Liu Xiaoling has been prepared by a medical university. However, she did not completely get rid of the shadow of the past, she made her completely closed, did not want to be with any boys, and put it wholeheartedly in school, let many pursuits Looking at Yangyang, calling “Iceberg”.

In order to improve living conditions and accumulation clinical experience, Xiao Linger has found a trainee job. This is really Qu Cai, but she doesn’t care, she believes that she must master the most basic things before graduation. good.

Soon, her career level and high professionalism have been recognized by hospitals and patients. Her beauty and thoughtful service have made many patients impressed. But she still maintains “Iceberg” nature, and anything involved in emotions, I will refuse.

“Miss Liu is good, I am Chen Jiaan’s mother. I appreciate the professional level and service attitude. I want to hire the special care of our home to do my home. Home south has autism, plus this Surgery, he really needs help, I hope you can accept our request! “

Xiao Lingji is a patient called Chen Jianan. It is a 17-year-old big boys. It is worried until he is still depressed. Because of the same life, she is very sympathetic for their south, and accepts the request.

She is increasingly interested in Jianan. From a professional perspective, the trauma of Jianan is not serious. It takes only time conditioning, which is seriously his autism. It has reached a considerable degree.

Xiao Ling is committed to the persistence of the occupation, and he is determined to cure his autism. Under normal circumstances, the source of autism is psychologically, it is, and Xiao Ling itself is like this. She decided to find the source first.

Soon Xiaoling found a phenomenon, when she wiped her body for her home, as long as she approached his lower body, he would become very shy. After several consideration, she decided to try it with bold.

“Home South! Your lower body has not been washed for a long time, so it is not hygienic, let my sister help you clean up?”

“No, don’t …” Jianan nervous.

“Don’t be afraid! My sister is a professional nursing staff, often help others, this is the professional career, nothing shy!” Xiao Ling gentle: “Come! Sister help you …”

Xiaoling thoughtfully faded his pants and underwear, and wiped his south with a warm wet head towel, and his southern attacked. She wiped very carefully, barely, scrotum, and the anus and a lush shame, gentle and meticulous clean, and then helped home in the south to improve their pants after everything.

“Take a break now, in the afternoon we went to the outside activities!” She smiled and said.

Xiaoling has determined that there is impotence in the south, and autism may be related to this. She decided to continue to explore. In the afternoon, Xiaoling pushed his south to walk in the hospital.

“Home South! Do you have anything hidden in your heart, can you say to your sister? In fact, my sister also has a heart …” Then, Xiao Ling tells his past experience.

The South is very excited, he finally poured the privacy in Xiaoling …

It turned out that when I was in Middle School in my south, I developed a habit of masturbation. When I was masturbated in the school toilet, I was found by my classmates. The news was spread. He became a laughter, especially the girls were more respectful. Over time, he and all the people have alienated, developing a loneliness habit, and later he found that the little brother has never got up again, his personality change is more lonely.

After understanding the source, Xiaoling feels that impotence is the key to treat autism. She has developed the treatment plan from physiology and psychology. She began to give her home in the south to use some aphrodisiates, and when they gave home to see some erotic magazines, but did not take effect, Xiaoling’s patient persisted.

The body of the south is very fast, but he will not leave Xiaoling, Xiaoling stayed in order to treat home in south, so stay.

“Home South! Take the bath towel to your sister!” Xiaoling shouted in the bathroom.

“Oh!” Home South Holding the bath towel to open the bathroom door, can’t help but stay!

A glamorous glamorous, breathing, ice, ice sculpture, crystal, soft, snow white, slightly slightly slim, the line is smooth, beautiful, the pole, the jade, the naked, naked Tingting Yu Li is in the bathroom, and the chamber is infinite, the meat is overflowing.

The crystal clear snow, a pair of trembling and proudly full of profit pepper, a pair of delicate and cute, including the tender and shameless young nipples, shy to him. A full of profit, delicate and boneless fiber waist, Fengrun round jade hip, delicate and soft white belly, light black cashmere fluff. A pair of snow-shaped jade arm and a pair of snow white and less, beautiful and slender jade legs are equipped with her beauty, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, no one is not beautiful, no one is uncomfortable. Once heart.

This is a perfect masterpiece, that high picking, soft slim body, exquisite floating, the thin place is thin, the convex place convex. That is like poetry, the temperament of a fantastic mysterious gentleness, let each man are crazy.

