I have a basketball court every day, and I have a basketball court as an employee benefits, and it is convenient for the employee of love basketball.

I am one of the employees who love basketball, and it has always been active, and I am going to go tonight. I accidentally delayed it when I got off work, and some colleagues set out first. When I went downstairs, I met another department Liu Zhi in the elevator. I know that he is also going to go, it is just able to take his car, save the ball and I have to drive.

Sitting on Liu Zhi’s car opened a parking lot, saw a young woman standing on the road, Liu Zhi stopped at the car, she opened the door, it turned out to be Liu Zhi’s wife, to go to see him play with him.

Because Liu Zhi is another department, I am really not very familiar with him, just when playing, his wife, I naturally see it, I heard that they just held last month. Fortunately, Liu Zhi wife is very enthusiastic, soon introduced each other, it is familiar with it. I know that she is Xiaoting, she is also very natural, I call me.

Everyone is just a few words on the road. Because Liu Zhi is going to drive, and he seems to be a new hand, it is very slow and always concentrated on the front, I and Xiao Ting have been faced with the face. I found that there is some foundation on her face, and I also have a little bit of eyeliner, and it is a light makeup.

Because it is the first time, it is not easy to stare at her. It is probably looked at it. It feels that Xiao Ting appearance is still good. In addition, Xiao Ting’s eyes are particularly bright, some smiles, and always look at me, let me have a little different, seem to have a special breath that is spent on me.

The three people slowly swayed to the stadium, all the way is all the way to chat with Xiao Ting, I feel that some strange atmospheres are between our two, and I don’t know if my illusion is, there is not too much.

When I came to the basketball court, there were eleven people who came to play tonight (Xiao Ting not count). Because we are all playing the audience, ten people are needed, so I have more people who need to sit on the side.

Our rental venues are new open open basketball courts, and two rows of rows are hanging above. The venue was surrounded by a circle, and it was still some old bungalows outside the wall. It was very dark and did not have been taken. Therefore, it is necessary to open the lamp, and only the venue is relatively bright. The ground sign line that leaves the venue begins to darken. It will not be clear. There are two bodies on the side of the venue, each can take five people, stay away from the lights, in dim.

Because there is no dressing room in this venue, it is generally a man. Everyone will be very casual, and the left underneath will change the ball shoes. Today, a temporary cheerleader Xiao Ting, but the earlier colleagues have changed their jersey, leaving me and Liu Zhi.

However, since there is no dressing room, it can only be put down on the ground, Xiao Ting seems to be slightly sorry, walk away. But when I changed my pants, I found Xiao Ting as if I secretly saw me, my eyes seem to be aimed at the three way. My heart is something itchy, some things are hooked, I suddenly think, will not be a little interested in me?

Waiting for us to change the jersey, a little warm-up, soon start playing, a new colleague is very consciously sitting on the scene.

You come to me on the court, there is a fast attack, and it is good. I think that Xiao Ting is aiming at her, and I find that she is sometimes watching Liu Zhi, sometimes looking at me, and sometimes I am looking at several other colleagues. When I saw Xiao Ting and she was watching me, she would smile, hook my heart itching, let me have a kind of impulse.

This is really hard, I have to try it. Is it true. I think so, I am hungry about the new colleagues sitting on the court: “Who, hey, come, you will come to a while, don’t always sit.”

I took the position next to Xia Ting, and the thigh was slightly on her side. The knee touched her knees. I installed the thing as if I didn’t find this, I was united from a bottle of water.

Now, the city of spring and summer is already hot, and the streets are full of short skirts, Xiao Ting is also. At this time, I only had time to see her leg, the skin is still white, the legs are straight, not as thin as the skeleton, slightly some meat, look very much, should feel good.

“East brother, so soon, take a break, bad physical strength?” Xiao Ting is talking to me first, and the bright eyes have brought a laugh, but the content is not very good.

