The most easily derailed female profession: a prominent care (female police)

I used to work before, working in a securities company, that is 2006, China’s stock market is hot. When the most fire, the big mom can talk about stocks, and even at the stock exchange, there is a full day of the Tianjinjin, which is talking about which stock, how to.

It seems that everyone will make money overnight. And I graduated from 2004, I entered the financial industry. I started to stir-fry in 2005. When I had just spendly a big bull city, I bought a stock – Xiamen tungsten industry, from purchasing to sell Focusing 5 times. For a time, I became a teacher in the hearts of the people.

My job is to let the stockholders account, stir-fry, and help a software company to make a proxy and sell stock software. In order to open an account, there is also a software, often recommend stocks to the stockholders. Although this is the prohibition of the SFC, it is doing it.

Although it is a bull market, there are still many stockhouses who can’t make money. But it is also strange, I don’t know if I really analyze the proficiency, or my luck is good. Every time I recommend stocks to the stockholders will rise up within a week. So soon, I have a small reputation in the stockholders. The company also arranges me to be a lecturer and give a lecture.

At that time, many people called me a teacher.

I didn’t give the investor before lecture, I met Li Jie, Li Jie was a policewoman with XX City XX Branch, deputy department level, is sitting in the office, very unhappy, because people have a good husband Is the deputy director of the Municipal Bureau.

At that time, I heard that stocks made money. In April 2006, Li Jie went to the Industrial and Commercial Bank to save money. On the day, I was in this bank. The surroundings surrounded by many people, listening to me to explain the stock, Li Jie, who has already moved the stock, and also make it over.

I accidentally looked up her, I couldn’t help but read a few eyes, this beautiful young woman, thirty years old, has a mature charm, very temperament, especially a pair of eyes very beautiful. I think I have aesthetically aesthetic tendency is a mature woman who is biased. Li Jie is what I like.

However, I have just been graduated in less than two years. Social experience is still not rich, people still have a little, so she is a sneak aim, I am afraid that she finds it.

Later, Li Jie became my customers, then I recommended her to buy a treasure titanite, and when the shareholder’s friend is not strange to this stock! It was very fierce at that time. I remember that I recommended that Li Jie bought it, only 20 yuan, time for a long time, the specific number is not clear, probably this price.

After Li Sister bought 500,000, scared, I was careful, my heart: my heart: Mom! This stock has fallen, and Li Jie still doesn’t kill.

But the most amazing thing, this stock will start to rise the next day, and the third day has a daily limit, my heart is wider. On the fifth day, Li Jie played a call to me, asking my stock or sold, I said to her. After a few days, I rely! This stock has turned over, I regret it.

On that day, a company analyst lectured, Li Sister came again, seeing my face, although smiling, but it is a bit bitter. I was shocked, I was not a stock lost, wrong, she bought a treasure titanium shares, at the time, I was in front of me, I remember, 500,000, I will not forget. But how do you see that Li Jie’s meaning is unhappy, it should not be! This is a stock, but only ten days.

Sister Li saw my first sentence is: “Xiao Li, you recommend my stock is really good!”

I laughed: “Yes! I have seen it, ten days, this, this, Li Jie earned, please please!”

Li Sister smiled bit: “Please absolutely please. But Xiao Li, Li Sister regrets that I have not listened to you, didn’t take it, I will sell it.”

“Sell, when?”

“On that day, I will call you asking you to hold or sell. You said that it’s holding, but it fell, I bought it.”

I suddenly think about it, there is such a thing. That day treasure titanium callback adjustment, but there is no charge, it is a man who is used to a Manistor before pulling, and through the continuous volatile stock price, it is not unconfined, and there is a short-term investor vibration bureau. In order to take more shares in your hand, you can get a bigger controlling ability. At that time, the treasure tito was made such a adjustment. But the next day, I started to rise, and I have a daily limit.

I will ask: “You will not sell it at that time, that is the dampenser is cleaning the chip.”

“Yeah, I regret it, I didn’t listen to you. I am my husband, or if he doesn’t sell.”

“Oh!” I smiled, opened the K-line map and said: “Li Jie, don’t you earn 30%?” Li Jie’s eyebrows opened: “Yes, I also earned more than 100,000 But it is not as good as Xiao Li, I will listen to you later, I don’t listen to my husband. “

I smiled. Li Jie said: “Xiao Li, you are looking at which stock is good, I bought it again!”

At that time, the rare metal was fired, I made her bought Shandong gold. Mom! At that time, God was like a golden finger, and Li Jie did two days.

