it.”

So I went to the room to get a piece of paper and wrote a love letter:

Fengshuang changed a few times since her departure. On this cool breeze, the lone eagle wailed.

There were no tears in the pillow, almost cut off. How can this situation be described in full at this time?

When the white thatched eaves meet, the concubine’s flattery can end, and the wife will always be together. Which means good things are troublesome, but suffer the loneliness in the palace. Self-impedance, the concubine hates not being a lone eagle in the cool breeze, and sorrows for being close to the Qing Dynasty. The concubine’s thoughts are just like that. How is Qing Zhinian’s concubine?

If you don’t abandon your concubine, follow the courtier Fan into my deep palace to continue your unfinished fate. Don’t take the palace as a danger, I rely on Lu’s hope. The concubine is not only Xu Qing as her body, but if there is an accident, the concubine should also be a ghost under the flower from Qing. Qing Qi did not follow, the concubine is the final Pu Binye. Just follow this news, don’t lose your former alliance, and be very enthusiastic.

Insult your concubine Feiyan a hundred worship.

Feiyan handed over the writing to Fan laughed and said: “Don’t be a messenger anymore, it’s the first achievement.”

Fan took the book and left. Feiyan said: “Turn, only you and I know about this, there must be no leakage.”

Fan Dao: “Why don’t the ministers be cautious when they receive the kindness of their mothers.”

Then bid farewell to the DPRK. Feiyan was overjoyed when Fan had gone. Go to Zhaoyang Hall and visit Hede. The Hede opera is seen by Yu Feiyan mistakenly spitting on Hede praise.

He Dedao: “My elder sister vents the sorrow of others, just like a flower on a stone. If you pretend to do it, it may not be like this dress.”

While talking and asking, I saw that Emperor Cheng hid the Wanniancha offered by Zhen Layi, and kept the beads in his sleeves, and walked to Zhaoyang Palace. The two knocked over.

Chengdi said: “Er Qingwu sits and talks, what do you say?”

Hede told Chengdi what he had praised.

Chengdidao: “It’s really interesting.”

Named: “Shi Hua Guangshou.” The three laughed.

Chengdi said: “At the beginning of the day, the ten thousand years of chakra offered by the real Layi, it does not taste at night, and its light is like the moon and the people are beautiful. It is the most wonderful.”

Wanniancha was bestowed to Empress Zhao, and Everlasting Bead was bestowed to Jieyu. The two led them to the palace for fun.

Later generations have proof of Shi Hua’s Guangshou poems:

The beauty of Yu spit is really praiseworthy, and she sheds praise and waits for Shihua;

I also asked the salivator in those days, who was Yu Jinguangxiu who had fallen into.

However, since Shooting Bird was angry that day, she never dared to go to Hongfu Alley again, and her heart was depressed. I didn’t want to hear that Emperor Cheng was elected to the palace in the future.

One day, sitting alone at home reading a book, I saw Na Fan changed his applause, and walked to the house of Shooting Bird with the book. Low front shouted: “Is anyone there?”

Shoot the birds and rush out to meet. Sit down for tea.

Shot the bird and said: “Respect your brother Gao’s surname?”

Fan Dao: “My little brother’s surname is Fan’s name.”

Shedaoer said, “What can I say when I go to the humble house?”

Fan Dao: “If there is a book, my respected brother will open it and see it.”

She Dao’er took the book and opened it, knowing that Feiyan called him.

To Fan Dao: “How do you do this? It was like that at the beginning. Now I am a queen, and my life is always connected.”

Fan Dao: “This is the queen’s secret decree. If you don’t go, it will teach you the complete punishment of the nine races.”

Shooting the bird said: “Why is it so advantageous, but how can I get in, so there is nothing wrong?”

Fan Dao: “There is a lady in the palace, whose surname is Yan and Chifeng, who is doing things in the palace. I led you to follow him and went in.”

Shooting the bird had no choice but to follow him. I walked to the study, took a copy of Chunyi’er and hid it in my sleeve, and instructed the family members: “I went to a place with this mate today, and I haven’t returned for a while.

You need to take care of the portal carefully.

Be ordered. He followed Fan to the Chaomen and looked for Yan Chifeng, but no one went to cross-examine. The shrimp does not jump, and the water does not move. When I walked into the palace and came to the Dao Yuan Tiao Pavilion, I saw Feiyan and knelt down and said, “Meng Niang Niang called, the minister will come to see you.”

Feiyan smiled and said, “I and you are old people, why bother to do this.”

They sat together. Feiyan thickly gifted Fan and Yanchifeng with five-color gold magpie embroideries, concentric seven-treasure hairpin, mica fan, and pointed male musk agarwood jade pot. The two thanked them and left.

Feiyan immediately ate the wine and shot the birds. After a long while, Shooting Bird only said some personal and interesting lovesickness. The incident of Hongfu Lane being beaten will not be mentioned again. After eating Jiu Xing, Feiyan immediately ordered the maid to lay down the dragon and phoenix white jade elephant bed, the mandarin duck and ten thousand gold tents, the emerald mattress, and the coral pillow. He unloaded his shoes, took off the Ruomangfeng silk shirt, and hugged the bird in his arms.

Shooting the bird said: “Although the minister is called, he is afraid that his small body is not enough to answer his confidant.”

Feiyan said: “People are just asking for the old.”

I took off the bird shooting pants and saw that the handle was stronger and sharper than before. Feiyan was overjoyed and said, “My heart and liver have not been seen for a long time, and I don’t realize that I have grown stronger. I haven’t seen it in three days.

Seeing excitedly, he quickly fell asleep on his own, Ren Shedao’er spent half an hour, and the licentious water rolled out of it. Shooting bird wiped him dry, put his feet on his shoulders, and tugged for more than a thousand times.

Feiyan felt a little interested at this time, and she clasped her arms tightly and shot the bird and said, “Hey, how did you give birth to what you said? But it’s so interesting.”

She Daoer said, “You have to be fun to smoke. After I take a copy of Chunyi’er and see with you, pick that as good as it is, and do it according to the law, it will be fun.”

Then he pulled the handle out, and said, “Look.”

Feiyan said: “Don’t pull it out, you smoke while I watch it.”

I turned a few pages and picked a birdcage with a sea of ​​people, and another chicken warbler with its wings upright.

After a long while, the maids who served were all excited, and the gauze was soaked by the cloudy water.

Feiyan said, “I must die happily this time.”

Shot Bird saw that he closed his eyes, snarled and panted in his throat, knowing that he was in love. After smoking for a while, I felt exhausted.

Feiyan said, “From now on, I will treat you as a living treasure.”

The two of them put on their clothes first, then drank the whole table, enjoying themselves freely. There are words to prove: Qingpingle

After Xiao Lang bid farewell, Youhen remained the same. I remember Chunluan’s sound for a long time, thinking it’s the best time.

Passionate and tender, dim heart is hard to stop, ruin is like a dream, how can it be hard to find tonight.

However, it is said that Feiyan and the shooting bird are unscrupulous all day long, and the native girl in the palace has spoken words to Hede, and Hede also knows that this is not appropriate. If someone secretly plays with Chengdi and learns about it, how can this happen?

It’s better to have a strategy and play it beforehand, which can be guaranteed.

One day, Emperor Cheng and Hede Yuyuan enjoyed the shade, and Hede knelt down: “Your concubine and sister, your majesty, think that you will never meet in life. But the sister is upright and easy to offend. If people drink hate, deceive one’s life and limit harm, the Zhao family will have nothing. Kind of.” That is, weeping in tears.

Chengdi said: “I also know that you don’t have to worry about it. If anyone slanders in front of me, he must be lawful.”

Hede kowtowed in thanks. Hede ordered the palace ladies to hold a banquet in the lotus pond, and invited Feiyan to come.

After the three of them were happy to enjoy the flowers, but there was a court lady who said that Feiyan acted treacherously, and Emperor Cheng was beheaded to show the public. Admonishment Liu Xiang saw that Emperor Cheng was arrogantly slaughtering. Emperor Cheng didn’t ignore him either. Seeing that Emperor Cheng did not believe in human language and Liu Xiang’s advice, the servants of the servants of the servants had no qualms about flying swallows and shooting birds in Yuantiaoguan. No matter where anyone would dare to talk about him, it’s not a problem.

However, it was said that Emperor Cheng chose a thousand-man boat in the Taiye Pond one day, with Shatang wood as its body, Chai Gui as the fence, and the color painting Yunxia on the bow named Yunzhou. He also carved the big tong wood as a dragon, and if the carving is true, he walked with a cloud boat in between. Another Yingzhou rises in the pool, ten feet high. Another Qibao Typhoon Shelter was built on the right. Every three autumn days, a banquet is held in the boat.

One day, Emperor Cheng and Feiyan were happy and happy in the boat, drinking and singing, and when they arrived at Yingzhou Pavilion, Cheng Emperor said: “How can we live up to Aiqing with this beautiful scene? How can we try the dance once again to Zuoqing?”

Feiyan said: “Lead the order.”

