I came to Beijing after graduating from my wife in January 2010. I am very fortunate to enter a state-owned enterprise and solve the account, the wife began to plan it in the real estate broker.

In 2010, in 2011, the relatives who lived in the daughter-in-law were more than half a year, and after all kinds of inconvenience have moved, they have started a group of lives with colleagues.

In 2011, 2012 is a flat period, and new people in the workplace always have a lot of bitter experience. There are many differences, bear more, take less money, the elderly, the newcomers, etc., are also an indispensable process.

During this time, we have a girl and her boyfriend and her boyfriend, and I have rented a two-bedroom in the company. The company is near Guang’anmen, very small and old house, 60 square meters, 2 rooms, can It is believed that there is almost no living room, the most important thing is the sound difference.

At that time, I didn’t understand the newcomers who were just entering the society. The two people didn’t understand. Most of the time is all busy. Will be cooked together in the weekend, and holidays will also organize some activities, go out to KTV, or to the nearby park. Pressure road, etc.

Occasionally weekend, I also passed through the wall room, I heard the bed of the opposite girl, very low, suppressed, very nice, stealing is very exciting; of course, my wife is also very good, just different good. At this time, I will give my wife to the opposite, let’s notice that you are bothering them.

At the end of 12, the daughter-in-law changed the industry. After 2 years, she also learned that she did not fit her.

An accidental opportunity, the daughter-in-law has the opportunity to go to Shanghai to carry out the finance, after a deep thinking, the final wife went to Shanghai. This story is basically no daughter-in-law.

I have been a single dog’s day, usually play DOTA, then go to the park to run, the day is a very quiet, then go to Shanghai and daughter-in-law to get together for more than one or two months.

In 2013, this house contract expires. To find a new house, everyone is not willing to leave the company, Beijing’s traffic is understanding, plugging people anyway.

So, I (85 years), the original girl small X (89 years), small X boyfriend small D (88 years), plus another male colleague smaller Y (87 years) and his girlfriend small H, Small h is more special, still in the graduate student of Qinghua, so most of the school is studying, and 3 people started a living life.

The new house is closer to the company, and it takes 5 minutes to work on the water department.

During this time, I also called an old man, called X-grandchildren, good temper, and four small partnerships are good, especially for small X and small D for a while, the two have recognized me. elder brother.

Small X personality is very jumping, the girl’s parents are high school teachers, may be too strict in high school era, small X, college, go to school dance team, dance, don’t have a good body, the thigh is very strong, waist, 1 . 65m’s head, the skin is wheat color, people are pretty, coupled with personality and people will be tacit, and male colleagues are very talking.

The beginning of the story is a night on Friday, 2014. I am a night owl on Friday, staying up late, I can’t stop the game, I can’t stop it, the light in the room is closed, the game sound is also closed, the door is Half-hidden, a look at 2 o’clock in the morning.

Someone in the small X house is out, it is estimated to be to the toilet.

At this time, I recalled it, the small X boyfriend small D came for a few days, not at home, that is, Xiaox to the toilet, so I continue to play games, I have passed, I have a meal, I plan to go to the toilet, I want to think It should be returned to the house in Xiaox, but I didn’t hear her back to the house.

So I got upright and soft and foot to the toilet. I didn’t have a few steps out. I suddenly heard a very hidden voice. It was called bed sound, and suddenly it was a bit.

After get off work, everyone will talk to the sky, Xiao h didn’t come back in school, and didn’t come back in the small D. I haven’t come back. I have a total of 3 people in my home. Is it …

At this time, the urine is not important, the game is not important, the teammates pit will pit!

I stood in the original place, I still have a very quiet night, although the small Y’s house closed the door, or he can hear a burst of call “Ah, ah, um …” is really a gun. sound.

Will not be a small h home in the night, but I don’t know, I have a little doubt, but I have never been lost, because I haven’t returned to the house after the small x, I should have no return house, such a quiet time, she returned to her house I can hear it.

Very excited, found novelty, holding the spirit of Holmes, I went to the door of Xiaox, pushed a seam, no one! ! Ok, small x and little h are the dog men and women even together!

Heart is running around, all kinds of thoughts floating: Ma, I have a long time you know, let’s take a closer, why don’t you come cheaper me; Laozi is more handsome than a small y? The small D is more handsome than the small Y long. How do you think about it? If you are this, if you have a brother, I also have a chance …

The small Y room will not move, it seems to be performed, I also unlike the legs.

