Finally college friends!

My name is Wang Yue, after the occurrence of the story from the college talk.

Freshman year, my classmate Yan Fei live in the same dorm room. Because of my age Yan Phoebe bigger, so I called her Miss Philippines.

Did not think the Philippine sister, like me, have a common interest, that is, going to the toilet and expose it!

If they unite, then I think it can be called OUTDOORSCAT & PISS!

Our time together has done a lot of strange game. There enema, mutual absorption, according to the top …… All in all, many types of it!

We sense a variety of bizarre things. However, the Xiaoyue impressed me was that the street going to the toilet it!

This is a school three months later things. At that time, it is already autumn. School leaves have started turning, and as the wind gently falling, fluttering like a butterfly. Philippine sister and I came to take a walk after dinner on school avenue.

The sun had gone down hill. It was getting dark. But still you can see the things around.

Philippine sister and I sat on the bench side of the avenue.

“Xiao Yue,” Philippine sister turned and said ︰ ‘Miss Philippines today after dinner some excitement Oh, now want to enjoy this visit! Can do? “

“Here?” I am a little uneasy ︰ “…… so …… this is not right.”

“what’s wrong?”

“I will be other students to see Oh!”

I whisper, and his face was burning hot, add the heartbeat rate, lower body Roufeng also gradually moist.

Philippine sister looked at me with strange eyes ︰ “Oh, no, Xiaoyue you do not like others to see your white ass it?

Xiaoyue not like other people to see your tunnel discharge poo it? Xiaoyue not like others to see you wet …… “

“Philippine sister! Please ask …… …… …… again …… do not say it!”

My nerves are irrepressible, and I have felt lower body cool and wet. Yes, I’ve lost the right to govern their own.

Philippine sister smile ︰ “You little kinky sister, and sister like going to the toilet and expose it seems most are born tart yo!”

This time, I limp in the arms of Miss Philippines. My legs clip is very tight, and rubbing up and down, really want to have a boy this time to be here let me resolve and inner emptiness Roufeng Yeah.

“Xiao Yue sister, now it is not already rampant sexual secretion? Let Philippine sister feel ……”

Miss Philippines skill into my school uniform in ︰ “wow! Really hanging! Xiaoyue sister like urinary incontinence wet it.”

“Do not Miss Philippines …… …… …… you say that again ……”

“Xiao Yue sister, now is not the body heat that way? Is there meaning want to expose it?”

Miss Philippines flick my chest, so I can not even stop his lust.

“I’m afraid …… …… …… I will be seen …… people ……”

“What are you afraid of it!” Philippine sister smiled and said, “We do not often show their bodies on the network?”

“But here it is …… …… …… ah school teacher …… and have it!”

Philippine sister laughed ︰ “teacher come, not even more okay? This will be a war of teachers and students too! Well! Do not long-winded it! Xiaoyue sister, quickly undress it!”

Philippine sister urging, I dare not take off. If you refuse, then, after the Philippine sister I would not want to expose and Xiaoyue play games and going to the toilet Oh!

And Xiaoyue now also can not stand it!

Fortunately, today Xiaoyue wearing a sideways Department dress, easy to wear off. In this way, I successfully took off the dress.

Who only a bra and panties. It is autumn, although not very cold, but Xiaoyue still frozen shivering yet.

Miss Philippines took my dress, looking at my body and said ︰ “Xiao Yue sister, your body really is getting Ay!

Unfortunately, your breasts not always develop coming! Let Philippine sister look please? “

I nodded and removed the upper body. It is not a very large breast. My breast belongs to the kind of bowl, but the development is bad! There are also like a disc type. The last Fei Sister said that Xiaoyue’s breast is like a bowl, it is better to call the tableware … The autumn wind, I showed the nipple under the sky.

The Philippine sister is close, gently pinch, “Xiaoyue sister, it seems that you are very excited today! Is it?”

I tweted: “What happens, today is also exposed in the school today!”

“No! I haven’t finished yet.”

The Philippine sister shook his head and said, “The two we are exposed and the fans! The two cannot be missing!

You still have to make your stool on the road of the school today! “

I can’t believe my ears, although my heart is full of fear, but I am excited.

Under the urgency of Fei Ji, I finally took off the only step – underwear. The flesh present in natural air is exuded everywhere.

“Xiaoyue sister! Crouch! Fei Jie wants to see you again and stool! It is really excited!”

The Philippine sister said, while starting to reach into his underwear and scratch her meat.

I am on the road of the school, and the legs are very open. The petals on both sides of the flesh looks moist and shiny, and it is also open, it seems to be seen.

“Okay?” Fei Jie asked.

“Ah … Fei Ji … Xiaoyue began to … pee …” Said, my flesh is shot in the small hole above the pale yellow urine.

Fei Jie hurriedly squatted, one hand on the route of my urine, let the urine wet the arm. Then put it in your mouth, eat it.

“Good taste! Xiaoyue sister! Your urine is only fresh in the house!”

At this time, my rectum began to creep in the lower abdomen. I feel that I have to be stool. So hurriedly nodded to Fen.

Fei Sister also went around me, carefully observed.


“Xiaoyue sister! Your stool is coming! I have seen it from your asshole!” The fifty sister behind him seems to be particularly excited.

At this time, I am so angry that I have to eat in the heart, and my hard work will drain the stool to the shadow of the school.

“Hey! Xiaoyue! It has already come out, it is still very long. Your pulling technology is also improved!” Fei Jie laughed and kissed my bike.

Finally, I don’t know how to empty the body.

“Broken! We didn’t bring toilet paper!” When I wanted to wipe the net, I suddenly thought that there was no paper.

Fei Ji smiled: “There is no relationship! Or let the Fei sister give you clean.”

“No! Don’t you!” I shook my head.

“So, is the little sister to flush it clean?”

“Nor well!” I shook his head. “” We play today is exposed, so you have to use nature! “

“I understand! Xiaoxue is to use leaves to do toilet paper!”

Fei Sister is really smart. So, Fei Sister found some fallen leaves on the ground and started to clear the eyes for Xiaoyue.

It is always clean. I turned and put on my clothes and said: “Fei Sister, isn’t this this? Xiaoyi also wants to see your stool and show!”

Fei Si’s face has a color: “Xiaoyue sister! Today, Fei Sister … You know … can’t wear it! Let’s talk about it next time!”

Since Fei Jie is coming to menstruation, I have only let go of Fei Fei! However, in the end, I was still a naughty sister, I made a sanitary napkin with the leaves!

Really excited …

The time during the next morning, the principal is big. For the campus forest shadow, the incident is not angry!

This secret is only Fei Sister and I know! It’s really sorry for the principal!

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