“Go, how do you talk, do you look like a tired look? I have n’thing to do, I have to take care of other colleagues. Well, Liu Zhi often plays the body is quite good, physical strength is good?” I raised my eyebrows at Xiao Ting Yang. It’s ready to try to explore Ting Xia Ting, I don’t need to install a gentleman, I have a dim light, close care, small, Xia Ting. Xiao Ting’s eyebrows were repaired, deliberately cultivated Liu Yeji. Eye eyelashes, the big eyes, plus her painted some eyeliner, making Xiaoting’s eyes more and bright. The nose is small, not high. The lips are slightly thick, rich and shiny, should be painted, and it will be very sexy. Xiao Ting’s forehead is very flat, slightly wide, and the face should be a melon type, but it is full, and it is close to the goose face. The hair is long, and there is no natural hanging, because there is no type in the hair, just straight, the line feel is not soft enough. Overall, it is quite good, belongs to the category I like it.

“Very good, but, I hope to be better.”

Xiao Ting said, touched my knee leg did not move, but put a hand between our two people on the bench, and put my leg on the back.

“Do you need more good? Zhimei Liu Zhi takes you good? He must work hard as a colleague, I will work hard.”

I saw Xiao Ting’s movements, I immediately knew that there was a play, this market must be an idea. There is a lot of dust in the open space, I quickly wash my hands with bottled water. I wiped my thighs on the towel. Anyway, here is so dark, I can’t see it.

“Okay, or have east brother. Liu Zhiyan Dong Ge is really blessed, he will be very happy.”

Xiao Ting’s reaction is also very fast, and the anti-hand is pressing my hand, but it is not to stop me, but guide my hand to the roots of her thigh, and it is a slime.

“I can help Liu Zhi, I am also very happy, helping people for happiness. Um …???”

While talking while speaking, Xiao Ting’s skin is still very smooth, there is no muscle feeling in the legs, and it is very comfortable.

Xiao Ting took my hand all the way, suddenly, I touched a small forest, and there was a wonderful drench in the forest. Surprised, I can’t continue to disguise it. I have grown up my eyes. I watched Xiao Ting. I want to confirm that I really touched a hole without any obstruction.

Xiao Ting rushed into a smile, but also stretched out a small tongue and licked the sexy lips: “East brother, Liu Zhiza wants you to help take care of Xiao Ting. You are a good colleague, you have to help Oh.”

Xiao Ting’s charming voice is like a magic sound. I immediately felt that an evil fire rushed into the head. The chicken suddenly swells, and the pants have acounted a large piece, and the bench is more dark. It is not obvious. I promised, I promised, I took the chest, I’m: “No problem, Liu Zhi’s thing is my business, I am busy with me.”

I said, and the hand is pressed down, I feel the moisture and smoothness of Xia Tingfu. This extensive goods have already been wet, is it just now that the man in the movement is now in the scene?

I can’t control my hand at all, and I will gently rub it to Xia Ting’s clitoris. Xiao Ting’s clitoris has collected hard, probably better than the smear, and cheers in some hypothyroid and wet labipings.

Xiao Ting’s hand is not idle, directly from my trousers’ belt, grabbing me that I have already got up and down, there is a fascinating and greedy light in Xiaotang’s eyes. Staring at the one of my pants.

“Um … um … Dong Ge! Hey … you have touched Xiao Ting so comfortable … … you … your dick … um … so big … more … more than Liu Zhi … …… … big … I want … um … um … East brother !! Give it … Give me … Cock … … big cock … I ………………………………….. … I want to put it … … um … … … Dongge … “

Xiao Ting is really a place where you have entered the fire, it seems that I am very useful to her clitoris, and I want to my cock in my mouth. And Xiaotang’s white and small hand also brought me full stimulation, like a hoof, tight hoop in my big cock, although only half of the hoop, can’t be hoop, but that is still a smart Upper and down, still let me stop.

Ten people full of passion on the venue are running, breakthrough, jumping, in collision, spiritual quite concentrated, still calling the tissue attack and defense, there is no discovery of me and Xiao Ting two traitor Prusive women, in the dim, soothing each other, soaring each other’s sensitivity. I have to come to exercise, and now there is no way to accompany the colleagues who accompany the court to sweat together, I have to take them with them. After a while, Xiao Ting’s clitoris, I stretched into my fingers and put up her. Xiao Ting’s mouth is very small, the interior is very tender, with my experience, must be less fresh goods.

