I have three beautiful daughters, and they are as long as flowers like jade, beautiful as Tianxian, their beautiful faces, will die all men, of course, in addition to pretty faces, each has a rhyme Place.

Boss is Rina, 18 years old this year, but the development is very mature, full of round and white carcass, convex curve, especially her cherry mouth, cherry of the flesh, including you When the cock is sucking up, it is simply desirable to die. Such a beautiful girl can make others a first, so it is completely attributed to me.

The old second is called Lime, although 15 years old, the body is never lost to her sister, the development is also very mature, the fat and white body is fat, the whole body is smooth and delicate, especially her plenty of drums Drums and the big butt, tender like peach, although her body is getting angry, but now she is still a woman.

The old three is Li Yan, only 12 years old this year. The young and tender model is like a bone, the water spirit is very people, and the high-pickry figure is gradually presenting a woman’s appearance. The little tits are gradually drumped, and the strong butt egg is full.

After a few years, their mother has passed, I pulled them alone, but I also enjoyed Yan Fu. Today is Lime’s birthday, and our four people have just come back from the hotel. I have left the right left home. After entering the door, Li Mei squatted with me in that a big sofa, Larina she went to the clothes, Liyan jumped to take the fruit and drink.

I stroked the beautiful daughter in his arms and kissed her smooth and tender face. Baby, you really grow up. I like to touch the body of Limei, soft smooth and delicate, plus the huge big tits, always stimulate my big chickens.

How do Dad know that I grew up? She asked Li Mi.

Look at your pair of big tits. It’s so big. Said, my hand stretched out her low and low collar. Grab one and gently knead.

Um …, my tits are so big, it is not all giving dad. Her face has become blush. I am outside, those men always stare at my breasts, hate it.

So at home, Dad also hate it when you look at your chest?

Of course, Li Mi is willing to let Dad see. I hope that it is ignorant outside. When I go home, it will get drums, so that my father will look at it. She stabilically said.

Dad’s good baby, if you know, you will become bigger. Said that I opened the zipper behind her, and her snow-white upper body was bare. I want to solve her bra, I have been stopped by her, my father, don’t, let my sister see more embarrassment, I will pick the skirt. Let’s go. Lime she stood up and picked up the skirt. There was only a small trip of a small trip, and her drums were bulld.

I hugged her tightly, let her sit on my thigh, my hand touched her smooth thigh. Dad, classmates said that I am a sexy big meat.

Not yet, my baby is a very beautiful big beauty, they are jealous of you.

But my breast is bigger than they.

That is the important sign of beauty.

Lina also changed his clothes, came to me, Dad, my clothes look good?

Lina changed a black mop dress, like a princess, elegant and elegant, putting out her white skin is more charming. Too beautiful, like a princess, today, I will wear it, then Dad takes you to the banquet and wear it again.

I will know that the ghost father will say this, I am ready. Said that she slowly solved the skirt, showing the underwear inside, and the father, this is okay.

I laughed, put down Li Mei, hugged her, my big baby, today is my two baby birthday. Dad is happy. I came to the kitchen, hugged Liyan, baby baby, come, Dad to wash fruit.

Everyone is finished. You come. Liyan is like a snake in my arms. I put her up, my baby, we went to eat fruit.

I am sitting on the couch, little baby, you are also wore, Dad likes you to wear. I am also wore. Said, I took off the shirt and outer pants, revealing my intense muscles.

Liyan is also a small triangle pants and small bras, babies, eat fruit. I smashed a grape, Lina, like your nipple, hate! Li Jiao hit me, I put the grapes into my mouth, bite half, I have been biting Liyan, baby, my baby, Dad. I have a tender little mouth that hits her, and gently puts the half-grain grapes into her mouth, then my tongue is stunned in her sweet mouth. Lime, she grabbed my neck, a white little hand touched my strong chest. Bad father, today is my birthday, you like the sister, don’t like me.

Ok, ok, I also like to like my two babies. Said, I have passed Li Mei, my heart, what do you want to eat?

I want to lychee.

Ok, lychee’s skin is dropped?


I picked up a plate of lychee peeled, looked, and after the skin was peeled off, the meat inside was white and tender, like not like Lime.

I hate it. Lime’s little fist is tapping me.

Ok, ok, I don’t say it. Two treasures, I am peeled out, your skin can be taken away.

I don’t care, you have to peel your yourself. Lime said charming.

