This is a matter of love between our father and women. I tried to describe some of the part of sex, and deliberately let myself show like a good time, and have different sexy women. Lady.

When this past is a bit of text, the inner passion betrayed me, the original instinctive impulse of my heart, the blood of the blood is interspersed, the long wind blows the mountains, and rolls the sky in the evening of memory. Let me let me not let alone, every time I enter my body or the wonderful and tremor in my life, my body and mind dance, I know that it is actually the big stage in my heart.

So you can regard the article as a different kind of appearance telling the story of a sensual woman, because most of the time needs to be directly simple. If you are fortunate enough to feel our passion, please quietly taste the passion and love of life; The people are far from your life and there are few days and less.

I have never thought that there is something bad with my father, I am used to my own personality and thinking methods every other than ordinary people, these do not hinder me now have their own happy families, be a good wife. I am so thankful for my father to give me a healthy growth, I also love him more than others. I love him deeply.

My father is the typical intellectual of the age, loves my own major but how many strangers don’t meet, but fortunately he is an optimistic person. He has a lot of time to play with me, and many times he is doing his “big things”, and I can only look at it while, but I still feel very good, occasionally, I will make me happy for half a day.

My mother is going to work, I will not come back at noon. Sometimes I have to go to the evening, so I will take special pro. I will take a special pro, remember to take a shower for me for me. I like his thick big hand touch my body. That feeling.

I suddenly remember that one day I suddenly broke into the bathroom and took a shower with him. I first faced his naked body. I didn’t know what it was, just quietly looked at him, and he was under black. It is my biggest curious.

He was quite embarrassed, reprimanded me, but I can’t play me. I had to take my clothes, and I took a shower for me. I first saw him under the big wool, sleeping, slowly squirting the bones, and finally, the lottery was very straightforward, and I was shocked.

The father knows that she can’t control such a scene, but let go of the big square, when I gave a small hand, when I grabbed him, he didn’t refuse anything.

I curiously ask why it will become bigger and hard? He said that Mao Mao was angry. At that age, this joke is very suitable for my taste, I have more curiosity to it. When you rub the soap, I can’t help him. It is getting harder and harder in my small hand, it is straight and standing in a place with my head, the majestic Yang Peak is very great. .

I have been playing for about seven or eight times, sometimes my father wants to reject me, after each, he repeatedly, can’t tell others! At that time, the children in the yard were always playing together, I know that in other eyes, the relatives between men and women are absolutely an extremely uncomfortable behavior.

It’s all over the second or third grade of primary school, but I still like my father’s body. He has a special taste, let my bird stick to his big body, I also like him. And the thick caress, whenever my father always opens my pants to pat my little butt egg, he will touch it for a while.

Sitting on his father’s legs spoiled, he often hugged me from behind, occasionally felt that he slowly smoked, let me speed up, but generally he will soon remove me soon, I didn’t dare to have any requirements.

At the beginning, I started to grow some incapacia, and the breasts started to change. At noon, I walked in the toilet, my father slammed, I pointed to let him see, in fact, I have already known what is going on, I just want to pride to declare my father. Since then is a woman.

Father muttered, blamed me, it was very surprised, not very small, and it was comforted me, told me to wipe it, I saved him, like the past, my father always wants to listen to me, watching my father carefully wiped me. Below my heart began to hit, I feel some hot. At night, my parents specially add vegetables to me, I am really happy that day.

With such a good start, I don’t have to ask myself in front of my father. Sometimes my mother will discuss some physiological issues and let my father, pull the clothes to let my father look at the breast or the yin, and my father is always I will teach me one or two, I don’t care. At that time, the father’s body has different attractions and past, and adding a lot of feelings in the outside of the warmth. I often put the breast on his arm, and every physical contact makes me swaying.

That is, at that time, I learned masturbation. I didn’t necessarily be a father. At that time, the literature had just lifted the ban, and the gently kiss in the text was enough to let me not sleep.

