I have recently been more than playing, my homework has been returned, and my mother feels that I should ask a teacher to make tutoring for me to save the results of the retreat. Originally, she is a teacher to go to my family, but I found a female teacher, I am not convenient to go out at night, I have to go to her home to make taches, and I am a boy, I’m riding such a car. Nothing, then I started my extracurricular counseling career every Tuesday, IV and 6.

My family teacher is a beautiful middle-aged woman. This year is 36 years old. Her husband is a captain of the ocean fishing boat, and each sailing is more than half a year to be on the beach. daughter. Teacher Li is called Li Yaoxin. Her teaching attitude is serious, the temper temperature and the beautiful cheeks will have two dimples, the cherry is red, and the fragrance is pleasant.

She is white and tender, her face is not seen on her face, maintaining very well, double milk fat, full of full body, the whole body is emitting a charm between the young woman and middle-aged women, and its glamorous is almost unspeakable. Chunlan Qiuju, all kinds of victory, so that I am on her class, such as Mu Chunfeng. Especially her bismuth and soft and water, the big eyes, it seems that there is a charming loan, but it is not lost. Every time I go, my eyes always steals her breasts that I shake with the movement of the lecture. I have been thinking about it: I don’t know how to feel it than the mother’s tits. I always think about how to try Li Mr. Mr. I try to seduce Mr. Li and try the taste of her cave.

Her daughter named Lin Manyi. He is 16 years old. At the age of the provincial women who teach Li, I will teach, a hair of black shawl, Qiong’s nose, plus a diamond, a beautiful emerald, I am Thinking how to plug in this pair of mother and daughters, just in the evening to go to the night market, there is a middle-aged man in the roadside stall to sell a beautiful drug from the foreign entrained, saying that this medicine Eat gave a woman, even if she is a three-spirited, I can establish a woman of the chastity archway, but also her eyes spring wave, want the flame to swear 脱 她 三 你,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, She, absolutely make her become a slogan. I have asked the price, I feel that it is expensive, but if there is the kind of effect he said, it is worth returning to all fares.

Come, the next day, I arrived at the second week of Mr. Li, I got to Mandi, and Mandi sister was also boiled with steam coffee. The mother and daughter enthusiastically invited me to taste together. I said. Ok, I am waiting in the living room of their house.

After they cooked, they all went to the kitchen to find counter sugar, and I quickly contacted the stunning drugs in the coffee cups of them. Teacher Li, Mandi sister, your two small caves are going to hand.

Everything is ready, everyone will slowly drink delicious coffee together, watching them, drinking the added coffee, my heart is stronger.

http://www.jkforum.net | JKF Czech Forum Sitting for a while, the drug is beginning to attack, I only see that their two are very careful, sitting is not, the station is not, two pretty faces The stunned colorful, their breathing gradually strongly urged. Mandi sister did not have a human being, but Mr. Li, who had been ignorant, and Mr. Li is a baptism of sex. Her reaction is also fierce her daughter, and the disaster is heavy. It is only bad to unload clothes. Skirt. I looked at this good play in just a good time. They were like a great pain, and the face was pink, and the little mouth was shaking.

Teacher Li first couldn’t help but snort: “Skilly beast … I … I am getting dead …” I took the beautiful shoulder of Teacher Li, looking at her with very gentle eyes, but The sister sister is also silent, looking at me with the pray for the eyes, and rubbing my elbow with her tender milk.

I held them to take them to the bedroom of Teacher Li.

After entering the house, Teacher Li sat on the bed, looked at me in his eyes, shaking the voice: “Skilly beast … I … I am hot … I will take off my clothes …”

I went to take off the outside of the dress, when the zipper before the chest, a large piece of skin was exposed, and it was difficult to take off her wear, and only left a lot of milk. Wrapped in a thin trip of a fat hip. In that shallow meat, the bipowin’s double trousers, but it has dyed some stains, and the roots of the thigh are also slippery.

Teacher Li is really like a hot, and she has solved the milk, and then the bow is to remove the wet small trip. Her snow-white crisp is protruded and cute, surrounded by a pink uli, the chest is a very thin layer of golden sweat, the location of the small belly is very low, Two labille fats have increased slightly, and the big white buttocks of the meat clamps the thick hairs, and the slightly smooth is full of western, the slit is very small, the meat is red, the small yin nuclei has been convex. It’s time, and obscenity has flowed out with the expansion of the flourished. I saw Mandi sister sitting on the dressing chair and full of red, looking at my mother’s clothes, and the jade was uneasy. I walked over and gently kissed her. I did my hands to unlock the buckle of the student clothing. I took off the shirt, then press the hook of the cream, then pull down, even the skirt also pulled down, simply her The tripper is also pulled down.

A beautiful figure is not bare, her breasts are like a frost, although the relationship between age is compared to her mother’s hammeters, but proudly, but also tightly forward It is the same pink, but the nipple is small, but the color is more beautiful, but the hair is not too much, and the average is shared around the pussy. Wet water stains in wet.

Http://www.jkforum.net | JKF Czech Forum I touched her jade body, put her in bed and lying together, then I took off all my clothes with the fastest speed. Go to bed, squat down, squat on Teacher Li’s piety, first come to a kiss, put a pair of magic hands in her body, bumps and concave. Teacher Li also opened the cherry, reach out and kissed myself.