Very strange, so fresh young woman, how can I be so sad, I have some difficult to understand. But at this time, the arrow is in the string, and it can’t manage so much. My finger hooks, facing the one-shaped place, such as a cat, and a little rough place, there is a legendary G point.

This slap is very good, and the straight buckle is like a silk, and the hand is squatting and caught his mouth. But this is the case, Xiao Ting is still not willing to let go of my big cock, which is placed on my crotch is still moving up and down, bringing me ongoing stimulation.

Ok, since Xiao Ting can’t say something, then I have to say a few words, otherwise the cold farm is not good.

“Xia Ting, you are really a shopping, is you dedupted by my brother? Cool you will call it! Come, come out! I still want my big cock, then call me! I tell you What to call, you want to call “I am Sao Xiaoting, I want to go to the big cock in Dong Ge, I will see me!” I heard it? I’ve called it. Otherwise I will not Play you with this shopping. Hurry! “

I deliberately used some insulting words, and lure Xiao Ting to release yourself. I heard that every woman has a subconscious look, I think this is very reasonable, let alone met Xia Ting so really Sao.

But maybe it is too strong, Xiao Ting is still squatting, saying that you can’t come. I pulled out the middle fingers that buckled into her, and took the game with my colleague to the other side, the half distance was relatively far, and took Xiaotang’s mouth, put the stick with her own secretory. The finger of the translucent liquid is in the mouth of Xia Ting: “What is your wet? What is the taste? Sao? Search? In your husband, my husband is in front of my brother, is it very cool? I am cleaner your sauage, clean it! “

Also said that Xiao Ting’s small mouth is also tender, the tongue is very slippery, and the finger is plug in with a stimulation. I put my little Ting was inserted by my mouth and chin, I have a desire to further lick Xiaoting.

“Hey … hey … …”

Although Xiao Ting is blurred, I still know what I should do. Little Ting’s “, 唔” sound, while carefully sucking my middle finger, put the top prostitutes and clean, as if this is a delicious popsicle.

Since the performance of the finger is much more than the cock, this is smoked by Xiao Ting to make her little mouth very delicate in my senses, the soft and humid, the little Tang’s tinge is soft and slippery, the lips are rich and delicate, occasionally touched Bai Jingxiao’s teeth, bringing me very stereoscopic sensory enjoyment, and the big queue in front of him has been captured by me, and the feeling of felt in a fierce.

When Xiao Ting sucked for a while, I took a finger. Looking at the dim light, it is really clean, it is very clean, and there is no one in the stained prostitution.

I screwed the face of taking a small ting, I feel that her skin is actually good, it is really a high quality. My brother is time to run, this is also met by me, I have to play this fresh toy, let Xiao Ting know the meaning of my brother.

I took my hand and stretched it in my trousers. I watched her face very much: “Said goods, I will call it! Don’t call it again, Dong Ge is going to play.”

Xiao Ting seems to be awakened by I, I have a little clear in my eyes, then she has a charming smile, I am white, and the tongue of the hook once again reached out and licked the lips: “1 brother you It’s so bad! This is called out. If Liu Zhi heard what people do, I just married him, go home will be killed by him. “

“How can he be willing to kill your hook? He is very distressed. Hey, Dong Ge likes you that this is a sorrowful look, let’s say it, don’t say it, don’t say it. I want to help, it is not so simple. “I just want to force Xia Ting to say this kind of self insult, deepen her shame.

“Bad people. Ok, I said that I can’t do it. I am a Sao Ting Ting, and I want to go to the big cock of Dong Ge, ask Dong brother, I am so embarrassed me.” Xiaoting again. White, I got it, then I read it, and I thought about my eyes, the desire in my eyes was overflowed. “I can’t hear it! You are so small, you are still afraid that others know that you are a shopping goods? You should have you know that everyone will know, let everyone come to you! Give me a lot again!”

I am very excited, but I will bear the fire to continue to press Xiao Ting. I think this time must take a challenge, the biggest development of this extent, and truly master her in my hand.

Xiao Ting bite his lips, but did not speak, some modifications and congestive lips made me also want to bite. Two beautiful eyes should look at me. Xiao Ting twisted a few times, there is a struggle on his face, but the legs are close to each other. I know that she must be solemn.

