In a car accident, my hands and feet were broken. After the doctor’s rescue, I finally rejected it. I stayed in the hospital for three months, the things in the outside, and everything is alienated, my parents become, this The innocent people, every day, I have to rush, classmates and teachers, keep condolences, Mr. Lin also came to the hospital for me, afraid that I can’t catch my homeway!

Tomorrow is my 16th birthday, I can’t think of my birthday, will pass in the hospital. Sleeping tonight, it is also more bored, I am going to do a business abroad, I don’t know how to pass when I arrived.

All of them came together, celebrating my birthday for me, I am too happy, the original people have not forgotten me. When you cut the cake, I will stay with my parents will stay with me, but I can finally can’t be willing!

After returning home, Mr. Lin and private nurses, helped me, they were the parents for me, and Mr. Lin was hurting me, voluntarily stayed in my family, and my two nurses called Sume, twenty-three The other is called Mei Feng, twenty-two years old, and I like it more than the twenty-five-year-old Lin teacher, she and my pro, treat people courteous, the most important thing is that she is beautiful and hurting me!

I am not very accustomed to home, I feel that the home is cold and clear, let alone I still sit in a wheelchair and feel more loneliness. Seeing a pair of shoes on the ground, knowing the beauty, why don’t you see people? So the workers ‘room, that the best in the workers’ room, is changing clothes, maybe she thinks that I am not convenient, I will not come over, Teacher Lin is a woman, so the door is not closed, just take the clothes, only wearing underwear, is preparing to put on the uniform. This is my first time, I saw a woman’s body, a living woman, how beautiful is the curve, not the dead thing I saw online, I started a curiousness of the opposite sex, but I can’t take it!

I have a thief to climb the bed, I will hear the footsteps, so I pretended to be asleep, and the beauty came to patted me, told me to get up to take medicine, when I look at it, because I have just passed the scene, my Feeling and peaceful, heartbeat is very fast, just right at her chest, Dantian is hot, the cock is very, the ugly is full. She saw a red question: “Are you urgent?” I have a busy answer: “Yes ..!” She put me to the bathroom!

In the bathroom, she pulled my trousers. In order to facilitate me not to wear underwear, I made a bomb, and she gave a taller. She “wow.”, Reach my dick, talk to the toilet : “You can urinate!” But I am nervous, I can’t see it, she watched the strange question: “Why don’t you have a diaper, see uncomfortable there?”

I said: “Suriety sister, in fact, I don’t want to urinate, just me … uncomfortable ..!” So she helped me bed.

My nurses and teachers (2)

I got my bed and said, “Thank you.”

She said: “Don’t thank you, I should, is you uncomfortable? Why is it uncomfortable?”

I said: “Maybe it is .. Physiological …!”

She said: “It turns out .. So you didn’t solve it?”

I said: “How can I solve it .. My hand .. is not convenient … Can you help me?”

She said: “That … that .. Well …!”

So she pulled my pants and took a little lubricant and said, “I don’t want to get it, you .. hurry ..!”

She touched my dick, and she took the top.

I asked: “What do you think?”

She said: “It’s hot .. Great .. Do you think it is better?”

I said: “No .. I still feel very hard. It is very difficult ..”

She said: “How do you help you ..?”

I said: “Can you give me a touch?”

She said: “How do you touch it ..? Your hand is not convenient ..?”

I said: “Yes .. Can you put your chest close to my face?”

She said: “That … What is it …? .. Um … well! Don’t want you to be uncomfortable … ..!”

She took the chest, I thought I could finally took a taste ..! I desperately rub her breast with my nose, but I can’t see it, I said: “Sister. Can you take this … …? “

Who knows her should say: “Well ..! You can hurry ..! Turn your head over …!”

I turned my head over, but I was sneak in my eyes. Because she worn out the nurse! After pulling down the zipper, she immediately saw that her pink bra, then she took the chest, and my face was launched. My face has been posted with her double peak. I also smell the frankincense, immediately use the mouth and the tongue, I want to put the tongue into the breast, but I can only get into the breast. I saw her breast cover, there is a button, so she wants to bite it with his teeth. She shouted: “You don’t bite … I am afraid of you” to deduce the front! I immediately use the tongue right away Stop the milk house, and use the tip of the tongue to make the nipple, bite with the teeth, she starts to swing around, the feet still swing, suddenly she said: “I am doing with you, you don’t tell anything. People, know? “

I said: “I know .. Su Jujie ..! I listen to it ..!”

Seeing her, with the mouth of the mouth, on the glans, and put the tongue, follow the mouth of the mouth, I was scared by this sudden action!

She also touched her hand to their own skirt, breathing, she took my dick out, she said: “I am also uncomfortable, I can’t help it, come …!” Next, she put her clothes Take off, I still take off the underwear, I saw silly, I saw this Mao’s corpus, I don’t know if I am excited! But I know this time, I want ….

She took off her panties to lock the door, climbed into the bed, caught my chicken, one hand, and opened her labipings, with the arm, I was so hot, I was really hot. The package, she kept using the conventional set, but said: “You are not too fast .. To hold back … Let me .. out .. First

I don’t understand what she said. Suddenly she put me all the cocks, plugged in her incapacity, no longer the routine, sitting with the heart in the vagina, desperately constantly, the temper, a feeling, I full of me, I played a cold shock, a strong refraction is inside! She also looks at: ah!

With a row, I also ended this fierce battle. After I passed, I asked her, why would I do with me?

She said: “When she said a few times, I met my thick dick. I have impulsive, but I don’t know how to open it, or how can I start to take off?”

I think I am really stupid. I can’t see this. I thought that the teacher is so good to me. Will she think of beauty? How do I try her?

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