Chengdi said: “I think Qing’s body is light, and I want to hold the emerald plate in his hands. How does Qing sing and dance in the plate?”

Feiyan said: “It’s so much better.”

Just dress up and dance, and sing the song of the wind and the far away. Emperor Cheng held the rhino hairpin and hit the jade bottle, making Feiyan’s beloved servant Feng Wufang blow the Sheng, and sing the song. Feiyan flew lightly with the wind, and would like to enter the water with the wind.

Chengdi immediately hurriedly called Feiyan: “Care for me, take care of me.”

Feiyan raised her sleeves and said, “Xianhu, Xianhu, let go of the old and renew it, and rather forget to show it.”

Sing. Then rise with the wind.

Emperor Cheng panicked and said, “No way, hurry up with me.”

Nowhere was busy blowing the sheng, and grabbed Feiyan’s feet. After a while, wind breath.

Feiyan cried to Emperor Cheng: “Why didn’t the Emperor make me go to immortal?”

Chengdidao: “Teach me how to be willing to you.”

Feiyan said: “Even if you don’t go to the immortal, but with the cheapness of a concubine, you have to meet today’s tour, and you are very lucky.”

Chengdi Joy. Give Feng Wufang a thousand taels of gold and drink again in the boat. After drinking half-heartedly, Emperor Cheng held Feiyan and sat on his lap. After eating a few more cups, I felt the fire agitated, and untied the Feiyan pants on the chair, highlighting the light as silk and soft as cotton. Emperor Cheng twisted the handle and slowly put it in.

Like a virgin, he tightened the handle of Chengdi and pulled it for a while. Emperor Cheng asked the maid to pour the wine, eat and make it, to get a very beautiful place.

Feiyan hugged Chengdi and said, “It’s not good, but you have clicked it through, and taught me how to live.”

Taking advantage of Jiuxing, Emperor Cheng smoked more than a thousand smokes, making Feiyan stunned. When Emperor Cheng saw him moving, he rubbed the handle up and down in the Yin for a while, and Emperor Cheng vented. Feiyan got up and sat side by side, ate a few more cups, and sent Chengdi to Hede Palace and went back to the palace by herself.

Why did you send Dao Feiyan to become the emperor? It was inconvenient for a long time because there was a bird shooting in the palace. Later they separated.

There are words to prove:

Ye Jinmen

Yingxie paints boats and sings songs, the spring is light, the body is fragrant and greasy, and the singing voice is gentle.

Jasper scratched his head and fell diagonally, occupying the Yang Palace, dancing sleeves fluttering, winning surprise.

However, the next day, Feiyan and Shooting Bird went to Shanglin Chunyuan together, and saw the butterflies coming and going, picking flowers and love stamens.

Feiyan staggered her foot and said, “This fool will kill him.”

The lady of the court hurriedly rushed to the butterfly and offered Feiyan.

Shot the bird and said, “Why do you hate him?”

Feiyan said, “I blame him for throwing flowers and chaotic pistils, like a human ear.”

After all, I was about to go back to the palace, and shoot the birds wandering around to do some work. Suddenly seeing the palace report, Zhao Jieyu has arrived in the garden. She Dao’er hurriedly avoided, Na Hede was already staring. Came to see Feiyan, but was unhappy. Observing the movement, the two of them have been sitting for a long time, and the more they know the situation inside.

To Feiyan: “The noble lady went to Lin Yuan, did you ever hear about the joy of birds and flowers?”

Feiyan said: “Before the barbarians were the most messy, please listen to the birds to be happy and natural.”

He Dedao: “That’s the case, why don’t you let the bird shoot at him.”

Feiyan said: “Forbidden Gardens are numerous, Wang Sunyan can decide to play here.”

Hede didn’t answer after hearing it, but sneered slightly and went back to the palace. Shooting birds is a good old friend, why avoid him? Just because it is in the palace, firstly, they are all court ladies, who have many eyes and ears; secondly, they are afraid that the morality is not as good as the old ones, so I have to avoid him. He just walked out after seeing Hede.

To Feiyan: “Almost scared me to death.”

Feiyan said, “He learned what he would do to me? Now he is going back to the palace to have fun, and then he will do the truth.”

The two walked into the palace hand in hand, without a second thought.

Besides, when He De saw shooting birds and flying swallows playing between the flowers, he thought in his heart: “He is happy and no one talks about him, so he doesn’t think about my benefits. On the contrary, if you want to conceal me, it is better to move to the palace after playing the saint. Close to Tojo Hall. At that time, it was good for me to have some happiness too.”

So I went to see Chengdi said: “The imperial concubine and sisters are separated from each other in the palace. The concubine wants to move to the palace and approach Dartiaoguan. What is your majesty’s holy intention?”

Chengdi said: “This is a good thing.”

Immediately after Fan Chuanzhi, he quickly lifted up the Shaobi Hall, Luhua Hall, Hanguang Hall, Qiu’an Hall, and the apse, and also set up the rainbow room, the greenhouse, the bath orchid room, and the curved room. The inside and outside of the sill was decorated with gold and jade. Wanzhuang, connected to Yuantiao Pavilion, is named Tongxianmen.

Feiyan’s precious pet is prospering, and every desire for a child is a last resort, so that the favor of the warlock, the bandit and the old way. At that time, there was Biboyi from the Southwest to pay tribute, and the messenger who sent it gave a meal and stayed up day and night. Yandian belonged to the country, and its appearance was often strange.

When Feiyan knew about this person, Fan Zi asked unconsciously, “What kind of spell is it? What’s the mystery?”

Yi Rendao: “My art is at the same level, life and death are in harmony. There is no change in the entrance and exit, and the crowd will not change.”

Not Zhou responded to Feiyan with this statement.

Feiyan said: “It’s really amazing.”

That is to say: “You will send your daughter to teach his technique.”





又一日,樊 服侍飛燕沐浴。飛燕對樊 述夷人所言。

樊 拍手笑道︰「當初有個李姑,養鴨數十在池上,惟恐獺來吃鴨。有鄰里芮姥者得一個捕獺狸,獻與李姑。對李姑道︰『此狸最善捕獺。』李姑問道︰『所食何物?』芮姥道︰『不吃他物,所食只是鴨。』姑大怒,遂絞死此狸。今夷人的術與這個笑話一般。」





飛燕道︰「此計甚妙,不必你去,就著樊 去。」

樊 道︰「臣願效力前去。」


樊 道︰「不消計掛,臣自有理會。」










Qing’an Shi had a plan to make an emperor. Chengdi Zhun played, Lingbie opened a room, named Liuchun room, it was Yajing. No one dared to go there anymore except the maidservant from left to right, to celebrate the peace of the world and shoot the birds.

One day, Qing’an passed away from Feiyan and returned home. I saw that Fan went to the folks to find fifteen or six descendants, and went to the palace to see Feiyan. When Feiyan saw these youngsters, they were all born beautiful, and she didn’t notice the fire, and asked Fan to get the wine. Everyone has to eat three giant cups to catch the wind. Fan hurriedly fetched wine, everyone ate three cups, Feiyan also ate three cups, but slightly drunk.

Feiyan then said to everyone, “I have to take the test one by one today.”

Juvenile said: “I’m afraid I can’t be the responsibility of my mother.”

Feiyan said, “How many more?”

So he went to the room and asked the young men to take off their clothes, all vying for the first place.

Feiyan said, “Don’t fight, stretch out your fingers to count, and count to take the lead.”

Everyone obeyed. Counting one, I did it for a while, it was very interesting. How can all the teenagers survive this situation? Regardless of the number or the order, they rushed to the bed together, pushed the ones away, and went up for a meal. You push me and I push it, but like a hungry ghost grabbing steamed buns.

Feiyan said, “Don’t fight. From now on, it will be three hundred draws and go one by one.”

All the young people followed, and the first one was five hundred draws, and the other one was three hundred draws. A few of them were weak, and they were vented at one to two hundred pumps, and there were also those who were extremely sentimental. And there are two or three vigorous, and after two or three turns, the handle becomes stronger.

Feiyan said: “This is the hero, it’s not like they are exhausted and defeated, they are dejected just before they get into battle.”

After another two turns, Feiyan didn’t feel that she was lying on the bed numb all over her body, and she didn’t make a sound, but she kept babbling and screaming, and the cloudy water filled the table. Those teenagers also felt tired and vented without a firm hold. Get up and wear clothes.

It makes people have a banquet and drink, and said to the shooting bird: “I am doing great pleasure today, but it is not perfect if I stop there. How about I am going to have fun with everyone on the Baichi platform tomorrow?”

Shot the bird and said: “It’s wonderful.”

It was the day when everyone was drunk and dispersed.

The next day, Feiyan ordered the palace lady to take the bird’s hand on the hundred feet stage. He brought 16 young people and more than 30 people from Gong E to the stage.

Shooting the bird said: “How can I have fun now?”

Feiyan said, “The 16 young people are divided into four teams, all of them are naked.

