I just raised my third, my parents were the most loved ones. My dad is a car broker, but Mom is a teacher teacher. Their feelings have been very good from marriage to now. My daughter can say that there is no mistake to find the wrong place, this is really a very harmonious family.

My father’s old friend Guo Uncle Mado is a next door to my house. When I was four years old, Mr. Guo gasped gasped and got angry. When I was talking to my parents, his wife just got a child.

Our family is happy with him! My mother also said to me: “Jing, I can play with you in the future!”

From small, my old likes to call him, Xiao Song. He is really giving us two colors. When he was a child, he always took Japan’s face of superman, shuttled our two calls, wrapped around all the day, I have to play a superman to play the monster play with him. Every time he cries home, tell Guo Mu to defeat the “monster”, crying. Hey, my old sister is “monster” can lose to him …………………………. ……

Xiao Song, people itself listened, but they owe a little bit. Guo Mom ordered him to come to me to work with me for his class. I am using the old man’s tone to the Horses, I want him to complete the homework.

Maybe it’s not to be met, when I turned, he often shot my hips with his hand and picked up: “Jingjie! Why do you have meat? What should you do in the future? … “After each time I sneak, I can’t say it.

My mom continued her teaching career after I was twelve years old. Ask her why she has to work out, there is dad to pay at home! Her reason is to say that they don’t want to be a living housewife, and there is work to keep in understanding social information. Therefore, after twelve years old, I will go back to Xiao Guo, I’m going to do a class.

During the period, I didn’t understand my efforts. There is no white fee, and I have risen three years old, and he is progressing more than one year in school. Guo Mom has come to my house every time, I praised my parents, Xiao Jing is smart and beautiful, and she can take her small pine, it is really powerful. After my parents listened, I laughed without a mouth.

Today, I will come back, Xiao Song is often carrying him with a heavy bag. Give him a glass of ice water, do your own class. Soon, Xiao Song encountered the problem, I told me to teach him. Hey, you can’t finish it …. You can’t teach him. Just sitting next to him, see if he doesn’t understand.

Just as I * near his hand, my chest seems to have encountered something, slightly, I glanced at it, it turned out to be a small dumpling of my right breast. Naturally responded slightly, it is not intentional to stare at the action of the small pine. But, look at his face focused on the homework, did not doubt what he was. Close to him to guide him.

However, the breast turned to a compulsive power, this time I ignore, only to teach him not to understand. Somehow, his elbow is like a regularity that is slightly left on my developmental mature breast. Although it is all in my school, it is a slow itching through him.

I want to pull the body, this time, Xiaosong called me to read the problem. The body is more in the past, and the right breast is more pressing on his arm. At this time, although I look at the book on my face, my face is red. This small pine did not care about the shoulder, indicating that he was a bit tired.

If you don’t move, you will drive his elbow to rapidly rub the elbow. Give him this, a reaction in the vicinity of the nipple, a sudden contracted shrinkage, the heart … … The mouth is slowly spitted with a Liuqiu. No, the speed is called him to see himself, and I will answer his questions tomorrow. It’s a bit wrong with him, and when you go to your own room, he will come back to my soft hips again, and say loudly: “There is no change in Jingjie!” Haha! “

I am glad to answer him: “It doesn’t change this. You have nothing to do with you. You work hard.”

After the door is closed, it is weak to lying on the bed. At this time, I feel that the lower body is a bit sticky. The curious dress is touched by the school skirt to the waist, and the hand touched the pure white underwear, and hurts, why is you wet in the center of the labipings.

The handle reached into the small panty, but the finger touched, there were some moist liquid to seep. The left hand is put on the forehead, but the middle finger in the right hand is gently turned around the lips, but the brain is chaotic, thinking about why this will be ……… Why there will be This should not have a reaction ……………………. —————- ————————————————— ————– The next day, Xiaosong came to my house. After yesterday, I didn’t dare to be so close today. Just tell him, I don’t know what to show me, I will write it again to him. At this point, the phone rang, I ran to answer.

Weird, it is looking for a small job. After he put down the phone, I asked him why his classmate learned here.

He said: “I told him, because I want to hurry the electric toy, give him this phone number.” It turned out.

Then he ran to the gate and said: “Jingjie! I have to take it! It’s coming back, don’t say it with my mother!”

“Okay! Let’s come back!”

No matter what he is, continue my homework. When I went back to the table, I accidentally kicked it to his school bag. I think he is getting better, and puts up the bag, it is really heavy! What books will he bring to class every day? Look down the school bag, hey, it is really a pile of textbooks, just as I used to. Just pulling up the drawn, look at a book like comics, ah! I haven’t seen it for a long time, I have recently prepared a university test. it is good! Just look at the relaxation of the nerve.

When you take comics, you are a ……. Japanese H comics …….. The cover is a girl with a model, and the black long hair is a Chu Chu. Poor face, a plump breast and she only wore a purple underwear, and put a fake action. I have never seen this kind of comic, and my face is hot.

