Tune a great bitch, we look from the university, the best one, the big two female students, just go to college, get freedom, ready to move, naive, body, best.

I am a big woman in English, I will meet my family to teach my father.

At that time, it was said that one day, one day, I saw him panting his TV in his hand, I watched TV, I got a jump, two men did a woman.

I was red when I saw it. He saw it.

Later, he intended to touch my butt, to tell the truth, others are high and handsome, I am not very embarrassed to touch him, others are very considerate, I feel very fun.

Maybe my reaction encourages him.

One day, he grabbed my ass, I tried to break free, but I didn’t succeed, I was smashed by him, and then took it, let me go.

My face was red, but I didn’t say anything, I was not angry.

After that, I pushed several times.

However, I don’t know why, my heart always think about him. One day, he opened the car to school, I was satisfied with my vanity and thoughts. I almost didn’t hesitate to jump on his car, and jumped into it. Another world.

I got on the bus, he didn’t say a word, quickly put the car out.

At the place where people have fewer people, I kissed me at once, and the tongue stretched in and agitated.

Until my oxygen is exhausted, it is soft.

He let me go, look at me from the distance, ask: Go home with me.

I didn’t turn around.

I didn’t talk, nodded.

I thought what happened, it happened, but I thought it was completely different.

When we arrived at home, he helped me pick up a coat and hand slippers.

He asked me that I was hungry, I said no, not.

We naturally entered his room together.

Watch video? he asks.

My face suddenly became red, didn’t say it, I didn’t say it.

He smiled, this time I saw it.

Sure enough, it is very good, it is a three-level film, very beautiful.

He is holding my waist: Is it a virgin? I used almost no sound.

He kissed me again, very gentle kiss.

Nothing didn’t say, but I think I deeply felt the kind of love and cherish.

I completely relax.

Let him bring your hands to solve my pants.

I mean to push him.

He declared very resolutely and stretched it in.

Relax, I will make you feel comfortable.

It is very comfortable, watching the lingering in the TV, he touches me out of water.

Oh, did you get it? I shook my head.

Hey, baby, true.

This is our first time.

Later, he took me every weekend.

I am also almost, our movies are more and more exposed, but he just touchs me, there is no other thing.

I am more and more keen on this, but I am still embarrassed, I feel that I am looking forward to him on the weekend.

Once, he touched it, said in my ear: Go, take the underwear, let me see.

I didn’t move.

He stopped the action at the time, and he sent me back to the dormitory for a while.

I cried on the road.

He seems to have not heard it.

I get off, he went to the air.

I regret why I don’t press him.

Touching, is it afraid? After two months, he didn’t pick me up.

I am getting deeper and deepering him.

Suddenly, I saw his car, I almost cried, he shakes the window and strokes me, I immediately ran over.

Sitting in the car, all introspective. He said recently busy busy busy, busy after a trial of strength will be very interested to me and asked me good part good.

I say good.

Open for a while, he suddenly spoke, the underwear off.

I hesitated, but still the underwear off, he held out his hand, handed me the panties in his hand.

He turned his head and kissed me and said, this good.

I will not hurt you.

I heard tears, to him I used to distrust and remorse.

A door, he lifted my skirt from below tightly held my bare bottom, brought me back to the house, ripped off the skirt, touch up, did not turn on the lights.

I quickly the water.

Baby child, he says, like it or not? Well, I gasped answer him.

I was his day off, and the climax several times on the sofa.

Of course with his hand.

He said that before I decided to follow him, he would not move my hymen.

I moved fell on his shoulders to cry, I think I met the best man.

After that, I entered will automatically take off panties and bra, naked to his room to take the initiative to touch him.

He gave me 3000 dollars, I instinctively rejected, without any explanation he stuffed in my arms.

Said to be busy for a while, no time to take care of me.

Sure enough, he disappeared for a while.

Call again, I was in before the final exam, I refused, he said, to take the exam.

When you finished? Finished taxi over to the light.

heard it? His voice was high-handed, I have some blush.

I said yes.

I finished the test, did as he said, wearing a skirt bare buttocks taxi to.

To his house, he opened the door seemed surprised I would come, hurriedly let me come in.

A hug from the skirt, looked at me bare lower body, laughed, tart.

I was face down, say, you say what I say you are tart.

A phone call, send home on the bare buttocks.

Do not show it? I as if to go.

He pulled me where to go, the days are dark.

They also bare buttocks.

bring it on.

Let me play.

I raised a hand to fight him a slap in the face, he grabbed the wrist, dragged into the room.

He took my hands tied, full skirts hug up, tear the clothes exposed breast, in my next stand a good camera, and then began to put the film.

I can not stand for a while, whining cry, but below the flow, nipple also stand up.

He pulled my leg, so that the photographic lens as see the situation inside running water, hugged and kissed me and said women show.

It’s nothing.

That what you where ah.

Besides, you already are my people, Fasao in front of their own men more normal.

If you put me when you’re a man, I put you to unlock your own naked, to my arms.

Otherwise, you’ll go.

I whining cry.

I like this where can it go.

He really put me untied.

I sat for a while, to start their own clothes off very slow, but still off, and then gingerly nest into his arms, he smiled happily, grabbed me, this good.

Baby child.

You see you, so while a stream ass.

So saying, he with sexual secretion with the middle finger tentatively reached into my ass.

I move a little, his conciliatory pat me on the shoulder, good, all right.

I slowly come.

You finished soon leave it, leave me come here.

I was going to fine you, your tune will wait a little person.

I, I am afraid you have to work. No, work is not comfortable, listen to me, don’t you want to be with me forever? I cried, shout, what did you help me? When the goods, my exclusive extensive goods.

I heard the words, even more.

Then what do you think you are, huh, huh.

