At the same time, the family teacher and mother wearing clothes, Jung Teacher did not expect his favorite woman in his heart, Zhenzhen, and Yan Zhen saw Lin teacher to go, said that Lin Teacher is particularly fast. Teacher Lin smiled, and the heart is ideal. “You are daughter, you don’t do what I am right, and if you wear so hot”, Zhenzhen is very good looking at the old friend. White low championship, there is no doubt that he has his own good body, and there is no underwear to show him the two grapes. I don’t know! My wife is cold, I haven’t been there for a long time … “” Teacher you … “珮 珮 ‘s voice is very weak. “Can you use the horn?” Teacher said. Zhenzhen listened a bit surprised, and Zhenzhen didn’t understand the blowjob, but heard people said that the horn is said, but Ji Zhen has never done it, and the heart is full of doubts, because the penis to make someone in the mouth is hard to absorb the mouth. ,Excuse me. Suddenly I feel very embarrassed, I can’t come out. “… Oh … this … this is not very good! People have husbands.” Mr. said that you said that you will pull “this … Isn’t there any other way?” So the teacher returned to seek its second, and he wanted to help the pistol. “Do you help me hit a pistol?”, Jane did not speak. I suddenly took a bit and nodded. So the teacher is lying down, and then he is sitting next to the teacher’s waist. The teacher has always stared at the body of Zhenzhen. The teacher put the butt slightly, when the feet stretched out, the trousers were easy to take off. The teacher took the little brother and saw that the teacher’s little brother said “”.珮 珮 珮,,……………………,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Zhenzhen stretched out the tremorted left hand, just touched the glans with his fingers, and then slowly held the teacher’s penis, and the teacher held the teacher’s penis, up and down, hard tactile, and soon up and down. “… teacher … Are you comfortable? …” “It’s really comfortable, it’s really comfortable than yourself.” 珮 珮 is very satisfied with the teacher’s reaction, smiling and saying: “My hand will not be too slow or too Fast, too slow or too fast to talk to me! “珮 珮 想 想, anyway, as long as you can help your daughter’s homework, it should be possible. So nodded and did not refuse. Just under the princes, the teacher slowly started to extend the hand to the Zhenzhen clothes, and packed a pair of halits like a volcano, playing with the nipples, and Zhenzhen also closed eyes. . And the skills of Zhenzhen pistol seem to be very simple, the teacher was in the unopened set of dozens, and slowly couldn’t help. “Yes … 珮 的 手, ah! It is there, then … again … fast … Faster. Oh … don’t stop … ah … ah …….” The teacher gasped. Zhenzhen accelerates the speed and keeps the upper and down, and the time clock is smashed by the teacher’s meat, I saw the two hands and holding the teacher’s big meat stick, and the powder face smiles, Fang Xin seems very happy. Looking at the gradually rising glans, I finally couldn’t help but take it, and it took a lot. Zhenzhen’s clothes were sprayed, and the hand of guns was also got a lot. Zhenzhen took Zhang Sheng Paper to help the teacher rubbed, and then wiped himself. Only when I got, I ran to tell the teacher: “I want to take a bath first!” After I finished, she took a shower in the bathroom.

