Sitting on the plane, three hours to Tokyo journey will soon pass. It is much better than the last time to go. I want to eat things, I will sleep, soon.

Mr. Please use a towel. A air lady in a daily Airlines, hand in the towel to me. For a long time, I read her, and her brand name was Tomi.

Mr., do you have any need?

Well, no, thank you. I woke up from sleeping.

Then what kind of drink do you need, champagne, soda or juice?

Champagne! I said that I said.

Ok, I will take it right away. She turned and walked.

My eyes are also followed by her figure, waist bee, uniform and slender legs, and a Liuyu black show attack shoulders, zero floats, which seems to know.

Mr., this is your champagne. She plays the champagne in front of me. The process is just a thing of the moment, but I have smelled her in a breath of the mountain, seeing her beauty like a flower cheek. Mr., If you still have something, press this button, I will come over.

I specially picking this aircraft on Wednesday afternoon, because I know that people sitting at this time will be very small. Today’s passengers are really small, the whole head is just even two people. Wait until the plane takes off, when it comes to the meal, She has found that I am watching her. Sir, may I ask me?

No, of course, Miss, you are very beautiful.

Thank you, Mr. You have a prize.

Miss, no, I have seen a lot, you are really beautiful, and you still seem to have a previous friend.

Yes? Listen to you said that I think your friend must be very good to you.

This is unquestionable. If you don’t have her, there is no today. I haven’t seen her for 20 years.

At that time, the meal has been finished, and the other warehouse wrapped the passengers sleep. She stood at me to listen to me to tell the past 20 years ago.

I am 18 years ago, that is the summer vacation before the test, my mother is very nervous, and arrange a teacher teacher for me, I came to my home for me for me every day.

Little Jun, this is Tang Yuyi, why. You have to learn from her summer vacation to meet the next year’s joint exam, do you help me introduce Tang teacher?

At that time, parents had to go out every day. Most of the time during the day, I have been with Tang teacher. There are also three, four hours, from the middle, English, all the colors, all the teachers.

I was always in the school as a geeks. I didn’t understand why. But my classmates are always me, and even deceive me. They say that my behavior is abnormal, and the ideas are weird. Maybe it, but I only feel I don’t like to participate in their small circles, and dare to say. Maybe these are all the consequences I don’t follow.

So when the summer vacation is coming, I don’t have to go back to school to see them. I will pick it up. For yourself, I will not have to see you again. I have to go far away, go to a place you can’t get.

I feel that Shu Jun is a smart child. Although the personality is a bit, it is shy. But I think he has a lot of qualities, I can’t see it in other students. His length is totally uncomfortable with his character. 6 foot Height, wide shoulders and dark skin, full ten is a sportsman.

I gave him a don’t have to make up for a long time. He asked me: Tang teacher, can I not call your Tang teacher, call you teacher teacher? I have never been a problem asking me like this, but I can’t think of any reason to refuse him , Just say good, you can.

Time to talked with Qiyi teacher is my hare, because she will not only bully me, often encouragement, praise me. She is different from the other teachers before, they will only die hard. , Wait for a time to pay with my mom.

However, Teacher Yan Yi is not the same. I feel that she really cares about me. I can tell all my heart to tell her. And the response to me is always encouraged and crowned, teach me as long as the target, I must Do what I have to do.

In addition, the teacher is also the first to get along with me. I am in the school, I am a shake, my classmates are not to talk to me. Even if I go to find them, they will like me. The patient is avoided.

When I first started to come to my house, I always lighted the powder, jeans, and T-shirt. However, even if the teacher is ugly, she is also the most beautiful goddess in my heart. Of course, she is not unhal. It is still very beautiful. The little dad of the partner home is coming over, intention to get close to the teacher, I will drive him away, so as not to waste me with the valuable moment of gathering with the teacher. But just a day day After the teacher worn, when I wore a white dress and high heels to my home, I found that she is so charming.

I have seen students like Cai Mingjun. They most needed is the care of others. School and society will always exclude some people with different people. This does not mean what is wrong, just because of their thinking Unlike ordinary people, most people will reject their herself in order to protect themselves. But these areas are very talented, especially the artistic music, I believe that Cai Mingjun is such a person.

In order to earn some money in the summer vacation, I will find a fashion counter salesman in the summer vacation, and then I will find a fashion counter salesman. Due to the time relationship, I only put the clothes of the work. Go to Cai Mingjun home. After waiting for the get out of class, you can go to work immediately.

