My name is Mina, 98 years, is a fascinating Gemini girl.

In the morning class, the campus hidden green is in the shade, I solve the shirt to expose the chest, squat on the soft grass, pick up his meat stick from the humei chain of my boyfriend, carefully 舐舐NS. I contacted the glans in my mouth, the tongue opened his foreskin, and the detachably licking his cute glans, the tongue smart surrounded the glans, and the hand was also gently moved on the meat stick, and the shade of quiet is “” The sound of 悉 is like I am sucking a pot of water.

Xiaohao held my head in one hand, buried in my hair, and the throat issued a hurry.

Sudden Xiaoyao took the chicken, and the semen took out the meat stick to my face and there was a hair. The sperm of the mouth was still behind my chin to my white chest.

I took out the paper towel to rub the semen on my face, and I complained while rubing: “Isn’t it to shoot in my mouth? What should I do if I do it?”

“Sorry, Nana is too cute, did not hold back.”

I was blunting with my boyfriend, forgive him, “” “This time, I will not give you a blow.”

“That, obvious is you tempting me!”

“Hu said, obviously you have been staring at my lips.”

“Say, I feel more and more proficient in recent recently? I am getting more comfortable.”

“This kind of knowledge online is a lot, you think that people are in order to make people feel comfortable!”

Xiaoyao smiled and said, stupid: “Na, you are more and more cute!”

My boyfriend is fascinated by himself. I am very proud, I am thinking about Xiaoyao’s color eyes, the teacher said nothing, the ringtone of the get out of class reminds that there is no reaction, the good sister is Waken me, sour words: “Hey, our Nana is Spring!”

I am not convinced to hit her chest, I smiled and avoided her, I didn’t agree with her, playing in the classroom, playing in the corridor, suddenly a nasty voice rang next to us: “Oh, You are also youthful today, but don’t fall. “

I looked with Na Na, it’s really a mathematics teacher like a beer belly.

It’s a strangeness of the teacher who took the teacher and said yin and yang: “Teacher Chen is in a good mood, what is good? This belly is a lot of fat!”

Teacher Chen actually took me, said to the Hall: “You guess? Maybe I ate a girl like Nana!”

I have to fry in the lungs. I am going to open him with his big belly. The fat pig does not care about the shoe print on the belly, and the appearance is said: “Prepare class!”

This teacher is a middle-aged uncle in his 40s, and it is still very wretched by the feet, and has not found a wife. However, such a disgusting middle-aged uncle, I called me at the hotel at noon.

“I tell you fat pig! You will be in front of the public, I will have a man’s foot, I just …”

I haven’t finished it, the teacher will make up, and the furry big hand grabs the drums of the drums. The wretched fat face is coming up: “Don’t be so unfaithful, Xiaona, with the man Is it also happy to get along with your friends? It’s so good to be so good. He should you be fascinated by you? Hey, I have smelled your hair in the corridor today. “

This makes me a stiff, and his hand is more powerless. The 50 people in our class have only 7 boys. Xiao Hao is the only handsome guy outside the additional 6 歪 裂 裂, learning sports, even if he knows that he has this girlfriend is not a moment of surrounding him. Turn, what should I use to hurt Xiaohao?

Today, Xiaobao said that the technology of mouth is more and more, and the cooked blowjob here is not going to go to the porn website.

A strong smell is drilled into my nose, looks down, and the big guy is in my school uniform. The thick smell is different from the smell of the chicken with the root of the fauza, full of SEX’s taste, my will is getting thinner, even symbolic resistance, the teacher’s hand is I took a shot on my head. I took the habitual or hit that the nausea dirty meat stick was held.

Although I am obeying because of the meaning of resistance, it is impossible to be like Baho. I have the same force to grasp the roots, pinch the nose and sorrowful: “Hey! I didn’t take a shower. Ah! Dirty fat pig, no wonder can’t find a wife! “

The teacher is not in my poison tongue, squeezing out of the kind, but actually very wretched smile, said: “Teacher will not take a shower, but the weather is too hot, and Xiao Nana will give the teacher to the teacher.”

I have grip this finger to stand the meat sticks, and the black meat stick is like covering a layer of greasy dirt. A thick green dish is like a twisted cockroach. Red to the purple glans exude a burning breath, the horse’s eyes exudes a transparent sticky liquid, and the thick smell is smoked. I want to spit it.

Gently rubbish the meat stick, the fingertips came to a greasy feeling. If you are not hard, I almost think that I have the most annoying nose, I don’t want to hold the meat stick to your mouth. Send it, the egg-like glans almost filled with my mouth, the kind of hot smell rushed into my throat, and the disgusting disaster could not figure out, and the orally secreted more saliva. The big tapping head.

In the end, it is still helping this disgusting fat pig. I lick the big glans, the tongue is tongue, I have passed around the glans, and my mind is slowly turned into a mentality of breaking the tank. After gradually, the taste of the meat stick is gradually It’s not so hard to accept, even I didn’t find it, licking this concentrated smellful meat stick is more investful than the eager of Xiao’s urinal.

This meat stick is too big, Xiao’s chicken, I can all swallow in a deep throat, and the teacher’s meat stick is a talents who don’t let the teeth come. It is hard. I spit out of the big glans, two small hands holding the roots of the big meat stick, slowly stroke, the horse is squeezed out a lot of viscous transparent liquid, I use the tip of the tongue to squat, then mix the saliva with the tip of the tongue in the meat stick Painted. The rough meat stick has been greasy. I used my hand to go back and forth on the meat stick. The little mouth was greatly opened, put the underlying eggs hanging in the bag in the whole mouth.

The teacher’s scrotum is also different from Xiao. Xiao’s scrotum is like a small downtown. It is not obvious from the outer surface. The silhouette of the teacher is not obvious. The teacher’s scrott is like a plastic bag with watermelon. Hanging there, there is also blood vessels, it looks horrible and disgusting.

“Good good, the egg has the roots of the meat rod, and Na’s small mouth is getting more and more cool. It is also asked for boyfriend this morning. It is better than the boyfriend. Which is better than the teacher’s meat What? “

I spit out the egg, the hand of the meat stick has also become rude, and I don’t want to say: “Hey, of course, Xiao’s meat stick is the most, I just want to eat his meat stick!”

The teacher pushed me into the bed, took off my pants and underwear, but left stockings and small shoes didn’t take off, separated my legs, didn’t shave the clean bearded on my labi, squirting my little hole Heat said: “But your boyfriend has help you licked it? Even if there is any teacher, do you have such a good technology?”