I saw that she had entered the state of sexual desire, so she took her fat milk, separated her legs, said: “Teacher, now I have to put big dick to you. “

Teacher Li was lying in me, and Teacher Li was shy and waited: “Fast … Quickly insert it … Dear beast … Don’t … Don’t … call my teacher … called … I … Yao Xin Sister … um … fast … “

道: “Follow my dear Yaoxin! “

I have gripped the big chicken first to grind her joy, make her fat buttocks, and call: “Good people … don’t torture … My sister … mine … small hole …… Itch in it … itch is dead … fast … Quick … big dick … plug in … give your sister … Itch …… “

I saw her is as nervous as the string, I need a rape inserted to stop itching, no longer teasing her, put the big cock in the seam, and thought that she is not adapted, and she is still in the ground. I don’t dare to drive, I am afraid that she can’t stand it.

I went for a while, I started to smoke and plugged into her small hole, and Yao Xin sister also twisted my butt with me. Slowly waiting for her to adapt, I will change the secret surgery of the consumption. I use my glans to grind her flowers, three shallow depths, left and right flowers, and all kinds of women’s flowers are moving out to rectify her.

She comfortably hugged me, and she also made it a dozen years of bed kung fu, left totrite, catering to move, and waving said: “Well! … so beautiful … Dear beast … Xin sister’s small hole … is made by you … is dead … pro … I met my sister … my sister’s heart … my sister … comfortable to die … Oh … Oh … let you … I kill … Ah … ah … oh … I have a good time. …… 哟 … to fly … 乖 … Sister’s … Heart liver baby … I … my sister … I can’t … I have to vent … Yeah … oh … “

The effect of the merchant, plus my kung fu, so that Yao Xin sister quickly leaked her first body, she took my big cock after it, the homework bite my big dick, smash, taste the wonderful Make me feel very comfortable and continue to put her small hole.

The manda sister is lying on the side, and the beautiful looks at me in ordering her mother, listening to her mother’s lascivious bed sound, he fierce the small breast, the small hand is also built with her virgin I can’t get it.

Yao Xin sister, sweating, and the powder face is in the west, and the hair is screaming. … Skilly beast … Sister’s … The uterus … was weathed by you … Top … and the merits and numb … Sister can let … you … play dead … sucking … smoking me … Milk … … Fast … Suk sister’s milk … ah … 对 … I am so comfortable … I have to vent it … leaking you … Ah … again … I have to vent … ah … ah …… ah … “She closed their eyes, venting it, and lie hard.

I saw that she was unbearable, she climbed from her, pulled Mandi sister, lying in front of her mother. Her face, red can’t be red, I kissed her, she has entered a false state of coma, this is what is too long for too long. I looked on her carcass, knead her breast, put the big chickens on her hole, bowed in her ear: “Mandi sister! It will be painful when you first start, but you must bear it, just a moment, know? Um! It will come to you like your mother. “

She nodded, I took the big chicken slowly dried into her purse. Perhaps because of the power of the merchant, she has a lot of secretion in her pussy, so that my entry doesn’t spend much, she frowned, but she can’t shout. I just slammed it. She screamed, pale.

I am busy kissing the sweat beads of the bean, and I blow it for her, massage the temple, her teardrop, my hands, my hand, don’t stop her small breast, let her gradually forget the people The pain of the opening.

I slowly took out the big cock, and then stabbed it, and I was soothing between her feelings and itching. I stimulated her vaginal nerve and slowly no longer feel pain. Gradually, she also learned her mother’s movements, shaking the butt, well with my thrust, I saw that she had entered the situation so, and they also accelerated my holes. The vaginal vaginal Small, and more difficult to get up with the hole just inserted into her mother.

After doing a while, I finally put her pockets, she was half-closed, and as the rhythm of the big cock was told: “Ah … the buddy brother … Some … comfortable …!!! …… … um … um … good … comfortable … I … don’t know … small hole … hole … is dried … 味 … so beautiful … Oh … so comfortable … beautiful …… Oh … so comfortable … Dragon brother … You great … Let’s get … Ah … small hole … beautiful dead … Oh … oh … I … I seem to … it seems to be …… … … come out … ah … ah … I want it to come out … ah … so beautiful … … … “

She fierce the beautiful butt, the small hole won’t be tight, a wave of waves straight, put the turtle bubble in the warm water of the vagina. I let her rest for a while, I started again. She shouted his ass to meet the slowness of my big cock. The movement of her mother was the best demonstration, so that she quickly learned how. Make yourself to get the biggest satisfaction.

She shakes the fat white buttocks, and the mouth is also called again: “Dear beast brother … is dead … The sister is doing you … so cool … 喔 … good swell … this … … Drunk to the hole … The heart is … ah … I … I can’t … my sister … I have to lose … I lost … ah … ah … beautiful … death … 」妹I was so refreshing, I was also in the two small wars, and I fought this for the mother, the mother, two narrow narrow narrow, and the hearts of the gods refreshfully put the semen of the stock. In the small hole of the Mangani sister, I took a relax in her.

Ya Yuxin woke up, watching my bonnead attack on me and her daughter, seeing me to vent it, gently, and I kiss and kiss, Mandi sister has also joined our affectionate kiss. Three tongues are in three different mouthful mouths, and they are all on each other’s saliva.

Ya Yuxin met her love for me, saying that I made her taste from the taste of the sexual love climax from the past 36 years. She only knows that sexual love is so wonderful, so it is so comfortable and smooth, in short, She is not alive. Mandi sister also said that I told me that I brought her to the realm of bliss, and I would like to thank me.

After that, in addition to the carnival of the Saturday, in order not to affect my homework, I only let me touch my honey honey kiss, keep the sex relationship between us.

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