I turned to see the situation on the court, Liu Zhigang grabbed the rebound. He took some time to get rid of the defender who just took the rebound and moved the ball to the half of my side. Other colleagues also actively moved to the half-site position on that side, and I was going to start a new round of attack and defense.

“Said goods, you are so happy, they have passed over there, hurry out! I don’t want to take me.”

“Ah!” Xiao Ting is somewhat nervous, listening to me, looking up at the situation in the venue, finally, closed his eyes, enlarged some of the volume: “I am a Sao Xiao Ting! Saima wants East Brother’s big dick! Seeking Dongge, I am so embarrassed me! I am embarrassed to me !!

In fact, Xiao Ting’s volume is enlarged, but it is still very big. However, if Liu Zhi still stays in this side, it should be a few people who have never been close. Unfortunately, now they are only very positive to attack at the distant half, and did not hear the Decorated Declaration of Xiaotang. But so, I am already very satisfied.

I took a picture of Xiaoting’s face and praised her: “Yes, it is very good, and the sales goods should be this.”

Xiao Ting also drunk the wine, released the kind of indulgence of the true desire of the heart, and she must make her very indifferent.

When I finished the sentence, I stood up and took a few steps to the edge of the bench, and the side relying on the short wall of the sub-line outside. This short wall is tightly leaning against a bench, probably one meter, four high, relative to the bench closer to the venue approximately two or three steps. Those who stand in the back of the short wall can’t see the part of my chest, and Xiao Ting can close my position if it is sitting in the side of the bench. It is a great position to do bad things.

I looked at the venue in the short wall, but half turned to Xiao Ting, under the cover of the scoreboard, the huge raised bumps on the pants pointed to her. I laughed Xiao Ting, recruiting.

Xiao Ting returned me a smile, quickly moved to my position, sit down, pulling down my pants and underwear, showing my 20 cm and long and thick cock.

Just now I also played a child, there was some sweat on my body, and my pants pulled down, a strong man flavored.

Xiaoting’s face did not have a little obvious expression. Instead, it was a deeper, and the head stretched over and closed his eyes. Then only the eyes of the desire, looked at this Rooted long guns.

Xiao Ting’s hands and a high, a high, holding my dick, up and down, feel the hot hot, then the patriarchal can not help but stick out the little tongue, in my purple big turtle head Get up. Xiao Ting’s face, hitting the face, holding my big cock in the chest, pink tongue, looking at my coronal ditch up and down, horses, Xiao Ting, a laugh, true It is like tasting in the world.

Looking at Xia Ting’s 舔 有, I can’t help but want to continue to teach her: “Hey, the east brother’s big chicken is delicious? How about Liu Zhi?”

“Oh, delicious, you can eat it. East brother’s cock is more delicious. Hey, I have never eaten Liu Zhi, I have to hold it in front of him. I like to eat. The east brother’s cock, only the east brother’s cock will be so delicious, so there is a taste. “

Xiao Ting Jiao’s voice really made me strilled into the bones, and I always gave me a very different enjoyment, let me think that Xiao Ting is really from the heart like my cock.

“Okay you have a big goods, since this, then you don’t want to eat Liu Zhi’s dick. Hey, the hands and mouth are not touched, only allowed to eat my cock … no, um, only allow me to call you to eat the cock. No matter who is, as long as I let you eat you, you have to eat, but you don’t want to eat. Have you heard it? “I am particularly excited, I decided, since this small queue is like this, then I will To transfer Xiao Ting into my sex toys. “Hey. Yes, Dong Ge, in the future, Sao Xia Ting listens to you, who will give you who I will give me, you told me to eat the cock, I will eat the cock.”

Xiao Tingjiao laughed, and I promised to say that I said that I said that I hesitated and I also automatically expanded new content. Then she opened his mouth to the greatest, and put my big turtle head.

“Ah! Stop! Stop!” I shaken in the whole body, I almost softened, I can’t help but make a little bit of slap in Xia Ting face, saved my dick. This new tender small dress is not very small, but the technology is not good, there is such a obvious and sharp teeth, how can I get a painful word. I almost want to swear: “Do you have no mouth? How do you bite it?