Just beginning to start Cai Mingjun is a very embarrassing child, but since I wore a foreign dress, I found that he began to see me.

I will never forget the first day of seeing the teacher’s teacher wearing the dress. She issued a Liu Xiu in the back, revealing the beautiful movie. The powder is more than a few days, but this is more beautiful. White shirts I can see her thunder breasts, ruthlessly bind her rich double peak. When we sit down, my mind is only the legs of the teacher. She snow There are half of the legs, half of the bare is naked, and she is sitting on the legs. The snow white skin seems to be more white than her wear. I just want to look at it in my life.

Not long time, I have already blushed, my little brother, I don’t know when I have been hard. I hope that the little hand in the pen can take a small brother who touched my hot. I can kiss him.

When I can’t help but I can’t help it, I hid into the toilet. I retrieved the scene of the teacher who had just been 芷 宜 老 打, 便 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精Beautiful feelings, my family, almost every day I have to go to the toilet solution, sometimes I don’t even think of it in the first few times, the high root shoes will make Cai Mingjun so distracted. More than I don’t think that Cai Mingjun is peek I will have an excitement. In order to cope with the doctoral class, I haven’t taken my boys in three years, but I don’t have time to dress myself. But wear the dress of work, I don’t consciously feel sexy, very woman. In the mirror Wrap I saw your elongated legs, smaller waists, knowing yourself. Sometimes I also pay attention to me when some men come to buy clothes when they come to buy clothes.

Originally, I can go back home to change clothes, but I want Cai Mingjun to see me. I know that he will be very excited after I see me, but I am not. Sometimes I really want to touch him to build a body, But for the dignity of women, the teacher’s morality, I only suppress my emotions. I am ashamed for me so dirty.

Despite this, I still can’t suppress my own lust, continue to wear different sexy foreign clothes every day to lure Cai Mingjun. I am very excited, I feel that the whole body is hot, and even the top two buttons in the shirt, but I want to solve it. It is the bra taking the bra.

I don’t know why I’m doing so elegant each time, I can also have a Schola. How many times I am facing the edge of the collapse, I want to go out to touch her legs, kiss her mouth, I don’t know if it is The power allows me to hold yourself.

Once, our home is broken, just borrowed in August, I have been hot. The teacher I also unlocked the button above the clothes. This is the first time I saw the crispy chest of the teacher. The snow-white skin is squeezed into a half-month type, and a deep and long culge will continue in her breathing. The plump breasts are more than being covered by the bra.

After entering the toilet, I think about her crisp, and the fantasy can shoot the fine fluid into her breast ditch. In just a few minutes, I am making twice.

When I was in the same get out of class, I turned uneasy. The brain is full of her shadow. Although I can see her tomorrow, I still can’t wait to wait for pain. I watched her a counter. I saw her short skirt. Shake, from time to time, the outline of her arm is displayed. There is still a long and fine leg.

I didn’t expect that Cai Mingjun will come to the counter, amazed my heart seems to be a little deer, he said that he is just passing. But I am very doubting the reason why he said. The counter other lady gave the lunar, talking about my Mangjun I said that this is my cousin.

In fact, if the Jun is my boyfriend, the appearance looks unprical. Although his face has a little childish, but the hand takes a hard hat to make him look old. Unless it is a familiar person, otherwise no I will doubt. I thought I thought that I was twenty-three years old. He talented is that he is a big five years old, and it is still a bit difficult to walk with him. I was very worried. I don’t know if I don’t know that the teacher will not know I didn’t ask for me to find her. I saw that she saw me joy, and the big stone wrapped. I lied to her, then I have just passed, and then the courage invites her to drink a drink, I didn’t expect her. Really agreed.

I took her, she took my locomotive, her little hand hugged my waist. Sometimes I feel that she is sometimes tired of me, and I call my little brother. At that time, it can be safely arrived. It is a miracle.

She wore a pink suit on that day, I was pinking in the menu, nor did you know what stuff. When I sent it, I knew it was a pink champagne. Looking at the teacher of the teacher teacher is drinking Champagne red, add unlimited beauty. And my heart also begins to jump.

