(1) I first saw October, cool in Chengdu. Old dantle is in my preserved. Although it is just three days and two nights, it is still dropping.

The second first went to the mountaineering mountain, he believed that I would not be fun in Chengdu, hard is two ways to enter the mountain, I want to go to Mushan to find him.

My brother is already a second time in Chengdu this year.

Eat, Xiao Zhang, a girl. At that time, she did not feel the feeling in front of him.

These two in Chengdu, in the people of the night, she is a kind of forgetting.

The eyes are big enough, but the shortcomings. The white face of the world is more than six meters. A black high collar, wearing blue short denim clothes, dark jeans.

It seems to be a dish, um, water cabbage. Sui, watching will not hate.

Some questions and answers in the air.

Xiao Zhang also found a chance to introduce me the situation, because the sugar liquor will be found, so it is not easy to play.

Music Academy of Music. Get the phone number from her classmates. I have never been accomplished before I have never been accommodated in the consultation. She emphasized that she only accompanied him. Don’t do “that”.

After the meal, I still took a special one side. You still brought it, it’s so late, it’s not good to find it.

So, in the ticket to the old two, take the veteran tour, take a small car, go to the mountains.

The impression is deeply, just getting on the bus, she urgently slammed out this book from the backpack.

That book name is, Hillary biography. Ha ha. (Later in Lijiang also showed a similar display. After I drink more wine, I went back to the room, I saw her and wrote a novel that had been written with three paper. Now, think carefully, it should be a desire.)

The famous mountain is suitable for meeting. The old two hotels did not have an empty room. Xiao Zhang booked two rooms in another nearby. When arriving, the sky is dark.

When I entered the room, I saw her twisted on her first time – paranoid.

She grabbed the key in the room, claiming to stand alone.

Hehehe. Xiao Zhang and I laughed with my face, and there is this, huh, huh.

I laughed to Xiao Zhang, telling her, she did have a choice. Or yourself with you, or yourself with the old three.

Xiao Zhang also smiled and said that he solved this. The two are negotiating behind, I will go to the room.

She finally entered my house.

(2) The stunning hotel has a lobby in the cinema. People get up on the chair and sit on the board, sit down and put the ass to put flat. One row is facing the front stage.

It should be used to open the meeting. Guests can sing the karaoke in the evening.

The second brother is waiting. I am busy.

Brother is like this, never need to think, never forget. It can be gone for many years, or it can be tired. You can chatter when you are together, but you can do it.

Second brother said that your turtle raises some bad hazards, drinking the wine, and Laozi took two bottles.

Wine and song, life geometry.

That night, if there is no song, I will not let me have such a new memory.

She is coming.

She came to the hall to sing.

Only open it, I stunned. Look at the two brothers, he also is surprised.

She is in front of us, I am owed to her.

Her songs of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau are really sloppy.

That is my first time I heard this song.

I am going to the Tibetan area. That Green grass, the mountains, the mountains, the air springs through the deep blue sky.

I have a picture in my mind.

Here, the picture is equipped with her song. I am like a disc now, let me replay playback.

Her voice is very wide, the treble is particularly light. There is almost no shortcomings on talent conditions.

I have been thinking, she has to participate in which ultra-female fast female game. Just don’t say the top three.

(She later got to participate once, but then her situation, hey, wait until the time said.)

She sang a lot of songs, my heart flew, holding hands, green light … all the songs. This is the knowledge that she gave me a popularity. I have to sing with the true kung fu. There are many people to watch. Everyone was shocked, no one touched the microphone of the common wheel again. Two.

Second brother told me a lot, but I don’t remember anything. I remember that he had half a bottle of whiskey, he didn’t let us go back to “rest”.

He wants me to achieve a good thing.

Later, I listened to Xiao Zhang, and after we left, the second brother had done the remaining wine and drunk.

(3) The award is not a pro, I have heard that she didn’t do it. “The”, I also saw she wanted to twisting alone.

It didn’t mind that there must be a girl to sleep. Just don’t want to be a pretending person to make her exclusive house.

After listening to the concert. But strongly wants to go deep into her.

In this world, everyone is selling something.

Don’t go good, talk about it.

You don’t buy it, or it is too expensive or not.

That is not sold, or you can’t take it, or you don’t miss the money.

I have given a friend in Indonesia.

That time trading, my marriage continued for ten years.

(Oh. This, there will be an opportunity to talk about it again.)

In the standard room, there is such a tremendous star, I am a heart.

After washing, I saw her bed in the bed, I went to the past.

She grabbed the quilt tight. It’s hard to open, I saw that she didn’t take anything in addition to leather shoes, just like this in the quilt.

It is estimated that the trousers are only afraid to fight.

Some persuades also have no effect. I remember that she also said, men and women were not pro. gosh.