Come, open mouth. I put the lychee into the little mouth of Lime, at the same time, I reached out to the skirt of Lui Mei, when Li Mei’s tight skirt was pulled out, her little tribal pants Also taken down, until the thigh. The snow-white big butt and furry pussades have been revealed.

Oops. Lime, she is busy going to pull the trousers.

Haha, walk. I laughed in haha.

Resent you. Said that Lime she rushed to me, we rushed on the couch to the carpet.

Ok, ok, I don’t dare.

No, Dad has to go through it.

Yes, let Dad also take light. Li Yan and Lina have the lead, then their sisters have rushed over and came to my trousers.

I have rebelled a few times, and I will let them take my pants to take off my trousers. My erectile big cock will play, and Li Mei is gently dialed with her hand, and then they gain smile Sad, escaped.

Little bad guy, dare to play daddy, see how I repaired you. I put it on the pants, catch up with Li Mei, I grabbed her, panting, and ass.!!

Ok, dear dad, daughter dare. Lime she obeyed her pants, revealing her meat rolling.

I took two times and took a few on her 100 buttons. Ok, the next time I must have a punishment. Then I sat back the sofa and smiled at the laughter, and continued to drink a drink.

Dad, why your dick has become hard. Let her smile. At the same time, her hand gently stroked on my crotch.

Not because of your beautiful girl. My dick is harder and harder.

Really? Larina asked in the sky. Then she stood up and slammed her bra and revealed her to the big tits. She held two hands, laughing in my demon, Li Mei and Li Yan also stood up, The two also unlocked the bra, showing their beautiful breasts and tempting me.

Sao daughter, not let me live.

Sisters have smiled and turned around, faded their trousers, showing their snow-white big butt, and I twisted me.

Stimulate me again, my dick is exploding.

Their haha ​​laughed, wearing clothes, surrounding me sit down. Larina touched my dick, Dad, it was much harder than just.

The night is gradually deep, ok, girls, go to sleep.

I am sleepy, I want my father to hold. Li Yan she spookied.

Ok, Dad hug. I gently took Liyan and sent her to her room. I gently put her on the bed, pulled the quilt, kissed her little mouth, baby, good night. I have a light, close the door, and return to the living room.

Lina has been packing back to her room, Li Mei she rejected on the sofa, I have been sitting around her, Li Mei, why don’t you sleep.

I am waiting for my father to hold me. She gladly looked at me.

Ok, let Dad hug, my careful liver. Said, my left hand stretched into her thigh, stretched into her back, because Lina’s body was relatively full, I used her strength to hold her. I am tightly holding Lina’s tender body, you are better. I said.

I will lose weight tomorrow.

Don’t, you are now just, full and slim, it is best to see. I took her into her room and put her on the bed. I sat next to her, pulled her white fat little hand touched.

Dad, do you say that I look good?

Of course. I am most willing to see is you, your face is so beautiful, your body is good, the skin is white and tender, even those movie stars are more than yours.

Dad is willing to see me, I am so happy. She happy smiles, and she stretched two well-known white legs in her face. The pussy with tight pants is tightly wrapped in pants. The beautiful face is filled with happiness. , The white flowers filled with a vibrant body exudes a virgin.

I looked at her beautiful sexual body, almost stayed, I trembled out my hand, spend it on her soft body, slowly I touched her chest, I gently unlocked Her bra, took her to the big breasts, I grabbed it, softly, your pair of big tits, white and slid, drums, I also touched it.

I touched, the sexual desire, my thigh clamping her thigh, one hand slipped to her under her breast, drilling into her trousers, my fingers gently Sliding into her dummy dummy, in the wet meat groove.

Li Mi’s embarrassment, I took off her pants, and I also pulled off my own pants. I climbed on Li Mei’s body, hugging my little meat. The erect’s chicken is in an eurosal look for her small hole, and finally it is deeply inserted. I am happy, Lime, she is getting bigger and bigger under my impact, and the snowy body bursts of sputum. I don’t know how long, I finally spray my essence into the body of Lime.

Slowly, I lift it, Lime, how are you?

Dad, you are too bad, I hate you.

what happened? I am a little panic.

This is so wonderful. Why is such a good thing to let me taste it today. Her little hand is tightly holding my already weak penis, scattered.

You are too small before. I love to stroish her.

I am not small now, and my father will come often.

Of course, you are a baby’s baby. Are you hurting there? I stroked her furry pussy.

I have some pain now, but I still don’t hurt.

It’s good to take a break. Don’t go to school tomorrow.