One day, we went to the sea to swim. Mom seems to be walked for the bath towel. I said I want to practice my feet and take the water. The father uses hand to hold my chest and lower abdomen. His hand is firm. On my breast, I spin, I dizzy, my heart is like a deer hopping the bones, suddenly we don’t talk.

My foot is just a way to take the water symbolically, and my father’s hand takes it on my petite breast, and the other hand is almost worthy of my pussy, and the hot flow of the whole body is a smoke. Peach blossoms are fascinated.

When I went to the water because of my eyes, he put me down, but the hand did not leave my chest, but I got me from behind, the hard penis was gently held in the swimming man. Not much for a while, my mother is back.

The next night, my mother on the night shift, I was sitting in my father’s leg, and we all know what happened. I opened the top of the jacket, and the Lanhertae is vague, and the wax is initiated. I said to my father, my father said: “Is it?” I urgently sent my father to let my clothes, a pair of warm big hands holding my lotus flutter.

Then in my small bed, he leaned over the warm lips stuck my breast, including the pink and beautiful nipples on the jade peak, I was ashamed again, I didn’t expect my father, this is me. When my father was the most shy, but I have already incense nine-bad spring seven feelings, soon drown in the boundless pleasure.

My father didn’t know when I had taken my whole body and kissed my body that was like a flower bud. His mouth is gently pressed on my lips, which seems to melt my thinner lips. The father is a very good teacher, smashed my mouth softly with the tongue, and tend to tender my tender little tongue. Leading me into the city of hope, danced in the beginning of the raising raging fire, will me The first kiss is integrated into a passionate sea.

At this time, my body is already spring water, my father’s hand is in time to rush to the grass, and his finger, such as the proud of the April, the lace is like a closed small hole, I am asthorn. Lan, waist is like a wind and supporting, only in a while, the huge climax is touched, embraces my father like a mountain, let my climax echoed for a long time.

At this time, the warmth of the soft jade is in the arms. It is naturally not to let go. I will not let go, continue to touch my body. I am also difficult for the first time. I have been in the spring. Heat penis.

My father grabbed my hand and taught me slowly and down. I saw my father very comfortable. The thing is getting more and more up, it seems to have to support my little hand, I am unable to control this Emotic insects, have to extend another hand to help out.

Father’s hand still touched me, although I was also Chunxing epilepsy, but I didn’t seem to be inserted. Maybe because he had already made me feel very comfortable.

After a father, I suddenly told me hard, then simply grabbed my hand, put it on the bottom of his big penis, his breathing began to get rush, I still don’t understand what the man’s climax is going, can’t help I feel some fear, after all, my father is always so kind, I saw my father’s crazy disappearance, I was still scared.

As his lion is as low as the sound, I feel that there is something splashing to my face, and I look down on a sperm, such as Yongquan is usually sprayed out from my father’s red. It is spectacular and falling. In all parts of my body.

My father lie down, I didn’t know how to splash in the body, my father quickly found that I was busy and wipe it with me. I saw my father recovered the original look, or then I love me. I hurt me, the frightener just smoked and the smoke, replaced by a joy to the father’s last secret.

After the event, the father can’t tell my mother. At that time, I had already understood a lot, so I was very dedicated to my mother. After this, my father seems to be a bit nervous, I have sold many books, I often take me with my mother to play. The degree of attention to my study results is obvious. I know that my father is afraid that this will make me not think about it. I just felt funny. My life didn’t change much. I didn’t think about these things. I only knew that my father will definitely give me, this feeling has been accompanied by me for many years. However, the father’s good hard work makes me very happy very much.

Since then, we will play this, and later slowly have a feeling that I want my father to insert, but I will never dare, my father’s European A is beautiful, the big penis is always carefully hiding from my pussy, from Not easy to close.

One day, my father suddenly told me to lick him the big worm, and I had this cute little brother, I just liked, so the jade tongue lips greeted, and it experienced that never had.

