The school sister has been taken care of me. Like my big soo, there is a long hair shawl, and the body is well known, but the face is ordinary, but still quite color, plus her dress, short skirt She has sleepled legs, I can’t burn from this moment.

The school sister hugs in my back neck at the moment, my lips are more close to her sexy lips.

At this moment, my body is still on my right hand. I used my left hand to hold her back to her, so that her kiss is more stable, and the right hand is slowly extended to her soft and flexible. I knead on the left chest, my left chest is slowly going to her body, and closer to her right breasts, but I still don’t press my sister, find a void on the single bed, side behind the bed .

At this time, I faintly saw her shoulders, but she was on the top of her dress, I didn’t hesitate to take off her, let her chest, the skin is mostly, full of eyes .

After kissing her lips, I still grow greed, kiss to search for her neck and shoulder, and kiss her seductive cleavage all the way. Extend her in the tip of the tongue into her seductive cleavage, and immediately smoked it immediately. Next second, my right hand has already reached into her blouse, through her bra, I took her full of breasts, at this moment, my sister’s eyes closed comfortably, and my mouth walked: “Light! School brother, too hard.”

I will put the hardships in this time, and the left hand also joined the battle. I painted the gourd in her right chest, and I worked hard, my lips were not in place. I posted it, I strongly suck her breast. And bite with teeth, the tip of the tongue touched the school sister, and the school sister couldn’t help but also.

I understand that the physical feelings of the school sister are comfortable. With a sense of Ming’s accomplishment, in order to make her more satisfaction, my right hand slowly moved down, reaching into her triangle, The middle finger directly from the middle, straight to the honey pockets of the school, when my fingertips touch the sister’s small panties, I am refused to her vaginal mouth, and gently pressed. Her eyes opened at this time, got up and looked at my fingers, she was booming, she pumped a picture: “Call! School brother, how do you automatically!”

“Sister !? Don’t like it!”

“No, I don’t like it! But I can only use your hand! You can not use the other parts of your body, especially your excitement, you!”

When she finished, she finished my little brother, I shouted: “I know !! I know it !! The school sister will be observed!”

After she looked at her request, she lied back at all, and did not have a comfortable eye.

My finger is in the outside of her private parts, and I dial her underwear with my hand. I saw the sister’s vaginal exterior has flooded into disasters, wet, it seems to be under my caress, she is at this moment The body feels the incomparable excitement. I didn’t enter her vaginal meat with my middle finger. I deeply felt that she was constantly moving in the private place. I poured out in the middle of the vagina. When she warm body temperature trend, I put my fingers more about my fingers. When I felt the front end of my fingertips, I brought my body with a bow, and my hands were also followed, and I went to shout: “School brother! Stop! I am very painful!”

Her left hand grabbed my right hand. I understand that it is a school sister, her female film, I can’t think of the school sister, I still have a virgin body, let me feel more about the body of the school sister, and I have a strong Popularity in her. I am quickly apologizing to the school: “Sorry! Sister, I don’t know how you haven’t sex …”

The school sister is shameful, I don’t want me to say.

“It’s okay, your fingers, don’t reach it too much, just outside my vagina.”

I promised the sister, then my middle finger came to pick her Yin, more careful, the movement became slow, the sister is not very relieved, the eyes have always stared at my hand, I am afraid that I can over, I Action side Talk: “Sister, can you?”


“Sister! Rest assured! I know the position of your fingers into the position, you will make it easy, let me give me here, don’t be too nervous.”

“Well! Well! I am, thank you, you really make my body more comfortable.”

I laughed with her: “No! Sister! I am lying down, let me help, don’t think anything.”


In this way, I gently pushed her to let her lie on the bed, watching her once again closed her eyes, continued to serve her. The most sad thing at this time is that it is the little brother under my trousers. I look at the school sister sexy lying in front of me, but I can only use my fingers, my heart is not a taste. I have long, I want to use my own meat stick to plunger the idea, but the school sister said that I am in front, I don’t allow my little brother to put her vagina, what can I do? ? ? But I am thinking about her from my heart …

Looking at the school sister closed his eyes, he was constantly embarrassed, this is a chance to show this time. I suddenly got up, I want to say that I secretly pumped her, she should not know! So I decided, first plug it first.

