This is a mother, my wife, my two sisters, my daughter and my story.

But it is different: although there are so many names, there are only three people in the story.

My mother is born in the mountainous area of ​​Tennessee. In that dirty and poor basins, incest is a very common thing.

As a virgin means she wants to escape her own brother’s magic.

Mom never thought about escaping her father’s magic. When her father suddenly captured her virgin, she was very happy. The relationship between them has been maintained until ten years later, the father suddenly passed away in a mine accident.

When my father died, I was nine years old. I always know that my mother is my mother and my sister.

I have never feeling anything wrong with this. The children in us basically have a variety of different calls with their relatives.

In my ten years old, we migrated to a city in the north.

I started interested in women, but I know that the biggest girl with my attraction is my mother. I started to look at her with a new look. We are often naked, but we have never seen anything shy.

Mom’s chest, there is a little small in today’s standard, but it is very well-known and scored. Her nipple is scarlet, when she turned, I can see the small small nipple on the small small pens on the pencil. Mom’s little bit is always covered by the red coil.

I have been sleeping with my mother on a bed. Naturally, it should not be seen in my age. If I have a nightmare or feel lonely, my mother let me breathe her nipple, but this is just the love of the mother and child rather than the performance of obscene.

When I grow bigger, things began to change. When I started to have a dream, my mother always smiled and helped me explain to eliminate my concerns. I started to have great interest in my mother’s body. I often put painful looks so that my mother sucks her nipple. Mom also found every time I went to bed with her, I started hard. She told me to wait for me to grow up, she will teach me about sex.

When I got to 19 years old, my mother began to teach me. First of all, he let me look at her breast carefully and touch it. I learned how to stroke, squat and how to kiss them. When I causing her desire, she let me suck her breast; then let me masturbate, she is watching.

Soon, she began teaching me about the yin. She sat down in front of me, separated her thigh, opened the lips, so that I took careful observation. Mother taught me where to lick, how to make her feel comfortable with my fingers. Just as I taught me, my mother always played my dick with her.

We often come together. Mom teaches me how to do 69, I am like a paradise.

Finally, I started learning for love.

Mom has never prepared to control fertility. Mom’s aim is: If you think that a little Beibei with your lover is not, then you should not be with him (she). So, since I first insert my mother’s little, I didn’t have a wearable insurance case.

Some people may say that we have no sense of responsibility, but we have additional views on this. Mom teaches me that it is responsible for myself and treats sex as a part of love. That is: “If you don’t love that person, don’t make love with him (she).”

When we started to make a year, Mom was very happy to be pregnant. I am also proud of this. I gently beat my mother / sister’s belly, I hope she will grow up quickly. When my Laura is born, I am happy, I will describe my relationship with her: She is my daughter, my sister, is also my outer. I also plan to give her a new title one day: my wife. ※ | JKF Czech Forum I guess all daughters are not like Laura to win all my father’s heart. She is so beautiful, cute, even if he is still a child.

Of course, the times changed, I know that I can’t get Laura like my father. I tried to maintain unreachable “father / women” relationship. But she will take the one day to us.

When Laura was 18 years old, Mom and I explained her about our relative relationship and told her that we didn’t feel embarrassed. We only keep it silent because of the law.

A few days later, Laura asked me to teach her “love”, just like my mother taught me.

18-year-old Laura is the most beautiful woman I have seen, I even think that in this world, she is only created for me. I told her that I love her and asked her to marry me. I told her that I have prepared a new household registration through an acquaintance, as long as she origin, there will be no one knows the truth. Laura immediately agreed to my proposal.

We quickly wedding, and the departure of the marriage is a mother. My mother then refused to go with us honeymoon and moved back Tennessee so that we had a “normal” marriage.

On the night of the cave, I kissed Laura in her warm response.

“Dad, when I am still a little girl, I love you! You can have me at any time!”

I will take off her clothes slowly and avoid seeing her naked. Because I want to restrain my impulse so that I will enjoy the happiness of her charming body in this incredible beautiful night.

I took off her shirt and I now appreciate her wonderful breast. She is still a little girl, only a cup cover, but has perfect shape with dark red nipple. I lick the nipple and then sucked her. Almost use the whole left chest in my mouth.