Under curious drive, I sat quietly on Sofa and looked at each page of each page. Although, I don’t understand those Japanese, but every action in it makes me a little excitement. After the whole comics, you can press the hand on the skirt, gently sprinkled with the dresser in the yin, closing my eyes, fantasy, I have just seen every plot. After the left hand put it down, I started to get my own double milk. At the same time, the right hand continued to stimulate my pussy.

I entered my god, I took the right hand straight to the center of the inner panties, the index finger and the neutral refers to my thin white underwear alternately alternately ignorant the slightly wet lips, and touching the two sides of my thigh. It is not excited to cause my body.

Um……..! Bite your lower lip and constantly feel that happiness. The eyes are slightly opened, and the comics cover next to it is shy and then covering the eyes. After the head is tight and close to Sofa, the point of the right hand begins with the need to add a quick-wet panties in the heart, and the calf is even more open, and it is more straight.

Um! Well ~~~! My warm solution is uncontrolled, my fierce small panties, the opening of the thigh is so good, the left hand is immediately in the lower abdomen to accept the feeling like electric shock … ………. The mouth has a little low and slight.

After a few minutes, the chest slowly turned back from the undulating state, the whole body is like a virtual off.

Ugh! Once, I only know what masturbation now. Eneven enough blush, fortunately, Xiaosong has not come back, otherwise, I don’t know how to explain what I just explained.

When I want to wash a hot bath, Xiao Song will come back. When he entered the door, he was frightened to stand the comics in my hand. Of course, I don’t have to let the opportunity to teach him a meal, and I will tell Guo Mu when I have a good grade. He can’t confut what he is doing his class.

Just sat down, he asked him with a suspicion: “Jing Sister! Have you sneaked?”

I hurriedly replied: “Your mouth gives me a cleaning, I won’t watch it! Do your homework!”

“Also, you see you with this book, how can Guo Mu beat you, I am not responsible, I heard it?”

I have no chance to take a shower, I have to accompany him to do my homework, but the lower body of the moiste is very uncomfortable, and I will go to Xiaosong, I can clean it. I think what I am doing in the past two days ………

————————————————— —————————— This week, parents and Guo Daxie they all took a big holiday to foreign travel a week. They really have confidence in me, even told me to take care of Kids. No law, who told me than him is four years old! God is really unfair to me, why can’t I go together with them. Tonight, after dinner with Xiaolong, play with him, see who lost, tomorrow, get a breakfast in the morning. Tens of a turn with him and thoroughly lost to this younger brother, I have to work hard! At this time, it’s more than 12 o’clock, and I went to the small parents’ sleeping room to sleep. ! The room is really big, the bed is comfortable. After taking a shower, I will sleep back to bed.

Mongolian, it seems that someone is called my name, Jing Sister ~! At first, I didn’t want to listen to it. I was Xiao Guo. It’s so late, wake me up! I am sleeping very sweet. I can’t listen, I don’t care about him. Xiao Song called the number, and when I didn’t react, I stopped again.

I can’t stop it, I feel that my quilt is like giving people. One hand is pressed at the lower abdomen, and it is gently to pick up. Is Xiao Guo! I want to do what I should do?

At that time, I was afraid that I didn’t know how to count, I had to fell. At this time, his other hand stretched into the pajamas on the upper body. He whispered with his fingers. I thought that he didn’t respond, and even more bold hands, I used a little massage, I was stimulated. Breast.

He pushed like this, it is itchy, like the feeling of his elbow to rub my right breasts. I really don’t know what to wake away immediately, when I am fighting in my heart, I feel my loose light blue shorts, give him slowly fall to my elongated calf. He lifted my calf a little bit, and quickly took out the shorts out of the next to it.

Now I am, only one sleeveless vest in the inner wear with white bust and put on a thin white cotton underwear.

I once again heard him with a very small voice called me. I am really a blank in my mind, I can’t do it. He got my silence again, and he began to make my two legs very open. His hand is placed on my calf, his fingers are in a smooth calf, a massage of me, and up and down.

Suddenly, both hands are in the inside of my thigh, slowly up and down. He like this, so that I shook it, the muscles of the two feet were tight. The frowning wrinkled, because his fingertips were gently dragged on my underwear, he didn’t let him see every place he saw, go upstream of my thin underwear.

His finger found my clitoris, pushing the prostitution of the underwear into the slight upper and lower plagues of the clitoris. The chest will slowly up with his important part of my important part, for afraid he saw, and control it, it is a bit hard. The lower abdomen is like a warm flow, and the court has been extended to my pussy.

what! Although it is reluctant to control breathing, but my kinky is ignored my strength, turning into my underwear. I don’t know how much I infiltrated on my thin underwear, I think Xiaosong must pay attention to it.

Hey ~! He began to attack me the labiely wet, his fingers turned on the laboraries, and the upper and lower ignorant of the moment. I am inadvertently installed, I’m going to move around, and I have tall, so that the action cooperates with him. His fingers have accelerated phenomenon on the pussy, and I have a young skincare, indirectly, I am very humble.

Now I have no strength to stop the little Song further action, only to do his eyes to do his love.