After that, I have been separated by two thumbs, showing brightly reddish meat, just like a wing butterfly. A hypertrophic tongue is on my little labie, and I don’t know if his disgusting saliva is still the flow of love, the small hole has become wet. Nausea tongue piercing my little point, soft and terrible, I am most afraid of the soft thing, nausea, fear more stimulating my sensitive body, my whole body Surse shaking, carefully liver roping straight.

The voice of “ignorant” sounded, just like a very unplanned person, I deliberately sent the kind of voice, I raised his head and shouted him: “Don’t use it! … ~! “

The teacher was buried in the face of my private place, and the face pulled up and wretched smile: “Hey, the teacher’s skill is better than the boyfriend? It is uncomfortable by the teacher?”

I have deviaze, I don’t need it. “Xiao Hao is not needed, as long as I feel, I feel very much!”

The teacher listened to the pants, revealing the furry long leg hair, separated my legs on his waist, the egg big glans didn’t need to help my honey, said: ” Jiao Li is really cute, the teacher can’t help but love you! “

“Hey!” I swelled, and the thick and long meat sticks joined my delicate honey, the huge glans rudely separated the wall of the meat hit the stub. I have a maximum separation of my legs, and my body is stiff. I can’t help but keep up, try to relax the lower body to meet the rude insertion of the big meat stick.

The teacher took me hips, let my waist leave the bed, I am proud to tell me: “How? Top to the uterus, the boyfriend can’t insert such a deep place? Is it very cool?” It is unhappy at this deep place, some pain, feel awesome. The teacher piled up my clothes to the neck, unlocking my bra, showing the tits for the school girl, and then put it with the meat stick, the landscape of the tams also fell into the eyes of this disgusting uncle.

The teacher is very powerful. My narrow and delicate cavity can’t bear the impact of him. I have flowed out, and the silk saliva is also flowing up. Feeling the burn like a fire stick, I can’t help but believe in such a big thing. How can I put into my body? How can I put an elephant in the refrigerator? !

“It’s still a high school girl, it is tender and tight, it feels different.” Teacher said, while inserting me, it is like a play.

I don’t want to pay for weakness: “The dead fat pig is still alive, I really dare to say, you will threaten me in addition to the call, you don’t want the face!”

Soon my mouth, I can’t, the teacher changed the interpolation, the glans plugged back to my sensitive point, until I wanted to stop, the big meat stick was stabbed. That feeling like a scratched itch, it is repeatedly teasing, when you can’t stand it, help you scratch, how can you uncomfortable?

My desire is repeated, and then being satisfied, the prostitute is cross flow, every time the big glans hits in my cervix, the entire vagina is full of meat sticks to be torn, The pain and the uncomfortable wall meat are desperately squeezed, but I want to squeeze it out, but I don’t know how to increase the pleasure of men. When the meat stick finally retired, when the sensitive point is coming back and forth. I hate I can’t get through this big meat stick, let it put my little hole.

“Hey … uh … it’s big … too big … um … um …” My name is getting more and more high, it is more and more meaningless, but it is only instinctive.

“How? Teacher will plug it? High school boys can’t grab your sensitive point? Are you a girl? Is it full of boyfriend?”

I walow, glanced at him: “How can you be with Xiao Haoby … ah … ah!

… Mao Hao is just casually plugging, I can climax! …… um … don’t … “

“Is it?” The teacher took me up and pulled off my top, turned me back to him, this meat stick is more deep, the teacher holds my soft buttocks, put my body Then, then the meat stick is striking.

“Ah, ah, ah !! Don’t! …… Good deep …”

“How? How can a boyfriend not this? The most is pressed on you or doing the piston exercise before you will do it behind you? Can you deeply insert Nana deep? Can use the glans to love Nana Is G point? Can I use the meat stick to agilize the pocket of Na Na? Can Nana send such a lovely call? “

Obviously, there is a boyfriend, but also to be so feeling so much, I want to find a slit, and I said to him, “I don’t want to say Xiaohao” Browth! You are dead, … dead fat pigs … doing people … are not cool !! “

“Oh? Don’t you say bad words of boyfriend? Xiao Nana is still a kind of wife’s good mother, teacher, I really eat vinegar of your boyfriend! But like this Na, you have to hurt you. ! “

The teacher took me one hand, the small hole seems to be more open, the meat stick seems to be deeper, he no longer holds my hips, let my body have been joined and free, I only a hard Stepping on the bed and supporting the body, it is impossible to rely, it is increasingly more and more powerful insertion.

A furry arm passes through my armpits, a rough thick big hand holds me tall-out breasts, five fingers deeply fall into the meat, and the erect’s nipple is clamped by his fingers. The hand dragged with my legs is not lonely. Have a knee with my next knee, two rough nauseaful big hands are unfair to knead my delicate tits, shameful pleasure passed through breast delivery I can’t help but call: “Ah !! It’s so comfortable … ah …… Use your strength !! It is so comfortable … it’s more intense. !! “

It seems to reward my compromise, or in order to break through my heart defense, the one hand of the tits, leaving my chest, explored that I was so fiercely plugged into the lower body, found convening The grain is full of flowers, the thumb is gently rubbed with the index finger. “Ah! Don’t be like this … people will die … don’t … you have to die !!!”

The above and the following multi-pleasure made me reach the climax, and the body trembled as if I was still pulling all the strength. The strong semen is strongly injected in the depths of the flower, and push my climax to the new peak. The teacher pushed me into the bed. The two hands were killed and grabbed my chest as if I want to pinch my tits. The meat stick In the depths of the bar, the semen is ejected outward, even if it is over, it is still in my body.

I fately flowed with tears without focalgeation, flowing through the mouth of saliva: “How many times are you talking about it!”

The teacher took me into his arms, let me kneel on his furry big belly, and the meat sticks that have not been completely soft are not allowed to stream out of the semen in my tenderness, and the thief said: “Description Teacher loves you, my Xiaona, accept the teacher’s love!”

“It’s enough! Love your mother! You are idiot!”

The lunch break is hateful to the uncle to drag into the hotel, it is already the third time.

Initially, I have been in KTV and I have encountered math Chen. The teacher’s threat was scared away. I took me over, but I didn’t send me home, but I brought me to his mess. At home, I woke up at the next night, when I woke up, the small hole was swollen like a fritter, and I didn’t know how long the medicine is a teacher.

After a few days, I was called to the sports room in the afternoon. I thought he didn’t dare to put me in the school, so I didn’t think about it, and I didn’t put our things. Otherwise, I told him to rape. , The result is in the sports room, I was really raped by him, and our relationship began.

After the relationship with the math teacher, the boyfriend Xiaohao discovered my change. I praised me that there was a woman’s taste, because this is boast, the teacher will take me to open the house for the first time. I gains the gods.

On this time, I did a total of 5 love. I have no sets of intrase, I haven’t seen anything for more than two months. I don’t care much from the initial uncomfortable. I thought it. It is not so easy to pregnant, and the husband and wife of the parties are married for seven or eight years.

