I am going to work in the glasses chain, and I can’t say it in that family; about two months ago! The store man said that there was a girl who had to come to work and it was still very beautiful. This news is so happy that three men in our store are happy! Because this glasses chain have no female colleagues to make a job.

After two days, everyone’s eyes are very bright! Because the long-haired girl came to the store, she had no uniform wear, so she worked with a pink tight sleeveless shirt, and the white short skirt came to work, with my visual experience, this beauty approximately There is 32D big Mimi! And there is about 168 cm, it is a girl who is not a good skin and white. It is a girl in my heart. I will be very spiritual in my heart. I will be very spiritual!

Later, she introduced himself, her named Yulin’s 20-year-old experience in 20 years old! After that, the store manager said that Yulin was responsible for training and guidance. I am really cool at the moment! The other two male colleagues in the store are envious! I thought that the store is really good to me; after a week, Yulin has gradually learned with me, and she suddenly said to me. At that time, the store man said that I would be responsible for training her, because she pair others The feeling of the first eye is not very good, then I thought? Is this hint me? Later, I tried to joke, I tried to say that she said, then, now, I will stay in this evening, is I stayed?

I didn’t expect that she didn’t have anything, but I promised! After ten o’clock, everyone gone, only I and Yulin, later I said to Yulin, I first taught the light, and the two came to the optometry room. At this time, I deliberately rely on special, because It is inevitable that her eyes are completely in front of her eyes while her face is close to the light detector, and I looked at her 32D double peak, my hand wants to touch it, but I am afraid she. I will be angry; at this time, I have skillfully slipped over her fertile double peak (that is gently encountered), she seems to have no reaction, I want to try again, and my hand directly hits her chest. Just hit the chest at the time!

She said with me, telling me, do you deliberately ~ I am smiling thinking this is a good start.

Later, after the test, I told Yulin before going to the store. Now I will teach how to identify the quality of the box;

This time, I deliberately sat next to Yulin, and I looked at her double peak and her slender legs. I didn’t have long for my old second. I could make love with her now. How good, my heart wants to just in the optometry room, she didn’t have a dislike. At this time, I slowly put her back, she didn’t scold the meaning!

Let me slow down again, and I have no objection to her double peak! At this time, my color is striking! It’s not polite to pick up in her 32D full breast; Yulin actually issued!

Um! Um! The lascitation, let me be bigger bigger at the moment, the double mouth kisses her lips! And my hands didn’t stop in her double peaks, and she also called the increasing sensuality, took off her top, her bra is light blue, the clever ditch is obvious, the breast is like a package, Take the bra with Yulin? Yulin nodded from the past; at this time, I took Yulin’s bra and! Beautiful breasts, nipple powder, let me not control your hands right away from her beautiful breasts and kiss, soft breasts! And Yulin also made an um ~ um ~ Call, face slowly!

At this time, Yulin is getting more and more bold! Sitting in my thigh, I kissed and strokes in her body. Later, I took Yulin to put her on the show table of glasses, and my hands slowed down, take off her short skirt, kiss Her private parts, there are many sophisticated water ~ they are wet, and Yulin seems to have been intoxicated and enjoyed in this happy time. The constant sound is called ~~ Slowly, I will take Yulin’s last defense, you. Beautiful pink labia, and my mouth is kissing and smoking her little, kissing the thigh, calf, and then to her lips and breasts!

And my hand also walked up in the white body, and she constantly embarrassed ~ ah ~~ um ~~ um ~~ After a while, I took the initiative to invite Yulin, I can’t help me. Yulin Speaking, with a smile response, she took the initiative to take my pants, and my little brother, the brightened brother, finally exposed in front of Yulin, she was very skilled, and she kissed a few little brother. Including it in, so comfortable ~ Yulin’s mouth skill is really ill ~ I looked at me with a sexy eyes, I can’t stand it ~ I’m so cool ~~ um ~~ um ~~ Fast Point ~ um so cool!

Later, I will let Yulin 躺 躺 躺 ~ Kiss Xiaolin’s lips, one hand rubbing Yulin’s breasts, one hand touches Yulin’s lips, then Yulin’s private parts have been wet. The table ~ I saw Yulin’s red face and listening, and slowly took my meat stick to Yulin’s private parts. At this time, Yulin looked at me in the eyes of the expectation, and said to let my brother in good brother. ! And my meat stick has also slowed into Yulin’s body ~ Yulin called ah ~~ And my meat stick is in the body of Yulin ~ Yulin is also awkwardness ~ Ah ~~ Ah ~ Well ~~~ 喔 ~~ Ah ~ Good Bat ~~ Good comfort ~~ Ah ~~~ 喔 ~~ Yulin’s private parts are tight ~~ Sure enough is the labip in 74 years! And I am constantly moving to enjoy the meat stick and then the feeling of Yulin body ~ Yulin’s call is getting bigger ~ ah ~~ Ah ~~ It is getting bigger ~ Ah ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ Ah, come back soon ~ Well! ~~ Collagrate ~~ Ah ~~ Ah ~~ The climax ~~ 水 我 棒 ~ And I haven’t ended yet ~ Continue to dry ~ one side of the breast strokes, my meat stick is more than ten minutes Intense flipping, kiss Yulin’s body ~ Ah ~~ Self-cool ~~ Ah ~~ Yulin, can I come out? ~ Um ~~~ Ah ~~ You can ~~ a climax together!

Yulin said ~ ah ~~ um ~~ Ah ~~ No ~~ come out ~ come out ~~ Ah ~~ The hot semen shot in the body of Yulin ~~ It’s so cool ~ Yulin is really good ~ so cool. ~ After that day ~ I also became a very good colleague with Yulin! But not the relationship between men and women! Because Yu Lin, she already has a boyfriend! Just boyfriend is still a soldier, I can’t meet often, so I will only make love for a long time! But now Yulin will not be dissatisfied with loneliness! Because I will find her for two or three days! And other male colleagues are envious to die ~ Oh ~ Oh ~!

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