The worm is very interesting, although it may be too powerful for a 13-year-old girl, but watching it, the glans are moving with the mouth of the water, and let me think it is like a breeze. The bird, so I can’t help but pick up the lips, slightly containing the glans, my father gave a bite, and gently arrived in my front teeth. I was afraid that the teeth hurt it, quickly Zhang Da, the guy I took the opportunity to open my mouth and slipped in the lip of the lip around.

This Tang Judited guests let my tongue are somewhat self-contrary, I have to spit it out, the small tongue has become slightly calm, and the owner is very attentively entangled with it.

The penis is playing hot between my lips and teeth, the huge glans and penis are so tired, have to spit out to gas, the father holds his red meat stick is a bit Yaowei land in my mouth. I can’t help but catch it again, and I will swallow the pet.

After a while, my father helped me let me get it more, then it is hard like the penis of the roots skyrocket, suddenly changed, I saw a shares, like a white. When the empty flying dance, play it on my mouth, face, one of them shouted into my mouth!

The strong semen taste and sudden blow made my flowers lost color, spoiledly, and the father took care of the pleasure of the soul, and quickly collapsed. Though I think about the situation at the time. It is fun.

Later, my father began to lick my pussy. His thick tongue warm and soft, lighted the two petals around my small hole, then swept the sweet and jade of the spring, let me be a burst, One of his hands did not let my two white jade bans, I didn’t have to pick up my bones.

After work, there was a piece of woman with a woman, and we were married, and it was basically the first time. The blowjob in the film made most people screamed, but I secretly I am so angry, in fact, in the relationship with my father, the only thing that made me a little strange is that this mouth is, and now I can finally like it.

Father often licking this warm-scented soft jade, seeing the spring water in the world, I would like to have a long time to lock it, I can only think of other ways to comfort his little brother.

At first, he made me on a quilt, put the penis between my two pets, and then, then, as my breast became more and more full, he crossed my body, and the penis Placed between my double breast, then put the boiling milk is a snow, and his penis is going back to the soft valley in this mountain until the flying flowers splash jade tired.

Until the high school graduated, I didn’t have sex with my father. I didn’t think that I couldn’t pay my father. I just did it at this point. I thought this was after growing. I always think that I am just a relatives who are more than ordinary people and a relatively crazy skin, a true feelings that have not been reserved between father and women.

Although I have a secret of my father, my heart is very calm, I just think I have different from the people in a certain aspect. Self-recognition is still a bottom line, I know how much this idea is a bit “stealing book is not a stealing” taste, but it is actually just a heartbeat, and the stealing book is a realistic problem. Aspects of questions.

Sometimes I will think if my father is going to do with me, what is the result? I don’t know, but I can definitely, can’t go straight to the gantry, how much is a torture, but I still have a mother.

Maybe it is my relationship with my father, my mother is actually like a big sister in my eyes, no matter how calm for me, I am still a little guilty for my mother, at least I and my father hide him. Secret. . So I always make up for it, so others say that I have a good father than my father. I have never seen my parents, I often have some curios, I have asked my father and how my mother is more than, I am not allowed to say, of course, he is not angry, but I didn’t dare to say this. I have never jealous, I love her, no matter how others think, I know that she is the other half of his father, no mother, I can’t have such a father, and even often feel my father. Half of love comes from my mother, so I am full of gratitude to my mother. I secretly think that my father is a big gift for my mother.

Although the family is full of honey, I know that my world is far more than it. I know that I have to leave them later sooner to find a new home, so I really want to take a look at the world outside. When I chose a university in the province, my father is very supportive, but my mother is very worried, but I think it is not easy to go to the school. I haven’t said anything. On the eve of college, I thought I truly once again, but my father did not promise. He said that I should leave it to the person who married me in the future.

I will come to another city to go to college. Before the walk, my parents naturally be a thousand people, my father is more calm. When I arrived at the University, I often want my parents, miss and my father, but this idea is not always related to lust.

