At the beginning of the story, you should agree with me: men who have not inserted a female vagina are male.

This is a real story about my.

This year I have been twenty-three years old, university graduated, has a stable job.

But my Virgo gave Miss, she married her daughter to me. You may think that I am lying, but I don’t care what you think.

This 100% is happening!

It is neither some stupid network fever, nor is the fantasy of the maiden boy, but a real thing.

Since I first shot, I was excited about the ejaculation.

In the teenage period, I often masturbate; two or three times a day.

Mainly, I just like (now still like), but I still haven’t inserted the real vagina a year ago.

I am talking about girlfriend, that is my sixteenth year old, is a good girl who really has a spirit of sports, will cooperate with any of my proposal, but only let me kiss my mouth and Mimi, I will never let me insert her. . After I went to college, I have never seen it all over the country, I have never seen it, it is said to break up.

When I was twelve, three years old, I have already played some six-year-old neighbor girl.

When playing in the old garage, there is no courage to insert her lower body, and it has been subjected to legal education.

So, naturally, I often hope that there is a really inserted experience, or I have not inserted a woman’s lower body.

The year old, I was thinking about it for a few months.

I analyzed possible sequelae.

as well as……. The benefits will be obtained!

I have played actions, I plan to find a woman inserted into it.

I heard that there is a beautiful woman on the Internet, I have been looking for every day, I haven’t found it for a long time, but I want to insert a thoughts.

On the evening of the night, I had a holiday. Many students were gone. Because I left home, I went home in another city, I couldn’t get home, so I didn’t have a few boyfriends who didn’t go home together, my The wine is not very good, and the result is dizzy. Almost frustrated state. The students suggested OK, so I left a small restaurant alone, waiting for me a little awake, it is already half an hour.

The boss said, the young man is going home, it is already 9 o’clock in the evening, your friends are grating. Relying on, it is still a little loyalty. They didn’t mortgage me.

At that time, my head was still faint, so I was fascinated to the school.

Go to a small alley, I want to pee, go to the alley, relying on the place, there is no such thing, I will walk into a hair salon, ask the lauga, there is a toilet nearby? At this time, I also pay attention to see that there is only a 30-year-old but long still very beautiful lady.

She looks at me, says, what toilete, I am your toilet, do you want to solve it? Rely, too direct. But she let me solve my in the toilet in her store, I have to be in the diapers.

It may be the reason why the wine has not awake, or it may be that you want to insert a woman’s plan. I am, it is more likely that the worm is doing strange, I agree with a big woman with a big old man with myself? How much is it? She said that you are not big, don’t you find a lady, K Laozi is still a man, don’t say a lady, even other women have not inserted.

My face is red. She said that any business is not very good, it is too nervous, it is better to close, I said you didn’t want to do with me? She said that you really don’t know the market, you have to find a place.

I also didn’t think too much danger (mainly if there will be a danger of cactus jump), I will turn off the door forward.

I walked about more than 200 meters of road, she said that we will take a bus. I am afraid. Still bus? Everything is nothing, go, just can wake up.

About an hour, that is, 10 o’clock, only the bus, NND is at least 30 kilometers from the hair salon. Basically, from the city. She took me downstairs, took out the key, opened the following unit door, said.

I will go in with her, just having an old lady coming out, it may be hot, because it is not too late to cool. The old lady saw her saying that Xia Qi, is this young man is your daughter’s object? She did not explain, just saying that Zhang Mai is cool. So I told me to go on the top 7th floor. She opened the door and said. I didn’t want to go in. It turned out to be less than 50 square residential rooms. I took a look at it, one room and one hall, plus a kitchen.

Lao Zi was bunned, and I walked so long, plus W is hot, I feel that the mouth is very dry. I said to give me a glass of water. She fell a cup of herbal tea, and she was really good.

At this time, she looked at me said, how old are you, I said what you ask this. She said, I think you are not a bad person, is it a woman. I said no, just want to pee, and let you take here.

She said, do you want to do it?

I said, think, plan for a few months. I haven’t had a chance. How much is you needed.

She said that the money is said. So she began to rub in a small hand with KY ointment, and pulled it in my thigh.

This is the feeling that it seems to give me the itch more than sex stimulus. She regards my meat stick as a lollipop, and she starts to have more, lasting for a few minutes, and put most of the meat sticks in her mouth as much as possible.

I can’t stand it right away, although I often pistol, this stimulus is the first time. She felt my situation and said that you are a man. I said how do you know that she said that I like it from the beginning, so I dare to bring me to her home. K, it has been premeditated.

She said, go to the bedroom.

Under her excitement, my meat rod is rough and big, it seems to be exploded.

We went to the bedroom, she took her clothes all, relying on, the maintenance is really good, than my original girlfriend is not bad, this is my second time I watched the woman’s body.

This beauty of this glamorous woman is quite perfect, the snow white breasts seen from the side of the kitchen scarf are very strong but very strong, and her waist is quite fine, like a water snake waist, but the hips are also very uncomfortable, it seems that flexibility Full, in short, this glamorous young woman is the sexy woman who will immediately think of the sexy woman who will immediately think of the man.

Then she sat on the bed, separated the two legs, put the head in the middle, reach out, constantly licking the penis and scrotum, a fast person’s feelings rushed into my mind, and I will let me go for a while. vertex. I can’t help but hold her head with my hands and let her suck. “I can’t help it!”