I haven’t been drinking for a long time, and I also drink a whole bottle with Cai Mingjun that day. When I returned, I was a little dizzy. I didn’t consciously took Cai Mingjun’s waist. I didn’t have a lot of fur and rain. Cai Mingjun asked me Do you want to wear a raincoat, I said that the rain is not a big arrival, so it is not. I have a slight rain, I took the head to Cai Mingjun’s shoulder, breathe the delicate man’s smell. I last, the first time, the first time It was a boyfriend at the university dormitory four years ago. I didn’t have the opposite sex since then until now.

When the locomotive arrived at my door, I have been humid, Cai Mingjun is also the same. I don’t know what motivation, my name is Cai Mingjun to take a picture first, wait for the rain to stop and go back.

The wet, the teacher, the teacher looks more beautiful, wet answers, and the water beads are dripping on the face, I really don’t say that she is half-transparent, she is selling. Body. The upper body is like being exploded. When I gave me a fascinating man, I actually heard that the teacher told me to go to her home. I certainly played out, I secretly secretly She also resold her waist, she did not resist.

宜 teacher is not in Taipei, so this is only a person who lives. She told me to take it first, she went in to take a towel to give me. I looked at the back of her leave, the beautiful buttocks, the beautiful butter, the jeans though Try to suppress the growth of the little brother, but he is now there is a fire water pipe with a small pressure, and must find a place to reject him with a timeless energy.

I will never wait. I will hold the teacher from behind. I let me enjoy my ass, especially the abyss between her butt. It is even more exciting. If the teacher intends to resist, the enemy’s brutal force. I will take her wet skirt. I took off her underwear. I am full of hotspots, and I live in inserting my dreams.


After inserting the vagina of Yiyi teacher, I immediately sent a comfortable voice, I only thought that the penis was surrounded by a hot wall, could not feel comfortable and satisfied. Then I immediately put a few times, each time inserted Teacher’s rebellion is a little bit. Because this is my first intersection, there is a few times, suddenly, a shock is passed from the spine to my mind, I will shoot the first in the teacher. Squirting. I felt that this was too much than the fight.

After the passion, remorse leisurely, I said: Sorry, Teacher Yiyi.

How to know the answer is actually: no, book, you don’t call me the teacher, it is good.

Mingjun forced into my body, I have finally gotten out the longevity.

The struggle is just to maintain my women, when his long and hard things are completely inserted into my body, my body suddenly has weak weakness, I can only put him. After all, I am too angry, there is not a few years. I will shoot it. But I still want to be, I want him to enrich me.

I didn’t have to apologize with him, then kneeling in front of him, hit the guy who lost his expedition. I want to give him life, and he stood up again. I use the tongue to lick his long-haired stem, From low to top. Re-use the tip of the tip to teasten his sensitive glans, and will have a constant length of the penis. At this time, I put the whole penis into the mouth, and I swallowed, my mouth could not contain the root, I used my hand for him.搓 揉. Nothing to return, it is hard like a torch, hot, a furnace. No two off, white turbid semen from his penis into my mouth.

Teacher Yuyi used a Zhuyi lip snake tongue to play a song, from time to time to hold him into her powder face. I ugly mask and her pretty face has been a big contrast. And her s Do not stop, the double milk is also as if the wavy moves back, it seems that there is a life. It is still a deep cleret, and I have a spring love. When I struggle, I am still In the mouth of Yibo, the hot semen was sprayed, and the last few drops were shot to her cleans. Looking at the semen of the white silk slowly spread to the surface of the double milk, then the decidinal ditch, finally Don’t see Identity. The teacher told me to take a rest to the bed. She wiped the bathroom and taking a bath. I fell asleep on the bed of the teacher. When I woke up, I saw it when I saw it The teacher came out from the bathroom, wearing a black yarn lace pajamas, black and thin, and the teacher’s moving carcass can give me a list of helpless, the new month, a beautiful milk, a black grassland.

She hugged together and kissed. I wandered my hands on the breast of my dreams. We used the lips to contact each other with the tip of the tongue. The little brother is the third erection. She rolled up her persons, and the female in the man pulled my erect’s penis into her vaginal wrapped in.

The Ming Jun’s thing is very big, very thick. I can’t complete him at all, so I have been increasingly incorporated into my body several times. When he completely entered me, I feel very satisfied. , The inner heart is empty and empty.

I walked up my waist, I want to stimulate my body as much as possible. His wrapped so much seems to have to break my vagina, but this is very comfortable. However, his pair of hands and powerful hands I have never tried this excitement, and the vaginal is not independent narrowed.