I didn’t have a good rest at noon. On the way to school, I was sluggish, I thought I was in the dead fat, although I had to admit that it was very painful but now I feel a little bit. I quietly touched the lower abdomen, although I got out of the toilet, but there should be a lot in my stomach, even Xiaohao didn’t shoot in my body.

When I thought of Xiao, the shoulder was patted and shouted from behind, shouting: “Nana!”

“Yeah !!” I scared a big jump, look back, it is Xiaohao that is very Korean handsome guy’s flavor, whisper: “You! Dry … do it! Scary home!”

Xiaohao didn’t think I reinforce so big, Jusu said: “Just see you say you, want to go back to the classroom with you …

“I hate it! I don’t want to say what I love …” I drums, the gods drums, and they saw that Xiao Hao had someone who worked, it was very sweet. Yes, I just want to be by Xiaoyao, let Xiaobo comfortably, doing love with uncle to make love! I picked up the feet, when all the students who walked toward the school, kissed the mouth of Xiaofa’s cheeks with the mouth of the teacher.

************ Class, the top floor of the stairs, I hide here to kiss the tattoo. I picked up the clothes to unwind the bra and pulled Xiao Hao’s hand to guide him caress my chest. Xiao Hao’s stroke side, said: “Naa your chest is big, it is even more big, and it feels more and more, so soft.”

I am like a silk, I’m very chest: “I am really color! I like it? As long as you like you can touch it!”

Xiao Haixing is coming, reaching out, touching my lower body, said: “Baby, I want, we …”

I shook my head and said, “No, I will go to class immediately!” I looked at Xiaohao’s disappointed face. I smiled, quietly said to him: “Tonight my parents will come back very late! You want Don’t come to my house? “

In the afternoon, I took Xiaohao to my house. After entering my boudoir, Xiao Hao couldn’t wait to take off my clothes, biting my nipple and biting it, giggling me. When his hand strokes my chest, my chest becomes very sensitive. The comfortable pleasure is like a whole body, eager to meet his caress, when his hand touches me, didn’t deliberately teasing The yuki, no fingers are teased, just simply stroking my lips, I seem to be trembled, the small abdomen is hot, the love liquid is flowing out. Xiao Hao helped his lovely chicken in my body, I copened the separate legs to meet his entry, I hugged him with his body, with his rhythm contraction pelvic, let him be more comfortable, then …… The time of only a song, Xiaohao, who is squatting on me, stops, and shooting the semen in my body.

Xiaobo after ejaculation looked at the time and put on his own clothes. I held his arm, and the double milk clamped his arm spoiled: “” Will it so quickly? Are you spending with others ~! People can make you feel comfortable! “

Xiao Hao Society said: “I have to go home, I have to go home, I will put on my clothes, or I will catch a cold … then I am gone, see!”

My bra is still piled up on the breast. The underwear is also hung on the ankle. The tenderness under the short skirt is small, and there is not much semen, and there is no flow. I looked at Xiaohao, who had left outside the window, I still handed him to my clothes, I resent it. People are clearly said to the climax too much! It’s good to be a little bit, how to shoot so fast! Hey, I don’t want to barely, Xiaohao, I don’t want to be annoyed by him. In case, he thinks that I am a lascivious girl … but, it is still so hot! If the teacher is … Essence was squeezed by my little hole, and I also told me to put the semen left on his meat stick and eaten … ah! Really want!

I stroked the private part of Pean Bean, pinch the nipple, I want to be ignited, I am constantly saying to myself in my heart: I just have Xiao’s heart, as long as we love everything, it doesn’t matter. Yes, I don’t care how I feel!

Stroketing the body’s hand is getting more and more powerful, I sent a shy person in my mouth, I thought of Xiaohao, but my phone didn’t know how to dialed the number of math Chen. I shrewd the phone to the side, forgot the masturbation, until a wave of small gods, I used the hand of prostitute to pick up the phone, but I am very weak but very embarrassing voice: “Teacher … is listening? “

“Baby, I am listening!”

“I want, can I go to you?”

“I am waiting for you in my house! How do you come? Take a car to come to you, hurry, the teacher is waiting for you!

Yes, put on my night’s clothes for the first night! “

I put on a short skirt that can’t be in a knee, put on white stockings, put on the T-shirt, and stopped the car to the teacher’s single apartment.

At the teacher downstairs, I found that the teacher is waiting for me. I have a red, all the way to come over, I have fallen a lot, but I will send myself to send the door to give people free people, this is not more than the prostitute?

The teacher is like I didn’t see my strange and struggle. I went to grasp me. The smell of the uncle drilled my nose. I struggled to break away and I can’t open it.

The teacher said to me: “Xiao Nana, our first night, you are drunk, do you want me to reappear to give you a regret?”

I have some heart, some curiosity, struggled for a while, nodded slightly, just the lower head, the chin got to my chest.

The teacher laughed and took me back. My whole person squats on his generous back, and the body is as drunk, and the breasts of the chest drum are pressed flat. The teacher dragged my hips isolated on the small panty, holding my butt, when I gave a close, let his fingers fell into my soft hip.

With I climbed 3, I walked into his house, and the teacher had a bit panting and sweating. He put me in bed. In fact, it was a bed, but it was a Safeng Si bedding on the ground. I am lying in bed. The teacher takes off a light. When his shorts of my skirt is still bigger than my skirt, I noticed that his meat stick has been highly vertically.

The teacher came to me, when he came to go to me, he had a sweating, with full of sweat: “At that time, I put you in bed, fascinated little beauty, excited and heartless Flying out! Then I … “

After saying that he was pressed up, the tongue that leained his nausea was licked on the smooth face of the 4 times a day, leaving a smell of smelling in the air. Then he pinched my face in one hand, and his mouth made it up. I am frightened to push him, because I haven’t let him kiss me even if he is so many times, I have said: “I have done you at the time, why bother to mind?” I want to even symbolize love. ” The kiss is taken away by this dead fat man, what else is it not? So relaxing the body, but also feel so fun, so close your eyes seem to be asleep, let him put it.

The teacher pinching my face opened my mouth, first in my last lip sucking for a long time, until I got my lips, and put the disgusting stinky tongue into my mouth, in my mouth Stir in the inside. Because we play, I am drunk, I can’t respond to him, let him apply his smelly saliva in my mouth, when he leaves my lips, there is a crystal silk My mouth is everywhere, my smell is drilled into the nose close to picking up, I feel super and bad, but I feel very excited, I think he stains my body, then Use this dirty body to love the incompetent Hao!

