The life is about to start, and the house is now in the last year, and this last year is also the most speechless.

When I returned to the dormitory, I heard the classmates said that the dormitory has recently been a lot of people. I think that many people are many people, and there are not a few positive, and there is no big, happy! I have not been finished, someone in the downstairs came in, I wonderful to aim, I didn’t aim, I was stupid.

I mentioned this girl with my body, and I also gave her a look at the new roommates in this, just like me, this woman is so bright, wearing a very hot, reveal back and Short to a short pants, long hair shawl and high to high heels, it is a rich super babes, but it feels like being black, so we have a decision, we want to observe She.

Although it is observed! But you can’t make illegal things. Only when she looks at her dating, there are time to enter the door, and the men around them; and just in a certain night, the small core is coming back from the outside, and I saw this hot girl. A male friend entered the room, the small core deliberately entered the door, leaned against the door downstairs, listened to the conversation inside, according to the small core, their conversation is rough, first take a shower first! Rioli is free, it will be enough to wash the time! There is not bad in the rid! Otherwise, don’t take time! I don’t like to take a bath. It’s good to be good! If you have enough, I heard that the cell will run up and talk to me, and I’ve gotten some of the clues. We decided to discuss it.

After about 15 minutes, I want to wash it out! When I was in the door, I came to the door, and I came out of the door, where did you want to do Ali Li and I will know that I am looking for it with the core, and think about the back of the back. In the scenery, is there so exciting?

Then there is a clear place where I can see from my room! Do you want us to see? !

I took the lights of the room, opened the window, and I didn’t have a lot, I looked at them with my core, and I was very quiet. I didn’t have much noise, maybe because night is more than three! The man is soon taking off his face.

I aim, it is the legendary one stick to let you go in the West, because he didn’t wear underwear, the core was also scared, and we didn’t have time to respond, because she saw other men. The meat stick, except for a film, this is probably the first time you know the little brother of other men! And it is so long.

The male does not wear underwear, the girl is actually in our expectation, only one thin tissue pajamas, in such a close distance, I found that this girl didn’t imagine the fat, the chest is a little exaggeration Even the small core is told me to ask me to see her chest. I am still scared, how is a girlfriend called a boyfriend to see other women’s chest? !

It’s really defeated.

The Wushu is very clear and bright, the moonlight, the starry lining is very clear, the body is as strong as the old two, the hungry wolf pounces the fat sheep in fresh Miles, no A few seconds, this girl started to secrete a lot of female hormones, one waves followed by a wave, the feet were very open, and the shake kept shake, kept breathing, and the continued to control has been controlled. Skinless, after all, it is reactive, but it is not a conception.

When I stayed in this lascivious picture, I found that I was also congested. The core has been shaking. I know, the core is also wet, I took off my pants, lost my clothes, I want to be Often And there are them in their own, let them know that we are also very powerful.

The play outside the window is, the more fierce, it is the firewood encountered the fire; the drama within the window, the more fierce, it is the Tianlei hooked fire;

Not the same long meat stick, not the same big chest, but what is done is the same.

In the inside, the eyes are aiming at the outside of the inside, the girls fighting the big chest, and I looked at the chest, the chest, the penis was too swollen, and the core It is staring at the meat stick of the boys, as if I see the rare thing.

Is the vagina of the core more humidity, better, is it because the man’s big meat stick? I thought about my heart;

The meat stick is not awkward, and the core can’t help but call it out. It’s completely, the jitter is bigger, and the sound is more sensual, 喔. . . Oh. . . Good stick. . A large meat stick. . . Luxi Xiaoxue, Laozi’s meat stick is delicious! Riry is coming soon, use. . . Force. . . It’s so cool to hear such a towering words, and the core can’t help but call it out, and my husband. . . . . Force. . . Do your hard work. . . I. . I want my wife, I am very awkward today! ! Riraine. . . Because. . . The man’s meat stick is so thick. . Is there anything in the Rioli? It’s not. . . do not want. . . I only want you. . . Riuli. . I want to go! ! Rifa. . . NS. . . NS. . . So cool. . . It has been unclear in the window or the sound outside the window, and the laxive breathing, and the special rotation, accelerate the draw, accelerate the jitter, accelerate breathing, representing the music to enter the final chapter. Richa. . . what. . . Come back. . . Do not. . . To stop me. . I have to go. . . Xiaosheng woman, I want to let me shoot? Rili face. . . Face. . . . quick. . . Give it to me. . . Is there any time in the rime? Come! The thick penis is quickly thrust, and the top is smoked. It shot the girl full of face, but also put the meat stick to the mouth, let the girl cleaned; and at the same time, I will soon will enter the final return, I Learn the boys, there is a baby, and if you want to shoot where the old public shoot? Hill you. . You are very. . Hate the Lord! Do not. . I do not want. . . Face. . . I will not pick it up! Yicheng is good. . . good. . . . . inside. . . The little sister of the shot is, the more powerful, the nipple has already set up, and I also picked up quickly, sprouting.

Then, it is a soft body that is constantly flowing out from the vagina.

This matter has been in the same day, the same situation happened again, and then we only know that this boys seem to be the gentleman in this girl, often come here to find her solution. Over time, my follow-up is often in the windows in the window.

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