X city airport hall.

Dark blue suit skirt, dark blue uniform hat, white silk, golden silk scarf, black trousers stockings, black high heels. Wearing neat flight sister skirts, Wang Yuan pulled his own black suitcase, walked out of the airport and entered the waiting hall. Today is the last flight of this month, then it is a three-day gold week holiday, thinking that you can accompany your husband and the old daughter who have just been full, and the tired Wang Yuan is relaxed.

Pull the suitcase, Wang Yuan entered the public toilet, she had to make up makeup before I saw her husband. She just entered the toilet, a woman in a thirty man came in. Wang Yuan saw her and wearing the same style flight attendant uniform skirt. I know that this is the flight attendant with myself, I laugh and laugh.

With the woman who came in, it was Cao Wei. After she and the flight attendant Wang Yuan entered the bathroom, the three children dressed as cleaning staff quietly came to the door, hanging up a sign on the door: Cleaning, suspended!

Three children have been guarding outside the door, and in the bathroom, Cao Wei pulled his suitcase to the side, first observed the surrounding situation. Good luck, at this time, in addition to Wang Yuan, there is no one of her people, there are three children who have a sign, and will not come in.

“Hello, can you give me a face towel? My use is finished.” Cao Wei came to Wang Yuan, and the mutual appearance was also made.

“Give.” Wang Yuan immediately handed a new noodle tissue.


When I went, the two broke the silence, and I talked over one side.

“You are also X-Hang?” Wang Yuan asked.

“Yeah, I originally made an instructor. This month, the flight will take a flight at an example, bring a new person.” Cao Wei said out later.

“Yes, no wonder I see you are not familiar.”

X Air of China is a big company in China, many employees, flight attendants, Wang Yuan sees a strange woman in front of it, and has not felt too strange.

“Your suitcase is much bigger than the general!” Seeing Cao Wei’s suitcase, Wang Yuan curiously said.

“Well, I want to install something, the company’s standard box can’t put down, only big box.” Cao Wei looked at Wang Yuan, showing mysterious smile.

“It seems that you have to bring a lot of things in the country, you have to use such a big box, it is enough.” Wang Yuan also said with a smile, I don’t know why, she saw Cao Wei’s smile, and the heart was restless.

When I saw Wang Yuan’s makeup, I was ready to pull the box, Cao Wei took a white towel from the pocket.

When Wang Yuan turned, he was hugged from behind, and a piece of towel held his nose. Through the mirror, Wang Yuan saw Cao Wei hugged himself behind him.

“woo woo woo woo……”

A strong medicinal taste poured into the mouth, Wang Yuan felt the sky and struggled two times, fainted.

Cao Yura had a coma to Wang Yuan, who went to the toilet, hugged her, let her lie flat.

“It’s true, it is a star sister, the stars of the airline advertising, the body is awesome.” Looking at the flight attendant in front of the air, Cao Wei fell admired, couldn’t help but touch the slender legs of Wang Yuan’s black stockings package.

Cao Wei opened the suitcase brought by himself, putting a variety of tools used to bundle women. Cao Qi went to pull Wang Yuan’s flight attendant to the waist, revealing her black lace small panties wrapped in black pantyhose. Take a white nylon rope, Cao Wei bundled Wang Yuan’s thigh with a rope together, and then bundled the knee and tied it in the knee, and finally the ankle is bundled with a rope. After the bundle, the beautiful legs wrapped in Wang Yuan black pantyhose and bundled it together, tighten the binding to let her think about the legs.

The bundle is tied to the legs, Cao Wei turned Wang Yuan over and let her kneel on the marble. At this time, Wang Yuan is still in a coma, Cao Wei immediately screwed her hands to the body, and the wrist crossed tightly with a white nylon rope.

In order not to let Wang Yuan break, Cao Wei continued to bypass her shoulder with the rope, and wrapped around the two laps and constantly entangled on her arms. At the end of the nylon rope, they gathered at the wrist, and wrapped around Wang Yuan’s waist. Three circles, finally played. In this way, Wang Yuan’s hands are not only bundled, but her arms are also tightly bundled, and the hands are still close to the waist with the rope, which is not to say that it is to break free from the rope, Wang Yuan’s hands even It’s not until you leave, you can say that this is a true movement!

The bundle of the upper body has also been completed, Cao Wei saw Wang Yuan, when the drug disappeared, it was a slightly smashing, immediately took out a pair of meat colored stockings from the suitcase, and put one of her stockings into her. Port in the mouth. “Hey … 呜 …” Wang Yuan was fascinated by some consciousness. I only felt that there were some soft silky things in my mouth, but I didn’t send a sound. I want to take out the foreign matter in my mouth with my hand, but I move, my hands keep my waist behind him, but let what I bundle, chain, I can’t come out, I am moving my own legs, legs close together Why can’t you open!

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum Wang Yuan immediately woke up, only found that he was in marble, and his hands were bundled behind him, and the legs were tightly bundled together unable to separate. The flight attendant who went with yourself, I was standing in front of myself, putting a tube stockings in my mouth.

“Hey … 呜 … …” Wang Yuan was completely awake, constantly twisted his head, hoping to avoid the meat-colored long tube stockings that will be in the mouth. Cao Wei is very experienced, the left hand pinned Wang Yuan’s cheek, and the second stockings were put into her mouth. Wang Yuan wanted to save loudly, could only call it. She is full of hopes that someone will come to the bathroom and see all this, save yourself. But where did she know that Cao Wei’s accomplices will guard in the door at this time, and some people will not come in and see her.