Xiao Ting was originally sitting on the bench, this is the right to roll to the ground, and the hand is griewing. I look at me: “I … I didn’t give a population, and Dong Ge, you Big……”

I slowed his tone. I saw it under the chicken, and I watched Xiao Ting again. I took Xiaotang’s hand and got a face that was fooled by me. Fortunately, I don’t have a very big, and there is no trace of traces. And Xiao Ting has a powder, and it can’t see it. Although I gave her a little slap in this emotion, I didn’t want to apologize. What is good to have a good experience, hey, Dong Ge is so domineering.

“Hey, you will remember it, I will ask you to give you to who you will give you, ask you where you are, what you have to sway, what you have to sway? It is awkward. Also, buy the root cucumber back to practice the mouth, there is nothing in the mouth. “Said, I gave Xiao Ting a small slap, but this time, it is much more significant than the actual meaning. Many.

“Yes, east, I know, I will practice, I will listen to Dongge.” Xiao Ting was rewarded with a small slap, a poor look, but not happy at all. There is no expression, but refers to my dick: “East brother, you … okay?”

Seeing Xiao Ting’s appearance, my heart is very happy, the cock has been hard as iron, a little pain is subject to the obstacles that it can’t be shocking: “Still! Do you look like something like something? Something, I will die first! “

“That’s good.” Xiao Ting careped with a chest, and recovered a charming smile, stopped, and stretched out the little tongue. He looked at the lips. He looked straight to me.肏 肏 肏! “

In this simple number, I spit out from the small Tingkou, I can’t help but I have burst. I grabbed Xiaoting’s hand pulled her from the bench. I moved to the inside of the short wall of the mused branch, gave her the position of the original standing.

“Come, like me, put it on, the following butt is turned over to me.”

“Oh, this?”

“Well, the legs are separated, but the buttocks are tied.”

If you look at it from the court, you can see that I and Xiao Ting are standing behind the scoreboard, and the hand is still above the scoreboard. But they can’t imagine, behind the integral card, Xiao Ting half turned and slammed the butt to me, I also turned to put the dick against her ass.

Xiao Ting’s short skirt has fallen to the leg, and there is no panty that is unable to see in the dark, but I still find a lot of wet. Because there is enough moist, there is not a few big cocks to break the hindrance, and this once only Liu Zhi can enter the wonderful holy place.

This small Sao still can’t swallow my whole cock, there is still a small piece of cockroaches, I feel that I have been in the uterus neck of Xiaoting. I started to work hard, and left left and right before and after, I joked this new sadness.

Saima Xiaotou is low, put on the scoreboard, there is some foundation on the face, can’t see the trend of the color, but I will be able to see her face is going to die. expression. Xiao Ting whispered could not be suppressed.

Xiao Ting’s Sao is really tight, I just feel that there is a buffer in my cock, firmly cool. I couldn’t help but twist the top of the waist, although this posture is not convenient to force, but so cool, I can don’t know how to don’t know the ghost, my ghost, my wife Xiao Ting. This stimulus is really too strong, I can’t control it. I saw Xiao Ting’s eyes closed, the expression was fascinated, only whispered, but I still try my best to meet me, it seems that Xiao Ting also feel cool.

“Said, open your eyes! Do you do it! Take a look, you are your husband’s colleagues, your husband is there. East brothers will do you in front of you, you, do you, Dead, you will be more cool. This is more cool, this kind of death is really stimulating in front of Xia Ting’s husband, I have never dried so cool: “” Just in front of your husband. You. You Look, your husband passed into a ball. Haha, he shot into a ball, I am shooting his wife in front of him. How many balls can be shot in front of him, I will shoot you with a saga. Sperm. I am! I do! One gun is not enough for me, I will come again, I am tens of millions of sperm, he shoots me for a lifetime. I will take the Saima’s uterus as a basket. I shoot you, I See how your husband has shot me. Said you are cool? See your husband shooting, you are cool? When you are in the husband, you are felt, you are cool? I done you, I want to die. I am in your uterus. How much is it. Get your big belly, give birth to my child, let your husband help me raise, let him do the best green hat male. Said, Said, I肏 肏 你! “

I kept talking about her insulting, and she continued her a few hundred. Xiao Ting once again with his hand, and the whole body trembled. I can feel that there is a liquid from her, marking my pants and thighs, Xiao Ting’s own skirt is also wet a large piece. Mom, this is a fierce climax, and it is blowing. Xiao Ting Sao also convulsions in a burst, let me feel more cool, bringing the wavy undulations.