Although she did not hold live, she ran less than 30%, this stock has risen more than double. But after these two things, Li Jie’s five-body investment in me, hearing from him.

Because I also bought a stock software at the time, Li Jie also bought it, she always somewhat small fat, indicating me to serve. The company’s manager did not dare to sin. She is the deputy director of the Public Security Bureau, and there is one of our company’s fights and being detained. I still call Li Jie, and Li Jie took me directly.

It is really because my husband is the deputy director of the Public Security Bureau. In fact, Li Sister is still very temper. Even our manager is over, it is very good to me. If the manager said, this woman can only get it.

However, I like Li Sister, beautiful, very powerful, the main thing is that the beautiful legs are very long, wearing high-heeled shoes stockings super beautiful, and is Royal Sister, I like it, and I am also a single uniform control, Li Sister wears a police uniform The look, very awkward!

Li Si’s family is also very comfortable. Her problems are very solved every time, solve it, she is a cold drink, we chat, just have a rest, very comfortable!

Since the relationship is often very good, we have a very good thing, in fact, Li Si people are very good, as long as she recognizes you, it is very good to you.

In July 2006, our manager adjusted Beijing, promoted, and went to the Personnel Department. I am very happy with my brother. As the saying goes, the trend is good, and the previous manager is very heavy, we will be able to get a good development.

The result did not think, the newly added manager, and our original manager is not very pair, and for the human mind, I love to use private. Before leaving, he raised me to the customer service deputy director. He was taking the paving of the customer service supervisor, because according to the manager, because our business department has a good performance, there are several major leaders in our business department. Get different degrees of promotion. And the customer service supervisor of our business department is also set in Beijing next month, and I am a competent customer service supervisor.

N City has four business halls, I originally the customer service supervisor of X District, in theory, the customer service supervisor of the four business halls can be taken over the customer service supervisor of N-city branch. The intention of the manager before leaving is very obvious. Everyone knows that the customer service Du supervisor and manager are also a line, but also the mirror, and my relationship is also very good. The manager has not taken me yet. Familiar with the work of the customer service, at the time, the work of many customer service supervisors was doing, including the most important company, the financial statements summoned to the Beijing Corporation every day, I am doing.

The customer service on Beijing believes that I am already actually the N city customer service supervisor, and the employees of the N-city branch are more call me “Li Director”.

Who is thinking, the newly added animal husbandry, a few of us can be very strong, soon with several brothers, there are two people who have been changed from important positions, replacement to him from Shenzhen. Since my work is very special, it is too important, there is a strong professionalism, and it is necessary to finance this piece. It is too big. It is too big. He can’t move me for a while.

But he put his heart Xuhua to me to make a deputy, learn to do the experience of the supervisor, I am not stupid, have not teach him about the important things, and then transfer to Du director, promoted Beijing, but The appointment of the director of the N city has been pressing the animal husbandry. It is very embarrassing that I have done, I actually be doing the work of the customer service, but there is no customer service supervisor, there is no corresponding treatment.

The branch’s customer service supervisor and the business hall is the essential difference, which can be said that the division of customer service department is responsible for the opening income of the business department, all other operations. In theory, the branch is the three hand outside the manager and deputy manager. The biggest treatment is to have a company dividend, and 3% of all the profits of the branch can be obtained each year.

I have done the financial statements for Du, and I am naturally clear, and a branch of customer service is 30-500,000, even more. The ordinary business hall is only 4,000 basic salary per month, and there are thousands of business bonuses. This is the other of the ancestral.

More importantly, this is a sure of myself. I want to start with the opposition at home, I came to N City, from one of the only 800 yuan basic salary, everything rely on the performance of the salesman, and I have a salesman who didn’t go down, how much bitter, I understand, I understand . At the hard time, I owe credit card than 20,000, I didn’t dare to say at home, afraid that my parents worried. But when I graduated a university, I didn’t understand anything, it was hard to do it with the manager, and I have opened up the N city market, regarding the veteran of the N city branch. At that time, I was actually a software engineering. I could have played with my classmates to find a software programming in Beijing. It is still not going on a month.

But I don’t want to make a lifetime programmer, too boring! In fact, I am also gambling, and the Hud Manager is very capable, I will also step by step. It can be said that the customer service supervisor of N city is what I should. I want to tell my parents to parents to prove that my son is right! But the appointment is late, the company is still calling me the director of Li, they will be embarrassed every time I shouted, I admit that I don’t admit that it is not a taste.

