I just graduated from college this year Young people, from primary school to university to study because of all girls’ school, so in this company work really makes me uneasy.

But I was very lucky that I can distribute to fully utilize my language long before the department, and this sector mostly female staff, but there are not only a long handsome, but also non-long gentle manager, although already early thirties but did not take his wife. May be due to frequent reason was stationed overseas branch of the Division of it, and finally one day, when the end of the production data, I found that I actually committed a big mistake, even the ‘company profile to lose it, although there are three days can catch up, but I do not know can not spell it out yet?

I only bite the bullet ‘report to the manager, the manager thought would fly into a rage, but the manager did not call me only, but also gentle comfort me. “Do not worry, this error is the Chairman of the Board will often make” moment, a curse into a blessing, managers and even overtime with me, help me to re-create the information.

I thought, “because it does not say what has happened,” I am excited to managers and the two began to work overtime.

But managers are not stereotyped serious delay time of unnecessary things, indulge in work. Well, stir a bad night to be able to put all the work out of ﹞ Manager solution tactic serious working attitude really makes me with clothes, but I did not at that time served with good intention not to wait until I was the only two people door read at the time, how can just let it slip through it.

I ran to the bathroom to take off bra, and to the manager seat, “the manager, I do not understand some here …..”

I do not know pretending to go ask the manager, I bent over, so that managers can see my breasts, three-eight cents for milk, is often quoted to me the most self cents weapons. Manager as usual friendly guides, but I still pretending do not understand, step by step into the manager, and create opportunities for managers to see me this pair Haoru.

Manager inadvertently saw my breasts, then manager of the body numb to speak, to serve, but the manager did not dare look to escape the line of sight. So I had to take the initiative “Manager, for I am sorry I let you work overtime, to apologize, let me help you rub shoulders” of slowly approaching the manager. Manager seems really tired, so obey the voice said, “take the trouble to u the” Let me massage his shoulders. I’m the manager of one side shoulder massage, close to the side of my breast back the manager, I feel my nipples have risen up, and continue with breast rubbing the back of the manager, and can produce untold pleasure.

When the emission of legitimate pleasure, the manager says, “Thanks, much more comfortable,” ie, after work again. ﹝ Do I really managers, is the lack of attractive woman do? ﹞ discouraged me back to my seat, but I thought, generally fail to recover the woman of the man more interested, so I also manager It created a new fight. Nine long time manager asked me, “Liz, you do not eat midnight snack called Ah?” Called me to buy some supper. “Supper came” come back later, I opened the door face to face doing enjoy a midnight snack. Because low sofa, and my door is the kind of company uniforms and miniskirts, so if not shut down when doing knees, was within the skirt will be at a glance, so I deliberately release the legs, deliberately lure manager. When the manager is a man in the end, I enjoy supper, the manager always Sanfanliangci towards peek inside my skirt does not segment. (Ah! Manager saw)

Then I feel deep in my underwear was wet up to early. I imagined manager with fingers and mouth covered with supper deep in my inner skirt ………… but the manager hurried eating supper, up from the sofa and going to war to return to his on the seat, “at this moment of the showdown is” “ah ~ ~ so hot,” I deliberately knocked over supper, supper whole just fall on my skirt and thigh. The manager immediately ran to my side “Yes, there is no how about Azerbaijan?” I deliberately set off my skirt, “ah ~ ~ so hot, so hot ah” wearing stockings thigh, all to get supper. Manager immediately squatted in front of me, with a handkerchief to wipe my thigh. At this time, the manager said softly, “stockings have been stuck, if not quickly torn will burn,” manager immediately with the teeth crack stockings, torn stockings and forced his hand on my thigh. ….. ….. Zi Zi Zi Zi ….. ……. sounds (ah! It seems like being raped …) when the stockings to tear underwear, manager still trying to wipe with a handkerchief, but the thrill of it came to me can not be independent of cool to say “by the manager … even underwear tear with it,” manager appeared puzzled expression, and we must stand stand up. “Do not, do not leave, otherwise, or I’ll cry out, and so when the other part of their people, I want to say you raped me.” “What’s your say, do not finish laugh” “I .. I not joking, I’m serious, I would really be called Oh! “I hold the manager’s hand to guide him to crack in stockings. “U like this … I will not hold the” manager looked at me softly.