I originally dropped my foot on the floor, and the body moved slowly to her vagina. Since the movement has some slight shock, the school sister also felt, opened his eyes and saw that my whole person was squatting in front of her vagina, quickly reacted, cover her lower body, legs Quickly clamped, I don’t want to let me see the pure white tribe of her beautiful lace, and asked the eyes: “School brother! What are you doing?”

She is like the Queen to stare, I am afraid that I have made bad things.

I looked at her with defensive heart, and I suddenly scared between them, she knew that I had an attempted to her. But for my little brother, I can express my emotions in her vagina. I have said: “Sister! I just want to change a position, and my right hand has a little sour, I want to change the left hand help.”

“Oh! This is!”

She doesn’t have him, and she will make her atrium, and the body’s tight muscles are slowly relaxed, but their eyes continue to look at my action. Under her monitor, I slowly lean on the left leg of her bow, slowly put the inner thigh legs, and the school sister is slowly weakened at the inside of the thigh, and the charming private part Open again, my heart is in the heart, I am in the left hand, and my left hand is gently expressed in her vaginal mouth. She feels a burst of crisp, comfortable, and continues to embrace. My head suddenly thanked Shang Cang and gave me a chance. If she saw my intentions at this time, I don’t have to give up.

In case, I have to use the meat stick to insert her actions. I have to be fast, but I have to hit it, but she is hesitating or don’t want to do anything. It is not everything to end. At this moment, I will not hesitate.

So my right hand put the sister’s short skirt down, so that I have another attempt at the moment, and the left hand finger is still inserted into the vagina’s vagina with the slow speed, and pull it out, the right hand has gently opened The zipper of the stone door reservoir, when I quickly popped up the meat stick in the panties, swelling too long, now finally getting the opportunity to liberate.

I took the meat stick from underwear, and modulated the position of my body and slowly let my meat stick near the vaginal mouth of the school sister. I know that I have to insert the sister vagina and make her feel hard to have a difficulty. I must think that I want to do it as much as possible, let my meat stick replace my finger into her vagina.

So, in my middle finger, I was close to my finger with the speed of Thunder, and used the middle finger to press the middle finger’s vaginal mouth, so that the glans quickly and smoothly entered the vagina of the school sister, as the glans Successfully succeeded the vagina, the meat stick quickly drilled into the warm vagina, and I finally completed the initial experience of the school sister vaginal. The glans immediately felt the body temperature of the school sister and her constantly poured love, plus her in the room, I can feel the thrill of tightly compressing the vaginal wall of the school sister, and I haven’t flipped it.

I want to put into the head, but the school sister is in vaginal than I think, it is much smaller. I can’t get rid of it. I only have the integrity of the glans. The remaining parts are cool outside her vagina. After all, the school sister, her vagina, this is not the vagina. Fully open, belongs to semi-closed states. Although her left foot is from the bow, but the right foot is still straight and straight. The space in her triangle is still not completely open, and it can only be barely let my glans enter.

Probably stopping the throduction too long, at this time, the sister is still unrest, and the eyes are once again asked again: “How is the school, what happened? Why is it too tired?” If you finish it, you will get up .

At this time, I responded quickly, blocked her body with my right hand, so that she really got up and saw that my meat stick was inserting her. I still put it in her skirt in her skirt, and she didn’t detect between her skirts. I immediately replied: “Sister! Nothing, I just want to change the rhythm, I have always maintained the same rhythm seem too boring, there is no irritation, I am afraid that the sister will be tired.”

The school sister listens to laugh.

“! Oh, you do not say I do not think, really is a little tired, I have to look a little longer.” I smiled and replied:! “Ah sister Please be assured that we will not let school brother sister school Disappointed.”

So I thought a very special RAP, let my penis and secretly went a bit quickly after it out, and then find the right rhythm and then put it back, apply again and again out. Sister school at the moment does not feel the same feeling before in my insert when she noticed a clear feeling pain than before, perhaps my rhythm changed, let her have different freshness, but she is no more the suspect, but interesting to look at me.