However, a little bit of animal husbandry, picking up a little bit, then dragging half a month, animal husbandry, regardless of the opposition, I will give Xu Hua to do customer service supervisors. I am very lost in my heart!

And before this, my brother, the Havens and Manager came to N city Xiao Zhao, because the drunkard lost, and the animal husbandry, was hit by a small report, and later, it was forced to resign.

I am more sad in my heart, when I am in a bad mood, I often want to go to Li. Li Jie also said that if you are tired, you will talk to me, I will call you company, and the name will let you wait.

On the day of Xu Hua’s appointment, I drank wine at noon, and I didn’t want to work, I went to Li Sister.

Li Sister is actually very sharp, and she is mixed with her, she is very casual, I have just graduated more than two years, and the character is still ashamed. In fact, I estimate that I have a mature plot, and I can’t see the feelings of rushing. Mixed, Li Jie often ridicule me, look at my face is very happy.

And that day, Li Jie was wearing a daddy on the home, and the nightdress is still short, it seems to have just seen the root of the thigh, with lace of lace, seems to reflect the thigh roots. If it is hidden. In fact, this is not the first time Li Jie’s pajamas in front of me, but it is more conserved before.

For the character of Li Jie, I still know, a happy woman who dares to hold my husband in front of his husband, it is really no other thought, it is estimated to take me a brother.

However, that day, I didn’t fight against me, and I didn’t seem to see me as a man. At that time, I got into the door, I guess Li Jie did not wear a bra. Very simple, the sleepers are very smooth, strong, wearing her body, full of high-spirited breasts, especially the top of the round, two obvious protrusions, playful Pick a straight silk fabric, breathing between, keep trending.

But I don’t know if I shouldn’t enter the door, and Li Jie has pulled me into the door.

Ask me: “How, drink?”

“bad mood!”

“Why isn’t good!”

“Nothing, I don’t want to go to the company today. I am here, is it good? Li Jie!”

“Well, okay, I will call you the company for a while, say you come here!”

After finishing the phone, Li Sister said: “Drink some tea! Exquisite wine!” Go to take tea, the location of the water dispenser is low, Li Sister is bent, and the sleeping skirt has been tall, I even saw it. , A tempting purple, with a long black, did not expect Li Sister to wear such a shaxy underwear. What is the most blush, the silk’s sleeping skirt is too smooth, the vertical quality is too good, the loose hem has been almost dreamed of, and the beautiful figure under Li Si silk robe is completely exposed to my eyes. Especially the big breasts, the beautiful big milk. I don’t want to see it.

At that time, it was a good young man who did not take a child. I still don’t dare to look straight. It is like a thief to steal. When Li Jie got up, I was a heart-sided head and didn’t dare to look at her.

Li Jie smiled and gave me a tea: “Drink, just sleep for a while.”

Because I just peeked about Li Jie, I drank tea. I slept closed my eyes. But I drank wine, I gradually barely, I was confused, I listened to Li Sister: “Don’t sleep, fell asleep, Have you cold, go to bed! “

Li Si’s bedroom, her daughter, I slept twices, and I didn’t care, I was asleep by Li Jie into the room.

This is quite satisfied, and it is estimated that I will sleep until three or four pm.

When I woke up, I feel that the room was wrong, I thought of being a sister, I didn’t care. There is also a bit of a head that is not awake, and I didn’t expect to be a warm and sweet jade. The head is still surprised, there is no reaction, but also caught his hand. I didn’t expect my hand, my hands were soft, my hands, warm and sleepled, how to say, cool! That is my first time to touch a woman. Due to comparative, our university did not pay a woman, have not touched a woman, and it was directly.

Silly, the hand didn’t know how to smoke, stupid, and the head turned, it was really awkward.

I don’t know what I have, how can Li Jie in my bed, is wrong, this is Li Si’s home, it should be how I am in Li Sister bed. Nor, fucking, your head is messy, I should be in the bed of Li Sister. sweat! This is quite evil!

Anyway, it was a silly, stupid for a few minutes, holding the big tits of Li, smoking it, not, not. I am afraid that I am awakened by Li Sister, don’t smoke it, what should I do if Li Sister wakes up?

However, Li Jie’s milk is really pinching! A more powerful point could not be grasped.

肏! When I don’t think about this now, I will wake up for a while. sky! If Li Jie is hot, you still don’t kill me! I rely! Miss Her husband or deputy director of the Public Security Bureau! I thought that I was cold sweat, I was dead.

But how can I sleep with Li Jie, is my bed after my wine? No, how to say Li Jie is also a regular police school, if I put it on her. Don’t say that I don’t have this gallbladder, that is, wine is, I don’t necessarily fight her. It’s not necessarily playing, and it’s more.