I have to sleep in my bed.

I thought, this year, it is rare to have a bottom line.

I have always respected others’ insistence.

Get accustomed to getting up early, turn around. I also saw the first generation of central heads of the car, the red flag.

The next door is also outside him, and a few smiles have talked about the anti-Japanese suffering last night.

It is necessary to enter the house, but I find that my door is killed from inside.

Two people took a door. In the two-three-inch wide doors of the anti-theft chain, I saw a pale face, the hair was fluffy, and the eyes were a big bucket.

Wow, yesterday, I have to see it, she doesn’t have to resist, I am definitely not thinking.

Later, I knew that this little woman thought about another night, deliberately made a lot of disgusting people.

Includes the next day. Chatting can always be twisted in the answer.

Take the cable car and take a slide down and take some photos. Lushan will pass it.

All the way to chat with her, and also exchange experience with Xiao Zhang, surprised to sing and not singing.

Sometimes, I am very intuitive. I said on the way to her, she should not be singing after graduation. Now you have verified, this sentence.

Backhass, she left the mailbox. I later had the email photo to her.

The photo of the photo, a bit like Yang Ziqiong, also a bit like yellow saint.

Hey, if this is like this, I will not have later entangles.

(4) Replaying in February, I took Aliang, and the friend who took me to Indonesia broke the ring, and returned to Chengdu.

The starry room, a girl with a yellow hair sits around. It is her, dyed. This is not ugly.

Ask me how I can’t contact Chengdu.

(Isn’t it a teach? I am dark, or if you touch it, you should not meet.)

I am going to talk about it. She did not move.

She didn’t sing there.

I took out the wallet and gave me a photo of her with her boy. Tell this high school lovers.

It seems that she is very depressed.

I am busy speaking, while the boy on the photo is destroyed while encouraging her. After that, she did not take me away. I want to take her to Yunnan.

It’s going to talk to Zhongdian with Alan. Tomorrow’s ticket is ready. The brothers of that land have more than my wife. I didn’t agree directly.

In the middle of the night, when she returned to the house, she still had to follow Yunnan.

Xiao Zhang advised her to follow the hotel tonight, she refusedly. I also throw a sentence to me, see if you are not sincere.

The Khan, at the time.

Two days in Shangri-La, I miss her. So let Xiao Zhang bought her ticket.

Zhongdian Xia Lijiang. She is coming. The plane arrived in the evening.

I am on the guest, I have to ask a bike to pick her.

Tens of cups of green wine are drunk. I don’t know, she is a few times to me.

Cave music arranged. I went to the theater. I have only hand to shoot my back, it is her.

To the hotel, still standard room.

Wash it out, she is lying on the bed, it is estimated to be a sleep. But I didn’t go to her.

A few written a4 paper on the desk, (later, it is also the talents she wants to show.) Looking at the head of the pain. After the bed, you will not save people.

(5) The first time I got up early, he had a crowded eye, I thought I made something. Ha ha.

All the way to Kunming.

Live in Jiahua. The big bed, big mirror, a little bit of five-star.

She touched the West to see it. It seems to be a bit.

Listening to her story from dinner. Telling how she was admitted to three schools in advance, and I regretted the Chuanyin. Speaking in college dormitory (409?) To listen to the dog’s blood of the case.

Alang privately said that people hurt people.

She showed that she was returned to the room, she also sang a song, the song name is broken. She writes her own words.

I recorded it, and Alang finds someone to engrave the disc. I later put her, she had to be odd, how is her voice, and there is no more surprise.

She is actually ignive to her own talent, refuses to develop from this.

Later, she didn’t sing again, and I also got on her own life.

Inviting her to have a lot of bath in the evening. Oh, I will never be a strong person.

Later, I learned that she didn’t help but show her body, and there was a reasons.

Ok, I finally want to write things on the bed.

I first wash it first.

She refused to build a bath, not willinkly let me see her body, go to take a shower alone, and close the whole house is black paint, only to touch the bed.

The same room fourth night, the same bed.

But don’t twist. Don’t let it see, don’t touch, come back, even my boyfriend didn’t make it. Dizzy!

In those years, I returned to China, and I borrowed a word in Xiao Shenyang, I was not different!

This way, this is a paradigm, and it is greatly reduced.

In short, there is no predecessor, she is not allowed.

In the quilt, the people took over, turned over, and the hand held the small third and three people found the entrance, plug in. It is straight and quite tight.

My mouth is placed in her ear, and her lips will not let pro.

During her process, she didn’t help but didn’t call. Fast arrived in the end, there is a little bit, so comfortable.

After her lightly, I finished.

I have to think about it for a few days, I have not only stronger.

I know, she is not a climax. Although it is not her first, her experience is very young, I don’t know what is a climax.