And I just went in after the glans on a certain beat out of, I’m afraid inserted too deeply, sister school will find, and will break the hymen sister school, in order to let the sister school at ease, I continued patience all my sex drive, effort be with her.

After a child, sister school to find that there is no difference, she Biliaoyanjing, relax the body again. I looked at the ease of her sister’s body to me, I also temporarily relieved.

In a limited space, my movements are also restricted, so that they can not completely apply, only finite flipping. Sister school they can not understand my pain at the moment, she’s comfortable in bed, I enjoy sex with her. My penis in her vagina warm, constantly secrete secretions, together with sister Aiye constantly pouring from the mouth of the vagina, so I was antsy.

To my patience, they are not required longer forbear, I stopped the action thrusts sister school, parked in the vagina glans sister school in his right hand gently grip on the sister school of the thigh outwards and removed, and against physically her legs lest she not consciously inward contraction. I finally let some of the diversion of open space, while the sister was not aware I was to find ways to open her vagina. When my body slowly moved forward, my meat stick was deeply in-depth, I was strong on the spot, although I had long-awaited her vast film, but I haven’t stood in the best position after all, now inserting , Is equal to the entry of skew, and the orientation is not very ideal.

Sister looked right leg lying in bed, really a lot of obstacles, so I opened my mouth to sister said: “!? Sister wrong with you.”

She was lying in bed, he opened his eyes and replied: “!! Ah … how can also be stopped.”

I replied:! “Sister school Can u legs stretched a little, I am more like this Haonong” Oh. “!

She had finished speaking in his right foot actually conduct itself up, diversion of space, but her hands suddenly have action, I began to worry about a sudden, but fortunately her hands fall each hip legs of between the hold, and the expansion outward. It seems sister also really like the way I fondle her vagina.

My penis at this time clearly feel the pressure of the front end is reduced, the body finally have a lot of space in between her legs, my two knees to grasp the opportunity to take advantage of it against the back of her ass, body It has been positive toward her, with her eyes on the.

Sister suddenly saw I was in front of her, began to suspicious, to get up to see what happens, stop by my right hand back and said: “! Sister and so do not get up, to maintain this position!.”


Yi Yan sister had to lay back. Help my right hand on her skirt to smooth between my belly, then my left hand was still below her skirt, holding his cock, to control the depth of Choucha, leaning forward, my head already volts once again sucking in between her breasts, a sister came here to relax wary, and secondly to block the view of the head sister school, more insurance.

Sister school to see me so hard on her, and finally close my eyes in peace.

My cock now already around the corner in the shade of her moving, shallow thrusts around her yin moving mouth, slowly picked up speed, while the sister moans at this time are also coming faster and faster. When my sister on the chest against the chest melted, head on up the right side of her head and left ear with his tongue licked sister school, tease her, and she seemed to feel unwell, constantly want to put aside the head to the other while escape, I still followed hold, she finally surrender down, and with a smile: “!! Come on school brother … hey oh oh … tickling”

Close my eyes and looked at her, mouth slightly higher, and I know she has thoroughly lost on me wary, my cock between her legs already ready, only to enter her vagina, she pierced hymen.

When I find a sister school can breathe, moaning louder and louder, and had placed his hands between her hip had left, turn my back fingers cross buckle, I know she’s about to climax the advent of the glans has clearly felt the tip of her wet is toward my coming.

I have been mature, now I don’t insert my sister, wait until her climax, it will be difficult to attack. So I put the right hand into her, hugged her hips, left the left hand to enter me in the middle of her waist, pressing the palm of her triangle and let my meat stick align the star. When I am ready, I am still talking on the vagina of the school sister with the glans, just waiting for the climax of the school sister. When the hands of the school sister suddenly buckled my back, the feet suddenly clamped in my two waists, and the whole body bow, I know that the climax of the school sister at this moment is coming, and she is a little quite. At the moment of the waisthot, my right hand put the force, and the left hand stabilized and quickly stretched into her, hugged her back, the waist force was pressed down, the meat rod quickly in the vaginal of the buck, the glans were also In the case where the unfamiliar-free, quickly bleged the school sister, the whole meat stick is straightily inside the vagina, directly to the roots, my whole meat stick is in the vaginal wall of the school sister, I want to quickly insert it immediately. But her climax made her vagina at this time, plus her love is constantly hitting the heat waves, I almost hit it in her vagina. Therefore, when my meat stick entered the vagina’s vagina, I didn’t move the sound, nor did you have a movement, just like this, first adapt to the humidity of the inside, and tolerate it.