“It’s really not obedient, as punishment, give you a pair of stockings!” Cao Wei said, and took out a pair of gray long tube stockings, one plugged into the mouth of the flight attendant Wang Yuan. Wang Yuan, who is pinching cheeks, does not move, and forced Zhang to open a small mouth to meet the gray tube stockings in the mouth.

“There are four long stockings in your mouth, 4 this number can not be too good, no longer give you two black stockings, make a 6,66 Take Answer!” Cao Wei said with it, it seems to be And the flight attendant Wang Yuan is commercial. However, for Wang Yuan’s desperation, Cao Wei ignored it, she took out a pair of black sleeve stockings from the suitcase, and the black stockings shaking vertically in front of Wang Yuan. Slowly, Cao Qi put the third pair of black longural stockings a little bit to Wang Yuan’s mouth.

Wang Yuan’s small mouth was supported at this time, showing an O-type. All spaces in the mouth have been full by different colors. Cao Wei had to use his finger a little bit to put the black tube stockings to her mouth.

Wang Yuan only felt that his gang had to be born by stockings!

It’s hard, the fifth and sixth sleeve stockings finally entered the cavity of Wang Yuan. The whole process will come out to tears Wang Yuan. Waiting to Cao Wei stopped, Wang Yuan looked out, the tongue was suppressed by death, and the stockings were nearly double because the saliva soaked volume expanded. Don’t say that stockings spit or use tongues. Top, it is not working hard or the lips, Wang Yuan only felt that his lower half of his face did not have intuitive.

“Good girl, I know that it is a bit uncomfortable, but it doesn’t make it strict. You are called out, that’s not good!” Cao Wei completed the mouth, patted Wang Yuan black pantyhose hips, soft comfort road.

At this time, Wang Yuancheng realized that his skirt was pulled to the waist, his underwear and butt were revealed. Shameful, Wang Yuan couldn’t stay in the body, creeping his legs, I hope to fade the empty multi-mask short skirt back to the thigh.

Cao Yu smiled and didn’t stop her, but took out a pair of black tube stockings. I saw the black stockings in Cao Wei, Wang Yuan thought she had to be a stockings in her mouth, scared the whole body. However, Cao Wei did not bring the black stockings group, but pulled one of the stockings into a rope, karaoke Wang Yuan Zhang’s mouth, after a few laps in her cheeks, tight after her brain . Another black stockings, Cao Wei stalls in the mouth of Wang Yuan, and after being entangled in a few turns, it is tight after the brain. In this way, the first is the black silk stockings, then the black stockings Mun mouth, after completion, Wang Yuan is more impossible to spit the 3-parallel stockings in his mouth.

Wang Yuan struggled for a long time, Cao Wei has completed the stockings and Mong., and her flight attendant short skirt did not fade. Instead, there is a lot of shrinkage from struggling, short skirts, and show black pantyhose. Tight lace socks.

“It’s a naughty! Or let me help you pull down the skirt! But before this, I have to bundle your legs to prevent you from moving. Safety first!”

Cao Wei said with a smile and took out a white cotton rope. She grabbed Wang Yuan’s feet and pulled Wang Yuan’s hips. Wang Yuan immediately broke the body because of his body’s movement, and he went out his own chest attitude. Cao Yuyi, Wang Yuan’s calf finally stuck tightly with the thigh, then Cao Wei moved to the white nylon rope, bundled with the ankle, and put the flight attendant’s calves and thighs closed together.

The calf and thighs are close to the binding, and the hands are tied to the waist. A series of tight ends, let Wang Yuan’s body is very sore, the bones are almost scattered, and the outsiders look, at this time, this sexy and fairy joke, just like It is a meat segment that does not have a hand, or a bundled dumplings. “Hey … 呜 … …” Wang Yuan’s 呻 吟 吟 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己.

Cao Wei looked at his work satisfied with his own work, but she noted that Wang Yuan was struggling, and his feet can also move back and forth. A black high heel is actually the jade seated in the struggle, fell to the ground. Cao Wei took the high heels on the ground and was retired on the feet of Wang Yuan. Together. Another flesh-colored long tube whose high heels are tied together.

There is a white nylon rope in the box, in order to do it, Cao Wei bundled Wang Yuan’s hands and feet to be bundled with the nylon rope to ensure that the flight attendant’s hands and feet could not break free. Finally, all of the next completion of the flight attendant Wang Yuan.

“Well, we can go home. Soon, you can go to Taiwan to enjoy! But go home, you look at it, so, you have to lying on me. In the box, sleep well, get home! “Cao Wei said, retreated Wang Yuan’s dark blue flight attendant small cap on her head.

Wang Yuan finally understood the reasons for Cao Wei to bring a big suitcase. Cao Wei’s strength is not small, easily put Wang Yuan from the marble platform, put it into the suitcase brought. Pull the zipper and lock the dark lock on the box. Wang Yuan, lie in the luggage in the luggage in the endless darkness. The body is tight, Wang Yuan twisted in the box, struggling, everything is futile!

Correct everything, Cao Yura has a large and one small two suitcases out of the toilet. After seeing Cao Qi, I saw Cao Wei, hurry up, took the small bag. When the two came, they left the waiting hall without panic.

When I walked to the door, Cao Wei heard a man whispered by a suit from a suit: “What is going on, Yuan Yuan has not come out!”

Cao Yuchong laughed and continued to go outside the door.

“呜呜 呜 … 呜 … …”

Wang Yuan was trying to shout in the suitcase, but the low sliver, won’t let anyone hear …


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