“Home South! Have you seen a woman’s body? How about your sister’s body?” Xiaoling observed the reactions of his south, which is part of her treatment plan.

“It’s so beautiful!” The family said with his lips.

“Is it? Do you think the most beautiful?”

“Breasts and ass”

“Well! It’s good! But you haven’t seen it in the most beautiful place. Okay! Give me the bath towel!” Xiao Ling squogled his breasts and ass.

Xiaoling is very satisfied with today’s achievements. In the evening, she slept from the bed of home.

“Sister! You …”

“Home South! If you want to know the woman, my sister makes you understand.”

The hand of the home is covered in Xiaoling smooth, snowy, delicate skin, repeated strokes, and in their eyes.

Xiao Ling took his hand on his delicate and elastic breast. The home is holding the soft and soft jade, smashed, squatting, finger, finger, gently pinching a soft and unparalleled beauty nipple. ……

“Ah … Home South! You are so comfortable!” From the scorpion of the sensitive zone, the different feelings came, and Xiaoling is like a pest.

I heard Xiaoling’s fascinating fang, and the home is even more energetic. Her hands were stretched into the crotch of the south, and found that the masculine hard.

“Home South! The most beautiful place of my sister is here, let’s completely understand the woman!” Xiao Ling opened his legs.

The south of the south is close to Xiaoling’s legs, and it is amazed at this mysterious unknown world.

The small belly is bright, smooth, soft, and the lower end is a touch of fluffy, and her hairy is not much. Under the black flexible woman, the white soft girl is glow, the lower end, a bright red Beautiful, smooth and closed jade, the spring is hidden.

The south of the Cruise coil, sliding on the edge of the crack, the fingertips touch the soft thing. The stream between Shuangqiu, there is a painless view, slightly light red. Separate the labia with your fingers, expose the inside of dark red, and there is already a dew to flow out from the inside.

The south of the south of the south, explored the meat hole and stir up, Xiao Ling swinging the head, and started gasping. The chopped wet heat is soaked, so that the south can’t hurt the light and put his fingers, he feels that the inner wall of Xiaoling points in shrinkage.

Xiaoling slowly swayed with his slam, more and more obscene, the hole got a sound “! Take advantage of it! Waves. The southern intensive excavation, jitter invading middle finger, not long, she is.

“Ah … ah …” she tightly tightly, waist, diarrhea, a huge stream, reaching a happy pole.

“What happened? Sister!”

“Oh, you do a good thing!” Xiaoling rubbed his body with a paper towel.

“The woman is like this! You let your sister climax! My sister also lets you enjoy it.” She faded her south’s underwear, grab the weak meat stick, including sucking in the mouth.

“Ah …” The home of the South rose red face, and it is comfortable. Xiaoling sucks with force, feels half hard.

“Sister! I … I want to do it …” The home is excited.

“Home South! Don’t worry, don’t work now, wait for you, then …”

“I want to …” The South has already pressed Xiao Ling under.

“… well! If you think it can be …” Xiaoling hesitate.

The home is in a hurry, suddenly, he fell in bed, the little brother is completely weak!

“Don’t worry! You have already let your sister comfortably! Slowly …” Xiaoling’s gentle kissed his home in the south, and his heart was embarrassed to survive. Xiaoling continues to give home South service according to the plan, doing a homogens in the evening and south, and the days have passed every day …

This evening, they still have a sex game, and the home is holding the breast caress, putting the pink nipples in the mouth, Xiaoling’s body immediately produces a sweet current. The southern tongue sprinkles from the breasts, from the side abdomen to the waist bone, she hides the lips, emits a sweet snoring. The southern tongue squats down the lower abdomen, Xiao Ling actively separates the naked thigh to the maximum limit.

The petals of the south with the tongue, from the tip of the tip of the tongue, the naked body began to tremble.

“Ah … ah …” Xiaoling spills a lot of honey juice.

The home of the south played a smart tongue, first clamping the petals with the twinkling lips, and then find the tender buds with the tip of the tongue. The way the way is not hard, but touches the tip of the tongue, so keeps stimulating. Then, on the circumference of the meat, repeated 舔, but did not enter the meat hole. Xiaoling gradually produced causing an urgent feeling, the flower is also moist to the maximum.

