Article 3: This school will be a ratio of students in the proportion of men and women in order to maintain the maturity of men and women.

Article 4 of the school regulations: Whether it is a teacher or a student, the non-Hands and beauty must enter the school. (This article will be assessed by the Exterite Council of the School)

“In fact, I like it very much from before, I am willing to interact with me?”

“Um … let me think about it again …?”

I am acting a little weak. Because when you like girls, when you swallow my meat stick, it will have a little bit very much.

This class is a movie appreciation, we look at the film is a comedy of youth campus, and I like girl, Chen Yiyi, a symptom girl wearing a frame glasses, is in my ankle. She is a virgin, and in the whole class of the first class, she has not raised her hand … because she is too shy, ha.

In the classroom, in the case of black, I pretend to move the chair to her next to her, or I took the initiative to tell her soon, or don’t exercise together for love? She said shame, and explains that she is still a woman, I want to start practicing from blowjob first, so I will change the current situation …

Our seats are in the classroom, regardless of the dead end, neither block other students watching movies, and do things, ha ~

“Call … A, A, um ~” This is not dependent on the sound, but Arsen is doing Xiaoling in front of her front.

In fact, the global population is less subclatted. After the spread of gene infectious diseases, the genes of men are rare. The proportion of male biodies in the world is generally less than the number of girls. Therefore, the concept of “gender equality” in many old ages is walked. Save this era, many laws for women’s unfair, such as allowing men to have a wife, women’s criminal punishment is more important than men.

“Um … oh … o’clock … Is it a loud? (Is it comfortable?)” Asked in my arm.

“Baby, very comfortable ~” I helped her head.

In addition, the gene infectious disease has also led to about 80% of the global fertility rate, that is, it is normal in the female ovulation, and only twice will succeed in the vagina. (This is a part of the infectious disease infection, and the genes of the male infection are rarely incorporated by the male infected disease.)

“Oh, oh, so cool, you want to shoot …”

“Well, bad shots, shoot I will drink all things all. (I will shoot it, I will eat all.)”

Then, I pressed her head and used it to take it in her throat and spray my semen.

“Well, then … Next?” She swallowed up, holding my meat stick with the left hand, watching me is still in a semi-emitt state, such asking.

After the instructions after self-introduction, I found the most interesting place this school lies in this school’s course, one subject is called “sexual love journal”, this course must score before the end of the period, score The way is to find an object at the end of the period to make love to see them before the teacher, and the predicted flirting to the post-handed process, all will be included in the score.

“Ha ~~ A … so cool, dear, you do, I am so cool, I am dead, dead … A ~” Arsen’s woman controls the volume, but still climax …

The only disadvantage of this school is that no matter where he will hear the woman’s bed sound … About this question, I will only know that the sound insulation between the original classroom is very good, at least I only listen to the class of this class. Love.

“Come, like them, squat on the table.” I whispered to the order of the command.

“Um … good …” Haha, hear, the woman in this era is really dry ~

Yiyi’s underlying body is only wearing a black stockings, she slowly got up and squatted on the table.

With the movie’s light, I carefully observed the Yiyi’s small hole. Her holes are not like Teacher Li, and only the vulva of the clitoris has a little and intensive hairy, now I know that the teacher, she will be regularly shaved. However, because the moir of Yiyi is sparse, there are both sides of the large labipings.

I gently dialed Taoyuan honey, dial the big lips and found that it was already very humid.

“Wow, I shouldn’t be like the teacher, I have already touched it with my hand.”

“There is no … you don’t want to see ~” She said that she is ashamed.

Then, I extended his tongue and gently licked her, she immediately retracted.

“What are you doing ~?” She couldn’t help but turn back. “I think about taste the taste here.”

“Don’t … there is dirty …”

I will care about her there … I am ignoring me in selfish ~ I will take it along the clitoris, urethra, and vagina. When my tongue is turning on the clitoris, she said, but I think that the honey sauce of her small hole is really sweet, there is a fruit fragrance, if you don’t say what fruit is … Said to be a comprehensive juice, ha.

“There is fruit, sweet.” I told her my feelings.

“I hate … Don’t say it …” she responded in singing.

Then I increase the efforts, and deepen the depth of the Yin, the result of constant coming back and forth is …

“Ha … ha … A … you have to lose, lost ~” With her whisper’s climax declaration, I felt that her vagina out of a lot of honey, I swallowed all my stomach. Just some of them moved down her thighs and formed a skeptical scene.

“Call … call ~ hate … put people … 舔 那 … so comfortable … can then plug in? Human is so itchy ~” She asked in small.

“Oh, Xiaoyu, come, my brother is looking forward to the big cock ~” In fact, I don’t know if her real age is smaller than me, but I am born in the year, so she wants her to call my brother. Will not be wrong.

“Well, my brother, come in …” She pleaded.