However, wait for me to teach you, I will let you keep up with me.

I first model your ass, your reaction let me know, I can’t let you live in my arms, your forces, ass, milk, which I didn’t play it. If I don’t like you, will I waste it here? For, why? I am pulling.

Because of the first, you, second, you are a woman.

I like the people.

I, I don’t want to.

Not sage? Don’t live with your ass to lying on my arms? Who gives you a clothes? I completely fall into his humiliation.

I don’t know why this is, but my body and spirit have ordered him.

The next day, I asked him, when did I help me move, he smiled, think about it? However, nothing is needed, there are everything, clothes, I think you can’t use it.

I want to circle you a holiday and develop you thoroughly.

Although I have been unrestrained to future fate, but I still feel that he is increasingly respected by my speech, even contemptuous.

I will move in a holiday.

He throws me a silk dribbling pajamas that can only cover the butt, and even in front, I will change my face in front of him. He brought my ass to my butt, bringing me into the house, inside Already fierce, he lie down on the sofa, this time, there is no way to touch me, but in my tits, a circle is an unhappy paint circle, my body is like an over-electric, but the lower body One empty, he whispered to wet? I didn’t talk red face.

He confused me, reached out.

I reached out and wet.

He abandoned and asked: Wet is not wet? I used almost no visits, and I walked into the magic.

Hand can’t get it.

More and more big.

I can take a water in touch.

My finger began to be unordered, and it seems that there is no teacher.

The body is slightly trembled.

I like you, I like it.

He took out my tits, kissed the kiss, and then hypnotized with a low voice, the legs were separated.

This is nothing else.

I am completely hypnotized, and do it.

Finger is crazy under his prostitution.

For a while, I am very quite a little lower, and the climax.

I stopped, slightly asthma.

He smelled my hand and smelled.

The other hand doubled with sacred water, touching the ass, also drumped up.

I slept sole that day.

The next day, breakfast was ready, I finished, I and he had a bit for a little or not to return to the room.

I now seem to have tasted the sweet child, and I will not hurt.

He installed the disc, then told me where to find a new disc, in the top drawer, you can see.

Oh, after a few days, you will be more than the 30-year-old bachelor.

Now the little girl, the early development, people also love.

I don’t talk, I don’t see you.

When he went, I immediately opened his legs, took out the tits, one hand, one hand, do a good job.

I don’t know how much it is, it’s too tired, and I slept.

Listening to him, I am busy taking it.

He looked at me and smiled: getting a day? I saw a few discs.

That is like talking to the university’s buddy.

Casually willed.

After finishing, put your hand into me, touched the water on my thigh. How many times today? I don’t talk to my face.

He asked, Well? several times? I whispered, I don’t know.

The result was a slap in his hand, the next time, don’t look like the bitch, I knew estrus.

Did you hear me? !

He looked at me and asked.

I cried nodded.

say! Dumb? !

Listen, and hear.

repeat! What did you hear.

The next time the number is point.

What is the number of points? Number of climax.

Just until the weekend, he took a break, I don’t know when it is, even the short frank sleep is not worn, just want to play below.

He looked coldly for a long day.

In the evening, ask me, a few times? I am red, say 7 times.

I was a slap on the spot.

Said goods.

I didn’t leave your hand.

I cried and fell asleep, and he wrapped my hands with gauze.

When I woke up, the movie was still put, but I can’t pay self.

I cried, looking for a protruding place, only my legs, I climbed over, separated from the legs, the more grinding the stream.

When he came back, I was opening the legs and lying on the ground gasping.

He looked at me, squatted, reached out and touched my forced, he touched, I played a spirit.

He smiled and rushed.

You look at you, which is like a girl who has no open, the portal opens the buttocks to see the yellow film in the man, I don’t pay attention to when did you take a sleep skirt? You look at you, the legs are not.

Do you want me to unlock your hand? I nodded.

Unlock, what do you want to do? I have no so much.

Play yourself.

playing what? Do you know what I want to listen? Play.

Seeing him did not respond, I added another sentence, playing.

Are you sour? Sao.

He opened my hand, I don’t care so much. When you are in front of him, you will get together, and you will call it.

Last release, I am almost empty.

He hugged me to the sofa, how is it in the truth? When I first saw you, you are more pure, touched your ass, you are blush.

How do you change this now? You see you called.

When did you take off your sleep? Yep? When he said this, just like grabbing the father who did not complete the homework, but the father’s finger was buckled.

Yep? Why? I am disrupt in this confusion.

It is said that you are gotting with you.

He laughed.

Not worried at all.

Willing me me? Yep.

Call Dad.


Hey, Dad likes the woman’s favorite.

I don’t like this to play with my buttons every day? like.

My blush.

I got a bite on his face.

He smiled.

This time, our feelings have a lot of feelings.

I am also happy every day, but he doesn’t let me see the disc, and I also limit my masturbation.

I started to do housework every day. He will ask him to eat, holding his neck calling his father, he also returned to kindness, not so obscenity.

I am at home, just like wearing clothes.

When he was interested, he looked at me, his daughter, played for a look.

I separate my legs, I’m hurt, there is no obstacle, after the climax, he will gently insert me with my fingers with my fingers.

Then I looked at me. However, I have never seen his naked.

One day, he quietly said to my ear, his daughter, Dad took you out to squat.

After the circle is so long, is it not bored? I listened to the tone of him, I knew that it was not normal, and I was red, asked how to lick.

He put his hand in my forced, touched, smiled and said, just awkward.

Not far away, there is no one in our yard, no one is seen.

How is it? Dad, don’t toss daughter.

Why can’t you, do you have it very comfortable at home? Isn’t open? Yep? Then there will be someone outside.

I am still twisted, and my heart is actually no resistance, and there are still excited.