Teacher Yu Yi is sitting on me, willows slightly. Sometimes it is slight, sometimes loudly, I have been taken, I decided to take the initiative, turned over, put it on her legs, and put it together. I sent a big appreciation to her pussy. I took all the moves that I saw in a film to the use. That night, I ventored five times.

When I got up in the second morning, the teacher of Yiyi has went out first, call me home. After returning home, I didn’t come to me. The next day didn’t come again, the third day didn’t work. I went to her The counter finds her, the answer is actually her resignation. When she went home, the landlord said she has moved away yesterday.

I can’t think of the best dedicated to me that night.

After that, the plane was still half an hour to go to Tokyo. Tang Yali said: Haven’t he seen your teacher?

I said: No, I didn’t even know that she thought. I have to find it.

Tang Yali said: That is a pity.

I said: Will n’t Qiyi teacher is giving.

Tang Yali asked: Mr., is you a famous Cai director?

I said: I dare not.

Tang Yali asked: You must go to the Tokyo Movie Show now, I am your loyal fan, your work I have seen, my favorite is – between affection and wish.

I said: There is such a beautiful female fans, I am really a three-life disease. I don’t know if my movie gives you an enlightenment?

Tang Yali said: I think your work is very unique, the description of the protagonist of the men and women, each of which seems to have some kind of unclear meaning.

I said: This is the motive of me, I want to tell people, see all things to see, don’t look at the surface. In fact, my work does not have a certain solution, everyone can have their opinions. Movie is not only Looking for a few fat fathers, the little fat smell can be caught.

Just as I am talking about Miss Tang Yali in front of me, I heard radio when I go back to Myanmar, and the plane is about to land. Please go back to the seat.

Well, the plane fell quickly, I have to go back to my workplace.

I am very glad to meet you. I said.

When I got off the plane, I still reluctantly see how many women like this beauty.

This time I stayed in Tokyo’s famous emperor hotel, because of the compact trip, I was interviewed in the room for the next movie heroine. Although they have a beautiful color. But the brain wrapped or stuffed Tom Yigu Tianxiang’s beautiful and fertile temptation. Finally, I lost more than a dozen young actors in the evening. The stomach also felt hungry, and I went to the restaurant downstairs to eat. How to see it in the hotel lobby At her.

Tang Yali said: How is Cai Director?

Miss Tang, hello, I am very happy to see you, you are here ….

Well, I actually learned a lot of things with Cai’s director today, but unfortunately, I checked the company’s record, and I know that Cai’s director is in this, so it is …. Hope Cai Director Do not mind.

Her mouth is really a time every time I heard it. How will it, I have been happy. I haven’t used it for dinner, otherwise I have dinner together.

We do it in the restaurant, I don’t know why, I actually got a fresh eager to Nishilan, and she only had a disc of a plate.

Just now Cai’s director has to play?

No, every afternoon is doing something, now I have time to eat.

Oh, is it something related to Cai’s directors?

Yes, I am interviewing the heroine of the next work.

I don’t consciously finish the first disc of oysters, I don’t think it’s four.

I want to be a sense of the heroine in Cai Director movie.

This is also, I demanded very strict, not only the appearance of the appearance, the appearance, but also to have an in-depth understanding and expression of the movie. This is why my heroine will be red. Because they are very good. conditions of.

Cai Director, I have a tale. I don’t know if I can say it?

Of course, you don’t have to welcome it.

I just want to say, if you can, can you ask Cai’s director to interview me to see if I have an actuator.

This is no problem, but the manuscript just took away. I have no manuscripts on my hand to use it, otherwise I will wait for tomorrow ….

Then we can use the relationship with you with your teacher, this is, do you know that Cai’s director will mind?

Meditation is not, if you really want to try, then go to my room to try it.

So after eating eight big oysters, we went to the account.

Cai director, your room is very beautiful, there is a sofa, piano, so high can be seen so much.

This is the only top building suite of the Yuanzhuang Hotel, which is a company booked. It is convenient to work.

I am usually sitting on the couch, holding a notebook: Miss Tang, please tell me your personal information, such as age, education, etc.

Oh, Cai Director, please call me Yali. I am twenty-four years old, graduated from Tsinghua Tourism. The height is 168cm, the weight is 110 kg. Virgin, Type A.