That should be the most regrettable sex in my life.

I have not given the first climax in her life. That is later, she also gave me that I have been in love with the person, I am worried about her thoughts of others.

(6) If you are in the perspective of purely enjoyment, let her come to Yunnan, I am big.

人 阿亮, this road, girl believes in hand, every day, when the groom is replaced, and the wife is exchanged at night. I tied to such a few days to let go in a burden. But Alan, it seems to envy me.

People, it is really complicated.

Sex, incorporated, it is high. However, this is something, and the two parties will often be correct, and they are always entangled.

Such entanglement, afterwards, I have a deep experience.

I woke up early, looked at this white face on the bed, and carefully set off half of the quilt, aiming a whitewood whispering in the palm of the night. A soft feeling in the heart.

She has super good talent, making it difficult to measure. Now you are young, there is no confidence in love failure. Don’t hinder the future.

On the next day of Kunming, I will talk about Alang. I will accompany her, I will play Shilin, Nine Township.

On the third day, I went to the world.

Sleep in the evening. But there is no love again, she is not allowed to come to menstruation.

When you play during the day, add your money to the tour guide, I didn’t let anyone any shots appeared.

She has a lot of life in the future. Some things, don’t do it, don’t know how people know.

What I thought about me at the time, I really guess.

However, two details remember very clear.

Going back to Chengdu, she didn’t return to the house and stayed in my room.

I am going to book a number of days, I want to go again. Who knows, she suddenly called two students, tired of one day, let me get started, then, escape.

Hey, Xiao Nizi this heart. Just prevent me more than she. She does not understand the mouth of anti-civilians. No wonder I have a classmate to give her a small phone number.

She shower, I said to wash together. She smiled and shouted in the bathroom. Do you want to teach me bad, you! (Unfortunately, she was later taught by others. In this, I am worried about it.)

Before takeoff, I received a text message from her. Ask me, what she is me. I sent her answered: worry.

(7) Recognizing that the relatives are not satisfied with sex. There is still something owed to.

Only a few days, I boarded QQ, a snoring called. At that time, my friend had one. The Chengdu hotel room is added.

In the three days of Rurong, I have finished working back to the room, she has a visit guest, I have to take this trick. Application No. Q, add friends. Go some version of her. Anyway, accompanying play.

That is an evening, she is online. Chat, she said something a bit.

I am a battle. In fact, I miss her, but I don’t want to tell her. Although I am very ponging to her, but I should never get her love me. Moreover, for her really think about me, I can’t affirmed the situation in Chengdu.

After eating, play a letter, not thinking about me, the sea is wide, which is in line with your age. Anyway, I have lost Tang Tang, you should go in love.

(Now I want to come to TMD Laozi is awkward, live the entanglement. Live the no flowers!)

She said that it felt strange, and then asked her to me. I said to be my daughter.

Just say it. When I was under the line, I parked two blue words on my QQ dialog: Dad.

I like children very much, but I am getting married for ten years. The children around you are calling me a bold, aunt.

The wife is her big sister, two sisters, three brothers. Continued have ten nephew children, half of them grow up around me.

Wife is beautiful, capable. But bad temper.

It is a multinational marriage when marriage. At that time, the wages of the clerk in both sides were one hundred times.

俺 is a huge deficit signing. Let’s get it all. The horizontal is increasing.

In Chengdu daughter mentioned tired, I want to be a lover.

It is so much talent, but it is as low as it is.

I don’t dare to pick up, one is pity, and there should be a star future. The second is fear, and if you don’t want to be too owed to any wife.

I am a giant crab, very much. However, my home is regrettable. I didn’t have a father.

Two words on the screen, I have died in my heart. (8) The performance of the third place is not from independent.

Every day, I will open QQ, I hope to chat with my daughter. But then she is not always online, and there is no more message.

Remember to read some of the version of her love, I have seen it, some major discovery.

(There are many things that I am worried in the future, it is also known from these versions, oh … there is no network network.)

The daughter has participated in a talent contest in Chengdu TV station. The first place is a TV station’s own female broadcast. However, at that time, the show is far away. If you are in two or three years, daughters should be famous for talents.

The daughter is still a writer, what is the use of Lin, what is quiet to write a novel for the female protagonist. It seems that it is a real thing in her high school in love with the music teacher.

She has to be dedicated to the teacher, the teacher’s cliff Male, the car. Hey, a guy who is more tangled than you are really small. It is simply Liu Xianghui.

I think of her, my boyfriend has not given it, it has been the second half of the sentence, except Liu Teacher.

Teachers and lived love. I don’t remember the name, I’m chasing her breakdown in Tang Tang.

After the opposition, she wrote in some posts, I’m also called love? So short.