“Say, a good brother, put your big dick into my little point.” I asked.

“This … don’t get people, fast … make it come in …”

“Oh, don’t say it, don’t go in …” I will hardly get quite quite a trusted, the top of the Yiyi’s vaginal mouth, teasing her.

“Good husband, good brother, put your dick into my small hole …”

I plugged in, she almost immediately leaked, the vaginal sputum told me how fierce her climax was.

“Hey ~ I turn it into my husband, good, continue to come ~”

At this point, I will gently remove the school uniform shirt, and then move her bra, revealing her white chest (although I am back to her back, I didn’t see it …), and hold it with your hands. Her chest, teasing her nipple.

“A … ha … ha … chest, no …” Yiyi passed away.

“Well? Is it your sensitive belt?” I asked curiously.

“Yes … don’t you play my chest again?” She pleaded with him.

“Okay.” Hey, let’s take care of your chest again. Let’s go to the heart now! I thought about me, put your hands on the buttocks of Yiyi, concentrated on her.

“Good brother, you, dick, dick, hard and long, top sister is so comfortable ~”

In fact, I think that her hole is a bit shallow. After the top, my meat stick has only entered two-thirds; in contrast, I have to start the aftertaste to let me enter the small hole of the teacher who didn’t enter. However, Yiyi is a virgin, so the work of controlling the vagina is still not meeting.

But despite this, her holes are still great, wet and tight, and the flowers are constantly holding my glans, which makes me very comfortable.

“Come, change your posture, I am going to shoot.” After I finished, I took my meat stick away from her little hole, let her sit on the table, turn to the front, lining the movie screen, watching her faint Goose egg face, I can’t help but kiss her.

“Um …” I didn’t pay attention, I put the meat stick into her little hole, and she got on my shoulder and enjoy my throduction.

Then I hit her heart, she said that she said that she can’t speak with her two words. After about five minutes, I accelerated the speed …

“Come, you want to shoot, pick it up.” I whispering in the ear of Yiyi.

“Hey … um … Hey … Ok.” She also replied to me gently.

So I pressed her ass, I used my glans on her uterine mouth, and angered the three semen of today. According to the back of Yiyi, when I was ejaculation in her homework, I obviously felt that she was very comfortable, she saw that she was very comfortable.

Afterwards, we helped each other to clean up the body, and her lower body has a few short blood, but more is the prostitute that has spread to the entire table. And she licks my glans, just like a piece of art, because her face is so delicate … just a very wonderful thing is that I first inserted her first time, she didn’t shout, why ? Women’s first time is not very painful? Later I learned that it was not painful for every woman. I suddenly be very curious about ASS, how is Arsen with him, just changed before changing his posture.

The result turned into the past, found that they have started the second round … Arsen put Xiao Ling at the table, as if they were in the posture of masturbation dolls, and took a look, the glans and the intimate contact of the uterus.

Xiaoling also constantly “A … good … comfortable … Arsen, you are big, top, I … so cool, I will have every day … give you … ok …????

“Hey … my dick size is not big, do you want to ask him later?” Asen said a little contemptuous, his meat stick is not small, the erection is about 20 cm, my erection About 25 cm.

“A … is not big, it is suitable for it, oh?” Xiao Ling suddenly turned to ask me.

“Amount? A, it is A.” I asked if I was a little unknown.

“Well … So … is the size of you … is … The most important thing … A, husband you tight …” Xiao Ling said weakly, and it seems to be encouraged by Xiaoling to encourage the size of yourself, Arsen began to increase The intensity of the intensity, and then the top of Xiaoling’s heart, let Xiaoling don’t live.

“Ha, it is to die, this is a smell ~” Acer is a bit mad.

“A … A! It is going to be dead, you have to die, dry break … small hole … A, you have to come, oh ~” Xiaoling is a bit more and more loudly trend, forced Arsen has to cover her Mouth.

Xiaoling, a bowed body orgasm, was lifted by Arsen, a little poor feeling, ha ~

At this time, I sit on my legs. I touched the body’s body and interested in the eyes of Arsen and Xiaoling, and the eyes of Yiyi have been attracted by the movie, and the movie is now playing ten years later. The situation, describing the actor of the male protagonist and the heroine, I feel a little regret, but I feel that there is no regret.

After the get out of class is prepared, the teacher said, in fact, the main purpose of this class is to make the whole class feel used to do love, because the next course will continue to revolve around the theme of this semester, that is Let everyone try to make love to see, so it is not the appreciation of the movie, but the movie in front of the movie, watching the movie classmates, ha.

There are four men in the whole class that have five in five have just been contributed to this class (one of them is still shooting in the female teacher in this class), the rest seems to be half, prepare the bell Stop it, so it is not shot.

Get a person information: Chen Yiyi, 158 cm 45kg three-weeks: 84 (d) 5789

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