I gently bite there and pull up later. Her nipple has been hard, and it has been pulled up almost one English, and her right side is the same.

Now, her skirt and underwear have also fell on the ground. Her coil has been shaved by her, and the slit is soft and smooth like a baby. Her words make me almost out of control: “Okay, Dad! I want let you know: When I still a child, you don’t rage, I am missing, now! Now, Dad! Take her away. ! “

I want to kiss her little, but my daughter is not letting. She wants me to enter her body soon, do not need any foreplay.

I torn off my clothes and put my hard hiking in her labi. Larai got her ass to accept me. I quickly exhausted, and I clearly felt that her wither film was punctured, and we finally bind together.

I started slowly, I didn’t want her to feel any pain. She has never been screaming, and she has started to cooperate up and down in the rhythm. I feel that she started twitching again and again, tightly lifting my penis.

“I love you … Laura! Dad how much … Your little … is so tight … so hot …

so nice! baby! … Dad … I can’t stand it! It’s time … shot … “” … Yes! Dad … Fuck me! Come in … Shoot, Dad … shoot to your baby …

Come, in your baby’s body … shoot your semen to your daughter …, fast! Your baby wants you a baby! … “I can’t control yourself again, like a cannon to shoot my semen into my daughter’s uterus. When I was confused from her little, I was using a pillow. Her ass is high.

“Do you know what this means? Laura, do you want a baby like this?” I asked.

“I am your wife. I want to have my husband’s child, and I also plan to have a big family! You have gave me with your mother. She gave you a father with her father. I think this is our family continues The next generation of families. Our mother told me that she also told you the same words: “If you don’t want your lover to have your child, then you don’t do her lover. “I don’t want us soon can’t enjoy the happiness we have just got. But we are ready to make our love and our happiness have a beautiful result. “I love her more than before, I am going to teach her mother to teach me all the love methods.

The next night, he made me give her a lovely little.

Oh! How fresh is my baby’s little bit, and how delicious prostitutes are flooded. I am ready to do her.

However, let me be surprised that she didn’t let me fuck her little mouth inserting her ass. She said she would choose a better time to do these happy things.

One day after our marriage 5 months, Laura came back from the street. When she was in front of her, she kneelted out of my chair, I took out my dick to suck. When my cock is hard, she starts moving her head up and down. Her speed is getting faster and faster. I have to warn her. I am going to shoot. And she doesn’t pay attention to this, or give me blowjob. I finally couldn’t stand it anymore, and a shares shot into her mouth, and Laura put them all.

This is my first time I entered the mouth of Laura. I asked her why she was surprised. “I have been to the doctor there. He gave me a best news: I am pregnant, my father !! I will have your child !! In order to celebrate this good news, Dad, come, insert your daughter’s assault …… “

Since then, this has formed a convention: every time after pregnancy, she only let me shoot in her mouth or insert her beautiful little fart.

Now we have 8 children: 2 sons, 6 daughters.

Laura is convinced that our children should know that we should have all the love and know that our family understands the love.

She carefully controls, only people who want children can enjoy the fun of making love.

Laura started the ninth pregnancy, but I am not a father of the fetus, that is my biggest son and she.

This will be his three children. The first two were born with his sister.

My second son married my biggest daughter last year, when she was pregnant with his second child. She also has a handsome and strong eldest son and brother. Of course, that is my masterpiece with her.

I have children with my three big daughters, and my fourth daughter is pregnant as her big sister.

Recently I got my two smallest daughters, but I didn’t let them pregnant – but we all look forward to having a day …

I plan to have more daughters / granddaughters / granddaughters, and wait until they grow enough … If I can live to them 18 years old.

However, changes in social concepts have also changed the age rules in our family life.

My smallest daughter complained that I was 18 years of age in order to give her at least three pregnants, otherwise she would make her son to grow to insert her little.

I have been sorry about those who don’t have family love, or have families have always avoided pregnant families.

They lack a kind of emotional atmosphere that shocks and succumines: I love with your child and give birth to a child with him (she).

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