The father gave you a shot, obedient, not allowed to be twisted.

I will know when you go out, after, Dad is afraid that you can’t stay ink you, can’t stay at home.

That, what clothes are wearing.

I have compromised.

He threw the pajamas who were abandoned, I saw it, my face was red, barely set.

He took me with his butt, I went out, I went out, I buried my face in his chest, I feel that hot should burn.

He picked the sleeping skirt to the waist, revealing the ass, a breeze blowing, I was busy earning your ass, holding the buttock with hand, smiling, and put the nightdakes from front, I showed front, I I had to block myself ahead, then, he was very calm and took out my two tits. I didn’t have a hand.

He laughed.

I am a trouble, the bend is over that day.

In two days, he brought me out later, and I naturally.

That day, he took out a collar before the bend and was in my neck.

Dad, what to do.

You also adapted for a few days, I will go out, I have to press the rules, with a collar.

I will take the colony in the future, you know, I have to ignore you.

Dad, I am not a dog.

I took a spoken in my tone, I have habitually called my father.

Every sentence is called.

Oh, you can Sao than the mother’s dog.

Letten it.

I am ready.

I have a red, let him take the other end of the collar, bring me out, he brought a video recorder, the belt is long enough, I am in front, he is behind the recorder, I know, he is dark Give me a lot of tape.

Already recorded, and I am afraid of him, I don’t know why.

I didn’t dare to have comments.

He is on the backward order: pocard the skirt and exposes your butt.

Dad ~~! I had to pick up the skirt and reveal the butt to the video recorder lens.

Turned, picked up the front.

I do it.

Don’t go to the side, like an ostrich, let yourself be seen before and after.

Take it out.

I recorded a shy girl in the lens, revealing and tits, standing under the tree, no face.

Dad didn’t force me this time.

After a few days, he didn’t want to lick me.

I feel a bit sorry, I am really addictive.

That day, he did not easily take the collar. I was busy back to the house to take a sleep skirt, he said, don’t wear it, it’s so light today.

I have to pick up it, I have to reveal the dew, and I do it.

I am sitting there, I am not happy, I think he is increasingly excessive.

Dad said, I said that I said that my little girl’s family was full, this time Dad didn’t have a video recorder to you, if you are embarrassed, you will use your hand to put some tits and forced.

Don’t you want to go out with Dad? Dad also helping you block.

Let Dad on the collar.

I twisted, or let him put the collar. He took me to the door, I really didn’t go out.

He got a rope, soft to persuade: Hey, one lifting leg will come out, brave.


Dad is still dead, it’s hard, it’s ruthless, you have to know, do my woman, I have to live this time later, I am looking for three wives, I am looking for a sakage, you have to clear Your identity.

I am squatting down, I cried.

If you are ruthless, you are still passing, if you are so wronged, I will send you back.

I didn’t touch you, and I won’t talk to anyone, you go back to do your pure college students.

I will never harass you.

I cried bigger, I don’t know why, I can’t drive him.

It is inseparable from him.

Since you don’t want to go, then you will come out to let me.

I picked up the leg and collected the threshold, with my arms and hand to force and tits, and he smiled and took me to his arms. One hand pocketd my ass, my fingers were inserted in the ass, my father helped You blocked, you see, the gentleness is more strict.

I don’t want to go back to do college students, I am willing to stay when I am, is it? I didn’t talk.

Still crying.

He kissed my face, don’t cry, crying, dad, I am distressed.

In the first time, there is a little wipe out, and it will be good in the future.

Besides, women are not to play? Some people play a woman is a happy woman, playing a woman’s man, huh, huh, do you know how many trades I have played before you? The more you will play a woman, the more you can’t in the woman.

Are you inseparable from me? Where are they now? I won the words.

Oh, you don’t have to worry.

You are different from them.

You are the development of me, I will play you forever.

They are just casual.

Take the hand and let Dad see.

I took my hand and didn’t open my face.

Most of your tits have been more than just.

I will give you a bud, but the ass will also be circled.

Why? I can’t help but ask.

Oh, I was worried by a man, all of them.

The woman named was cooked.

He finished, step, step, I will come, huh, huh, college students, virgin, and I have been brought out by my butt.

After that, Dad took me a few times, I also recorded it, I stood under the tree, smiled and smiled at this shot, as if a beautiful girl is swimming in the spring, just in the body, there is no.

He is more slacking me, let me dry with my hand, the stairs, outside, anyway, just reach it.

However, he has not given me a broken, but this looks, what is the difference? I bought something in the outside shopping mall, there is a 11 or 2-year-old classmate, I call my aunt, but also called many times, I am awkward, I will tell him.

He laughed after he heard, huh, you now temperament is like a man’s young woman, it is forced to have a film, saying that the truth, some married women, may not be asked by your man.

Have a man with a man taste, huh, huh.

I didn’t talk.

Why, isn’t it happy? He has passed my face, and it is not good to listen to it.

No, I am busy squeezing, I am now giving him.

Just think that the child is strange.

What is the strange thing? The child is the most spiritual.

Come over, give me chicken.

I passed, I got some sophisticated water from the bottom of the hand, then unlocked his pants and only took his guys, he would not allow me to take his pants.

Then he was helping him next to him.

He touched my tits with his hand, and closed his eyes.

Finally, he bought a new set of new clothes. Strictly, I didn’t talk to the outside, and I came over every weekend. I took a heavy tam and the sensitive touch, and I raised the big two.

As a result, I have attracted many male students in the first week, and the love letter is constantly.

One of them, I really made me very good. I picked him like a choice of horses, and then took him a few times, and more believe that men didn’t have a colorful, he said that I am different from other female students, there is a kind Mature woman taste, later said that I was sexy, then I kissed me in the cinema, I now just as long as a man, the body is soft, he is not polite, the tits and forced it.