She seems to be high, the body is even, there is a meat, and it is thin. Do you have a thin figure?

Oh, I am 34D, 24, 35 is very good. I said. It’s really good, surrounding D. It’s hard to do it, more than 34 will give obesity. 34D is that I personally think that the most suitable for things. Physical body.

Upstairs clothes, there are some women’s clothing, you go to find a set of clothes that you feel suitable for the storytelling, let him change.

When I sat in the living room, I felt that I was so hot, I would like to have a lot of reasons for eating too much. She is very refreshing, I spent ten minutes, I will change my clothes, and I still have a precipitation. I only see her body. Wearing a silk shirt and narrow body. The spurt silk shirt reveals the lines of her upper body, especially her 34D great double milk. The narrow body skirt is surrounded by her round beautiful butt, and high root The shoes have made her slender legs more difficult. I can’t help but swallow the water, I forgot to talk for a while.

How, can you? Cai Director.

Yes, very good, very good. Face so beautiful, I am horrified to say no words.

Come, Yali, let’s try a squatting .. Well, I said the play of the male protagonist, you can only use the action, you can’t speak.

Yary thought about it, the double eyes gathered at me as a male protagonist. At the same time, the bright eyes also gave me a heartbeat. She first performs in front of people, the action is inevitable, but She has a kind of talent. Put the ethostructure of the embarrassment is a teasing. She moved away from the living room, the beautiful buttocks swayed again. She was going to the piano, she actually understood the button above the shirt, showing a little 34D breast cup. Although it is just a little, it is enough to make my old hands and red ear. She still caught the skirt, exhibiting her slender legs. As long as she is again, I can Seeing her round beautiful buttocks. At this time, she climbed in the place, let her see her micro breast cup and cleaves more clear. I said: Very good, are you very good, have you learned to play?

Yali said: This is what Cai Director is moving your movie.

I said: Ok, Yali is now passionate.

Yali said: Cai director, I don’t know how to play passion.

I said: Just like you and your boyfriend can be like a private place.

Yali’s shy answer: Cai Director, I haven’t tried it to private parts from my boyfriend.

I asked: You. Is it still ….

Yali silently points a little one.

I said: Don’t close, you can follow me. First, climb it over, I wrap it.

Yali slowly climbed to the sofa to sit down to the sofa. At this time, I am soaked to support the trousers into a triangle, and the middle drums. I traveled her hand to my trousers, let her soft soft The hand touches my erect’s appreciation. Yali, pull the zipper, take out something inside.

Yali listened to the rumored masculine, put it in the slim hand.

Oh …. I picked the mashed mask by her cold-cooled hand, there is a kind of happiness.

First use your tongue, put him in the mouth.

Yali …. …. Slowly slowly her soft incense tongue 阳 阳 阳 阳, use the lips to lightly, my glans, and finally put him in the mouth and kissed it in the mouth until the whole root The masher is full of her sweet saliva.

Yali, you are good. The following follows the test show, I want you to give me happiness, are you willing to give me happiness?

Cai director can make you happy are my honor. How do you want me?

Ok, Yali you made up my legs. Hold my things with your hand and put it in your vagina, know?

Yali is very embarrassing, I am separating my legs, holding my hi, one side, ready to put him in my vagina. Virgin, I have tried a lot, but they call them to send themselves or the first time.

Ah ………..

Yali spent a lipper to use the lips to hold my front a small section, but I have a little bit of can’t eat. And I am so happy to enjoy the pain brought to her. At the same time她 那 34D beauty.

Try to take Yali and fast. I encouraged her to say that the waist will re-wrap the back.

Ah … … .., Yali’s stay sitting, this time I felt the piercing her female film.

Oh …. Yeah …. Cai Director, you are so big, and it has a good pain. In the end, she finally enjoys all the best.

I know that she has no strength, no longer bare her. Let her put her on the ground, kneel to me. From the back, I am inserted into her narrow virgin.

Ah ….. Yali, you have a tightness.

I will go out, let’s take the throduction first. Every time I pull it out, only the glans is a small interception, and then insert it back or slow. This whole is all Surrounded by a small vaginal wall of Yary, massage. I put Yali lay in the place, separated her legs, men’s standard model of the woman. The first cannon is only thirty minutes. Yali shoots the semen I am hot.

I have a total of Yali four cannons that night until I am born.

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