Time is forwarded for 5 years, in 2006, Summer 2006, still did not marry He Shan, at this time, he is already an internationally renowned big company boss, very busy in the world, with the system of the system, An Yi got a lot of resources and abilities, more and more, and there will be many beautiful women, since the task of completing the mother and female brother, Anyi completed several main line tasks, rarely looking for it. Qiu Wang Meng Ya Diva, and since the system has a special upgrade of the system half a year, Anyi feels that he has changed, and it is increasingly lascivious and likes all kinds of emotions under the system.

Today, An Yi suddenly heard the father of Gu Zhiqiu. The person who helped him to Gu’s autumn died, he felt that Gu Zhiqiu must be very sad. At this time, Gu Zhiqiu did not meet more than half a year. So, after receiving the phone, it is necessary to find the mother and daughter of the autumn mother and daughter of the relatives of the deceased.

Summer in Beijing is so hot, and there is no going to go to the hometown because any mother and daughter are not good, so they directly went to the small villa area of ​​the mother and daughter.

An Yi entered the villa and found that the environment was very chaotic, and all kinds of clothing were piled up on the bed, and the dishes were placed directly on the table after eating, and did not clean up. It seems that Gu father is very anxious, so I didn’t clean up. An Yihua took an hour to clean up the house, sweep the floor, wash the dishes, and finally picked up the clothing on the ground of the autumn, and found some sexy underwear and open trousers, but in Wang Mengya’s boudoir, comfort See a whole set of vintage gothic Loli.

Although it is big, Wang Mengya is definitely very beautiful, and it is eager to think about it. Although I have not seen the second woman in half a year, Wang Mengya is relatively short and it is more like a big milk Loli in the past few years, and it is also very hunting when the phone QQ is very much, because the Ayi has a system, and it is not worried that the second women will give birth to others. The feelings, so I think that the mother and daughter return, and comfortable in bed comforting their bright future, and I can’t help but pick up the new song of peace. This song is still written by any self, with the development of the system, and the comfort is getting smarter. Now any intelligence is 15, but anything is unknown. At some time, his intelligence is only 1 point.

Anyi opened the computer of Gu Zhiqiu, as a computer master, Gu Zhiqiu’s password is not hindering from the use of comfort to its computer, and the comfort is intended to see movie, affected by Anyi, mobile computer network development has reached the extent of the past 2015, Anyi intends to look at the network information, then look at the movie, and mount the time.

A space website in the usual website causes an easy note, it is a website with the website. It is the web browser to automatically record. Even if you delete it, as long as the website will appear again, Anyi is curious to open this website. The inside is a lot of video download connections, but also the password can be downloaded. An Yi spent a minute, crack the password, downloaded a few videos, and checked the next computer, found that there were several mobile phones, and the eyi guessed The autumn shooting, waiting for the video to download, open one of them.

The video starts, it is in this bedroom, Gu Zhiqiu wears a fish net, there is no, the mobile phone shooting is excellent, you can clearly see the white skin, the tight fish net, will be full of Qi Qiu The tits are tightly tiered like a rope, and the nipples come out from the wide fish net. Fish net is like a rope bundled her, and such a beautiful woman is so good to make men’s sexuality. At this time, Gu Zhiqiu did not sit in front of the camera, but like a bitch, kneeling toward the head of the bed, and with the lens move, the lying object is gradually clear. White fat naked ugly, it is – Tang Qiyun! ! !

Tang Qiyun is the biggest enemy of Anyi, since Ayi and the mysterious organization collided once, leading to the death of the organizational lead, but also caused Tang Qiyun to become the leader of this organization, but Tang Qiyun appeared here, so that the comfort is surprised. According to the comfort of the comfort, you should start to find a problem, why didn’t you respond to Qiqiu’s problems? What about Wang Mengya?

But at this time, the ease of the full mind will continue to continue to see. An indi-intelligence in its unaware of the system becomes 1, only the original desire remains.

When Gu Zhiqiu, he was serving Tang Qiyun’s dick. From the proficiency of her through, I knew that there were many times. An Yi always hopes that Gu Zhiqiu can serve himself, but Gu Zhiqiu always feels shy, refuse Serving the servant, but now it is so skilled, and its eyes are flashing to the desire of big chickens.

Then, Gu Zhiqiu was pressed on the bed by Tang Qiyun. From the back, from the big empty hole of the fish net, reach out to force the soft breast, press the ripe body, and the autumn is a love, along with Tang Qiyun’s thick The cock is deeply inserted into her body. Being inserted by this chicken, it was a little bit of pain, but he revealed a little bit of pain on the autumn face. It was clear that Gu Zhi’s autumn is still loved, but the Tang Qiyun’s cock is constantly inserted. , The frightening sound of the buttocks, all are tortured, Tang Qiyun seeing her not to talk, suddenly stopped, there is a bull of “I and anything, the cock,” At this time, Gu Zhiqiu It has been fascinating, and I have been tortured and I’m looking for the big cock who is drawn by Tang Qiyun. While saying “The master’s big master, I want big chickens.” Tang Qiyun laughed and continued to flip, the video lasts Many minutes, until Tang Qiyun shot, Gu Zhiqiu has twice. An Yi numb opened the system. At this time, he responded in the intellectual 1, and the task is written in the system. Continue to watch the video, do not allow the autumn life.