However, he is young, then it is good to me, even better.

I am also completely immersed in the joy of love.

One day, his car suddenly arrived, and it was very close to the school. He rushed in the car. I didn’t have a way. The public was sitting on his car. It is really like a needle felt.

I know that this thing will definitely pass into my boyfriend.

He didn’t say a word, but I quickly got judgments. I like my boyfriend, I want to end this deformity.

I will be determined in my heart, but I am not afraid.

He opened the car to the countryside.

I opened a long time, I found it, where did you ask? I still have a class on Monday, I have to get off.

Thank you for your take care of this time.

As a result, he is a few mouthfuls.

Said! Leave the master for a few days, I forgot this.

I tell you, I want to bring you to the countryside.

Until you teach you, otherwise, don’t want to come back.

You dare, I am alarm! I am not weak, okay, I have to tell my father.

You know, you know how much have you recorded you.

Yep? Women are embarrassing, no rules.

My momentum is weak.

He is more and more fierce, you forgot, how do you take off your underwear? Forgot how to take off your clothes and do my arms, forgot to light your butt let me go out? When he said, he walked in my trousers, no light, it was smashed.

I don’t know how long it has been opened, when I went to the village, the sky has been black.

He stopped the car and let me get off.

I am so worried about him, crying, I am really sincere, I beg you, my father, let me, I am playing with you several times.

If you don’t work, please don’t teach me again.

Get off, otherwise I will let the people in the village tomorrow.

His voice is cold like a stone in the water.

I know that his temper, I have to get off.

Getting a car, I saw a pair of people who came over. It is not a farmer, and the man is dressed up. The woman is even more strange. The following is wearing the panties. Only the rope is tied to a milk cover.

Although I strange, I still want to hurry, he stopped, the man smiled, hey, I haven’t seen you for a long time, is this? He said that this is nuji.

Oh, I didn’t want to be so fast, I’m embarrassed, this bare goods brought me, I intend to teach.

Ah, hey, look at her is very small.

It is inevitable that it is not so sensible, you have to pity.

I was laid in the house by him, and he put me on the floor. This room is simple, but it is very modern.

I want to tell you, what kind of goods are you? I saw him to take some drugs, let me eat, I know what is that, death is not willing, he pinch my mouth, I am drunk.

After a while, I feel that the following is hot, and then itch.

My hand can’t be moved back, I have to turn over the ground and itch.

It is useless, my milk is hard to pain, I have been flowing, that kind of suffering is really not a person, I am helpless, crying and crying, just a mouth, it is a hurry.

He came over and looked at me.

A little bit solved the residual cloth on my body, I didn’t hang it again, my heart is sad, crying while crying. He gave the collar to me.

I understand, this is to ignore me.

Sexual desire is, I follow him, the result, on the wall, climbed several people, I will go out, I will talk about “, look, look, come out, come out, really light.”

“Just is her call, good guy, with the animals, I thought it was a 30-year-old mother, it is a little girl.”

“Oh, how do you know that it is a girl, maybe the ass is already open.

Besides, you listen to her call, not like a girl. “” You see that she is not hung by light butt, and sure is old.

I also feel that it is not like a girl, but your ass is not big. “He looked at me, telling them, are you a girl.

He said deeply.

I didn’t see them, say, I am a girl.

I just took medicine.

I cried.


Don’t take medicine, you are not ranging from the home in the city.

At that time, I asked you that I returned to the book, or left a forced, you think about it, don’t cover your tits and force me? Everyone listened, laughed.

From the laughter, you can see that there are more and more people.

He took me like an animal, walked around the yard, then stopped in the middle of a big tree, he was light, and the legs were soft, and the legs were soft.

Everyone laughed again.

“Push down the push!”

He started to get me with hand, I called again.

“It’s a chick, you look, you don’t use the cock to do her.”

“Is it played in this way, is it a young, how can it?”

He is inserted with me, I am almost, but he moved slowly, and there is still the meaning of pumping out. I can’t try it up, and I will chase his hand, I was hit a slap ass.

Loosen, let me take it out.

Everyone began to laugh again.

“Operation, I will play, I will try it.”

“This girl was abolished,” he moved over, raised his hand and started my ass.

货!货! I have to steal people less than a month, I still forget it!货! I cried.

Yeah, I recorded you more than a dozen straps, can you make others occupy cheap? Who do you think I am? !

He hit my ass, I, I actually arrived, the lower body smoked, the climax.

Everyone is a snoring.

He took me back to the house, took a shower, and I calm down.

In the evening, in his arms, we have a talk.

I asked you, you are willing to be a woman, just, I haven’t paid my boyfriend, I want to try it.

What can be tried, it is not forced to fuck, it is what he is more willing to spend time, you are not a child, how this is clear.

I ask you, who is your forced? It is Dad.

After that, he took out a disc’s disc, you see, you are all recorded.

have a look.

When it is said, the projector is opened.

It turned out that he recorded a lot more than I thought. His family also had a lot of cameras. When I started to his home, I had a record. He began to touch my ass, I tweted no turning face, I went next time. His family is being used by him into the house.

Later, it is myself alone at home, and there is no one to play, and there will be a few turns.

I looked at it, I cried.

He told me, don’t cry.

You will follow me later.

I won’t treat you will not abandon you.

Since it is here, I will take you out to go shopping.


I didn’t fall asleep overnight. The next day, he really had to take me out. I realized that there were some friends, I gradually understood, it seems that this village is a de slavery, and many cities cannot do, they can do it here.

His friends also took a female slave, almost all of them, but the look is very calm, and there is a dog like a dog, and the tail is inserted behind, with a mouthful, keep the port water.