My T-shirt was opened, the bra was solved, the teacher admires: “Beautiful chest! The general woman is flat, I can’t see it, but this chest pull is like a peach!” Then a pair of big hands Be careful to play my tits, put my tits into a variety of shapes, and admire my mouth and feel soft and flexible! I am beautiful in my heart, and the corner is a charming and charming smile.

When the teacher smoked my nipple into the mouth, I almost couldn’t help it. He looked straight to it, picking up my thigh, and there is no flawed skin in my thigh. Back, the delicate skin leaves the salvation of malodorane. The teacher said: “Good elastic skin, I can’t stand it!” Then I privately put it cold, the underwear was pulled down.

The round and slender thighs were greatly separated, and the small pockets had a bit cool. The teacher buried the head into my skirt. A fat tongue came over, on my labipings, the small hole is licking, when his tip is coming back Miss Pean Bean, when you use the teeth to bite, I have to use the thigh to clamp his head.

His head left from my grass, I closed his eyes and waited for him next step, then the laborary was opened by a hot thing, and then the thing was piercing into my small hole.

“I woke up when I was inserted.”

“Why don’t I remember anything?”

“You drink too much, I’m going to die, in short, you have to die, and later can be waved!”

“I do not believe!”

“Hey, careful liver, I like you, my mouth is hard, you can go to the end, it is very honest, which makes the teacher feel a sense!”

“Dead metamorphosis, 呜呜!”

The teacher began to kiss me. When I kissed the lower body, I started slowly horing. The thrill of tenderness broke me, I began to respond to his kiss.

I was turned over and kneelted in bed, he helped my butt to sprint. I found that he is always like this. When I started to enter the lane, I always had a fierce charge. After killing, I can play with me after I losing my helmet. The thick meat stick did not have more than 10 tender points in my life, and the little hole was supported. The feeling of tearing. If the current shocks me, I will continue to ask for mercy: “Teacher, don’t! Slow, fast, fast stop!

Ah … Hello metamorphosis! Actually, it is so difficult to love. “

The teacher’s hand-held my breasts and helped me, my body became an anti-bow type withdrawal. “Teacher don’t!”

“It’s too strange Na’s body too tempting.”

My body became half squats from half, and the teacher took my tender hole. Two hands hugged my delicate body in the arms, squatting this side, I also said this, another hand Do not forget to play another chest.

“How? The small hole is played by the sideline, is cool?”

“Oh … ah! …… So comfortable … Teacher, you will do it …”

“Hey, at this time, the teacher shot at this time, almost half a year did not touch the woman, I have been so beautiful, such a small beauty, half a year’s inventory is given you.”

“Ah … small hole is numb … Teacher … Can you … ask you? … people are willing to give you a good … Do you don’t shoot in?”

The big meat stick is more fierce, the teacher is wretched: “That depends on Xiaona, how is it, the teacher likes a sensual girl, and I prefer Xiao Nana, the sound of 呶呶 糯 糯, you didn’t see class When I often call you to speak? “The teacher said to take me to the wall, let me put the wall for the wall, and he plugged in again.

I was soaring a wave of violations in the top of the wall, which was very strong, which made me be excited. At this time, I finally be willing to admit that if he didn’t do it, I was so cool, I Will it make this one more and then three after being strong?

“Ah … ah … so uncomfortable … It’s so comfortable … I have to be broken! … Teacher …

I … I want to urinate! “

“Oh? Have you incorpreted?”

“Not … ah! … When you go through school, you drink a big cup of milk … If you can’t … Let me go to urine first?”

“Hey, just come out so!”

“Abnormal! How do you have a diaper … Ah … don’t! Don’t! … ah!”

The small hole was thrilled, and the sudden urine didn’t help but couldn’t help. A water line shot and was lifted by my life. The teacher saw this scene. I lifted me with a higher legs, let me like it. Like the dog, I finally can’t hold it, urine sprayed, as the meat stick continued to pose a landscape that is difficult to describe.

Urine is moving down with my thighs, it is relaxed after the urine, plus the stimulation of the cavity, I was completely thoroughted by urine, I was completely thrown into my mind.

The teacher looks more excited after my pee, my throat is bursting, and my legs are raised higher. My legs are on his shoulder, with a “one word” with the legs that support the body, the teacher hits my long legs and struggled, and I walked again. “Ah !! Don’t … um ~ 肏 肏 肏 肏 我 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 坏 坏 坏 坏 坏 坏 坏 坏 坏 坏 坏 坏 坏 坏 坏…… Good husband … lost! Lost !! “

I called the crazy waves, and the love with Xiao has never had such a wave. I have a soft body to fall. The teacher holds a last sprint in my small point. We also reached the climax, hot The semen once again perfused in the depths of my flower, mixed with Xiao’s semen.

I am weak, on the single Han family dirty floor, there is also the yellow urine that I just diapers, warm urine also exudes hot, wet my hair, I have no strength move.

“Ah … ah … isn’t it … Isn’t it taken in people?”

“Xiao Nana’s hole is too comfortable, don’t say something that men want to shoot in a beloved woman body?

I didn’t hold me, I was shot. “

“Who wants you this stinky uncle! You have seen so much, you have flowed out, before Xiao Hao came in, there was no leak out of the way.”

“I said how to wrap the white bubble when you are you, it is a boyfriend that you can’t meet you.”

I slept in a past, I don’t know how long, I feel that my T-shirt is completely taken off, the skirt is also, even the sock is also taken off, completely naked, then a pair of hands on me Touching, a tongue licked my whole body, the air is full of smell, my feet are hilarious, a tongue keeps licking in my toes, and put me The toe is in the mouth, I haven’t finished, I can’t help it, open your eyes to say to him: “You have to die! So smelling, very disgusting!”

Responding to me is the big meat stick to the small lane, my body has had to break up the wind, I am weak, I am in a variety of shame, I will have the strength of the bed, only the strength of the bed: ” Ah …

How to come … Obviously a middle-aged uncle … but it is so powerful … ah … obviously a grungy and disgusting dead fat pig, why I am so comfortable … Ah … Yes, I am a teacher Sow of sows …

Dry me … ah … I have to die … I have to lose … don’t … Scorpio! Also shot so much … “

*********** The end of the time, the trouble test ended, and the last section of the teacher explained the problem on the test paper. I looked at my test paper. I didn’t know much, and I was not good at. Plus this semester mathematics work has not been done, and it will be able to know how badly. One night, the teacher called me to his office. After a cloud of cloud, he took out a test paper to copy it, then this score A + test paper in front of him. Looking at the test paper, many answers wrote to twisting, think of that night teacher slowly inserting my points behind me, while told me to look at the table on the table, I couldn’t help but think, if all subjects are teachers are difficult Teacher then he is this relationship with me, then I have to pay attention to it.