The home will move the lower body to Xiaoling’s head, and the weak penis touches her red lips. Xiaoling stretched out the tongue to contain the meat stick into your mouth, and I have swallowed into the depths of the throat, with the tip of the tongue, the meat stick in the south began erection in her mouth.

The throat is painful, Xiao Ling then spit out the meat stick, rub the tongue in the back of the erection. The homes were revealed in the south. She put the ball in the meat bag, one one sucking in the mouth, the tip of the tongue even touched the anus. Although the penis is still less than the extent of hard Bangbang, it is an amazing upward tower for his south.

“Sister! …” The South is desperately looking at Xiaoling.

“Okay! If you think about it! Slowly come, my sister help you! You can do it!” Xiao Ling hesitated for a while, encouraged home to say.

The glans arrived at Xiaoling’s meat, she reached out the two labips below, and as much as possible. The southern situation will go to the top of the meat.

“Thank you! I will bring you a surprise!” He gently said in Xiaoling ear.

His mask has been gently entering half. Suddenly, his butt is forward, and all the meat sticks are all.

“Oh …” Xiao Ling called, and he felt that his mask was full of cave.

The home will slowly put his meat stick, while touched his hand on the two breasts of Xiaoling, and put her nipple in a while. His lips kissed in the face of Xiaoling and the breasts, his hand kept kneading the snow white breast.

Xiaoling closed his legs and tied his meat stick. He pumped the movements very gentle, very rhythm, not impatient at all, he gently pulled out the meat stick, then slowly and powerfully inserted. The tongue is licking in her nipples, and then sucks the nipples. After him, he smashed with Xiao Ling.

The southern tongue has been entangled in Xiaoling’s mouth and her tongue is entangled together, and a smooth feeling is passed by the vagina and cave into her brain. Her cavity is also wet in a lot.

Xiao Ling felt that his meat rod was deeply inserted deeply, his glans didn’t touch one thing in the depths of the cave. It would be like electric shock, it will shake it, it feels comfortable. Her breathing is rushing, there are more and more water in the cave, whenever his meat stick is deeply inserted, Xiaoling’s body will not be trembled with autonomously, do not feel the arm, and hold his arm tightly. There are also more and more water, and with the extorting of the meat stick overflow.

“Ah … ah …” She shakes the shouting of the yang, Xiao Ling, and the hands of the south arm, holding his ass, can’t help but go to play with his throduction, he makes it Inserted, she greeted his butt.

“Always remember! This cock once worked! I used to let the fairy want to die!” Jianan saw Xiaoling’s romance, and he was too gas to breathe.

Xiaoling hugged him tightly. He added more fierce, and her pleasure, he added again in his fast and fierce. Xiao Ling breathed more and more urgent. The water in the vaginal is like the mountain flood outbreaks. It has been diarrhea from the meat hole. The stream is on the sheets, and her butt is also wet.

“Ah … ah …” She made a sweet whimper.

Xiaoling took the initiative to twist the round butt, and clamped the south of the south of the south of the south. A vast water flows out, a comfortable pleasure is spread through her body in the depths of the genus. The two are sweating, the faster the south, the faster Xiaoling’s buttocks are twisted, and each of his rods is so powerful, her body is shaking, as if the electric shock is I really can’t wait to put his meat rod in it, never pull out, the puffour of Jianan is getting more and more urgent, and his strength is getting bigger.

Xiaoling feel like being drunk, it is light, and it seems that it is dreaming, and the model is very vague, and it is not the southwest of the East, and I don’t know where I have something.

The southern meat stick is like a piston, and the frenzy is inserted. Xiaoling is in the following, but the butt is like a sieger, and her people are like floating, it seems to be straight from the high air. Next, the mind is blurred, and it seems like touching the voltage of three hundred and eighty, and a strong heat flow is in her cave. At the same time, the most comfortable warmth spread from the deepest place from the meat hole. Xiaoling’s whole body.

“Ah …” Xiao Ling made an forgotten scream, she reached a climax.

“I can fuck a woman! I can fuck a woman! …” The home is like a pile of rotten mud, but can’t move in Xiaoling, there is no chanting in the mouth.

Xiaoling looked at the idiot of the southern obsession, and the heart was full of joy, and even feel very great …

Xiao Ling cured her own autism and decided to resign. She got rid of the entanglement of the south, solemnly told him that everything done was to treat his disease and it was a job. The mother who left the south gave her a ticket for 50,000 yuan, she did not resign. This is the start of her business …

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