The man also took the big dog. When the big dog, he went to the buttocks of the female slave. When we were set, the dog was on the female slave, dried up.

In front of our face.

The female slave is open, and the grace is called a while, the male dog is venting, and they climb together.

The female slave continues to sit by its master.

Plan to receive this? Some people are nuji.

Here men talk, do not look at women, all take women as animals.

Well, very Sao, I taught it, the first masturbation is in front of me.

Still a big student, I have made this by me, I am not responsible.

Not bad, student girl, young and temperament.


Haha, you don’t understand this, the female college students do it.

When you open a car to school, they will drill in your car, I got your car, isn’t it your person? In fact, there is no money, I spent 3000. I played a summer vacation at home.

50 yuan a day, however, you see this tits, can you find this outside? Besides, don’t spend money now.

Lecture the experience.

My face is sitting there.

The brain is blank.

Let her send a few times in front of you, the tape, like an animal, let her stay away from the social group.

But don’t satisfy her.

Then, what you let her do what she do.

The same as the bitch.

Oh, there is a man turned to me.

Asked what he made you? a lot of.

The atmosphere is very hot, I am a little fascinating in the state of being humiliated.

I like to be used as a bitch.

At least this is like this.

Say from the head.

The first time he let you do? He made me go to him with your ass.

Everyone laughed and said that he was too bad.

It is very proud to see him, let me come to me.

What is wrong with her light butt? Then what? Take me to see the yellow film, while watching me.

Where are you? The man smiled and looked at me.

Touch my forced, asshole and tits.

Hey, I will say it so dirty.

Do you like it? Well, like it.

Let me talk about it, what will I do? He continued to be very proud.

You also bring me.

I always low, no one, the voice is tender.

How to 遛? This sound is obvious, not to wear a sleeping skirt, pick up.

Later, I went so.

Where is it? Light.

I said to you, the Sangle goods are lying, especially this little girl.

It’s very tender, if she made her lit with her tits, she was holding a circle, she didn’t have any arrogance.

That day, I felt a lot, although I was extremely humiliated, but I was still nothing in the evening, but I was laughing with my father.

Later, he said, I have to turn out you completely! Bitch! Said to pull me up, the rude set on the collar, and laid away the goal, I scared, my father, where is my daughter? Go to the mountain, watch the moon.

I was dragged out, I got to the door, I still hesitated. He didn’t say a word, and I called my butt, I played a spirit and hurried out. I followed him, go up.

On the way, we didn’t speak all the way.

But I know, I broke through again.

I am a bit cold at night, he took me to see the moon, and silently went down.

Later, in a few nights, he took out me out.

I am also used to it.

That day, there is no moon. I think there is a special security. He told me. Suddenly, I don’t remember, I will take you out for the first time, let you go to the door and cry for a long time, you look at it now, this is not very good, It will be on the mountain to enjoy the moon, usually like you so big girl, the whole armed arms may not dare to go up the mountain, you are discounted to the mountains.

I listened, I wet.

His hand seems to have a sense of sensor. When you reach it, then you will laugh, and you will run the water, is it? Is it cute in my heart? Dad also loves to listen, you also said that two sentences gave Dad listened.

Dad teaches you a sentence, just said that Dad said.


Black gave me biliary.

I whispered, I am willing to go to the mountain.


I am willing to reveal and go to the mountain.

Why? His hand is on my lips, just don’t go in, I itchy, I don’t have much.

Because I am.

Well, you are just right, there is a little, that is, your forcing is worthless, born is to look outside to men, give men? Do you remember? You are different from the other little girls in your school, you can only have me in this life, in front of me, I am going to be light, say where you go? While he said, I used her hand to grind my outer lips, I gasped, my legs were soft, he asked me to find me, find a place, lay down, let it go.

Dad is waiting for you.

I looked at it in four times, there is a slightly flat grass, I hiped the past, I started to get it.

He is not slow, it seems that the owner of the bitch is waiting for the master, and the eyes are calm and patience.

I came out, my eyes were blurred for a while, after release, shy returned, I stood up to him, he said, I still want to think about men in the future? Your little white face, if you know how you think about it.

I rely on him to him, say, my life is your market.

I don’t want to think anything.

He went home with me.

All the way speechless.

After that, I was closed at home for a week. He went out in the morning. I came back very late at night, I have slept.

When he walked, he left the door home door to the door, I heard that there was a chain of iron outside the hospital door.

It seems that there is no one in the family.

Because my clothes are torn, I can only justice at home in addition to him.

One day, I can’t help but ask, my father, where are you going every day.

I have tried to make the sound pure and innocent, he still pulls his face, reparing this is what you should ask! ?

I scared, I don’t know why it is more and more afraid of him.

What is it? !

In addition to estrus, I don’t know how to serve men? Help me change clothes! I quickly ran down, and I went to the cabinet to find pajamas.

Trembling him to solve the knight, he played my tits, when I took off his pants, he said to kneel, the head is low.

I do it, and the result is because I can’t see it.

Half soft half hard, my heart is a bit cold, he hasn’t slept from me, but I am not interested in my light.

In not consciously, you have made your own interests, and your stay is almost the same.

I gave him a good dress, he slept in bed.

I cried overnight that night.

The next day woke up and found him staring at my face, I immediately scared sober. Why are you crying? I didn’t talk.

I think me and the other girls her age is not the same, and, I understand the frustration of premature and melancholy.

But also I learned to be patient.

Busy two days I did not care for you? He put his hand on my waist embrace, what about the touch, then said, you get used to, a woman without a man around the turn of every day, in addition, I am not the only one woman.

You have to Directors, to be good, to learn to wait on me, please me.

I was willing to hurt you.

It is almost since I knew him, he said to me, most of the words.

Today Dad took you out to play.

How to go out? dad? I was surprised, this is the day.