I put next to a hand, take a look at Xiaotang’s rich buttocks, slap, and shoot her snoring. There is no way to cover up. I also continue to humiliate while shooting: “Hey, spray so much water, how do you so much? How can you have such a Sao. Before your husband, you are drove to the tide. You look, your husband When playing, you are driving with him, you are blown up! You said that you are inseparable, Sao,? “

In the dark, Zhong Xiaoting, I left a lot of red handprints, in my embarrassment, hip meat is dramatic, shaking my eyes: “I am! Your husband is shining into a ball. Fast, fast, Give him a cheer, cheering for him. When the wife is in the face of my husband, I will blow it with others. I have to cheer for him, more cool! Cheers for your saga! I am, you call you Ah. “Husband! Come on!” Is called! Mom, you are called! Quick !! “

I stopped, and the slap in the palm of the small Ting butt, and she was smashed. In this way, Xiao Ting stopped, and I went back to God to say that I glanced, put down my mouth. But tight, Xiao Ting is still obedient, holding the right hand over the right hand, the left hand is a speaker, shouting in the mouth: “Husband! Come on!”

Liu Zhiyi did not think that his wife will suddenly cheer so much, and it is sinking that he is in the scene. Other colleagues are very happy, all of which have a smile, there are several still fun Liu Zhi. But they don’t know, Xiao Ting shouted after refueling, followed by the full face and shouted: “Come on me, Dong Ge, then blow me to the tide, I have to cheer.”

Dry! Just a word! I am using action! ! Xiao Ting is definitely more than I think, this time I said, I can’t even say it, and I have a low “I”. Then I only know that she is in the dead, and the strength of the milk will make it out, she must be embarrassed. The posture is distorted. It is necessary to slap her. My fucking must be killed today.

I was suffering from her tens of squat, and finally slowed the stimulus. I slammed Xiaotang’s ass, the sound of the flavor was extremely sound. If the sound of the basketball in the field is also ringing, I am afraid that everyone can hear. I am not willing to say again: “I am, you are really a big, so I like to be blown up in front of my husband and colleagues! What is your mother? ? You can rest assured that the east brother will go to you. Liu Zhi finds a good wife, I must help him. “

Xiao Ting recovered the look and frowned, huh, um, the voice was in the ear, but she still did his best, and the lift of the butt greeted my big chicken. What I said, she couldn’t answer, only Xiao Ting’s body swayed with my actions, like a boat that tied to the storm in the sea. This is said that it is not wrong, Xiao Ting’s Sao does do every moment to bear my big cockstick. My posture is really very laborious, the weather is hot, so fierce drying for a long time, the body is violent. The physical energy consumption is big, I also stopped speaking, Xiaoying, just when his husband shot into the goal, let Xiao Ting shouted “Husband! Come on!” May be Xiao Ting called several times. After that, colleagues deliberately let Liu Zhi show, give him a pass, to defend his colleagues, and then the time Liu Zhi continued to score, entered a lot of balls.

I look at this form, Liu Zhi can be shot and fast, I don’t want to shoot her wife, isn’t it to lose it. And I have been doing so long, I have an estimate that I have already been more than half an hour, so I said to Xiao Ting: “Shabage you see. Your husband suddenly changed so fierce, shot so many balls. East brother this is Need to catch up, otherwise you will lose to your husband. Come, Said, let the east brother to shoot your sperm is good? Dong Ge wants to win your husband, in your belly, you can shoot, let Do you pregnant with the child of Dongge, is it good? “