And look at the surrounding environment, is also like it is a struggle.

Does Li Jie did not resist? Can’t! Can’t you! How do you think that it is unreasonable!

And look at the traces of the bed, I am not like what happened to Li. I have a good time with Li Jie’s clothes.

That is I have an idea I have an ostrich, sleep, let Li Sister wake up, I think so, Li Jie is better, if I wake up, wake her, see this situation, Li Sister is estimated to be angry, I can’t.

But if she wakes up, see this scene, she is good, will not wake me, it is estimated that there is no happening, and things may be better.

Close your eyes, I will sleep, my mind is still chaos, I have been thinking about how I sleep with Li Jie. I fell asleep, Li Jie was also sleepy, so she forgot the bed and me?

It is a matter of urgent, and it is pumped back.

I am thinking about holding the hand, just a move, I am shocked by Li, she is, I scared.

Then, then, then, then fucking, Li sister actually sleeps seems to have something habits, side, facing me, her arm clamping my hand, then estimate that I have a toy, holding my hand. Live, press it in your own arms.

Khan, directly put my palm on her soft abundance. My heart is getting out of my eyes. I don’t dare to move, but I don’t want to live in the following, I don’t know what to do, this is stiff, and I am screaming, I don’t know what it is.

After a while, I didn’t think it was a way, I wanted to take my hand back, but I haven’t taken out two or three times, and I finally wake up Li Jie.

In fact, I really didn’t take off the students’ green, and I have tapped with women.

Now I want to come, I was clear that Li Jie woke up. When I was awkward, I felt that Li Jie got a very tight, who fell asleep, can be so tight. Pig! How is your head so stupid? At that time, it was a little in his head. Maybe my cock was in the first one of the public security director.

However, it was too stupid that I had to wake up Li Jie.

However, Li Si’s face is much thicker than me, and it is complete, and I laughed: “Wake up!”

“Well!” I hurriedly jumped up, I don’t know, I said: “Li Jie, I am sorry, I still have something, I am gone!”

“I send you!”

I am almost falling. But I can’t forget that Li Jie will send me, and that a tempting purple. A small diamond-shaped transparent fabric, purple revealed the root of the root of the roots, could not cover how much small cloth is interlaced, connected to a triangle, and finally the small strap is lightly hanging in the sex of the sexy bones On the hut.

There are also many long curved oils that drilled out from the mesh.

After escaping, once I didn’t know how to face Li Jie, I want to deliberately hide her. And I was very busy at the time, not only busy my original business department, but also busy the work of the customer service supervisor. Because there is no main work to teach Xu Hua, in fact, he will not pick up your hand. It is equivalent to being in the air, many jobs, he is not ideal, but also let people come to me.

I just want him to taste I have been a taste of roast, I want people to know that he is not coming to this job, everything depends on me. I have to let the animal husbandry and the people around you, I can’t do it. To this end, I have to work hard to keep the company’s performance, let people see that all this is my efforts behind.

Good effect, this week’s business report, the customer service department is far from the business department. However, when the meeting of the operation meeting, the animal husbandry smiled and praised Xu Hua, saying that Xu Huang took hands to work, and did this result, very good, just mention my credit. It seems that Xu Hua, which is almost nothing, has been working hard.

Mom, Xu Hua Neng is? Hey!

Li Sister called me and said that I will go to her.

Just, I relax, let Xu Hua, who can do it!

In fact, I am still calming, I think about the scene of the day, I am not very stupid, although I am not very confirmed, but I still guess, in fact, Li Jie did not wake up early, my hand touched her tits, she knowed. Just don’t know why she didn’t say it.

And I am thinking about me, she is willing? Still not willing?

The woman who experienced at the time was still not possible to analyze.

If you change today, I have long known that Li Jie is very willing to let me touch, otherwise it will not hold my hand. The emotional emperors were too stupid.

However, it is estimated that it is also the name of Li Sister, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau is too scared. I feel that the gap is too big, I don’t want to think more.

If you change today, you will not be allowed to be because of his wife, secretly happy, it is estimated that excited cock can be more than half a day.

Unfortunately, I have to miss it. I will have no fate with Li Jie.

At the sister of Li. Li Sister wore it than the last still Sao, and the last time, the lavender nightdress, but the hem was short, and the present is to be a designed design, in rolling lace. There are a lot of black curled hair to see. I am! Li Jie is very bold, even underwear is not wearing.