In the summer, I hid in the boudoir, blow the air conditioner, chat with Xiaoxao with WeChat. I just issued a more embarrassing information, Xiaoyao, such as Xiaohao, information coming in, I am open, I found that the avatar is the old face.

Fat pig: I want Na Na to become this, I want you to help me!

There is also a picture, the picture is a close-up of a meat stick, the mushroom-shaped big turtle head is red to the purple, the fat, the meat stick looks dirty, sometimes, sometimes I am thinking, not obese Is the chicken chicken short? How does this fat pig have such a thing.

I didn’t care, continue to play with Xiao Haofu information. After a while, the information was sent again. The picture was some photos he took when he did his love. The content included is: Without your day, I can only look at your photo to play the plane.

I am angry and press and hold the voice button: “Don’t send these disgusting things!”

Throw away the phone, even the mood of Xiaoxi chat is. Pick up a pillow and fell towards the phone, and the face buried his face into the pillow. I don’t know if the air conditioner is not cool enough. The body begins to heat up.

“It’s all the pictures of the parents! This dead state! Idiot! Rape Verde!” I walked.

I remember that we have loved the ridiculousness recently, in addition to almost noon at noon every day, there are traces of our mating in the campus.

After school, in the classroom, on the podium, he asked me to help the platform, I walked up a leg with him as a yellow dog, and then inserted from behind, imagine this is in mathematics class. In the face of the face of the whole class, the whole class clearly looks out that this small hole is taken out. On the small seat of Xiaoyao, I am squatting on the small mouth of Xiaoyao, being smashed by him, tall and straight breast being flattened on the glass, and it is very likely to pass alone, just like this. In the environment, I arrived at a climax, and I was ejaculated in the teacher in Xiao’s seat, and I was blown up for the teacher who was sitting on the little chair after being taken.

When I was self-study, I secretly sneaked into the teacher’s office. I was kissed in the office. At the same time, I was still in the middle of my mouth. I also force me to swallow him full of saliva. Finally, I was tangted into my mouth. Uncle wet kiss eats uncle’s saliva is something enjoyable. After the wet kiss, I must have sex. I took the teacher’s neck. The two legs clamped his fat waist. The big meat stick inserted into the hole in the empty corridor, and did love while

In the sports room of the school’s sport equipment, I was tied to my hands and was imported by my socks with my socks, and I played a bleeding in the dim colorful sports room.

There are still many nude photo, in the classroom to help the teacher, in the office to help the teacher, in the corridor to help the teacher, blowjob in the toilet help the teacher, bounce in the stadium, in the green, the teacher, the teacher, Turning … These photos, I only know how ridiculous life in the past one month.

I am uneasy to lying on the bed, I put it into the trousers and touched it, my fingertips are covered with a lustful liquid. When the phone rang a wretched voice, I found out that I didn’t know when I pressed the teacher’s number: “Hello, Xiaona, want the teacher’s big chicken?”

Teacher is coming out and meets on the walk. Zhou is all red male green women, and I am holding hands by a wretched uncle, and I may have an interest, and the teacher is also very decisive, I directly pull me to open the house. It is indeed, I am a high school student, with one of my dad is more than enough middle-aged uncle, what can I do in the bed?

This is a very good life, there is a big princess bed, the decoration arrangement of the room is also very sentimental, I didn’t expect the teacher to find such a place.

Teacher I don’t know when I have already taken off my clothes, from me behind me, my hands are not ruled in me. As always, he smells the shackles, I frowned: “Go away, it is dead.”

The teacher can’t do anything, the skilled take off my clothes, I will not hang it. I rarely taken lightly, he likes me to wear a skirt, most of them pick my clothes to take off the bra, and the skirt pulls up. I don’t have to take off. He was sitting in bed and pulled me to him, detailed my body, said: “Well, how to see is a perfect figure! Especially this tits, the child is now getting better and better.” After he biting my nipple, he lied again, got me again and comfortable. He carefully held my breasts, just like holding a fragile art, the tongue gently teased my nipple, said, “This pink nipple, it is soft and soft. I can’t stop. “

Focus on my chest, I have never seen him so serious, some things in my heart have been softened. He stroked my chest and the skin of the waist. The rough finger rossed on my flat belly, and admired: “It’s so touched, the skin is as soft as a satin, especially the people!”

After saying that he opened my ladle, showing the tender meat inside, said: “Pink meat hole, doing so many darkness, you are good! Hey, the teacher has not touched you. Here are the same, it is a colorful girl. “

The teacher separated my legs, let me step on the bed, the juited, the mouth of the mouth, the mouth of my private part, itchy, the hole is more itchy, the juice that the flow is taken by the teacher, while the side said The taste is very good, the hole is caught, but it is more and more itchy. I have gradually alarmed my breath. I am getting more and more meat.

The teacher pinches his big meat stick, I swayed, I understand what he meant, kneeling in front of him, and the big glans in the entrance. In addition to the disappointment, the meat stick is still wet, and I want to come to the teacher a lot of sweat, which makes this meat stick more disgusting.

However, I still put it out, as if this meat stick is delicious, when I use a poorly eye-catching teacher, I don’t want me to get into this man, but I know that I have a nasty expression. If it will arise, it will be more rude to me more, and you know what he likes to do.

I was thrown into the bed, I was falling four-legged, and the teacher was like a head, pressed on me, and the meat stick was inserted into my wet, and the coarse meat stick was inserted. As always, the swell I am uncomfortable.

“Hey! It’s so tight, I have been so tight, and the young high school students are most cool!”

The teacher satisfied his tone, picked it on my tall breast. I am biased, my heart is faintly: is it tight? Recently, Xiaohao has a lot of time to make love, I know that my vagina is relaxed, the stimulation of Xiaohao is not so heavy.

The teacher’s body has not started, I feel that the guy in the body is not awkward, hard, thick, burning, and the insert has made me uncontrollable.

I was pressed under my body, and the teacher of the teacher was covered with me like a quilt. The teacher’s hair is very dense, the chest is full of chest, there are many black hair on the stomach, the flavor of the sweat in the body of the body is very pungent, almost take away the oxygen in the air, and I used to be very annoying this disgust. The smell, but now I am not accepting it for a long time.

The teacher’s body began to slowly horing, but the big meat stick was very strong, and my body was dried back and forth, and the towering breast and the teacher’s chest continuously rubbed, hardening the nipple It is very comfortable on the wet chest hair. I was pressed by the teacher’s fat and breathed some difficulties. I was desperately breathed, and the pungent sweat in the air was suiled into the lungs.

Just put it in this way, the teacher started to speed up the throduction, I was doing more and more feeling, two hands grabbed the sheets, the nose begins to make a sound.