Tie a snare drum under the navel, you are centered, and the team number is King Yangsu. I am fighting with you on stage. A court lady was also made to supervise the army, and she must also ride on her horse naked, holding the Japanese flag in her hand. In each team, it is impotence that can hear the drum beaten up, waiting for me to rebel. That is, the pioneer before the reconciliation, entered the Chinese army. In this way, the sound of the drums three times is silent, and it is the weak soldier of the Yang, giving him Gong E, so that he can stand up to the battle.

Shooting the bird said: “Fun, interesting.”

Even if everyone was divided into teams, they tied the drums. Feiyan took off his clothes cleanly, sat on the Drunkard’s chair, and patted his legs apart. Shooting the bird was also stripped naked, twisted the handle and put it in his pussy for a while, only to see those young people not moving, only to hear the drums all around.

Feiyan laughed and said, “Wonderful, wonderful.”

Hold the shooting bird tightly and make many scenes. Shooting the bird failed for a while, so Yang Jing focused on it.

Feiyan said, “If this is not helpful, you should be punished outside the gate.”

The supervising army was in the team, and it was thrilled to hear the drum. Immediately sent to the stage, Feiyan asked him to unwind the drum, and copulated with him. Feiyan wiped out the household, and took a closer look at the handle, and it turned out to be majestic, about eight inches in length.

Feiyan said, “This way the heroes will like me.”

He put the handle in the household, hugged the boy in his waist with both hands, and entered more than half of it. Feiyan lifted the reeds one after another, and the boy focused on it again. After reaching the root edge, I drew three or four hundred to get a decent place. Feiyan hooked both hands and feet to the boy’s body. The boy had some means. He raised his hands on Feiyan’s buttocks, walked around on the stage and turned to one side, and just got it. The young people who watched under the stage were all excited. It was so tight that I couldn’t help but vent. He was ruthlessly punished to sleep in the ground, so that the young man was covered, and the woman was arrogant, and when the woman was happy, Wu Jin would retreat.

After a while, everyone is finished. Feiyan, Shooting Bird, and the boy return to the palace. He also ordered the maid to move to the palace and drink until the second watch, before everyone went to sleep.

The next day, when I got up and was playing scampily, I saw Gong Renfei report: “Holy driving is here.”

Feiyan was panicked and went out of the palace to approach the emperor. The teenagers and Shewuer all hid in the wall. Then, Emperor Cheng went to the palace to see him.

Chengdi said: “Qing Guan is scattered, why do you want to come?”

Feiyan said: “What’s the mood to tidy up the cloud temples to the dressing table, and want to play among the flowers is a disturbance to the flowers.”

Chengdi said: “In other words, I am not interested in the dressing table, and more interested in Huajian music. How can Qing fail to speak like this?”

Feiyan said: “The concubine has not been driving for a long time, and it is just grief and indignation. Today I am here, and I am so happy that I don’t realize my speech is confused.”

While he was talking, he heard the sound of a stick in the wall. Emperor Cheng was suspicious of the matter, and then left unhappy, Feiyan was embarrassed.

From the palace of Huide, Emperor Cheng was angry in his heart and wanted to set Feiyan to the law, but the fact that he had not interviewed was also unspoken because of the performance of Hede.

One day, Emperor Cheng and Hede met for a banquet. Suddenly wanting to take off Yan, Yan Xiu glared at He De, awe-inspiringly difficult to commit.

He De panicked, and quickly stood up and prostrated himself and said, “The concubines are lonely and helpless. Once they are driven by the backyard, they don’t want to spoil the holy grace and stand above the others, so they must be pampering and inviting others to ruin. At the intersection, with ignorance and taboos and anger, the concubines are willing to die quickly in order to forgive the sacred bosom.

Seeing that what he said was reasonable, he was a little bit miserable. He raised his hand and said to you, “Sister Qing, I say to you, Sister Qing, I want to kill her head, break her foot, and place it in the middle of the river. I do.”

He Dedao: “What’s the crime of my concubine?”

Chengdi said: “So, so.”

He Dedao: “For the sake of fate, the concubine must be prepared for the harem. After death, the concubine shall not be alone. The situation is that if your majesty kills the queen for no reason, the world will discuss your majesty. The concubine is willing to die of bones and corpses to redeem the sins of the queen.”

Then he cried loudly and threw himself to the ground.

Emperor Cheng was taken aback, and said: “I take Qing, because I don’t harm him. Qing, but the explanation is, why hate yourself?”

Hou Ling Hede sat down. Alcoholic drinks are patrolled.

He De asked, “The man in the wall, who did your majesty ever know?”

Chengdi said: “It is Chen Chongzi Chen Yuan, Su Wei, I have killed his son and abolished Chen Chong.”

He Dedao: “Since it has been killed, your majesty does not need to mind. The concubine enters the palace tomorrow to find out the truth, otherwise I will be afraid that people can’t believe it.”

Chengdidao: “The words are reasonable.”

After eating a few more glasses, Emperor Cheng laughed and said, “Qing has good phonetic words, and today it is also the moonlight, which is touching. I have a jade flute, and Qing will try a song to make incense rush to add to the song. Help me drink How Xing?”

He Dedao: “There is a filthy holy ear, and the crime is increasing.”

Emperor Cheng moved to sit in front of the court and sat down to Yue. Hede played the flute with a clear tone, turned his voice, and sang it against the sandalwood board. The end is the sound of piercing clouds and cracking rocks.

Chengdi rejoiced and hugged Hededao: “Listening to what Qing said, I didn’t feel refreshed. How can I not love to kill you?”

He also pours a glass of wine to respect and Hede, and Hede also pours a glass in return to Chengdi. After eating a few large cups, I felt completely drunk. He De helped Emperor Cheng go to sleep in the palace.

The next day, Emperor Cheng left early. He De Qiao came to Feiyan Palace, saw Feiyan, sat down after the ceremony, and told Chengdi’s words one by one. Feiyan felt panic after hearing it.

He De also said, “My sister used to be hungry and helpless when I was poor. My sister and I made straw shoes and went to the market to exchange rice.

One day there was no rice or firewood to cook, and the wind, rain, hunger and cold, I couldn’t bear to sleep, and made my sister sit with her back and cry. Doesn’t she remember this matter? Today, I have to meet with riches and nobles. Others are incomparable. My sister has done something. Fortunately, I tried my best to persuade me. If there is any further fault, the sage will be irritated and become irreparable, causing the world to laugh at a different place in the future. Although the salvation of the concubine is stopped today, the life and death of the concubine is not yet known. Suppose or concubine dies, what can the sister rely on?

Speaking of the sad place, tears came down.

Feiyan also shed tears and said, “Fortunately, my sister is preserved, and for the blessing of my concubine, I will change the past in order to repay my sister.”

Hede exhorted again and again, and left. fly

Yan Jian Hede said this, very frightened. I want to leave the teenager.

Because I said to the young people: “I took you into the palace at that time, hoping to have a son to succeed the offspring, for the world’s plan. Now it is a picture cake, although it is a temporary narrative, it is also determined by the predestined condition. I want to act, but what The saint knows the news well and killed Chen Yuan. I don’t expect you to be at ease. I will return home for the time being, and we will have a happy meeting tomorrow. Everyone will give Huang Quanbailiang a gift. Fan escorted him out of the court.”

After all, they couldn’t bear to say goodbye in tears. Fan led the order, Yixian drove the little calf out of the door, and everyone dispersed.

Since then, Emperor Cheng will never come to Feiyan Palace again. Since Feiyan sent the boy out of the palace, she has only been alone with the shooter.

There are words to prove:

North Korea

Yang Hua rushed towards the road, crows screaming, and was frustrated with the good time.

Zhenri leaned against the fence and stared. Don’t come to lovesickness a few times.

The distant mountains are ruined, Luo Qun is soaked, and who knows the hatred?

The hatred and grievances are hard to believe, and the heart is far away from the world.

But it is said that Feiyan sits alone in the garden a day, watching the flowers for amusement, and where two cats are having sex on the rockery, but it is like a servant of the servant Yan Chifeng who comes with a cup of tea, that Yan Chifeng is elegant and beautiful in appearance. , And strong and able to rise to view the pavilion. Feiyan liked him very much. Jinfan took the tea and took it in his hand, pointed at the cat and said to Chifeng, “This thing is affectionate, do you think he is moving?”

Chifeng Road: “This thing naturally moves when it meets a male and a female with a delicacy. Where can the ministers be happy?”

Feiyan said: “I have been fond of you for a long time, because there are so many people in the palace, I can’t match you. Today, all the young people will go, and I intend to have a happy time with you.”

Chifeng said: “The minister didn’t dare to come, but the mother knew each other, how to make it?”

Feiyan said, “But it might as well. I have another quiet room. No matter where no one knows, I don’t have to refuse.”

So he hugged Chifeng into the room, and became a joy in the clouds and rain. That Chifeng was strong and strong, and he spent two hours without rest.

I was happily happily, who wanted to see Emperor Cheng asleep without taking the maid, and quietly came to visit, but I didn’t see Feiyan, I didn’t see him in the palace, I walked in again, I saw there was a quiet room outside, with people moving inside, and a picture outside the window. , I was very happy to see Chifeng working there.