Ok, Dad will give me a holiday, say that the daughter makes Dad to give it. She said with her sly.

Little bad guy, when you are good, see how I pack you.

Daughter’s Xiao Cot is waiting for Dad to play.

Sleep, my Sao girl. I gave him a good quilt, and the red bar was returned to my room. I lay in bed and tasted Li Mei’s body. I couldn’t help but I remembered the big daughter Lina.

That is a summer year of her 16-year-old year. At that time, she saw me when she got home, so she took off the skirt, and tried her newly bought bra. In fact, I woke up when she came into the house. I secretly looked at her to take off my clothes, revealing the snowy body. I haven’t noticed it yet. I have already grown into a big girl. The meat hips, strongly stimulated me, I secretly came to her, hugged her tightly, and then I took her.

Since then, I found that the three daughters were actually beautiful, and I also started paying attention to my other two daughters, always paying attention to the development of their body, and the fun of playing, it is absolutely Let them waste the beautiful times like Larina. So every day, various opportunities and their kiss, stroking their whole body, especially their breasts, I am a pro, I have touched it, and of course, the pussy and buttocks are also always playing.

At first, I will grab a girl who kissed her, and I also secretly touch her body, and then gradually became a wet kiss.

Lime, she was criticized by the teacher in the school. After returning home, I let her take off the skirt and punish it. And warn other girls, if there is a mistake, it is thus punished. In a few days, Li Mei had a small mistake. I called her to my room. This time I was taking off my dress and my trousers. She was shining on white butt, standing in mine. before. I first tried to look at Lime’s chubby big butt, really stimulated. Later, let them take off the clothes, and finally become, when they make mistakes, take off the clothes, accept my punishment, usually my punishment is a buttock or nipple, sometimes the stripping clothes are standing toward the wall. Turn your ass taller. The most exciting thing is that the three sisters are crazy in the room, smash my beloved vase, I am really angry, my sister will apologize, and a hippie smile, I will wish me, Li Na she took the head and took off her clothes. The two sisters also rushing clothes. They all gave up their fat big butt, Lina she actually passed the butt to my crotch, my dicks were of course erection. I took it out, smashed on the butt of Lina, spraying the semen on her ass. Later, they all grabbed my color temper. Whenever I ask me, I will take the initiative to give me some sweets. For example, Larna takes me to take the initiative to get into my bed, it is to buy. Fashion. When the naughty Lime is criticized, she will light my butt or to get into my arms and let me feel.

Their body is very like their mother, the skin is white, and the body is full of mate. I usually pay attention to their nutrition, plus my regular play, and they have a very rich, all of them are very sexy. Today, I feel that Lime has been fully developed, so there is today’s business.

I think about the beautiful daughter, I haven’t sent the sexual desire to vent, I came to Lina’s door, gently pushed, I drilled Dina’s nest, tightly With a full body of Laina, Larina woke up, see it is me, Puzzle, I hate, don’t you go to the second sister’s bed, how can I get it down?

Baby, what kind of vinegar you eat, Lime is too small, it is a child, how can I be like that? Besides, you are my daughter, and the handsome hands are meat, how can I be thin. Just now, my father wants you, so I came to your room, I want to sleep with my baby.

Is it a big chicken for Dad and thirsty.

It’s really a good wife of Dad, I know what Dad is thinking. My hand began to touch the body of Lina.

Dad, today can’t, I am coming to menstruation, I will try tomorrow, I can’t accompany you.

It’s awkward, such a beautiful daughter, let me sleep.

Dad sleeps yourself today, let’s go to sleep before going to bed. Just as before. Lina said with a smile.

Poor people, I am so pitiful. I slowly climbed up and returned to my room. It seems really going to be mated. I have been a few times, too boring, go see Li Yan sleep, and she tune it. Because Li Yan has not completely developed, I don’t want to break her body too early, so as not to affect her future. However, in addition to her vagina is not inserted by me, her body has already played it. So I put on the trousers, cover my erectous big penis. I drilled into my little daughter’s room.

Li Yan, didn’t sleep?

Dad, what? Li Yan turned over.

Nothing, Dad can’t sleep, I want to talk to you.

Come on, just I feel not meaningfully. Li Yan picks up the quilt, Dad coming in.

I drilled in, Li Yan is also a small trousers and cream. I hug her tender body, kissing its little face, talking gossip, slowly, I have a little slutty, starting on her body. Get it.

Li Yan is a bit hot, I slowly put her bra and pants, my hand reached into her, touched her smooth pussy. Li Yan, Dad’s big cock is something itchy, help me?