When I was in the second grade, I began to fall in love. My first love had a very romantic beginning, but after a year, I still broke up. It may be that the family’s care for me makes me a person who is a kind of person who wants to get married. But after a year, I found that our marriage is too far away, there is too much confusion in front, and uncertain future make each other. Commitment to see a pale, I can’t bear such love. I thought that love was the most brilliant when she was just open, and she couldn’t be smoked in the wind and rain every day.

At that time, college students were not like now, we didn’t have any opportunity to make love, and you can only caress each other’s place in the most dark corner of the campus.

After the loss of love, I found another kind of peace, I feel that I have matured, and I have been paying more attention to dressing after in love, I have changed the hair style, and the winter holiday in the third grade returned home. Dad said that I really changed. A big girl. I noticed this, I am fortunately inherited all the advantages of my parents, and I have already completed a sexy girl.

In the winter vacation, a menstruation, the father finally resists such a mature body temptation, suddenly pressed me under the body (where he was very little), I felt that he was strong in his warm kiss. The desire to occupy, his penis keeps living against my pussy, and the urgent breathing is hitting the man’s desire to cover it. I am a no-defense city, the inner wild mood, such as spring wind and wild fire bears burning stand up.

I was tightly licking him, twisting your butt with him, attached to his ear whisper: “Insert it!”

He didn’t hesitate to open my legs, and the penis stayed against the wet small hole. The solid and smooth glans made me look forward to it. I still have time to experience, his meat stick is like a fierce battle. Entering the city gate, followed by a pain! I am screaming!

In fact, the father’s movements were relatively light, he immediately stopped, waiting for me to slow down slowly. Although I have envisioned this will be a grand ceremony, I have to sublimate the life of life in the first time in the novel, so as to complete the life of life, can slowly let excitement to replace pain.

Unfortunately, I still feel too painful, even if I am very excited, I still chose to spoiled, my father had to stop, like this year, I said, I’m really funny now. It is really funny now.

I cried and said that I didn’t do it. He immediately wanted to stop, but I didn’t want him to dialect, so I was interrupted, and I feel a little better, and my big penis is After taking a few times, I finally shot sperm in my vagina. I really forgot pain at that moment, hugged my father tightly.

Although I was somewhat disappointed, I didn’t think there were too many regrets at the time. In the next few days, I started to experience the thrill of truly sex. In that holiday, we have always looking for all possible opportunities to make love, so old, my mother should pay attention to the body, he must feel the physical problems of his father. .

At that time, the biggest problem was contraception. At that time, I would like to show a marriage certificate. People who bought condoms in the counter were very conspicuous, but our luck is good, one of the people who have been fate in the country in the country at the same time were selling at the pharmacy. This thing, my father has brought some young young people who replaced the unit, so this father’s dummy’s name did not attract his attention, and the people who secretly sneak him in that era were there. This is a very fragrant Occupation. I didn’t have a deep impression that I left for me. I thought it was because of those madnesss, it was too flat.

After returning to the school, I think my father’s feelings is different from the past, and the ingredients of love are stronger. But thinking that there are two holidays every year. After this, my father had seen me twice.

The first time was in front of the summer vacation, his father lived in a newly opened hotel in the school. At the afternoon, we went to his room with a meal. I saw one or two men and women in the lobby. I was very intimate from us. I walked around, I suddenly felt an impulse that I have never had, on the corridor of the room, I took my father’s arm, and my head was gently leaned on the shoulder of the man who took me.

It was one of the best hotels in the time. The room was very quiet, dark and warm, the first time and his father were in such an environment, I can’t make my daughter, but a woman, a woman finished Woman.

I imagine the mature woman’s look, and then gently unlock the clothes, let the woman’s temptation and desire slowly show the two hands and two hands. He admire my beautiful body, lips gently The thigh is kissing up, then stopped on my full-scale breasts, I am full of proudly taste your father’s caress, take off his clothes and put your hand to his penis.

His penis has been completely erected, jumping in my hand, my father turned me into 69 style, forgetting, so I lick me a delicious jade, I am busy up and down busy – front With his meat stick, the little mouth is also happy with his lips.

Before the play is very fast, the father quickly turned over to ride me under the body, and waving his meat stick fly to my little hole.

