I am a teacher who teaches dance. It is 29 years old. I have been married for 2 years. My husband is a frequent business trip to engage in sales. We have no children’s ideas, to 30, we also thought about 2 people. The world, there is a child must have trouble.

I haven’t been very beautiful but I’m Peugeot, plus I am a more good body, there is a unique temperament, I am very confident in the crowd.

My family lived on the building, a young man is about 26 years old. His name is Xiao Ri, the skin is a bit black, it is very robust, and the eyes are very charming, it is a handsome guy. Just like Hu Jun that type of man. We often wrap in the corridor, never greeted, but I feel that he is always secretly sneaking.

One day, I was looking for two neighbors to my family. I was rushing to have a friend. I suddenly had something to go. The three missing a depressed, there is no walking neighbor to say that I am looking for it, say the 7th floor Come to play. I am very happy to listen to my heart, because I am very good to him.

Not much, he really came, everyone introduced each other, then play, I will pay attention to him from time to time, we can always encounter him, I feel very cautious, even a little shy. In this way, we are a bit familiar. When I have encountered outside, he always call me a blind, I can always see his eyes flashing sparks, I will slowly want to see him. I feel like him. I always feel what we have to happen, maybe I also want something to happen. Until one day, my husband is traveling, I will send it to the road to the train station, and things happen.

That is 8 o’clock in the beginning of September, my husband is going on. I sent my husband who was waiting for the car waiting for the Hui Viva. I wore a flexible thin cotton and tight casual trousers. It’s more legs to make long straight, one pink tight cotton T-shirt, more pair of breasts Strong, the waist is not fine, showing my more outstanding figure. When I was interested, I didn’t want to look at the direction of the car. I heard someone shouting my nephew. I turned back to Xiaolei. He asked me: “How to go home so late?” I said: “Go to your brother Going to the station, he is going today. “He smiled and said:” You can love it. “I asked him:” You are so late “?” He said: “I have recently learned a foreign language in this nearby foreign language class, every day, I am going home.” We have a simple chat. After a while, I will come to the car. At this time, people who go home in the car are particularly much. When we squeezed to the bus, when I got a car in front, I feel that there is a pair of hands to hold my back shoulder. I know is his hand, I have been going on the car, there are too many people on the car, he The hands should be in place without a place to put it on my shoulders. He is squeezed behind me. The car slowly started. As the car stopped, I felt that my hips were The there is from my stimulus, and his lower body has become hard. He seems to go backwards, but it is squeezed back again. He is gently said to me in my ear. I feel that my face is very hot, I am vague: Oh, okay. So later, he gave up simply like this. I really have a little unknown, my body is hot, slowly I feel his hands in gently touch my shoulders, as if there is a weak electric wave. From his hands, I have a whole body, my throat, what do I do, I can’t move, his guy is getting harder and harder, the top, my body starts, I don’t have strength, I am a little bit I like this young man, in the end, I am unable to rely on him, and my breathing is uneven. He felt that my soft is on his body, and I just didn’t have the same, I might know that I am a little emotional, so his hand Just slowly slipped down from my shoulders, I was stroked my arm until I grabbed my hand, my heart trembled, I was held by him, slowly our hands. His lower body is really in the middle of my hips, but he is very honest, no mess. I stimulated my lower body a bit humid, and I felt that my two breasts swell, I wanted him to touch the extrusion. The car is a stop, there is a passenger who gets and off, there is some gap in the carriage, he slightly turns moving my body, I know that he wants me to face her, at this time, I also want to face him with him. I turned with him. When I came, I paired with him. He looked at my back so that my breast was pressed in his front chest, and finally my breast was depressed. I also used me. The breast is pressed against his chest. I really want to explode my breast. His another hand is holding my hips, my lower body is attached to his lower body, his two hands are gentle slowly Stroke my back and hips, our face sticker, his breathing is a bit rush, use his lips to kiss my face, my lower body begins to flood, scorpio. At this time, my lower body was empty, I touched my lower body tightly. Excited spread all over my body, I feel a little spascaphore, I don’t want to, I realized this kind of vertigo. It is the same hug that lasts for nearly 15 minutes. After we got off the car, we were very embarrassed to go home. We all were very embarrassed. I didn’t speak. I was dizzy at the time. The body is like a big fireball, and I can ignite it at any time. Why this trip is so fast? ended. . . . Soon we went downstairs, I first got on the building first, I went to the door to look back at him, he nodded with me, asked by Byebye. After returning home, I can’t sleep for a long time. I recalled in my head. I was a hard time to lay on the bus in the bus. Now I am a hard time.

It is also a heart to work next day, I am very bored at night, I have a good time to watch TV, watching the wall at 8 o’clock on the wall, I think he should go home with him now, if you take a car with him OK. I suddenly decided that I have to wait for him to take a car tomorrow.

On the third day, I went home from get off work, I started to deliberately dress up, I got a little bit of powder, I found out that I didn’t always wear but I think the most sexy glamorous career skirt, The inside is equipped with a translucent white silk shirt, slightly narrow skirt, wrapped the legs with ultra-thin flesh-colored transparent stockings, showing a sexy luster, wearing a pair of exquisite black on the foot and he with high heel The shoes, the hair disc forms a bun of a young woman behind. Red clothes are equipped with my white skin. I look very beautiful. I am really charming in the mirror. I am really charming. What do I do? How can I do this, my reason is not awake, and I am in the ultimate beauty of the desire. I got home at 7 o’clock. In less than 8 points, I went to the station. I am waiting for Xiaoli to bring me passion burning.

At 8 o’clock, I saw that Xiaolai is coming to the direction of the station. My heart began to jump, Xiao Lei also saw me, I saw a surprise on his face. After we greeted each other, I didn’t know what to say, and I was so good to tell me what they lectured. I was coming, I slowly walked in front of the car, he still held my shoulders behind him, putting a car in the crowd, today we stand side by side, look at the window, he didn’t have any action, I I feel a bit lost, I haven’t been to hold my hand for a while. I feel a wireless flow. As passengers get off and get off and squeeze, squeeze our 2 sideless states into face-to-face, In this way, he hugged me in his arms. I was very excited. His lower body was hard, he was a bit, started moving his hips, rubbing my lower body, and I have to do it. Empty is incomparable, one hand is tightly holding my hips to him, and the other hand slowly told my skirt touched me to wear the thigh of transparent stockings, and the hand began to close my transparent small panties. It is one of the body, I have been helpless, I tighten my more, I looked up with his face, his breath came in my ear, that is Sexy, he even rocks his head to the other side of my face, so his lip will be inadvertently sliding in my lips, he wants to kiss my lips, but because of people, he is not very placed. I am afraid that I will not be happy. When he does this, I want to kiss him with him, my lips become very dry, I want him to kiss me, but he has not pro, we are like A couple is just like a couple. Today, I feel the stimulation of passion. He asked me in the ear: “When is the king of this time?” I said, “I am earlier.” I think he is trying to explore anything, I didn’t say more. Soon, the car was standing, we entered the house, he suddenly turned me to hugged me, using his lips, I am surprised and scared, I am afraid that there is a neighbor to see, I hide, he is crazy The same grabbed my head, let my lips are indifferent, when his lips go to my lips, my whole body is melted, at this time, I also gave a part, I forgot to him. Kissing, just kiss for a while. . . . . He finally released me, our passion did not go out. And getting more and more, but it is home, there is no way I can only walk in the home with emptiness.

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