He understatement to, so go out, you is not never been out.

Said this, he rose.

I did it to help him change clothes, he smiled and said, ah, yes, Ruzikejiao.

I spoke to pick up items trap, I instinctively hide a bit, which was immediately slapped, face to the point, on the bridge of the nose.

is not it? I wow to tears, coming in with all the grievances.

can not stop.

Like a child crying.

Dad, do not do this, do not do this.

Someone will see, I beg you.

Someone will see.

He did not speak, did not move, watching me cry, cry until I have no strength to begin ending the sniffles.

Only then did he speak a rare language seriously.

“You’re either with me out to play today, or I send you back.

I told you, all I want is obedient tart.

You think clearly.

This is the collar, you think it over, put on their own.

You have to decide before dark, I am here today is to play with you during the day. “I was sobbing for a moment, picked up the collar put on, handed the belt in his hand.

He laughs loudly, he tugged the belt, pull me out, to the door of the court, looked back at me, took my head down to go.

The sun shines on my pale body, breast bright reflective, forced on hair stud is clear, my every root hairs are exposed.

My eyes looks at the ground, did not dare look up, but I still receive the attention of others, this village is a village tune, although we got used to, but still I could not lift their heads.

It was the road to greet him, “Good stuff! So young ah.”

Oh, okay, this morning, also arguing it.

Hold for a long time at home with out loose powder.

“Yes ah, come back just two days before, which surrendered?”

Well, go to the mountains to play.

He probably made a strange face, the man laughed away.

We entered the mountain, hug him before I came, so unlike the previous prioritize, then I found him back when people say to me a little more affectionate, his hand hard squeeze my ass, close to my ear say, that does not come out.

What’s wrong? This mountain at night can come during the day can not come? You forget how you roll over the floor of the bare buttocks? Sao night with bitch like, five people with me during the day and six Arab? who do you think You Are? Say! who are you? It is a tart! I entered the situation, they forget the shame of ecstasy.

Who’s tart? Dad’s tart, I am a father of tart.

He has a finger in the following tease me, I was not.

That tart to force it? Sao force is, is exposed to the man to see, to my father play.

Well, this is more like it.

You feel that you did not wet wet? touch! Wet.


I put my hand into it, a water.

We lingering all day in the mountains, he found a piece of a clean place, with clothes laid out, and I lingered for a day, do not know how many times to vent.

When we walked down, it was already late, I almost rely on home on him. In the next few days, I was taken out every day.

The urine is also under the tree in his designated yard. Every day, some people climb on the wall, waiting for me to pee.

Everyone knows that I am a bitch who is brought back.

Didn’t take me as a woman.

“Hey, look, she came out, I have to pee, see, urine, she also knows to shake the ass, huh, huh, too interesting.”

I thought that I numb my destiny, in fact, there is far.

That night, suddenly told me, we went back to the city tomorrow, I see you almost.

I decided to give you a trail of the plate tomorrow, and then drive back.

Oh, I am sure.

I didn’t talk.

how? Is the big lady? He is obviously not good.

I thought about it, I’m so courage to say, I, I am so your woman, how do you, then you want your woman to see.

What are you doing? I didn’t finish it, I took it.

You are my woman, this is not fake.

But my woman is divided into a variety of, you are my market, the value of the sales is to reflect the fact that men are taught.

Every man wants others to know that there will be more women who will teach women, can find out the potential, and tune her, and listen to the fare. You are more listening, the more people who saw it, my face The more brilliant, you don’t understand? The next day, he found a friend video, starting from the home, I gave him the clothes, with a colony, and he took me out.

I don’t expect it, a lot of lively, video follows us.

“Oh, this is a video.”

“Hey, no big age, play too much.”

“She is still embarrassed, you don’t dare to look up.”

“I haven’t heard it yet.”

Just give it to do this, I am sure to put private slaves in the future. “Hey, it is all installed, you see her nipples together,” “Just, come here, there are a few are forced, I heard that she is light from the outside.”

The video person has been around me, the face close-up, listening to these words, my face is flashing, the close-up of the butt, the close-up of the tits, there is no one.

He immediately got my mouth, picked up, playing my ass, waving college students, big sun, was held in the mountain.

In less than 20 years old, the village is like a sow, it is like a sow, and it can be taken out, and it is very pressing and tits.

Finally, this time is still recorded.

I am a bit red, and I will touch it.

Photographer quickly converts various postures and shoots us.

Are you showing tits and forced to support men? He suddenly left me and asked coldly.

My hand is still in force, the photographer has been close-up, but I can’t get it.

I haven’t been blocked on my mouth, it is not shy, I am your market.

Forced and tits, it is to show men.

My forced is worthless.

Are you not forced? It is not worth the money, as long as it is forced to sell, it is worthless.

Give dad to Dad sooner or later.

Since it is so worthless, let people take a shot, you will move your legs, you can’t stand, just take the tree, let people take it clear.

How did you eat water?

I made myself, I also opened the ladle with my hands, as if the prostitute.

I can’t stand it, I will sit down, he pulls me up, I personally pro, let me up with my legs, and make my ass to make my ass.

Let the photographer video.

My eyes have been scattered, he asked, is it not? Then you kneel down yourself.

He leaned, I went down, I started to get two legs, I heard him and the photographer said, huh, huh, this mountain, I was all over, I waters, where to go, and livestock It seems that I will get it. I am not interested in the waves.

Oh, the photographer laughed, this waited, you can see it carefully.

I forgot how I went to the mountain, the desire has been transpired in the body, smelling, my mouth has always been a wet flow of water, the eyes are red, he touchs me, my um Call, he seems to be very satisfied, saying that it is very light but very sure to tell me: I will later, not just your father, or your master.

Do you remember? Yep.