The teacher pinched a piece of tits that I came back and I said, while I said: “Xiao Nana’s voice is cute, and people want to bull you.”

I glanced at him, but I saw my legs that were separated on his waist. He didn’t care in the air, it looked very sensible. I was ashamed to see him, and I hated it in the mouth. You are not all …

Bullying me? Generally … how maybe some teachers … do women students? “

The teacher is even more excited. In my body, the teacher is sweating, and the boiling force is constantly getting down the bean-like sweat to fall into my lower belly, and I wet my body. Every time I returned to the hole, then I fully plug it straight to the flower, the rhythm is unhappy but very powerful. Every time I put me, I am inserting me, and the teacher is excited while inserting: “That is not because I am Buddha Cute, it is a man who wants to bully. “

“Oh? Don’t Na Na still think that other men are like doing you? Good!”

“Fart! … ah! …… Tap … you die … I strong!”

After the teacher called, I accidentally pulled out the meat stick, and the cool air poured into the small hole I haven’t closed, I feel that the empty blazen will be lost. The teacher let me change, I just hit him in a soft big bed, Shenxun waist, tall the butt, the teacher grabs my ass, the meat stick does not need to go to help, I haven’t closed it. The hole, then plugged in.

The 的, 上 上 啪 啪 啪 啪 啪 啪 啪 啪 啪 啪 啪 上 上 跪 跪 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 跪 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上The most powerful posture, the coarse meat stick is unreasonable to enter my honey, like a huge wave, I am getting higher and higher, I am getting more comfortable, but the ass is higher, the sound It is also getting more and more amazing, the teacher is doing my flexible buttocks while doing it, but the hot pain is not very painful, but the crisp sound is very big, it is difficult for people.

The teacher helped my butt and faster, no matter how tenth, the hot semen was sprayed in the depths of Farm, and the strong semen stabbed like the sword. Farm, cool, I am full of body. It was so powerful that the semen injection of a week was so powerful. I remember that the first time I gave the teacher’s mouth to shoot to shoot, the semen was sprayed directly into the throat, and my semen came out of the nose, and I have a teacher. Playing a plane, I hid behind the teacher, using a small hand to help him, when ejaculation, the semen of the white flowers were like to take the practice.

The teacher after ejaculation poured in the bed slightly, the warm breath was sprayed on my head, the teacher slammed me behind me, the furry sweaty belly was closely stuck in the back, soft meat stick Inside the hole, I don’t want to go out. I will continue to use it. The soft caterpillar is squeezed out, and the semen is also squeezed with the meat stick.

I feel very uncomfortable in my teacher, I moved my face, and the teacher came up again. I pushed him up, said: “Go away, a smell, disgusting death.”

The teacher actually used his nose to smell his army. He nodded and nodded.

************ I will take the hairpin, the double horses are put down, and the soft long hair is on the back. My whole body is naked into the bathroom. I have already greeted my teacher in the bathroom. I went to the glasses. I saw that I saw me after seeing me. The original soft is like a hung on the eggplant on the vine. The meat stick, I got up, I was shocked.

The teacher used his hand to scream my hair, touched my cheek, it looked very moving to me, said: “I didn’t expect hair to put it down, there is a kind of tender and mature mixed charm.”

I looked down at the guy who shook my head to me, saying: “The teacher’s meat stick has been tall, it is posted on your fat belly.”

The shower gap is in the teacher’s big hand, and it has been caressing every skin of my body, the whole body is being pushed on a thick bubble, and it is more serious than myself. My chest is taken care of, and it is estimated that the teacher thinks that it is very good after it is painted. I also feel that this is very comfortable.

I will not be so gentle, I will use the towel to make his skin, I always feel that he is dirty, I have to wash a clean. I squeezed the shower gel of the hand, and the big meat stick was smashed. Even if the teacher’s meat stick does not have a foreskin, unlike the little chicken, the chicken is covered with a white bag, but I still have a very meticulous, after all, it is inserting into my body, washing a little better. .

The teacher took a shower and rushed down my bubble, and the shower sprayed with warm water against the small hole. It was so uncomfortable. The teacher said badly: “I haven’t gone to the climax yet? Let the teacher come to help you.” After the two fingers reached into my small hole, “滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 的”, the small hole is detained The powerful waterline is stimulated, soon I blow, a lot of love spray.

I was in the teacher’s arms, and I was hugged into the bathtub. The bathtub’s bathtub is originally designed for two people. Two people are lying in and is not crowded. I am lying on the big belly of the teacher, I don’t want to move my eyes. The teacher’s hands gently held my double breast, enjoying my delicate skin, I sent a comfortable humor. One hand slides over my lower abdomen to my private parts, first touch the water grass on the yin, then gently touch my labipings, sometimes tease Miss Tube, or put your fingers into your point. agitation. I stretched my legs unconsciously separated, the vagina is a lot of warm water because it is comfortable and peristalized.

The hand of the breast has not stopped, just slowly from gentle caress into deliberate teasing, the teacher behind him also reached out, I went back to my swan, I also licked my cheek, my ears .

“Is it comfortable?” The voice of the teacher who has been very wretched is very magnetic as if the voice is very tempting. I nodded, and I had a good voice, and the answer: “It’s so comfortable.”

The rough big hand rubbed the tender meat on the tenderness. My body began to disturbing, and I couldn’t help but slam. The teacher also licks my smooth armpit. The water in the bath began to get cold, and my body is getting more The hotter, the snacks of the tattoo, the hard, such as iron, so hot!

The teacher helped me out from the water, sitting on the side of the bathtub, separated my legs, I thought he had to plug in, and I was very happy to be very happy. The teacher squeezed the shower gel on my yin, then took a razor and said: “Don’t move, the teacher helps you shaves.”

After careful, the wings are shaved, and the teacher is shackled with a shower. The teacher is very satisfied with his masterpiece, saying: “The hole is more beautiful and more tempting.” A camera made me put it out of various postures.

I looked at the new photo, I saw a girl sitting next to the tub. He was shamed, and the two tears were shamed to the chest. The crisp chest is full, the nipple is faint, the whole body skin is smooth and said smooth It is better to say that like a baby-like, delicate arm and a baby fertilizer on the cheek, and the two legs are smooth. There is also a private close-up, the closed lace Yin Hongyi line, the labie is slightly bumps, I don’t know if the man is not asked.

The teacher pulled a cushion and put it on the ground, let me lay flat, took a bottle of lotion on me. I touched the liquid on the breast, the transparent sticky, like the prostitute secreted in the body.

When the teacher puts the lotion on my breast, the teacher is wiped on my breast. The skin has been smeared. The skin is smooth and translucent, and the teacher is caressive on the skin of the lotion, sticky. Sliding is very comfortable. I feel comfortable, I don’t pay attention to the teacher in my small point, then I feel squeezed with force, I swayed, the lotion of a lot of glue squeezed into my vagina, cool feeling Very weird.