I am again stupid and know that Li Jie is seduce me. Although I don’t know why. I don’t have anything that I have to look at Li, but I still know that Li Jie wants to seduce me.

Just sat down, Li Jie joked me: “Xiao Li, is there a girlfriend?”


“I haven’t paid a girlfriend!”

“Well, no.”

“University is not!”

“Learn, didn’t look!”

Li Sister smiled, spent, especially the two stars of the clothes in the chest, and the wind was unlimited. “I know you have not paid a girlfriend.”

There is no girlfriend in this old age, in fact, I am very unopened. I remember that my woman in front of my woman is very good, although people are got, but many women love to be with me. But I don’t know how to get a bad university woman, I am more shy, I will not take the initiative to take the girl, so I have no girlfriend.

Others ask me, I always say that career is heavy, in fact, it is not a taste. Nowadays, in the past, the twenties have not done a woman, I really don’t want to tell others.

So Li Sister smiled, I was also annoyed, asked: “How do you know that I have no girlfriend?”

“If there is a girlfriend, the last time you can run, it is fast than the rabbit, afraid that Li Jie will eat you. I will know, our Xiao Li has not touched a woman, otherwise I have already put Li Sister. “

Li Jie boldly made me speechless. Li Jie asked: “Xiao Li, do you have a woman?”

Seeing that I don’t answer, Li Jie smiled again: “Hey, I will know that Xiao Li has never been done. Really, our Xiao Li is still a young!”

Li Jie’s laughter, let me feel like laughing, very faceless, angry, said: “Who said no! I have been!”

“Who have you done !?”

Khan, I speechless, Li Sister, you are strong! At that time, I was red, I really don’t know what to say, I can’t do it. It is Li Sister, and the generous smile: “Okay, you know that you are lie, come to help me see stocks.”

Li Jie’s notebook is usually placed on the table. This time, in bed, Li Sister returned, squatted in bed, two legs naturally separate two sides of the bed. Wow! The rows of the hips are very sexy, especially between two half-shaped hips, but also a black bright, slightly black. My heart, this is my first time, in the mask, see the woman’s in the reality.

Li Jie’s is very beautiful, it is very clean, most of which have been beautiful than I have seen in the mask.

At that time, my eyes were straight, stupid standing.

Li Jie turned back, smiled: “Silly stands, go to bed!”

But Li Jie, your jade leg is a point, almost occupying the whole bed, where do I, where?

I don’t know how to stand, Li Jie obviously seeing my young shackle, jade legs, the two legs between the legs: “Come!”

I was a blank, stupid climbed into the bed, squatting in the middle of Li Jie, I don’t know why it is stupid.

Li Xi said: “You give me this stock!”

But Li Sister, the notebook is in your head, I am far from the far, if it is nearest, isn’t it? I haven’t experienced this kind of thing after all, silly, I don’t dare to move. If she holds today, I have already thrown into the sister, and the big dick directly inserted.

Li Jie returned to the laugh: “Happy, it is also shy!”

I have to be stupid to Li Jie, and my hands are on both sides of Li Sister’s body, and I don’t dare to compact, it seems to be afraid. But the belly contacts, the softness of Li Jing, the soft extreme, the flexible hip, that kind of warm gliitive and flexible feeling really let my blood, especially between Li Jie’s faint, let me The lower body is immediately convinced, and the top is between the legs of Li Jie.

Li Sister smiled: “Is the sister is a tiger? Hey is scared, the body is hard, how do you?”

“No … No!” I was talking about it.

“No, let’s relax! Don’t hold it!”

“Oh!” I got a big bile, pressed the whole weight on the slim and full body. This is the first time I first pressed a woman under the body, and the heartbeat.

Li Jie is like a person who is missing, and asks me: “Xiao Li, Li Jie’s body is so comfortable?”

I am a red road: “Oh, Shu … comfortable …”

Li Jie laughed back, it seems to see stocks, it seems that there is no real thing to be compressed by a man, I don’t dare to move, I don’t understand what Li Jie is meaning.

After a while, I felt that Li Jie started twisting in my body, especially the abdomen, and made my lower body more uncomfortable. But I was very frustrated, I didn’t know what it was, the body was stiff, and I didn’t dare to move.

Mainly, I have no experience, Mrs. Li Jie Police Director is also scary, so I don’t dare to act rash.

Siki, Li Sister asked: “Xiao Li, my sister is so beautiful today?”

“Pretty, sister is beautiful?”

“When is the sister?”