Tomorrow, I will ask someone to witness, shave your hair, let you be a slave.

I am willing to be willing.


I listened to shaving, and I poured a water, and he smiled and wiped it. “Said goods, I have forgotten it by me.”

The next afternoon, my family came to a lot of people. I lie on a light board. I could hear their finger points to me. I think I am naked from the body to the soul, full of fear. The shame of the shame, grabbed me.

I suddenly woke up from the desire of a few days, I can’t, I seem to have clearly understood that this ceremony is unusually, I struggled with my mind, hesitated, he hesitated him to bring me the sexual stimulus, then The feeling of desire to die, this struggle also makes me very afraid, the desire seems to be a drug addiction, I just dyed, I can’t pull it, I can’t fall back.

I called it, “Don’t, don’t! I am going home! I have to go home!”

I shouted, while crying.

I don’t know what people around, just jumping out of bed, he stunned a second, immediately hugging me, grabbing my mouth and saying “Take the rope! Take the rope!”

Someone handed him to his rope, even if I struggled, bite all my hands and arms, but I am still tied up by stones, and I am blocked by my eyes. I am thrown in another room, I The brain is chaotic, which is vividly remembers that he and the people are arguing, and the family said that there is no recognition, but the people who know this village cannot leave unless she is grouped by the dog or recorded by these senior president.

To be honest, I am not very afraid, as if they are discussing and my distant things, I have nothing to do with me.

He tested very hard, a few quarrels, he said, I can play, but can’t now, in this situation, I still said that I be destined is his mother’s dog, just time problems, he will give you a confidence, let everyone believe him.

Later, I fell asleep, and I heard the waves of the waves as a wave of waves.

I have slept very well, I can’t open my eyes and consciousness, just feel that I have been hugged, then I smelled the taste of the car oil.

I was hugged into the car.

The car opened, he took my eyes to the eyes, and he saw that he saw me suddenly scared. It felt like a wake up beast, the eyes were the kind of burning iron cold. The post-feeling, the old slider who didn’t work before and sincerity was very different.

Don’t open your eyes, don’t dare to see him the second eye.

“Let’s go home again.

Leaving the stranged village, I seem to have recovered guts and consciousness, and I asked “What do you want me?”

He looked at me, didn’t speak, gave me a laughing expression.

Full of play and desire.

We probably the road in the morning.

The solar photos will take the car into the forest, straight waiting to go down the mountain, this process, he stares at me, seeing me straight hair, I don’t know why, I don’t dare to go to his eyes.

The sun is fast, he only starts the car, didn’t take a long time, the sky is dark, I don’t know if he is going, the lights on the road are as small as the car, and a little bit is flying. I pulled off the coat that gave me when I was on the bus. I was tied firmly in the car, I shy my head.

Return the body and shrunk together, and his direction is laughing.

I quickly found that we are not driving in the city, because, there is no city with a city along the way.

I was really scared, and asked with a cry: “Let go where you could not stand” “? Where are you taking me to go.”

I do not know how long to open, finally to before dawn.

He put me off, across the yard into a small two-story Western-style house, but yet I put in the basement, the basement is not finished renovation do not know or deliberate, the soil is below ground, there is a base up small Tukang, above covered with straw, I was thrown in, he locked the door and went out, I heard his voice upstairs.

After a while, he took his food down, untied the rope to my body, I almost fainting with hunger, we must held out his head to eat, he grabbed handfuls of me, I saw this plate of food is dish leftovers, have Kenwan chicken bones and some of soup mix in the rice, because I’m so hungry now being attracted gulped that soup.

“What anxious to hear me out.

This is my leftover rice, since you are my bitch, so degrading to be obedient and like a bitch, or I’ll let you die than live.

You ate my meal, it is my dog, and later, when he saw me going all fours, not allowed to speak without my permission, to call the owner in his speech.

Let me talk about this, remember, they eat. “I’m bowing, it is necessary to eat that meal, has been Hezhu,” must not hand! “

I’m really hungry, eat his mouth residual soup leftovers, eat everywhere, he took a look at my ass, laughing: “Slow down, did not grab the other dog with you, my bones winded Kenwan a winded ……

Well, this good. “Voracious eating food he brought, but soon felt thirsty after eating, physical desire would have defeated the self-esteem, I thought, a little bit of hesitation begged:” Master, master, bitch thirsty, seeking master reward water, “he led a mouth, say” bitch without the permission of the owner is not been talking.

You have to learn to use body expression, I understand, and give you “” hum ~ ~ “I call out hard twice, the owner did not move, I was thirsty and impatient, and called upon twice, the owner smile, He said something good wondered if, how do dogs.

Left basement.

I scratch thirsty ground, swallowing hard.

While, the owner down, move down a TV and VCR, I gave him a call, he did not ignore me, just put a dish in the VCR, I thought it was Huangdie, the result is rural dog live video, are big black dog, fierce and loyal.

Master touched my head and said, well learn to point.

Learned, the owner Hello reward thing.

I’m thirsty ghost obsessed, desperately swallowing, while the number of active learning habits and calls the dog, I think to learn about it, very looking forward to the next owner to see me.

I think I waited a long, long time, the main people down again, I learned to like dogs look like their owners to please Bayao collapse, then shake ass around and whispered have to call the owner laughed, touched my breast, say, “Yes, I know you are a good head bitch, good, master reward you.”

Then he untied the pants down “looked up” I looked up blankly, a surge of urine lead, so I was surprised myself, my mouth open and then turned instinctively to any liquid from heaven and then swallowing hard.

The owner of the urine for a long time, pour over me.

Drinking urine, the owner turned upstairs.

The next few days, I have been eating leftovers the owner, the owner of the drinking urine, my body covered with the inevitable smell of urine owner.