I caught fire for a while, clamped my legs firmly, and couldn’t stop the lewd water flowing out, bit my finger in my mouth, thinking in my heart: “It’s a big thing, I have to deal with him.”

I saw that Feiyan and Chifeng became more and more interesting.

Hede couldn’t help shouting, “My sister is so easy to use.”

Chifeng heard the scream of Dee, got up hurriedly, helped Feiyan up and put on his clothes. Jie De entered the palace to sit down, very ashamed.

He Dedao: “My sister hasn’t changed herself yet, it’s a waste of concubine’s kindness.”

Feiyan was speechless, and He De spoke again, only to see the palace maid report: “Holy Master is awake, Xuan Zhao Niang Niang.” He De said farewell to the palace.

Feiyan was very annoyed when he said this. Thinking about the need to make this bitch hold Chifeng’s hand, so as to gag his mouth.

He said to Yan Chifeng, “I was about to have fun today, but Jieyu was looking at me. If things happen in the future, you will be Chen Yuan. You must seduce you to get started.

Chifeng said: “The minister’s life is hard to save today. I don’t know yet? How dare to do this?”

Feiyan said: “I have reason. You gave me a pair of eight-treasure golden hairpins to the empress. You only said that Empress Zhao had convicted and sent the officials to offer the eight-treasure golden hairpins to the empress in order to redeem her sorrow. De. At that time, when you see Jingshengqing, how do you see him? You can act randomly.”

Chifeng said: “This can’t be done. The minister just tried desperately to go for a walk.”

Feiyan handed the golden hairpin to Chifeng, and Chifeng picked it up. Waiting for Emperor Cheng to leave early, quietly came to Hede Palace. I saw that Hede was thinking about the taste of Chifeng and Feiyan last day, and it happened that Chifeng ran into the palace and fell face down.

He Dedao: “Yan Chifeng, why are you here?”

Chifeng Road: “The minister deserves ten thousand deaths: Empress Zhao holds a pair of eight treasures of gold hairpins with his minister, and offers them to the empress for atonement.”

He Dedao: “You are guilty, and the meaning of the latter is nothing more than that. When you get up, I have something to ask you.”

He led Chifeng to the location of Liren in the inner room and asked, “Why did Empress Zhao communicate with you?”

Chifeng said: “I don’t dare to hide from my mother, the queen will be behind

Looking at the flowers in the garden and seeing two cats having copulation there, the minister occasionally sent a cup of tea. The queen was happy to see the cat, and when he saw the big handle of the court, she went to the room to do what she meant as a queen. Not daring to follow it, and being stern by the queen, had no choice but to commit. Unexpectedly, the empress looked at her, she won’t hesitate to die! Fuwang Empress is concealed, accommodates the grace of survival, and cannot make up for it.

He Dedao: “The queen and I are compatriots and sisters, how can I harm him. Besides, you are a person of wit, and you are so real and cute. I can only hate my sister for taking her ears privately. Wit it with you.”

Chifeng said: “The minister has been guilty of defying the sky, and he is committed to being upright. How can he be happy anymore? That is, I dare not follow my fate when I die.”

Hede falsely said angrily: “If you refuse, you will be convicted tomorrow.”

Chifeng said: “If the minister refuses to follow it, I’m afraid it will be defeated by the enemy’s mother!”

He Dedao: “Sisters are always mediocre, what’s the difference? I’m determined to get things done with you, don’t refuse.”

He took off his trousers, and tore off Chifeng’s trousers, and twisted Chifeng’s handle: “How can I teach my sister not to like such a good thing?”

Chi Feng worked it out for a while. When the time comes, I can hear the words outside: “Go back to the palace.”

Yan Chifeng was so frightened that he pulled out the handle like thunder, and ran out one step at a time in a panic. He De was busy with his trousers, straightened Yun’s temples, and went out of the palace to greet Emperor Cheng.

Chifeng hurriedly responded to Feiyan, preparing for the incident.

Feiyan said, “This servant has already died out, so you can have no worries.” He had fun with Chifeng again without mentioning it.

One day, October 15th in early winter. The story in the palace goes to Ning’an Temple, where Feiyan and Hede go with Fan and the maid. While Feiyan was on his way, Yan Chifeng walked out of the young man’s house, took a closer look, and suspected that he was walking in the Hede Palace and didn’t say anything. When they arrived in the temple, they played the sheng drum song, the swift arm and the ground song, and the red phoenix song. Feiyan remembered that Yan Chifeng came out of the concubine’s house and insinuated Hede: “Who hired Chifeng?”

He Dedao: “Yan Chifeng comes as her own sister, and would rather be someone else?”

Feiyan threw his cup angrily. Feiyan said: “Can rats bite people?”

He Dedao: “Wearing his clothes and seeing his private is enough, will you dare to bite others?”

He De Subei mattered to Feiyan, and felt tired at this time. Seeing him fighting twice, Fan got off his hairpin and prostrated his head to bleed, begging for Debye and Feiyan.

Hede had to bow down and cry: “Sister Ning Si is unable to sleep because of the long and bitter cold of the night, like a concubine embracing her. Today, sisters are richer than others, how can they share grievances and fight against each other?”

Feiyan burst into tears when she heard it, got up to hold Hede’s hand, and drew some jade hairpins to replace Hede’s hairpins on the bun and said, “Why bother with occasional annoyance?”

After all, each went back to the palace.

One day, He De was supposed to take a bath in the Yulan Room, and Cheng Emperor accidentally walked under the curtain. Knowing that Hede was bathing in it, watching privately from the veil.

I don’t know what to do, let’s listen to the next book to break down.

Zhaoyang Interesting History Volume Three Finals

Zhaoyang Interesting History Volume IV

But it is said that Emperor Cheng privately watched Hede take a bath in the drapery, and saw Hede take off his clothes, and his skin was clear and clean. About to look carefully, suddenly reported: “Holy to come and be fortunate.”

When He De heard about it, he was hurriedly holding the towel, so that the maid evacuated the light and escaped into the harem. Emperor Cheng was disappointed for a while, but felt lost in his heart. So the heart of glimpsing is even worse.

One day, bath again. Emperor Cheng sleeved Zijin Beans, and when the maid came, he gave him a few grains, telling him not to tell Yu Hede to know, and to spy privately in the screen. Seeing Hede sitting in the basin, the orchid soup was soaked in jasper in the cold spring. Emperor Cheng was very excited, and his thoughts were very high, because he said to the attendant: “I think Jieyu is a wonderful person, but it is a pity that there is no reason for it since ancient times.”

After taking a bath in Hede, Emperor Cheng walked into the bath orchid room and held Hede’s face and said, “You’re pretty, but I’m satisfied today. Why don’t you avoid me?”

He Dedao: “If you are not a concubine who wants to avoid your majesty, you are afraid of being bold and respectful, so you don’t dare to do so. Why doesn’t the maid report it?”

Chengdi said: “If I get a report, I will kill him. Who dares to say?”

They hugged Hede back to the palace and went to bed together. The two were stripped naked, having various kinds of lustful pleasures, and entertaining the love of affection at will. When Emperor Cheng was right, the prostitution of Hede was alive like a loach. Only after a long time of calmly pumping, Hede made a lot of splendid lewdness. Emperor Cheng couldn’t decide, he drew hundreds even if he vented.

He Dedao: “Why can’t I do my happiness?”

Chengdi said: “Why don’t I want to enter? I don’t want to fight for this thing. What should I do? I will send him to the law tomorrow and hit him with a hundred sticks.”

He De hurriedly embraced Chengdi’s back handle and said: “If you want to beat him, your concubine is willing to make a scapegoat.”

Chengdi said: “Because Aiqing asks for favors, and forgive him. If we become weak later, we will never forgive him.”

He Dedao: “If this happens again, the concubine will not ask for forgiveness.”

After teasing for a while, he fell asleep.

By the next day, the maids told Feiyan about Hede bathing one by one.

Feiyan thought to herself, “I also took a bath in the bath orchid room, so I asked someone to ask the sage to see. If he can’t beat me in terms of the body, I’m not afraid that the sage doesn’t like me.”

In the day after tomorrow, Feiyan went to take a bath, that is, ordered Fan to see Emperor Cheng. It happened that Emperor Cheng was sitting alone in the Mandarin Duck Hall and reading a book.

Fan Zhuang said, “Before this Jieyu bathed, the Holy Spirit loved him. Empress Zhao also bathed there today. Why wouldn’t the Holy Master take a look there? Sure enough, that is better, and it’s not in vain that there is such beauty in the Holy Spirit.”

Chengdidao: “Say reasonable.”

Then walked quietly with Fan to the bath orchid room. I saw Feiyan take off his armpits, revealing her snow-white body and smooth skin, deliberately pretending to be an emperor.

Even though Emperor Cheng was moved when he saw it, he only remembered what happened at the beginning, so he said in his heart: “In this way, the Peugeot woman can be used by others.”