Xiao Ting is refreshing, he is not going to do, he hesitors, and the brows are not loose, and I will be white. I found that I am more and more like Xiaotang’s beautiful big eyes, it is really a very hook. Then I saw it ~ When Xia Ting released the mouth of the mouth, biting his lips, stunned, said: “East brother … um … fast … fast shot to me … … small Saimage … only …… … … Want to shoot … … 小 货 都 … no opinions … um … East brother … make it shot … … 小 骚 货 就 … … um … it is Dong Ge … how … um … how to play … Nothing … … 没 关 … … … let me … um … let me pregnant … East brother … …… Your child … … “

The answer to the best, let me not have the desire to bear the ejaculation. When a semen is like a shell, it is a slap in the uterus of Sao Xiaoting. It is bounced in a bio, and the shock is biting in his own hand, only forcing to stop the altitude Export scream. Xiao Ting’s legs like a crazy trend like a boom, the abdominal muscles and vagina violent twitching like it is to squeeze my dicks out, and a shares in the sound of 呲呲呲, again spray my thigh , Pants and her own skirts. Xiao Ting once again reached a strong climax of fierce to the tide.

This kind of feeling is really unprecedented, I have taken twenty-year-old, and I will stop ejaculation. Xiao Ting was shot in the short wall of me, or I helped me in time, I was afraid to slip to the ground. I saw that Xiao Ting’s mouth has some spilled saliva, and her eyes are also white. This is not that she is giving me white eyes, but she is cool, and the soul has not been manifested.

A slap, I was a slap in my ass, but she didn’t wake up. I quickly took a small Ting butt, she turned over, and she woke up.

Xiao Ting woke up, smiled charming, looked at me: “East brother is so powerful, Said goods are going to be killed by you. Ammy … How do you still be so big? Sao. “

“See you so many goods, how can I be soft. Hey, your husband entered a ball, fast! Just you can cheer.”

“Husband! Good! Good !!” Xiao Ting shouted more and more smoothly, his hands shouted on the court, and gently jumped a few times, got my dicks passive into and out. Xiao Ting’s sorrow. However, Xiao Ting immediately endured the consequences of chaotic jumps, and a few slings. She had a soft leg, almost really had to squat on the short wall.

According to the call, Xiao Ting supported the short wall again. Then, she puts a little loud dance, saying: “Good! Good! It feels good to be blown by the east brother’s internal shot!”

This time Xiao Ting seems to be a lot of courage, and the volume is lowered, but it is quite loud. However, Xiao Ting control is really true, Liu Zhi, they still have not heard it. Or don’t listen, anyway, they laughed and smiled, and then continued to play, but I was shocked.

“Mom, I’m hard.” I also slammed myself on Xiaoting butt, playing her a sway, Xiao Ting looked back to me. I am too lazy to make her, pulled her hand, looked at her watch, I found it was at 7:30. Rely, this cannon has been hit another hour.

I quickly said to Xiao Ting: “I have been taking a long time, I have to play a child, save them. I am pulled out, you have quickly sorted out.” After I finished, I pulled out my trousers. But I didn’t expect Xiaoting to take a small hand to the lower hand. As I pulled out the little milk brought out of the cock, I fell in Xiaotang’s hand. Xiao Ting also deliberately made it hard, and the other liquids were squeezed out, and the two small hands couldn’t be installed, and some of them were dripped.

“Wow! Dongge you shoot a lot. So much, people have no place to put it, so I want to bring it back, so I am so sprinkled on the ground.” Xiaoting looked at the hand on the big laundry and replied in the big launch. The semen prostitute mixture is like a fortified lavess looks at the treasures that are about to disappear.

“Hey, there is a lot of meritorious this, you just blow the water more than these. Hey, you don’t say it early, I have a cooked egg in my bag, give you a sage. I can’t miss it. But now it is too late, you hurry to rinse it here, this is too heavy, wait for them, they will smell it. “

Xiao Ting didn’t care about me, showing a smile, then bowed out of his tongue in his hand, said: “This taste is very strange, it is a bit slippery. Hey, I like this taste.” Said, Xiao Ting also looked at several mouthfuls. This scene has seen my blood, almost didn’t hold back, and then I will go again.

I saw Xiao Ting and still eating the escape liquid, just found the cooked egg in the bag. Just because I can’t eat dinner, I usually take a little bit of my stomach. It is just a cooked egg today. I stripped the egg shell and touched Xiao Ting’s damply. I found a position, and I put the egg in the power, so that she can eat a lot of happiness.