My lust is like a prisoner in the city, and his meat rod is like a mighty war, the god of the might drifting, repeatedly smashed the sky, the passion is in my body, the river is rushing, and there is still a dance butterfly, his impact is still like The floods are high as a wave, and the lust is released from the high wall of the land, and the hills are stacked in a time.

At this time, my time I can’t stop. I immediately turned over and turned over, Liu waist, let him impact every possible corner, the room is full of wind, yang.

The father was also infected by my passion, got up and turned my butt, inserted my little hole from the back, the voyage of the offset in the past, I extended a hand, feel his penis impact At the speed, standing on the two eggs that are not in the outside.

When he once again pressed me to hold the rain, I was still difficult to ban the heart, and I didn’t help but support it again. As the thunder is rolling like a distance. Summary, huge guys in the vagina, like the explosion, and then hit the thousands of people to smash the uterus, let me feel the larngestock and rush to live!

That night, we didn’t have a total of four times, until exhausted talents. The second time, he was driving the dragon and madly stirred my spring water, and I suddenly took out it, and I was so weak, I was discouraged. The jade column is in my mouth. I lick my own love, such as the drunk, Taoyuan is a fairyland, and that taste seems to be in the world.

The penis is in my hands like the dragon, and I know that the jade pulp in the inside is coming out. It is even more crazy to play him. That Dragon is a big, shooting a white silk, my scent lip jade The tongue can’t stop, and it will greeten it hard, and let the jade pulp poured in the mouth.

The father is satisfied, I will give it to the breath, I am licking the full jade pulp, the richness of the mouth makes me indulge in blurred, and the lips will be swallowed all.

My father saw truthfully, immediately kissed me in the arms, I was still covered with two scent scent lips, and the two tongues were all lingering, and the long kiss with the Qingqing semen made me Yong Zhi.

Later, my father came to see me again. This time in his room is in the same time, it is inconvenient. I didn’t go to class in the afternoon, bring my father to the dormitory, and I entered the door, we are fanatical kiss, because I am afraid, I don’t dare to do it in bed, I don’t dare to take off my clothes, leaning on the door, I am very alert to the movement outside the door. The father pulled a chair and took the zipper. I saw that everyone was waiting, and the little mouth was stuck. I have gone around the two petals, he opened my skirt, and he opened my skirt. Stretch into my thick scribe, explore the peach blossom.

Tao Li did not say that Self-Chengxi, the wet peach blossoms got a touch, hurry up and ride on his legs, put the penis to the heart and swallowed.

The specific environment also makes the father very excited, the posture of the old tree tray can not satisfy his passion, he gently pulls me out of his penis, let me press the stacked quilt next to the bed, separate My legs, put the penis into the small hole of my spring, then leapt me, reach out to take the spring. White jade double peak.

His stems are like a dragon to sneak into the spring pool, and they will hit, and I am excited that I am excited that I don’t dare to let go, I have been tightly in the quarter, and I have passed the climax. His unscrupulous dragon finally did his best, and diarrhea in the spring pool.

Whenever I lay quietly in the dormitory, I will always think of myself in the clothes and my father in this place. At this time, I will roll a hot wave.

After graduating from college, I returned to my parents. I still keep this relationship with my father. I have a single dormitory in the unit, often over the cloud. But the new life made me have too much thing, so we are not often the case, basically about two weeks, sometimes two months.

Later, I met my current husband. I started to fall in love. My husband made me see a dream of a dream. I was in my husband, and I didn’t have so many times, I didn’t want to see my father, and my father is not willing. I bother me again, I know that he is sincere to me, his biggest wish is to see a good person to grow up for his daughter.

Although it has also been done during his love and his father, it is very exciting, but his boyfriend brings me completely attracted me, just occasionally, I want to think about my father. I remember that there is noon at noon, my boyfriend has been in a hurry, and I have a little lonely, and I have called my father to see me, and I have been in the afternoon. A man who loves is mad, really stimulating.