I snorted, my ass piloted a slate pulp, she closed his mouth, after a bone, I didn’t have a lot of stomach.

My meat stick is not hard, she slowly rubbed my meat with a rich tits. The result is less than five points? The meat stick has begun to have a reflection, and it is very hard, and it is more rough than just. She said, I am teaching you. K, it is a man. She said that you are a man, for the first time, it is sure, it should be fine now, you can insert me.

I have planned a few months of dreams to be successful, I am a little excited.

I moved to her, lifted her legs, and the meat in the middle was very open, and the black red blooms some pink, vaginal and chrysanthemums were active in one. One hand holding her shoulder, one hand holding big cock against the “small hole”, but how to poke, “Let me come.”

She laughed and looked at me, a pair of hands stretched out from the middle of the legs and took my genitals, and slowly inserted her vagina, “Ah …” she loudly.

A warm feeling surrounded my genitals, very comfortable.

I started to slowly twitch the big cock.

“This is yours, what you want to play, do … ah …” she said.

“Oh … ah … … um … more … more powerful … Oh … health … My baby … ah …” At this time, she showed sexual gammon, the surfal Life look.

About is most, I gradually accelerated, it seems that I quickly reached the limit of ejaculation, and she is more fiercely in her body because her son is fierce, and it is also a closer climax.

“Oh … ah … ah … um … oh … health … um … I am going to vent … ah …” She shouted to see her, but also It is accelerating the speed of her meat.

At this time, she has also reached the climax, and she loudly of her eyebrows: “Ah … I am vent … vent …” I feel a warm yin stunned from her tenderness Eject. I can’t stand it, and then I will desperately ejaculate, the first wave, the second wave, the third wave, and a total of three strong silk, the sperm, the beautiful, to her uterus. I said, what should you do when you are pregnant.

I am gentle to look at me, I won’t, I am forty-two years old, this area has experience. God, she has forty-two, I thought she was 30 years old. My first time I got a woman who was twenty-year-old, or a lady.

At this point, I came down from her and looked at her. She smiled and said, if you are willing to call me aunt, I don’t charge you.

Next, we talk about long time. I know that her husband has died for two years because of the sick, owed more than 100,000 accounts. She has a daughter is on the big one, two years older than I. She was originally wanted to marry, but many men did not agree on her family. She didn’t work, she did this in order to pay attention to the business and hurt their daughter. She said that she can pay again for another three or five years.

But she didn’t tell her daughter she was doing this. Today is her daughter to go to the classmates, come back tomorrow.

So she dare to bring me to his home, and I am young, others will not say three four. I understand why she is so far away when she is home. I also told her about my situation, my family conditions are very good, and I don’t have trouble, and the 20,000 yuan given by each semester family will not finish.

In addition, my major is foreign language, often give some corporate translation materials, and more than 10,000 income per semester. I said that I have to help you, I can give you 40,000 each year. She said, how is it? I said, think about it.

On the evening, because of the first time, I didn’t play two guns, I didn’t drink alcohol, so I lived in her home.

The next day, when I got up in the morning, I found that she is not there, fucking, she is so relieved to me? After half an hour, she took the breakfast from the downstairs. Say you eat first.

We have a breakfast, she said she did not prepare her lady, and went to the store to clean up, and then came back in the afternoon. Let me stay at him.

Anyway, there is no matter what the eleventh holiday, I said it.

After she left, I watched TV (the kind TV, or the eight channels), I will feel boring, I am lying on the sofa. After about an hour, I heard someone opened the door, was she coming back. As a result, it came in a beautiful woman, and the age was about twenty. I thought that her daughter came back, her daughter got a jump, saying who you are? I said your mother’s friend? She said friends? She doesn’t have such a small friend.

Here I found that I only wore a panty and a suddenly red. She also pays attention to me with clothes, let the eyes, say that you put your clothes first.

This way we know. Her mother did not be a lady under my funding, and opened a small dish.

Later, it was not ruled that she had played a lot of guns with her mother, but her daughter did not know.

After another three months, I officially paused in love.

Her mother agreed, and strongly recommended that we live together, her daughter didn’t say something. So, I moved to her next day. In the evening, I got my daughter or a woman. I really can’t think of it, I got my daughter or a woman. The details of the gun are no longer described, and you can think about it.

I have been graduated in half a year. I basically began to shoot with her daughter. She began to stand, so she had her daughter, she asked her to ask, I made a gun with her, my experience is completely high. . But just when we put it, the door opened, her daughter came back, and suddenly saw the scene. I suddenly came out, just say why?

She cried and started to talk about her daughter. Her daughter said that I am sorry my mother, my daughter has harmed you. She said, it is not harmful, I also like this boy (of course I). What should her daughter say that happened, her mother said that at night, I gave you a meal.

In the evening, we have an agreement to maintain this relationship, but you must marry her daughter as a wife. I agree, two beautiful people.

Later, we became a family, often three p. Later, my wife was pregnant, and I had to shoot myself with my mother on my day. My wife also agreed, but the problem came out. Just in the ninth month I found that my mother-in-law is also pregnant, it is my child.

They all want to have children, and now the child is already two years old. Although it is my child, but they are brothers and aunt. This incest relationship is not allowed in China. I have discussed my wife, I have already done Australia’s immigration passport.

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