The serious eye is really a sexy, then the manager’s hand slowly stroked into the concave sewing of my underwear. I am quicker, and I feel very dry for myself so bold, the tempted behavior of the excitement is very dry. “Okay! Today, let’s stay in the company, I am not very good in the company.” The manager spoiled from my underwear, and kissed it on my cheek, that is, I plan to stand up. , But how can I miss this opportunity? “No! Don’t, please continue, I am already so wet.” I introduced the manager’s hand into the underwear, even if he thinks that I am so laslice, it doesn’t matter, because Now, I can’t endure if you don’t make love with your manager. The manager’s finger touches my flower. And the manager’s trousers can’t help but greatly. “Manager, do you hate me?” “No, I like, especially here, I like it.” “Manager also can’t stand, starting to care for the flower office that I have already wet, twingend two fingers in the flowers, stir, and I have sent Zi …. Silver sound, that sound is me The loving loving emulsion dripping. “Really?? What do you like? Tell me” “Mao thin, the flower office is pink, good cute” “Is there only such a little ??” “” ” …. Cute manager, like a young red face, humbly with a finger in progress. “…. 妳 ‘s laboray, soft, ah ~! The vagina is very wet, a finger may not be cool enough!” I opened the flower office, “I don’t have the relationship, I can use two or three fingers.” , Enjoy the depths of my genitals in the depths of my genus, inserted into my vagina with two fingers, “It’s so cool! Ah ….. also bully the clitoris” “But do you not hurt? The manager uses two fingers that have not been delivered, and the bomb tid is gently used in one hand. Every time I play, I can’t say that I can’t say it to my brain, so that my mind is blank. “Ah ~~~ Ah ~~ I want … I want the manager’s big meat stick to do it”

Suddenly, the phone rang, I and the manager were shocked. Everyone is looking at each other, and I have been a few seconds. I will take a call from the sofa. “Hey? Do you have a man’s voice, I think it should be the general manager, think about handing the phone to the manager, seeing the manager, I can’t help but pick up the handle of the manager in the manager’s pants Pull the manager’s mask. Wow! It’s not ordinary long. I have an estimated length of about 17, eight centimeters and the diameter is about four or five centime! Good mask, probably because the phone’s hits, the manager’s royal way, enter my mouth, immediately swell, I use the tongue to gently, carefully, and absorb, I still hold light from time to time. Something, sometimes lightly pressing the two birds. The phone said that the old halfway is still not over, but I don’t care! I just want to make the hard-shaped mask into my deep hole, I set off a skirt, revealing the butt, and returned the underwear to the knee At the office of the manager, he fell to the manager and showing the manager to tell him that he put his thick mask into my vagina, but only see the manager swayed his hand to express “no” gesture. But now I have exhausted the absolute advantage. I said in the ear of the manager “Let your boss heard it? I will call me.” The results of the operator listened to the phone, while the hot rolling mask inserted. “Ah ~~~ Self-cool ~~~” “The general manager, you all know, I will definitely do, please rest assured” When the manager hangs the phone, I use two hands to grab my waist. The rudeness is like the devil, and will grasp the hand of the waist and extend the fracture ditch and pull it out.

“Ah ~~~ No, will crack !!” “Hey !! Don’t give you a bitter, don’t know who is the boss” manager continues to do, and put the left hand fingers into my The anus, also hits my yukina and vagina with the rigory and right hand. “Ah ~~ Sorry ~~ Manager forgive me,” Ah, the manager pulls his hiang, the white semen flies in the neck, breasts, face, and some flying my lips On the side, I didn’t consciously licked it, and I used the mouth to help the semen on the meat stick. From this night, when I and the manager overtime, I will definitely be like a wild beast. Crazy sex in the inside.

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