An Yi opened a new video noted that this video time is 4 months ago, and the comfort of this time has not changed in the four months.

The company has opened a video of more than two months ago. At this time, Wang Mengya has begun to help her mother handle the company’s affairs, and now Wang Mengya and Gu Zhiqiu are discussed with Tang Qiyun.

Gu Zhiqiu and Wang Mengya wearing a united suit, the image of the self-cultivation, and the beauty of the Yang Qiqiu made two portraits of the sisters spent more female flowers, and the argument, Gu Zhiqiu continued to use our mother and daughter The discourse makes two women more tempting people around.

Then, after a few minutes, Tang Qiyun failed, and Gu Zhiqiu actually retired secretary, saying that the flesh of the mother and daughter made up for the loss of Tang Qiyun, I hope to continue in cooperation.

Wang Mengya has said to the surrounding secretary: “You will prepare first, we have some things to discuss it.”

Tang Qiyun, like ordinary losers, very frustrated, said to Wang Mengya: “Is there anything? Contract is settled so.

Gu Zhiqiu saw the people around him, just smiled and said to Tang Qiyun: “For this contract, we hope to continue, not one-time, of course, we will compensate for Tang.” That attractive tongue smashed the lower lips.

Wang Mengya was in the last person, pulling the door, pulling down the blinds, and said while he said: “This is a soundproof room, even if the sound is big, no one will notice our, and I have already taken this floor in advance. The people are giving away. “

Tang always seems some hesitation, just like a general person, “How do you plan to compensate me?

It is given money or … “The temptation to the beauty flashed the greedy color.

“Of course, use the body to compensate you, huh, you see our mother and daughter can’t satisfy you? There are also many companies waiting for you outside.”

“Mother and daughter? Your mother and daughter are enough.” Tang Qiyun said with a while, I wanted to hold Gu Zhiqiu, but Gu Zhiqiu was rotated, Tang Qiyun only reported to the scent of the air in the air.

“Tang Dynasty, don’t be so urgent,” Gu Zhiqiu said, “Our mother and daughter are all yours, as long as you slowly love us,” said, Gu Zhiqiu has unwind himself Clothes, in the suit is a snow-white shirt, Gu Zhiqiu unwind the shirt button, there is nothing!

Today’s negotiations, so many people on the spot, she turned out to be empty.

On the side of the king, Wang Mengya is taken off his coat, inside is a black hanging belt, tired clothes, the mystery black and almost colorful, and sexy.

Tang Qiyun has a mouthful of saliva, his eyes straight, fiercely, the recent reputation of Gu Zhiqiu, and Gu Zhiqiu smiled and hid, and said, “Come, come.” Wang Mengya I don’t know on the side. Where did the entire conference room environment change, the chair is gone, the table is not moving, a layer of yellow mattress appears on the floor, and there are many obscenity pictures, all the two women serve a man. It is a long time to look like this.

Gu Zhiqiu came back in those chairs to make Tang Qiyun can’t grab her, but the chair didn’t, Tang Qiyun was a tiger, and she fell to the ground directly.

“Oh” Tang Qiyun seized the autumn, his hands strongred her clothes, and Wang Mengya came from the distance, and slowly dialing Tang Qiyun with her shallers, and put his majesty and huge. The breast sticks back and forth on the back of Tang Qiyun. The mouth is still saying “Tang also invites me to take care of my mother.” Gu Zhiqiu was caught, on the ground, the clothes were twisted, and the clothes were also faded, and the mouth was still calling ” Tang Dynasty, Tang Dynasty. “

“It’s a woman,” Tang Qiyun said, while the hand came back and forth in the autumn of Gu Zhiqi, and a breast was smashed.

“Tang, I am a woman, my daughter is also a woman, our mother and daughter are color women, so you punish me this color woman. Oh, so comfortable, give me, ask you.”

“What do you want me to give you? 婊婊, this color is so sad, hesite, I heard that you have a leg and there is one leg now. How do you become like this now?” Tang Qiyun took the dick out and touched it. The following, “Hey, Zhen Sao, so much water.”

“So big,” At this time, Tang Qiyun’s dick has not been fully standing, but there is a full state of the comfort, staring at this chicken, Gu Zhiqiu is constantly eye-catching.

And Wang Mengya took the initiative to grab the big dick behind Tang Qiyun, he said in Tang Qiyun in the ear. , We are playing goods. “

At this time, whether it is Gu Zhiqiu or Wang Mengya, you can’t find a video of the female elite image.