The teacher hugged me, we hugged together on the mat, my body is very delicate in the teacher, I looked up the little mouth slightly opened, spit out delicate tongue to let the teacher suck. The teacher’s arms hugged my body, my hand couldn’t hold his stomach, only to gently touch the high-emerged big meat stick with the hand of the emulsion.

The teacher hugged me on the air cushion, I kneel on the generous belly, I closed my eyes and kissed my teacher, and the tongue of each other interleaved each other. Although I was kissed many times by the teacher, this is my first time to kiss the teacher. It seems that the teacher is stinking today, I kiss it very input.

The teacher hit my smell soft swing, let my body slide under his belly under the lubrication of the lotion, I feel very fun. The meat stick is reluctant to pulse on me, I will hold back the impulse of my small hole, concentrate on kiss the teacher, more and more emotions. Kiss is a way girl expressing the feelings, as if this is the person I like, I want to dissolve the body into his arms.

The teacher greedy swallowed the Xiangjin, the soft long hair was in his face, and I might feel uncomfortable, so the teacher turned over, we lay on the air cushion, I took a leg. On him, the heat of the small hole was grinded on the meat stick, and the lotion flowing from the point is above. I kissed a few minutes, the teacher turned back to me, and the kiss was full of offensive. The tongue was overbearing in my mouth. The disgusting saliva was up to the top, and I will swallow, the teacher The body is also slightly, and the big meat stick sticks on his belly is on my labi, and I can’t stop.

The lips are separated, and the tongue of each other is also connected with a sticky spit with a foam. I don’t know if the kissing time is too long. I breathe very urgent, my cheeks are hot, greedy breathing air, muttered Said: “Give me …” The meat stick friction on the tenderness of the lotion, the teacher is very vivid, and “What?”

“Meat bar …”

“Then what?”

“Small … small hole …”

“Speaking of connecting, you have to ask.”

I separate my legs, two hands, open the lips, and say that it is fascinating: “Please ask the teacher to put the big meat stick into the small hole of Mina!”

The burning glans inserted into the long-awaited tenderness, I feel so hot, because my body has already burned it. When the meat stick is inserted, the glans kissed my cervix again, my body bowed, a long petty of the bathroom.

The meat stick fierce, plugging my double milk like a wave, put it on the DV lens next to it, my pink nipple dances into a distant shadow. The holes lubricated by the emulsion were abnormal, and the minced crude crude attack was resolved into a burst of emulsion into a burst of pleasure.

The viscous emulsion makes the vagina are extremely lubricated, and the thick meat rough is raging in my point, but I feel very comfortable. The teacher hugged my white-student long legs, while inserting a while, “said Xiaona’s small hole very warm, do the teacher insert you comfortable?”

“Um … um … the little hole is so comfortable … ah …”

“Do you like the teacher’s big meat stick?”

“Ha … like … like it!”

“Hey! The teacher has to make a more effort to make Xiaona comfortable! My legs are reluctant to clamping the teacher’s fat waist, the teacher will press the whole person, and I kiss me while I closes the blurred eyes, holding him closely, whether it is the top of the mouth or below The mouth is forgotten to cater to his attack.

Perhaps it has been done twice, the teacher has no ejaculation for a long time. He hugged me, saying to me: “Hey, but also Nana is above.”

I know that he is a bit tired. I will reach the climax, but I have not ushered in his last wave of crazy attack, I looked at the teacher, nodded.

The teacher is so completely lying on the air cushion, I will get the long hair to the body, start to make a horse riding exercise. The teacher touched the big tits that I jumped up and down, and then I thought about what kind of attention, I took the DV on the side to shoot, and the evil spirits said: “Xiao Nana this big chest , Such a charming scenery should take a good shot. “

I feel very shameful, but it is more exciting, and the waist is twisted against the lens, there is no meaningless snoring. The teacher was stimulated by my martial arts, tall with his stomach, let the meat stick together and continue to top, every time I get the deepest place. My body was in the top, and the teacher put DV on one side. Holding my breasts on the side of the eyes, holding my breasts, and fingers also pinching my erect’s nipples.

“Ah … so comfortable … Mina’s Sao … itchy … Teacher quickly dried me! …… force!”

The teacher accelerated the frequency of my small hole. I held the same belly of the teacher. Crazy twisted the butt and waist, the chest was smashed in the air, the crystal clear emulsion was joined from the tip of dancing In the middle, I rose my head, I called: “Ah, ah! … climax! Also climax! …… ah!”

“Ah is not good! The teacher is shot! All give you!” Teacher said a sullen, hot semen perfused to flower, and mixed with the emulsion filled with the entire cavity.

I am weak, I am in the same body like a bed, and I have a long-awaiting, and there is no talk. For a long time, my body climbed up, greeted my red lips, put the fresh tongue into the mouth of the teacher.

After ************ spent emulsion with semen in a long time and only then pussy almost clean, then carefully put the body wash over and over, just out of the bathroom wrapped in towels.

Teacher sitting naked on the bed, holding a cold beer drinking, relish watching TV hanging on the wall. I glanced at his crotch Flanagan terrifying big guy, he sat down beside him, took his delivery to the beverage. The teacher homeopathic arms around my waist and asked me: ‘uniforms with you? “I nodded, smiled wretched teacher, urged me to quickly put on. I took the bag from T-shirts to wear uniforms, coupled with folding skirt, white long-barreled then put on socks, then a good school uniform necktie, rolled the mirror.

Girl fiber waist in the mirror leg, the T-shirt wrapped ordinary live bulging chest, the thin uniform wet body against some vague printed on the white flesh inside the fabric, pink areola clearly visible. I nodded with satisfaction, facing the teacher is holding a DV shooting, said: “!?? La la la ~ how to look good.”

“Sure enough, or uniforms most punctual ah!”

I looked at the teacher has a dyke big cock post, scornfully he said: “When I saw high school girls on an erection, the teacher really big change ~ state ~!”

The teacher hugged me soft body, body fragrance sniffing me, smiled and said: “Nana is not too beautiful little too cute, so it can become the teacher is wrong small Nana”

The teacher held me sitting on the bed, his hands separated by a thin T-shirt uniforms rub up my big breasts, sensitive nipples are some rough cloth rubbed becomes harder, and revealed two on clothes projections. He kissed my lips, tongue into my mouth, I opened my mouth went up to his tongue, skilled with their tongues intertwined with his tongue wrapped in the air.

My hands are teacher led to his crotch, I sense the hold apart the big guy’s hot, and then forced the fast on the big cock straight up and down vertically Taonong up. My hands move on the dry line and cock my line and very hard, did not seem to hurt the teacher, seeking only to suck my tongue with violating my chest.