Hehehe. (I laugh, this three words are not her laugh. However, I should be a 50-step laugh. I am in her body is also short. Khan one.)

Daughter loves the tympanic people with a stacked. Tang Tang is the first one I know, oh, is the first place.

The second place. I learned that Tang Tang’s legs, she retaled, and the musicians of one underground band of acquaintance came. Inserted, you have no sparks. (I didn’t mention the name in the post.)

I am the third place. (If she knows Tang Tang, I will know the Tang Tang, who is in the Emeishan.

Oh, it is purely ignorant. )

I am really a better than the name, it is estimated that I’m thinking about the tenth of several people can write.

In her post, there is no 俺 俺. It is said that after falling things, I only went to Yunnan.

One day, there is a message.

Dad, I am the singer, I want to go to Chongqing Shanghai tour, send three thousand yuan to buy tickets.

When I was in Chengdu, I said that I need money to tell me. Worried that she is in a hurry, I will do it. Don’t really delay the famous Chengxing. However, I thought that only occasionally speaking money, I didn’t want to fix this expenditure from this time.

There are also renminbi to leave when I left.

At that time, Chengdu clerk was taken to take hundreds of pieces per month. A small apartment is less than 100,000.

I just walked for a month, she used a few thousand yuan to use it? Besides, I will spend my own toll to spend my own money?

Full of fox. Go home from Indonesia after a week later.

Not long, there is a new message of daughter. Love, with cloud cloud.

Look at the post, I also know a lot of details.

For example, in KTV, after listening to the daughter, Yunyun’s eyes will look forward, and a person is holding a big bottle of wine.

For example, proud Yunyun is not willing to say, go home to send text messages. I love you.

For example, in the third day of the understanding, I took a roller coaster together during the day, and I went back to Juan Hua on the night.

Seeing her post in her post, I don’t eat vinegar. After all, she goes to love, I am encouraged.

At that time, I chatted with her QQ, it is the feeling of speaking to my daughter.

Will give up at an attempt to a woman, it will be free.

(9) Hot turn to August. Also returned to Chengdu.

Daughter wants me to see her performance.

She sang in a full entertainment hall, with eight income of each song.

She doesn’t dance at the stage, two hands, the chest, Victoria toward the long skirt, quite graceful.

Sing to other singers, she came to my table.

I feel a little hot on my face. Hot seems to have a weight, and it is a long flow.

Can not stop, flowing through the Dantian decline. Poor my younger brother, I am hot, straight. Not a recognition? What is it …?

This is skeptical about yourself.

How can I call the wine here, I am dead, and I have a cup of juice. She complained that the sound should be heard.

咦, how can I save this, then, I have to send a fee …

However, her complaint is really a daughter’s attitude.

My heart has changed from the heat to the warm ocean. The half of the mouth can be formed.

Bring two pieces of clothes, today, come out all day, no hand, what time do you see …

Don’t go first, wait for me to come, go with you.

I am busy with the smile on my face, covering the wealth of mind, covering the envy of all sides.

(10) I will do not remember what I said along the way. I look at her side in the car. There is a little pain in the neck.

This time, Rong Rong is a suite. Enter the door, you can face it.

Sentimental, a freshly living daughter jumped out of QQ. I don’t know what it is.

Asked about emotions, she said, now not so important, he doesn’t let me, smashing his voice is bigger than me. I’m speechless.

After I found a while, she asked, clothes? I was busy taking it out.

It seems that she wants to go back, and some will be a little bad.

The daughter has passed, and the Lord pulled the package, and the Lord was shaken.

I watched her a series of movements, sideways, and turned to watch her to wipe it …

咦 … how is it to enter your bathroom?

In front of the white light flashed – it is a smile of deagle; the ear is as 黄莺 轻 – — is the four words she said: I will try it first.

I am standing in the moment, breathing.

I don’t know how long I have seen it, the door is half covered.

I have never remembered that I will move, and I’m still faster than Liu Xiang, and I haven’t arrived at her side.

Is it right?

Oh, selling the cake! I am too smart, I am too calm. This moment also said that such a decent.

that’s great.

I have no a little surprise that appears in the mirror.

Oops, I am really great. Black sleeve slim long sleeve deep V doubles. A deep troisity is difficult to fill, and the double peak alpine begins. Look at this clothes.

Try this again?

I have tried it. all good. This is more like.

I looked at my daughter stripped, stared at her, and she had only left her hooks, and I immediately knew that the meaning of blood injection immediately.

In the mirror, the daughter puts another piece of new clothes, twisting the waist, adjusts the postage, the conversion angle, and the effect.

I probably I feel that I have flowed a saliva and raise my hand to wipe it. Deliberately misplaced on her shoulder. Gently pulled it, the two came from the same mirror to the opposite side, and the side face was slightly miles, trying to kiss her lips.

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