“Oh, so comfortable, hurry, ask you, come on, ask you, Tang always.” Tang Qiyun finally put the dick into the vagina of Gu Zhiqiu, “It’s so cool, comfortable, don’t want you. The beauty is his brain problem, haha, now I am cheaper. “

Said, Tang Qiyun began to put up, Gu Zhiqiu immediately face Tang Qiyun, his legs were lifted by Tang Qiyun to his shoulders, completely withdrawing Tang Qiyun’s pump, “Oh, to the uterus, oh, can’t be deep, no Ah, I can’t stand it, oh oh, ah ~ “

Gu Zhiqiu’s climax, Tang Qiyun superb technology, huge cock, making long-term body (teaching sensitive)

The Qiu Qiu’s climax, the fashionable body, full of red halo after the climax, “Oh, so comfortable.”

“Haha, how is I am like anything?” Tang Qiyun called the autumn, and his hand was still touched by the autumn milk. The dick is still inserted in her small hole. Gu Zhiqiu waited for it. Said: “Of course It is a big Tang, how can any more than you? “

An Yi heard this, did not have anger, but more happened to felt the pain of the cock, couldn’t help but pick it up from the pants.

In the video, Tang Qiyun is haha ​​laughed, and then started to pump, and continued to make Gu Zhiqiu climax three times, Tang Qiyun finally shot. Gu Zhiqiu can’t stand it, I said “Tang Qiyun” Tang Qi, please, I can’t stand it, you go to Dreamy, ask you. “

Looking at the red smashing small hole in the autumn, still flowing with his semen, Tang Qiyun couldn’t help but have a good pity, say: “Well,” then put the dick from the autumn body to pull out, yet. Just waiting for a long time, Wang Mengya grasped inserted Wang Mengya’s body.

“Oh, good rising, so comfortable, Tang, always.” Wang Mengya was started to swell. On the side, Wang Mengya started to turn on the cock with Guanyin sitting, while supporting Tang Qiyun Leg, you will be inserted up and down.

“Hey, Xiao Wang, Dang uncle’s dicks and your boyfriend is not good?” Tang Qiyun grabbed a tits of Wang Mengya, in the autumn of Gu Zhiqi, and his mouth is still talking about Wang Mengya. It’s really good to be better than anything.

“Ah, there is no problem with the Tang Dang, Tang Tang Dang is much bigger than him, ah, the grass is dead, I can’t stand it, I have to be climax, ah,” But Tang Qiyun refused to make her easily The climax, Gu Zhiqiu is scared by sudden encounters, but also have not enjoyed it, this daughter is going to play.

Tang Qiyun pushed Wang Mengya from the body, overwhelming the table, and vigorously shot his big hand in Wang Mengya’s Bai Sheng’s elasticity, said: “Since Dang Shu is so good, do you care about your care? Have a climax? “

Wang Mengya has reached a crucial moment. The move is so moving, it is a lot of fire, and I asked “How is the Tang always want? I am not enough to play with my mother?”

“How is this, you and your mother don’t like my cock, I haven’t enjoyed you, how can I enjoy it?” “What should I do?” Two women asked.

“Simple, this company belongs to me, you become my little three, I will support you in the future, how is it, is it a good idea?” Tang Qiyun finished, and inserted the dick into Wang Mengya inserted two times, Wang Mengya immediately said: ” It’s good, I agree, my mother, we are doing Tang Tang, very good, don’t use a man in the future. “

There is still some pain on the autumn face, which makes it a little comforted in the heart of at least her heart, but I will fight him in the autumn.

“But my name is Tang, what is Tang?”

This time, Anyi only feels that there is a difference in pain. Then it was just shot.

“Oh, you call my husband, Xiao Wang told me dad, I will do it.”

At this time, Wang Mengya finally gave a climax, shouted “Mom, Mom, Dad put my grass to the climax, Dad put her daughter to the climax.”

Hey, Tang Qiyun took a slap in the palm of Wang Mengya, and took the voice or even echoed in the house.

“The daughter, Dad did not allow the climax to negative, Dad to punish you.”

Said that it is a series of shots, then the sound of another man wants to burn, and the cry of Wang Mengya is even more than a bigger.

“Haha, now I am going to your mother, I have to play together.” Wang Mengya is a little, ending pain, rolling from the table, climbing to the mother, and the emerging mother began to speak each other, mother The woman is very beautiful. At this time, the small hole is open, the body is on the screen, the white thigh, the light of the farther, these extremely skilled actions, all teasing Tang Qiyun and the nerve. Anyi can only continue to be, while Tang Qiyun is directly rushing, and inserting it back and forth, it is until half an hour. Finally, in the constant embarrassment of the two women, I only shot once in the body of Gu Zhiqiu.

“Haha, it is really cool today. The white company has two beautiful people.”

Gu Zhi Qiu Ya is charming to look at Tang Qiyun in front of him, while licking the sperm and other mixes.

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