Line and for a while, the teacher put my tongue smoking a spit, stroked my hair and told me: “help the teacher lick, your favorite teacher in school uniform teacher eat a cock.”

I have this great metamorphosis white one, but still obedient leaned down, Zhang Kaixing the cock mouth and swallowed. I root skilled licking cock sensitive areas, but also with the whole mouth to Taonong cock teacher started just playing with my hair supple hands, unconsciously leaning my head on my hand control of oral sex rhythm, my cock his mouth more and more uncomfortable with the deeper, and finally the hot glans soft top in the depths of my throat would not let me spit it out, still leaning my head constantly pressed down my throat fuck until I was retching more than sticky saliva from the mouth constantly fell out of his lap, he was great benevolence made me spit cock.

When I looked up, dark cock are my saliva dyed white, I straightened up a glistening silk also large penis with my lips together. The teacher let me lying in bed, do not align wet cock pussy foreplay, fiery huge penis against the Nenxue mouth trembling shake, I think if ants crawling on the labia, so empty so sad, a hot pussy, unknowingly had the wet.

My whole body limp, unable to resist, for mercy: “fuck him twice already, so the teacher you how talented ah, give me a break, OK.”

“Hey, teacher, but a virgin to 35-year-old ah, now only a little over 40 so a girlfriend Nana, how can it not do?” Then the glans cut open the labia thin, powerful thorn into it, direct access to the depths of the flower.

“Oh …… hurts ah …… …… …… ah …… who hate your girlfriend ah! Shame!”

In the absence of foreplay and has been done twice, pussy still truce did not have much Aiye, a surge of full and feeling of pain came, I gasp, hands cling to the teacher’s neck, legs also tightly clamped his fat waist, trying to let him twitching, little face pale and trembling.

Roubang direct cervix, the teacher throat uttered a growl:!! ‘Ah too comfortable, small Nana small Nenxue fuck no matter how many times are so comfortable ah Roubi still wiggle it, sucking the glans so comfortable! “

Teacher’s body did not move it, I felt the invasion of the body Flanagan hot, thick, hard cock up already in place, like the beating pulse in my body, so I can not control the emitted sound Jiaochuan. My teacher was a Jiaochuan sound stimulation, cock start so I can not obstruct the rapid thrusts up times and drawn Xuekou cock, leaving only the glans being sucked my Xuekou, times and then top to bottom of the hole, fiery glans I do not understand Lianxiangxiyu hit the cervix.

My school uniform was set off, showing tall towering big chest, this dead state likes to look at the landscape of my chest because of his twice. After hundreds of pieces of pump, my original calorite is called to cry, and finally become meaningless whispered. So slowly inserted twenty, the teacher saw my little hole to catering his insertion and slowly contraction, so pushing to speed up, fiercely plug-in almost let me get up, I bite the collar The mouth is constantly emitting with a crying cavity, stimulating the teacher’s animal, my body is fiercely shaking this, the breast rumor is a wonderful rhythm swayed in the air.

The teacher’s beauty seems to have vent, and I have no ejaculation, I have no ejaculation. The water in the small hole is gradually dry. My lust is also recession, and the thrill of being throttled by the meat stick is also rapidly reduced, the silk The pain is getting more and more obvious. The teacher felt the changes in my body, and the meat stick took out my little hole, let me pick up from the bed. I understand what he meant, take the initiative to hold his soft meat stick, while sucking the big meat stick while sneaking him with innocent eyes.

The teacher’s big meat stick, the glans arrived at my throat, I was uncomfortable, the mouth secreted out a lot of saliva sticking on the meat stick, the teacher took the meat stick and saw a spit to make a crystal clear talents. Satisfied, I put the meat stick into my mouth, and holding my head in both hands, slowly putting my mouth.

I tried to open your mouth, don’t let the teeth touch the meat stick, the huge glans does not hinder the top on my soft throat, then keep me in the state of deep throat, saliva from the lips, flowing down to me On the breast, I have a constant hammer, almost suffocate, the teacher finally took the meat stick, at this time, the meat stick is my sticky saliva.

The teacher took me on a table and put me into a satisfactory posture, then stood in the table into my honey, my breast was also careful, wet. The meat stick agitated in my tender points. I gradually reopened, the teacher leaned down to kiss me, I was re-attracted by such a bit while touching the chest, and the fascinating: “唔Well … Teacher …

I am itchy … I will do it quickly! …… “

Teacher hands holding me wearing white stockings, the big meat stick is intensely plugged in, “啪”

The body hits the sound, mixed with my high-spirited call, echoing in the room, I also not in the hotel’s soundproof, desperate waves: “Ah … good …… good husband … 肏Dead me … ah … don’t … “

The teacher heard the delicate waves of my waves, more crazy attack, the throat made a near wild beast, I seem to feel that the hard meat stick will pierce my body. The glans violently hit the cervix, and the silk painfulness was accompanied by the unparalleled pleasure, and I was crazy to twist my body, and my tears flowed out.

“Don’t … too fierce … I … I am going to die … climax !!!!”

I am a burst, the teacher has a strong sinking in an ankle, and the poor meat stick has pierced the tightening of the tightened meat, and the deep place is on the spasale flower, the concentrate Spreading out, all in the small hole of trembling shrinkage.

The meat sticks are full of money, the teacher puts me down, I am weak, I am weak, put on the cold floor, put the gradually soft meat rod into the entrance, suck the semen of the above. !

“Is the teacher’s semen delicious?”

“Hai … call … um … disgusting! ……”

************ Summer vacation has passed a month, I have locked myself at home most, I am getting awkward.

Xiao’s phone call, repeated ringtone makes my heart.

I finally received a call, because when I told the pregnant thing, I knew that Xiao will knew, and thought that the child was him. Look, I was such a worker woman.

I cried at the call, I cried very sad, crying and poor. I don’t know if this is really sad, or guilty, or for the acting, or simple in order to suppress me.

Xiaobao said that I would like to take me to pick up the tire. I bordered the phone. Suddenly I wake up this is called, I nod him can’t see it, and I quickly added “good”.

Hanging off the phone, the man behind him is sullen, the crude hot meat stick is trembled in my body, and I also sprinkled the seeds of life in my body, and I have already sown successfully. After ejaculation, the meat sticks were unfair to leave my body, and the obese man fell to my side, and listened to my cry, and smiled. !

“Is it really good?”

“I am a high school life yeah! How can I have a big belly. I will have a good contraception in the future, I hear it!”

“Hey, then now you are pregnant, the teacher should enjoy enjoyment, otherwise there will be no chance.”

“Ah! Don’t … um … don’t …”

啪 ……

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