The more unhappy, he felt unhappy, sighed, and went back to the palace.

Fan came in and met Feiyan and said, “The Holy Master sighed, but he left by himself.”

Feiyan burst into tears and said, “Come on, even though the sage doesn’t like me, how can I put it on the roof? I can’t help but call the shooting birds to have fun.”

Ask the maid to shoot the bird. Shooting the birds and smelling it, hurriedly came to the bath orchid room.

Feiyan said, “Even if I can’t move my holy feelings in the bath, can I stop this boom? I’ll cook orchid soup and bath with you again today. Treat you as a saint and have fun.”

At this time, the breeze started to rise, and Feiyan ordered the maid to cover her surroundings, saying the meat screen. Shooting the bird immediately took off his clothes, turned his head with Feiyan, and sat in the basin. Feiyan put his legs on the basin, and let the birds shoot. I saw that Feiyan had got some water slurry, and the smoother it went, it was very refreshing. The maid Gong’e standing beside her, who does not move to see?

Feiyan said, “It’s not like this in the end. I will go back to the palace with you to find a joy.”

Shooting bird got up and put on his clothes, Feiyan washed the utensils and put on his clothes, and went back to the palace to make another change.

However, Shidang February 19th is the 25th birthday of Feiyan. Hede prepared a gift and said to Emperor Cheng: “Today is the birthday of the second sister, and my concubine has prepared a gift. What is it to celebrate with your Majesty in the harem?”

Chengdi said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the palace, and I apologize in my heart. If this is the case today, I will go with Aiqing.”

Hede ordered the maid to bring gifts to Emperor Tongcheng to Feiyan Palace. The palace lady and Feiyan, Feiyan came out of the palace to greet. Emperor Cheng enters the palace together, and Feiyan pays his respects to Emperor Cheng.

Hede worshipped Feiyan, and Feiyan said, “Your Majesty is so gracious that I am ashamed to repay, but I also give it a lot.

He bowed his head and thanked him again, and ordered a banquet for the court ladies. Not long after the banquet was complete, Emperor Cheng took the first place, with Feiyan on the left and Hede on the right. After drinking to several rounds, Emperor Cheng felt a little drunk, Feiyan wanted to move Cheng Emperor, and pretended to cry.

Emperor Cheng asked in surprise, “It is Aiqing Jichen today, why is she crying at the wine? Isn’t it true that there is something in the palace?”

Feiyan said: “In the past, your Majesty was fortunate to have a master’s house, and his concubine performed a dance. At that time, his majesty looked at his concubine without changing his eyes. Later, the master knew that his majesty’s heart was to enter the concubine to serve his majesty. It was fortunate to sit and change clothes, and his body was always dirty. Take it. Your concubine will go down properly. Your majesty said: “Don’t stay here, think it as a postscript.-A few days, Guobei harem. Concubine is very lucky to think that you have it. But today, within a few months of thinking, I can’t invite your majesty to the next night. Huan, why doesn’t it make me cry.”

Chengdi felt ashamed of hearing it. Nostalgia for the old feelings, and it is not easy to say why he is to blame, just staring and sighing. Seeing that Emperor Cheng wanted to love Feiyan, Hede wanted to resign first. He said to Chengdi: “The concubine was supposed to accompany the final banquet, and Nai had a momentary abdominal pain. Goodbye to Shengjia for the time being.”

Chengdi said: “Qing Zuo quickly returned to the palace for treatment and healed.”

But before the maid had time, send Hede off.

Emperor Cheng and Feiyan drank to each other until late, and Feiyan just said a lot of moving things, and then Emperor Cheng had an uncontrollable attitude. Immediately after the banquet was withdrawn, they slept together in a fifty percent golden tent, slowing down with Feiyan. I saw that Wannian clam hung on the tent, looking at Feiyan’s body, as if it were all over. Emperor Cheng looked at Yixing frantically, making Feiyan dazzled and speechless. The yin water came out, and Emperor Cheng studied it again, and he was frustrated. The two slept till dawn.

He De went into the palace to greet.

Emperor Tao: “Is Aiqing’s abdominal pain getting better? Why did you come so early today?”

Han De said: “The concubine wants your Majesty to spend several months of joy in one night. I wonder if the saint is safe? Come here early.”

Chengdi said: “I miss Lao Aiqing.”

Immediately for breakfast, the three of them ate a few glasses of wine at the same table, and Chengdi drove away early.

Hede said to Feiyan: “How do you feel at night?”

Feiyan said, “Although it’s only like this, I won’t be happy in the end.”

He De smiled and said, “If you can’t have a good life, why not let the shooting bird continue.”

Feiyan said, “I have wanted to talk about this for a long time, but I don’t know what the wise sister would like? Now that I know the reason, I dare not hide it. Go in the room and talk to you about it.”

Hede followed Feiyan to the room, and when she saw the bird and heard the holy driver go, he walked out. Unexpectedly, he ran into He De, and hurriedly knelt down and said, “My mother, a thousand years old, the minister deserves ten thousand deaths.”

He Dedao: “Don’t panic, why do you know how to do this?”

Feiyan said: “My mother knows it, I’m here to talk to you.”

Just shoot the birds and feel relieved. Feiyan asked the maid to get off the wine. The three of them ate a few rounds without mentioning the old things. They only talked about the interesting things for a while, and said so virtuously, “I want to continue my old relationship, and I don’t know whether my sister will accept it. ?”

Feiyan said, “It’s wonderful, I’m free to make tea outside, you are doing it right here.”

Go out of the room after talking. Hede shot the birds onto the bed, took off his clothes, shot the birds and placed the handle in the household, but did not move. Attracting Hede is just like a maggot drill, and itchy and sad: “Why don’t you put it inside?”

Shooting the bird said: “I have a recent illness, so I don’t want to move. I have to move for a day when I move, and I won’t stay.”

He Dedao: “Why don’t you move until tomorrow? Don’t rush to death.”

Shot Bird saw that he was happy to say it, but couldn’t help it, and took more than a thousand consecutive draws, and then stopped again.

He Dedao: “You said you want to move for a day, how can you rest again.”

Shooting the bird said: “That’s right, I’ll say that there are people who can’t live there.”

Hede’s self-broadcasting started, and he pumped more than a thousand in a row. At this time, his energy was exhausted, and he felt a little weak. Hede turned the households together again, and had to reluctantly draw four to five hundred to shoot the bird, but was unsuccessfully defeated.

He Dedao: “When will it not happen, but it won’t help. Losing my sister? I still like you!”

Shooting the bird said: “When I will raise the sharp, I will fight with you again, until I get you to sue me, then I will stop.”

He Dedao: “Don’t boast, and just look at the ability to pay back.”

Yixian put on clothes, ate tea after leaving the room, and said goodbye to Feiyan and went back to the palace. After the Emperor Cheng came back, he sat idle with Hede.

He De asked, “Does your Majesty have fun at night?”

Chengdi said: “The fun is so limited, but there are ten thousand years of clams hanging in his tent, which is more beautiful than the day, and until the dawn, I suddenly feel like a loss.”

He De listened to it, and took the Evernight Pearl as a gift from Emperor Cheng, and gave it to Feiyan. He did not say why Emperor Cheng liked him, but Yu Feiyan said:

The heaven and the earth are in harmony, the sun and the moon are shining, and the noble sister is here. Today Yoshimitsu takes the lead, and the position is for the ancestors. I would like to play thirty-four things to congratulate you.


There is a shop alone with Baolian, a set of diamond mirrors, a shop with a pattern of gold shavings, a bowl of Shenshui fragrant lotus heart, a plate of five-flower concentric knots, a mandarin duck and ten thousand gold ornaments, a glass screen, and a pearl that never sleeps in front of the pillow. One piece, a shop with a green hairy raccoon book, a tiger-skin sandalwood statue with incense, two dragon incense holders, four golden rings, three pieces borrowed by Xing Zhangluo, three purple gold incense burners, and two rhinoceros to avoid poisonous tendons. One piece of Qibao hairpin, one pair of jade ring, one amber pillow, one mica fan, one emerald fan, one mica screen, one pair of Jingshan incense burner, one willow-leaf seat, one pair of Luoshang, a pair of shining imitated hair Ze Yiang is woven into the upper set and the lower garment set, a mandarin duck quilt, a sling, a turtle pillow, a Jinhua Qi Luowen bun, a seven-branch lamp, and a coral bead.

Hede handed the gift memorial to the maid Guo Yuqiong, and said, “Thank you to Empress Zhao.”

Guo Yuqiong sent the gift, came to Feiyan Palace, gave the gift and performed it. Feiyan read the book and was overjoyed. I thought to myself: “This girl thinks it’s like shooting birds, so she came to thank me.”

Collect all the presents, put the five-colored tents of brocade and the scented jade pot in the room, and then said to Guo Yuqiong, “I have two gift items, please go back to the empress?”

He also sent the maid Xu Yunying to go with him.

