Ahui, Jun Na and Michele three people have been incense for two days, and Ahui has to do things this day, so they will leave. And this day, Jennifer also called Michele to say some new goods arrived, so I got to go to the store together, ready to replenishment.

“You are MiChele mother? Hello, I am Jennifer!”

“You call me Nana, or call me Nami! This … I will get better in the future? Hehe …”

At this time, the two can talk to it! Although the age has a certain gap, it is quite close, so it is very soon. Moreover, this time Jennifer began to introduce some of the strange sex toys, and Na Na is red and red, but it is also as being happy to hear, even from time to time!

“Nana, then to wash your fart?” Michele took Junnah to walk behind this, and she had taken it off at this time, leaving only one dip pants with high heels. When Jennifer came behind, it was even more actively naked, even the punch pants did not wear, but they wore a sexy garting garter, which took the initiative to expose their bare lower body, so that I was more embarrassed. However, she is also half-pushed under the land, take off the clothes, then let the two helps her clean the rectum, and can’t help but pick it up in Jennifer’s fingers.

“Oh, your ass is very sensitive, you see, it will succeed with my finger like this … huh … Michele … Your asshole is also awkward …” “” Ah … you … I like you to play your ass … 喔 喔 … don’t stop … don’t let go … My little hole … ah … ah, ha … ah … ah … “At this time, MICHELE Rena will be squatting Ok, let Jennifer look at the following, the mother and daughter can be happy! And both people have wear a butterfly shaker and insert a G point massager in the hole, plus the assassination of the asshole, and quickly entered the climax and slid a few times. Then, three people put on the same kind of fun supplies, and then went to the street together. Of course, everyone must wear very hot, attracting many passers-by to follow!

When the three people are drinking in the afternoon tea, someone suddenly called Jennifer, it turned out that she had a bunch of her husband, she went to eat together, and she would bring more women to participate, but also specially reminded that I have to remember Wear spicy! Jennifer is very clear that this means! ! This representative will have a lot of people at night, and will also go to bed with her! When she told Xiangna with Michele, they decided to look at it together, and let’s find a temporary sexual artist who played, so the three will go to Jennifer’s husband arrangement, three People go to wash a spa together!

After washing, each of them enjoyed an hour, then wearing a bathrobe to rest in the lounge. Wait until Jennifer received a call, then it was taken to a VIP room, and then changed sexy short bathroom with the thong, so it was taken to another room, where there is already seven men sit where, It is also only wearing bathrobe and shorts, drinking chat, and look at the game.

“Wife, come?! …… these two …”

“This is Na, this is Michele, come … This is my husband!” At this time, almost many men have concentrated on Michele! In fact, this is no wonder because her older is the most old, and the body is sexually hot. How can I not let these old high colors? But there is a man who looks very sweet, it is very gentle to look at Yuna, which will not remove his eyes. Tonight, two men are putting the goal in Jennifer, let her husband can take it away, and put the goal in Michele!

When eating, the topic is around for men and women! When I chatted after the meal, Xunna quickly took the man to another box to go to private secret, and Jennifer also took the two men to another box, let the remaining four A man is staying here with Michele, and she continues her tofu. At this time, the bathrobe on her body has already fallen, leaving only a sexy thong. These colors, the cock has long been ready to move! Moreover, when you just eat, drink in the wine, the man has added aphrodisiac, and the woman has added a herman. At this time, MICHELE’s lower body has flowed out a lot of prostitution, and the whole tantgins are wet. NS.

“I am so hot … I am so strange … I feel special wet …” She touched her breast at this time, then she was separated from the legs, and she began to calm strive in front of the four colors. Then everyone took out. Cock, put it in your mouth, slowly get hard, let them plug in pushing the dick into his small hole, but everyone first puts on the safety case, only put the dick into her body. Under the mutual assistance of aphrodisiac, Michele can be said to be almost everyone! Plus everyone has a pattern on everyone’s safety case, this round, you can bring her to the climax, live directly! After waiting until her body is slightly reduced, she looked at the man who seems to be satisfied at this time, then said that I will help you blow the trumpet? ! And I didn’t wait for them to open, just grabbed the jennifer husband’s downs. Moreover, it also also grasped the cocks of others, and turns around. This time, Jennifer’s husband is tall with her farther, and let other three people turn to her mouth, in her mouth Extra semen! Michele licking the cock in front of him, while he wants him to blew her ass, but also said that his ass will have been washed, asked him to rest assured! This can make his cock hard, and then take it out from the small hole, then take it into her ass.

At this time, she had another cock to go to her little hole, and then continue to lick the rest of the two meat, four people have a tacit understanding of it in the same minute, this is to make her happy, don’t live Show her semen, see that the four people are happy! Then Jennifer’s husband – Lao Leila took her to take a bath, and the other three are very interesting, and Michele also knows that she can stay with Lao Lai tonight!