When I got married with my husband, I once had a crazy fantasy, that is, on the day of the wedding, let my father do one, and even I feel that I should also be weddish. However, when I got married, I didn’t have the leisure. Later I thought I still regret it.

I am very clear that my father is just another part of my life. It is not related to me and my husband’s world, so I have never had a guilt because of my father’s things. We have got yourself in each other. All. Husband is a very popular person, and even when I am happy with my husband, I will not reveal this secret. Fortunately, I still hold back, but sometimes I just wipe it, I feel that the two feel Very exciting.

After marriage, I am not too much to make love, and occasionally it will become more exciting. As you have slowly a wife, I gradually feel that her daughter is finishing a woman who is full of another man, so I feel a kind of attachment to my father can’t cut her husband. Know why you will have such an urgent thought when you get married.

When pregnant, I stroked the little life in my belly, I remembered the love of my father’s already blending with my father. One day I couldn’t help but fade in front of my father. I just want him to witness the results of life in my body, let him enjoy a woman in the spring of Qiu Qiu.

He gently kissed my whole body and stroked my big breast and circle rolling belly. I took out the big bird in the cage, and I stood in front of me, I used to play. The kind of bird feels satisfied with the feelings.

He kissed my belly, play with my breasts, and stroked my peach blossom in the next side, and the rich man became unusually rich because of pregnancy, so that he loves himself.

After this, he is already a mad cloud, and I will gently justice with his ear. “I want!”, Then turn over and fight against the bed, jade hip Gao Yumen .

He asked: “Can it?”

So he felt everyone, slowly did not enter the hole, gently pumped, which is so happy so that every time you pick it like a fish, it seems like spring blossom. Later, I couldn’t help but let him lie down, carefully ride on him, and his work is a column to make me like Yulian, and I can’t resist the shares. I will breathe. Welcomes a climax.

Because the action is always too big, his father is still a golden gun. He worked hard to dig it in the body, and the stem is pulled out, rushing to my stomach, I caught myself. The belly, picking his glans in one hand, soon he will spray some semen on my belly, I use my hand to wipe them on the whole belly.

I just want my father to know that after I become a woman, my father and women are still as early.

When the child is weaning, there is Tianma and her husband. The father is coming, I just gave the child to feed the milk, the clothes didn’t buckle, and I took the father and chatted with him. Masked on the shirt.

The father reached out and grabbed my waist. I couldn’t stay in the fragrant, while I brought my round, my breasts were more than a lot of breasts, and I was almost in the nipple. The milk such as a loose grape, he lowered, hesitated, carefully slammed my nipple, I caught my father’s head and said: “Su suction”.

The breasts array, the milk source flows out, compared with the feeding to the child, in addition to the happiness, the kind of meat is more warm, and a warm flow slowly streams.

I was holding my father’s head, and there were many white hair on the top, I can’t help but feel some acid, this father who is like a mountain is starting to go old, but I have been finished, I have become a full grown. A thorough woman, I can use a mother’s way to appease my father in a mother’s way, I don’t know if I should be sad at the moment.

The turbulent lust eventually drowned my short feelings, we quickly retreated the naked entanglement, because I haven’t done it for a long time, I am very excited to each other, the wooden floor is just a blanket, my father will press me directly on the ground, very long gun For the pussy, it is skilled inserted, and the bully penis brings me to let me breathless.

He pushed a meeting on me, told me to change my posture, let him insert it from behind, I turned to kneel down, get up, more buttocks, his penis is quickly opened from two wet peaches There is no root in the middle of the petals, and then I will take the fire in the mountains. Generally, I will hurt my breast milk.

He played with my breasts, the penis agitated in the vagina, let me get a crisp, wait for him to have enough breasts, and caress my ass, such as powerful pistons vigorously pumped.