The school sister also immersed in the joy of just now, I don’t know that I have broken through the body of a woman who guards for many years.

After a while, I looked at the school sister seems to be in the long run, I started to slowly took out my meat stick, put it back, gradually accelerating the speed of the thrust. Suddenly, the school sister feels that there is a pain in her lower body, and it feels more and more violent, and she has had to open her eyes, watching my body is constantly twisting, she first Demagoying my lower body is in the private parts of her, a face is surprised and said: “School brother !!! What are you doing! ?? Let me let me go! Leave my body!”

Her legs are also constantly struggling at the moment, but the more struggling, the more it feels too much.

I know that she has already founded my evil. I didn’t listen to it at this moment. I controlled her legs to keep her back. I opened it out. At this moment, my meat stick is more obvious to feel the front end suddenly, waist. Down, the meat stick has deeper a few, at this time, the school sister has hurt: “Ah! …”

She was originally placed on my back, holding my shoulder at this moment, I can’t hold me on. I saw that she would resist, not surprised, but her strength is really too small, plus my meat stick and speeding the speed and depth in her vaginal, she only keeps shouting, basically doing again resist.

At this moment, the school sister can only be ruthlessly accepted by the school brother, and her female film, it is also in this moment, she is shouting the painless downs.

“School brother … How can you do this to learn, how can I treat you, how can you talk about this, I really miss you ….

Recalling that I have cared for me when I am in my big one, I am really cruel to her now, but her tempting body has made me lose rationality, all the truth and human feelings are dog fart, now I Just want to put the sister’s vagina, break her, dry her, and shoot out I have already expected the semen troops to the uterus of the school sister, the sister’s human condition has to be owed first.

I didn’t stop this movement, and her lower body constantly felt that my meat stick hit her vagina, she surely put her hands, powerfully put it in my bed, and the head is also biased I don’t look at me while you are. I understand that she has given up all struggles, can only let me do ruthless attacks in her vagina.

My body leaves her great shore, get up and hold her waist to hit my meat stick and continue to add. Inserting, I saw that she continued to flow out of the vagina at the moment, I understand that her virgin blood clip mixed her love, and my white linen has already been contaminated, full of dark red liquid, It seems that the vagina’s vagina is affected by my meat, ruthlessly impacts the evidence left.

I dropped her skirt, I wanted to cover my ruthlessly thrust, and the charming Delta present in her slender thighs and skirts, and deepened my desire to intersect my school sister. The sister’s waist, the meat stick hit her first champion, and took it after five seconds, then I immediately got it immediately, constantly repeat the action, let her have can’t help but turn away: “Ah ! … ah! … ah! … ah! …..

I found that my sister’s call is so cute, more intensive, and my move is more rude. She let me play with her body, and I am more happy.

When my front end of my glans felt the feeling of strongly rushing out, I stopped playing, put the legs separated by the sister’s legs, and pushed forward, and my body also touched forward, meat stick Feeling the vagina’s vagina more touched, at the moment, accelerate the madness, in the end, my hand supported the sisters, the two feet were tip, the feet were also straight, the body poured forward Next, the meat stick directly drill the vagina’s vagina, and the school sister shouted at this time: “Don’t … good pain … I can’t … No … Ah! … Ah! … Ah! …” I continue to play Skating, the whole bed will not stand my impact strength at this moment, and the sister’s call is more and more short: “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! … “

Finally, I feel that the lower body is strong, in a deep body, the body, the body, the whole body’s power full perfusion, the hot and abnormal semen instantly, the full perfusion is in the vagina of the school sister . At this time, I found that I actually shot in her vagina, I was unable to shake the head: “Can’t you like this! How can you do this to me?

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