Jennifer, this is very fast, and nakedly entangled together. The three people were not played for the first time. One of them took the initiative to lick her little, and she was the dick that she licking the two people, and then let one people put the dick into her small hole. Inside, she will continue to suck the cock under the man who has just launched her Xiaoxi. Such a gameplay only after the two men are shot, the grass is over, and one of them will send her back, and it is the earliest home!

As for the junna with the man Zhao Dong, the two were caressing each other in the room, and the other’s sexual instruments were sucking each other. The feeling was more like a couple, and Zhao Dongwen was softly put into her body. Slowly pumping, and very tipsy, continue to stimulate her flesh, bring her very comfortable first climax! The two are warm, and Zhao Dong proposes to say that I have to go out to eat the night, and I plan to continue to spend a lot of good luck, and Xunna has not considered too much to promise, then two people will leave here.

At noon the next day, Xi Na returned to the home with Zhao Dong, and when she saw Michele only wearing a dip pants and little cute sitting in the living room, it was a bit unhappy, but I thought I was playing with another man. It was only coming back for a night, and she thought she didn’t have any position. Just let Zhao Dong sit in the living room, then return to the room to change clothes. When she changed a home service back to the living room, she saw Zhao Dong where she was sitting, chatting with Michele naturally, she did Zhao Dong, and then cuddling him in his arms. At this time, her thighs can be heard from the clothes from the clothes, and you can see the underwear! Michele is very clear about the meaning of the mother’s move. She didn’t say much. I returned to the room, and then I saw which netizen is there? When she came out again, she had already changed her clothes. I was ready to go with netizens. At this time she heard her mother’s lascap, she knew that her mother was doing love!

After she went out, she went to the nearby MRT and then visited the netizens. In fact, she passed a few times with this netizen Xiao Yan, but they did not come out alone. She knows that Xiao Yan is very good to her, and also sent her a suit and mobile phone. This will promise, and it is also seen before I have sent her something! After that, where did he wait for himself? Michele walked over, he said, let me have a courier to drive and take us! Michele does not oppose, so the two will go to the next 7-11. He bought two bottles of juice, took one of the bottles to Michele, and then talked while drinking.

After a while, he opened a lexus traveler, then he greet two people on the bus, and the car was already sitting two men, so at this time become three men and a woman! Michele was invited to sit in the assistant seat, and then the sexy leg immediately fell into everyone’s eyes, and she didn’t care at all. Instead, she felt that her good figure can be appreciated by others, and it is also my pride! Everyone drove to the seaside, strong sea breeze blowing her short skirt to sell her beautiful sexy lower body, and she didn’t hide her, let himself wear the pattern of hairy pants, fall into the eyes of men around! “Hey! Michele, I will take some photos?” Xiao Yan’s cousin Aqiang took out his mobile phone, with the built-in camera to take pictures, of course, a picture of Zhang Chunshuang leaks like this. Inside his mobile phone.

“Hey, he is very annoying, all takes below the homes!” When returned to the car, Michele took the mobile phone to see, seeing himself a photo of the panties and even holes and visible photos, cumbersome Pretty! However, three men on the car may not think she is angry. Instead, she still feels that she likes to be taken like this! At this time, I said that this phone is awesome, the photos taken are so clear! Aqiang said, this phone, this mobile phone is! Anyway, he also wants to change!

“But wait for you to go back and give it to you! Otherwise, there is no more mobile phone now!” I heard him say this, and Michele is of course very happy, actively present a hot kiss! It is also very embarrassed to see the other two! When the four people came to the nearby Turkey City to eat, after eating, everyone ran and sing together, this time Michele drunk a lot of wine, the behavior is bold, actually take off the top, let three men Seeing that the big and quite tits, Aqiang went to the toilet, and the height of her legs, pumping the dick into her body!

“Hey … so cool … Your dick is big … I am hot … I am so cool … Ah … ah … I’m so cool … Continue … ah …” Michele sliced, and After 7800, Aqiang was still shot, and it was shot in her mouth, let her eat his semen! The second broughbar is Xiao Yan. He shot less than two hundred, and the third is also coming in, but it is not only two or three hundred. At this time, Michele also woke up for seven or eight points, and put it in the toilet, and then left together. A strongly said that he gave Michele together to Michele tomorrow, meaning that she is meeting tomorrow.

But this day is going to meet, wait until she goes to school! But he is also very heart, driving, picking up her get out of class!

On the car, I will give her a whole box, let her open their own life! He said that I am going to have a few friends to eat together, is it convenient to participate? Michele said that I am going home to change clothes, I don’t want to wear uniforms! So he followed Michele, and Junna was going to eat with Zhao Dong at this time, and the two could stick!