Yuqiong resigned from Feiyan, received the gift, and came to Hede Palace with Yunying. When Hede saw the incoming object, he said to Yunying: “Those mustaches are not worthy of respect. Why should you give them generously? Pay respect to your mother and thank you in person another day.” Yunying bowed his head and went away.

When He De saw these two things, he thought to himself: “Holy Master, please me, why is there no such good thing?”

So he wept to Chengdi: “It wasn’t my sister who gave me this. I don’t know this until I die.”

Chengdi said: “It was not given by me. It was left behind by Xu Empress. It is not difficult. Tomorrow, I will order Yichuan and leave three years of money. How about Aiqing?”

Thanks. Emperor Cheng sent an edict to Yi 30, not to mention.

But it is said that Feiyan indulges in indulgence and is ultimately childless. Since that day, Emperor Cheng was fortunate to him, he has been arguing day and night: “I have no children today, so this world has let others go? It’s better to claim that I’m pregnant, and then I’ll make a fuss later.” Then he wrote a note and said:

The concubine prepares the court, first accepts the fortunately, and sends a large number to accumulate years of age. Because of the day when the first surname was born, I added good wishes to him, and in private time, he came and waited for a long time. Yan private then take advantage of Xingyu. Over the past few months, the inner palace is full, the blood is not good, and the diet is abnormal. Knowing the sacred bow is in the body, discerning the sky and entering the arms, the rainbow begins to pass through the sun, always the treasure of the dragon has been on the chest, here is Jiarui, renewing the breeding of the heir, holding the day in the court. Looking forward to Shengming, enthusiastically coming to congratulate, I would like to hear.

Feiyan wrote on the note and sent the maid Han Cuichi to dedicate it to the holy. Han Cui took the order and came to Chengdi Palace specially. After kowtowing, I submitted a picture of Zhao Hou’s post. Chengdi took a look, and his face moved with joy.

To Hede: “Your sister has been in the palace for several years and has never been pregnant. Fortunately, your sister is pregnant today. If you have a son, you will be fortunate enough for the country and the virtues of society.”

Then he wrote a note and answered:

Let’s play today, it’s a joyous meeting. The private of husband and wife. Righteousness is one; the heir to the heir is the first to continue. At the beginning of pregnancy, it should be thick. Those who have sex with medicine should not take it for years. The poisoner is amiable, there are pleadings. No trouble notes to play, dictate that the emissary can be carried out.

After Emperor Cheng wrote it, he paid Han Cui to take it, and Han Cui took it back to the palace. Feiyan took the note and thanked Wang Que. Open the note and look at it. Fortunately, I think it’s a trick, and I’m overjoyed. Since then, the two houses often send greetings. Although Feiyan is such a deceit, he is afraid that Cheng Emperor will visit fortunately, how will he deal with it at that time?

Because I discussed with the palace ambassador Wang Sheng: “Although I lied to be pregnant today, if the Holy Master visits my palace from time to time, what should I do if I know the news? You can draw a good plan for me.”

Wang Sheng’s brows frowned, and he thought about it, “How difficult is this, why don’t you leave a note saying that you are pregnant and not approachable, but if you are close to you, you will get pregnant or fail.”

Feiyan said: “This is a wonderful strategy.”

He took the Jinjian and wrote the few lines, and paid it to Wang Sheng to offer it, and Wang Sheng took the note and came to see Emperor Cheng.

Chengdidao: “Is the empress healthy?”

Wang Sheng said: “The empress is very healthy, and there is a sheet of paper on the table, and the slave and maidservant will offer it.”

Emperor Cheng unfolded the note and read it again: “Sure enough, you are pregnant, so you should not approach people. I send people here from time to time to see. It’s time to be my own.”

Wang Sheng thanked him and returned to the palace, and then answered the words of Emperor Cheng to Feiyan. Feiyan felt relieved. Emperor Cheng will never see Feiyan again.

Feiyan indulges in the palace and shoots the bird all day long, looking at the time shift, it has been ten months. The emperor Cheng sent the palace slave to do the baptism gift to Feiyan Palace. Feiyan was very worried at first sight, so she had to thank Xie Houci.

The palace slave went, and Feiyan said to Wang Sheng again: “You have entered the ban since the yellow clothes, and I will lead you father and son to be expensive. I want to be a long-term plan, because of false entrustment, it is now October, and the holy flea asks to send someone. I am afraid that things will be revealed, and my life will not be saved. Now I have no choice but to urgently find a way of preservation with me.”

Wang Sheng thought for a while and said: “The minister has a plan. The minister visits the talented sons of the people and pays a hundred taels of silver. When he takes it and hides it in the palace, the empress will say childbirth at that time. Isn’t it both private and public.”

Feiyan said, “Although this plan is good, what if the news is leaked?”

Wang Sheng said: “As long as it is done finely, it will not hurt.”

Feiyan said: “This makes it, you can get it quickly.”

Wang Sheng got up and walked outside the Chaomen, took off his public uniform, put on a toad brown hat, and wore a blue silk straight stiletto. He went to the street to arrest him. After a short walk, an old man rushed over and knocked Wang Sheng on the head.

Wang Sheng said, “Why is this old man so impatient? He hit me this way.”

The old man said, “Please calm down your anger. If the villain has a daughter-in-law, I will have a son at night. It’s just that he has a lot of births and is not healthy, so he has to go to the doctor to get medicine. I don’t know the noble official, but the villain is convicted.”

Wang Sheng said, “How many grandchildren do you have in your family?”

The old man said: “This is the fourth one. Who is so poor who wants this much?”

Wang Sheng said, “Since this is the case, I must not want this child.”

The old man said: “Now I have no breasts to eat with him, and no one cares about him. If anyone wants it, I will send him as a son.”

Wang Sheng said: “If you don’t want it, how can you be like me?”

The old man said: “Your official name is Gao? Where do you live?”

Wang Sheng said, “My surname is Zhang, and I live outside the east gate. I have no interest in it. I have a hundred taels of silver with you, please, this child.”


























成帝問樊 道︰「娘娘聖嗣至今已十二個月了,為何不生?」

樊 道︰「堯母十四月而生,皇后所妊當是聖人,陛下何必掛懷?」


















































The Queen Mother Fu said, “Just let someone go and invite them.”

Feiyan ordered the slave to ask Hede to talk. The Emperor Hedewen later invited him, and the Emperor Cicheng came to the Feiyan Palace and saw the Empress Fu and Feiyan. The three of them sat down and said the previous words again.

He Dedao: “Excellent.”

After all, I saw that Dingtao Wang prepared two gifts and came to Feiyan Palace. Kow by the end. Present the gift of gold flavor and Qibao to Feiyan, and present a generous gift to Hede. Both of them took it, sat down and ate tea, and each went away. The empress dowager Fu returned to the palace to deliver the decree, summoning Emperor Cheng to enter the palace and telling her previous love.

Chengdidao: “I will follow the strict decree of the Queen Mother.”

So he went back to the palace and issued an edict to a hundred officials, and he actually appointed Tao Wang as the prince, and did not mention it in the palace.

However, it is said that Feiyan stays in the palace to shoot the bird and will not be able to cherish it. Shooting bird looked back and wailed: “The strength of the minister is too much to satisfy the desire of the maiden. It is also useless for the maiden to stay the minister. If the bones of the minister are also attached to the side of the ancestral tomb, Long En will be incomparable. Besides, now the maiden has established the king of Tao as a son. , Go to the Niang Niang Palace from time to time. If things are revealed, the minister will die, and Niang Niang will not be beautiful.”

When Feiyan heard what he said was bitter and reasonable, she shed tears and said, “My concubine knows that you have a great intention to return, and you will never be able to restore it. How can you be willing to go after you have been together for a few years?”

Then he cried loudly and fainted on the ground. Shooting the bird panicked, and horrified the two houses, and hurriedly raised up and said: “Manny, life is the fate of life together, and the mother is forgiving.”

Feiyan got up and said, “It’s not good for you to go now, but it’s good for me to die.”

Shoot the bird repeatedly to persuade. Feiyan asked the maid to bid farewell, and the two sat down side by side.

Feiyan said: “We have met in a lifetime, but this is only one time. Why not have a few drinks?”

Shooting bird ate two more cups, Feiyan also ate two cups, and said a few words about the excitement. He went to shoot the bird and twisted the handle around his waist: “Injustice, you go there. It’s okay to keep him with me.”

Shooting the bird said: “If it is useful to cut here, I will not hesitate to take a small body.”

Feiyan said, “I know, but I love him tightly.”

While talking, I noticed that the handle of shooting the bird was squeezed hard.

Feiyan said, “Farewell from now on. I can’t see each other today. How can I have fun with you again?”

Shooting birds did not dare to refuse, so they went to the bed with Feiyan, pulling the two rooms even more with relish. Shooting the birds used all the energy of a month, making Feiyan seem obsessed, and his mouth was interesting. Shooting the bird took another break, his muscles and bones were numb, his soul was floating, and he leaked in both times. The two got dressed, and each respected each other two glasses.