Merry. Li Yanjun’s face is blushing. Li Yan still has not touched my big cock, today is her first time.

I took out my red big cock, helping my father, 撸, it is the obligation of all daughters. Besides, Dad is too uncomfortable now, a good girl, don’t let Dad have a hard.

All right. Li Yan replied whisper. Her shy reached out her little hand holding my big dick, gently smashing. Dad, your big cock is really big, I can’t hold it.

I feel comfortable, my hand touches her little breasts that have just developed, the penis has become more and more hard, finally shot, I am panicked to wipe it with a pillow, but there are still some to Liyan. Body. The next day, Larina had already gone soon, Li Mei and Li Yan sister wrapped me, not to buy a good-looking clothes, you can choose a set, but I will pick you up to you. Look clothes.

Great, you will pick us up. The two of the sisters kissed me, jumping.

I drove to pick them up after get off work, and then went straight to the mall. The two are selected there, and I am also picking the clothes. I chose three sets of brand-named lingerie and picked two tight short skirts. The two of the sisters were also selected, and we went back home.

Two people hurriedly tried to tried their clothes, it is true, I have to shape shape, and I have a model, and the two are like a model-like model. It is beautiful. I am loudly praised. Let’s take a look at my dad to give you a dress.

It’s fun.

Go to make Dad appreciate appreciation.

Each of the two took a set of rooms ran back to their own room. After a while, the two were twisted, and the sexy exposed, Li Mei’s lower body is a tight short skirt, just covered her. Plenty of big butt, the bra’s bra is tall to hold two big breasts, only cover the half of the breast, and even the nipples are exposed. Liyan is a why, the same, the small skirt is also like a small trousers, tightly wrapped her strong butt.

Good sexy, I look around.

I hate, like light.

beautiful. Cool. I came to Limi, reached out, opened her skirt, Dad saw what your underwear looks like. It turned out to be a hollow tribed trousers, just covered her pussy.

Li Yan, what is your underwear looks like, pick the skirt, let Dad look.

Li Yan is ashamed to pick up the skirt, I laughed out, the original, her is a thong, almost clutting in her full buttise. I smiled and shy, she ran back to the room. I pulled the Limei, in the arms, Li Mei, her bare upper body like a cream, I touched her big tits, did you sleep last night?

Still? There is a hurt in people, and no one will pity me.

My little baby, Dad is the most hurt you. Last night, Dad didn’t sleep with you, because Dad’s sexual desire is too strong, then sleep with you, Dad will still want you, I am afraid that your body can’t stand it, so you know, you know, Dad It’s hard to suffer.

Are you not going to the bed of Runyan?

Just sleep with Li Yan, there is no sexual relationship, my sister is too small, how can Dad can do that kind of thing? Baby, the sister didn’t come back, let Dad like you. Said, I picked Li Mei, into her room, I put her in bed, rushing over her clothes, I took out the big penis that had erected, inserted into Lime’s tight In the vagina, I fierce, I don’t know how long it took, Lime she had experienced a number of climax, and my semen shot into Limi’s body.

I am just wearing clothes, Lina is coming back. She saw me and Li Mei, I went to prepare for dinner, I looked at each other with Lime, secretly laughed.

I came to the kitchen and hugged Lina back, kissed her white neck.

You just finished with your sister, isn’t you still addicted?

What, I am confused.

It is still not admitted that the sister’s face is also popular. She took back my penis, see, reveal it, when you hold me, it is not all hard, this time, how to become soft.

Are you not coming to menstruation, I have no way, I will do it once.

Is it fun?

There is no comfortation with you, her skills are far away. Dad has bought you underwear today, and I will put it on your father to enjoy.

I don’t have a clean menstruation.

It doesn’t matter, I bought you a cotton bar. I will help you put it. You first go to the bathroom to wait for me, I will go right away. Said that we walked out of the kitchen.

I took the socket into the bathroom and took Lina to a slippery. I pulled the Yinhong sanitary napkin in her thigh, took out the sanitary cotton, gently pocked her big ladle, and slowly put it in. Lina, Dad’s big chicken is thirsty. I touched Lina’s body, the big dick is hard. I hate, wait for the evening to go to Delome.

I can’t wait. I have taken your clothes, and I have a big daughter standing in front of the same red bar.

Ok, come over, Sao Dad. She crouched, Zhang said that I lived in my big cock and started sucking. Soon, my semen fully raised into her mouth.