After Michele changed his clothes, it turned into a sexy hot girl, then stepped on high heel shoes and went to Aqiang. Ma Qiang wants her to bring her own bag and uniform, then lost in his car, this means that it is ready to play all night tonight! But Michele doesn’t care, anyway, as long as it is fun! After the KTV box, three men have been taken, seeing them, the atmosphere is hot. Michele is very moving to drink beer with everyone, and also with the atmosphere, actively swinging the waist, dancing the body, after a few quick songs, almost only, where is Aqiang sitting, the rest People stand up and dance with her, and of course, there is no more intimate body to come into contact!

She didn’t care about these men in deliberately touched her tits, and even her own hopes would like these men can more active, even more bold, and best, you can do love directly!

At this time, her hands came back and forth to touch her three people. Of course, she would have stroked her, and her mini skirt was wrapped up, and she was covered by dip pants. Natural parts, naturally become a part of being touched. Touched, I don’t know who I gave her, then put it on the sofa, then someone took off her top, but it was also very simple, just explained the front button to three, Open the whole! And her beauty of sexy beauty naturally fell into the hands of the three people, turned to play, and the three also began to say more direct and more vulgar words: “Come on, help us blow the trump!” At this time, I started playing this song on the screen, and she will help them pick up the cock in one by one, and the lower body is wet at this time!

“Wow! This little horse is very powerful, and it is also wet, look, today we have to sell someone Luo! Otherwise … I am afraid to feed her!” “Yes, her Xiaolang also Very tight, 喔 … So cool … “Say it here, there is already someone else to give it into her body, and even the punch pants have not taken off! Her legs were splicted into M-shaped, and the shareholders were also soft with men’s quite, and let each other feel very comfortable! The first man is not supported for too long, it has been shot! But he also knows not to shoot inside, but shoot the fine solution on her tits. The second man can’t wait to take the 肏! That kind of monkey feels, it seems that it is not enough to go in, the hole will look like! His long-lasting force is better than the first one, but it has supported it for 10 minutes, and this time Michele just wants to reach the climax! Fortunately, the third person did not let her down, not only let her climax, but also reach twice! The second part of the semen with the third person is directly incident in her mouth, then she also took the semen on the tits, and the beauty maintained her double milk. At the last one of the last one, she didn’t have a few hours, but also she helped others to continue the blowjob, but also let her drink their own semen! At this time, she feels addicted! Because this is the first time she was gang raped by a man, that feeling, let her feel very enjoyable and happy! This feeling is different from Ahui. And at night, she followed Aqiang back, and she went to sleep after he did a time, and the next morning, Aqiang was very huge and huge, and she slammed her, then I want her to wear uniforms, but I will go to school. On this day, she always said that the students know that she did not wear underwear, but she was in the tense feeling, she realized a difficulty pleasure and stimulus.

Then, after she had a mother who had a mother in love with Ahui, Xunna suddenly said that she considers not going back the mainland! Because Zhao Dong hopes that she can be used as her admission, and she has also accepted. At this time, Ahui knows her meaning, just say that I can’t take the initiative to find you! She smiled slightly, and she had a tacit understanding each other, and Ahui said that I occasionally found Michele! She is naturally happy, but the two don’t know, in fact, the number of times when I do love, it is a few!

Xunna quickly went to work around Zhao Dong, in accordance with her abilities, naturally a pleasant! However, the number of times the two goes to bed will increase!

“Ah … ah … Zhao Ge … Don’t you smoke … ah … so cool … ah …” Xunna is now in the same way as Zhao Dong! She only went back to one or two nights, and the rest of the day was spent at Zhao Dong. Anyway, his son also went to the field to study, and the family can be very convenient! Moreover, his wife has passed more than three years, and there is no problem! Zhao Dong likes to take her little hole. After waiting until the cock go in, let’s take her toe, and I have a lot of sorrow, and I am so low! And he is also a talent. Although it has already been fifty, it can come back every day. This will make Xunna feel very happy, but also to follow him.

This day, Jixna wore sexy suit, followed Zhao Dong to take the car, and then went to the villa in the middle. And Michele followed Aqiang this day, wearing a cool hot, then go to the seaside. On the car, Zhao Dong’s hand has not hurts in the narrow skirt, and stroked her thigh. Since there is a driver in front, although two people want to be full, they do not Dare to open it directly, but they are constantly stroking each other’s body. After the villa, the two just entered the bedroom, Zhao Dong pushed the Junna in the bed, and then separated her legs, low, greedily licked her lower body. Because she is wearing the punch pants, the fatty labip is also clipped in the middle of the pants, so it does not affect Zhao Dong’s lichen.