Shooting the bird on his knees, Feiyan held up his arms and said, “My dear, this trip is a farewell? I have a strand of hair. You can take it away and tie it to your arm. Seeing this hair is like seeing a concubine. “

Shooting the bird said: “Cheng Niang Niang is too petting, if the minister forgets it, it’s not good to die.”

Feiyan also asked the palace lady to take generous gifts and shoot the birds, escorting Fan out of the palace. Fan Feiyan delivered to the door. Wang Wang burst into tears, not completely divorced.

There are words to prove:


As soon as Zhaoyang and spring are spring, the night cold palace leaks, Yongmengsijun.

That is to think about the matter and disappear the soul. Luo Yi was wet red, and his jacket had scream marks.

The song blows and diarrhea is heavy, the far garden is green with grass, leaning against the Nagato.

To whom will the melancholy complain, the love stands, and the palace desires dusk.

But Fan said that Fan had installed the car and said: “You can go now. I’m afraid it will be inconvenient for some people to come and go.”

Shooting birds had to say goodbye. Feiyan returned in a dull way, Fan Song shot the bird out of the door, handed over the gift to him, and returned to the palace to reply Feiyan without mentioning it.

But he said that Shooting Bird accepted the gift, hired a footman to pick up the luggage, and was about to go home happy. Who would think that the people at home would not come back after seeing the bird for a few years, but would die. Everyone used up his wealth, sold his house, and fled to do physiology. Lin Han only said that the bird was dead. Unexpectedly, when the bird came back to the door this day, the neighbors were all surprised: “The official is back! Where and when?”

Shot the bird said: “Partnered with a friend to do some physiology, and only then came back.”

Neighbors dare not talk about the past. I saw Shooting Bird walked into the house and saw that the door style was not like his daily situation.

Called: “Where have the family gone?”

Going straight inside, the woman inside asked, “Who are you walking? Why did you hit my house.”

I saw a man walked out of it, he was an underground man. What is the name of the surname. Everyday I have to be king and uncle, nicknamed “Cunbai Snake”, and strode out and said: “Why do officials come into my inner room?”

Shooting the bird said: “This is my house, how did you get born to be yours?”

He Jindao: “Nonsense, I bought this house, why is it yours?”

Two fights, a few shots at the bird. It was actually an official.

The footman saw him quarrel, and no one took care of him. He picked up a cigarette from the burden and left. He Jin met the official and said the love words on both sides. However, the government flattered the money, and lost the shooting of the bird, hitting twenty rebounds. After asking for a crime, he walked out of the yamen and felt dizzy. After sitting for a while, I suddenly thought of the burden, I don’t know where to go? Looking around, people are gone. With regret in my heart, I smashed my chest and cried, “No matter, I can’t live here, so I might as well lose my hair and become a monk.”

Then he asked someone to shave his hair, and went to the Buddha Niu Mountain to become a monk.

But it is said that Emperor Cheng was obsessed with wine, exhausted, slow to walk, and weak and unable to mate. Tang Jin, the servant of the palace, visited Qifang everywhere.

Tang Jin led the decree and walked idle in the street all day long. One day, I met an alchemist who was talking about prescriptions and selling medicines, and nagging was nothing more than trying to do one’s own means.

On the facade read: “Spring in the bridal chamber, never let go of fighting for a long time.”

Tang Jinli listened to the side for a while, and then asked, “Sir, if you keep fighting for a long time, can the impotence arise?”

Alchemist: “Mister is bad. If I won’t fight for a long time, what kind of medicine do I sell. A friend asked me the other day: “Mister, I’m 68 years old this year. NS?

“I replied: “Even if you don’t lift it for 20 years, it will be like a golden gun.” He bought two sets of a couple of silver. Said: “If the fruit has an eyelid, Xie Yinshiliang. “The package ticket is now here. I have this means to make this kind of money.”

Tang Jin said: “Sure enough, I am not someone else. The current emperor drove his ministers. The saints did not raise their handles because of the snow. I visited the strange places everywhere. If you are really effective, you will have a great reward.”

After hearing this, the alchemist said, “I had a good dream last night. I will definitely be a high-ranking official in this trip.”

He quickly closed the door and said to everyone: “Listen, you see my husband is famous, and the emperor will also come to pick me up.”

So Tang Jin came to the gate of the court and walked to the front of the temple. Tang Jin went in and said, “The minister enters an alchemist, and he has the means. Now he is waiting in front of the temple.”

Chengdi said: “Just announce him to the Bindian to speak.”

Tang Jin went out of the palace, Xuan Alchemist came in, prostrated himself.

Chengdi said: “Do you have any wonders to raise the sun?”

Alchemist: “The minister has a pill called Chunjiejiao, which is cultivated by water and fire. One serving for a hundred days will have a lot of benefits. When you want to vent, take two mouthfuls of cold tea and you will vent.”

Chengdi said: “If you have such things, reward him with a hundred taels of silver. After it has the effect, you will be rewarded separately.”

The alchemist offered the alchemy, and Chengdi took it in his hand. At first glance, the fragrance was compelling. Ask the alchemist to wait outside, and the alchemist kowtows to leave the palace.

Emperor Cheng got this pill, like a treasure. Just look at it with Hede, Hede said: “It must be wonderful to have this fragrance. How many hundreds of grains your majesty?”

Chengdi said, “I haven’t tried a single pill, so what’s the use of hundreds of pill? After I eat this pill, how will it work?”

The court lady hurriedly fetched a bowl. Hede melted this pill and ate it with Emperor Cheng. Seeing that it was getting late, Emperor Cheng and Hede had a drink at the night banquet, only to see that the spring shirt glue got some wine, and the handle was raised, it was as hard as an iron head. Chengdi was impatient and held up Hede. Go to the palace maid, take off her clothes, and enjoy all kinds of lust on the bed. He was stunned, and the house was as hot as a fire. I was so happy that I put Chengdi down, crawled on the body, inserted the handle upside down in the house, and felt refreshed. .

Seeing that he was happy, Cheng Di leaned against the drunkard’s chair for a while. I was so drunk that I kept babbling and screaming, and the lewd water flowed all over the floor. Emperor Cheng couldn’t help being prosperous. He moved to Hede and smoked more than a hundred cigarettes. Although he was happy, Emperor Cheng was also impatient, so he drank two sips of cold tea and poured the golden gun.

He Dedao: “Sure enough, this medicine is strange and wonderful. Your Majesty will have to buy a lot tomorrow. Cheng Didao: “Natural.”

After all, the two crossed their necks and fell asleep.

But it is said that Feiyan has been in a trance since she stopped shooting the bird. When I got up early one morning, seeing the breeze coming, the birds on the branches turned miserable. Ordered the maid to take the phoenix piano and burned a stick of nine true male musk. Played a piece of the meaning of returning to the wind and sending far away. Fuck the bomb, my heart becomes more depressed.

Suddenly heard the maid’s report: “The saint, the dragon body Shaokang, got an alchemist and offered an elixir called Chunjiejiao. After the saint took this medicine, the spirit became stronger, and the beauty between the pillows was even more interesting. To move the holy affection.”

Feiyan said, “I’m afraid that the saint will not pity me, so what about it! How about going and seeing him?”

Then he came to Chengdi Palace and kowtowed.

Feiyan said: “My concubine is here to greet me when I hear that the Eucharist is not in good condition.”

Chengdidao: “Thank you Aiqing for the memorial.”

Feiyan said: “Wearing the alchemist’s offering of alchemy, dare to borrow it.”

Chengdi said: “The pill has not yet come in, wait for him to get it, and he will dispense it.”

Emperor Cheng Ling Hede accompanied Feiyan and called the alchemist in the Biandian. The alchemist accepted the decree and went to the palace to kowtow to the end.

Chengdi said: “The medicine that Qing took yesterday is very effective. How many do you have by your side?”

Alchemist: “There are only more than twenty grains.”

Chengdi said: “You can use it with me. I gave Qing Qing a thousand taels of platinum, and the author gave the plaque a crown with honor.”

The alchemist bowed his head in thanks and went away.

Emperor Cheng returned to the palace and said to Feiyan: “Here is the pill, Qing can take a few pills.”

He Dedao: “I want to divide.”

Chengdi said: “There are only more than twenty grains, you can divide it by yourself.”

Feiyan took it, and each person received twelve pills.

Feiyan said: “If the fragrance is interesting, it will naturally be good. Today, my concubine is willing to hold it. I don’t know how the holy will is?”

Chengdi said: “It’s been a long time before the pillow seat in the Qing Palace, can you not be left indifferent? I went to the Qing Palace to have a good night today.”

Then he left Hede, took Feiyan to the palace with his hands, and had a banquet and ate all night. Emperor Cheng said to Feiyan one by one: “I haven’t been in your palace for a long time, do you miss me?”

Feiyan held Chengdi’s face in both hands, and kissed her mouth: “Concubine didn’t want to at that moment? How can your Majesty refuse to take care of me.”

Chengdidao: “Today I always make up for it.”