That day, the owner and downstairs, I saw the owner, slightly shaking his ass, because I am meek I was numb.

The owner to put my neck collar, I know that this is the master to take me out, this is the first time, the host should take me out to stroll, I am very gentle we will follow the master stand up as a result, I together the owner was slapped on the ground, “this is the first idiot, dare to stand up! dare you up, I’ll break your legs broke off, believe it or not!”

I am busy knees, knees touch the ground.

The owner of the super-lifting belt hands, gently pumped my ass a bit, “feet touch the ground, you behold only bitch is walking with his knee? Ah? Videotape is not a good look!”

My feet with a Lao Gao, the Jue ass.

Yiceng step, under the buttocks and gently endured, master tone full of contempt, “legs tucked allowed, apart, one bitch, what Squeeze!”

There is no doubt, I follow the owner and go out, but, at night, I took my ass to follow the owner in my own hospital, met the tree, the owner took me, I understand the meaning of the owner, I feel the legs, I feel that the owner’s eyes are in my forced. Sometimes I haven’t had urine, the owner takes the rope, I quickly put the urine, put down the legs, follow the master to the next tree.

After the owner, I took me out every night.

However, daily diet is replaced by normal food and water, the food is simple, staple food and vegetables, water and food are placed in the dog food, I can’t use my hand.

But it is already too much than the first two days.

I get more silence, just a call or sway body.

The owner gave me a dish, it was the film of the male dog. He looked together, and his hand played me. The other hand touched my tits, I wet, he laughed: “It’s really Good goods! “

I bowed down, he lifted my chin, looked with my face, and the voice is gentle. “What is shy, you have to give the public dog in the morning and evening.”

Looking again, he doesn’t touch me, just licking me, then tell me: “Dog chicken is very big, many women like to do with the dog, I can’t help but gasp, he does not The sound color is then said, “You are so small, at least three or four head public dog exercises, or you are so sure enough.”

Speaking of this, my legs are slightly separated, and my eyes are somewhat scattered, just have a dog at this moment, I also make it dry.

“Can’t stand it? Moisturize?”

I looked at him, called two, “talk!”

“Wet, master.”

I have been the first sentence since I have been like this. Later, it is true, when I talk, almost this kind of lascitation, I feel that my voice is unfamiliar.

“You said yourself, do you have a few budget dogs?”

“Three heads, owners.”

My answer exchanged a laughter of the owner.

Leave me, turn it on the floor.

I didn’t know how long I didn’t know how long’s livestock, until I saw that the male dog was wet, especially the majestic big dog, the wild dog in the countryside, saw my hole.

I realized this change, I am more embarrassed to the owner.

That kind of dushion is in the bones, not learning, or is installed, this kind of warmth has a kind of embarrassment, there is a kind of belief, and the fear of the owner, he has mastered my secrets.

The owner is getting better and better, give me a little clothes at a little bit, but I don’t wear my underwear, and I have a few years old.

The owner took me out to eat, just saw a large dog on the way back, it didn’t know how, suddenly call me, then climb my body, just smell it with the nose, the stick sample below The dog chicken is also standing up. I scared, the next consciousness clamped the light, and a lot of water was squeezed out. I took it, the owner saw it, busy support. I, drink the dog, the dog looks at the owner to protect, turn to another female dog standing on the road, just ride, then the last root, I will swallow my consciousness .

The owner smiled silently, and did not immediately took me away, but let me continue to stay in that two animal animals.

I don’t know why, it is no eye, and the following wet is a mess.

They have been almost the same, the owner will open me, to the secluded place, the owner opened my clothes, I took it in, the owner was very satisfied, and the falseness of the horses: “Said goods, I have never seen the male dog, as for Well, flowing a butt. “

After taking a picture of my ass, I didn’t do it with my hand. I didn’t have a few times, I took the feet.

After exhaling, I cried in the shoulders of the owner. I know, I have finished, I destined to be in front of you, it is also his, the owner patted my back, and it was very gentle: “The mother’s dog, Seeing the male dog normally, crying.

After the owner gives you a male dog, it is not afraid, there is a master, um? “Because it is very interesting, so, I am frank, I am horing, using my head on the shoulders of the owner, the owner laughed, said:” You are not small, the opening, find a male dog, An An Xinxin is my bitch, we will return to A city tomorrow to take your extra school, you will stay at home in the future. “

I am listening to myself, I don’t know why, I still don’t want to get out of school. I want to grasp the things in the normal world. I think the whisper and the owner say: “Master, can I continue to go to school? I am already you The bitch, the mother, I want to go to school, master, ask the master, “The owner looked at me, there is no expression on my face, I have said:” Do you think you can go to school now? Well? “I didn’t speak. I am shameful and afraid, afraid of him to say.

The owner rushed and said that “the mother’s dong has the owner to protect, don’t go out when you don’t have the owner, do you know why?”

I shook my head.

“The owner’s bitch can’t be ride casually.”

“How can I!”

I am anxious.

“Will it not? The roadside male dog makes you can’t stand, let alone the hungry male students in the school, you can’t stop the body, you will see the public dog, So many women on the road, how can you rush you, it’s all, you don’t do it, I may wish to tell you, in addition to follow me, I can’t see the man alone in the future. “

I have been ashamed and worried, but I am not annoyed.

Just embed his face in the front chest of the owner, the owner touched my forced, and wet it again, the owner is happy, “When do you forced to have no water?”

The owner wrote something in the evening, nor let me see it, let me press the handprint, the next day, I will retreat, come back, let me see the depth permit, and I will take it back, say: “You In the future, you will be safe to make a bitch, don’t think about it. “

After finishing, I looked at me, as I said to me, I’m looking like myself: “Two years of circle, I said that it is not good, it is the life of the bitch.”

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