Then I don’t have to hear there in the outside, it is estimated that Xiaox wash BB, to the toilet. I was sleeping overnight, and this happened in the side of the bridge that only saw in the novel, because I was very close to the small X usual relationship. One day, I asked her, “Sister, I feel you and Xiao Y. Is it a bit wrong? “

She said, “What do you find, brother, I don’t feel it to the little d now, I like to be small Y!”

I took it, I haven’t yet been asked, she actually gave me it. Hey, I want to develop this, and later Xiao X said something to me. She trust me. I have always thought that I am a gentleman. After all, I have lived for a long time, I am also take care of her at home. .

Small x and small y is probably 14 years ago, two people have been speaking a few times together, Xiao Y is whitening the small X first, Xiao X feels small y people are also very humorous, then go to bed.

I said, “I can’t go to bed, you have your own men and women, how to do small H and small D?”

She also said that her parents bought her house in Beijing Fangshan. The family conditions of Xiao D were not good. I didn’t help it. Although Xiao D is also a state-owned enterprise, but the unit benefits are very poor, and one month is 5,000 yuan. The level, she is somewhat disappointing to Xiao D.

I said, “Little D and you have been so many years, people are handsome and good for you, is it bad?”

Small X said, “You are so bad, in fact, small D is better than the small Yer, but it is not a feeling of small D, but it is also very contradictory.”

I said, “If you think about it, small D will not break up with you, you said this reason, it is a man can’t accept it!”

Small X said, “Yes! I don’t dare to say, I agree with Xiao Y, two people are not with small D, Xiao H is loved, it has been more than a month, my excuse is gynecological disease, the body is uncomfortable.”

I said, “You want to understand, paper is not fire!”

When I went to Shanghai, I told things and my wife, and my wife said, “Small X brain.”

I said, “Is this not true love, relatively, I am more willing to be together, these two are my colleagues, and I have close some, of course, the small D is also quite good.”

Later, I will pay special attention to the whereabouts of the two people. I often disappeared together at noon, I understand that the two should go home and shoot, and the family is close to the company. I will go back to eat at noon. I will save it. The money opened in the hotel and is basically no risk, not afraid of being caught.

There are many things that should have occurred in the middle, and there are many contradictions in the small x and small Y, especially women sometimes don’t make sense, more demand, natural two people.

After the Spring Festival 2015, Xiao Y and Xiao H took a marriage, Xiao H’s postgraduate failed, then continued to postgraduate, saying that it is a parasitic, saying is good, I personally give Xiao h this girl doesn’t like it.

After Xiao Y and Xiao H, I was looking for a small X, I asked, “What is going on, how do you get a certificate, what do you do?”

Small X said, “What can I do, Xiao Y disagree with Xiao H broke up, saying that Xiao H is a postgraduate study, but did not take it, he can’t be so irresponsible to put the little H?”

I said, “What do you do, what do you want to continue? This is too unfair to small D!”

Small X said, “There is no way, no feeling, but I can’t bear to be small D, but the small y is true love, and I am happy with him.”

Advise the invalid, the Spring Festival, I know that Xiao X bought down jacket and shoes, spent more than 5,000, but also speechless, it is a fall!

If the paper is not a fire, it may be that Xiao X has a doubt of small D, and the small D binds the small X iPhone phone through the iPad, then find the small X and Xiao Y’s opening record, Valentine’s Day Taoranting, the seven days of Qi Guang’anmen, etc. Then there is a chaotic battle, various mutual mouth, small H smashed small x, small X smashed y, small d and small y to send a single picked by Guang’anmen Stadium, Xiao H’s cry and small D Apologize, chicken flying dog jumping, disintegrating.

The second day after the event was exposed, and the two people were moved away.

Postscript: I asked the small X things, how is the last situation, Xiao X said, “How can I expose, things can only come back, then Xiao Y is not saying, then she will die, gave small Y is a slap, and then it is a slap in the small H. The two men have dried a lot, and the little y is slightly strong, and the little D is a little longer than the little handsome. “

I said, “Xiao Y should make small D 揍, ignorant small Y is your cheap, sister.”

Small x said, “Yes, it is a small Y.”

After the event, I forgive her, then it is still good.

The three cohabitation days came here.

I then as a company’s old man hopped to the industry in the industry to do the middle, Xiao Y also left the original unit, another company in the industry, everyone will meet in various conferences from time to time.

The wife said to me, “Small X’s behavior is a scorpion, really cheap, but also stuck.”

My heart said, “White is playing the scorpion, it will not go home anyway.”

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