I happily enjoy the thrill of my father from the back. Suddenly I saw a lovely little face of the child’s sleeping child, facing us, a shy attack, I said that the baby said that the baby is watching us. , My father homi, fiercely increased the intensity of the throduction, and unable to cover up the desperation of the shame, I am excited, a naked mother and the outer faith have aroused this full house, which is the full house. What kind of lust pictures, I am unscrupulously indulge my lust, and I have no time to take care of the child, and the astlow is getting bigger and bigger. Finally, I have reached the climax in a chaotic and crazy. During the time, because all the body and mind were used in my husband and the child, I had some passion with my father and even my husband, until the child was slightly sensible, I found that my life didn’t seem to have less.

That time was mainly to regain passion with her husband. In terms of sex, he always makes me happy, let us add a lot of romance, although the woman is a little exaggeration, but right Female is indeed essential for sexual health women.

At that time, I started to try anal sex with my husband. After a few times, I have finally taken the first time.

Soon, I went to see my father. Just a mother, the two naturally got up, my father had a habit of my husband. It is the love side of my daisy. I often do it. I don’t do it.

That day, he got me to die, when he smashed my chrysanthemum door again, I couldn’t help but say to him: “Dad, do my ass, good,” father thought heard Wrong, ask, I once again scream: “Do my ass to do my fart with cock!” When I forgot, I always have a vulnerability with Dad.

The father took the indestructible meat stick and took the huge glans to my back. A burst of crucibles slowed down below, and the next chrysanthemum was slowly blooming in this vulva. The glans will be in the same way, and it can be explored along the mountain. At this time, I only felt that the back court was full, the whole body was soft, he was only a father to put, the father adapted one will be gently twisted, and the kind of heart is so nervous and soul, father’s first hiking The flower is naturally excited. There is not a few jade stems to spray in the back court. The sky-jumped penis instantly detonated me. The unusual climax seems to push me into the cloud and then fall, strong pleasure. The feeling of weight loss makes me call.

In this day, my father seems to be very interested in the future. Every time I have to explore a lot, I have been laughing at him. Fortunately, he is the same as his husband, even when the rain is crazy, it is still very pity.

In fact, after marriage, it is not too many opportunities to kill three hundred rounds with his father. More, we can only steal the mother or husband’s eyelids. When I was busy with my family, I played short frequencies in the room in the room. Sometimes I just touched each other, sometimes the summer situation allowed, I will pick up the skirt to let him insert, the feeling of stealing jade is nervous and stimulating We will usher in a climax in just a short time.

Later, my child had been happy every day. The rhythm of life is no longer in a hurry. In addition, there are some activities after retirement, so I have some leisure and my father, but his energy is no longer It seems that I have been in front of it, especially three years ago, my father did a surgery, although the body recovered very well, but it was obviously the greenery, the father is more, and my father likes to touch me.

Our last time I loved half a year ago. Mother came to Beijing with the unit of the group. I went to see my father and found that he was lying on the bed. I was a bit uncomfortable. I sat in the bed and chat. He said that he would like to touch me, so I solved the clothes to let him slow Slowly touching my remaining breasts.

I was strange, why didn’t he uncomfort and such an intexment, he said, I don’t know, I curiously reached into the quilt, I found that his penis was still soft, so he began to play, his penis actually became hard in my hand. , I took off my skirt on my father, poured his penis into my vagina, up and down, I stopped after a while, I was soaring, chatting with my father, chat, his The penis still stays in my vagina, and moved a few times from time to time.

In fact, we have used this way to make love since he has, until his penis is completely soft in my vagina. This is a very peaceful sex method. Maybe you can’t get a climax, but there will always be a satisfaction, let you slowly immerse in your lust, everything is not forced, everything is available. I think there will be this feeling only with the elderly, because I have tried my husband, can’t, I and what he needs is another passion.

It’s fun, in my father’s faint lust, I will turn it back to my husband to become a flaming. I don’t have to die on my husband. My husband is really beautiful. The woman is really a wolf forty tiger.

Now I am just a general relative, which makes me often think of my own years, I know that the lust between us is gradually faint, and the tranquility of the childhood, in fact, I like it very much, that kind Simple feeling is like the father who is holding my little hand in the sunset, quiet and warm peace.

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