I don’t know on how, Xiaosong stopped all actions. After waiting for a while, I only heard the moving voice, I was on the knee on the thigh, and I was suddenly harassed by the private parts, but I didn’t have a small finger. Just feel that the object is touched, it is a bit temperature. When I met my thigh root, I felt that soft things with some sticky liquids.

That thing is not stopped in the underwear, the frequency begins acceleration, rubbing it up and down at my labia, and gently open my pussy from time to time, like to plug in underwear. My calf, the thighs and hips are quickly dial quickly, slow and quiet, suddenly, Xiaosong spit out the number of low sulfones, privately affected in any liquid injection. Just feel that there is a hot sense, some sticky liquids are splashing on the thigh, and I even smell a strong taste, I never smelled.

Guess the time, silence is vividly heard in the small puff. He put my legs again, and I felt his leg’s knees on the bottom of my wet slippery. I don’t know how to go to him, and the mood of disorders is thinking. Is Xiao Song not afraid that I woke up? At this point, he turned the bottom of my vest to the roll, and kept volume to the heart of the axillary. Then reached out and stroked my breasts outside the small bra, and his slightly warm hands and light pushing that did not be protected by bras, and the smooth skin. He has a skill from the beginning of my armpits, and has been slipping to my breasts, and then pressing two hands into my breasts. I didn’t stand the hand into my bra in my bra, and I directly knead my nipple. Um! The nipples are naturally and quickly hard, and he has used a little hard to pull my sensitive nipple. He is still not satisfied with the upper side of the bra, and gently pull the bra down to the nipple.

The most elastic breasts and hard nipples are a bit cold because there is no bra protection. Now I am ashamed, I don’t want to open my eyes, watching Little Song’s gazing. I don’t know what, the warm and humid liquid drops on the nipple on the right side, and the hot liquid is more rapidly contracted with nipples. The answer will soon know that it is a small spit of Sinus, because he is sucking my nipple, and use the dental tip to bite me.

His tongue is usually involved in my nipples, and the soft tongue is fed from time to time and turned on the nipple.

His left hand is not idle, join the war to attack my left breast. He stimulated my nipple with the center of the palm, but his finger was placed on my morning breast. On the two sides of my thighs, I will stay in my legs (small loose) in my legs (small loose), and put my pinear with the small knees, with the Yinjin, in his knee, slightly up and down .

The forehead feels that there is one, the sweat of the two beads flow, even I don’t know, why is it so desired to rub the labipings in a small pine knee, I only know that the lower body itch can not endure.

It is the best to satisfy the smuggling of the knees, Xiao Song is stopped in my chest. Not well, he is going to remove my thin underwear. I am nervous to grasp the sheets on both sides. Xiao Song him had slowed down my underwear.

He gently separated my two legs, and my pussy had no coverage in front of him. The foot finger does not have a tightening, waiting for a further action of small loosen. I feel that his left hand pressed down on the bedside. A bitterness of a bumble is from private parts, feeling something in my private parts, like something that I have just passed on my underwear.

Heart suddenly remembered the lower body of Komatsu, the bless boy, is Xiaosong who is using his penis. I am so afraid, I want to immediately get up to stop him, but I think of seeing his penis, the whole body is only stiff in bed, and the heart is like a deer. It’s too late, my phed entry is beginning to be inserted by his penis.

His warm penis advances in a step in the vagina that I am wet, and every small plug is open to the vaginal that I have not been developed. It’s very painful, I only feel that strong tear, I don’t want him to know that I have been installing, how to hurt, I only call it in my heart. The last plug, but he strongly entered my vagina deep, my pussy touched his inclusion, I think he has already plunged the whole penis inside.

The vagina kept receiving his penis in the prime bomb, but fortunately he didn’t move, otherwise I will have a feeling of fainting. Static, he started to touch my lower abdomen with his hand, slipped to the breast, his mouth was again sucking on my nipple. This time he is afraid of my nipple root, but the tongue is squatting the nipple tip, and the speed begins to speed up.

His penis is impatient to enter my tight vagina. I don’t know if he doesn’t want to wake me, and the movement of the throduction is just slow. But in my nipple, there is no rule and rapidly. His penis is constantly inflated, hard to support my vaginal pain, I deliberately, I will raise the sound, I hope to scare him. I only know that he didn’t pay attention, and the speed of the throduction was added, his tongue continued to stimulate my nipple and breast with your right hand. Forehead, chest, small abdomen and thighs, with the small pins of the penis, the tongue and the right hand to the stimulation of me on my chest, continuously ooze a lot of sweat.

The lower part of the lower body, I feel that a burst of warm current is in my vagina, and the whole body is shocked. My eyes are shed under the fear. Small pine’s penis has come into my private parts.

His hand strokes my breasts and belly, and his penis also took my vagina. He didn’t find it, it was awake, I just opened my eyes. When he finished my clothes, he turned off the door, leaving only a fainting sister.

Soon, I got up and remove the shorts with the underwear, with the moon that passed from the window, I saw that the sheets were dyed, and my lower body also flowed into the semen in my body. And the blood of the silk. I can’t be curled, buried my head in two knees, began to cry ………… I want to face small pine tomorrow ………….. .! ?

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