After about ten minutes, I was coming out. This Shan Niang only surrounded a bath towel, and Xiao Zhen smiled. Sitting in the bath towel came to the teacher, the teacher couldn’t help but rushed like a hungry tiger, and the teacher quickly took off his pants, and went to the bath towel. Double milk, 珮 珮 忙 说 说 说::: 洗 好 好 好 洗 洗 洗 洗 洗 不 不 不 不 不 理 理 理 理 她 她 理 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 人 她 人 人 人 人 人 人 起 起 起 起 似The teacher helped the meat stick and wipe it a few times in the tenderness of Zhenzhen. Soakers, the teacher keeps the energetic, the head is like the beast, and there is no trick. I just want to get venting. … … don’t … will hurt ….. “” 喔 … ah … hurt …. Don’t … ah …. Don’t ….. Ask you …………………………………………………………………………………………… This appearance suddenly got a pity, slowing down, the teacher didn’t stop kissed in the pretty face of Zhenzhen, and the hands were caressing the pink and full of double milk. The teacher whispered: “” Shu Yu? “珮 珮 呻 吟:” Comfortable .. ah …. “” Ah … um …. …… 真 … ….. “” Well .. .. um …. I … still …. ah …. “” Um … um ….. …. … ….. “Oh … oh …..” The voice of Zhenzhen is a very embarrassment. When he heard the 珮 珮 语 语 语 语 使 使 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语 语The teacher tuened the tender point meat, the meat stick was burned and sucking, so that the teacher is so cool to the extreme, the glans began to expand rapidly, the glans is a sputum, and the semen is a leakage of thousands of miles. The teacher is like the loss, the whole person knows, the teacher is lying on the side of the teacher. Zhenzhen is enjoying the beauty of the climax, is a matter of tight, and the teacher is actually shot. It is a stupid thing for a time. Later, seeing the teacher actually spurting things, but also paying down the day, not Worried about her feelings, 珮 珮 狠 老 师 师 说 说 珮 珮 珮 坏 坏 坏 坏 负 不 负 负 负 负 负 负 负 负 负 负 负 负 负 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 珮 不 珮 不 不 不 不 珮 不 不 珮 不 珮 不 不 珮 不 珮 不 不Broken! “The teacher smiled and said:” He has learned to learn! “珮 珮 一 听 听 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 啦 啦!” ” My little brother answered himself! “珮 珮 恐 恐 的 说 说「 行 也 行 也 也 行 也 也 行 行 行 话 话 话 话 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 在 下 在 行 在 在 下 在 下 在 在Yun’s glans, the double-fiber hand in the hand, the teacher’s slightly softened meat stick, there is not long, the teacher’s little brother will come from the whole trend, it is very powerful. Zhenzhen sat in the teacher’s body, Zhenzhen held the teacher’s meat stick to his tender hole, slowly sat down inch, and didn’t take the teacher’s life, I worked. The teacher’s waist, keeping the up and down, the little breasts of the pink rolling, the bleaks of the pink rolling, and the gods are very satisfied, the teacher is laughing and said: “珮 珮! You are really Sao La. “珮 珮 不 说:” Death! If you want you! “The teacher looked at the shaking of her 34D double breasts, and the teacher began to touch it.珮 珮 液 是 多 张 张 将 将 将 将 将 将 了 摇 摇 摇 摇 摇 摇 摇 珮 是 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了The action slows a lot, and 珮 珮 珮 说: “Good brother! Do you help my sister? ~~” The teacher smiled and said: “I don’t! This is your business.” 珮 珮: ” Good brother! Don’t this happen ~~ 」珮 老师 的 的 他 不 老 老 老 老 用 老 老 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说This appearance teacher is really in mind, the teacher hits the buttocks of 珮 珮 不 不 摆, “~ ~~ ~~” 」~~ ~~ ~~」 ~~ ” …. When the teacher and the joked, when the teacher and the Jane did, suddenly the door is opened, there is a woman whisper: “Mom, you didn’t see my mobile phone,” this person is 珮 的Daughter Xiaoyu, she saw the naked Zhenzhen and the teacher overlapped, and the air was like a moment of frozen. After a while, the mother broke this silent situation, and Zhenzhen said: “I didn’t see the yeah!” The teacher didn’t dare to go back. Xiao Yu smiled: “I don’t know if you don’t know, you continue to hinder you.” Gently tied, and then hear the sound of the gate.

After the teacher saw him, I deeply breathed a breath and said, “Scared me! He won’t know that I am his teacher A” said the continued grinding waist, Zhenzhen cautiously: “Because No! “The teacher breathed the call:” That’s good! “Teacher saw the cheeks of the cheeks, and there were several sweat to stay in his beautiful face, seeing the beauty of this, it is really The beautiful bubbling teacher started with a death.珮 珮 may experience the special temperament and sensitivity of the new incident, and the lac is called ~~ “Where! Good …. Comfort … Good … excitement …..” “Teacher .. in .. Pleid … a little … 喔 …. “” Um … um …. 好 …… ” Ah … people have to die …. I have to come …. ah … ah .. “Chen mother’s tender point meat a broken, the heart is a mouthful of sucking the glans, then it is a sound Cok, the waves are like the Yellow River collapse, and she is climaxing .. The teacher turned the positive, the teacher is like a stormy rain, and Zhenzhen is under the attack of the teacher. Parling breathing, 珮 珮 喃 喃: “God! Really … comfortable …” The teacher said: “There is a more fierce ..” 珮 珮 气 气 喘: “No …. No ………………………………………………. .. … Oh … another ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Rapid expanded, screaming emits hot rolling yang. The teacher is inserted into the body. After the shoot is finished, the chicken chicken is still staying in the body of Zhenzhen. After a while, I will push the teacher, and the soft chicken chicken is The grinding of tender caves was slightly hard, and Zhenzhen said: “You are still a good!” The teacher said: “Of course! There is no problem with it again.” Teacher did the top two Next, Zhenzhen shouted, pushed the teacher, then said: “I still played it out.” The teacher thought is really afraid that the teacher is now just like a virtual, there is no difference, and what bad things can be done.珮 珮 起 说 说 说 说 「了 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室 室The sweat, Jane one side with shower milk to help himself and the teacher hit a layer of bubble, the teacher smiled: “You still have a clean!” 珮 珮 curious question: “Where!” The teacher said: “Just here!” After a deep affection, she kissed her … After the passion, the teacher took the bubble on the two to rinse, and Zhenzhen took towel to wipe the sweat on the teacher, and wiped it for her teacher. Women are really very considerate, make people feel very good, the teacher is thinking that the best is to say, “Little beauty let me serve you!” 珮 珮 笑 笑 的 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说Teacher you! “Teacher said with a towel to help Zhenzhen carefully wipe, the teacher saw the proud double milk, the round rolling is very full of strength, the teacher is playing hard to wipe the tempting Chest, 珮 珮 笑 说 说: “Wipe too fast to pull out the skin!” After the saying, the towel was wiped up, and the teacher worshiped: “You are really good, especially the chest Round and big and there is no slightegression! 珮 珮 珍 得 说 说 说 说 「| | | | | | | | | | | | |

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