Xiao Ting light “ah”, and white my soul, then I know it is an egg, I don’t care about it. Xiao Ting continued to succeed that the liquid on the hand was eaten, and he took a good dress, holding the leg, holding the water, holding the floor.

I looked at Xiaiting, I finally hide it, I still missed a few more colors in my heart, and I was temporarily suppressed. Then I laughed to Xiao Ting who was drinking water, shouting on the court: “Liu Zhi! Bring his wife, don’t stay with her! Hurry down, change me for a while.”

I didn’t go back to the course and changed Liu Zhi. I am thinking that Xiaoting is white and white, hey, good hook. I will take the ball and let go of Liu Zhi, Liu Zhifu, let them love to love. Unfortunately, Liu Zhi didn’t know, his beautiful wife, Xiao Ting, who had been meal, was made by me.

I was playing for a while, I gradually found that the colleagues who defend my colleagues didn’t seem serious, always swept around, it seems to be looking for. I suddenly wake up, my nose was smelled, it’s broken, I just blown a lot of water in the tide of Xiao Ting, I am moving the source of moving. Mom, these guys are very sensitive, I quickly pull the distance and everyone’s distance. As a big forward, it floated outside the three-point line, and the rebound did not dare to go. I turned to see, Xiao Ting is on Liu Zhi, seeing me turning back, and smiling again.

Oh, I have, I just made so sweaty, today is also a small amount of exercise. This ball can’t be hit, floating on the court, just when I forth.

It’s hard to wait until the end, I quickly change my jerseys, so that the taste is basically disappeared. Then I noticed that I just defended my largest Xiao Chen, while drinking water, I saw it in the scene, and my clothes didn’t replace, and I still stayed behind the scoreboard. I will rely, this is a dog nose, and he is sure what is found. I am too lazy to manage him, anyway, not to do his wife, he will definitely not have opinions. Hey, maybe you can work with me Xiaoting, which is a good opportunity to unite colleagues and expand the person. I am going to find Xia Chen privately chat tomorrow. Well, you can also develop a few more, bring your basketball.

On the way back, I got Liu Zhi’s car, Xiao Ting and the back row together, thrown Liu Zhi’s ball in the second drive.

Liu Zhi is still very serious, I think of Xiao Ting, and a little brother is a little ready to move. Unfortunately, the space in the car is too small, the road is not long, and it is difficult to do it again. So I quickly resembled, the upper body squatted in the middle of the two seats, deliberately and Liu Zhisheng, and the lower body is halfway to put the dick toward Xiaoting, and she will give me blowjob. And threaten that Xiao Ting is hurtful, I will not be her in the future.

This time, Xiao Ting, a lot, in my guidance, the skills can be flying, and it is still very flexible, and the tongue is quite flexible. In addition, the place where the people behind the family is not bought by his wife, and it feels special stimulus. I chatted with Liu Zhi, he is a newbie. It is more nervous. Sometimes I call him with him, but I don’t mention his wife Xiao Ting. Dicks, he did not find it at all. Because of the limited time, I don’t have especially patience, the water is shot to Xiao Ting this kind of traveler.

Because it is the second, the amount is not big, Xiao Ting has a mouth can’t talk, but it has not miss it. I gave her that let Xiao Ting took the cooked chicken eggs just went in, with the essence of the East Brother, eat together. Haha, Xiao Ting is white and white, I really like her beautiful big eyes white. After that, she was born out of the egg, and she was eaten in the mouth. It is really awkward. This is the fun of Dong Ge.

I got off first near my home. When I got off the bus, I am particularly grateful to Liu Zhizhi’s passion for my enthusiasm, but he seems to have a little unclear what I am talking about, hey, don’t understand better. Xiao Ting is also very enthusiastic to say that I welcome me to my home next time. I said that I will go, and maybe it will go, Xiao Ting is also very satisfied, I have to pay attention to me.

I am standing on the roadside to send a traumatic car away, thinking about Xiao Ting’s look, feeling very fast.

This is the first time I and Sao Xiaoting, that is, I first embarked her. Tomorrow, I will go to Xiaoyan to talk about it.

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