They took one pill and a few more glasses of wine, and the two of them walked into the room, took off their clothes, slept on the bed, and were full of joy. One desires madness, one heart rippling. Feiyan’s fleshy muscles are surging, and Chengdi is strong and strong, and the household is tightly filled with cold, and there is no room for it.

Feiyan felt satisfied and said, “It’s so good, so you can keep it from me.”

Chengdi said, “I used to lie to you, I’ve blamed someone for the wrong thing, and I have to do my best today!”

I tried my best to take a while, and it was already the second shift, and my mental fatigue was exhausted.

Feiyan said: “It’s a pity that you can get twelve pills, only twelve nights are happy.”

Chengdi said: “Teach him to use it again when it’s over.”

Feiyan said, “This will be infinitely useful.”

After all, cross your neck and sleep.

Get up the next day and go to Hede Palace with Feiyan to talk some gossip. In the afternoon, the three of them drank together.

He Dedao: “My sister was entertained last night and made her lonely concubine sleep alone. Did Your Majesty ever think about her concubine?”

Chengdi said, “I blamed me for only one night!”

He Dedao: “How can a concubine dare to complain, but not for affection.”

Chengdi said: “Don’t talk about gossip, and be drunk.”

The three of you respect me and persuade you to indulge Chengdi. Hede only wanted to make himself happy, and he privately turned seven pills of medicine and took it with Chengdi. Who would think that this pill was cultivated in the fire for a hundred days, and then the water was immersed in him, even the cold water would boil. Change to new water and soak again, wait until the water is not hot before serving.

You said that this pill is all a fire spirit, how can you get seven pills? Seeing that Emperor Cheng ate it, he was dizzy and unable to hold on to himself. Seeing him fall asleep, Feiyan only blamed him and fell asleep deliberately. Just don’t go back in Hede. He De helped Emperor Cheng sleep in the Nine Dragon Tent, Cheng Emperor just grinned, He De panicked a little, and became even more faint in the middle of the night. Chengdi knew that he was not good, so he wanted to become a servant. He De rushed to rescue the tea soup, and saw Emperor Cheng’s spirits coming out like a spring, and at dawn, the remaining spirits gushing out of the contaminated quilt, which cannot be rescued. After a while, Cheng Emperor died.

Hede immediately sent the maid to report to the Queen Mother, who wept in tears. The order that Baiguan helped Dingtao King to ascend to the throne was to serve as Emperor Ai, and to be funeral to become Emperor at the same time. Ding Tao Wang Cefeiyan as the empress dowager.

Those hundreds of officials and officials have complained about their virtues. Upon hearing this, the Queen Mother sent the Great Sima Wang Mang to the edict and said: “The emperor died, and the officials were shocked, and Zhaoyi quickly said that he became the emperor.”

Hede knows that death is inevitable, “I hold the owner like an infant, and see that the world is favored, and can I hold my hands and hold the court, so that I can only fight for the account?”

Then he cried Chengdi loudly, and died of vomiting blood for a while.

At that time, Si Li first said: He De’s sorrow at that time. The emperor Ai issued an edict: Zhao Qin, the newly-born candidate, and Zhao Xin, the young-born candidate, were all abolished as common people. Families all migrated to the west of Liaoning. There is also the admonishment official Geng Yu, the last one played the ugliness of Feiyan. Emperor Ai missed Feiyan’s old son, but did not decide the matter, and died during the six years of his reign. The crown prince pinged the throne, and was awarded by Wang Mang and the empress dowager Xu, saying:

The former empress dowager and Zhaoyi both served the Weiwei, and the sisters favored them, deceived the first emperor, became heirs, and threatened the ancestral temple. Against the sky and offend the ancestors, nothing is the righteousness of the world’s mother. The Queen Mother Bing moved to the North Palace as a queen after examination.

More than a month later, I reiterated the edict:

The queen convicted herself of serious crimes and said to the couple Xi Kuo. No offerings. And there is the poison of tiger and wolf. Being a gentleman is not the heart of the emperor. Husbands can’t bear to commit chaos and conspiracy. Those who can’t be done with grace will be cut by righteousness. Now the abolished queen is a common man.

Feiyan knew that she had nothing to do with her, so she hanged Bai Ling to death in the North Palace. The maid reported to the Queen Mother, and the Queen Mother said, “This hate has been vented.”

Quickly order the funeral and burial.

But he said that Hede died, and a soul came to see the Jade Emperor.

Putting his palms together, he said: “His Majesty Chen Wuzheng descended, the dust is full, and his Majesty Fuwang pardons his former sins and rises to the immortal realm early.”

The Jade Emperor said, “You wicked animal should be enlightened, but you are in the mortal world, and you killed Chengdi hot medicine, and there are pregnant people in the palace. I learned that the killing of people’s children, the increase in sins and the failure to get rid of them. And wait for the time being. , Ask the left and right to please the real person like Ruyi.”

It turns out that Chengdi was the reincarnation of a real person. Not long after, the real person invited to the temple to meet with the Jade Emperor. I saw a fox spirit protruding down the steps.

The Jade Emperor said: “Who is this real person?”

Zhen Ren Dao: “I don’t know the disciple?”

The Jade Emperor said, “It’s your beloved concubine He Deya.”

Chengdidao: “Why is this?”

The Jade Emperor said, “His evil thoughts have not been eliminated, so he punished him as a woman. Now he should be decontaminated. However, he killed real people, killed palace people, utterly heirs, and increased his sins. This failed to achieve the right result. Now he does it. After passing by, he went to the shadows and waters of Beihai to suffer thousands of years of cold water. Fang Xu Chaosheng.”

Chengdidao: “That’s what it should be.”

After a while, I saw Feiyan also arrived, kneeling in front of the temple.

The Jade Emperor said: “Who is this real person?”

Zhen Rendao: “This looks like a swallow, the disciple doesn’t know it?”

The Jade Emperor said, “It’s your Queen Feiyan.”

True Humanity: “But why is it so fine? It’s so strange, it’s sigh! It’s sigh!”

The Jade Emperor said to Yan Jing: “You never want to harm you in the palace. It is hateful to have fornication with outsiders all day long. If you break the family style, you will be punished to be a tiger. Go to Fo Niu Mountain and eat the shooting birds. Return to Leng Jing Mountain and suffer thousands of years. The suffering of hunger will only rise in the future.”

The second spirit didn’t dare to argue, and kowtowed.

The real person said: “What is the cause and effect of these two things?”

The Jade Emperor said, “Because the two spirits fought against each other decades ago, they were captured by the True Lord Yousheng, and it was found that the fate was not there, and he was brought down to the lower realm as a woman, and the fate became full. Unexpectedly, he is still poisonous, and this is inevitable. “

True Humanity: “The Holy One is extremely right.”

Then bid farewell.

However, Feiyan didn’t dare to violate the Jade Emperor’s will. When he walked to the mountain and shook his body, he changed into a piebald tiger. When he walked to Fo Niu Mountain, he saw the shooting bird knocking on the wooden fish and reciting the Diamond Sutra. Seeing him chanting, Nahu didn’t dare to move forward and waited until he finished chanting and transcended.

After a short journey, the tiger shook his head and waved his tail and stepped forward and roared. The shooting bird was so shocked that he lost the wooden fish and ran away. The tiger beat, bit the shooting bird, and ate it carefully.

When he returned to the mountains, he still became a woman, and when he met Hede, Hede also became a woman.

The two discussed: “The Jade Emperor punished us for suffering, so how could we forbid our lives? It’s better to seek the truth, miss the old love, ask for a favor, and avoid disaster.”

Proceed to the real person’s courtyard and knocked on the real person. The real person saw the appearance of the two, because he remembered the old kindness and said: “You two have been stunned, so why do you come to see me?”

Second Jingdao: “At the beginning, the naked eye touched your Majesty, but now my concubine is punished as a giant catfish or a tiger. How can I suffer from this cold water and hunger. I hope that my Majesty will save my life and never forget it.”

Zhen Rendao: “Your intentions are too poisonous, you shouldn’t have saved you, but I think you and I are married, so I will explain it for the time being.”

The second spirit kowtows, and the real person will come to see the Jade Emperor.

He bowed and said: “The disciple has something to do and respectfully listens. Yesterday the two spirits should be severely condemned. The disciple reads the feelings of the past and is willing to be free from the sea of ​​suffering and disaster. Fang saw the disciple’s affection.”

The Jade Emperor said, “According to my decree, he should not be forgiven. The real person is free from suffering if it is convenient. He will be punished to receive ordination in the real hospital for more than 300 years before he can be released.”

The second spirit rejoiced, kowtow to the real person, thanks to the emperor Yu.

The two spirits returned to the hospital with the real person and turned into a female body, dressed in Taoism, cultivated the mind day and night, and practiced sex. Want to see a positive result. Later, I didn’t know the end.

This is an ancient anecdote, and an interesting story for the ages. Too much, I edited it as an interesting history, with a friend in Gongyu.


The Western Chamber is a history of thousands of gods. It is easy and beautiful, and there are some activities in the shape. The god in the polar shape, what kind of monster has this.

Zhaoyang Interesting History Volume Four Finals

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