Can you enjoy my clothes now?

Waiting for some dinner to see it. I will sleep first. I said that I slept in the bedroom and suddenly slept.

When they call me, they have finished eating dinner, it is almost ten o’clock. Girls, put on my clothes, let Dad appreciate.

They all replaced my underwear, twist down, so good, I often wear my father, okay at night. Let Dad raise your eyes, so beautiful girl, you should let your father look well. At the beginning, in order to give birth to you, Dad’s big cock was grinded a few laps, but finally did you have such a beautiful daughter.

The three spring-shotful girl groups are around my side, the milk waft waves, let me look at me, my Yanfu is not shallow.

Whenever I returned home, they always dressed beautiful sexy, playing with me. I remember that one day I just returned to my home. Li Mei worn a black T-shirt, but the chest did two holes. The big tits of the white flowers were tall there, the lower body is a tight silk pants, but the ass And the pussy is entirely exposed. Her snow white skin appeared in black clothes, I was more delicate, I immediately rushed, I took her, squatting her to big tits, then I can’t wait to exercise.

This day is my birthday, I just entered the house at night, I found a colorful, very nice. Sisters greeted me three people jumping, because I was a Tiger, so they dressed as a rabbit girl. When I sat down and carefully, I found out that their specials, they were bare, the waist was decorated with furry rabbits, and the lower body is also exposed. I just sat down, they came to my clothes, and then put on the tiger’s decoration, saying that today is a tiger to catch a small white rabbit, caught the little white rabbit after anything, or eat her.

We immediately started the game, and they gobbled, running, jumping, their snow-white whitening, big tits were jumping. I chased them, first grab the Lina, I hugged her tolerate her rabbit decoration, let her red strips do not hang, then I tightly grabby her, and her kit. Then I started chasing the other two, I grabbed Lime on the sofa, and I looked at her, then I pressed her, I put her fingers into her vagina, I have always put her. I scream. She just got up, I was grabbed by me, I also looked with her, and I had a talent that had gradually drumped up, my dicks have long been very erection, Lina She is squatting in my legs, she has sucking my cock, and her on my big tits, Lime, I also made it over, my sister is rushing. I opened Liyan’s thigh and licked her little petals.

How many days didn’t, Larna had to go to college, she is pregnant, she is sight, I am comfortable: Don’t be afraid, stay at home, secretly gave birth to school, I hope there is a small Baby? .

The three have become more mature, because the weather is hot, returning home every day, they generally become the upper body, shaking the big tits on the snow, the following is a small trousers, and their trousers will often be I took off. And I sway a big dick, and I will fuck in anytime, anywhere.

Lina also gradually showed the body of pregnant women, she stayed at home. Pregnant women are more attractive to me, I haven’t let go, and the number of times with Lina is more frequent. And each of her phases have been taken by me. Of course, I and Lime also often have sexually realized relationships. Now Lime’s sexual skill is more mature, it is simply a woman in bed.

Soon, Lina has a healthy and beautiful little girl, when Lina gives the baby, I looked at them, Lina glanced at me, called your grandfather or Dad.

Of course, the grandfather is that it seems that the descendants of incest are completely normal. I am fighting with the little baby to suck the Lifa’s big breast.

Lime she was pregnant, she was very white, she didn’t hang, and she was bare her flowers. I am stimulating to fuck her almost every day. Miao, that is, Lina’s daughter gradually grows up. One afternoon, I held her watch TV. Due to summer, I worked very thin, Miao Miao’s tender little butt, my big dick is very Itch, so I took it out, Miao Miao she saw it, and she had to use her little mouth. It was like a milk like a milk, and I was so comfortable, I finally shouted into her mouth. And she is like eating milk.

I said with Lina, she is also very strange. Now I have more personal objects, so small sways. If Miao Miao doesn’t eat my dick for three or two days, she will cry without stopping. It’s a born slut.

Soon, Miao Miao, she is, gradually growing up. Li Yan also gradually growing a big girl, of course she has been occupied by me.

Sisters, don’t look for boyfriend, and will not marry. Now Miao Miao is also 13 years old, a big girl who is equally falling. She is also like her mother, and she is naked at home. I let me take me. Lime’s daughter lotus is 10 years old, and it is close to Magnolia. Under my careful care, Larna and Li Yan are pregnant at the same time, I often pray on the day, and I will send me two flowers. Sure enough, the two delicate flowers were born.

Now, we don’t have any love, and open it in any place.

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