I certainly dare not say: “What is the most beautiful in the wind today?” So, the head is a white: “Li Jie, you wear the best!”

Li Jie first glanced, then Gege said: “Gignoneless, you can’t see it, Xiao Li, you still have this hobby, uniform control!”

“No … 呜呜 …”

I also said that I can’t say anything, Li Jie returned, a legs lifted, it was a policewoman, absolutely practiced, the beautiful legs were relaxed, and the legs hooked my neck, the legs were suede, and powerful, plug I can’t breathe. And Li Sister is red, and the warm and humidity is wrapped in my mouth. I don’t know what to do. Li Sister is full of fragrant tongue, as a twisted snake, open my teeth, in my mouth, stir, wrapped around my tongue, as a snake tightening, let me suffocate.

Li Jie’s legs is also like a python, tightly hosted me, the skin, the skin, equipped with stockings, more slippery, and the warmth of the thighs, let my brain nothing, there is only the thigh Skinate, cheeks carefully feel carefully, Delicious in the inside of Li Sister! Kissing, I just not the opponent of Li Jie, and I will cram in the tongue. Li Jie is unpredictable, then giggling, laughing, the flowers, seems very funny, I suddenly feel very no face, Li Jie Laughed: “Do you kiss the first time? Child?”

It’s really my primary kiss. Now I think of it. My first kiss is dedicated to Li Sister, I will make me forget, I can’t forget it, I have temperament, you have a temperament, you can’t lose your hair, and there is a good, and the wind is like Bai Suzhen. A woman who is like a snake in the gourd baby. In short, no matter Bai Suzhen, or the snake in the gourd baby is the snake!

Li Jie is a woman who loves the snake. My first kiss is given to her, I don’t regret it, it is my biggest happiness!

However, I was a little dark, a 24-year-old man, didn’t pick up the kiss, just like the cock didn’t have a long hair, it feels that the milk is unfair, anyway, I think it is not a face.

Li Sister saw me, smiled: “Okay, this time I take you cheap, let the sister give you a reward!”

After that, Li Sister jumped out of bed, opened the wardrobe, quickly turned out the sky blue women’s police shirt, and dark blue uniform skirt.

Li Sister threw the skirt, and then took a sleep skirt on the front of me.

I first saw a woman’s naked in reality, that is, Li Jie, Bee Big Big, Especially the beautiful legs specially slender, tube stockings, stepped on high heels.

Go to now the long-cylindrical stockings with high heels, one is my favorite, I suspect that Li Jie made me amazing once, became Yongli, and became a high heel stockings legs.

I see the throat roll, I feel that my throat is hot, dry!

Li Jie is charming, the eyebrows pick, and the wind is charming. I have to say that Li Jie’s impact on me is huge. So far, I still like the movement of girls like this, and I can’t stand it.

Li Sister is elegant to put on the shirt uniform, and then let me have a scene of my nosebleeds, Li Jie’s shirt, first, fourth, five-grain buttons, only two or three grains in the middle. The two regiments are proud of the snow, and the trembling big tits are squeezed from the middle of the tightly small uniform. If you are squeezing, it is like the uniform’s tightening, the tightening, the more you have a big milk, Seductive.

Li Sister, you are really a hook! Snake fine, snake waist!

Then Li Jie put the deep blue uniforms on the sleeve, only the two buckles of the bottom, the shoulder is very straight, I don’t know much about the title, but it is estimated that Li Jie’s police rank is not low, and there is a star, it seems There are two bars.

Then Li Jie did not wear a skirt! I really can’t stand the nosebleed, I am an otaku! The most uniform show, the upper body, the upper body is not, the dew, the long-term beauty legs wear stockings, step on high heels, under the uniform, furry, dark triangle, big breasts!

When Li Sister is still a foundation, I saluted to me: “XX City XX Branch Li XX, come to report, please review!”

At that time, I was very excited. I finally couldn’t help but boldly. I held the big milk of Li Si Xue, so I felt soft, so white, sleeper, so comfortable, comfortable, my hand is not Tight, now I recall, I suspect that I have the urge to pinch Li Jie’s big milk.

Li Jie sent out, oh, the eyes are bright, it seems that there is a water wave, and the corner is charming the elevation: “Little bad guys, you know how you are good!”

Li Jie smiled and opened my hand. I was a little fear at the time. I regretted it, I thought Li Sister was angry. Li Jie is very scared, I have seen her, I haven’t tempering our manager, and I am afraid. In particular, Li Si husband is the police secretary. Now I have touched people’s milk, I was afraid.