“Ah … ah … ah … ah …” Junna in his tongue and his finger double attack, in addition to constantly embarrassing, only from vagina to expose obscene water Her joy. She is lying on the bed, the two legs are separated, so that Zhao Dong continues to get out, the hands are not idle! First take your upper body, then guide Zhao Dong to bed, then two people take a 69 posture, let her help Zhao Dong take off trousers and contain his dick, and swallow up before and after. Woolen cloth! The two people have to come with each other. For ten minutes. Xunna let him lie down, take him on him, help the big dick that has been hard, in his own hole, come back and return to Mo, then Let the cock slipped into most half of your own body. The kind of enrichment is immediately stimulating the brain, so that the body starts up and down.

“Well ~~ … um ~ ~ … um ~~ … Good 哟 ~~ … you … get … you have … people are so comfortable … It’s so happy … um ~ … um … it is really a stick … … 对 … fast … continue … 喔 … 喔 … 喔 … … ah … ah … ah … 哟 … ah … ah … ah … 哟 … 」” ~~ … … um ~~ …… um ~ … ~ …… um ~ … so comfortable ~~ …… Oh … Oh … ah ~~ … ah ~~ …… oh ~~ … … 喔 … … … … um … “Xi Na is so angry, although it is already a bit old, but the body still has a sexy beauty like thirty, seeing Zhao Dong’s eyes. Dicks are harder! In addition, he doesn’t need to be very moving, and the sexy woman on the body will take the initiative. Can this be more faster? ! At this time, I couldn’t help but put the semen into her body, and then the two cracked together, and she was sleeping. The two may be too tired. When I slept until the next day, and Zhao Dong received a phone call, saying that there was a friend to talk about business, and Xuna called himself, so he rushed to friends. NS. Perhaps it is too rushing, so Zhao Dong forgot to put the door to the door. At this time, his two sons Richard and Charles were just back from the outside. The two ran to the south for a few days, just drive back! Although two people go to work in Dad, but they are asked by themselves, I love to work, I am free to get free! The two passed the dad of the door, saw a beautiful naked body lying in bed, inherited two people in the colorful factor, couldn’t help but move into the room, and then started to have a manual foot!

“Hey … you … ah … so comfortable … ah …” When I woke up, she had been clutched with two people, and there was no resilience to fight! And the two saw her waking up, and there was a tacit understanding of her fiasco, and she immediately opened his mouth, detailed to tease the dicks of the two, and let two people Dry her beauty!

“Oh ~~ … … um ~~ … um ~ … 唔 ~ …… um ~ … so comfortable ~~ … 对 ~~~ … ~~ … you … this …? … … is amazing … get … you … people … so happy ~~ … 喔 … ah ~~ … ah ~~ … ah ~~ … 喔 … 喔 … … … Well … “” Oh ~~~~ … ah ~~ … ah … ah … 唔 … Wow … Oh yeah ~~~ … ah … ah … good news ~~ … I am good … Shu … service … ah … … … ah … ah … I am leaking ~~ … I am lost ~~ … ah … too powerful ~~ … I … … 要 … …… I … I want … I lost … … ah ~~ … ah ~~ … ah ~~ … ah ~~ … ah ~~ … ah ~~~ ~~ … “The two people are not smaller than Zhao Dong, and plus young, physical strength, and two people teamed up, this round, I can put Junna’s straightforward, climax Woolen cloth! Naturally, I don’t care about the two people. Zhao Dong put the semen into her uterus. I have a triple family! At this time, I am open, but I have a blank in my mind, which is due to the strong pleasure of consecutive adultery. When she came back, I took the initiative to touch Richard and Charles, and the two also reached out and stroke to play her flesh, even got her little hole, kiss her, soon three people Start interaction. Xun Na was skilled in this time, and the two were strokes to play her double milk with the lower body, and even inserting two fingers into the small hole. At this time, Zhao Dong came back!

“Hey! You are two kids, even my woman also play ?!” Zhao Dong looked at the three people in bed, not angry at all, see his rack, obviously prepared to have a 4p game with his own son. Woolen cloth! He took off only underwear, and Richard took a shot of Xiangna, let her climb to his father’s father, take out the meat, and slowly. And he is from the back of the dog, put the dick into her body, while talking to the father with Dad, as a piston movement on the side!

“Ah … 呜 … ah, um …” Junna was incense to be adulteable, and it was inserted at this time! Richard is in the two caves of her lower body, and Zhao Dong is to continue to enjoy her blowjob service. Three people are really not let her idle, and almost simultaneously implant them into her body, let her Because the climax is the thrill of being injected, it enters the state of disappointment! Inside for more than two months, she continued to accept the semen baptism of the three people until she was pregnant!

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