But I don’t want, Li Sister turned over to the bed, the legs were separated, the hips were tall, the face was high, the big milk pressure was a bit flat, then said: “Report, XX City XX Branch Li XX, report, please You continue to review! “

I finally opened it, I understood the words of Li Jie, Li Jie was inviting my big cock in depth of her Sao!

I am very excited, even the pants are not going to take off, alarm chain, take out the font of the font, I want to go to Li.

Li Sister is also very cooperated, and it is high at her tempting hips. But I am really a man. I didn’t have a woman’s experience. The cock was in Li Jie, that is, I can’t go in, I can’t help but worry, this is more urgent, I feel that Li Sister is already filled, Waiting for me to enter.

I can’t go, that feels, it seems that I can’t like it. It seems that Li Jie’s ridicule, let my cold sweat go straight, and the cock starts soft. At that time, I couldn’t help but I have an idea. Is it impotence? The more you think, the more nervous, the cock is soft, and he is frustrating, it seems to predict that Li Sister is angry, I am incompetent, Yangshuo!

Li Sister seems to have discovered my embarrassment, said: “Xiao Li, don’t be nervous, the first time, women, no experience, all this.”

I am weak, “Li Jie, is I impotence?”

“Hey!” Li Ji Le: “The fool, what impotence, Yangshuo can’t come, are you not a hard border? You are nervous, psychological effects, this shows that our little Li is really a man. Don’t think, you are, nervous can’t find Li Ji’s cave! “

When Li Jie turned over, I was lying in bed, saying that Li Jie was very angry, her temper, but at that moment, I feel that Li Jie is so gentle and skillful, and the head is pillow her milk, very comfortable.

Li Jie smiled and said: “Take a break, let’s come again. If Li Jie will do not face for a while, help your dick into the hole.”

“Li, you are so good!”

“Good is also cheap, you guys, let Li Sister is not as shaded. Let you go, but also to teach you!”

“Oh!” I smiled and smiled.

After a small meeting, Li Jie asked me: “Okay?”


Li Sister Feng Yu picks up, then in my surprise, the legs are high, then slowly separate from both sides. sky! Li Sister is worthy of a policewoman, it is definitely practiced, otherwise this letter is so easy to do so.

My heartbeat, a beautiful wife and police officer, in front of me, in front of me, what temptation is a haunt for me in the past, and I know that the cock is not rising.

Then Li Sister said to me: “Snake it, squat into the belly belly. This posture makes you, excited?”

“Well!” I was stunned on the soft body of Li Sister. Li Jie’s body was very comfortable, very comfortable! It turned out that the woman was so comfortable.

“Fool!” Li sister looked at my stiffness, smiled: “I really want Li Jie, teach you how to do people. I didn’t expect Xiao Li, you looked at home, so bad. Oh, see you anxious!”

Li Jie’s fingers are long, slightly cold, very soft, grabbed me hard and hot. The cold touch makes me, soft hoops, my hard, let me become more incapable, beat it in the hands of Li.

Li Si Meiye loudly: “Oh, Xiao Li’s guy is so big, so hard! Li Sister likes!”

Li Jie’s hand is gentle, my firm, just get to a slippery hole, Li Jade, and my glans have entered a warm cave.

“Okay, below, Xiao Li, you can do Li Jie, small bad guys, don’t be too fierce, Li Jie is afraid!”

My heart is jumping, it is not only nervous and excited. This can be a female police officer, the director of the director, do her, how many psychological burden is scared. Especially from the school graduated, it is still very nervous. At the same time, Li Sifeng is long legs, the body is great, people also have a taste, beautiful sexy, but also the temptation of my favorite uniforms and stockings, the cock is very excited!

I took a deep breath and was preparing to start my dry, but I heard, I was awkward, it was the voice of opening.

Lying! Is Li Si husband came back! Scared me, your mother! This is the leader of the power organization, if I find that I am preparing to do his wife, I still don’t die.

Li Sister also heard, brow wrinkled, unsatisfactory whisper: “Dead old ghost! How come back!”

“Xiao Li, my husband came back, come back next time!” Li Jie horted me, I got up.

I am more flustered, I was touched by Li Jie, I was squatting on Li sister, and the big cock was in the cave of Li Ji.

“Oh!” Li sister looked with a little, stockings, the legs, the legs were straight, and the beautiful feet picked high heels.

“Hey!” Li Sister smiled: “How to don’t get Li Jie, you are so unwilling! Oh, Xiao Li can really boldly!” I panicked, but fortunately, the pants didn’t take it, just from the pants Go out of the cock, plug it back, pull the zipper.

Li Jie, a set of female police drops, the underwear is not worn, and the queen has been restored. However, Li Jie smiled and easily: “Don’t worry, wait for the family, the husband is not at home, Li Jie casually do!”

Opened the bedroom door, Li Jie smiled and shouted: “Husband, you return!”

Li Si’s husband is an old guy. It is a typical older wife. It is no wonder that Li Jie should steal people. It is estimated that he can’t satisfy it!

“You are at home!”

“Yeah! Just got off work!” Li Xi said, a policery, it is really like a get off work, it has not come, and the clothes are not coming.

“Oh!” Seeing me, her husband: “Who is this?”

Li Xi said: “Securities company, my stock software and computer are broken, calling. It is more early than I am waiting for a long time.”

Li Sister husband said: “You still stock, you can take a stock!”

“I am not caught up with it?” Li Sister said: “You take a shower first!”


In the face of Li Si husband, my legs have a little soft, but I admire Li Sister, I am clear that my underwear is not worn, but it is calm.

Li Si husband went to take a shower, Li Jie smiled, the skirt online, the snow white is full, and I am helping me: “Xiao Li, don’t try Li Sister now.”

I am saying: “This? Your husband took a shower.” Said that the truth, Li Si Xuebai’s big butt shook, really tempting me, but her husband can be at home, still, to find it still Dead me.

“Oh, time, do you want to stimulate!”

I’m speechless! Li Sister saw that I didn’t dare, smiled: “Okay, don’t tease you, wait, my husband is not at home, you come again!”

Then I fel away, I’m really afraid to stay, let her husband discovered the spider silk, and I killed me.

It is also that day, I have quarreled with the manager, very fierce, the cause is that I made a financial statement wrong. This work should not be done, it is the work of the customer service, Xu Hua, but Xu Hua won’t do it, all I do for him. When I have a credit, Xu Hua is praised, how is it wrong to be mine.

I am very angry, yelled: “I am not the customer service, this report is not worthy of me, what is the problem to find Xu Hua!”

“Isn’t the report not you do?” The manager also got angry, I completely broke out: “Even the financial statements make others do, then he is doing this. The performance is good, make mistakes, I can’t be so shameless , Your manager is unfair! “

“You are not obeying the company management, don’t you want to do it!”

“Don’t do it, don’t do it!” I gone, and I went up what I resigned immediately.

I resigned back to my hometown and re-found a work of software engineering. Li Jie gave me a few calls, even if I got to find a job, I didn’t agree. In the subconscious, I am afraid that Li Jie is entangled. Because I have just graduated, my heart is more pure, I always feel that someone else is very un mo, let alone her husband or police director. Dry someone else’s wife, it is estimated that the wife is not big, the wife of the Director is estimated to be dead, and the heart is also afraid.

Later, I didn’t contact Li Jie. But now I regret it, I have had a good body, the wife, the masters, the masters of the masters, let me do, I didn’t cherish. Every time I think of Li Si’s white body, a huge tits, I have a high-heeled legs, especially wearing uniforms, and get into the heroicity of my salute. The wind is so lascivious, and her beautiful legs are like, and the cock will regret it.

I have never understood that Li Jie is interested in my little person. Now I understand, Li Jie is lonely, after all, her husband is old, and it is emptied to be empty by wine. Li Jie’s physiology needs it, it should be that Li Jie is trying to be done. It is not that I may be someone else, but I have a relatively happy with her, so she is willing. And with my little people like me, it is more likely to control it!

I want to come now, before I, after I, even if I don’t have me, there will be some little Li, Xiao Wang, Xiao Zhang’s strong guys are hooked into bed by Li Sister, pressing the uniform, Li Sister肏.

If this happens in three or five years, I will never escape. Li Jie’s identity not only scared me, it will only make my dick more exciting, after all, not anyone can 一 肏 Mrs. Mrs. Director. I will definitely taste a female police officer, and a horse is hifting her taste. Especially the second time, when Li Si’s husband took a shower, she slammed the same. Stuff I am absolutely, will be more exciting to make her. When he took a shower, she was really exciting, waiting for her husband, Li Jie is definitely a full-body semen. Why! I don’t know my successor, have anyone to do this!

Now I want to come to Li Sister to face the latter of her husband, and I want to come to her to steal the experience very rich. Li Jie is not a thousand people, a hundred people ride. At least I estimate that ten people have done it, or it is very possible.

Thanks to Li, I miss her very much, she let me know, women don’t care about her identity, actually is eager to be ride!

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